[Radio: (A) Master Chat] Dr. Wily transmits, "ROBOT MASTERS!"
[Radio: (A) Master Chat] Cut Man transmits, "Yeah Doc?"
[Radio: (A) Master Chat] Dust Man transmits, "Dad. My head is still ringing from the fireworks.."
[Radio: (A) Master Chat] Punk unpasses out, "Damnit! My head!"
[Radio: (A) Master Chat] Dr. Wily transmits, "Attend me in the vehicle bay as I unveil my greatest invention!"
[Radio: (A) Master Chat] Cut Man transmits, "Coming!"
[Radio: (A) Master Chat] Punk transmits, "uh. I remember the last time...Megative."
[Radio: (A) Master Chat] Punk transmits, "OOC: Negative."
[Radio: (A) Master Chat] Punk passes back out...

Skull Monument - Vehicle Hangar

The vehicle hangar overlooks the city of NeoTokyo via the giant eyes of the skull on the front of the Monument. With a high ceiling, it is lit like a warehouse and makes a very large cap to the Masters' new base. There is not much detail to this area; the main geographical features are the vehicles that are parked here, either idling or waiting for repairs.

** Type +hangar in Honshu to reenter the base! **

Tomahawk Man [Talon] [RM]
Shadow Man [Armor] [RM]
Enker [Armour] [RM]
Cut Man [Armour] [RM]
Shark Man [Armour] [RM]
Dust Man [Normal] [RM]
Dr. Wily [Normal] [RM]

Yellow Devil [RM]
Skull Shuttle [RM]
Stealth Transport [RM]
SS Dreadskull [RM]
Airborne Siege Engine <Quint Blimp> [RM]
Bulletproof Convertable Hovercar <Bouda
Whale Sub VI [RM]
Wily Mole [RM]
Leaf Shuttle [RM]
Ride Armor Recharge Chamber <RARC>

Hangar Doors <HD>
: Honshu
Blast Doors <BD>: Skull Monument - War Room
Central Lift <CL>: Skull Monument - Command Level

THe vehicle bay has been totally rearranged. In the center of the vast space stands a huge shrouded shape. Dr. Wily rushes about at the base of it, tugging on the shroud, shouting at Joes and waving his cane. Nothign really seems to be getting done anymore, the doc is just nervous about unveiling this, his ultimate weapon. Even more ultimate than the Mamacita armor. Even more ultimate than Doc Bot. Even more ultimate than Zero or Bass. Even more ultimate than...well...you get the point.

Enker stood off to the side, looking pensive. And shiny. Don't forget shiny.

Cut Man totaly walks in the Vehicle bay, hands in his pockets. It would be normal to see that, but he /DON'T/ have pockets. Oh well, maybe just some crazy cartoon physics.

Shadow Man arrives silently in short order, although he suspects that this new creation is not quite so ultimate as the Killer Kero.

Dust Man was granted a spare body for his fireworks display, so Dust is there too!

Tomahawk Man walks in, expecting something. he was alerted by dad, so he had to come. (Expects to take out trash)

Shark Man is here too, leaning against a wall and sipping on a margarita. He doesn't seem to be too interested in what's going on, but at least he's here.

Gyro Man walks in, curious about this new Ultimate Weapon. Wonder what it is?

Dr. Wily turns as he hears his children entering. "Ahhh...I see everyone has recovered from the party. Excellent, excellent." The Doctor grins evilly. "Those of you who are hear are very fortunate. Very fortunate indeed. The weapon which I have created, that I will unveil tonight, is the instrument of our victory. It will fulfill my destiny to take over the world and guide it under my wise and benevolent rule!" His brows waggle at that, a pleased grin crossing his face. "Behind me, you see the most powerful weapon on this planet. Capable of supersonic flight, posessed of global range and an unparalleled weapons set. Able to fight equally as well on land, outmaneuvering or outgunning the vast majority of all foes. And of course...." A smirk at this. "Piloted with the impeccable class and skill of myself, Dr. Albert Wily. MUWAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHHAHA!" The Joes seem to take this as a cue to pull the shroud, and it falls away, billowing out and down to reveal.....

Tomahawk Man O.O

Cut Man totaly goes wide eye at the sight! What is it!

Enker frowned and waited. THis was annoying. He had things to do. THings htat would ensure that he remained Force Commander, even after Bass awoke from Stasis.

[OOC] Cut Man says, "You wish, Shiny! I'm becoming Force Commander again after this!"
[OOC] Enker says, "You're replaceable, Cut Man."
[OOC] Tomahawk Man has to agree with IC Enker. This is wasting my sleep time. XD _._
[OOC] Cut Man says, "Hence why I make a cool leader! I'm replaceable!"
[OOC] Tomahawk Man says, "Cut can play SOCCER"

As the shroud hits the floor, Wily's cackle grows even louder. Behind him stands a monstrosity of a machine, easily 20 feet tall. Shaped in the form of a massive robot with a skull in the chest, it really seems to be a huge version of Joe in basic design. Except the armor looks much more advanced. It still has the characteristic shield, but in the other hand, it carries a massive rifle. Wily strides over to a lift sitting against the one leg and presses a button. "Behold..." The lift starts up, rising rapidly. The Doctor spreads his arms wide, coat rippling in the breeze created by his movement and dramatic license.

"THE VX-13 PROTOYPE MULTIFORM FIGHTING ARMOR!" That would certainly explain what look like wings set against the back of the...VX-13.

[OOC] Shark Man says, "Enker can play soccer too, though"
[OOC] Tomahawk Man says, "blinks."

Tomahawk Man is quite amazed at this.

[OOC] Dust Man says, "..It's..."
[OOC] Dust Man says, "...It's..."
[OOC] Dust Man says, "...IT'S A FANUCKING GUNDAM!!"
[OOC] Dr. Wily says, "not a Gundam"
[OOC] Dr. Wily says, "Its almost a Macross."
[OOC] Tomahawk Man says, "A giant robot car"
[OOC] Dr. Wily says, "Theres a backstory to this thing"
[OOC] Dust Man says, "Hey. Hey. Hey. Chicks dig giant robots."
[OOC] Tomahawk Man says, "Really? They do. (loves that show)"
[OOC] Dr. Wily says, "Wily found an old Macross Valkyrie fighter toy and decided to build his own. Except not a toy."
[OOC] Tomahawk Man dies laughing.

Enker stared and shook his head. A giant Joe. What a waste of time and resources. That was money he could have used for, say, fortification of the African holdings. He sighed, and moved towards the door slowly.

The Alpha opens his eyes WIIIIIIIIIDE at the giant mecha. "Oooooooooooooooooooooh!" He exclaims. "Dude! Doc! That's what you've been working on during all that time!? Can I pilot it!?"

[OOC] Dust Man so wants to use this on someone now.
[OOC] Dust Man says, "Like.. Glaive."
[OOC] Dust Man says, "But sleep is now."

Tomahawk Man notices Enker, and decides to follow him.

Gyro Man hmms. Interesting... And if this is just a prototype, then you gotta wonder what a finished product would look like.

Tomahawk Man goes home.
Tomahawk Man has left.

[OOC] Dust Man thinks Dr. Cain needs a Gundam now.
[OOC] Dust Man says, "Cause we need a giant robot armor fight."
[OOC] Gyro Man says, "We do."

Dust Man has disconnected.

Shadow Man nods nondescriptly at Dr. Wily's newest creation. He glances over at the Force Commander as he shows his disapproval and departs. Shadow Man raises an eyebrow, saying nothing.

Dr. Wily chuckles as a few of the Masters react as he had planned. Who WOULD take a gigantic Joe seriously. Which is when the Doctor reaches the cockpit and everyone realizes that this is no normal machine. There is a deep, bone shaking THRUM as the VX-13's engines power up to full capacity. Wily appears in the skull on the chest, behind one eye. A female computer voice can clearly be heard saying. "Good Morning Doctor. Deactivating Deceptively Stupid Looking CLoaking Device." The machine shimmers for a moment, then reveals an entirely different form. This one has much sleaker looks, resembling the toy Wily modelled the VX-13 after. much more closely. Except, of course, for the skull. It takes a quick step forwards, then bounds once, landing between Enker and the door. The barrel of the gun swings down and the CLICK of a huge round being chambered sounds. Wily's voice emanates from the thing. "Going somewher, General?"

Cut Man watches. So this was just a clever disguise after all!

Enker stopped in his tracks, superhuman reflexes causing him to leap /away/ from the door, the Mirror Buster popping into his hand from Elsewhere. It was reflex, really. He wasn't really going to throw a big nasty bolt of energy at Wily. He couldn't. He merely waited to see what, exactly, his maker would do with that big nasty machine. "I do have work to do, Doctor. That is all." He lowered the Mirror Buster, peering up at Wily from the ground.

Gyro Man wasn't expecting it to be an illusion... a disguise like that could make sense if you think about it, but right now he's watching what's happening between the Doc and Enker.

Dr. Wily chuckles, the rifle swinging back up. "Part of your job does include learning about the new additions to our armies. After all, you have to be able to plan for their presence in battle, now don't you?" The rifle is suddenly swung onto the VX-13's back and it rises into the air, hovering over Enker on leg thrusters. Then, with a sickeining twisting of parts, it suddenly changes forms into....a jet. The skull has folded into a cockpit, Wily perched atop it. Obviously, the jet has some advanced propulsion technologies, as it hovers in the vehicle bay making hardly a sound.

"Uh, Doc?" Cut pipes up. "How much damage that thing can d--" Then he stop at the transformation, and the silence of the hovering is duly noted. THAT's some badass mecha.

"....Of course. I just believe that our resources could have been expended elsewhere. How will one....vehicle fortify our defenses in Africa? How can it? It cannot be everywhere at once. With Repliforce encroaching and striking at our factories, it cannot be mass produced efficently. That is all. You have charged me with winning the Robot Wars, Doctor. I intend to do just that. In order for me to do so, however, I require support and an efficent use of our resources and manpower." Enker sounded....ever so slightly bitter. Perhaps it was due to the fact that he knew that Bass would wake soon and that his position would be lost to a waste of an android. Disloyal wretch. He should just go and kill the bastard now. Should. Can't, but should.

Dr. Wily shrugs in the cockpit, and gives a very smartass answer. Or is it? He delivers i in such a way that you can't tell. "Well...I was just going to build one for everyone. Woudl that work out for you?"

Gyro Man watches the suit transform, rather impressed. It's not every day you see a transforming moble suit, right? "Interesting.." he pauses and listens to what Enker has to say. .oO(That's a good point, too.. --Do we even /have/ the resources to build that many? ...Not that /I/ need one.)Oo.

Cut Man certainly would want one, but he shuts up now. Enker is in middle of a chewing.

Enker rolled his eyes, banishing the Mirror Buster back Elsewhere. He wanted to yell, to rage at his Maker, but he wasn't given such freedom. His anger was visable, but his voice was calm. "I have an honest question, Doctor. Can this..../thing/ win the war for us? Will it overpower our enemies and make it worth the cost to ourselves to manufacture a fleet of them? I do not think it's worth it, from a tactical and resource management point of view. I can, however, only make suggestions. You /are/ in charge. You can perfectly well ignore my suggestions as you see fit."

Dr. Wily studies Enker closely, then a wider grin splits his face. "THATS what I wanted to hear. Some backbone. A little spunk. Good man! I knew you weren't just really shiny." The cockpit retracts and Wily tosses a datadisk down to Enker. "Here. I've assessed our current resources and outlined a hypothetical production and deployment strategy. See what you think, make your changes and bring it back to me." He pats the machine. "This thing is more powerful than even the Mecha. It will destroy our enemies. ANd what it doesn't destroy, you and your brothers will."

Guts Man arrives from the Command Level.
Guts Man has arrived.

[OOC] Gyro Man says, "Heya Guts!"
[OOC] Dr. Wily says, "GUTS!"
[OOC] Cut Man says, "GUTS!"
[OOC] Guts Man says, "Ruh roh Shaggy!"
[OOC] Guts Man says, "So waz up mah droidz? We be putting the capz on some poor soul's aft?"

Shark Man has disconnected.

Enker caught the disc and peered at it for a moment before replying. "As you wish, Father." He was still stressed, but not really about the ship anymore. It was back to losing his job when Bass woke up. "It will be on your desk in the morning." He bowed slightly at the waist towards Wily before starting off for the door again. He was going to start running numbers right now. Perhaps the production of the shis could be fit into the budget. At the very least, a few could be. The shiny leader exited the vehicle bay and headed back for his office of doom.

As Enker leaves, Wily transforms the VX-13 to it's robot form, powers it down and descends to the ground. He cackles at the Masters. "There will be victory in our future! I must go make preperations though. Don't try to drive it. Any of you." He fixes them each with his gaze for a moment, then heads for the doors, waving Shadow Man to follow along with him.

[OOC] Dr. Wily is about to pass out on the keyboard, must finish something up then crash out
[OOC] Enker <3

Guts Man wanders into the vehicle hangar with a lei around his neck and a pineapple filled with some sort of liquid in hand. He's slurping on it like there's no tomorrow. *SSSSHHHHLLLLLLRRRRRRRRRRHHHHHHRRRRRRRPPPPP* Wait there's still more left to drink! *SSSSHHHHHLLLLLLLLRRRRRRRRHHHHHRRRRRHHHHHHPPPPP* And a bit more. *SHLRP* Yeah that about does it.

[OOC] Dr. Wily laughs!

Awwwwwwwe. can't drive it? Lame! But look! Here's Guts! "Hey! Bro! Sup!" Cut waves!

Shadow Man nods, and moves to join the doctor, following behind his master as they depart.

Dr. Wily enters the Command Level.
Dr. Wily has left.

Enker goes home.
Enker has left.

Gyro Man considers the ship. Would it be useful, or a waste of money? Would a /fleet/ of them be any good? He's not sure.. seeing it in combat would prove its worth to him, but don't worry, he has no intention of swiping it for a test drive. Oh, and he glances at Guts as he enters.

Shadow Man has disconnected.

Guts Man stops near his smaller pointy headed brother, pulling his shades down a bit he looks at him before explaining. "Well I'm a big fat party animal. I just came back from Hawaii, nice place. I even won an amateur sumo wrestling contest."

"Giant mechas are ALWAYS a good thing, Gyro Man." Cut Man begins, lifting a finger. "They provide heavy armor, weapons, mass destruction, sleek designs and coolness in one, tightly packaged tin can of destruction that's only begging to be unleashed." He eyes Guts. "Amateur Sumo Wrestling?"

Gyro Man hehs and turns to look at Guts. "An /amateur/ contest doesn't sound like much of a challenge."

Guts Man nods, "Yeah, see I've never done sumo wrestling before so I could only enter the amateur robot division. Of course I won without any problem!" He sounds so proud of himself.

You say, "They also cost a lot to produce and keep up, Cut."

"I'm sure they never had a chance. You should rocket your way to proffessional." Cut says, then shurgs at Gyro. "So? Half of us are hare to repair and keep up, too. Besides, we can steal thoses ressources."

Gyro Man hehs. "Yeah, that's true. Heck, Guts could win some fat prizes in professional sumo contests."

Guts Man says, "That I could! I'd be all like. "C'mere little man! Let me show you how a real wrestler wrestles!"

"And it would be good." Cut concludes.

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