Started off as an 'innocent' enough Maverick Hunter attack on the satellite/rocket launch facility...

[Radio: (B) Secure] Warning. Automated Defenses (Cape Wily) have gone offline due to systems trauma. Warning. Automated Defesnses (Cape Wily) have gone offline....
[Radio: (A) Master Chat] Serenade transmits, "What the hell?"
[Radio: (B) Secure] Bass snarls. "Defend the Cape!"
[Radio: (B) Secure] Flame Man transmits, "Yes sir."
[Radio: (A) Master Chat] Enker transmits, "Deal with it. King, you're in charge of this. Do not fail."
[Radio: (A) Master Chat] Number Man transmits, "Gates on a stick, what next?"


This vast, fertile savanna encompasses several of Africa's various biome zones, from woodlands to thornbrush to grasslands. For the most part, this savanna is a beautiful land, covered in gentle, soft grasses that remain cool to the touch and soothing to walk upon. Low ground shrubs are scattered across its velvet floor, sprouting up along the grasslands, often accompanied by larger deciduous trees which cast gentle shadows onto the otherwise sunlit savanna. This beautiful land was once full of life, but its numbers of natural animals has gradually dwindled over the crossing of time.. Now standing as remembrance to so many species which have faded from the earth within the last couple hundred years, hunted to the point of extinction, commonly for their beauty. So often we destroy the things we love the most; a harsh reality in a world where technology strives to be the answer for everything..

Flame Man [Armor] [RM]
Dust Man [Normal] [RM]
Foucalt [Armor] [MH]
Signas [Black_armor] [MH]
Quiet Man [Normal] [MH]
Maverick Hunter Ride Armor <Gunslinger>
Maverick Hunter VTOL <Vorpal> [MH]
Dogstar Gravy Plate Processing Facility
Border Fortresses
Diamond Mines
Satellite Launching Area <Cape Wily>
Sphere Outpost <Epsilon> [RM]

South <S>
: South Africa
North <N>: African Rainforest
Up <U>: Sky Above Central Africa

Satellite Launching Area <Cape Wily>
Nestled somewhere in the north of the wilds of the Savanna, only a couple hundred miles south of where the plainlands themselves meet the thick and lush jungle, this area has been specifically set up for one purpose; the construction and launch of satellites into various orbits, in order to give the forces of Doctor Wily a birds-eye-view of the globe. The area is heavily guarded, and rightly so, considering the nature of the facility.

Blues has arrived.

[Radio: (A) Master Chat] King transmits, "We shall show them true pain."
[Radio: (A) Master Chat] Ice Man transmits a pause, and then "This can't be good."

<Global News Network> This is WNN! Wily News Network! It appears there's been a mishap of sorts at Cape Wily, folks, but don't worry, it's not Maverick Hunters assaulting the facility! Nope. Just stay calm, and let your friendly neighborhood Robot Masters fix it up. Really. It's fine.

[Radio: (B) Secure] Serenade transmits, "En route. *faint whine of jet thrusters*"

Gemini Man has arrived.
Jazz has arrived.
Serenade has arrived.
Bass has arrived.

Well, it had been a while since the last little scuffle he had been in. Signas crosses his arms, and waits for the alert as Quiet Man blows a huge chunk out of the defense controls. Excellent. Operations could now begin. "I certainly hope that we have a few Masters show up tonight," he comments to the remainder of the 'Wrecking Crew' with him tonight. "I still have not had a chance to test out my new body in live combat. This should prove to be a most enlightening evening."
Raising one hand, the diplomat gestures towards the Cape Wily facility. "All Hunters, begin the operation. Engage Robot Master resources and operatives at your discression. Simply ensure that not one bit of this facility is left standing when we are finished," he adds somewhat idly, before charging his own weapon systems.

[Radio: (A) Master Chat] Security reports that...King!?...had entered the base and security control room just prior to the systems failure.
[Radio: (A) Master Chat] Number Man transmits, "HIGSBY."
[Radio: (A) Master Chat] Metal Man transmits, "Just lovely."
[Radio: (A) Master Chat] Tengu Man transmits, "Yep, I bet King did it."

Quiet Man looks around the destroyed security control room, and checks to make sure all the panels have been aptly rendered unoperable. The staff should survive, though a few will have hearing problems for awhile. Shaunybear trundles on in behind him, and the pair then leave, silently, wreaking havoc in their wake....

[Radio: (A) Master Chat] King transmits, "Explain how I could do it from the training room in are base?"

Maverick Hunter Ride Armor <Gunslinger> powers up the Gunslinger, weapons systems coming online with a dangerous sounding hum. "Try not to get this one blown up, Signas. You'll be as expensive as Glaive at this rate." He grimaces, kicking off the ground as the Gunslinger's thrusters kick in, lifting the ride armor from the ground.

[Radio: (A) Master Chat] Number Man transmits, "What are you doing in the training room? It's offline!"

"Righto boss." Was the reply from the second-born Matthews. With a whine from his gravity well, Foucalt lifted off, zooming towards something breakable. Of course, he wasn't an idiot, so he was wrapped in his protective bubble of a forcefield. With his luck, some wilyclown would show up and shoot him in the back. Damn Robot Masters. Oddly, he was whistling a strangely disturbing tune as he sailed through the air, a tune that his brother had gotten stuck in his head. Stupid Durandal.
The air warps around Foucalt as he creates a sphere of gravity around himself.

King has arrived.
Metal Man has arrived.

[Radio: (A) Master Chat] Number Man transmits, "I'm suspicious. I think this King is the fake."
[Radio: (A) Master Chat] Tengu Man transmits, "I concur."
[Radio: (A) Master Chat] King transmits, "*loud growl* I COULDN'T HAVE DONE IT YOU FOOLS!"
[Radio: (A) Master Chat] Tengu Man transmits, "You have no evidence!"
[Radio: (B) Secure] Serenade says, in a businesslike tone, "I'm flying in from Johannesburg. Do we have any reports on the situation on the ground?"

<O-Master> Fake kill count: 3: Gemini Man says, "Psst"
<O-Master> Fake kill count: 3: Gemini Man says, "UN owns Johannesburg"
<O-Master> Fake kill count: 3: Gemini Man says, "not us :)"
<O-Master> Fake kill count: 3: Gemini Man says, "Sorry"

[Radio: (B) Secure] Serenade did not say Johannesburg, she said Wilyworld.

Bass zooms overhead on Treble's back, flying unevenly through the air. He circles around the perimeter of the Cape, trying to figure out how many Hunters are in the area -- or if there's anything else he needs to be aware of. Like ninjas, or cabbages.

Gemini Man doesn't have any way of flying in, but the Masters have issued vehicles. Today he has a hovercycle rather than an issued vehicle. It is yellow, so doesn't match him properly at all, but it is a temporary sort of thing. Hopefully it will not be banged up too badly. ...Just in case, he stops it a good deal outside the cape area, as Bass flies in overhead, bypassing him easily.

A small humming noise hails the arrival of King on his transport. A single joe stands at the controls at King's feet. The small craft seems to be a single standing transport for King with a small seat of controls for its pilot. Its large owner stands tall and proud as the small craft quickly appears above the attack zone. "Who dares to strike a blow on are ground?" His voice is very royal like always as he scans the area with his questing eyes from atop his small carrier.

Since Cape Wily is nestled in the Jungle, Flame has opted for a stealthier approach. Having an aerial transport drop him off a few yards back, Flame makes his way through the lush jungle to, according to the computer-map on his arm, the Cape to the north. He cuts foilage with his scimitar, and finally gets to the clearing for the Cape. He waits, hidden in the green, and then runs, darting fairly swiftly to the gates and into the building. Someone might see him, but hey, right now he wants to get /inside/.

And there are other people flying in, too. From the direction of Wily World - it's undignified, but it was the most accessible option to the Cape - comes a blue-clad figure, flying through the air. It could be a vision of hope...
But in fact, it's got wings and trailing red hair, and a crackling blue-tinted energy saber in one hand. Her lips are drawn back in glee as she feels wind on her face - if she was human, the wind shear would damage her eyes, but she hardly is.
And then she spots him. Signas, she thinks; he has to be the mind behind this. If you cut off the head, the animal flails and dies, and it's always a good time to kill Hunters.
She swoops around, aiming herself to be approaching from the back -- and then she power-dives. There might be a second, a second and a half's warning - and that's because she's cackling maniacally as she lets her momentum burn itself out. And then, /just/ at the right time, she switches direction to head past the Hunter Commander, swiping out to tag his back with her glittering blade as she does so, landing gracefully on the stout blue boots.
Serenade strikes Signas with her Sabre Slice attack.

[Radio: (B) Secure] Serenade says, with glee, "I'm on the commander." And then she lets out a cackle.
[Radio: (B) Secure] Gemini Man args.

Gyro Man flies in from WilyWorld, coming in a bit later than the others, but not so late as to miss out on anything important. Well, hopefully. He eyes the area, trying to figure out the situation.. And who's causing it.

[Radio: (B) Secure] Enker transmits, "Good. Crush them."

Blues changes into his Codebreaker armor.

Quiet Man exits the building from which he had been, the item on the brink of collapse after multiple sonic blasts to it's structure. Shaunybear pads behind, occasionally harassing what few staff have remained behind.

Moving accross the grounds, Quiet Man starts taking out grounded aircraft.

Cha-chunk. Cha-chunk. Whiiiiiiiiiiiirl. What's that sound.. It's.. no.. It can't be? The destroyer of dirt? The killer of the unclean? THE MASTER OF SUCK? No, that's the guy over there trying to get his car started. WHEEEE. Now THAT'S Dust Man! Woo! On his Zamboni plus!

And to Bass' interest, there is a small patch of cabbages being produced by a subsistance farmer only a short distance outside of the facility. The insidious cabbages. If only we knew why Bass was concerned about them.
In the meantime, Serenade dives out of the air and tags him across the back with her saber, leaving a long gash, but not much else beyond some cosmetic damage. And the Diplomat... doesn't move for a moment. And an instant later he vanishes, energy crackling around him as he blinks away from the scene. And reappears a good fifty yards away, crossing his arms as he looks back at Serenade.
And spinning on the ground where he had been standing a moment before is a single grenade, a blinking light on its top flashing slightly, faster and faster until it is almost a solid color. And Signas shouts, "Well, I have not seen you in a while, Serenade. Perhaps you might consider this to be an appropriate 'welcome back' present form the Maverick Hunters."
And with that, the grenade explodes, sending bits of shrapnel in every direction.
Signas strikes Serenade with his Frag Grenade attack.

Thunk thunk! A grate falls downwards, clattering loudly upon the ground below. Usually, a skilled spy would drop lithely to the ground below, taking out all the guards with one smooth action, leaving them to a possibly ironic demise.
...'course, this doesn't happen.
Jazz tumbles to the ground, thumping unceremoniously upon the hard ground. She sharply sucks in air, taking some time to recover. "Ow, ow, ow, owwwwie~! Oh, that's not... ow... good..."
And, yes, she's wearing her Magical Girl Pretty Jazzy costume. What? Mike took the only sneaking suit she owned! Er. Actually he owned it. But, anyway.
Lucky for her - very lucky - the area is completely devoid of guards. How? Well, Quiet Man was making a huge racket. Except not really. Because he was Quiet. It was more like the things he was destroying were making the noise. But, if he destroyed them, then wasn't it him making the noise, thus proving that he was not actually Quiet Man? But if he wasn't Quiet Man, none of this would apply to him...
...Quiet Man's new name is Paradox Man.
Between the Hunter's attack and Quiet's swath of havoc, Jazz has enough grace to somehow crawl to safety before some Joes pass. Using her amazing ninja abilities - don't shoot her, Bass! ;_; - the Huntress skitters from convenient hiding place to convenient hiding place.

Maverick Hunter Ride Armor <Gunslinger> is busily blowing away Master defenses, the Hunter taking long strafing runs through goes with the laser cannons of the Gunslinger. And, uh, yeah.

Foucalt saw Bass. He grimaced heavily. He couldn't deal with that. He dropped his altitude, stabilizing his hover at about six feet off of the ground. What to destroy....what to destroy....Hmm.... Oh. Yes. Fuel tanks! Those blew up /real/ good! Skimming through the air, hoping to avoid the Force Commander's notice, his new course set him at one of the towering structures. There was gonna be some explosions! EVERYBODY loved explosions!

Crystal Joe2 has arrived.

Flame Man is about to enter and lay some Arab smackdown when Quiet Man catches his attention. "Ah-ha, a perfect target...." he says to himself, chuckling. Positioning himself so that Quiet's back is to him, he fires off a napalm shot at said back, since he is a dirty fighter.
Flame Man strikes Quiet Man with his Napalm attack.

[Radio: (E) Global] Number Man transmits, "LIGHT. I KNOW YOU'RE OUT THERE. I need to speak with you about something a little bug told me. And I still need naked pictures of Roll."

A familiar form can be seen in the distance, his gaze set upon... King's back, specifically. His left arm is held at his side, an odd blue glow surrounding it... and then.

Protoman approaches King, his body seeming to blur as if he had dashed across the large distance between them. This is not the case... though it's a rather show-off manner to do it, he's simply blinking across that great distance, and bringing his saber along towards King's back, "Greetings, Shiny-Lite." He says, in a rather mocking tone. He seems to intentionally swing the blade so that he can strike the craft that King is riding upon, as well.
Blues strikes King with his Buster Sabre Slice attack.

"Tch," Serenade says, lifting up the saber-equipped arm - it can't parry all of the fragments that blow out at her, but it keeps them from harming her face. She shakes, slightly, as the impact rocks through her... and then she spins around on her heel, putting the energy sword away with a flourish.

"I've been busy," Serenade says, with a wide, rather vicious smile on her face. "You know --" And then she brings out the squat, carbine-like gun that, perhaps, is her own solution to the problem of Buster Envy. She clicks part of it, adjusting a small switch near the back, and then she aims it at the towering Hunter.

"I really like doing THIS better!" She pulls the trigger, and a small object - the size of a plum, perhaps - flies out in a slightly arcing path towards where Signas stands. Once it gets within a foot or so of him - or the ground, for that matter - it explodes, producing a rather disproportionate BOOM.
Serenade strikes Signas with her Concussion Grenades attack.
Signas is temporarily disoriented by Serenade's Concussion Grenades attack.

Quiet Man is struck by the burst of napalm which quickly ignites, burning into his armor. With a single hand, he wipes the sludge off, and tosses most of it away, though it burns the appendage as well. Turning, he blank gaze rests upon Flame Man, his elder Uncle. Shaunybear growls at the rival android, unhappy for the low blow.

However, no emotion comes from the Overlord-he simply begins walking towards the Alpha, unleashing a pulse of sonic energy.
Quiet Man strikes Flame Man with his Heavy Metal attack.

Bass roars overhead, apparently not seeing Jazz or the cabbages. Ultimately, he swoops down and lands by an annex of buildings, Treble shifting to wolf mode once he touches down.

Treble seems nervous as Bass starts walking around the complex, whistling as if he hadn't a care in the world. Things burn and explode all around him, but he appears strangely unaffected.

Ah yes, possibly the most famous custom ride armor on the entire planet, the Gunslinger. However someone is watching it, Metal Man makes ready for his opening attack and leaps from his hiding spot behing a turret letting a swarm of blades fly towards the armor.

Gemini Man is still plenty far from the infiltrators, since he still has to come from the outside.
But, he uses the clever tactic of fanning out, that is...splitting into two bodies, and both of them running toward the structures now on foot. The object of the game was to keep them from destroying as much as they could--which certainly wasn't as much fun as being on the offensive, but was a noble fight to fight.
Metal Man strikes Maverick Hunter Ride Armor <Gunslinger> with his Blade Storm attack.

Since there aren't infiltrators to spot, and Serenade is busy with their commander, the next most obvious thing is the Matthews bot, the one floating up above the struture. He honestly forgets his name. But he won't mind shooting at him. One of the twins fires on the attacking hunter, a single shot for now, just to gauge his distance from their position.
Gemini Man strikes Foucalt with his Clone Laser attack.
Foucalt's forcefield withstands the attack.

[OOC] Quiet Man meant Zeta. Not alpha, in his pose.

The golden ruler gives a quick yelp as he jumps off his craft. The blade still finds its mark as it carves a small gash in his back. The craft takes the worst of it starts to separate in to two crafts. This would be nice if it was built to do that but, since it isn't well it falls in a ball of fire.

King lands with a large thud and keeps himself from falling to his knees. His attention now fully on his attacker. "Well, meet Protoman. I would expect nothing less from one such as you." He gives a grin as he swings his axe and shield free from there places on his back. "Now lets see if your so lucky now that I know your there." His shield slowly starts to hum and glow as its power builds and turns on.
King brings his reflect system online.

Maverick Hunter Ride Armor <Gunslinger> spins as Metal Blades embed themself in the armor's thick hide. "Well, well, well, if it isn't Metal Man," Mike says, charging up the cannons again as he brings his arms up. "Figured I'd have to fight one of you guys... pity I don't have any blades handy, but I'm sure I won't need them." He charges Metal's position, opening up with the twin machine guns on the Gunslinger's arms. "Do let me know when it starts to hurt."
Maverick Hunter Ride Armor <Gunslinger> misses Metal Man with its Dual Machine Guns attack.

The grenades go off around Signas, and the smoke and shock waves from the attack block his vision for a moment. Clever girl - well, one never wanted to underestimate a woman. Or a Robot Master. So putting both of them together was likely to be a combination that you always wanted to be extremely leery of. But he smiles, and raises one hand, and prepares his ultimate defensive measure for whatever attack Serenade has planned next, while she is operating under the cover of her grenade fire. "Clever girl indeed. But you're not going to win this time. We're here to forcibly evict the Masters from this continent, and if we have to destroy all of you to do that, it may simply be the price of business."
[OOC] Signas uses +shake to unstun himself.
Signas projects a Diplomatic Immunity field around himself.
[OOC] Quiet Man says, "Uh oh. Diplomatic Immunity!"

Laser'd! The energy rippled across Foucalt's forcefield, the sound of impact drawing his attention to the ex-father of his brother. "Oh god. It's /you/. Why couldn't it be the vampire? I've got a nice stake for his stupid fanged shove in his heart I mean. Or his fluid pump. Whatever! I guess you'll have to do."

The rippling field winked out, his hand becoming sheathed in purple energy. With a bit of concentration, the energy forged itself into a flat ring. Taking careful aim, or as careful as he could in the heat of battle, he flung the ring at the Clone, the projectile spinning and pulling a violet contrail behind it
The air clears as Foucalt banishes the sphere.
Foucalt strikes Gemini Man with his Corona Ring attack.

Flame wasn't expecting such....lack of emotion. Usually he likes a reaction from his dirty tricks. Thus, he is caught-off guard, and the sonic blast hits him, sending him to the ground. The blast rattled him a bit and his internals, but he's not down yet. "Wonderful. A mute...." He walks closer to Quiet. "Now, I shall show you da wrath of Allah and his prophet, Wily! Prepare yourself, whe-MASTER!" He suddenly breaks off that speech, and falls to his knees, pointing behind Quiet. "I-I, uh, d-did not expect you here! I was just about to finish dis mongrel..." his eyes look fearful as he looks beyond Quiet's shoulder.

"Such a cheap trick, King." Protoman says, smirking towards the Golden 'Ruler', "But I'm afraid I'm not quite concerned with it." He says, before he blinks out of sight once again, approaching King from the back once again, his saber being brought up to strike towards his back once again, attempting to drive the weapon straight through. He's not going to stop just because of that silly shield. Though, that may be a mistake.

"But whether or not you know I'm here... Heh." Protoman mutters.
King deflects Buster Sabre Impale from Blues.

Serenade is grinning as the attack clears, of course. And, of course, as it turns out that Signas is standing there behind a field of energy, the grin falters, and turns into an expression of shock, for a moment, then one of angry disbelief.

The gun is clicked at again, as she says with a snarl, "/You're/ going to kick us out, huh? Well, you're not going to do anything much--" Click, clack, ka-chick.

"When you're scrap metal!" The gun is lifted and then she pulls the trigger, spraying a series of small yet high-velocity rounds at the Hunter's "diplomat".
Serenade misses Signas with her Hv Full Auto attack.

Metal Man watches as the armor closes his interal hud counting down the distance, the Gunslinger is closing, he times it waiting a second longer. The Gunslinger opens up with a pair of machine guns, he leaps over the suit evading the rounds and he tosses an blade at the armor as he reaches the apex of his leap.
Metal Man strikes Maverick Hunter Ride Armor <Gunslinger> with his Sawblade attack.

[OOC] Quiet Man says, "Is there an attack for that, Flame?"
[OOC] Flame Man says, "No. It's one of his tricks."
[OOC] Quiet Man hrms.
Quiet Man's INT roll succeeded against Flame Man.
[OOC] Quiet Man doesn't fall for it.
[OOC] Flame Man says, "Dang."
[OOC] Quiet Man also has uber hearing E-senses, so ^.^ Do you want to still attack? I can just pose not being affected.
[OOC] Flame Man says, "Okay."

Quiet Man continues walking, ingnoring Flame Man's 'act'. He cares not for such tactics.

Flame Man's eyes comically become half-circles. "Ooo-kay" he says. He gets back to his knees, shouts a very weird yodeling-battle cry, and attempts to slash Quiet in the back with his sword.
Flame Man strikes Quiet Man with his Scimitar attack.

Signas vanishes again as Serenade opens fire on him, his blink systems sending him back so that he is standing on the roof of one of the facilities that are within the Cape. And he simply waves to Serenade. "Lets see if we can put that energy of yours to a more productive purpose," he calls out, crossing his arms as he looks at her for a long moment. She might feels as if she was free to simply fire away with everything she had - if that was how she was going to fight today, then the diplomat was going to ensure that if he was going to be shot up, he was going to put some of that destructive power to use inside of this facility.

Gemini Man's clone, if that is what Foucalt thinks he's hitting--can he tell them apart, after all?--is struck in the face, and falls down, with a sort of spin, in a very theatrical manner. However, when he hits the ground, the pain looks to be quite real, along with the face full of dirt. The target sits up and spits, giving no sign that it's a hologram; it might very well be the real deal.
The Gemini Fou didn't shoot is not at all distracted. Now that the barrier is down, he lets the Hunter have it, firing off another blast at him from his own weapon. "Stay up there; that's fine with us. We can tag you from here!"
Gemini Man strikes Foucalt with his Laser Blast attack.

Maverick Hunter Ride Armor <Gunslinger> is struck again, the blades finding their way into the Gunslinger's armor as Mike sails past. Not content to let this go unanswered, he torso twists, opening up on Metal Man with a missile... and since he's behind a covered position, he makes sure he's using a strong one. Smirking, he lets it fly, twisting around as he moves to approach Metal Man once more.
Maverick Hunter Ride Armor <Gunslinger> misses Metal Man with its Surface Piercing Missile attack.

The blade cuts accross Quiet Man's chest, leaving a gash. The android looks down at the wound, and then back up at Flame Man, eyes still blank and distant. Suddenly a loud *POP* is heard as a burst of sound erupts around the Zeta Robot Master.
Quiet Man strikes Flame Man with his Soundburst attack.
Flame Man is temporarily disoriented by Quiet Man's Soundburst attack.

Flame arghs, dropping the sword and clutching his head. "Too loud, too loud!"

Protoman's sword meets something but, it isn't King's back. The large shield takes the blow as it seems King had expected an underhanded attack from the back and spun as soon as Protoman blinked out. King smirks to himself as he speaks now that Protoman has been blocked. "Now who uses cheap tricks fool"

King smiles as the shield jumps to life again and slowly starts to gather energy. The jewel on King's head slowly glows brighter as he starts to laugh to himself. A beam of blue energy shots from King's forehead and flies toward the ground under the large shield. As the beam hits the ground it bounces and aims for Protoman's chest.
King strikes Blues with his Refraction Minibeam attack.

Gyro Man swoops around the facility, looking for an opponent to take on; preferably someone who isn't yet occupied, but... There doesn't seem to be anyone. (Except for Jazz, but she's being all ninja-like and unnoticeable!) Dissatisfied, he continues circling, looking for an opening.

A pity they are not on better terms, for Quiet Man would agree with that statement. However, he cares not for the Robot Master's cries of pain. The android knows what it is they stand for that he no longer has his free will in shackles.

Holding up a hand, all sound about Flame Man suddenly dissapears, being siphoned off into Quiet Man's sonic nodes. So fast is the vacuum of noise, that Flame may just feel the energy in his circuitry being tugged away with it...
Quiet Man strikes Flame Man with his Silent Killer attack.
Quiet Man drains energy from Flame Man.

Serenade smirks as she sees Signas teleport like that - and then wave in that mocking way. The gun is put away... and the sword comes back out. It snaps out with a noise like a thousand florescent lights, and she starts to soar towards the Diplomat - shouting as she draws closer and picks up speed. "Do you think that you're going to get me to BLOW UP OUR WHOLE BASE?" she says, with a fluting 'ohohohoho!' added at the end as she warms up her sonic systems. And then she draws close --

And the sword goes /completely unused/ as she instead, at close range, aims a sudden series of sound frequencies. First one, then the other - the series mathematically precise to maximise vibrational forces in the target. Which is, in this case, Signas -- and his damnable forcefield.
Serenade strikes Signas with her Dissonance Scream attack.
Signas's forcefield withstands the attack.

Metal Man is tracking the movements of the ride armor now and watches the missile launcher start to arm itself. He waits for it and then leaps activating an ECCM unit sending a pulse that messes up the sensors of the missiles. So if the Hunter wants to play hard ball he can play as a pair of blades appear in his hands and the tosses them at the armor aming for one its arm's shoulder joints.
Metal Man misses Maverick Hunter Ride Armor <Gunslinger> with his Twin Blades attack.

"We gonna launch that satellite?"
"Hells yeah."
Jazz peers curiously out from behind a stack of crates at the two Joes. At that very moment, they were going through an intricate handshake. She watches for several long seconds, confused, finally settling on just shaking her head and crawling around past them.
The invincible Magical Girl stalks quietly, prowling down a set of stairs to the area that /should/ be... uh... where she wants to go. Hopefully. /Un/fortunately, a Joe crashes into at a corner. The two fall backwards, taking a moment to register the occurance. This ends with Jazz screaming and the Joe whipping out his gun.
"Don't move! I have to succeed, for the good of all people!"
Backing up this threat is Jazz's wand, a slender little thing with a heart on the top. The Joe continues to level his blaster. There's no choice! Jazz must show this villain the error of his ways!
Jazz swings the wand like a baseball bat, and is rewarded with a painful screech. The second she opens her eyes, though, there's a Joe head in her arms.
She tosses it away, shaking her hands wildly and running down the rest of the stairs.
By the time she gets to the hanger, the investigator is relatively calm again, diving to some cover and peaking out over the edge. Aha! That must be the satellite!

Treble continues to growl and swing his head around erratically, as if looking for something it can't find. He barks warningly at Bass, but Bass appears to be oblivious to it.

o/~ "Daisy, Daiiisy," o/~ Bass sings, "the rest of this song I don't know..." o/~

"It's not cheap. It's rather expensive, actually. Fortunately, it's ... quite handy. Worth the time and chunk of my life I wasted getting it." Protoman responds, as he's struck-- though doesn't react too terribly at the moment. His form vanishes once again, this time reappearing, once again, directly behind King, driving the blade forward to attempt to cut through King once again, "On the other hand, I'm not the one who relies on such a large shield to deal with... inadequacies." He says.
Blues strikes King with his Buster Sabre Drive attack.

[OOC] Jazz says, "o/~ Daisy, Daisy, give me your answer true... o/~"

Another laser in the back! Whichever Gemini it was earned a glare from Fou, his gravity well surging with power as he looked around for...something. Oh look. Handy, dandy garbage can! One of those heavy concrete ones. With minute gestures, he lifted it off the ground from afar. "Ugh. I couldn't be lucky and show up on the day you two decided to be one person, could I? Bastard.....Bastards. Whatever!" Ascending a bit, he flung his arm at one of the Geminis at the one that's facedown in the dirt. And to where his finger pointed, the garbage can flew, seeking to squash the Gamma Master into the ground.
Foucalt strikes Gemini Man with his Gravimetric Accelleration attack.

Well, this is certainly a new experience. Flame will probably not forget the feeling of having his energy sucked out of him without being touched. His arms bend, hand and cannon upwards, fingers curled slightly. Once it's over, he gasps and falls to his knees. "I am /not/ cut out for this madness! ALLAH GIVE ME STRENGTH!" he raises his hands to the air, looking to the sky. Then, his arm-cannon glows a hot yello-orange, and a larger glob of napalm is shot out, except the fire is condensed and packed, ready to burst.
Flame Man strikes Quiet Man with his Napalm Bomb attack.

The sound is enough to batter at Signas' forcefield, but it isn't enough to actually breach it and hurt him. However, at this point Serenade has committed a mistake. She has allowed herself to get close enough to Signas to allow him to break out some of the more powerful hardware that he has at his disposal. And even as the energy ripples off his shield, he lunges forward, pulling his staff free from its holster and expanding it to its full length. And he thrusts forward, a black blade appearing on the end of the staff.
And all around Serenade, a series of other black blades appear, hanging in the air before slamming inwards from all directions. Akin to being slammed into by a number of razor sharp blades at once. Almost into infinity even, if she can't manage to get out of the way.
Signas lowers his Diplomatic Immunity field.
Serenade deflects Infinity Slam from Signas.

Maverick Hunter Ride Armor <Gunslinger> twists out of the way of the blades, the Hunter grinning as he starts to get the read on Metal Man. "Nice... but not nice enough, he says, twisting his arms as he begins to strafe the ground with laser fire, doing criss cross patters with the laser guns as he attempts to smack Metal Man a good one.
Maverick Hunter Ride Armor <Gunslinger> strikes Metal Man with its Dual Medium Lasers attack.

Quiet Man is struck by the napalm bomb, and stumbles back, armor sizzling and burning. And yet, he still shows no pain or emotion whatsoever-it's almost eerie. Looking down momentarily, he eyes the damage, before returning his gaze to Flame Man.

And suddenly, sound comes from all directions upon the Robot Master, trying to crush him...
Quiet Man strikes Flame Man with his Sonic Crush attack.

King gives a scream as his defense is pushed though by Protoman. As he tried to turn to face his attack again only makes the attack strike his shoulder as it passes clean though his golden armor. King gives a growl that most would expect from Slash Man as he starts to make use of his axe. "This is getting old runt!" As King screams his axe comes down as he tries to take a limb off his attacker.
King strikes Blues with his Executioner's Axe attack.

Shade Man arrives from the African Rainforest.
Shade Man has arrived.
[OOC] Shade Man says, "Hmm. Outnumbered."
[OOC] Foucalt says, "Curse you Shade Man for not arriving earlier. Oh well. I'll have to kill you another time. I'm busy throwing things at Gemini Man."

Serenade raises one eyebrow. "?"

And then the blades attack, and she twists, and the sword comes up, flickering as she slips into a speed of motion well beyond the conception of humanity.

And then lets out a long, slow sigh as she smiles at Signas, all the blades either vanished or tiny fragments of steaming slag around her. "Hey, that was pretty good," she says, cheerfully. "My turn." A switch is hit, and that blue energy suddenly bursts into white-hot heat, before being slashed forwards in a two-handed swipe at the diplomat's lower abdomen. (He is, after all, still nearly twice Serenade's height.)
Serenade strikes Signas with her Thermal Cutter attack.

Flame ughs as his armor dents in many places, real ugly ones. Even his turban, made of cloth, gets a dent. Once the attack is over, he touches his sacred hat, breathing heavily. He stares at Quiet, one eye bulging in incredulously. "You are something else, I tink dat now. And, you dented my turban! Do you have /any idea/ how sacred it is to me??? No, because you are just another godless mongrel with no grasp of Arab or Indian culture.." his cannon shoots out a gust of flame, which he uses to slash Quiet with.
Flame Man strikes Quiet Man with his Fire Slash attack.

The Gemini already on the ground is hit again, this time, with a garbage can. He almost stands up...then he's knocked down, with a resounding CLANG, and falls down, getting another face full of dirt. Darn, that Hunter is a meanie.
The other Gemini frowns. "You must be thinking of some other Robot Master. We are two people. Sorry our prescence seems to be so disappointing to you."
He lifts up his arm, and charges for a moment, this time, white light building in his blaster. It fires off not for Foucalt, but for a tower behind him, and strikes it perfectly, as if Gemini completely intended to miss. "Any way we can make it up to you?" And then, of course, the shot bounces off.
Gemini Man misses Foucalt with his Ricochet Blast attack.

Quiet Man is struck by the flames in the shoulder, and stumbles back from the force of the blow. He told Jazz that he would stall the Robot Masters-and he has. But now, it is time to leave. Turning, he begins to retreat, and Shaunybear joins him...
Quiet Man retreats from the area swiftly, leaving him open to pursuit or parting shots from Gyro Man, Flame Man, Shade Man, King, Maverick Hunter Ride Armor <Gunslinger>, Maverick Hunter VTOL <Vorpal>, Serenade, Foucalt, Signas, Jazz, and Gemini Man.

Gyro Man stops suddenly and hovers, spotting Metal Man and the Gunslinger. He watches the fight for a couple minutes, then revs his prop and dives, hoping to catch the ride armor with a surprise attack. He chucks a plus-shaped blade, smaller than his primary, but still sharp and swift. If Metal doesn't want backup, tough. He'll just have to deal.
You strike Maverick Hunter Ride Armor with a glancing hit from your Generic Ranged attack.

Skull Shuttle arrives from the Sky Above Central Africa.
Skull Shuttle has arrived.

Protoman moves backwards, taking a slash across the chest-- though not severing any limbs. He just shakes his head, "King... do you -really- want to be that closely associated with Slash Man?" He asks, before pulling his weapon back.. and blinking once again, taking a position behind King, and then swiping the blade along in a very wide arc, attempting to cut into his back once again.
King deflects Buster Sabre Wash from Blues.
King successfully reflects Buster Sabre Wash.

[OOC] Skull Shuttle bring preemptive lift!
[OOC] King says, "wow deflect and reflect"
[OOC] Gyro Man says, "Redundant, but nice. o.o"

[Radio: (A) Master Chat] Flame Man transmits, "Alright, dis...mute robot is running away."

Another nasty hit from Serneade, and this one hurts a bit more, laying open a good chunk of the armor on Signas' stomach. It doesn't strike any of his emitter crystals, however, and he remains going strong, even at this point. And then he simply quirks his lip slightly slightly, and tips his hat. "You are as strong as ever. However, that does not ensure your victory, I must assure you." And he steps back... allowing Serenade to see his other hand. And inside of it, he has gathered a ball of black energy, a small cube twirling inside of it. And spinning about, he launches it at Serenade, aiming to slam the bullet into Serenade and capture her inside of its field. "Crush Bullet!"
Signas strikes Serenade with his Crush Bullet attack.
Serenade is temporarily disoriented by Signas's Crush Bullet attack.

Another laser! Foucalt grunted and just cut off his anti-gravity, dropping him to the ground. Of course he acted quickly enough that he didn't even notice that it was intended to miss, and the ricochet bounced into the ground a little ways in front of him. Mismatched eyes peered at the Robot Master as Foucalt decided what to do. He, simply, waved his right arm in front of him, sending a barely visable wave of gravity at the Gamma Commander. It /was/ visable as a little ripple in the air, kind of like what happens when a stone's dropped into water.
Foucalt strikes Gemini Man with his Apoapsis attack.

Metal Man checks his weapon systems even as the lasers cut a massive gash across his troso. He says "Ah Mike, I see your alive and kicking. Good, I'd hate to see you dead at the hands of a Maverick.....heheh as your life belongs to us!" Metal summons a swarm of dagger drones and they rocket towards the Gunslinger as Metal then adds "Tell me? What is it like knowing your race is getting its will to live back? Finally ready to start doing things for itself again?"
Metal Man strikes Maverick Hunter Ride Armor <Gunslinger> with his Explosive Drone attack.

Serenade starts to lunge backwards as she sees the ball of energy forming - and then it hits her, the gravitational disruption ripping through her frame beneath the armor. "Ngh!" she grinds out between clenched teeth, managing to stagger back perhaps another pace, hugging at her abdomen as the pain wrenches at her. It's too intense, for now, for her to do anything in retaliation... but her eyes are starting to glint in anger.

Flame grins. Excellent. His back is turned. The best part of battle. He fires another fire shot at the retreating Hunter.
Flame Man strikes Quiet Man with his Napalm attack.
Quiet Man falls to the ground, unconscious, due to massive systems damage.

[Radio] Tightbeam radio transmission: Metal Man says, "Form up Gyro and we'll keep him in the cross fire focus on avoiding shots rather than landing hits."

The golden Master again turns as Protoman blinks out being his large shield to play again. The slash leaves a mark on the shield as it still slowly gathers energy from the attacks. Its owner on the other hand smiles toward Protoman even as his hole in his shoulder slowly leaks fluid. "Your becoming very easy to block. May I suggest you try a new trick?"

King moves forward quickly as he leaves his shield in front of his large body like a ram. He picks up speed and aims to slam in to Protoman and send him flying though a building or a few trees at least.
King misses Blues with his Royal Shield Bash attack.

[Radio] Tightbeam radio transmission to Metal Man: You say, "All right, will do."

Maverick Hunter Ride Armor <Gunslinger> manages to hit Metal Man... that's a good thing. But he's not expecting Gyro Man's attack as it slams into him, the Hunter grimacing as it sheers through a power system. Rerouting it, Michael has no choice but let Metal's drones slam into his hull, readying another attack, glaring at the both of them. "Okay... if that's the way we're going to play it." Dropping his arms into firing position once more, he fills the air with missiles, explosives flying every which way as the Hunter lets the pair have it.
Maverick Hunter Ride Armor <Gunslinger> strikes you with a devastating hit from its Missile Swarm attack for 30 units of damage.
Maverick Hunter Ride Armor <Gunslinger> strikes Metal Man with its Missile Swarm attack.

This time, the Gemini that fired is the one that's knocked over, since the wave hits him, and sends him backward, while washing over the one that's still on the ground.

Both of them stand up together. Both of them shake their heads, as if trying to shrug off the damage. It's invisible, but it's already compounding. And then, both of them lower their guns, and fire.

This is not the same, idle shots they were popping off before, but charged, white blasts, their cannons glowing just a moment before the shots are released. Looks like the twins are done fooling around with this one.
Gemini Man strikes Foucalt with his Double Shot attack.

=========================== Current Systems Status ===========================
Current Endurance:  [|||||||             ] (17 / 47)
Fuel Reserves:      [||||||||||||||||||||] (100 / 100)
Status:             Critical
[Radio: (A) Master Chat] Serenade says, through grinding teeth, "The little... he's dead!"
[Radio: (A) Master Chat] Eta CO Shade Man hmms? "Oh, shoot. I missed something again, didn't I?

Quiet Man is struck once more in the back as he flees, the napalm pushing into more vital systems via the previous wounds. Falling, the substance flickering in flames, he begins to go offline, unable to continue functions in these conditions....

The satellite is in the process of being carted out to the launching area. Since the fight outside is getting more and more pitched, the combat drones are being pulled out to the front. All that's left here are a skeleton guard crew and some noncombat bots in charge of priming the launch.
Jazz puts a finger to her lips, thinking to herself as to how to crack this cookie. Idly, she plays with her wand... aha! Wand time! Turning the device over, she looks for the hidden catch... and then remembering that there is no hidden catch. She pffts to herself, and just gives the command mentally! Her dad was so smart.
Time in that area slides to a halt, giving Jazz enough time to tiptoe out and glance over the space pod thingie. She removes the pack of explosives from her storage cube, trying to find the right place to plant it. Of course, this leads her to open the hatch on the side, and then crawl in.
"It's got to be somewhere in here..."
Time starts again. Blinking, a hovering drone inspects the hatch, then closes it tightly. Uh oh.
"T-minus... five seconds..."
This was /not/ good at all.
Alas, the rocket shoots off, shooting into the sky. Poor Maverick Hunters!

[Radio: (A) Master Chat] Gemini Man sounds either bored or irritated. "What." "Too easy?"
[Radio: (A) Master Chat] Flame Man transmits, "Hahah! Got him! Right when his back is turned!"

Bass keeps walking. Treble barks a few more times, then runs up and rams him in the back, knocking him down in mid-note. Chomping down on Bass' left arm, Treble starts to try to drag him away.

Bass resists, pulling Treble's snout off of him. "Get off me!" he shouts at him. "Dammit, what's gotten into you! Stop it!"

Treble pulls away, barking at Bass some more, something resembling desperation in its voice. Bass pulls himself back up and rears back his hand as if to strike Treble. Instinctively, the dog recoils, whining. Staring at the dog with wrath, Bass holds his hand up for several seconds, then ... turns his hand around to his face, pulling it down his forehead to his jaw, and starts to pace off in a different direction.

"God damn. I'm losing it. It's getting worse..."

And then the rocket is launched, which gets everyone's attention.

[Radio: (A) Master Chat] Metal Man transmits, "Gyro and I got the Gunslinger locked down here."
[Radio: (A) Master Chat] Number Man transmits, "I WANT HIGSBY'S HEAD ON A PLATTER."
[Radio: (A) Master Chat] Gyro Man transmits, "..I don't know how much longer I'll be able to keep it up, though... Damn it."
[Radio: (A) Master Chat] Eta CO Shade Man transmits, "Hmmmm.. do you need assistnace?"
[Radio: (A) Master Chat] Metal Man transmits, "Understood."

Metal Man (Metal) pages: Lets kick some butt
You paged Metal Man with 'Arr! ..I'm one point away from couend though. @_@'
Metal Man (Metal) pages: We got to stop the armor dood and your not licked right? Your a Robot Master and your fast o.o We have a prayer if we work together
Long distance to Metal Man: Gyro Man nods. We must succeed? :D
Metal Man (Metal) pages: YES!

Sigma has arrived.

[OOC] Gemini Man says, "Oh, hi."
[OOC] Sigma says, "Hi, Gemini."
[OOC] Foucalt ;_;
[OOC] Metal Man says, "O.O! TENTICLE DEMON!"
[OOC] Quiet Man says, "Meep."
[OOC] Metal Man says, "RUN FOR YOUR LIVES!"
[OOC] Crystal Joe2 says, "Aaah! Sigma!"

Shaunybear starts to drag Quiet Man to safety....

[Radio: (B) Secure] Serenade shouts, over the roar of a rocket launching, "Did we have a launch scheduled?!"

Fou was getting to his feet when the two blasts vectored in on him and impacted. One would have sent him stumbling, but the two of them striking at the angles they did sent him spinning for a bit. He did recover, but he was dazed, and needed to shake it off. "A...alright. that's it. No more Mister Nice Hunter. Jerk." Shunting energy through his weapons systems into his hand, a sphere taking shape. He squeezed it and with a crackle it extended into a long purple lash. Digging his feet into the ground, he pushed off, bolting at the nearest Gemini and taking a swing at the Master with the crackling lash of energy.
Foucalt strikes Gemini Man with his Zenith Whip attack.

Flame goes over to Quiet's fallen body. He sticks his scimitar in Quiet's back and goes into a praying position. He mutters a prayer to Allah, for giving him the strength to vanquish his enemies. After he is finished, he grabs the scimitar and checks his damage readings from the computer on his arm. A panel flips open, and there it is. "Dis strange mute robot has damaged me more than I thought...I tink I shall leave..." he runs, while calling a transport ship to his area. After which the rocket launches. "What in da hell???"
Flame Man retreats from the area swiftly, leaving him open to pursuit or parting shots from Gyro Man, Shade Man, King, Maverick Hunter Ride Armor <Gunslinger>, Maverick Hunter VTOL <Vorpal>, Serenade, Signas, Quiet Man, Jazz, and Metal Man.

"Okay," Protoman says, dodging off to the side-- and then bringing his saber forward to drive it towards Sigma once again, a combination of jabs opening up an assault from the Buster Sabre, and at the same time, he strikes out with a series of slashes-- after this, he blinks once again, out of sight, moving to a fair distance away from King. He didn't want the close range to be an advantage.. though, it's not a good enough distance to retreat from there.
Blues strikes King with his Buster Sabre Assault attack.
King successfully reflects Buster Sabre Assault.

Flame Man has disconnected.
Flame Man has connected.
[OOC] Sigma has to ask. 'Sigma'?
[OOC] Blues says, "Whoops."
[OOC] Quiet Man says, "Flame?"
[OOC] Blues says, "Ignore that first Sigma. ;)"
[OOC] Blues says, "I'm tired."
[OOC] Quiet Man says, "I posed Shaunybear dragging Quiet to safety..."
[OOC] Flame Man nods.
[OOC] Quiet Man says, "Then why did you pose going up to my corpse and messing with it?"
[OOC] Flame Man says, "Oh, I thought you meant after. Plus I didn't see it."
[OOC] Quiet Man says, "Because in all honesty, I have /attacks/ representing Shaunybear maiming people. ^.^;"
[OOC] Flame Man says, "Retcon that, then. Just me running."

Unfortunately, that was only the first stage of Signas' attack. For he raises up one hand, and the field from the gravity bullet expands all around Serenade, catching her in its grip - and Signas opens his hand as it does so, the gravity sphere no longer visible except as a distortion of the air around Serenade. And he raises one hand up, the gravity cage pulling Serenade roughly along with it as he swings her up and around to over the edge of the building, leaving her hanging in mid-air. "You might be a clever spy and infiltrator, and a decent combatant. But you should not have engaged me without considering the consequences, Serenade. And for that, I apologize."
And with that, Signas closes his hand. The gravity field wrinkles... and closes in around the Femme, aiming to crush her like an aluminum can inside of compactor.
Signas strikes Serenade with his Gravity Cell attack.

[Radio] Tightbeam radio transmission: Metal Man says, "I'm about to let everything I got left rip on the Gunslinger you go in first and keep em busy little bro"
[Radio] Tightbeam radio transmission to Metal Man: You say, "Sure.. just as soon as I get up.."
[Radio: (B) Secure] Serenade lets out a noise somewhere between a snarl and a scream.

Gemini Man is a bit of an also-ran tonight, getting scrapped out before he had the chance to put up much of a fight at all. The energy whip knocks Gemini down, and, well, the other Gemini just disappears. It was apparently more power than Foucalt thought he had. Gemini falls down and just plays dead for a moment, hoping he'll get backup. Stupid Riggerbots.

Jazz ranked pretty low on the combat-able list in the Hunter database. But that didn't mean she wasn't strong enough to kick open a hatch. Especially when she's screaming and flailing at the top of her lungs. As the rocket zooms faster and faster, the investigator crawls onto the outer frame, gripping a conveniently placed bar and straddling the side.
"Oh, no! What am I going to /dooooo~!/"
"...I don't think rocket engines are supposed to make that noise..."
The pack of explosives Jazz was carrying had slipped from her hand, falling back into the rockets and detonating /there./ The result is the greater part of the thruster system being destroyed. Which, in turn, causes the entire thing to slow to a halt, turn around, then start plummeting.
And yet, Jazz is still riding the contraption, almost like one might ride a horse.
"This isn't /gooooood!/"

Serenade struggles against it - that must be taken into account, at least. But, of course, she never was the best against these sorts of attacks, and the fact that it's from all directions and inherently unseeable doesn't help. The armor on her wrists starts to crumple first, and then her back bends forwards with a resounding snap of metal somewhere in her spine.

"I SWEAR ON MY - nnghhk! - ON MY FATHER! I WILL KILL YOU!" she says, normally-rather-pretty face twisted into a near-demonic snarl, as she tries to limp forwards... before stumbling forwards, landing on her knees and then on her hands. "Nngh. Nnh. Ghh..."

Gyro Man hisses as the Gunslinger releases a barrage of missles, far too many for him to successfuly avoid. He screams as several of the missles strike him, and falls, although he manages to avoid crashing /too/ hard. He's badly hurt, but not enough to keep him down... Grounded, perhaps, but not down! And even his prop's in good enough condition for one last attack... He revvs it up, generating a storm-strength wind, directed at the Ride Armor.
You strike Maverick Hunter Ride Armor <Gunslinger> with a minor hit from your Wind Tunnel attack.

King almost falters as he runs as slashes and jabs get past his shield and slice his armor. His lovely armor scared and cut by the attack leaves King mad to say the least as he skids to a stop. His armor now shows large and small cuts alike as some of the hole and cuts leak fluids.

The golden master turns and finds Proto in his sights again as he starts to show his anger. "You will pay for this" As King speaks he starts to rushes forward toward his target. His axe swings in to place on his back as he draws his arm back and aims to grab Protoman by the neck. Yes, he is reduced to choking protoman. His hand starts to glow gold as he tries to grab proto to make him pay in more ways then one.
King misses Blues with his King's Ransom attack.

Foucalt peered down at Gemini Man, shaking his head a bit. "Dunno why mom even talk to that guy." He muttered as he kicked on anti-grav and headed back at his initial target. A big standing fuel tank. He was going to blow it the hell up. Yup. He was going to get his promotion and it'd be cool. Then he'd get his own action figure. That'd be awesome.

[Radio: (B) Secure] Shade Man transmits, "I am coming to assist. I shall be there... momentarily."
[Radio: (B) Secure] Serenade reports, through gritted teeth, "I think my back's snapped. I have to get out of here. Is the situation in hand - and /did we have a launch scheduled/?"
[Radio: (B) Secure] Gemini Man transmits, "NO."
[Radio: (B) Secure] Serenade transmits, "... don't they have their /own/ rockets?"
[Radio: (B) Secure] Enker transmits, "King! Finish them! DO NOT MAKE ME COME OUT THERE!"
[Radio: (B) Secure] Gemini Man transmits, "We're leaving. We have better things to do. Let them blow it for all we f***** care."

Metal Man was orginally made for busting tanks and thusly he's armored with armor made to lessen the effects of explosive rounds such as the one that just hit him. Metal snarls as it sends em flying backwards and he slams into the ground hard. He takes a moment top rise again even as Gyro Man goes in again and Metal leaps into action. <<Clear weapon interlocks, bring primary weapon online>> The battle comp does as directed and a blade forms in his hands. Then he leaps towards the Gunslinger throwing the Metal Blade at the armor's cockpit.
Metal Man strikes Maverick Hunter Ride Armor <Gunslinger> with his Metal Blade attack.
Maverick Hunter Ride Armor <Gunslinger> falls to the ground, unconscious, due to massive systems damage.

Metal Man (Metal) pages: Victory!
[OOC] Skull Shuttle says, "Metal Man."
[OOC] Metal Man says, "Yes?"
You paged Metal Man with 'We shall succeed! :D'
[OOC] Skull Shuttle says, "You join the Hall of Fame of He Who Has KOed The Gunslinger."
[OOC] Metal Man says, "WOOT!"
[OOC] Gyro Man seconds that!

Gemini Man rolls over onto his side and tries to slink off, rather than run. He doesn't want to fight a losing battle with E-ring down. Not for a minute.
Gemini Man retreats from the area swiftly, leaving him open to pursuit or parting shots from Gyro Man, Flame Man, Shade Man, Blues, King, Maverick Hunter Ride Armor <Gunslinger>, Maverick Hunter VTOL <Vorpal>, Serenade, Foucalt, Bass, Signas, Quiet Man, Jazz, and Metal Man.

King brings his reflect system offline.

[Radio: (A) Master Chat] Metal Man transmits, "Gunslinger is down."

"Not a bad fight," Signas comments, pulling a few explosive charges out of his belt and dropping them on the rooftop, before walking over and reaching down and picking up Serenade by the scruff of her neck, and tossing her out of the blast radius. He wasn't going to kill her, when she was just doing her job. Having snapped most of the main supports in her body is probably good enough for today. And he simply looks around for a moment, before blinking away - stabbing the button to set off the downward shaped charges on the top of the building at the same time. Now he needed to see what Maverick Hunters needed support.

Michael Eildath has arrived.
[OOC] Michael Eildath crackles his fingers.
[OOC] Metal Man braces for pain
[OOC] Gyro Man eeks.

[Radio: (A) Master Chat] Metal Man transmits, "Gyro? How bad off are you?"
[Radio: (B) Secure] Serenade snarls, "That little son of a" *THUMP*
[Radio: (A) Master Chat] Gyro Man transmits, "Pretty bad... I might need a lift back.."
[Radio: (A) Master Chat] Metal Man transmits, "The Gunslinger might be down but I bet the pilot's going to want to play, shall we render him limb from limb?"

Bass rubs his shoulder as he walks away from Treble, who is barking loudly at him and slowly scooting back, red eyes gleaming -- fearful. The Force Commander's eyes flicker between red to blue to brown to red, energy gems pulsing like a damaged lightbulb. As he walks, he passes by a generic warehouse, recently emptied of loot on its way south toward the deepest, darkest parts of Wily Africa.

"Don't have much longer," he says, mech-fluid trickling down his back. "falling out of my head, walls are falling down --" He grabs the sides of his head, optics slamming closed, screaming over the more and more desperate barks from Treble.


All of this time, poor Treble's difficulties have gone generally unseen and uncared for by many -- although assuredly it has ment something. Exactly what it has ment is revealed quite suddenly as Bass stands before that fairly nondescript supply building. Indeed, quite suddenly the masonry explodes outwards in an ejected vomitus of concrete block, fragments and dust -- eclipsing for a moment the tremendous seemingly skeletal limb that reaches out, meaning to close about the back of the Force Commander's helmet with a titanic grip, blue sparks crackling along the length of it -- ruined fingers hooked almost in claws as they attempt to actually sink themselves into the durasteel, such is the force of the grip itself.
But it does not end there. A horrible cackling sound; a grating like an undead machine is made audible as the entire wall of the place comes down, revealing the tremendous, skeletal form of Viral Sigma -- tentacles already extended, each of them curiously bearing small, daggerpoint like blades as he moves, stepping inward towards Bass, his entire body wreathed in concrete dust and still flying bits of what was left of the building's wall.
"Heh-Heh. And so we meet again, Force Commander Bass! I believe that we had a meeting for tea scheduled."

[Radio: (A) Master Chat] Pharaoh Man sighs. " No, you're to serve him tea and crumpets. OF COURSE YOU"RE TO KILL HIM! "
[Radio: (A) Master Chat] Flame Man transmits, "...Allah help us, it's Viral Sigma."
[Radio: (A) Master Chat] Gyro Man transmits, "Heh. .../What/?"
[Radio: (A) Master Chat] Flame Man transmits, "Now I'm /really/ gone."

Protoman swiftly dodges out of the way of the attempt on his neck, bringing his left arm up, and moving towards King. His plasma shield forms, and then he brings it forward to SLAM it into King as best he can-- through all this, he doesn't seem to notice Sigma at all. In fact, he's pretty concentrated on this battle. Regardless, the energy from the shield spreads throughout the area briefly, before the plasma begins to gather onto his arm once again, reforming into. Well. A shield.
Blues strikes King with his Plasma Shield Overload attack.

[Radio: (A) Master Chat] Pharaoh Man transmits, "...."
[Radio: (A) Master Chat] Pharaoh Man transmits, "Enker, permission to order a full evacuation of Cape Wily?"

Pray for the Hunter's souls. For a great evil has descended upon the land. A cackle echoes across the war torn Cape Wily as a shadow passes over the moon. This isn't any normal shadow. It is a cloud of DEATH. Flappaflappaflappa. Bubblebats. Oh fear the Bubblebats.

The laugh should be recognizable to Foucalt, as this cackle taunts the Riggerbot often. The cloud swarms over the land and bubblebats begin to scatter and help the Robot Master drones. Shade Man turns his now glowing red-eyes, "Slayer Runt... your time for redemption is at hand. I SHALL SHOW YOUR MOTHER YOU ARE NOTHING!!" He ends the tirade with a large shout.
However, as per usual, the shout is not normal and a sonic blast goes out in a wave like direction towards the Maverick Hunter. Shade would hear Bass' screaming if he wasn't preoccupied.
Shade Man strikes Foucalt with his Sonic Blast attack.

Serenade, naturally enough, lands on her back in the middle of an access pathway. She twitches, a few times, and claws at the air. Unfortunately, with the primary signals truck for her body messed up, she can't even engage her enhanced vocal systems... She IS, however, swearing oaths of vengeance on Signas in her mind.

[Radio: (A) Master Chat] Enker transmits, "Granted! Do it! ALL FORCES RETREAT!"
[Radio: (A) Master Chat] Metal Man transmits, "Understood, withdrawing."
[Radio: (A) Master Chat] Metal Man transmits, "Gyro? Lets get the slag out of here."
[Radio: (A) Master Chat] Serenade transmits, "I'm in sector six, level three walkway, uh... I think it's A."
[Radio: (A) Master Chat] Gyro Man transmits, "Gotcha."

The transport picks up Flame, and he is just in time to see Viral Sigma. Using a zoom-in feature in his eyes, he sees..Bass clutching his head. Oh hell no. After taking two photographs, he is OUTTA THERE like Aladdin in the market after stealing some bread.

Michael Eildath curses as the Gunslinger is hit, feeling the Ride Armor die around him. He hits the eject button as he feels Metal Man's strike hit, leaping into the air... and pulling out a pair of grenades from his belt, tossing them at the Robot Masters quickly. Michael Eildath leaves the Desperado power armor.
Michael Eildath misses you with his Chaff Grenade attack.
Michael Eildath strikes Metal Man with his Chaff Grenade attack.
Metal Man is temporarily disoriented by Michael Eildath's Chaff Grenade attack.

Treble does something that belies his intelligence -- he runs, and runs, and runs, and when he gets to the edge of Cape Wily, shifts into jet mode and flies away as fast as it possibly can.

Bass is hit by the exploding building, which knocks him off his feet and suitably gets his attention. Throwing concrete off of his body, he rises to his feet, colors switching from black to red, gold highlights becoming purple. A large, crackling sword forms in his hands: the Burst Cipher.


He leaps at Sigma, swinging the Burst Cipher at his body core with intent to cleave.

[Radio: (A) Master Chat] Bass shouts, "GET OFF MY CONTINENT!"

The sonic waves struck the Young Matthews, only because he was distracted by the thing he sees nearly every time he goes to sleep. The Viral Sigma. With a choked sound in his throat, he /immediately/ changed his course and blasted back towards the vorpal at top speed. He wasn't going to stick around for this. Not again. Never again. EVER. Eyes wide with unbridled terror, he sailed through the skies.
Foucalt retreats from the area swiftly, leaving him open to pursuit or parting shots from Gyro Man, Flame Man, Shade Man, Blues, King, Maverick Hunter Ride Armor <Gunslinger>, Maverick Hunter VTOL <Vorpal>, Serenade, Bass, Signas, Cut Man, Quiet Man, Jazz, Metal Man, and Gemini Man.

[Radio: (A) Master Chat] Gemini Man transmits, "Already gone. This is a loss."
[Radio: (A) Master Chat] Enker transmits, "I would advise you leave as well, bass. I cannot give you orders...but I advise it nonetheless!"
[Radio: (A) Master Chat] Metal Man transmits, "Advise noted and acting on it."
[Radio: (A) Master Chat] Pharaoh Man transmits, "All of you, get out of there. Remaining drones are grabbing the intact equipment and preparing to cover your escape. Vehicles are on the way."
[Radio: (A) Master Chat] Flame Man transmits, "...I don't tink he' da right /mind/, if you catch my drift...""
[Radio: (A) Master Chat] Pharaoh Man transmits, "Flame Man, just DO IT."
[Radio: (A) Master Chat] Flame Man transmits, "I'm already out of da area."
[Radio: (A) Master Chat] Eta CO Shade Man transmits, "Retreating. All bubblebat squads. RETREAT!"
[Radio: (A) Master Chat] King transmits, "King retreating with all forces."
[Radio: (A) Master Chat] Enker transmits, "...This is not good......Not good at all...."

King gets slammed in the side and skids quickly to a halt as he stands half haunced over in pain. "You bastard" his words are weak as he starts to stand up showing the large dent in his armor on his side from the hit. As something goes over his radio he looks around quickly. King's eyes go wide as he notices Viral Sigma and he follows orders and gets his ass out of there. He starts to run toward the transport before it can leave. "We will have to finish this later"
King retreats from the area swiftly, leaving him open to pursuit or parting shots from Gyro Man, Flame Man, Shade Man, Maverick Hunter Ride Armor <Gunslinger>, Maverick Hunter VTOL <Vorpal>, Serenade, Bass, Signas, Cut Man, Quiet Man, Jazz, and Metal Man.

[Radio: (A) Master Chat] Serenade transmits, "H-hey, did you get my location?"

Metal Man is about to go after Michael on foot and enjoy ripping him apart then he hears the order from Enker to fall back. So he's already on the move as he gets hit bt the chaft grenade but says "...So Sigma comes... it seems this is the end..." he keeps trying to move as he deals with the interfearance from the grenade.

Signas simply turns and watches as Sigma - the Viral Monster they had battled in Berlin - erupts through the ground, his tentacles waving about that same obscene manner that he remembered. And Signas simply narrows his eyes, checking his system status. If he were in better shape, with Bass here... no, even then he would not be guaranteed to defeat Sigma. He charges up his weapon systems, and considers... before making a radio transmission.

Gyro Man grins as the 'Slinger goes down, curtousey of Metal Man. He's practically giddy -- he couldn't have taken much more -- but not so caught up in the victory that he doesn't notice Eildath emerge. His eyes narrow, his grin fades, and, clutching his badly damaged left arm, jumps to one side. He successfully evades the bomb, but hits the ground hard. He hisses in pain, but again rises to his feet and limps away toward the transport, occasionally casting a glance back at Eildath to make sure he isn't going to try to bomb him again.
Gyro Man retreats from the area swiftly, leaving him open to pursuit or parting shots from Maverick Hunter Ride Armor <Gunslinger>, Maverick Hunter VTOL <Vorpal>, and Serenade.

Ah. Sigma. Brave brave Sir Shade. Sir Shade ran away. And that's exactly what the vampire does. He takes one look at the Viral Sigma and he hums, "Well. Doesn't that just piss in my blood, toodles!" With that, Shade Man blasts off with his bubblebat cloud, off and away.
Shade Man retreats from the area swiftly, leaving him open to pursuit or parting shots from Gyro Man, Maverick Hunter Ride Armor <Gunslinger>, Maverick Hunter VTOL <Vorpal>, Serenade, Signas, and Metal Man.

Now, Sigma only has so long of a reach in terms of his skeletal arms and a rasp of frustration is heard as his skeletal fingers fail to close about the errant head of the Force Commander. The fact however, that the debris of his exit strikes Bass upon the back is enough of a satisfaction for him. He halts, a slight distance away as the Burst Cipher is drawn forth -- entering into a defensive stance. When the attack comes, something that only he can manage is done -- a tremendous hand reaches out, actually closing around the blade of the weapon. It sinks into the armor of his right hand, blue lightning enveloping it as it does -- but does little more than that. Once more, almost demonic, raspy cackling is heard -- especially nasty considering the fact that his mouth never moves the entire time -- echoing around the place.
"Oh, Bass. Bass. Bass." The Emperor chides the other as though he was a child. "Your powers of observation are failing you. There is no victory for you here, today."
And with that, the Emperor's massive opposite hand raises as he twists at the waist, attempting once more to close his fingers about the Force Commander with steel-shattering strength -- and lift him all the way above his own head, before slamming him head first down into what appears to be a rather large boulder.

Serenade continues to curse and attempt to struggle, accomplishing only some slight wiggling due to the backup fine-motor-control network. "Nngh!" And then she manages to shout out, "Hey, idiots!" to some scuttling joes.

Who turn, as one, and then comes to hoist her up, hauling her off towards the evacuation craft, at which point she lets out a sigh, both of annoyance and - quite frankly - relief.

Michael Eildath smirks at Metal Man. "Kind of a pity I don't have time to finish this... maybe next time." He pulls back, falling back to the Vorpal and setting a beacon on the Gunslinger for the Vorpal's tractor beam.
Michael Eildath retreats from the area swiftly, leaving him open to pursuit or parting shots from Gyro Man, Flame Man, Shade Man, Blues, King, Maverick Hunter Ride Armor <Gunslinger>, Maverick Hunter VTOL <Vorpal>, Serenade, Foucalt, Bass, Signas, Cut Man, Jazz, Metal Man, and Gemini Man.


The Burst Cipher refracts off of the hand of Sigma, flying out of Bass' grip and landing on the other side of Cape Wily, embedding itself into the path of the repeating Master forces before the Buster energy wears off -- and the weapon fades into mist.

Bass is grabbed like a stuffed animal, being swung with tremendous force at a rock. A resonant *clang* radiates from Bass' body, audible across the battlefield -- his helmet rolls off, his chest gem explodes, and most of his face is caved in. Mech-fluid pours from every hole in his head, black hair unraveling from its tight ponytail.

Blindly, Bass points the Neo Buster at Sigma and snaps off a burst of rapid-fire shots, trying to hit him by blind luck.

Metal Man has cleared the effects from Mike's grenade and says "Prehaps another time Mike but I don't wanna be hentical bait for Siggy so I'm gone!" With that Metal takes off as fast as his movement systems will take em.
Metal Man retreats from the area swiftly, leaving him open to pursuit or parting shots from Gyro Man, Flame Man, Shade Man, Maverick Hunter Ride Armor <Gunslinger>, Maverick Hunter VTOL <Vorpal>, Serenade, Foucalt, Signas, and Cut Man.

Pharaoh Man arrives from the Entrance Arch.
Pharaoh Man has arrived.
[OOC] Pharaoh Man sighs.
[OOC] Pharaoh Man says, "Time to do something-ugh-heroic."
[OOC] Pharaoh Man is going to need a shower x.x;
[OOC] Shade Man gasp! Ra? Care for someone. Now. That's more rare than him getting rank!"
[OOC] Shade Man eyeshifts, and skitters.

[Radio: (A) Master Chat] Bass' emergency beacon starts going off.
[Radio: (A) Master Chat] Eta CO Shade Man transmits, "Damn it."
[Radio: (A) Master Chat] Enker transmits, " not good."
[Radio: (A) Master Chat] Pharaoh Man transmits, "Continue retreating."
[Radio: (A) Master Chat] Tengu Man transmits, "Aw, great."
[Radio: (A) Master Chat] Pharaoh Man transmits, "I am dealing with it."

Protoman walks along, coming to a stop to look towards the fallen Serenade, a slight smirk spreading across his face, "... Greetings, Little 'Sister'." He says, bringing up his blade, and looking towards it for a few moments. He peers down towards Serenade... and then the blade retracts, and shifts back into an arm, "It looks like you're not nearly as up to date as I thought you were." He says.

[Radio: (A) Master Chat] Guts Man transmits, "Well crap in a hat."
[Radio: (A) Master Chat] Metal Man transmits, "Right, go go go!"
[Radio: (A) Master Chat] Serenade nnghs. "Go more gently, you-- ghh!"

Serenade stares at Protoman as the joes pause, in confusing, not wanting to seem threatening to the dreaded blinking Hunter.

And then she's insulted. She makes a face at Blues, which is about all that she can do at the moment, but it is a very mad face.

Spotting Protoman and Serenade a distance away, Signas blinks rapidly, vanishing and reappearing nearby to where the shade bearing one is standing, just in time to hear his last comment. "She was a good opponent. Unfortunately, the particular combo I used on her was not one she could count very easily." He glances over at Blues, and adds, "Do you want a ride with us while we look for Jazz, or are you going to remain here and handle things yourself?" he asks quickly, already turning to head back to the Vorpal.

Maverick Hunter VTOL <Vorpal> powers up, and starts tractoring in the Gunslinger.

Suddenly, Pharaoh Man arrives, via blink, right next to Bass. He is in full combat gear, and he looks far from pleased. However, it's not just at Viral Sigma that his distaste is aimed. " You idiot. " He says, simply to Bass. " You selfish, foolish, ignorant little boy. This is not the man I know who defied Stardroids. Who destroyed the Maverick Hunters. Instead, you are letting /Rock/ win. You are letting his retirement, his decisions, CONTROL YOU! " Ra smacks Bass with the back of his hand, and then fires off a burst of explosive sand at Sigma.

" Now. You can keep fighting this futile battle, out of rage and insanity, or we can leave, and plan an attack to destroy this monstrosity on /the Robot Masters' terms/. Not his. So what will it be, Force Commander? Insanity and Death, or Strength and Triumph? " The Pharaoh continues to stare in Bass' optics, regardless of the beast before them.
Sigma deflects Sand Burst from Pharaoh Man.

[OOC] Pharaoh Man apologizes, that should of been 'lashes out' not actually landing the blow.
[OOC] Pharaoh Man says, "THe smack, that is, at Bass."

Blind or not, the fact that Bass is this close to the Emperor's wide body does mean that it is difficult to dodge -- not that he needs to. The Buster is uncharged afterall, and whilst the burst strike him across his armored form they seem to do comparitively little damage other than to shift the behemoth's weight, forcing him to grab a nearby tower for support -- his grip crumpeling the steel supports of it like so much tinfoil. Straightening himself out, he lifts the fluid-draining form of Bass at almost eye level, his other hand held in front of the Neo Buster to prevent the other from shooting him in the face. One might notice that he's actually studying the damage to the other's skull with an almost appraising expression.
"My compliments to Wily." He states, in a conversational tone to the damaged one. "You have a remarkably hard head. This will take some doing." At this point, he raises Bass over his head once again and is about to slam him into the fluid-stained rock once again, when Pharoah man suddenly appears. The initial attack causes his mismatched optics to widen slightly, the hand moving away from Bass' Neo-Buster to shield his own head -- the attack not seeming to do any damage.
Almost comically, he looks towards Bass' head -- and then to his brother, and lifts the Force Commander once again, meaning to bash his unhelmeted head into the center of Pharoah Man's head.
"You are insane." He declares, monotonely to the other. "Insanely brave. Yet, your loyalty is admirable."
Sigma strikes Pharaoh Man with his Bash attack.

<O-Master> Leo says, "I imagine that hurt. A lot."
<O-Master> Pharaoh Man says, "33."
<O-Master> Pharaoh Man has had worse, but for a non-Stardroid, that's just plain nasty.

A dark chuckle escapes Protoman, as he strides over to kneel down in front of Serenade, a smirk spreading across his face, "... The great Serenade, once a threat to the degree that even Bass might have barely surpassed you... has fallen to the diplomat." He says, that smirk changing into a smile, "... I wonder. Will you die here?" He asks the Femme Master, before he sits down, one knee raised, his arm draped over it.

"To fall with Bass... would be rather fitting of you." Blues says, tilting his head to the side and cracking the ... metallic skeletal system audibly as he does so, "And I can't say that I could complain. Just... one less enemy in the pile. One less person to kill. After all. That's all I ever do, isn't it?"

Bass' head is slowly starting to crack under the intense pressures Sigma is putting it through. Synth-skin is starting to slough off his face, teeth falling out of his mouith from the force of the mech-fluid being voided from him. His left optic has already been pulverized. He's an ugly, busted mess. Pharoah Man's blow isn't even apparently felt by the Force Commander.

Bass keeps blasting away for a moment before stopping, color scheme shifting from red to brown, purple transitioning to honey yellow. A blast of crescent-shaped energy blades blasts out of Bass' Buster just before he gets pulled back, then driven /into/ Pharaoh Man head first with another sickening snap-crack.

Serenade glances with annoyance at the three Joes that are manhandling her, but they seem to be in no massive hurry. Stupid drama.

"Look," she says, with gritted teeth, "I can't stop you. But /that thing/ is just as much our enemy as it is yours, right? You want to fight it all by yourself?"

Her eyes flick towards Signas for a moment, but then she adds, "Come on. You both have better things to do. Find what's her name, get out of here. It'll probably be gone in half an hour, once /it's/ done with Bass."

[Radio: (B) Secure] Serenade reports, in a subvocalized tone, "Jazz is here, somewhere."
[Radio: (C) Emergency] Bass' automated systems transmit: "Neural net damage at critical levels."
[Radio: (A) Master Chat] Guts Man transmits, "Someone get Bass back to base now! He's too valuable to lose!"

Pharaoh Man is sent flying with a similar, sickening crunch as is heard from his force commander. Slamming into one of the buildings that remains from the assault, he leaves a nice hole in it's roof. A weak radio is sent, <<Bass....RUN. This is madness. You are letting /Rock/ control you. His absence is affecting your mind, your judgement. Do you want to kneel before him? You kneeled before no one, once. Even the Gods themselves.>> Ra blinks back up intot he air, hovering. His form is broken, and cracked. Entire chunks of armor have been rended asunder.

" I'll kindly ask you once, and once only, Sigma. Release our Force Commander at once. " However, he waits not for the answer. Instead, a mass of robotic scarabs burst forth from his wounds, rushing towards the tentacles holding Bass in place. Their pincers are thrown mercilessly into an attack to seperate the appendages by force, as quickly and as efficiently as possible.....
Pharaoh Man strikes Sigma with his Scarab Swarm attack.

[Radio: (A) Master Chat] Cut Man transmits, "I'm on my way with the Skull Shuttle, but I don't think I'll arrive in time!"
[Radio: (A) Master Chat] Tengu Man transmits, "Oh hell."
[Radio: (A) Master Chat] Serenade says through gritted teeth, "I'm in like three pieces here, and Blues is threatening to finish me off, and /he's fighting Sigma/. I don't have magical powers."
[Radio: (A) Master Chat] Number Man transmits, "And you still owe me a pie, woman."
[Radio: (A) Master Chat] Gemini Man transmits, "You DON'T?"
[Radio: (A) Master Chat] Bass transmits through static, "run you idiots"
[Radio: (A) Master Chat] Pharaoh Man transmits, "SOMEONE GET HER, NOW."
[Radio: (A) Master Chat] Enker transmits, "Do as Bass says."
[Radio: (A) Master Chat] Flame Man transmits, "Hey, I'm already back to base.."
[Radio: (A) Master Chat] Cut Man transmits, "...Is there some kind of overdrive on this damn thing!?"
[Radio: (A) Master Chat] Pharaoh Man transmits, "Force Command, do not be foolish. This is suicide."
[Radio: (A) Master Chat] Pharaoh Man transmits, "Run."

"What do you think, Signas? Should we take her, or should we leave her to tentacle-man over here?" Protoman asks, idly, looking down towards Serenade, "... Well, see, there's one thing. In the end, you're still my enemy... and you have some technology that I might want, and it would do us all more use in -my- hands than in yours. I'm not sure I'm inclined to save you, though, I am curious as to why you would be concerned of Jazz.." He says.

[Radio: (A) Master Chat] Bass transmits through static. "f***ing moron no motor control"
[Radio: (A) Master Chat] Cut Man transmits, "...Pharaoh Man."
[Radio: (A) Master Chat] Cut Man transmits, "How far your Blink systems can take you with someone?"
[Radio: (A) Master Chat] Pharaoh Man transmits, "I can't."
[Radio: (A) Master Chat] Pharaoh Man transmits, "They can't carry any more than me...damnation..."
[Radio: (A) Master Chat] Cut Man transmits, "Damnit. Change of plan. Mine can."
[Radio: (A) Master Chat] Pharaoh Man transmits, "Transmitting Coordinates."
[Radio: (A) Master Chat] Cut Man transmits, "It's risky, but it's worth a try. Sigma got Bass?"
[Radio: (A) Master Chat] Pharaoh Man transmits, "OOC Scratch that."
[Radio: (A) Master Chat] Enker transmits, "You're all fools."
[Radio: (A) Master Chat] Pharaoh Man transmits, "Actually...."
[Radio: (A) Master Chat] Enker transmits, "Flee!"
[Radio: (A) Master Chat] Enker transmits, "/That is an order/"
[Radio: (C) Emergency] Bass' automated systems transmit: "WARNING! Neural net corruption at 65 percent and climbing! Critical damage!"
[Radio: (B) Secure] Gemini Man transmits, "Listen to him, you guys."

Despite the fact that aiming is indeed difficult, the fact remains that Sigma is hard to miss by someone who is literally held by him. Immediatly after launching his attack upon the Egyptian Themed one -- Sigma lifts Bass' head for inspection once again, and it is at this point that the salvo of blades sink deeply into the Emperor's torso, a large rib-bone flying outwards although critical damage still doesn't seem to have been done yet. The riccocheting blades fly everywhere, but the Emperor suddenly almost appears delighted -- despite the fact that his jaw is only barely able to move. Derisive laughter ensues, as his grip is changed -- for he notices that the skull is finally beginning to crack. A series of ten tentacles extend, serving a trio of purposes. Firstly, one seeks to close about the other's neck, and one to every limb -- although they cannot close about the buster yet -- a couple more though, attempting to stab those micro-thin blades into the other's cracked head, and sheer off a portion of the hair and skull to expose the artificial brains beneath.
"Amusing, Son of Wily. Incredibly Amusing. Why should I listen to your pathetic demands? You hold no power here, even upon your native ground." The swarm rushes across him then -- beginning to pinch and tear, bones and armor crackling visibly under it. And, they are suddenly electrocuted -- every last one of them as a circular globe of cracking, brutal electricity reaches out -- meaning to catch him in it.
Sigma misses Pharaoh Man with his Sigma Tesla attack.

[Radio: (A) Master Chat] Guts Man transmits, "Nooooooo!!!!"
[Radio: (A) Master Chat] Master of Mystic Arts Crystal Man transmits, "I..I...see only death."
[Radio: (B) Secure] Number Man transmits, "Someone do recover his body. I need to compare his viral damage to the damage to our systems."
[Radio: (B) Secure] Cut Man transmits, "If we /CAN/."
[Radio: (B) Secure] Gemini Man transmits, "You aren't telling us he has the MAVERICK VIRUS."
[Radio: (B) Secure] Enker transmits, "If there is a body to recover, it will be. We'll sweep the area after Sigma has left."
[Radio: (B) Secure] Cut Man transmits, "But Mr. Shiny told us to run, here."
[Radio: (B) Secure] Enker transmits, "And I mean it you cretins! GET OUT OF THERE!"
[Radio: (B) Secure] Number Man transmits, "That fool Higsby may be an arrogant little piss, but I think he may be on to something. He's the one spreading the rumor that the Maverick Virus is causing the data corruption on the networks. And it might be in our system. That means that it /has/ changed."
[Radio: (B) Secure] Metal Man transmits, "I'm clear and running at about 100 KPH away from the base."

[OOC] Pharaoh Man says, "SIgma."
[OOC] Sigma says, "Da?"
[OOC] Pharaoh Man says, "The Scarabs were going after the tentacles holding Bass....why are you posing them hitting your face and chest?"
[OOC] Bass says, "Because they do."
[OOC] Sigma says, "Because I'm swamped as hell?"
[OOC] Jazz ~_~
[OOC] Sigma says, "My apologies. I didn't see tentacles, I saw 'appendages'"
[OOC] Pharaoh Man sorries. I thought the appendages holding Bass was enough.
[OOC] Sigma says, "I was holding him in my hand, Paroah."
[OOC] Sigma says, "I hadn't used my tentacles until now."
[OOC] Pharaoh Man ohhhs.
[OOC] Pharaoh Man says, "Ok, thanks, I misunderstood."
[OOC] Sigma says, "Imagine someone palming a basketball."
[OOC] Pharaoh Man nods.
[OOC] Sigma says, "That's the grip I had his head in, only with a much bigger hand."

Bass' Buster arm twitches wildly as Sigma pulls him back, color scheme fading back to black and gold as more of his nervous system starts to go offline. Mech-fluid spurts from his head and neck, fissures in the ceramic transparisteel forming -- large enough for the tentacles to start pouring into them, widening the injuries. His damaged optic falls out as the tentacles force their way through his eye socket, starting to pull out the other one to penetrate it.

Bass' body twitches and spasms, no longer capable of fighting. The war begins within...

[Radio: (B) Secure] Flame Man transmits, "...that would mean da computers in da oil fields..."
[Radio: (B) Secure] Cut Man transmits, "...Are gonna be (*?$"/ed."
[Radio: (C) Emergency] Bass' automated systems transmit, "WARNING! KERNEL PANIC! WARNING! VIRAL ACTIVITY --" before they are cut off.
[Radio: (C) Emergency] Cut Man transmits, "(?)$"/ it!"
[Radio: (A) Master Chat] Guts Man transmits, "God damnit!"

"She has a decent point, Protoman. Unless you think that we can take Sigma by ourselves - even with Bass and Pharaoh Man softening him up, he can still self repair from all of the metal around here," Signas comment dryly... and looks down at Serenade. "So why the gloating? Its not like you - if you're going to copy her weapon data, lets get it and move out of here before things get nasty. I think that the Maverick Emperor will do our job for us here. But..." He glances down at Serenade, and considers his cousin's comment for a moment. "No. If we want to look over her, we will have other opportunities. For now, the Masters should have someone to bear witness to what happened to Bass. I do not believe that any of the Masters who engage Sigma will survive. Not after what I saw in Berlin."

[Radio: (B) Secure] $*&^. Which means dat any second da defense systems will ignite all dat oil...
[Radio: (A) Master Chat] Bass stutters, "dis-dis-disable my co-co-cccc-ccommand codes dis-dis-dis--"
[Radio: (B) Secure] Flame Man transmits, "OOC: THat was Flame, swearing."

Serenade scowls up at Blues. She can't do anything more advanced than that, and even her voice is rather weak at the moment. "Because if she's still here, she's either dead or tainted in--"

And then her eyes close for a moment and she lets out a groan. "... Great. You probably could've saved him, you know." Then, more quietly, "/You/ never have to worry about being able to get away."

[Radio: (A) Master Chat] Cut Man transmits, "...ENKER!"
[Radio: (B) Secure] Flame Man transmits, "Or will."
[Radio: (C) Emergency] Shade Man transmits, "Do as Bass says. Disconnext, NOW!"
[Radio: (A) Master Chat] Guts Man transmits, "You heard the man. Number can you complete his request?"

[Radio: (E) Global] Bass screams, static crackling through his voice like a loose cable between a television set and the Internet connection. He screams, and screams, and screams, multiple voices audible at points, for a good 15 seconds before, abruptly ... terribly ... it stops.
[Radio: (E) Global] Wire Sponge transmits, "Wow. Harmonics. Do it again!"

Pharaoh Man sighs, blinking clear of the attack. This is impossible. The Virus does not affect them, it never has! But it is. And this is not the same Virus, they were told that before. But Bass is their best weapon-he holds the buster. Even if he dies, his body alone is all they need to restore him.

Amun-Wily's children will not fall to such a beast. And Pharaoh Man refuses to admit defeat in this. His armcannon forms, and he blinks once more, this time hovering just above the arm and hand which holds Bass. He quirks his head at the Maverick Emperor, and smiles devilishly. " No one is truly immortal, Emperor. Even you should know that..." He says, quietly. His optics looks to Blues, intently, before a blast of pure sunlight is fired at Sigma's massive wrist.
Pharaoh Man strikes Sigma with his Sunbeam attack.

[Radio: (A) Master Chat] Number Man transmits, "I... don't know if I can. I'll try."
[Radio: (E) Global] Sigma transmits, "Eh-Heh-Heh-HEH."
[Radio: (E) Global] Tengu Man transmits, "My god, you idiot!"
[Radio: (E) Global] Guts Man transmits, "Shut up worm."
[Radio: (E) Global] Tengu Man transmits, "Don't you have any idea what that was?"
[Radio: (E) Global] Pliskin comments drily, "Horn works, try the wipers.."
[Radio: (A) Master Chat] Enker transmits, " a problem."
[Radio: (E) Global] Wire Sponge transmits, "Yep. I know perfectly well who that was. It was neat. Do it again!"
[Radio: (E) Global] Glaive transmits, "...You are sick Sigma...very sick."
[Radio: (A) Master Chat] Serenade says, rather quietly, "Yeah."
[Radio: (A) Master Chat] Cut Man transmits, "What, don't tell me you can desactivate his clearance!?"
[Radio: (A) Master Chat] Cut Man transmits, "OOC: Can't."
[Radio: (E) Global] Blues transmits, "No, Glaive. That's not as much pain as you think."
[Radio: (A) Master Chat] Tengu Man swears repeatedly.
[Radio: (E) Global] Glaive transmits, "...perhaps."
[Radio: (C) Emergency] Serenade transmits, "... Dad... oh god dammit where is Dad..."
[Radio: (C) Emergency] Number Man transmits, "DISABLE THE FRAGGING CODES!"
[Radio: (C) Emergency] ... ... ...
[Radio: (C) Emergency] ACKNOWLEDGED
[Radio: (C) Emergency] Enker transmits, "...."
[Radio: (C) Emergency] Flame Man transmits, "..."
[Radio: (C) Emergency] Cut Man transmits, "That was...too easy."
[Radio: (C) Emergency] Flame Man transmits, "Well, uh, dat was easy."
[Radio: (A) Master Chat] Gyro Man chokes. "... THAT worked?"
[Radio: (A) Master Chat] Number Man transmits, "This computer is my bitch."
[Radio: (E) Global] Sigma transmits, "BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAH! *electricity crackling*"
[Radio: (E) Global] Guts Man transmits, "You'll pay for this Sigma..."

Reporto arrives from the Sky Above Central Africa.
Reporto has arrived.
[OOC] Gyro Man says, "Heyo Reporto. :o"

A small form is seen plummeting from the skies above, as the mighty Reporto descends so that he might watch whatever is occuring at this unusual gathering. His eyes are alight with joy, and his hopes are high, although he is also praying he doesn't get killed by accident.

[OOC] Reporto says, "I love you gyro :P"
[OOC] Gyro Man falls over. ^_^;

[Radio: (A) Master Chat] Number Man transmits, "IT PUTS THE LOTION ON ITS SKIN OR ELSE IT GETS THE HOSE AGAIN."
[Radio: (A) Master Chat] Eta CO Shade Man transmits, "..Wha?"
[Radio: (A) Master Chat] Flame Man transmits, "Ignore him."
[Radio: (A) Master Chat] Enker transmits, "...No more interfacing with the computers, Number Man."

By the loathsome cackling that is audible from the Emperor's throat, it would seem that victory is close as his tentacles manuver Bass up to a position before him -- the other's body held at level just before his own face as the fight seems to dissapear from within the other.

"Too Easy! Much, MUCH too easy."

The war within has begun, indeed -- and anyone who is nearby may notice the fact that the electric-blue energy that begins to crawl along the tentacles holding the other becomes a dark, virulent green -- Sigma's ruined, skeletal right hand descending towards the other's skull once again -- palming it just as one might a basketball. His optics slide closed for but two seconds, the world ignored around him as the other's is literally bombarded with -- something, by the circuit-to-circuit contact that he has initiated. The ruined right hand's exposed wires, aimed for exposed cranial circuits make this even worse. Those watching may have a sudden, perverse realization as to what the Emperor is doing as his reactor channels power to the other, bombarding him with vile electricity, horrid programming and the lord only knows what else.

Sigma lifts Bass' body high over his head, he and the other surrounded by glowing, crackling energy. At this point, Pharoah Man's blast is sent rocking forth towards the Emperor, and the other is just fast enough to catch it upon the armored bone of the limb -- the blast etching deeply into it, but not scoring it -- these bones having resisted far worse from Zero and everyone else who attempted the same thing during Berlin. However, damage is wracking up -- this much is seen. But the Emperor does not care.
Over all of the Cape now, that laughter is heard...

"Heh-Heh-Heh......Ha-Ha-Ha.... BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAH! You know NOTHING of immortality, Son of Wily! BWAHAHAHAHAHA!"

He does not return fire.

Bass' body stays limp for several more moments as the tentacles pour into him, colors starting to shift again ... green circuitry patterns forming on his armor, glowing with a vile mechanical pulse.

When Sigma grabs his head directly, he spasms and bucks, the terrifying electrical energy surging through him, Gamma Generator activating with a bright green nimbus of plasma energy to assist the viral infection -- rage surges through Bass' ravaged mind, hard-wired instincts stimulated to assist the plague.

Then, as Sigma begins to laugh, a croaking sound issuing from his body ...

Synchronized laughter.

[Radio: (A) Master Chat] Serenade transmits, "Ugh... OK, guys..."
[Radio: (A) Master Chat] Number Man transmits, "I have to. I have to fix them, or we're all f****d. I don't know what's wrong with them, but I have to find where this virus is getting in and kill it at the source."
[Radio: (A) Master Chat] Cut Man transmits, "Ra! I'm nearing the area! What's the hell going on?!"
[Radio: (A) Master Chat] Pharaoh Man transmits, "....Bass is gone."
[Radio: (A) Master Chat] Flame Man transmits, "Mmm. Good luck, Number."
[Radio: (A) Master Chat] Pharaoh Man transmits, "He has been fully infected."
[Radio: (A) Master Chat] Bass' signal desyncs, radio countermeasures already engaged.
[Radio: (A) Master Chat] Metal Man transmits, "..."
[Radio: (A) Master Chat] Flame Man transmits, "Allah help us..."
[Radio: (A) Master Chat] Cut Man transmits, "....F***."
[Radio: (A) Master Chat] Enker transmits, "Pull out Number Man."
[Radio: (A) Master Chat] Pharaoh Man transmits, "I am requestion authorization to terminate him."
[Radio: (A) Master Chat] Pharaoh Man transmits, "OOC Requesting."
[Radio: (A) Master Chat] Metal Man transmits, "...Whatever gods that exist.... have mercy upon us all"
[Radio: (A) Master Chat] Enker transmits, "If you feel you can, do so."
[Radio: (A) Master Chat] Flame Man begins muttering an Arab prayer.
[Radio: (A) Master Chat] Cut Man transmits, "...Is there an Overdrive on this damn thing?"
[Radio: (A) Master Chat] King transmits, "Please do so"
[Radio: (A) Master Chat] Pharaoh Man transmits, "May Amun-Wily have mercy on us all...."
[Radio: (A) Master Chat] Eta CO Shade Man transmits, "No. Nononono no."
[Radio: (A) Master Chat] Enker transmits, "Otherwise, retreat."
[Radio: (A) Master Chat] Metal Man transmits, "Don't let Bass live as Sigma's puppet. He'd not want to be a slave to him"
[Radio: (C) Emergency] Shade Man transmits, "Enker, or King. Do we not have explosives rigged on Cape Wily?"
[Radio: (A) Master Chat] Number Man transmits, "Do you want us to be able to use our systems again, or not? We're a laughingstock already, Enker. I'll disconnect if you command it, but we /have/ to have our systems back."
[Radio: (C) Emergency] Metal Man transmits, "If we got a self destruct I suggest we consider using it"
[Radio: (A) Master Chat] Master of Mystic Arts Crystal Man begins chanting something in...Latin.
[Radio: (E) Global] Sigma has no reply. However, the odious laughter continues across the channel. However, now something is different. A grating, croaking sound is audible -- a voice recognizable as Bass' own, although it is horribly twisted by what must be damage into that dry, croaking emit. The two appear to be laughing -- laughing daemonically at something. But what is far worse, is the fact that the two are laughting togeather.
[Radio: (A) Master Chat] Serenade transmits, "Hail Wily, full of grace, help us win this stock car race. Ugh, I wish Blues didn't look so damn /cheerful/ right now."
[Radio: (E) Global] Wire Sponge hees!
[Radio: (E) Global] Glaive transmits, "....Dear god..."
[Radio: (E) Global] Foucalt whimpers.
[Radio: (E) Global] Vile transmits, "..."
[Radio: (E) Global] Vile click.
[Radio: (B) Secure] Gemini Man transmits, "YES, KILL him if you have to!"
[Radio: (E) Global] Serges laughs, not like the previous, but deep, rich, and cruel.
[Radio: (E) Global] Guts Man can be heard slamming a fist onto something and cursing.
[Radio: (E) Global] Glaive transmits, " the sounds of the Radio...Bass is infected?"
[Radio: (E) Global] Tengu Man just swears. Over and over again.
[Radio: (E) Global] Dr. Nathan Xiang transmits, "Or simply broken."
[Radio: (E) Global] Wire Sponge transmits, "Poor Masters. We have Bass now, and there's nothing they can do. Hee hee heh hee hee!"
[Radio: (E) Global] Metal Man is swearing in raw binary and its quite colourful.

<Global News Network> "This just in, it appears that Sigma has been sighted in Central Africa battling with at least one Robot Master. It is uncertain how dangerous the situation is, although it might prove fatal to most civilians."

[Radio: (E) Global] Cut Man transmits, "Don't /BET/ on it, pickle."
[Radio: (E) Global] Metal Man transmits, "Your lives are forfit Maverick"
[Radio: (E) Global] President Elpizo transmits, "Note to self. Comission a much larger gun in the morning."
[Radio: (E) Global] Wire Sponge transmits, "...Pickle? I'm a SPONGE, you buffoon."

Signas doesn't even hesitate at this point. He simply turns around and runs towards the Vorpal as fast as possible, waiving fo them to begin takeoff procedures even before he reaches the craft.
Signas retreats from the area swiftly, leaving him open to pursuit or parting shots from Gyro Man, Maverick Hunter VTOL <Vorpal>, Serenade, and Reporto.

[Radio: (E) Global] Metal Man transmits, "We will save our brother and then WE WILL PURGE THE WORLD OF YOUR KIND! NOT ONE MAVERICK WILL SURIVE!"

If Pharaoh Man has ever looked so crestfallen, it has only been when the Stardroids ravaged his precious Nile Valley. When they took the people he had sworn to watch over and rule, and slaughtered them. Bass is lost. The buster, If what Blues supposedly did long ago is true, he cannot in any way allow the Force Commander to be turned to the Mavericks. Or the world is doomed.

Blinking once more, this time directly before the finned one, but with a bit of distance, Pharaoh Man looks to the ground. " Forgive me...Amun-Wily...." He says, quietly.

And raises on finger into the air. Beads of pure heat begin to gather at it's tip, into a large, fist sized orb. A tiny sun. " Goodbye, Bass...."
Pharaoh Man misses Bass with his Pharaoh Shot attack.

[OOC] Pharaoh Man ...
[OOC] Pharaoh Man says, "#(*"

Like a bombshell, the first thing that points to DOOM is a distant whistling. Over time, it gets louder and raises in pitch. Eventually, a speck can be made out in the distant sky, growing larger by the second. And, when the speck gets to the right size, one can hear the faintest bits of a piercing scream from a young femme Lightbot.
Yep. It was Jazz. Riding the satellite.
All too quickly, the crippled rocket hits, slamming into the ground at blinding speeds. The initial explosion is quite large, the deafening crack of displaced air matched only by the rolling fire that sweeps over the immediate area. But, a splitsecond later, the warehouse it plowed in to explodes /itself./
The second blast is even larger. In fact, it is compounded, forming a string of explosions that add up to an impressive firestorm. The shockwave rips through the Cape Wily compound, blowing over buildings and igniting various explosive materials along the way, which only adds to the mayhem. Chunks of rubble are thrown in all directions, scattering for miles, which start various small fires of their own. The gentle green savanna around the Master facility is slowly but surely painted with red flame.
And, among all this, a flash of pink light flickers anticlimatically. Magical Girl Pretty Jazzy appears, surrounded by tiny hearts that disappear with the blink system energy.
"...oh, uhm, everyone else left..."
Jazz looks around, for something, /anything./ Finding only fire and doom, she calls out, "Sorry about your Cape!"
And then she dashes off.

Jazz retreats from the area swiftly, leaving her open to pursuit or parting shots from Gyro Man, Shade Man, Maverick Hunter VTOL <Vorpal>, Serenade, Foucalt, Reporto, Bass, Signas, Cut Man, Metal Man, and Pharaoh Man.

[Radio: (E) Global] Serges transmits, "Big word.s"
[Radio: (E) Global] DWN 40 Crystal Man begins chanting something which sounds unmistakably like a Death Curse.
[Radio: (E) Global] Barrage Raptor transmits, "Oh yeah. That worked so well the last time, Metal Man."
[Radio: (E) Global] Serges transmits, "Big words, but sorely misplaced."
[Radio: (E) Global] Metal Man transmits, "Barrage? I know your not the sharpest tool in the shead but you can see this is bad for you as well?"

[OOC] Pharaoh Man says, "Well, Cut Man, you're our only hope. No pressure!~"

[Radio: (E) Global] Dr. Nathan Xiang transmits, "Bass has been reprogrammed before."
[Radio: (E) Global] Dr. Nathan Xiang transmits, "It hasn't held yet."
[Radio: (E) Global] Pharaoh Man transmits, "You idiots."
[Radio: (E) Global] Pharaoh Man transmits, "He has a BUSTER now."
[Radio: (E) Global] Pharaoh Man transmits, "Sigma has a BUSTER USER at his disposal."
[Radio: (E) Global] Pharaoh Man transmits, "You don't GET IT, do you!?"
[Radio: (E) Global] Glaive transmits, "Yes, I realise this...we are *$($ed."
[Radio: (E) Global] Pharaoh Man transmits, "This happens, it is over."
[Radio: (A) Master Chat] Number Man transmits, "WILL YOU IDIOTS STOP PANICKING AND LISTEN TO ENKER?"
[Radio: (E) Global] Pharaoh Man transmits, "So, either help us...or....or say goodbye."
[Radio: (E) Global] Dr. Nathan Xiang transmits, "Ah, melodrama."
[Radio: (E) Global] Wire Sponge transmits, "Yes. It is very amusing, actor of a dead civilization. Robotics shall rule."
[Radio: (E) Global] Guts Man transmits, "If this doesn't draw Mega Man back, nothing will."
[Radio: (A) Master Chat] Enker transmits, "At least one of you has some sense."
[Radio: (E) Global] Dr. Nathan Xiang transmits, "...That would be fitting."
[Radio: (E) Global] Dr. Nathan Xiang transmits, "Bass, saved by MegaMan."
[Radio: (E) Global] Pharaoh Man transmits, "I hope you are listening Rock."
[Radio: (E) Global] Pharaoh Man transmits, "I tried to warn you, I tried to tell you."

<O-Master> Leo says, "OK guys."
<O-Master> Leo says, "Just so you know?"
<O-Master> Leo says, "This is the low point."
<O-Master> Guts Man sits and listens.
<O-Master> Metal Man has accepted things are going to get bad
<O-Master> Cut Man says, "Low point?+"
<O-Master> Leo says, "After this, the Mavericks are gonna hurt us for a week or two."
<O-Master> Leo says, "Then things get better."
<O-Master> Fake kill count: 3: Gemini Man says, "This's turned out to be a really fun scene after all. :)"
<O-Master> Mister Master Mystic Crystal Man says, "Is Eurasia still in space?"
<O-Master> Metal Man says, "Yeds"
<O-Master> Guts Man says, "I like the low point."
<O-Master> Metal Man says, "colony drop!"
<O-Master> Fake kill count: 3: Gemini Man says, "Because it's fun to watch, but I'm not dying in it. ^_^ V"
<O-Master> Metal Man says, "Drop Eurasia on europe :D"
<O-Master> Mister Master Mystic Crystal Man says, "YES! Colony drop is just what I had in mind!"
<O-Master> Leo is glad you guys were entertained.
<O-Master> Metal Man says, "HAIL ZEON!"
<O-Master> Metal Man gets his Zaku II
<O-Master> Tool of the Revolution, Skull Man says, "No colony drop."
<O-Master> Tool of the Revolution, Skull Man says, "No lame gundam ripoffs. :)"
<O-Master> Mister Master Mystic Crystal Man prepares to get GP02A for the nuclear strike.
<O-Master> Metal Man says, "We're Masters Leo"
<O-Master> Metal Man says, "We'll fight harder longer and nastier the worse things are for us"

Metal Man always belived in Wily, did he belive in god? The Master was not sure on that but if there was some god out there beyond that which is Lord Wily. Yet a long dead crystal man told him something and he wonders, could anything stop A fully Maverick Bass. Metal Man does not look back he just keeps running.

[Radio: (E) Global] Pharaoh Man transmits, "But no. You wouldn't listen. Now, we are all doomed."
[Radio: (A) Master Chat] Serenade transmits, "seriously. I'm being threatened by ****ing Protoman and I'm - well, at least I'm relaxed."

The ever courageous, and somewhat idiotic, Reporto remains standing way off to the side of the battle, watching the events occuring while listening to the information coming from the radio. His eyes have lost their joy, and a feeling of slight fear has stared to crop up, for if Sigma manages to defeat the Robot Master's the Humans will quickly fall.

"I've saved him from absolute destruction before, Serenade." Protoman says, and then he shifts positions, kneeling down next to her, and idly considering it, tilting his head to the side, "... I suppose..." He mutters, and then-- assuming there is no resistance, he moves to take up Serenade on himself, though doing so rather roughly, slinging her over his shoulder, "That it won't hurt." He says... and then he, too, turns his gaze upon Sigma.

"Hey.. Sigma?"

"Enjoy it for a while... It won't last."

"Ha ha ha ha..."

Protoman continues to laugh, in a rather deranged manner.


An odd sound, and a flash of red light later, and both the Femme and Blues are gone.

[Radio: (A) Master Chat] Number Man transmits, "You're making us look bad, and you're being utter idiots. I'm hip in ruined code, about a step away from beating these computers apart with a nerpium helmet, and I don't need this panicking crap filling my radio. I already can't turn the Gatesdamned thing off anymore."
[Radio: (A) Master Chat] Cut Man transmits, "Pharaoh Man, get out of there. We can't do anything for him. Blink into the shuttle."
[Radio: (C) Emergency] Pharaoh Man transmits, "Enker. I'd like to advise that we prepare for Exodus Protocols, as per the Nigh Incident. I....I have failed."

<O-Master> Number Man says, "Hip deep, even."

[Radio: (C) Emergency] Enker transmits, "Very well."
[Radio: (A) Master Chat] Serenade says, "What the hell, Blues, you si--" *bweip*

[OOC] Signas hops on the Vorpal.
Signas has left.
King has left.
Blues has left.
Foucalt has left.

[Radio: (C) Emergency] Metal Man transmits, "I wonder how Mars is this time of year..."
[Radio: (C) Emergency] Cut Man transmits, "Cold."

<O-Master> Guts Man says, "Why do we keep talking on the super secure channel? :)"

[Radio: (A) Master Chat] Flame Man transmits, "Number has said da most intelligent thing so far. I agree."

Serenade, of course, is easily scooped, and feels sort of like a limp sack of parts right now.

The three Joes, of course, run like the Devil himself was jabbing them in the ass with a pitchfork, and the last evac shuttle zooms off with what salvageable equipment is left in the Cape shortly thereafter.
Serenade has left.

[Radio: (A) Master Chat] King transmits, "Everyone pull out and cut your loses. We will have to retrieve Bass on a later date."
[Radio: (A) Master Chat] Number Man transmits, "If you have a useful weapon, I suggest you run fast. Metal Man I'm looking at you."
[Radio: (A) Master Chat] Metal Man transmits, "I'm on it Number, I'm going at full speed."

In the horizon, something seems to be blasting off at full speed. Coming from the north-east...Is that...the Skull Shuttle? Yes, it is indeed!

Cut Man is currently piloting, his mechanical jaw and his clippers tightly closed. He's going as fast he can, here, and silently praying that he's not TOO late...But according to the radio...

The begining of the end of Wily Africa has begun.

But not if he can help it...Not thathe can do anything. Too far away.

[Radio: (E) Global] Split Mushroom transmits, ""Yaaaaay!" "See! Bass has been shown the light!" "Yeah!""
[Radio: (E) Global] Job transmits, "... I'm getting ahold of Reaver..."
[Radio: (E) Global] Wire Sponge transmits, "Very good, Fungues. Very good. You have some hope yet."

[OOC] Cut Man is HORRIBLY temped of crashing the Shuttle into Sigma.

As the daemonic laughter continues, Sigma's eyes come to reality just in time to detect Pharaoh's blast -- widening briefly, even as his free tentacles shoot out -- wrapping around Bass in a protective coccoon. No, he will not be deprived of his prize so easily, although it is far more than the buster that he wishes. Tentacles fall away, dead and burned -- but more move to replace it as he looks upwards just in time to see the apperance of the falling rocket.

"Bah. Another time, Sons of Wily!" He snaps -- crouching to the ground, placing Bass between his armored legs -- still held by tentacles as a hand is thrust into the ground. Writing, digging tentacles immediatly surround both him and the Force Commander as they begin to dissapear into the ground at a shocking speed, that derisive cackling still audible -- even as they begin to descend. It would seem, that the Emperor Sigma is taking Bass personally where he intends to send all Robot Masters in the end.

To Hell.

And Hell indeed -- as all around him, the Cape begins to explode....

Sigma retreats from the area swiftly, leaving him open to pursuit or parting shots from Gyro Man, Flame Man, Shade Man, Maverick Hunter VTOL <Vorpal>, Glaive, Reporto, Bass, Cut Man, Metal Man, and Pharaoh Man.

[Radio: (A) Master Chat] Cut Man transmits, "Ra. Blink. NOW."
[Radio: (E) Global] Dr. Nathan Xiang transmits, "Welcome him into the fold. Please do."
[Radio: (E) Global] Split Mushroom transmits, "Hope?" "We have always been loyal to the cause!" "Yeah!"

Reporto retreats from the area swiftly, leaving him open to pursuit or parting shots from Gyro Man, and Maverick Hunter VTOL <Vorpal>.

[Radio: (A) Master Chat] Number Man transmits, "And now I'm going back to work. Foam at the mouth and fall over backwards. Is he foaming at the mouth to fall over backwards or falling over backwards to foam at the mouth? Tonight's 'Spectrum' examines the whole question of frothing and falling, coughing and calling, screaming and bawling, walling and stalling, brawling and mauling, falling and hauling, trawling and squalling, and zalling. Zalling. It isn't even a word zalling. If it is what does it mean? If it isn't what does it mean? Perhaps both, maybe neither. What do I mean by the word 'mean'? What do I mean by the word 'word'? What do I mean by 'what do I mean'? What do I mean by 'do' and what do I do by 'mean'? And what do I do by do by do and what do I mean by wasting your time like this?"
[Radio: (A) Master Chat] Tengu Man transmits, "Number! Shut up!"
[Radio: (E) Global] Wire Sponge facepalms, "No. Your intelligence, idiot."

The former Force Commander of the Robot Masters, Bass, is wrapped up tighter in tentacles. Slowly, his wrapped form sinks into the ground, leaving only mechfluid and cracked armor plating behind.

[Radio: (A) Master Chat] Number Man transmits, "I can't."
[Radio: (A) Master Chat] Number Man transmits, "My radio controls burned out the last time the WilyDrgn.ICE attacked me."
[Radio: (E) Global] Split Mushroom transmits, "HEY!" "We are smart!" "Yeah! Jerk!" "Don't be mean! Today is a good day!"

Reporto enters the Sky Above Central Africa.
Reporto has left.

[Radio: (E) Global] Wire Sponge mutters, "Yeah, yeah. Hey, go talk to that loudmouth retard that was shouting and talking too fast the other day. I'm sure he needs a friend."
[Radio: (A) Master Chat] Pharaoh Man transmits, "Number Man, I know this isn't customary, at all...but can you access Bass' design specifications, and distribute them? I fear that very soon, we will have to face him....and we will need everything we can get to survive."
[Radio: (A) Master Chat] Number Man transmits, "Do I look like Albert Wily?"
[Radio: (A) Master Chat] Serenade transmits, "What the hell? This is their ship! SERENADE AUTO DESTRUCT MODE!"
[Radio: (A) Master Chat] Serenade transmits, "... oh, that was in the last version."
[Radio: (A) Master Chat] Pharaoh Man transmits, "....Serenade, bide your time. We will come for you as soon as we can, sister."

(New BB message (15/89) posted to 'Robot Master' by Enker: New Developments)

(If you want to see what happened on the Global frequency after this point when it wasn't directly related to the attack, look here.)

Inside the shuttle, Cut Man grits his non-existant teeths as he observe the destruction of the Cape. This is bad, way too bad.

There is nothing he can do except turning tail, get Pharaoh Man, and turn on the afterburner on this little piece of junk of a ship.

But something happens to the controls of the Shuttle. Something...utterly bizzare. Random. Unpredicted. -- it's stop obeying the Alpha Master's controls. "Wha...what in the...Hey...HEEEEEEEEEY!"

Short story: The Skull shuttle is doing a MIGHTY NOSE DIVE toward the exploding cape!

Will Cut Man be able to control the craft before it's hits and crash, thus causing his own death?

Or worse, will this random bout of utter random, digusting bad luck be affecting anyone else in the area?

Yes. And No. But who cares.

[Radio: (A) Master Chat] Serenade transmits, "Heh... yeah... At least they don't kill prisoners."

Cut Man strikes Bass with his Jinx attack.
Cut Man strikes Sigma with his Jinx attack.

(New BB message (15/90) posted to 'Robot Master' by Number Man: Digital Security)

[OOC] Cut Man says, "Oh sure, I get a perfect hit rate when it's dosent matter. :D"

Bass is infected with the Sigma Virus. Jinx: Complete.

[OOC] Cut Man says, "F***. :D"
<O-Master> Serenade says, "Oh good one, Cut."
<O-Master> Cut Man bows.

Sigma is gone, carrying Bass down with him. Curiously enough, the tunnel collapses behind him -- not a problem, but more the problem is that an oil deposit is suddenly discovered beneath the cape. It will take some messy time to skirt this, indeed. Was it intentional? Or simply bad luck?

[Radio: (A) Master Chat] Number Man transmits, "I think the computer's found the stored Monty Python episodes."
[Radio: (A) Master Chat] Enker transmits, "Lovely."
[Radio: (A) Master Chat] Cut Man transmits, "Craaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaap! THe damn thing stoped respondi--AAAAAAAIES!"

Pharaoh Man slowly disengages his hover-jets, and comes to the ground. First standing, and then, finally, kneeling. It is over. Sigma has Bass. The Cape is lost. And suddenly, for the first time, even since the loss of the E-Ring System....Ra is feeling ver vulnerable. Every constant has changed, every certainty has been torn away violently.

As Cut Man's shuttle crashes into the Cape, he winces, realizing that yet another has been claimed by this horrible battle. Standing, slowly, he begins to walk away from the smoldering ruins, wondering just what to do now.

Bass has left.
Sigma takes Bass.

Sigma changes into his Reaper armor.
[OOC] Sigma zips!
Sigma enters the Sky Above Central Africa.
Sigma has left.

Flame Man has disconnected.

[Radio: (A) Master Chat] Number Man transmits, "The BBC would like to apologize to everyone in the world for the last item. It was disgusting and bad and thoroughly disobedient and please don't bother to phone up because we know it was very tasteless, but they didn't really mean it and they do all come from broken homes and have very unhappy personal lives, especially Eric. Anyway, they're really very nice people underneath and very warm in the traditional show business way and please don't write in either because the BBC is going through an unhappy phase at the moment -- what with its father dying and the mortgage and BBC2 going out with men."

Pharaoh Man goes home.
Pharaoh Man has left.

[Radio: (A) Master Chat] Cut Man transmit a loud /EXPLOSION!/. And lot of movment. In the air. As if something huge and someone screaming inside it were blown off away in the distance at incredible speed.
[Radio: (A) Master Chat] Serenade transmits, "Hey, he's getting his hands on me ag-*bwip*"
[Radio: (A) Master Chat] Number Man transmits, "Okay, Protoman just made the list. Noone touches the ladies but me."

Maverick Hunter VTOL <Vorpal> rises away from the cape, even as it begins to explode due to the missile slamming into it in their wake. But the Hunters are not going to stick around after everything that has happened here. Mission accomplished... although the fallout from this evening is going to take a while to settle.

[Radio: (A) Master Chat] Number Man transmits, "I'm freakin' Charlie here. And Shark Man's Bosley./"
[Radio: (A) Master Chat] Cut Man stop screaming. Sounds errily calm despite the chaos around him. "When tthe (?$/" mavericks are gonna stop blowing up landscapes?"
[Radio: (A) Master Chat] Serenade transmits, "When they're /all dead under my feet/."

Maverick Hunter VTOL <Vorpal> enters the Sky Above Central Africa.
Maverick Hunter VTOL <Vorpal> has left.

[Radio: (A) Master Chat] Cut Man transmits, "Oh? Enker?"
[Radio: (A) Master Chat] Cut Man transmits, "The Shuttle's a bit...uh. Blasted. But it's fine. I swear. Now, excuse me. AAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR-*CLICK*"

Shade Man has left.

[OOC] Cut Man says, "Any master want a lift toward the Monument? <3"
[OOC] Gyro Man could use one~
[OOC] Metal Man says, "YO!"
[OOC] Metal Man says, "I could use one big bro"
[OOC] Glaive puts on his Fire man mask/helmet. "Sure."

(New BB message (15/91) posted to 'Robot Master' by Pharaoh Man: Re:Enker)

<O-Master> Cut Man says, "Here what happened for thoses who was not there: Skull Shuttle crashed into the Cape when it's started exploding thanks to his luck, the controls...jammed."

Cut Man has left.
Metal Man has left.

Skull Shuttle

=============================== Skull Shuttle ================================

Picture the inside of a Voyager shuttle and there you go.

====================== Type 'vhelp' for a command list. ======================
Metal Man
Cut Man
Shade Man

(New BB message (18/184) posted to 'IC News' by Global News Network: Investigation Pt. 2)

[OOC] Gyro Man crashes inside. Ahh safety. <3
[OOC] Metal Man says, "We're ALIVE @.@"
[OOC] Gyro Man says, "YES @_@"

Outside> [OOC] Skull Shuttle says, "Last call for the Skull Shuttle!"

[Radio: (E) Global] Number Man transmits, "We interrupt show jumping to bring you a news flash. The Second World War has now entered a sentimental stage. The morning on the Ardennes Front, the Germans started spooning at dawn, but the British Fifth Army responded by gazing deep in their eyes, and the Germans are reported to have gone 'all coy'."
[Radio: (E) Global] Barrage Raptor transmits, "Fine, fine. Subject change. What is that guy on?"
[Radio: (E) Global] Number Man transmits, "Nothing. Minor computer glitch." Godzilla roar in background. "DOWN! DOWN! BACK IN THE CASTLE!"
[Radio: (A) Master Chat] Metal Man transmits, "I'm going to overhaul the access codes to all Beta instlations and for the local milita forces with bass being comprmized."
[Radio: (E) Global] Glaive transmits, "He's number he is an idiot."
[Radio: (E) Global] Barrage Raptor transmits, "Ah. A Robot Master. That makes a lot more sense, then."
[Radio: (E) Global] Dr. Nathan Xiang transmits, "I see why you stick to the radio, Glaive, and choose to remain out of cyberspace."
[Radio: (E) Global] Dr. Nathan Xiang transmits, "Wouldn't care to have any more exploded consoles."
[Radio: (E) Global] Glaive transmits, "#&*$ you Xiang."
[Radio: (E) Global] Ebony Fox chuckles.
[Radio: (E) Global] Dr. Nathan Xiang transmits, "Thank you, but no. You'll have to hire someone to do that for you."


>The posts that were made during this:

================================ Robot Master ================================
Message: 15/89                     Posted        Author
New Developments                   Thu Jul 01    Enker
It's Enker. God. He's so shiny. He looks grave though.

"My fellow sons of Wily. We have been dealt a heavy blow by Sigma today. The 
Force Commander, Bass...has been infected with the new Maverick Virus, or so 
it seems. From this point on, he is to be considered an enemy of Wily, and a 
threat to us all. Due to this development, I am now Force Commander of the 
armies of Wily. With this develpoment, I've deemed it prudent and wise for all 
of our forces to retreat fully to the ruins of Paris. We, likely, have very 
little hope of swarming Germany at this time. We will not give up. We merely 
need to regroup, and gather all of our might. Then we will strike, and then we 
will crush our enemies, and we will defeat our once Commander and bring him 
low. We will then return him to Wily. Father will do as he wishes with Bass, 
this is none of our concern. As soon as possible, I would like a meeting with 
all of the Squad Leaders. Not one at a time, all of you at once. WE have 
issues to discuss. I value your input. Stay strong, Robot Masters, we will 
struggle through this, we will thrive, and we will crush our enemies."

No more shiny.

================================ Robot Master ================================
Message: 15/90                     Posted        Author
Digital Security                   Thu Jul 01    Number Man
<ERWIN appears. He's blue.>

        The computers are still infected, quite possibly with some iteration 
of the Maverick Virus. I'm still trying to fix them. Nobody is to use the 
computers. Period. I've put up a system of connected monitors and an 
independent system for informational use, like this message and Enker's. If I 
catch anyone accessing the base computers I will throw you under a camel.

        And may I take this opportunity of emphasizing that there is no 
cannibalism in the British Navy. Absolutely none, and when I say none, I mean 
there is a certain amount, more than we are prepared to admit, but all new 
ratings are warned that if they wake up in the morning and find any toothmarks 
at all anywhere on their bodies, they're to tell me immediately so that I can 
immediately take every measure to hush the whole thing up.

        Ugh. Dammit.

        End of line.

<Repliforce insignia.>

================================ Robot Master ================================
Message: 15/91                     Posted        Author
Re:Enker                           Thu Jul 01    Pharaoh Man
It's Pharaoh Man. The air of gone. It's very strange. His 
optics show him to be distant, and in thought even as he does the report.

" I arrived at the Cape in an attempt to deter Bass from his course of 
action...but only too late did I realize that he never intended to continue 
fighting. He was helpless, his motor systems disabled...possibly due to the 
initial infection. Regardless, the Cape is lost. 65 Percent of the resources 
were destroyed in the Hunter attack and the self destruction. The rest was 
salvaged or extracted before it could be destroyed. "

 " I...I had the chance to destroy Bass. And I failed. I will not fail in the 
service of Amun-Wily ever again. Never again. In his name I swear this. 
Pharaoh Man out..."


The remainder of the night's events.

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