Skull Monument - Epsilon Tower

This area is designed for the rooms and the business of the Epsilon Robot Masters. Like many of the squadron-based levels, it is still undergoing construction while its inhabitants move in. A large teleporter leads back to the main base. A gravlift here leads down to the next area...though by the time the lift gets there, "down" may no longer be "down."

Crystal Man [Armor] [RM]
Crystal Man's Meditation Chamber<CMC>
Gyro Man's Loft <GML>

Down <D>
: Skull Monument - Experimental Gravity Room
Main Teleporter <MT>: Skull Monument - Squadron Level

[Radio: (A) Master Chat] Master of Mystic Arts Crystal Man transmits, "Attention Wave Man."
[Radio: (A) Master Chat] Wave Man transmits, "Aye?"
[Radio: (A) Master Chat] Master of Mystic Arts Crystal Man transmits, "I've located Gyro Man, we'll meet you at the usual spot."
[Radio: (A) Master Chat] Wave Man transmits, "Good, good. Nice 'ta know your voodoo - or whatever - works. I'll have a couple Joes waiting to escort you when you two arrive."

[OOC] Crystal Man says, "You see, we got to thinking about how with Gravity Man gone, we don't have a leader. So we decided to RP a meeting to decide our temporary leader/second in command."
[OOC] Gyro Man says, "Ah, I see..."
[OOC] Crystal Man says, "So I'll begin the pose."
[OOC] Gyro Man says, "We /do/ have a frequency specifically for our squadron, though. :D"
[OOC] Crystal Man says, "Can you give me it?"
[OOC] Gyro Man says, "It's 9145. Odd, maybe it's just a relic that the last Gyro player neglected to erase. c.c"

Crystal Man looks at his fellow Epsilon master, who has just entered the room. "Good to see you brother. I met with Wave Man yesterday, and there is something we need to discuss. Wave Man will fill you in when we arrive."

[Radio: (F) Epsilon] Crystal Man transmits, "Testing."

Gyro Man, having just walked out of his room, looks at Crystal, mildly surprised. "Huh, all right," he says simply.

[Radio: (F) Epsilon] Gyro Man transmits, "I read you, Crystal."
[Radio: (F) Epsilon] Crystal Man transmits, "Radio frequency, check."

Crystal Man nods to Gyro Man, "Follow me."

Gyro Man nods back.

Crystal Man enters the Squadron Level.
Crystal Man has left.

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Coastal Water Plant <CWP>
The first thing one will notice about the interior of this laboratory is that it's meticulously well-kept. Cameras can be found practically everywhere, though they're fairy well-hidden. The first part of the floor is sturdy concrete, which leads up to catwalks comprised of sturdy interwoven metal links which creates moderately-sized holes underfoot. The catwalk leads up and down flights of steps, leading into multilevels of these catwalks. Beneath the catwalks, the water off the Cape of Good Hope can be found filtering in and churning violently. The reason for this is a series of large turbines, generating electricity cleanly to the entirety of the plant. The paths branch off most of the time to sliding doors requiring numerical codes to open. Past these doors, the floor is solid and the room is sealed so as to allow no moisture to harm the interior. Computers and data terminals can be found, almost perpetually giving out information manned by sniper joes.
The churning water is blocked off into a section of more calm waters towards the back end of the facility, a path in the catwalks actually leading down to almost touch the surface of the water. It leads into an expansive room with a wide opening to the outside world unless the blast doors are sealed. The catwalk encircles a large expanse of deep water in the center, which makes for the entirety of the facility's docking bay. The docking bay is always guarded by many drones, some aquatic squid-like drones, some suzies above the water.
The facility enters solid ground as it leads into a second wing, which is dominated by a more laboratory-esque style than the rest of the facility. Frequent hammer joe patrols can be found moving along the tunnels. In several rooms, various objects of research can be found. Monitoring computers, test tubes, and event containments cells filled with water for aquatic research. Some of this research is conducted upon robolife, others on organic life. Each path eventually leads to a central experiments room lined with the usual as well as a large monitor. In the center of this room is a large pit going into the waters below. Within are a few rather large containment cages for housing rather large aqualife. The research is apparently conducted by more sophisticated drones.
The final room of note is settled in the heart of all this in a large control room. Gaining access to this room is no simple feat, as it is warded with a sliding blast door. Past that blast door is another blast door, both requiring a seperate numerical code to pass. A solid metal flooring can be found encircling this room. Steps lead down a short ways into the center of the room, which is designed to be the chain-link affair of the catwalks, hovering only a foot above the calm water below. This room is largely undecorated, save for a single computer console with a rather huge monitor. A single seat can be found in front of the monitor. This is Wave Man's facility, where he monitors the seas and his drones.

Crystal Man
Wave Man

Wave Man is waiting in the control room, as he was earlier. And like he'd said, a couple blue hammer Joes are waiting just inside the entrance to escort the Robot Masters to that very room. First-rate service, to boot, each Joe holding a mug out to them in greeting. Firebreather, again. "Follow us", the Joes drone emotionlessly.

Crystal Man takes one of the mugs and begins to follow the Joes, nodding to Gyro Man to do the same.

Gyro Man looks around the facility as he and Crystal enter, impressed with its size and upkeep. He eyes the Joe, takes the mug, and follows his brother, wondering what's up.

Of note, the facility is mostly powered down. The only real electrical devices operable are glowing teal lights under the water, casting the room in an eerie shimmer. The Joes proceed along the catwalks and up to the control room door, sliding it open. "After you", says one drone. Inside, Wave Man is sitting on his office chair, facing the monitors. They're now all fuzzed ith the snow effect. "Come in, come in..", sighs the aquatic Master.

Crystal Man looks somewhat displeased that there is still only one chair in the room. He instead leans against the wall once again, begins to tell Gyro Man of the situation at hand. "You see, Wave called me hear recently to discuss an important matter, which I was unfortunately unaware of do to my recent state of deactivation. As you probably already know, our leader, Gravity Man has not contacted as in quite a while, and we are without leader..." he nods for Wave Man to finish explaining.

Gyro Man, never really being one for chairs, picks out an unoccupied wall near the door and leans against it, listening. "I see." He looks at Wave Man, curious.

Wave Man nods slowly, though still facing away from them. "To boil it down, this is gettin' to be a problem. I, for one, have been stuck in here ogling these monitors uselessly. These've been my orders, and have been inconclusive. Unfortunately, I'm stuck here until re-assigned. But we have no squad leaders to do that". The chair rotates, Wave Man taking a moment to peer through the darkness to try and find Gyro Man, losing his dramatic effect. "..Do you agree that this problem needs addressin'?", he asks, once spotting him.

Crystal Man looks at Gyro Man as well. "Yes, we've asked your opinion yet."

[OOC] Crystal Man says, "Grr. Missed a not."

Gyro Man hmms, and hehs. "Indeed.. ...Well, better than /my/ orders," he adds quietly, but then considers. You say, "Who should it be, then?"

My +orders:
============================ Orders for Gyro Man =============================
Assigned by: Punk                               Date: Wed Sep 17 15:40:39 2003

1. You're SO F*CKING DEAD.

2. If you bring me 10 pages worth of the sentence 'I will not disobey Punk.', 
WHICH YOU'VE WRITTEN YOURSELF, I might make your death a bit less painful.

======================== +org/help for more commands. ========================

Wave Man shrugs his spherical shoulders and raises up to his feet. "That's why we called ya here. We'll have a vote on it. Someone who can take charge of the squad, at least until Gravity Man gets his aft in gear. Sound reasonable to ya?".

Crystal Man agrees

[OOC] Crystal Man says, "You know, with my luck, as soon as we finish this Gravity Man'll log on."
[OOC] Gyro Man laughs!
[OOC] Gyro Man says, "That would be amusing. :D"
[OOC] Wave Man says, "Probably. =D"

Gyro Man nods, and thinks for a minute. He finally says, "I'm inclined to vote for you, Wave Man." Hmm, no explanation of his reasoning? Well, not yet. Unless someone asks.

Wave Man blinks once, then looks to Crystal Man. "And you? What do you think, Crystal Man?". He appears as though he didn't really expect that.

Crystal Man shrugs "Personally, I don't believe I'm really liable to say, with my situation being as is, but...."

Gyro Man peers at Crystal Man. Having already offered a vote, he doesn't have much to say at the moment.

Wave Man cants his head towards Crystal. "Say what ya want. Open house", he invites, gesturing with his hands in an outwards motion.

Crystal Man raises his head. "Well, seeing that you have the most of exp. of us three. I'm inclined to vote for you, if you don't object."

Wave Man shrugs his shoulders again. "Well, if that's the case, then majority rules. I was gonna vote for you, Crystal Man". He lifts a hand to his plated chin. "Alright. I'll make a notice about it soon to inform the other Robot Masters". His eyes shift to Gyro Man. "Out of curiosity, why did -you- vote for me? I know why Crystal Man did..".

Crystal Man looks slightly surprised with Wave Man's response. He turns to look at Gyro Man as well.

Gyro Man glances at Crystal then back to Wave, and hehs. "I /would/ have voted for myself, but I have no need for the rank; it's just not necessary for my areas of expertise, and it could end up hampering me. I've gotten the impression that /you/ would be able to exploit a higher rank for good use." He pauses. "Also... You seem to be more of a people person than I, and that is really a plus if and when one gains the attention of the higher-ups. In general." Gyro coughs. "Yeah."

Wave Man blinks slowly. "Me? A people person? With other Robot Masters, aye, but with the other landlubbers? Ch'hah!". He lets out a short, haughty laugh at that, fists poised at his hips. He then shakes his head. "Aye, then. I have some preparations to make".

Crystal Man looks interested. "What are those?" he asks.

Gyro Man snerks quietly. "Still, it's good to get along with one's superiors.." He hehs and adds, "I'm afraid I seem to have a tendency to not reflect well upon the Elites."

Wave Man hehs softly and nods. "I guess you're right, there". He turns his attention to Crystal. "This place needs to get up and running. Possibly work around having it decontaminated - it's my eyes'n ears through my drones, after all", states the aqua Master. "Aside from that, I've a broadband report to make on it over our systems".

Crystal Man nods "If there is anything that you need me to do, I'd be happy to, commander." he says, stressing the word "commander".

[OOC] Wave Man eeps and has to go! *flee* Later, guys! X.x;;

Gyro Man's attention wanders, finally fixing a stare at the drink in his hands. "If I'm not needed right now, I still need to work on my plan for the air defenses for Berlin." He looks up, and glances at Crystal and his new CO.

Wave Man has disconnected.

Crystal Man agrees. "I must return to my business as well." he says.

Gyro Man nods to Crystal, and turns to leave. "Catch you later," he says cheerfully as he walks out, eyeing the mug.

Crystal Man prepares to leave. "I'm glad we settled that problem." he says, "I'll be taking my leave."

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