Teisel Bonne arrives to raid the diamond mines in the savannah, and then Repliforce shows up to continue their campaign to reclaim Master-controlled Africa!


This vast, fertile savanna encompasses several of Africa's various biome zones, from woodlands to thornbrush to grasslands. For the most part, this savanna is a beautiful land, covered in gentle, soft grasses that remain cool to the touch and soothing to walk upon. Low ground shrubs are scattered across its velvet floor, sprouting up along the grasslands, often accompanied by larger deciduous trees which cast gentle shadows onto the otherwise sunlit savanna. This beautiful land was once full of life, but its numbers of natural animals has gradually dwindled over the crossing of time.. Now standing as remembrance to so many species which have faded from the earth within the last couple hundred years, hunted to the point of extinction, commonly for their beauty. So often we destroy the things we love the most; a harsh reality in a world where technology strives to be the answer for everything..

Blizzard Man [Normal] [RM]
Ice Man [Hooded] [RM]
Ground Man [Robot_mode] [RM]
Teisel Bonne [Normal] [C]

Skull Shuttle [RM]
Maverick Hunter Interceptor <Gyrfalcon>
Dogstar Gravy Plate Processing Facility
Border Fortresses
Diamond Mines
Satellite Launching Area <Cape Wily>
Sphere Outpost <Epsilon> [RM]

South <S>
: South Africa
North <N>: African Rainforest
Up <U>: Sky Above Central Africa

Crystal Man arrives from the Entrance Arch.
Crystal Man has arrived.
[OOC] Crystal Man says, "Wow, I'm good."
[OOC] Teisel Bonne says, "Wow...THIS IS GOING TO BE FUN!"
[OOC] Crystal Man says, "Actually just lucky."
[OOC] Blizzard Man says, "I'm typing from an odd place here, but I'll do my best."
[OOC] Ice Man says, "I think some of us are here for moral support."
[OOC] Crystal Man says, "Like me."
[OOC] Ground Man says, "That would be me too."
[OOC] Blizzard Man says, "How many fighters does that leave us at? 3?"
[OOC] Gyro Man will FIGHT. :F
[OOC] Crystal Man says, "Unless, I'm needed to fight that is."
[OOC] Teisel Bonne says, "You might be, Repliforce and Jazz is commin"
[OOC] Crystal Man will let you decide.
Jazz has arrived.
[OOC] Crystal Man says, "If they come, I'll fight."
[OOC] Blizzard Man says, "Yeah, we'll need you."
[OOC] Ground Man says, "Sorry guys, but I don't think I can fight."
[OOC] Jazz says, "'Jazz' means 'girl who is CST 35' so don't mind me!"
[OOC] Ground Man says, "I got K.O.'ed in the Kenya thing."
[OOC] Teisel Bonne says, "Well, you and Jazz can have fun."
[OOC] Jazz didn't take any damage last night, so is good, actually. O_O
[OOC] Crystal Man looks around. Who's closest to Jazz's CST?
[OOC] Blizzard Man says, "is great to go, nevermind the internal chaos he's been causing at home base."
[OOC] Blizzard Man says, "Oops."
[OOC] Blizzard Man says, "I'm CST 42."
[OOC] Crystal Man says, "Me too."
[OOC] Gyro Man says, "As am I."
[OOC] Jazz says, "All Robot Master FCs are 42 or above, I think."
[OOC] Blizzard Man says, "Dust is 38."
[OOC] Jazz says, "Oh."
[OOC] Jazz says, "Well."
[OOC] Teisel Bonne says, "Yeah.."
Frost Walrus has arrived.
[OOC] Teisel Bonne says, "Who can fight on the RM side?"
[OOC] Ice Man thinks he's in the area of 50something.
[OOC] Frost Walrus smashes in, smashes.
[OOC] Ice Man says, "I am."
[OOC] Gyro Man waves to the Walrus. "I am!"
[OOC] Blizzard Man says, "Funny thing is, my highest attack stat is wasted - the best attack I have that uses it is a 2."
[OOC] Frost Walrus says, "We have more showing up!"
[OOC] Gyro Man oohs.
[OOC] Crystal Man says, "I am."
[OOC] Blizzard Man says, "I'm here to fight for the RMs! ...Obviously."
Storm Owl arrives from the African Rainforest.
Storm Owl has arrived.
[OOC] Blizzard Man says, "And you, Frost Walrus... I hear Assault Kangaroo almost stripped Blizz's skis for you. Heh."
[OOC] Frost Walrus says, "I told him to."
Assault Kangaroo arrives from the African Rainforest.
Assault Kangaroo has arrived.
[OOC] Assault Kangaroo says, "w00t."
[OOC] Blizzard Man says, "Rematch!!"
[OOC] Frost Walrus says, "But then I decided they might be a little small."
[OOC] Teisel Bonne says, "oooo...This is going to get FUN"
[OOC] Frost Walrus says, "Ok, here's the opposition. Now, what's my motivation?"
[OOC] Teisel Bonne says, "Ok Pair up now to reduce confusion later."
============================ Players in your Area ============================
 Name                Alias   Siz Idl Short Description
 Gyro Man            Gyro    3    1s A propeller-using RM aviator, 5'7".     
 Blizzard Man        blizz   4   37s RM snowman w/limbs, orange hat, ski gear
 Storm Owl           Butterba5   46s Orange/red/green. Large wings. Big belly
 Frost Walrus        Frost   8   20s 16'tall White Walrus w/ Ice Tusks       
 Crystal Man         Seer    3   56s                                         
 Assault Kangaroo    Kangaman3   11s                                         
 Teisel Bonne        Teisel  9   50s                                         
 Ground Man          Spiky   5    4m                                         
 Ice Man             Tea     3    1m                                         
 Jazz                J       3   56s Mihoshi.                                
========================== Fri Aug 06 23:46:31 2004 ==========================
[OOC] Ice Man will take anyone.
[OOC] Jazz says, "I don't have you on my Joint channels."
[OOC] Crystal Man will as well.
[OOC] Teisel Bonne is good for anyone too.
[OOC] Storm Owl points at Gyro, points at the skies, pounds fist.
[OOC] Gyro Man :O
[OOC] Blizzard Man says, "Hmm, who wants me?"
[OOC] Gyro Man okays!
[OOC] Blizzard Man says, "Any takers?"
[OOC] Ice Man says, "So, is this a three-way fight, or something?"
[OOC] Teisel Bonne will take Blizzard.
[OOC] Blizzard Man says, "Hmm... OK!"
[OOC] Frost Walrus says, "RF is raiding to further our military goals, and we happen to show up at the same time as Teisel."
[OOC] Crystal Man looks around. Anybody want to fight me?
[OOC] Frost Walrus will fight you, Crystal.
[OOC] Crystal Man says, "Okay, sure."
[OOC] Assault Kangaroo says, "Who shall fight me?"
[OOC] Crystal Man :D
[OOC] Teisel Bonne will scene pose for himself.
[OOC] Frost Walrus says, "Ok, Jazz, why are you here? Like, ICly."
[OOC] Frost Walrus says, "Eh, it doesn't matter much."
[OOC] Jazz has, on more than one occasion, shown up when the Bonnes were fighting to ask Tron if she wanted to go to a club with her and Ten later.
[OOC] Assault Kangaroo says, "I repeat... who shall fight me?"
[OOC] Blizzard Man says, "Maybe the survivor of the fight between Teisel and I?"
[OOC] Storm Owl says, "Ice? Ground?"
[OOC] Frost Walrus says, "No, there's 5 good and 5 bad. This should be even."
[OOC] Ground Man says, "Don't you have to wait a while before fighting after you've been K.O.'ed?"
[OOC] Ice Man hasn't had a partner, Assault. Unless Jazz objects for some weird reason.
[OOC] Assault Kangaroo wasn't KOed in his last battle.
[OOC] Storm Owl says, "5 days, I think it is. Though I could be wrong."
[OOC] Jazz says, "Wait, are you including me in the tally?"
[OOC] Frost Walrus says, "Ok, so Me/Crystal, Ice/Jazz, and what else?"
[OOC] Ground Man says, "Yea I just got blown up like a day ago, so... yeah."
[OOC] Jazz can use the Gyrfalcon. It may be a ride armor, but she gives it like 4* AGI and DEX because of being Jazz.
[OOC] Blizzard Man says, "Me/Teisel."
[OOC] Frost Walrus says, "Ok, so Ground is out of the fight?"

The large, vast Savanah's. A Usual beautiful place, but tonight that usual beauty was disrupted by chaos and strife. Yes, the Bonne's were back, and were going to make the Robot Masters pay for their transgressions. Already you could see a few waves of Bonne ships flood into the area, their target was very clear: The Diamond mines.

Not such a rare target, as it was hit by most of the factions often, but Teisel was here for more then hitting, he was here to take it from them. Oh yes, this was more then an strike force, it was an invasion force. Lead by the lead ship of the Pirates itself: The Gestleshaft. Yes, the mammoth ship was helping, its cannons firing as the smaller Drakes moved from behind, cutting down resistance as it came.

Teisel himself lead the ground forces, Bruno was activated, and was leading smaller Bonne tanks and drones. All of which were focused on removing the Robot master resistance with as few casualties and damage as possible. That way they could start their own operation and spread out. This would also give NA a foot hold for later.

[OOC] Ice Man has no qualms OOCly beating on a ride armor alone.
[OOC] Storm Owl awwws at Ground.
[OOC] Frost Walrus says, "Gyro, you're against Storm, I remember that."
[OOC] Jazz says, "And if Ice has CST in the 50s then that's heavily mismatched. o_o"
[OOC] Ground Man says, "Yeah I'm in here ICly, but I'm not fighting."
[OOC] Ice Man says, "I might be wrong about my CST."
[OOC] Assault Kangaroo says, "So I still have no partner? ;.;"
[OOC] Jazz is just going to, like, sit out. "Ice, can you take Assault?"
[OOC] Ice Man says, "Sure."
[OOC] Storm Owl says, "+cost will tell you your CST."
[OOC] Jazz says, "That'd be a better fight."
[OOC] Assault Kangaroo says, "Okay, Ice. I already conquered both fire and ice once, let's see if I can conquer ice again. ;)"
[OOC] Ice Man says, "Ah. Nevermind, I have 44."
[OOC] Storm Owl will let you scene pose for us, Walrus.
[OOC] Ice Man says, "Who's sceneing for our side?"
[OOC] Gyro Man says, "You? ;D"
[OOC] Crystal Man shrugs.
[OOC] Ice Man shrugs. Sure.
[OOC] Blizzard Man says, "Hmm... can't say I'm good enough to pose-lead us into battle. You up to it, Icy?"
[OOC] Crystal Man says, "Ice can handle it I'm sure."
[OOC] Ice Man shrugs. I can try. I'll scenepose after the Reploids.

Oh, Africa. The sunny plains, the blistering deserts, the dense jungles, every beautiful aspect under the iron grip of one Dr. Albert Wily, creator and father of the Robot Masters. But not for long! (We hope!) Here comes the Repliforce! (Cue playing of "Repliforce Will Rise Again")

In this case, it's three full platoons of regulars, with tanks among them and helicopters bringing up the rear with long-range, air to surface missiles. At the head of the army is the tallest walrus around, Frost Walrus! (And the crowd goes wild) He's pointing in various directions while talking on his radio, and as he speaks the soldiers swarm to where he point, in perfect precision combat formation.

It's time to acquire some land!

Storm Owl has not done this in a long, long time. For the war bird, a battle should be fought between two Generals from their command post, each making strategic decisions and moving their men about like pawns on the chessboard. A battle of wits. A battle if intellect. A true challenge between two logical opponents, each employing their strengths while hiding their weaknesses. Idealy, this is done from the bridge of Fortress III, where Storm Owl can examine the battle and put his brilliant analytical mind to work on how best to achieve his victory. Ah, but this will be different. The battle is commanded by Frost Walrus, and Storm Owl is merely a trooper. A front line warrior - something he has rarely used. It is a different type of battle of wits, intellect, and logic.
And so, in flies Storm Owl at just barely subsonic speeds, keeping pace with the helicopters. Butterball is going to find this battle facinating, win or lose, simply because it will be an excellent test to gauge his rarely-seen skills. Such data is always welcome. Storm Owl's keen eyesight spies ahead at their destination, "Commander. Another force has been detected. Identification acquired: Bonne Air Ship."

From the skies of Africa comes the home field team. Or, as home field as Wily's crew can get. The Skull Shuttle flies towards the Savannah's diamond mines, probably slower than it should thanks to Ice Man's Grandma-style driving. Behind them are several of their own platoons of Wily-stamped Joes and Metools. Such a large battle for material possessions. Anyway, the Skull Shuttle hovers a bit as the Masters begin to disembark. Ice is, expectantly, not the first one out. (I'm cueing the Alpha Masters Anthem for an obvious reason. Your tastes may vary.)

On the Savannah grass, red taloned feet run on the ground. On the feet are black legs. On the black legs are a red and orange training jacket with the arms cut off. On the red and orange training jacket with the sleeves cut off are... aw, forget trying to be clever, I'll just say that it's Assault Kangaroo running in. There.
Assault travels with the groups lead by dear Marine leader Frost Walrus. It's been long since he's been with Frost Walrus mid-battle... to take on a Robot Master again with his commander watching would be truly gratifying.
OOCly, Frost Walrus should be gratified as well that there are no ninnies in blue underwear going to become red, run up to the Walrus, and throw fire straight up into the air because they can.

Gyro Man jumps out of the Shuttle, propeller coming to life and keeping him in a near-hover close to the transport. Surveying the ground and airspace, he woahs. That's a lot of bogeys.

[Radio: (A) Master Chat] Gyro Man transmits, "There's... an awful lot of ships here.."
[Radio: (A) Master Chat] Ice Man transmits, "Erm...yeah..."
[Radio: (A) Master Chat] Blizzard Man transmits, "No bones aboot it? Who?"

Crystal Man disembarks the ship, and surveys the situation. He's not one who's in combat much, and a big battle like this is something he's definitely not used to. "I should be working on my project in the Yukon." he mutters to himself, as he looks for a good combat position. Finding one, he moves to it as he begins to make himself a projectile. "Hmm what's a good target..." the he sees him, the massive form of the RF Marine commander Frost Walrus. "There we go." he thinks to himself as he takes aim.
Crystal Man strikes Frost Walrus with his Crystal Throw attack.

[Radio: (A) Master Chat] Magnet Man transmits, "What are you three up to? Causing trouble?"
[Radio: (A) Master Chat] Gyro Man transmits, "Repliforce and Bonne."
[Radio: (A) Master Chat] Magnet Man transmits, "Ouch! At the same time?"
[Radio: (A) Master Chat] Gyro Man transmits, "Seems that way."
[Radio: (A) Master Chat] RM Chat Ground Man transmits, "And they've brought plenty of toys."
[Radio: (A) Master Chat] Blizzard Man transmits, "Maybe I can take the Bonnes, eh? Think they can function in the cold?"
[Radio: (A) Master Chat] Magnet Man transmits, "Well, if I wasn't at a cut-scene in my latest RPG, I'd come help. But it just started, and I think I'm going to find out why the Death Dragon Cult has been stealing cows!"

<O-Master> Ox Man: Ballade strangles Magnet.

Blizzard Man quickly bounds out of the carrier, his skis coated in a certain special substance that allows him to ski across the grass easily. With this, he takes his position up on a hill behind the carrier, hopefully out of view of the ground-based forces as he calculates his angle of attack...

Ground Man jumps down, landing on the ground and almost losing his balance. Just out of the repair bay, Ground Man decided to come just to support his brothers. Ground Man looks around. "I'm just gonna hang by the ship. Still a little wobbly."

Storm Owl immediately begins surveying the battlefield, looking for signs of weakness in the enemy defence plan. The addition of the Bonne family here is an interesting variable to keep in mind. The Fortress Commander barks out several orders over tightbeam, directing the helicopters to engage whatever aerial drones the Robot Masters might have - Bubble Bats, etc. Storm Owl himself, meanwhile looks for an appropriate target to direct his own firepower towards. The war bird looks past the drones and spies a green figure with a helicopter blade on his back. "Ah. Gyro Man. Threat level: High. Fact: Gyro Man is the only aerial Robot Master. Hypothesis: His removal would severely weaken the Robot Master forces' aerial support. Conclusion..." Rather than say it, Storm Owl swoops upwards, his golden armour shining brightly in the harsh light. The Major lets loose with a weak, but long-ranged missile, which, with a plume of smoke trailing from behind it, soars after Gyro Man.
Storm Owl strikes you with a solid hit from his Feather Missile attack for 11 units of damage.

Ice Man, after making sure the Shuttle was parked and on the ground behind Joe lines, disembarks, and looks around for anything willing to shoot at him, as he's a responder and not a provoker. His eyes dart wildly. Anything could come from any direction. He has to be ready for whatever comes.

The big blue leader of this particular formation of Repliforce surveys the battlefield, watching as the Masters and, apparently, the Bonnes' pirate fleet enter the field. Odd that /they/ would be here. Either way, he's busy issuing orders to various platoons, when a shard of crystal soars through the air, striking him in the chest. He coughs, then grimaces, looking for the source of the attack. Seeing the /man/ of crystal, Crystal Man, he glares. A large finger points out towards the enemy, and a surrounding group of joes immediatly drop to their knees and begin firing on the master. Simultaneously with this, Frost holds out a fist, and a swarm of ice shards fire from slits on his arm, streaking towards the opponent.
Frost Walrus strikes Crystal Man with his Ice Shards attack.

Teisel Bonne looked surprised, shaking his head at the fact that the Repliforce was here. This was going to make things...VERY tricky. Oh well, it was something he had to worry about later. Spotting the Masters approach, he sent orders out to Various units, as the 'shaft watched from above. Its position would make it the best spotter in the area, as Bruno headed towards its first target: Blizzard man..uh oh!
Teisel Bonne strikes Blizzard Man with his Energy Gatling attack.

Crystal Man is struck with the ice shards, which sink the part of his shoulder that is not protected by his trademark armor. He grimaces under his mask. The shots continue towards him as well, only to be stopped by a group of Sniper Joes. Crystal prepares another attack, this time, he takes an awkward position and appears to be chanting something. Suddenly, a group of what appear to be spirit beings come forth from his hands, and lunge at the Walrus.
Crystal Man strikes Frost Walrus with his Mystic Spirits attack.

From his position on the hill, he sees Bruno's approach, and begins calculating angles in his head... yes, at the speed he's thinking of, he could close the gap between them easily. Without further ado, he pushes forward, accelerating down the hill...


A round of machinegun fire from the Bruno embeds itself into one of Blizz's shoulders, disrupting the approach and sending him to a spin. This isn't good! The only way to keep his momentum would be to go into a tumble, and into a tumble he goes into, rolling down the hill, at an increasing velocity. At the end of the makeshift hill ramp, he launches himself into the Bruno, with the intent of latching on for a ride. He said he could take the Bonnes, and he wasn't going to let his brothers down like he did before!
Blizzard Man changes into his Snowball armor.
Blizzard Man strikes Teisel Bonne with his Snowball Smash attack.

Stopping to admire the sheer firepower of the enemy isn't often a good thing. You'd think Gyro would have learned that by now, but oh well, these things happen. The Master just happened to be looking in the wrong direction at the wrong time, and he doesn't notice the missle until it had nearly reached him -- and then it hits him. A solid strike to his left arm when he turned toward it, hmm, won't be using that any time soon... Gyro grrs and turns to face his assailant, blinking in slight surprise when he sees Storm. "Well now.. This'll be interesting." he says, genuinely intrigued as to the results of the battle. He suddenly revs his prop, producing a quick burst of air directed at the Owl.
You strike Storm Owl with a glancing hit from your Wind Gust attack.

Assault charges into the scene, hiding behind a shrub and looking toward the Skull Shuttle to find targets to attack. After a few seconds, he spots Ice Man, having just come out of the ship. Assault points at Ice Man with his right hand, and a second later, a sharp nail comes SHOOTING out of his finger straight toward the first ice-based Robot Master, as a starter before he starts to beat him up. Regardless of whether or not it hits, Assault runs out from behind the shrub toward Ice Man to take him on.
It was said Ice Man has to be ready for anything. He'd better be ready for this one.
Assault Kangaroo strikes Ice Man with his Vorpal Spike attack.

Frost Walrus watches cooly as his ice shards slice into Crystal Man, and his own Joes' shots connect with various Robot Master regulars. He sends a direct signal through his radio, and begins advancing on the position of his opponent. The closes squad of joes follows closely, using their fire to distract Robot Master regulars from the large walrus among them. He yells into his radio, "Rocket Squad, take out the guards around him! I'll follow suit." He leans one shoulder forward, and steam begins to blast from jets around his shoulder ice spike and chest. The spike vibrates for a moment, then blasts out of his armor, leaving a trail of frost particles as it flies towards Crystal Man.
Frost Walrus misses Crystal Man with his Ice Rocket attack.

Ground Man stands next to the Robot Master shuttle, not doing much, just watching the battle afar as his brother, Ice Man, is hit out of nowhere. Ground Man simply backs up and looks in that direction, spying Assault Kangaroo and deciding to give his brother some inspirational speaking with a smile. "Don't mess up!"

Crystal Man rolls to the side, and forms a handful of small blades. "Turn about is fair play, won't you agree?" he says, as he prepares to through his weapons towards his opponent.
Crystal Man strikes Frost Walrus with his Shard Toss attack.

Storm Owl has no qualms about shooting an enemy who is not looking in his direction. Honour is illogical, and in war one must do whatever is required to defeat your enemies. Even if it can sometimes be... distasteful. The war bird's wings give a mighty flap as he propels himself up even higher still into the skies, seeking the better ground for his next assault. "Interesting indeed," he replies in his droning monotone to Gyro Man. Once he is up high over the chopper-Master, Storm Eagle begins to plummet down in a controlled dive. Gyro Man's wind bursts smash into Storm, rocking him back and forth and doing internal damage to Storm Owl's form, but does not deter him from his course. Storm Owl gets closer, closer, and closer still. Heavily armoured wings folded up in front of him, Storm Owl attempts to smash into the flying Robot Master.
Storm Owl misses you with his Divebomb attack.

Teisel Bonne laughed at his words with Storm Owl over the radio, this was going to get intresting. Suddenly, though, his armor fell backwards, as Blizzard smashed into him. Growling, he looked around, glaring at the newly changed master. "Ohhhhhh that's it! It is on now you giant snowball!" he bellowed, reaching out to grab him with the hands of Bruno.
Teisel Bonne strikes Blizzard Man with his Bruno Grab attack.

Ice Man is still looking...still looking for anything that might be a threat to himself. He doesn't notice Assault creeping up behind him, and firing the nail.

That is, until he feels a sharp puncture in the middle of his back. He turns, to notice the Kangaroo running for him. Freaking, he takes a few steps back, charges his ice generators, and rolls the resulting ice into a ball, throwing it at the Kangaroo. Otherwise, he makes no defensive move.
Ice Man strikes Assault Kangaroo with his Snowball attack.

Frost Walrus steps backwards as the crystal shards slice into his armor. He growls, and more steam jets from his vents as he powers up one of his more direct ice attacks. He begins running forward, and when he closes distance (so the beam doesn't dissolve) he rears his head back and fires a solid beam of ice energy from his mouth, which covers the battlefield and tries to stick Crystal Man to himself.
Frost Walrus strikes Crystal Man with his Frozen Breath attack.
Crystal Man is temporarily disoriented by Frost Walrus's Frozen Breath attack.

having been grabbed by the Bruno, Blizz felt he was in a good position. Well, sort of. That squeezing is rather uncomfortable, but he's in the place he needed to be. Unfurling himself into his usual form, he just looks up towards the cockpit of the Bruno and awaits his foe's next move, a thumb tapping the top of the ski pole in his left hand...
Blizzard Man changes into his Normal armor.

Crystal Man is struck by the beam, coated with a thin-layer of ice, making movement near impossible. The Joes attempt to defend him, but with all the troops around, who knows how successful they'll be?

Yeah, he was in a good position, to get drove into the ground like a small ant. The massive ride armor then, and without ceremony, send the hand that was crushing Blizzard man into the ground. If successful, the hand would slowly pull out of the ground, leaving Blizzard in a nicely shaped hole.
Teisel Bonne strikes Blizzard Man with his Bruno Punch attack.

And it happens. The front lines are broken as Frost and his squad of Joes meets up with the front line of the Robot Master army. Frost Walrus makes a pretty strong impression on the forces with the back of his hand, sending three Master Joes flying with a well placed back hand. His other fist crushes two more with a punch, and a moment later the Marine Commander is on top of Crystal Man, glaring down at the temporarily frozen master. He growls, lifting a big foot, and gives a light chuckle as the foot comes down.
Frost Walrus strikes Crystal Man with his Walrus Stomp attack.

Just as he was intimately introduced to the Savannah dirt, Blizz hits the trigger on his ski pole a little late. In fact, said ski pole is the only thing preventing the hand from crushing Blizz entirely, as cold air swirls around the savior pole. It hardens into an impressive, icicle-shaped blade. And why was Blizz's finger on top of the pole? Why, to shoot it through Bruno's arm and hopefully disable it, if all goes as he thinks it will.
Blizzard Man strikes Teisel Bonne with his Snowflake Blade attack.

Gyro Man would agree entirely with the Owl. In battle, you fight to win, unless you have a different objective for fighting.. but that's not the case here. Keeping a close watch on the Repliforcer's ascent, he holds his place, ready to dodge at a moment's notice, now that he's expecting it... And dodge he does, with a sharp turn flinging him out of the way. Once his position stabilizes and sights Storm Owl's, he pulls out a pair of plus-shaped blades, smaller than his primary, but still quite useful, chucking them one after the other with his right hand.
You strike Storm Owl with a minor hit from your Helix Blades attack.

The ice around Crystal Man is shattered, and Crystal himself is knocked into the ground a bit. As a counter-measure, he forms a crystalline spear and attempts to jam it into his much larger opponent's leg.
Crystal Man strikes Frost Walrus with his Crystal Stab attack.

Teisel Bonne grrr's loudly as the attack smashes into his armor, systems going red and dangering for a minute as Teisel recovers. Slowly, the Machine looks down at the hole, and Teisel Bellows out. "ALL UNITS! FIRE ON BLIZZARD MAN!"

And that is just what they did. Suddenly, The 'shaft, most of the air units, and Bruno its self, released bombs into The hole Blizzard man was at, literally firing all they had into a central area for a few minutes.
Teisel Bonne misses Blizzard Man with his Scenery Explosion attack.

As Kangaroo charges toward his latest Robot Master target, he is smacked directly in the face by a snowball. It must have been a lead snowball or something, because it actually inflicts minor damage to the face and causes Assault to fall onto his back. In his fall, however, he traveled a short distance forward and landed close to the Robot Master.
Close enough to perform a certain Judo trick he incorporated in his fighting style.
As Assault gets up, he attempts to hook under the snowball-throwing arm of Ice Man with his left arm, and grab Ice's arm with his other one. If he succeeds, he would put Ice Man's armpit on his left shoulder, and he would throw the Robot Master over himself and to the ground...
Assault Kangaroo misses Ice Man with his Shoulder Throw attack.

[OOC] Teisel Bonne says, "...."
[OOC] Assault Kangaroo says, "Failed Seoi-nage."
[OOC] Blizzard Man says, "Whoa."

Ice Man now focused on the marsupial, jumps to the side as Assault gets up. He then leaps back a few feet, and, ice generators still going, creates a pair of crosses and slings them at Assault without cerimony. This was going to get dirty quickly.
Ice Man strikes Assault Kangaroo with his Ice Stars attack.

Frost Walrus growls as Crystal's fist slices up into his leg, quickly stepping back from the small pit he just created. He clenches a fist, raises it and smoothly brings it down toward's Crystal's head, big white knuckles first. As he does so, the joes at the central clash are deep in battle, and pieces of joe are flying in every direction.
Frost Walrus misses Crystal Man with his Smash attack.

Storm Owl's near miss leaves him a tad off balance, and the two whirling blades hack deep into Storm Owl's systems, sending him even lower in his altitude. Wobbling slightly, and with two blades now jutting upwards from his back, Storm Owl looks up over his shoulder at the higher Gyro Man, nodding while mentally considering just how maneuverable Gyro Man must be. From this position, Storm Owl doesn't have much of a chance to go for another melee strike against the Robot Master, and so activates his power of storm. Waving his hand up towards Gyro Man, the war bird sends a whirling mini-tornado ripping through the air. This dehabilitating swirling mass of air whips up anything near it into a high-velocity projectile, but the object at its centre is trapped within the powerful winds. Lets just hope that Gyro Man is the object trapped in the centre.
Storm Owl strikes you with a glancing hit from his Whirlwind Inducer attack for 3 units of damage.
You take less damage due to your Air resistances.
Gyro Man is temporarily disoriented by Storm Owl's Whirlwind Inducer attack.

rolls backwards out of the hole, the various overdramatic explosions missing the normally clumsy Robot Master by gut-wrenchingly close distances as he stands on his feet - or skis - again. Feeling smug, he turns on an internal loudspeaker to taunt his opponent...

"No hard feelings, eh? How aboot a snowcone? I got chocolate!"

Gathering the excess moisture in the air from the crossfire between other ice-based robots, he fires a brown-colored snowcone out of his right, uninjured shoulder. Hope Teisel likes chocolate!
Blizzard Man strikes Teisel Bonne with his Snowball Cannon attack.

Teisel Bonne stumbling back, the massive Bruno assault armor was taking damage...TOO much damage. Suddenly the front of its hands were covered in a greenish energy, as the massive Bruno Blast charged. Yes, Teisel was sick of playing this game, and it was time to take Blizzard man out. Teisel laughed over the intercom, his typical insane laugh as he though the game was his to win! "EAT THIS SUCKER!"
Teisel Bonne strikes Blizzard Man with his Bruno Blast attack.
Blizzard Man falls to the ground, unconscious, due to massive systems damage.

Crystal Man manages to roll to the side slightly, and begin an attack in return. He begins to absorb some light into his armor, and redirect it as a beam, which he fires directly at Frost.
Crystal Man strikes Frost Walrus with his Reflection Beam attack.

[OOC] Teisel Bonne says, "...Oh snap."
[OOC] Blizzard Man says, "Hah! Blizz was asking for it."
[OOC] Blizzard Man says, "How close was I, though?"
[OOC] Teisel Bonne says, "I am down to 26"
[OOC] Blizzard Man says, "Ah. Well, I can accept that. Time to pose death."
[OOC] Ground Man says, "Not bad though Blizz."
[OOC] Crystal Man says, "Anybody object an area next turn?"
[OOC] Storm Owl says, "You hit him with a chocolate snowball. That gives you the moral victory."
[OOC] Teisel Bonne says, "Indeed,"

The two stars land cleanly on Assault's side. Staring directly at Ice Man right afterward, Assault runs toward him again. This time, however, he hops and kicks at Ice Man's face with his right leg, attempting to stab him in his large eyes with his foot claws to blind him. A dirty trick, but does fighting with honor really matter in war?
Assault Kangaroo misses Ice Man with his Eye Crusher attack.

Blizzard Man winces as the beam envelops him, his internal mechanisms shorting him out. Several small explosions can be seen as the beam thins, blowing off one entire leg and various parts of Blizz's armor as he tumbles back a small distance, mechfluid spraying all around him to signify a satisfying minor victory for the Bonnes... but Blizz wasn't all he had to deal with tonight.

[Radio: (E) Global] Teisel Bonne transmits, "AH! Don't through your lives away masters! Retreat while you are able!"
[Radio: (A) Master Chat] Blizzard Man transmits, "I f-f-*bzz*-f-faiiiiileeed.... eh? *beeeeeeeeeeeeep*"
[Radio: (E) Global] Cut Man transmits, "Shaddup, Nasal guy."

Frost Walrus roars as Crystal's beam slices across his chest, the heat of the laser melting both his shoulder spikes. Nuts, he was going to use those! Well, when ice spikes fail it's time to use...*gasp*...'The Bulk.' Glaring, he laces his fingers together and runs at Crystal, attempting to bring his torso to bear on the Master with great velocity!
Frost Walrus strikes Crystal Man with his Ice Charge attack.

Gyro Man grins slightly behind his facemask at his relatively good luck so far, before refocusing on his opponent. "Going for long-range now, huh?.." he comments quietly, determining what would work best against this new attack... But then... If nothing worthwile comes to mind... He's just going with it until it settles enough to get free! Wince and bear it, right?

Teisel Bonne lifted his arms up in victory, as if he was raising the roof. "HA! Teisel 1, Masters 0." he screamed, as he laughed like a maniach.

Ice Man grunts as Assault attempts to kick him. He tries to dodge out of the way, and barely misses the kick as it wooshes past his parka. After taking a moment to right himself back up, Ice turns, jumps back, and spews a spray of water and ice at the Kangaroo reploid.
Ice Man strikes Assault Kangaroo with his Frost Spray attack.

Long-ranged? Evidently not. Storm Owl uses the time gained by trapping Gyro Man to hurtle upwards through the sky to Gyro Man's altitude. The war bird glances down at the battlefield to see the battle continuing before looking up to peer through the raging wind. "Negative." Storm Owl intones. With a mighty push from his wings, Storm Owl slashes through the air towards the trapped Master, wings outstretched. Just as the whirlwind begins to fall apart, Storm Owl tries to clip the helicopter-mech with a well-placed armoured wing.
Storm Owl strikes you with a major hit from his Talon Crush attack for 17 units of damage.

Cut Man has arrived.
Cut Man blinks into the area.
[OOC] Gyro Man says, "Woah. :O"
[OOC] Blues says, "..."
[OOC] Blues says, "That must've been a pain."
[OOC] Teisel Bonne watches time and space tear him apart.
[OOC] Cut Man says, "Yes it was. I also cheated."
[OOC] Ground Man says, "Yeah Cut!"
[OOC] Storm Owl throws a horseshoe at Cut Man.
[OOC] Cut Man kinda...telled to the WilyWorld and then blinked here! Ooooohoho.
[OOC] Gyro Man throws a random object at Cut. "Boo!" :(
[OOC] Jazz :O

And thus, the Kangaroo is caught in the freezing deluge of icy water. Damage is done to him internally, and frost is visible all over his body. He stumbles back, then leaps at Ice Man again, this time with a spinning axe kick using his right leg. If he succeeds, he will then do a low sweep with his other leg, do a spinning crouching low kick with the right leg again, and then stand up while doing a very high side kick with the same leg that should launch Ice Man high into the air.
Assault Kangaroo strikes Ice Man with his Violent Storm attack.

[OOC] Cut Man raises an Alpha Flag.
[OOC] Teisel Bonne fires Bruno blast at Cut, and sends him with Blizzard to the next dimention.
[OOC] Cut Man went to the next dimension many times.
[OOC] Cut Man says, "The Aliens there are very friendly."
[OOC] Blizzard Man says, "I'm 0/3 here."
[OOC] Teisel Bonne fought King and lost.
[OOC] Ground Man fought King and lost too.
[OOC] Ice Man fought against Dust Man and lost.
[OOC] Ice Man looks inconspicous.
[OOC] Teisel Bonne says, "...wow you suck."

An audible crack is heard as the mighty Walrus crashes into Crystal Man. Seeing how badly his armor is damaged, he decides it's time for a tactical retreat. He reflects light off his armor again, this time to blind his opponent for an escape.
Crystal Man retreats from the area swiftly, leaving him open to pursuit or parting shots from Gyro Man, Blizzard Man, Storm Owl, Blues, Maverick Hunter Interceptor <Gyrfalcon>, Assault Kangaroo, Teisel Bonne, Cut Man, Ice Man, and Jazz.

Ice Man is, as expected, propelled into the air. He does a few flips thanks to air resistance and gravity, then stops as he comes back down. As he's hurtling downwards, he tries his best to make a block of ice that he hopes will beat him on the way down. This block he tries to lunge to an area above Kangaroo, in hopes to have said block fall on top of him. A few moments after he sends the block off, Ice hits the ground messily.
Ice Man strikes Assault Kangaroo with his Ice Block attack.
Ice Man misses Ice Man with his Ram attack.

[OOC] Ice Man says, "..."
[OOC] Crystal Man is now spoiled for Dash's 109 courage. :)
[OOC] Cut Man says, "Yay Ice!"
[OOC] Ground Man says, "Ice?"
[OOC] Ice Man says, "Yeah?"
[OOC] Jazz says, "+Allow?"
[OOC] Ice Man says, "Oh, right."
[OOC] Ice Man has always had that hit, so forgot.

Ice Man strikes Ice Man with his Ram attack.

Teisel Bonne moving with the other Bonne units, he started to mow through the Master drones, his massive body just unable to be stopped by met hats, and the other weak forces. Inside, Teisel just laughs and laughs. "Weak...there all so...WEAK!" he says, uh oh...it seems he was playing too many videogames!

From the air, The 'shaft spotted Crystal man running away, and reported it to Teisel, who launched a missile after him...
Teisel Bonne strikes Crystal Man with his Shoulder Missile attack.

Ground Man grimaces as he sees explosions erupt where his brother Blizz is. After seeing the Bonne leave, Ground Man rushes to scene as quickly as he can and picks up Blizz's remains, dragging them back to the Skull Shuttle.

The ice block falls atop Assault's head and deals severe damage to his head. If it were larger and higher above ground, his head would have been cracked.
Assault isn't going to take this lightly. He runs toward Ice Man once more, this time leaping at Ice Man with a flying kick using his right leg, attempting to kick him in the head and send him to the floor.
Assault Kangaroo strikes Ice Man with his Torpedo Kick attack.

Well, ow. Gyro wasn't expecting a ploy like that, that's for sure, and now he's paid for it with two bent rotor blades and damage to his /other/ arm. Considering how high he is in the air, this is not a good thing, evidenced by his prop coughing and his rapidly losing altitude. He curses a moment while rather slowly flying, primarily toward the ground, and secondarily toward the Owl -- .oO(If I can get him closer to the ground.. maybe that will help me. Somehow.). At perhaps fifty feet altitude, he eyes Storm before pulling out another small blade.. but just one. It probably won't hit, but it's worth a try.
You strike Storm Owl with a glancing hit from your Generic Ranged attack.

The Sniper Joes stand before the Bruno, their arm cannons blazing. Unfortunately, their guns aren't really effective against something that big...

The kick connects below Ice Man's chin and sends Ice Man flying a second time, landing a few meters away from their personal battle ground. After a moment, he shakily gets up, and after another moment of realigning himself, he runs at Assault, and tries to dropkick the kangaroo as best he possibly can. Which probably isn't going to work, thinks he, but who knows.
Ice Man misses Assault Kangaroo with his Kick attack.

Storm Owl can easily deduce that his foe is getting desperate, and plans to continue the hunt after him. The Fortress Commander is mildly pleased that his old skills haven't gone to waste as he swoops down, following Gyro low to the ground. Sweeping across the landscape in persuit of Gyro Man. Slowly the war bird gains on the helicopter mech, but before Storm Owl can unleash a killing blow, a blade smacks into his rather ample belly, slowing Storm Owl down enough to get out of optimal firing range. Impressed by this little maneuver, Storm Owl fires off a cyclone burst of compressed air, regardless of the fact that at this range, it's not too likely to do much damage to Gyro Man. "Commander Frost, I believe Assault requires aid." he transmits, sparring a glance down at the battle far below. It's a different world, up here and down there, but at a mere 50 feet Storm has a better view of it.
Storm Owl strikes you with a minor hit from his Generic Ranged attack for 9 units of damage.
You are below your courage-endurance point.

Assault was prepared for this. He spins to the side as Ice Man goes flying past him and falls to the ground. He squats down, then leaps HIGH up into the air, coming down on Ice Man with a diving kick using his right leg while Ice Man is prone. He had better roll out of the way.
Assault Kangaroo misses Ice Man with his Diving Crush attack.

The owl deduced correctly, and Gyro winces in anticipation of the cyclone that he couldn't dodge beyond stopping his prop and diving -- and /hitting/ the ground wouldn't be much better. He does manage to get his legs struck, instead of his rotor, but even so.. Nothing more he can reliably do here, with damaged arms and prop, and he retreats accordingly, calling back to Storm Owl with a trace of sarcasm, "We'll have to do this again sometime!"
Gyro Man retreats from the area swiftly, leaving him open to pursuit or parting shots from Storm Owl, and Maverick Hunter Interceptor <Gyrfalcon>.

Ice Man hears and obeys.

When Ice smacks the ground, he lands face first into the dirt, and, considering normal battle tactics, rolls out of the way as fast as he can. On one of these revolutions, Ice notices Assault leaping into the air, and counters this by rolling in the opposite direction. After Assault finishes his attack, he starts his ice generator up, not taking enough time to make any sort of icy weapon thing, instead he flings a few shards of ice at Assault when he gets an opening. Once he's flung the shards, he makes an attempt at getting up.
Ice Man strikes Assault Kangaroo with his Generic Ranged attack.

Storm Owl offers a nod back to Gyro Man. "Agreed. The data collected here will be invaluable to me, Gyro Man." It's like they did each other a great service by shooting each other. Wings extended, Storm Owl swoops up to watch Gyro Man flee. Although he might be able to catch the chopper, the war bird has new, logical orders. The owl Reploid's wings fold back as he gains speed, hurtling through the air towards Ice Man and Assault Kangaroo. The Fortress Commander touches down near Ice Man, waving slightly to Assault to tell him to watch out for his own safety. "You have two options, Ice Man. 1) Depart. 2) Be reduced to energy rings. I trust the logical course of action is clear to you." And just in case it isn't, Storm Owl, in what's mostly a taunting move to try and buy Assault some time, curls his fist, recoils his arm, and throws a good old fashioned punch Ice Man's way.

[OOC] Storm Owl says, "Mind, Ice? :-)"
[OOC] Ice Man has no qualms OOCly to be smacked by anything. OOCly, if you guys wanna do Repligank, feel free. :D

Storm Owl strikes Ice Man with his Punch attack.

[OOC] Storm Owl says, "Ho ho ho, your evil days are numbered NOW, Robot Master! ;-)"
[OOC] Gyro Man gnaws on Storm. :F
[OOC] Cut Man says, "Don't make me come in with a daring rescue."
[OOC] Ice Man says, "Woo hoo. Couend. But...I'll still...go...on! (If that's okay, of course. :D)"
[OOC] Storm Owl eeks at Gyro.
[OOC] Cut Man says, "...Actualy, would you GUYS mind if I came in daring rescue?"
[OOC] Teisel Bonne is sooo going to blast cut man.
[OOC] Storm Owl says, "Only if you promise to rub some of your bad luck off on me."
[OOC] Cut Man says, "A room-wide jinx seems sufficent!"

Assault ends up in a crouch, and is struck by a few shards. They do not completely hinder him, though... In fact, after Storm Owl punches Ice Man, Assault hops forward with two kicks to the midsection using his right leg and his left leg, attempting to pierce into his stomach with the claws on both legs. If he succeeds in hitting, Assault, while Ice Man is bent over, kicks up with his right leg, hitting Ice Man directly in the face with the claws on that foot and sending him onto his back.
Assault Kangaroo strikes Ice Man with his Talon Triplet attack.

[OOC] Ice Man ponders setting off that area now.
[OOC] Storm Owl says, "Sounds like a logical time :-)"
[OOC] Ice Man says, "I'm going to gather permission a second time. :D"
[OOC] Ice Man says, "Who's all left?"
[OOC] Teisel Bonne is ok, but is rather far away from Ice and Assault.
[OOC] Storm Owl is about two feet from you. So if that'd be within range, then count me in! :-)
[OOC] Ice Man would be surprised if Gemma came back from vacation and said that Blizzard only hit half a foot. :D
[OOC] Frost Walrus doesn't know where he is.
[OOC] Ice Man says, "Blizzard as in my area, not the Blizzard Man."
[OOC] Ice Man will hit Storm and Assault, then.
[OOC] Cut Man says, "So you guys mind or not?"
[OOC] Storm Owl doesn't mind, but you must meet my earlier demand.

[Radio: (A) Master Chat] Cut Man transmits, "Yo. Status report."

[OOC] Ice Man needs a refreshing taste of Jinx. Bring it.

[Radio: (A) Master Chat] Ice Man transmits a thump. "Ow."

[OOC] Teisel Bonne would suggest near Teisel. As he is now going to harm you.
[OOC] Skull Shuttle says, "Aren't you on the ground from punching Ice?"
[OOC] Gyro Man already +retreated. Bwar.
[OOC] Ice Man says, "I think it can still be done."

[Radio: (A) Master Chat] Cut Man transmits, "...Trouble I bet. Where?"

[OOC] Cut Man is gonna do a room-wide Jinx. Everyone know what Jinx is?
[OOC] Teisel Bonne does. Cut man hit Glaive with it once.
[OOC] Storm Owl thinks so. Level 2 area?
[OOC] Ground Man raises hand. "I don't."
[OOC] Teisel Bonne says, "It is level 0"
[OOC] Storm Owl says, "Oh, right. That one. I was thinking of Bad Luck."
[OOC] Cut Man says, "IT's effects are RPed."
[OOC] Cut Man says, "If it's hits, it's basicaly something Bad Luck out of nowhere happening to you. :D"
[OOC] Ground Man says, "Oh okay."

[Radio: (A) Master Chat] Magnet Man transmits, "Are we getting thrashed?"
[Radio: (A) Master Chat] RM Chat Ground Man transmits, "Pretty much."

[OOC] Storm Owl says, "Less chat, more splat! :-)"

[Radio: (A) Master Chat] Cut Man transmits, "Yeah, and I'm goin' to FIX that. Where Ice?"

Ice Man takes the kick and falls onto his back, like said pose said. He tries to sit up as much as he can, and points one hand at Assault, and the other up in the air randomly, hoping to hit Storm. With ice generators and air sprays on full, he tries to saturate the entire area with ice and water. Granted, with his body in such a rough shape, he might not be able to stand the effects himself.
Ice Man misses Assault Kangaroo with his Blizzard attack.
Ice Man strikes Storm Owl with his Blizzard attack.
Ice Man misses Ice Man with his Blizzard attack.

Teisel Bonne screamed with rage, as he looked towards Frost. His armors hands moved towards him, as he started in a run at Frost Walrus, bombs from the lower leg areas are sent off, to lead the way for Teisel's attack. "EVIL!? I WILL SHOW YOU EVIL YOU REPLIFORCE SCUM!" he screams. Yeah...someone screwed up.
Teisel Bonne strikes Frost Walrus with his Bonne Bomb attack.

[Radio: (A) Master Chat] Ice Man transmits some sparks. "I...think its near the savannah. Something about diamond mines."

While the sack beating begins, something different occures in the skies! About four meters above the battle, a blade sparkling with dark-purple energies comes out of litteraly nowhere! Then anoter! They dig in further!...Look! It's scissors! And they seem to be cutting through the air ITSELF!

Then, the...sky seems to flip down, allowing space for an wavery, distorted area from which comes out... THE ALMIGHTY ALPHA CUT MAN!




Cut Man has landed on the ground on his cutters and is now flailing around to push himself out of the ground.

Poor Cutty.

[OOC] Ground Man says, "Guess so."
[OOC] Cut Man says, "Who's in for the Jinx? :D"
[OOC] Ice Man says, "Bring it."
[OOC] Storm Owl says, "Me!"
[OOC] Teisel Bonne hits his chest. "BRING IT ON!"
[OOC] Ground Man says, "I guess I'm eligible."
[OOC] Cut Man says, "ANyone else? :D"
[OOC] Cut Man says, "Assault?"
[OOC] Assault Kangaroo says, "No."
[OOC] Cut Man says, "Kay."
[OOC] Cut Man sads. :(
Cut Man strikes Ice Man with his Jinx attack.
Cut Man strikes Storm Owl with his Jinx attack.
Cut Man strikes Teisel Bonne with his Jinx attack.
Cut Man strikes Ground Man with his Jinx attack.
[OOC] Cut Man says, "I love 103 dex."
[OOC] Gyro Man says, "Nice. :O"
[OOC] Storm Owl says, "...103 dex? Wow, when I had him he had like 70 something :-)"
[OOC] Ground Man says, "Wow that's hi."
[OOC] Cut Man says, "The Alphas got uppted."
[OOC] Cut Man says, "Upped."
[OOC] Storm Owl didn't know that.
[OOC] Ground Man says, "Er... high."
[OOC] Skull Shuttle says, "Very."
[OOC] Cut Man got a lousy randomisation, but that's fine. :D
[OOC] Skull Shuttle says, "So Cut, do you like, never miss?"
[OOC] Cut Man says, "Rarely, lately."
[OOC] Skull Shuttle says, "It's like Dash and his inability to couend...."

Assault leaps directly into the air, performing a backflip, and manages to jump above the blizzard that Ice Man generated. Upon landing, he looks like he's going to perform a spinning kick with his right leg, but he doesn't go through -- instead, he spins into a raised-knee stance, with said knee raised toward the side -- the Flamingo Stance. A second after this feint, he raises his right leg high and drops his heel on Ice Man in a humongous axe kick, hoping to take Ice Man to the ground.
Assault Kangaroo strikes Ice Man with his Sledgehammer Drop attack.

Plasma Harrier arrives from the African Rainforest.
Plasma Harrier has arrived.
[OOC] Plasma Harrier peeks in.
[OOC] Cut Man says, "Yo."
[OOC] Gyro Man peers back.
[OOC] Assault Kangaroo waves.
[OOC] Cut Man says, "I think your supposed to take care of me, but you likely wont for long. :/"

Frost Walrus roars as Teisel's attack slams into him, and he steps back, mechfluid flowing from his many wounds. He growls, and decides that this isn't the best fight for him to be in at the moment. He breaks away from the lines and begins running towards a transport to leave. On the way, he passes close to Ice Man, and decides to take the opportunity. He winds up a fist and tries to clip Ice Man as he runs past. Frost Walrus strikes Ice Man with his Spiked Fist attack.
Ice Man falls to the ground, unconscious, due to massive systems damage.

[OOC] Cut Man says, "See? I'm going now."
[OOC] Plasma Harrier snickers.
[OOC] Ground Man says, "I'll bring him back Cut."
[OOC] Cut Man says, "Din't you fled? O-o;"
[OOC] Ground Man says, "No I don't think so."

Storm Owl is the target of the wintery assault, and thus catches the majority of the freezing rain, ice shards, and winds. The owl is forced to stagger back, raising his right wing to shield himself the best he can. "You have decided upon the illogical course of action, Robot Master. So be it," Storm Owl drones coldly. Storm Owl spreads his wings gracefully up around him, preparing to lift off so he can bring the asskicking of Butterball down upon Ice Man's hide. But then there's a loud... ~CLINK~ and Storm Owl's left wing suddenly stops and twitches involuntarily. Storm Owl blinks, looking over his shoulder at where one of Gyro Man's blades, still stuck in Storm's back, has become dislodged slightly and is now interfering with Storm's wing mechanism, leaving him completely grounded. Storm Owl performs a few billion quick calculations, and comes to the conclusion that the odds of that happening were approximately one million seventeen thousand eight hundred and ninety seven to one, against. How...?
Storm Owl is suddenly faced with a decision to make. "Course of action: No longer viable." he notes to himself. Leaving Ice Man for now, the Owl runs -ugh- to get a better position in order to help out Frost against Teisel. Storm Owl summons up his power over wind. The war bird fires off a burst of air from his hands, sending deadly swirling winds towards the Bonne master.
Storm Owl strikes Teisel Bonne with his Cyclone Cannon attack.
Teisel Bonne falls to the ground, unconscious, due to massive systems damage.

[OOC] Teisel Bonne says, "................................."
[OOC] Cut Man says, "...woa."
[OOC] Cut Man says, "How much did THAT do?"

Skull Shuttle the ships engines come to life and begin warming up for the planned escape, as the ship lowers closer to the ground to pick up the injured RMs. The hatch slowly, opens, allowing the RMs to enter.

[OOC] Teisel Bonne says, "28"
[OOC] Cut Man says, "...oooch."
[OOC] Storm Owl says, "Wow."

Ground Man watches calmly as his older brother, Ice Man, falls to the ground, unconscious due to an unexpected attack by Frost Walrus. Dashing toward the body, Ground Man swoops up the remains of Ice Man and throws him in the now open Skull Shuttle.

[OOC] Teisel Bonne says, "What level -WAS- that?"
[OOC] Plasma Harrier says, "Wow, I get here and everyone's dropping like flies? O_o"
[OOC] Storm Owl says, "7."
[OOC] Teisel Bonne says, "..............."

Ice Man, already on the ground, is smacked by the Walrus as he glides past. As the Walrus is much, much larger than Ice is, one smack by the Repliforce Tusk-bearer takes his systems hard enough to shut them down. He doesn't flinch, he doesn't really do much more than just lie there, completely and utterly broken. But, still salvagable.

[OOC] Cut Man says, "And no one notices the falling Cut Man Sad. :o"
[OOC] Storm Owl points to his bad luck!
[OOC] Cut Man says, "Yes, but besides that, nothing thus far ^^;"
[OOC] Plasma Harrier comes as a good luck charm? >_>
Cut Man strikes Plasma Harrier with his Jinx attack.
[OOC] Cut Man says, "Nope!"
[OOC] Ground Man says, "Poor Cut Man."
[OOC] Plasma Harrier says, "..."
[OOC] Teisel Bonne just...stares. Has used nothing above a 5 (cept with Bruno Blast) and I get smashed on the first attack?
[OOC] Ice Man is going to call being smacked by a 16-foot walrus bad luck. Since, you know, he can't do much else. :D
[OOC] Skull Shuttle all aboard.
[OOC] Cut Man says, "Point!"
[OOC] Ground Man says, "Oh yeah, and by the way Ice, you're free to go. I posed picking you up already"
[OOC] Cut Man says, "I din,t saw it."
[OOC] Storm Owl says, "Aside from that, Teisel, I used nothing above a level 4."
[OOC] Ice Man nods, but will wait and watch stuff from the lovely savannah dirtstuff.
[OOC] Frost Walrus used nothing above a 4 at all. Well, except for his level 8, but that's a 2* stat attack.
[OOC] Gyro Man says, "Ow. I took 17 damage from one of your attacks, too. :O"
[OOC] Skull Shuttle says, "Watch what? Teisel's knocked out now too."
[OOC] Storm Owl isn't called Butterball for nothing.
[OOC] Teisel Bonne well, is screwed.
[OOC] Ice Man says, "Point."
[OOC] Skull Shuttle pats.
[OOC] Cut Man says, "Oh!"
[OOC] Storm Owl says, "Have your servbots pick ya up, Teisel."
[OOC] Cut Man says, "Okay. I'm gonna be in for one round of INTENSE TOTAL PAIN ACTION then flee. Good for you guys?"
[OOC] Gyro Man crashes on top of the Shuttle and watches whatever proceedings remain. XD
[OOC] Ice Man says, "Rar, Cut! Alphas never give up!"
[OOC] Plasma Harrier rubs his handtalons, "Nnnnnnnnnnyes..."
[OOC] Ground Man says, "Will stay in the Savannah just in case Cut goes down."
[OOC] Cut Man says, "Don't worry about me. I have...a plan."
[OOC] Ground Man says, "Well I want to watch anyways :)"
[OOC] Cut Man says, "Of course."
[OOC] Skull Shuttle wants to see this plan.

[Radio: (E) Global] Cut Man transmits, "By the way."
[Radio: (E) Global] Cut Man transmits, "I hate Gravity."

Frost Walrus, having soundly trounced the icy master, runs to a low transport that he had just radioed. As it's door opens he does his best to drag himself inside, and then it (although slowly with the new weight) takes off, heading away from the front line.
Frost Walrus retreats from the area swiftly, leaving him open to pursuit or parting shots from Gyro Man, Storm Owl, Maverick Hunter Interceptor <Gyrfalcon>, Assault Kangaroo, Teisel Bonne, Ground Man, Plasma Harrier, Cut Man, and Ice Man.

[Radio: (E) Global] Gyro Man snerkhehs.
[Radio: (E) Global] Alia transmits, "...By past accounts... even though gravity appears to not normally be sentient... it hates you as well Cut Man."
[Radio: (E) Global] Cut Man transmits, "Not just gravity, radio chick."
[Radio: (E) Global] Alia transmits, "Oh... shall I get out the full list of seemingly inanimate objects?"
[Radio: (E) Global] Cut Man transmits, "Black holes. Meteors. Small planetoids. Microroites, flying pigs, passing geneticaly-engineered war chickens flocks, rabid robo-pirannahs hate me as well."
[Radio: (E) Global] Cut Man transmits, "And Mets. They hate me. But I hate them too."
[Radio: (E) Global] Alia transmits, "...I see..."
[Radio: (A) Master Chat] A robotic voice transmits, "Unit Ice Man has commited an illegal error. Tell Doctor Wily about this error? Yes. Slash. No."

Teisel Bonne rose the roof one more time, before suddenly being picked up by the gust of wind. The Massive armor being rose into the air, and then slammed mercilessly into the ground, Systems now redlining as he shut down. Teisel himself laid back, little swirly eyes instead of his normal red eyes. The 'shaft moved as a crane quickly picked him up, dragging him back into the ship as well as the other drones and Drakes started to leave.

[Radio: (E) Global] Alia transmits, "...I'm sure you've been asked this before... and frankly I should have asked it long ago... how are you still in exsistance?"

Assault crouches down as Frost dashes by and whacks Ice Man for the win with his large fist of doom. Standing up, he places his hands on his hips, and checks out his surroundings. Boy, did we win. But not without some sacrifices. He is thankful that his commander took down the Alpha for him, since he was damaged so much, and owes him something unimaginably good. He doesn't know what.

[Radio: (E) Global] Cut Man transmits, "Fluke of the universe. Fate hates me so much that she tortures me but manage to keep me alive anyway so she can do it again."

Aware that his sudden apperance went, somehow, almost unnoticed, the Alpha Cut Man had alllll the time in the world to pull himself out of the ground. He see his Icey Bro getting smashed. He see the BRUNOS GETTING WINDED!

What goes thru the little Alpha's mind? What goes? What he's thinking? What he gonna do?

Why, flip out and buy some time for the Skull Shuttle to leave! And specialy get revenge againt that lumbering Ice Reploid! He reach out to his side and take out a bunch of small Cutrangs, miniatures versions of the Rolling Cutter and throw them in rapide succession in the area! "Alright! GET OFF MAH LAWN FILLED OF DIAMOND NOW! NOWNOWNOWNOW!"
Cut Man strikes Frost Walrus with his Cutter Storm attack.
Frost Walrus falls to the ground, unconscious, due to massive systems damage.
Cut Man strikes Storm Owl with his Cutter Storm attack.
Cut Man misses Assault Kangaroo with his Cutter Storm attack.

[OOC] Cut Man says, "...Woops."
[OOC] Assault Kangaroo says, "You missed me. XD"
[OOC] Ground Man says, "Not bad though."

What everyone does not see however, is five Drakes lift off from the Diamond mines, in each one there are materials, diamonds, and other imporant items.

[Radio: (E) Global] Cut Man transmits, "I heard that!"
[Radio: (E) Global] Alia transmits, "Heard what?"
[Radio: (E) Global] Cut Man transmits, "You'd get like that too if things been seeking to crush your metaly junkings for fifteen years!"
[Radio: (E) Global] Cut Man pause.
[Radio: (E) Global] Cut Man transmits, "Eighteen years!"
[Radio: (E) Global] Alia transmits, "I have no idea what your talking about Cut Man."
[Radio: (E) Global] Cut Man transmits, "You saide I was a chicken!"
[Radio: (E) Global] Cut Man transmits, "Wait, no."
[Radio: (A) Master Chat] That same robotic voice repeats, as it has not been answered. "Unit Ice Man has commited an illegal error. Tell Doctor Wily about this error? Yes. Slash. No."
[Radio: (E) Global] Cut Man transmits, "You din't."
[Radio: (A) Master Chat] Cut Man transmits, "Tell Ice Man to snap out of it or I'll throw him in the oven."
[Radio: (E) Global] Alia transmits, "If you say so."

Skull Shuttle
=============================== Skull Shuttle ================================

     Picture the inside of a Voyager shuttle and there you go.

====================== Type 'vhelp' for a command list. ======================
Blizzard Man
Crystal Man

Outside> Storm Owl, having felled Teisel, begins looking to see where else he could be useful. Frost has eliminated Ice Man, and with Storm Owl grounded due to the work of Gyro Man and Cut Man, he hasn't a chance of chasing after anyone that's retreating, including those drakes with diamonds. Thus, Ground Man and his burden, as well as Teisel, will be able to escape without even a chase. This leaves Storm Owl with the chance to explore just WTF smashed into the ground. And it is... Cut Man? Notes of how others seem to believe that Cut Man is 'bad luck', coupled with the malfunctioning in his wing assembly, give Storm Owl a reason to pause. But only for a moment. 'Luck' does not exist. Storm wonders how in the world Cut got here, but it's not important right now. Advancing towards Cut Man, the Repliforcer suddenly gets one of those cutters stuck into his right shoulder, creating a deep gash that bleeds mech fluid. ~CLINK~ Suddenly his right wing stops moving, jammed just like the left. Bugger. Now heavily damaged, Storm Owl fires off a quick burst of air at Cut Man, hoping that he'll get the message and get out of here. He doesn't bother with the logic-speech, seeing as all the good it did on Ice Man.

Outside> [OOC] Plasma Harrier says, "Can I come in now to attacks? :-D"
[OOC] Gyro Man flops in.
Outside> [OOC] Ground Man says, "Everybody aboard the Skull Shuttle!"
Outside> [OOC] Storm Owl says, "Mind, Cutty? :-)"
Outside> [OOC] Cut Man says, "Shoot, Storm."

Outside> Storm Owl strikes Cut Man with his Generic Ranged attack.

[Radio: (A) Master Chat] Ice Man's unit responds. "You have chosen not to tell Doctor Wily about this error. Please have a nice day."

Ice Man has arrived.

[Radio: (E) Global] Cut Man transmits, "You saide I needed counseling! I'm sure you did!"
[Radio: (E) Global] Alia transmits, "Why would I say something like that?"
[Radio: (E) Global] Cut Man transmits, "I dunno."
[Radio: (E) Global] Cut Man transmits, "But I'm sure you did!"

Outside> [OOC] Storm Owl says, "Don't count on -me- to take down Cut. :-) His luck is wittling me down."
Outside> [OOC] Cut Man says, "Ow."

[Radio: (E) Global] Alia transmits, "I think your mistaken."

Outside> [OOC] Cut Man says, "/10/ from a GENERIC RANGED?"
Outside> [OOC] Plasma Harrier chuckles.
Outside> [OOC] Ground Man :)
[OOC] Blizzard Man says, "He must have good FRP."

[Radio: (E) Global] Cut Man transmits, "I think I'm not!"
[Radio: (E) Global] Durandal transmits, "I didn't hear her say it."
[Radio: (E) Global] Cut Man transmits, "I'm not senile, you know!"

[OOC] Ice Man says, "You know, I've never really stopped and paused to look at the beautiful desc that the admins put in this shuttle."

[Radio: (E) Global] Cut Man transmits, "And even if I don't have ears, my sensors are very good!"
[Radio: (E) Global] Alia transmits, "Well, Cut Man, I said nothing of the sort."

Crystal Man finishes preliminary checks of the shuttles systems. Sparks come from his damaged shoulder and his helmet lies on the floor. He turns around to Gyro, the only other master who's conscious onboard. "Gyro? Could you strap those two in? We're going to be moving pretty fast when we get going."

[Radio: (A) Master Chat] Cut Man transmits, "Yo! Shuttle! Go! I'll hold 'em off."

[OOC] Ice Man says, "...Why am I suddenly picturing Crystal with long hair?"
[OOC] Gyro Man says, "Because of a picture Gemma drew? :D"

Outside> What's that up in the sky? Is it a bird? Is it a plane? Nah... it actually looks like a shooting star, with a bird inside of it. That bird is Plasma Harrier, and it looks like he's raring to go as he zips into the area, stopping in a hover high above the ground... his body radiantly glowing with a sky blue aura. In his right handtalon, he holds an active plasma saber.

Plasma looks downward at the savannah below him just as he sees a storm of cutters tear into the area of 'forcers, watching Frost go down, "****! I'm too late." Angrily, he glares downward at the Alpha and decides to get the jump on him if he can. With a flare of his foot boosters, he begins to dart downwards at Cut Man, his left handtalon blazing with energy and cocked back. Hopefully, that little blast of air from Storm disoriented him enough. Upon getting up close he pulls up, swinging that fist.
Outside> Plasma Harrier misses Cut Man with his Godhand attack.
Outside> [OOC] Plasma Harrier says, "... Damn your Jinx."

[OOC] Crystal Man says, "Because he has long hair silly."
[OOC] Ice Man says, "That would probably be it. :D"
[OOC] Crystal Man uses Gemma's pic as his reference.

[Radio: (E) Global] Cut Man transmits, "But.."
[Radio: (E) Global] Durandal transmits, "C'mon, Cut Man. This is Alia we're talking about. ALIA. She just...DOES NOT lie."

Assault happens to look toward the side, and notice a cutter heading DIRECTLY toward him. The work of Cut Man.
But the Kangaroo miraculously ducks and causes the cutter to fly straight over him. Cut Man's famous bad luck isn't shedding onto him, no siree.
He looks to the side and finds a small rock sitting nearby. Clutching it in his right hand, Assault stands up, and looks to where Cut Man is, before rearing back and slinging the rock directly toward the Robot Master, hoping to hit him in the head for this nonsense.
Outside> Assault Kangaroo misses Cut Man with his Generic Ranged attack.

[Radio: (E) Global] Cut Man transmits, "Oh come on."
[Radio: (E) Global] Cut Man transmits, "That's like saying Zero din't pranced around in a dress."

Outside> Frost Walrus is struck in the back. In the back! Ouch! The force of the blow sends him over the edge, and he falls, unconcious, into the transport unit. He barely manages to get off a last radio message.

[Radio: (E) Global] Alia transmits, "Thank you, Durandal... I'm flattered... and I have nothing on file about Zero prancing around in a dress, and I demand to know why if there are pictures."
[Radio: (E) Global] Cut Man transmits, "You ask him, chicka."
[Radio: (E) Global] Glaive transmits, "There are pictures of that?"

Gyro Man, having just limped in, blinks at Crystal. He then glances at the two KOd Masters, and mentally shrugs. "Eh, why not.." And proceeds to strap them in. Wouldn't do for them to rattle around the shuttle mid-flight, no.

[Radio: (A) Master Chat] RM Chat Ground Man transmits, "Cut! Let's get the heck out of here! Hop on board!"
[Radio: (A) Master Chat] Cut Man transmits, "I got a way out. Just go."
[Radio: (E) Global] Durandal is sounds like he's talking to someone in the background of his radio. "...so, yeah, I think getting Cutty an intervention would be for the best."
[Radio: (E) Global] Cut Man transmits, "I HEARD that!"
[Radio: (E) Global] Glaive transmits, "Heard what?"
[Radio: (E) Global] Cut Man transmits, "I'm not crazy, the universe /IS/ out to get me."
[Radio: (E) Global] Glaive transmits, "...Eh? Your hearing voices now?"
[Radio: (E) Global] Alia sounds worried, "...Cut Man?"
[Radio: (E) Global] Cut Man transmits, "Yo?"
[Radio: (E) Global] Alia transmits, "Are you feeling okay? Really now... no strange feelings? irregular twitches? Anything?"
[Radio: (A) Master Chat] Ground Man transmits, "Good luck Cut."

<O-Master> Great with any liquid imaginable, Ice Man says, "This has to be the best fight I've been in for a while."
<O-Master> Curiously Incompetent Blizzard Man says, "Agreed. Teisel's fun to fight."
<O-Master> The Greek Hero Gyro Man says, "And it's fun to fight someone very similar to your own char. :D"
<O-Master> Great with any liquid imaginable, Ice Man says, "Heh."
<O-Master> Curiously Incompetent Blizzard Man says, "Next time I take on a fellow ice-based creation if applicable."
<O-Master> Cyclonus: Skull Man heard Teis got L7'd while he was 25-health today. Kinda irked him, I think.
<O-Master> Wilybrat Sarcasticon Magnet Man says, "Yes, Yes it did."

Outside> WHAT FOOLISH PLASMA HARRIER! You should know that you must never attack somebody that's been thrown back by a gust of wind! And indeed, Cut Man is thrown back by a gust of wind! How prosperous!

But he's quickly back on his feets, just in time to see the rock coming his eye and smack it away with a swift move of his hand. But the situation remains: The Alpha is clearly outnumbered. But he'll struggle on to the end!

"Fine! So you want to get your asses beaten, huh?! COME GET IT, )?$)"/ERS! BANZAAAAAAAAAAAAI!" Then? Then, well, he charges right at Storm Owl. Leap. FLYING KICK!
Outside> Cut Man misses Storm Owl with his Circle Kick attack.

Outside> [OOC] Assault Kangaroo says, "I thought you said you had 103 Dexterity. :P"
Outside> [OOC] Plasma Harrier says, "Oooh... partings, possibly. XD"
Outside> [OOC] Cut Man says, "I do."
Outside> [OOC] Cut Man says, "Dosent help against luck."
Outside> [OOC] Storm Owl dodged for the very first time!
Outside> [OOC] Plasma Harrier chuckles and cheers for Storm!
Outside> [OOC] Assault Kangaroo says, "w00t."
Outside> [OOC] Frost Walrus cheers.
Outside> [OOC] Frost Walrus faints.

[Radio: (E) Global] Durandal transmits, "Man, you really should lay of the caffene, Cutter, it's making you edgy."
[Radio: (E) Global] Cut Man transmits, "Uh, no. No, and no."
[Radio: (E) Global] Glaive transmits, "...Poor Cut man, hearing voices, and now paranoid."
[Radio: (E) Global] Alia transmits, "Come on now, Cut Man... we just want to help... we're worried about you."
[Radio: (E) Global] Cut Man transmits, "And I don't have the Sigma Virus either."
[Radio: (E) Global] Glaive transmits, "That is just what someone WITH the virus would say."
[Radio: (E) Global] Cut Man transmits, "Yeah, but I just got checked one hour ago."
[Radio: (E) Global] Glaive transmits, "It only takes a few moments."

Outside> The few remaining Joes stand guard in front of the ship, giving Cut ample time and cover to evac in need be.

[Radio: (E) Global] Cut Man transmits, "There wasent a maverick around either for days."
[Radio: (E) Global] Glaive transmits, "That you know of."
[Radio: (E) Global] Cut Man transmits, "They are all cowering in Berlin."
[Radio: (E) Global] Cut Man transmits, "Specialy after General opened up his sun belly on it."
[Radio: (E) Global] Durandal sounds like he's in the background again. "...what do you mean no one told him about how the latest version is undetectable?"
[Radio: (E) Global] Glaive transmits, "What if the virus was incubating in any Reploid you met?"
[Radio: (E) Global] Cut Man transmits, "I din't met any reploids since then! Now shaddup and let me kick the asses of thoses morons."
[Radio: (E) Global] Cut Man transmits, "Hey, whaddya know. It's worked."
[Radio: (E) Global] Glaive transmits, "Actually, you got boring. Playing with you is like kicking puppies."
[Radio: (E) Global] Cut Man transmits, "FUn for the whole family?"

Outside> Storm Owl is suddenly very, very glad that he practiced his ground-combat skills with Hailstorm Eagle and Plasma Harrier during the mock assault of the Egypt Outpost. Storm takes a step back, lame wings still immobile. "Your actions," Storm Owl says, raising his voice slightly, "Is highly illogical, and can only result in your defeat should you remain here. But if that is what you prefer, Cut Man, then we shall accommodate." Storm Owl does what he failed to do against Hailstorm Eagle, and neatly ducks the flying kick, crouching down in a defensive stance. Once Cut Man has landed, Storm recoils a fist and sends it flying towards Cut Man, trying to knock him back down on his little red tushie! "Harrier, Assault, take him down."
Outside> Storm Owl strikes Cut Man with his Generic Melee attack.

Outside> [OOC] Plasma Harrier wonders if Cut's retreating or we get another move before he does?
Outside> [OOC] Cut Man says, "You certainly get anoter move."
Outside> [OOC] Cut Man says, "ANd I'm not...retreating...perse."
Outside> [OOC] Plasma Harrier says, "Ahh."
Outside> [OOC] Cut Man says, "You'll see."
Outside> [OOC] Skull Shuttle knows you're not retreating.
Outside> [OOC] Storm Owl senses bad luck comin' our way.
Outside> [OOC] Skull Shuttle says, "Joes are to guard the ship so we don't get nuked."
Outside> [OOC] Plasma Harrier says, "Eep... Nuked?"
[OOC] Ice Man says, "<Protoss voice> "Nuclear Launch Detected.""
[OOC] Ground Man thinks it's getting real late.
[OOC] Gyro Man hees at Ice.
Outside> [OOC] Skull Shuttle says, "Not actual nukes but, you know."
[OOC] Blizzard Man says, "Sure is... but I'm willing to wait it out and watch."
[OOC] Ground Man says, "Yeah, same here."
Outside> [OOC] Plasma Harrier says, "Just bombs in general, eh?"
[OOC] Gyro Man says, "It's only 3 AM! *shakes fist, then falls asleep on keyboard*"

Assault, seeing that his rock was smacked away, watches Cut Man go Bruce Lee on Storm Owl... and fail to hit. Sucks to be him.
He looks down and picks up another rock, and decides to do something more impressive. As Cut Man misses, the marsupial tosses his rock into the air in front of him, then leaps and does a spin kick with his right leg, timing it so that the kick hits the rock and sends it flying straight toward the unlucky Alpha.
Poor fool.
Outside> Assault Kangaroo misses Cut Man with his Generic Ranged attack.

[OOC] Gyro Man says, "I pity the foo'! c.c"
[OOC] Crystal Man says, "I'm going to laugh my head off if Cut beats everybody."
[OOC] Ground Man says, "Man that Jinx helped alot."
[OOC] Gyro Man says, "Ahahaa, that would rock. XD"
[OOC] Ground Man says, "That'd be INSANE!."
[OOC] Blizzard Man says, "Aww, gotta switch computers. Hope I don't miss anything good..."

Outside> Plasma mutters as his swooping punch missed rather well, so what does he do? He goes pulling back up high into the air, narrowing his eyes and forming a fan of 5 hovering energy "daggers" around his fisted left handtalon, then throws them down at the Alpha, "Let's see you dodge these..."
Outside> Plasma Harrier strikes Cut Man with his Plasma Daggers attack.

Outside> [OOC] Assault Kangaroo says, "Wow."
Outside> [OOC] Assault Kangaroo says, "You said something similar to 'dodge this,' and you hit."
Outside> [OOC] Assault Kangaroo says, "Cut Man truly is the unluckiest robot on Earth."
Outside> [OOC] Plasma Harrier chuckles, "Heh... possible stroke of good luck?"
[OOC] Gyro Man says, "Spotlight it? :D"

Crystal Man slams his fist down on the console and mutters something. Apparently something didn't turn out right. He begins tapping more buttons.

Outside> The attacks come and goes for Cut Man, but overall, he realise that he's need to get OUT of here. And fa--

~/žo-- INTERMISSION!!!!! --ož~

Half-way accross the continent of Africa, two reploids are speaking to each others, facing a very large catapult.

"So, uh, lemme get this straight, Earthworm Jonney," Begins a large Puppy-Shaped Reploid, speaking to an human-sized muscled-looking reploid...with the head of a worm. And the neck too, almost look like an earthworm in a power armor! "You want to throw a cow using that?"

Jonney nods quite a lot! "Yup! It's gonna be /AWESOME/ Wheeeeee!"

"And you want /ME/ to carry the cow there!"



"...Because we can?

"...Good enough. Let's do it!"


The Pink Puppy leaves and soon comes back with a panickedly moo-ing cow, which he puts on the catapult. Then anoter, and anoter, and anoter...Till there is about TWELVE on them!

"Alright, Jonney! It's done!"



~/žo-- /INTERMISSION!!!!! --ož~

--st! But unfortunately for him, fate strikes. He get hit once more by daggers and...


Suddenly, the whole damned area is assaulted by FLYING COWS! HOLY CRAP!

Of course, Cut Man get crushed by one. Poor Cut Man.

Outside> Cut Man misses Plasma Harrier with his Cut Man's Law attack.
Outside> Cut Man strikes Storm Owl with his Cut Man's Law attack.
Outside> Cut Man strikes Assault Kangaroo with his Cut Man's Law attack.
Outside> Assault Kangaroo falls to the ground, unconscious, due to massive systems damage.

Outside> [OOC] Plasma Harrier bwahs.
Outside> [OOC] Storm Owl says, "..."
[OOC] Ground Man says, "Wow, Cut's actually got a chance here."
<O-Master> Great with any liquid imaginable, Ice Man says, "Cut Man, you rock."
[OOC] Gyro Man dies. XD
Outside> [OOC] Frost Walrus bursts out laughing.
Outside> [OOC] Cut Man says, "That was a level 4 rebound."
Outside> [OOC] Blues says, "..."
<O-Master> Wilybrat Sarcasticon Magnet Man says, "Seriously."
[OOC] Crystal Man burst out laughing.
Outside> [OOC] Plasma Harrier says, "You mean to tell me I dodged that attack being in the air? O_o"
Outside> [OOC] Storm Owl is going to have a hard time explaining this one to the boss. Ground Man says, "GO CUT MAN!"
Outside> [OOC] Cut Man can hit you again if you wish? :D
Outside> [OOC] Plasma Harrier chuckles, "Nah... That's ok."
Outside> [OOC] Cut Man says, "Or you could get hit if you want, no need to stick to the code."

[Radio: (E) Global] Cut Man transmit an ever louder moooing...then a *THUD!*. "Mooooooooooo." That was not CUt Man.

Outside> Plasma smirks as he sees his attack make his mark, only to blink as the night sky is starting to get a whole lot darker... as it starts to rain... COWS?!? Luckily for Plasma, he's a swift bird, taking a few evasive maneuvers here, some dodges there, getting physically unscathed from the bombardment... but what's going on in his mind? "What... the... hell... was that...?"

Outside> Storm Owl has Cut Man right where he wants him. The Major takes aim to fire off another air blast towards Cut Man, this time seeking to blow him back to where he came from. But then, a shadow appears over Storm Owl, and he peers upwards to see what it could possibly be. His optics widen and he intones, "Calculation: One billion seventy five hundred and thirty nine thousand one hund-" ~ SPLAT! ~ And where there used to be Storm Owl, there is now a cow.

Outside> General arrives from the African Rainforest.
[OOC] Crystal Man says, "Uh, oh."
[OOC] Gyro Man eeks!
[OOC] Ground Man gapes.
[OOC] Ice Man says, "...Yeah, now he's screwed."
Crystal Man has left.
[OOC] Blizzard Man says, "Genny... be gentle to dear Cut~ <3"
Crystal Man has arrived.
Outside> [OOC] General took his holo-armor so he could fly around. Don't mind me Crys. ;p
Outside> General changes into his Normal armor.
Outside> [OOC] Cut Man says, "Ohoho!"
Outside> [OOC] Skull Shuttle says, "I see."
Outside> [OOC] Cut Man attracted x1 General!
[OOC] Crystal Man says, "Cut's no so screwed after all. :D"
[OOC] Gyro Man XD
[OOC] Ice Man says, "Yay!"
[OOC] Ground Man says, "GO CUT MAN!"

Assault takes confidence in the fact that the daggers from Plasma hit Cut Man, and is about to try something else when he looks up in the sky... and is summarily taken to the ground by a flying cow.
As the kangaroo falls into unconsciousness, he has one thing in mind.
. o O (...God dammit... if Frost hears about this, he WILL demote me. For DAMN CERTAIN.) O o .

Outside> [OOC] Cut Man says, "That's ok, Assault."
[OOC] Blizzard Man says, "That was the best ending attack ever."
Outside> [OOC] Cut Man says, "I downed Frost too!"
Outside> Storm Owl
Outside> [OOC] General says, "The last laugh Cutter? Before we take your headscissors away."
Outside> [OOC] Storm Owl kicks the num-lock key.
Outside> [OOC] General kids
[OOC] Crystal Man says, "Hey, I softened him up first."
[OOC] Ground Man says, "Heh."
[OOC] Blizzard Man says, "I had Teisel down to the mid-20s!"

Outside> Cut Man is verily still under a cow. Surprisingly, the cows are still very alive, and well!

Outside> [OOC] Plasma Harrier says, "Hmmmm... Kill Cut Man... with a cow... or give the bovines mercy... Decisions..."
[OOC] Blizzard Man says, "The dairy industry would brand you maverick if you did the cows injustice."
[OOC] Blizzard Man says, "I know I would. >:("
[OOC] Ground Man XD
Outside> [OOC] Storm Owl says, "They're all alive 'cause they had nice soft people to land on."
Outside> [OOC] Plasma Harrier says, "Heh, so what's going on now? Is he out of it?"
Outside> [OOC] Cut Man says, "Okay, hang on."

Outside> Suddenly! THE COW FLIES! And Cut Man under is shaking his fist at the sky(And Harrier!)! "Damn you, FATE! DAMN YOU REPLIFORCE! I'LL GET YOU NEXT TIME!" His cutters start to sparkle with Dark-Purple energies and swing his head foward, making a nice, neat cut...in thin air. He then do a second, horizontal cut.

The air and background (from his position) seemingly just...peel down, allowing sight of a distorted area of a dimension....which Cut Man leaps thru!

Outside> Cut Man retreats from the area swiftly, leaving him open to pursuit or parting shots from Storm Owl, Maverick Hunter Interceptor <Gyrfalcon>, Assault Kangaroo, and Plasma Harrier.

Crystal Man finally manages to fix the problem and pushes the ship's boosters to their maximum setting.

Storm Owl has both cow issues to deal with, and the fact that his velocity isn't truly so high due to being grounded by Gyro Man and Cut Man. Thus, after blowing the cow off of him with a gust of air, Storm merely rises back to his feet, battered, but still functional. Holding his head slightly, the Owl surveys the battlefield, coldly calculating the damages done to each side.

Skull Shuttle 's engines roar to life as the last of the Joes board the ship. It launches quickly, leaving the RF no chance to fire on it.

Skull Shuttle enters the Sky Above Central Africa.
Skull Shuttle has left.

Plasma's mind recovers from the trauma that was flying cows, watching Cutter crawl out from under his cow and start making his getaway by making a little snip here, and a little snip there in thin air. He smirks, "HEY! Here's a little going-away present!" He points his pointer finger down at the Alpha, forming a little blue energy ball, that zips off as a swift laser beam down at him, right for his aft!
Plasma Harrier strikes Cut Man with his Digital Laser attack.

[OOC] Cut Man says, "Damn you, RIGHT on Couend."
[OOC] Plasma Harrier says, "You went on cou-end with that?"

Cut Man is hit! OHNOS! And he manage to flip a finger at the bird before...zooming in!

[Radio: (E) Global] Cut Man transmits, "I /HATE/ Flying Cows."

[OOC] Storm Owl says, "And now, I must sleep. I bid you all a good night. Thanks for the scene."
[OOC] Assault Kangaroo waves.

Plasma hmmphs as he's flipped the bird, "Not even going to make a comment on that gesture..." He then flies down to check up on the others.

Storm Owl has disconnected.
[OOC] Plasma Harrier needs sleep as well... Tired.
[OOC] Gyro Man says, "'night! --missed. 'night Plasma. ^^;"
[OOC] Cut Man says, "Was fun. :D"

Assault's still under that cow. Hopefully, Plasma will get the cow off of him.

[OOC] Gyro Man hehes.
[OOC] Gyro Man sits on the cow on Assault. And whistles.
[OOC] Plasma Harrier chuckles, "Yeah... It was fun, for sure." :-P

Plasma, with a grunt, removes the cow from off of Assault's head, quietly comming into the medteams to pick him up... It seems for now, the RF's work here is done.

[OOC] Plasma Harrier grins, "Good enough, Assault?" :-D
[OOC] Cut Man says, "How much ranting there was about this on repliforce radio?"
[OOC] Plasma Harrier says, "Hehe... Some."
[OOC] General amused some interesting exchanges.
[OOC] Assault Kangaroo says, "Not much, really."
[OOC] Cut Man says, "Can I see 'em? :D"
[OOC] Plasma Harrier calls it a night.
[OOC] Assault Kangaroo says, "I just said, 'Gwargh! Hit... by... flying... co-- *STATIC*'"
[OOC] Gyro Man goes to.. SLEEP!

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