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Nogaki Commercial District - Neo Tokyo

Although this part of the city is the largest and busiest at any given time, the lack of any real streets gives the impression of being quiet. Due to the sheer enormity of Neo Tokyo's population and consumer demands, the city's planners decided to build not only out, but up... and down. The Nogaki commercial district extends for miles in all directions, with public lifts capable of transporting thousands of people per second.
On this level are the mostly normal, everday businesses such as grocery stores, mega-department stores, and everything in between. The eastern hemisphere's largest McDonald's takes up a large portion of space here, having served over 11 times 10 to the 20th power burgers since its company's creation back in the 20th Century.

Blitzkrieg [C]
Takugawa Fishmonger
Apartment Complex <AC>
Glyde's Geneforge Flower Store
Vintage 2001 WRX
Namura General Hospital
Pets 4 U

Northeast <NE>
: Tetsuo's Hibachi Grill and Karoake Bar
West <W>: Teleportation Area--Neo Tokyo
Public Lift Up <LU>: Nogaki Commerical District Level 2 - Neo Tokyo
Public Lift Down <LD>: Nogaki Commerical District Sublevel 1 - Neo Tokyo
North <N>: Fujiwa Art District - Neo Tokyo
East <E>: Harbor District - Neo Tokyo
South <S>: Residential District - Neo Tokyo

Gyro Man wanders more or less aimlessly through the giant commercial district. He's not going anywhere in particular, just hanging out while he has some free time. He pauses in front of the MickyD's, marvelling at the.. pointlessness of its size. Ooh. Deep thoughts.

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A peculiar looking android stepped out from the Pets 4 U store with a small bag in hand. Within the bag was a large amount of water and several exotic looking fish. More colorful than exotic, they seemed to be getting along quite well for differing species. He lifted the bag and peered into it for a moment... perhaps he was smiling? Who knew.
Finally, he resumed his path and began to walk down the street passing people with slight nods of recognition should they ever look upon him. He soon came upon one of the numerous local McDonalds and spotted the fellow android standing outside. Ah, someone to talk to! It was not often that he had such an opportunity.
"Ah, excuse me, good sir. How are you doing this fine day? Out for a meal at... this 'lovely' restaurant?"

Gyro Man turns to look at the speaker, then smirks at the reference to the fast-food place. "Lovely, oh sure... Nah, I'm just killing time while I actually have some." He looks at the bag of fish for a moment, then looks back up at the android's face, and asks, "So why are you here?"

He nodded a bit understanding that not all time could be used effectively. Lifting the fish bag to eye level, his red dot for an optic shifting to look at it. "Oh, I was just out shopping for thing to spruce up my new lodgings. I must say, the housing in this area is outrageous compared to that of the european areas. It will be difficult to continually front the necessary amount of money. So, tell me, what might your name be?"

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Gyro Man hehs, "Shopping, eh? I've never seen the allure in buying knick-knacks, myself. Just don't see the use in it, I guess..." He pauses, then adds simply, "I'm Gyro Man," and waits to see his reaction.

"Yes, well, there really isn't that much use in it but it does give one something to do in moments of boredom," he said matter'o'factly while lowering the bag of fish back to his waist. He shifted his weight and pondered for a moment before finally nodding. "Ah, yes, you are one of the... Robot Masters? I thought your kind only came out to cause disruption amongst the masses?"

The aviator considers, "Yeah, I suppose that works..." He hehs. "That's all that gets /publicized/. The media hasn't yet taken to following us around with reporters and cameras all the time." He smirks slightly; that'd be rather annoying to live with, but the idea is amusing.

He nodded once more. It was not often that the media took constant focus upon an organization or even an individual. "Yes, I suppose that would be a rather beneficial situation. Not always having to deal with the bothersome media and their biased views. It allows for more productivity, no doubt," he commented while looking the master over. "Though I'm sometimes forced to wonder if you and your fellows do not wish to have constant coverage in all their deeds."
Chuckling softly he leans towards Gyro slightly, as if anyone was even bothering to listen to their conversation. "I must say, you guys do give me the occassional laugh. Your antics are most enjoyable, though rather destructive. I seem to recall a raid on a pizza parlor?" He shook his head slightly then straightend himself. "Is that something you engage in regularly?"

Gyro Man nods, "Eh, some of them do. I myself am not particularly interested in the media circus, as they tend to bother you when you least expect it..." He blinks at the mention of the Chicago incident, and chuckles. "I'm not usually interested in the small raids, although I will mention that that particular incident started off completely honestly. *Heh* But I am interested in combat strategies, and the best place to test them is on a battlefield, be it small or large."

He grinned a bit, to himself at least, at Gyro's statement about the whole incedent being originally 'honest'... whatever that meant to a Robot Master. "Yes, yes... I understand your reluctance to enter the limelight of the media. Such attention begets skewed views as well as pointless squabbles," he said as he adjusted his pose to a more contemplative one.
"So you are interested in the many ways of battle? Have you participated in very many conflicts? Or do you just observe, more often than not?"

Interest piqued, Gyro thinks a moment before responding. "I think that the only way to really learn battle tactics is through experience.. Cunning and planning are always good, but even, as they say, the best laid plans can fail if they don't account for something that you wouldn't know if you never went into an actual battle yourself." He looks up at Blitz, wondering briefly if he has an interest in strategy... or if he's bored stiff.

"Yes, of course. One cannot learn such things from reading a book or writing a paper... though I will admit that those do play a role in the learning process. But nothing can compare to the amount of knowledge gained from actual experience, as you said," he commented somewhat enthusiasticly.
Checking on his fish quickly to make sure they were still flourishing within the contained space he resumed the conversation. "Of course, I myself have not had the pleasure to participate in any combat. No, I just know what I'm capable of in theory... nothing more. Tell me though, do you often get to engage in such activity? Have you ever encountered the one known as Sigma? I hear he is a terrible force... yes, such an encounter would be most enjoyable as well as enlightening. Don't you think?" He asked, his one eye burning intently upon the android before him.

"Hmm, not very often... Not as often as I would like, sometimes," Gyro says with a touch of regret, but his tone becomes more serious as he goes on. "I have not fought with Sigma himself, but it's most likely that his power outclasses the vast majority of fighters." He pauses, and hmms. "The potential of learning something useful from a fight is dubious, if you get smacked down too quickly." Gyro shrugs, and then adds, with a bit of amusement, "I do not recommend fighting Sigma as a way to test your abilities."

He rubbed his chin a bit then nodded in areement. "Yes, I suppose you are correct. Assaulting such a monstrous foe would prove more detrimental than anything else. Perhaps it is best to avoid any such conflict and remain at a reasonable level with the rest of the competition," he paused then, tilting his head slightly. "So you say you are not able to participate in as much battle as you would like, hmm? Why do you not? I understand that your organization is often engaged in conflict."

Gyro Man mmhmms as the other android ponders, responding a few moments after he finishes. "There are assorted reasons... Most commonly, I don't get informed in time." He shrugs. "Bad luck, or timing, I suppose."

He nodded and gestured slightly with his hand as though a shrug. "Yes, I suppose that would put a damper on the whole situation. Perhaps you should simply start something? Get into a random fight and such. While not that elegant, it can still be enlightening."
He looked at his fish again who seemed to be less active and spunky than they were before. "Well, sadly, I must be going. I don't want to let the fellows die so soon after being bought," he said with a slight bow. "It was a pleasure speaking with you, Gyro Man. Perhaps we shall meet again sometime... maybe even for a friendly spar. But for now, I'm off. Give my regards to your fellows." And with that he bowed once more before beginning his trek home.

Gyro Man nods as Blitz turns to leave, "A spar would be interesting, once things have settled down. I'll see you later, then." He hehs and adds, "Good luck with the fish," and turns away. Heading homewards would probably be a good idea for him, too.. As he walks back to the Monument, he suddenly remembers he never asked for the android's name.. . o O(Oh well. Can't be /too/ hard to find him again.)

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