Staff Offices and Meeting Room(#27Rnt)

You're standing among the many staff offices, you can feel the pure power that lies past the several doors that adorn this hallway. The lighting eminates from several tiny flashing lights and the pure electricity that surges through the very walls. This is the heart of the mush and home of the staff, few walk these halls and even fewer call them home.

SV Immunity List [#80 Tn]
Unused FC List [#6469 Tn]
NEWS to CHANGE [#2632 Tn]
Player Tinyplot Database <PTD> [#566 T]
Tiny Plot Database [#6002 T]
The other Camera [#5775 TLM]
OOC Camera [#6078 TLM]
Poll Machine <PM> [#6416 T]

<HH>: Hunter's Haven
<ACE>: Aldebaran's Cardboard Box Em
<ARC>: Augustgrad
<PR>: Production Room
<SON>: The Song of Nephilim
<TPL>: The TP Library
<PS>: Pit of Souls
<BP>: The Bachelor Pad

Meeting Room(#25Rnt)

A rather boring place with a really big table and the usual, uncomfortable conference chairs. A little buffet-like area has some old coffee and pitchers of room-temperature water.

Dr. Light [Casual] [MH] [#170 PXaeACc]
Arcturus [Patrick Bateman] [SD] [#4100 POUWeACMc]
Wild Fungus [Fungal Bloom] [MH] [#5632 POenACc]
Yosho Roshi [Strider] [C] [#4256 PXenACc]
Duo [Jammies!] [SD] [#158 POUWXaweACMcK]

Down <D> leads to Norad - M3 Style.
Out <O> leads to OOC Lounge.

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<RP!> Gabriel says, "and, well, seems like we're having a meeting"
Yosho Roshi ow.
<X-Soft Drinks> Ale-8-One Scorpio says, "While I'd love to comply, I may be leaving in a bit."
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Long distance to Dr. Matthews: Gemma was talking to Duo and he decided that I shouldn't be talking to him, the players should be.
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<X-Soft Drinks> BAWLS Duo says, "i'm leaving in thirty minutes"
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<X-Soft Drinks> Ale-8-One Scorpio says, "Heh."
Glaive says, "Hello Duo."
<RP!> Gabriel says, "so I'd be slow, possibly."
Scorpio has arrived.
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Dr. Light says, "hey."
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<Public> Cold Fish Mary Summers says, "...we have a meeting room?"
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You say, "Well, not everyone complied, but you gotta figure they were in scenes. :)"
<RP!> Rajura Doji says, "So would I"
<Public> Going to PonyCon 2K5, Gemma says, "It's OOC."
<RP!> Rajura Doji says, "Let's do it"
Vav arrives from the OOC Lounge.
Vav has arrived.
<RP!> Rajura Doji says, "It's one of them political balls with free food and champagne"
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Search Man arrives from the OOC Lounge.
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Dr. Matthews just followed the crowd.
Dr. Light says, "Or brought alts here, or what have you."
Search Man says, "Me too."
<RP!> Gabriel says, "ooh, free food"
Empathy Egret doesn't know /what/ is going on. What's going on?
Dash came, for Duo beckoned.
Glaive says, "Duo said come, I came."
<RP!> Gabriel says, "Shalom Hunger, Shalom Free Food."
<RP!> Rajura Doji giggles
Air Man says, "... What's going on?"
Cloud Man says, "I bet Duo's being evil."
<RP!> Daryn actually got that joke. :)
Glaive says, "For I have no willpower next to the 10* cha of Duo!"
Alpha says, "Evil...or Good!"
Shining Firefly can only stay for about half an hour, though I doubt that matters much...
You say, "Eh... though I didn't call the meeting, Duo and I and the rest of staff were chatting on channel trying to figure out why this game seems to be losing players. And we want to hear -your- opinions, not my second-hand remakrs and guesses."
Foreshadow Ferret arrives from the OOC Lounge.
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You say, "So although I maybe shouldn't be saying anything right now...just talk at us. :)"
Cloud Man says, "It's losing players? O.o"
Barrage Grasshopper arrives from the OOC Lounge.
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Duo says, "What Gemma said is partially correct, although next time I would appreciate it if I was given a chance to answer for myself. :D"
Vav just came back after a hiatus and hears that you guys are losing players? OMGWTFBBQ. >.>;

Glaive says, "Well..? Do tell us?"
You say, "Well, Duo can certainly word it better than I can. So. Duo, go."
<X-Soft Drinks> Diet Coke (of Evil) Gemma will be here, I can record anything if you have to leave.
Alpha licks people.

Charge Man arrives from the OOC Lounge.
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<Guests> Guest4 has connected to the MUSH.

Dr. Matthews can certainly offer her best thoughts on the matter.

Scorpio drags Alpha into the bushes.

Sigma arrives from the OOC Lounge.
Sigma has arrived.
Glaive will be offering his thoughts too, rather people like them or not.
Dr. Matthews beats on Scorpio till he unhands her daughter.
Charge Man says, "What's going on?"
Wild Fungus says, "I've noticed that the more you guys try to bring into the game, which is awesome. I've totally loved all the new stuff you guys have implemented"

Alpha squeeks and falls into foliage.
Wild Fungus says, "But the more you bring in, the more restrictive and alien the theme and playing seems to get"
Sigma waits to see what this is alla bout.
Duo has reconnected.
Duo has partially disconnected.
Dr. Matthews nods at Wild. Verra good.
Duo says, "Anywho"
Wild Fungus says, "It's taken me this long just to sort of adjust to the new M3 and feel like my RP is going somewhere"
Duo says, "Let's address some issues."
Dr. Light says, "Lets let the man talk before we jump him."
Yosho Roshi says, "Wild just raised a good point."
Sigma nods and agrees with Wild. "This is why I don't like the new system that is to be coming in. I personally think it'll be the death of the place for half a dozen reasons. The MUSH is not broken in terms of the combat system. We do not NEED a drastic overhaul."
Glaive says, "Yes, espeically with how NA was handeled."
Wild Fungus says, "but things could stand being opened up a bit, I think a lot of people myself include, have had some anal retentiveness going on :P"
Wild Fungus says, "see case in point"
Jet Stingray just waits like a good Stingray. And he tastes like victory.
Sigma has been to half a dozen places where that sort of thing killed the place.
Alpha doesn't speak until Duo says something.
Dr. Matthews says, "Guys, as much as I like to rant as the next person, let's try to be a bit organized about this. It's not going to do any good if we all talk at once so that nothing is really heard at all."
Glaive says, "Yeah guys, lets let Duo speak."
Duo shrugs, y'all talk.
Wild Fungus is done
Dash holds until he can actually make a comment that'll contribute something.
Sigma says, "As am I."
Barrage Grasshopper says, "Not like I came here to hear him talk anyway."
Yosho Roshi flugal.
Duo would rather hear you all get your bitching out now.
Glaive says, ".."
Wild Fungus says, "I'm really sorry if you think I'm bitching"
Dr. Matthews says, "... Such a diplomat."
Alpha says, "Okay, so when he tells us to talk, we don't, and when he wants to say something first, we talk."
Duo says, "let's hear all the complaints about the combat sys, or the fact that we don't stick to canon, or that the admin suck"
Vav says, "Blunt is good."
Yosho Roshi says, "The canon thing isn't a problem."
Wild Fungus is really just trying to simply explain how he feels about things
Alpha says, "We're so competent :D"
Shining Firefly has nothing to say really... he's only been here for two months
Duo says, "I'm being blunt because i'm tired of hearing everything second hand."
Glaive says, "Ok, Duo. I know you respect me because I am blunt? Correct?"
Barrage Grasshopper says, "Flabby Asians."
Yosho Roshi says, "And I really like the Russian Civil War thing."
Jet Man arrives from the OOC Lounge.
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Fairy Leviathan hmms.
Wild Fungus says, "For me I've been slumping for a while, but I'm personally on the cusp for turning everything around with my characters /because/ of new changes"
Glaive says, "Fine. Let me be blunt, honest, and open with everyone here."
Fairy Leviathan says, "Same here."
Glaive says, "Lets start with Admin."
Duo says, "I was going to start with a flowery speech, but as Alty said, no one listens to those anyway"

Yosho Roshi says, "I also really like the new Strider-split, and some of Neo Arcadia is pretty cool, although they'll be better once they've been around long enough to be integrated."
Fairy Leviathan says, "The combat system changes excited me, but I can take it or leave it."
Glaive says, "Don't think I don't know what CoC was like before I got Teisel."
Yosho Roshi says, "My real issue with M3 is that it's so unclear what's going on with the world right now."
Barrage Grasshopper says, "Right-o."
Wild Fungus says, "But I feel like the political and territorial sctructure has gotten ridiculous, and I do long for the more chaotic mayhem of the past."

Dr. Matthews sighs.
Duo says, "which is why i'm making my changes, Wild"
Yosho Roshi says, "Like, what's the deal with Europe? What's happening in Africa? Update room descs, all that."
Sigma says, "Guys."

Sigma says, "Let's move to hand raising."
Wild Fungus says, "I know"
Duo says, "the combat system isn't the only change coming"
Dr. Matthews says, "Please."
Sigma says, "IE, page duo when you want to talk."
Yosho Roshi says, "Is that what Duo wants? :>"
Wild Fungus says, "In fact as far as I'm concerened you have an action plan from what I've heard from you that I can totally stand behind and believe in myself"
Dr. Sarah Fairchild says, "I would prefer Sigma's suggestion. Otherwise no one voice will be heard."
Fairy Leviathan nods.
Glaive says, "I agree."
Search Man can't keep up.
Sigma says, "Glaive should have the floor right now."
Sigma says, "Everyone else should be shutting up."
Barrage Grasshopper says, "Like Sigma."
Barrage Grasshopper flee
Charge Man says, "Hurr."
Glaive says, "...I will continue if that is what everyone wants?"
You say, "Go on."

Sigma says, "Please."
Glaive says, "THank you."
Duo says, "I'm redoing the entire grid, downsizing it in some ways, expanding in others. The combat system may or may not change, I'd rather it would, because the system i want to put in, when it's finalized will make things a lot less stupid and rigid."
Glaive says, "Well, as I was saying... Yes, I heard what CoC was like pre me getting Teisel."
Duo says, "News files are being rewritten, the theme clarified, and the way factions work will be tweaked."

Dr. Matthews says, "Duo? You asked us here to hear us out. Listen? We're trying to be good about it. Give us a chance."
Sasha arrives from the OOC Lounge.
Sasha has arrived.
Scorpio says, "He hasn't stopped you from doing so."
<O-Interpol> Bluecoat T-Rex says, "Although big meetings always start chaotically.."
Dr. Matthews says, "No, but as he keeps talking as well, that leads me to believe he's busier typing his own remarks than reading others."
Yosho Roshi says, "You can read and type. :>"
Dr. Sarah Fairchild says, "Enough, please."
Dr. Matthews sighs and nods.
Glaive says, "Guys.."
Arcturus says, "He was finishing a thought. Jeezus. Now everyone QUIET DOWN FOR GLAIVE."
You say, "Just type it, Glaive"
Gale Sorcerer arrives from the OOC Lounge.
Gale Sorcerer has arrived.
Dr. Sarah Fairchild says, "Glaive, please continue."
Blues arrives from the OOC Lounge.
Blues has arrived.
Glaive says, "Admins have, in my opinion, unhonest with players they do not like."
Glaive says, "Not, ALL, of them. Mind you."
Glaive says, "See, when I see a problem, I want to be let known WHY you have a problem."
You say, "That makes perfect sense."
Glaive says, "Page me, Mail me, pull me asside. Do NOT talk about me behind my back, OR about other people."
Dr. Matthews raises a hand so she can get in line for speaking as well.
Max Armour arrives from the OOC Lounge.
Max Armour has arrived.
Prismatic Spider arrives from the OOC Lounge.
Prismatic Spider has arrived.
Glaive says, "And I understand, sometimes I am a loud ass, I admit I can be a bit...snappish when I get worked up and have not had time to cool off."
Max Armour wonders what's going on in here?
Gemma will make a fast comment based on earlier questions before they scroll off, if that's OK?
Glaive says, "Ok, Gem."
You say, "And yeah, Glaive, we all get like that. I don't think we were ever all that honest with you, either, esp. when you were newer.^^"
Max Armour, boggled.
You say, "Regarding room descs: if they need a touch up I can do ' problem. I'd always appriciate help in the matter, but if people need descs done, I'm there. I think--for my part--it's foolish to say "this will be fixed when the grid is redone." That's been in the pipe for over a year not if I'm not mistaken. The descs need redone NOW, things need rebuilt now, so let's not "wait until things are changed" since that does not happen by magic. As for news files being rewritten, that would be great, Duo! That would be great. Who is doing them? You can start with the notations I've made in the source of the web site as to what is outdated and needs review."

Sigma also puts his hand up to speak after Dr. Matthews.

Glaive says, "Er...yeah. Anyway...its just not me. I have heard people talk about people behind their back for playing their character out. I do believe the word whore, being used often."
Yosho Roshi raises his hand, since he paged Duo but apparently that plan is off.
You paged Alpha with 'Great. Mav Europe needs the most redone. :)'
Max Armour had no knowledge of this meeting. What've I missed?
You paged Alpha with 'And I did it the first time.'
Dr. Light says, "We just started, Max."
Duo says, "Alrighty."

Dr. Light says, "We're, apperently, having a bitch-session before Duo talks to us."
Duo says, "Uno momento for el presidente's response."
Glaive says, "Alright."

Kalinka arrives from the OOC Lounge.
Kalinka has arrived.
You paged Alpha with 'Really I need to look at all of it...Africa, too.'
You paged Alpha with 'Africa could use some work.'

Dr. Light hops in line, while he's at it.
You paged Alpha with 'Hm. I think I'll make a list of what needs redesced?'
Fairy Leviathan asks to be put in line.
Dr. Sarah Fairchild has things to say, but has to leave to go do some things right now, so I'll speak after I return (hopefully this'll still be going.)

Dr. Light (Is someone keeping track of the line? I can, if no one else is? Sorry, Duo, that I keep interupting. Just trying to keep order.)

Ballade arrives from the OOC Lounge.
Ballade has arrived.

Search Man has reconnected.
Ballade says, "The Hell are you all doing here?"
Glaive says, "Meeting, Shhh."
Duo says, "Talking about your mom."
Search Man says, "My computer slowed down when Glaive started.."
Duo says, "OOOOOOOOOH"
Fairy Leviathan snerk.
Glaive says, "..."
Scorpio pantses Duo.
Duo goes bac kto writing his response.
Glaive says, "Owned."
Alpha says, "We were saying that her cookies were pretty good."
Dr. Light says, "Duo called a meeting. This is the yell session before the meeting, apperently. If you have an issue, jump in line. I'm keeping trach of it."
Search Man guesses he missed a chunk of this..
Glaive says, "Also, Hien smells."
Duo says, "no the yell session is it, Light :D"
Glaive says, "Gemma needs to fix that."
Scorpio gives Glaive a wet willy, then goes out to do stuff RL.
Duo says, "I wanted to get some honesty out of everyone :D"
Dr. Light says, "Oh, okay."
Yosho Roshi has a good, pre-typed thing to yell, then.
Kalinka missed everything, didn't I. 8)
Duo says, "and i figured you guys would feel strength in numbers"
Duo says, "because i want you to be able to call any of us out on our crap"
Ballade says, "An issue?"
Glaive was honestly wanting to talk to you before.
Alpha raises hand too.
Ballade says, "Nothing I have an issue with is really my business."
Scorpio has disconnected.
You say, "Yes it is, you play here, it's your business. X_X"
You say, "Anyway, Glaive is done, so who was next."
You say, "Unless Glaive isn't done"
Ballade says, "Can somebody page me what Glaive said?"
Ballade (Ballz) pages: j0! :D
Dr. Sarah Fairchild says, "Duo's typing a response, first."
Yosho Roshi paged Duo to speak a bit back.
Glaive says, "Er, no, I am waiting for Duo's resonse."
You say, "I'm logging this meeting."
Announcement: Gemma shouts, "I'm assured that if you missed anything I will post it up later, spam and all."
Dr. Sarah Fairchild AFKs to do important RL things, but I'll be back to speak.
Glaive says, "Then I will finish up."
Vile arrives from the OOC Lounge.
Vile has arrived.
Fairy Leviathan waits in line.
Psychogenesis arrives from the OOC Lounge.
Psychogenesis has arrived.
You paged Ballade with 'Mostly, he was complaining that people treated him badly and talked him down behind his back a lot.'
Dr. Matthews says, "You can go before me if you like, Yosho."
Dash AFKs to handle chores, will keep the window going and check on occasion.
Yosho Roshi says, "Thank you, it'll be muy quick. :)"
Dr. Matthews says, "That should hopefully straighten out the order of things."

Dr. Matthews nods.
Yosho Roshi says, "Sorry for kvetching."
<Public> Buttlaser Shining Firefly waves out...
Shining Firefly has disconnected.
Conduit arrives from the OOC Lounge.
Conduit has arrived.
Search Man has partially disconnected.
Assault Kangaroo doesn't have much of anything to contribute, and what he does have to contribute has been brought up thousands of times, so...
Sigma nods. Yosho, Matthews, Myself. :D
Barrage Grasshopper raises a hand for his RIGHT TO SPEEK 1337

Wild Fungus says, "Denied"
Glaive sends Barrage to hell.
Wild Fungus says, "Get off the bus."

Duo says, "From what some folks tell me, because some of you do tell me things, and I'm glad you do, because it makes me feel like I'm trusted and approachable, is that yes the Admin have not be up front with the issues they have with the players.

Keep in mind however, that I go to great lengths to get onto them about their negativity. It doesn't always work, because even admin need to vent, but I do try my best to support you guys when someone is upset. Also realize that some issues admin have with some players are of a personal and not a professional one, and that's not really something that puts the admin in a good position. You can't pull someone aside and talk to them about why you don't like them when yer an admin, because then it comes with the precedent that the entire staff and government of M3 thinks these things of you.

I like to think that I personally am pretty good about being up front with you guys about the issues I feel that you guys have that are going against the game's best interest or otherwise disrupting the flow of the game or the enjoyment of the game by other players.

What I'm not good at is being here all of the time. I'm sure you're all aware by now. I do what I can in the time that I have here, and I'm trying to get a set schedule so that i can actually be here again.

But I'm glad you brought it up Glaive, a player needed to, and I'm hoping that those admin who /are/ guilty of things like that will take it to heart that it shouldn't be happening, and that when they see someone else doing it, that they shouldn't just turn the other way.

Players should do it too, and I would hope if/when I do it, people bring it to my attention as well. I'd honestly prefer to have everyone just be up front and honest with each other in a constructive way so that we wouldn't have drama. But, seeing as how we're all human, it's gonna happen.

Over the next few months though, I'll start taking some more serious diciplinary actions with players and admin alike over issues like this if you guys want. I /have/ fired admin in the past over it before, and nothing will really stop me from doing it again.

Barrage Grasshopper says, "Whatever happenend to peace, love, and harmony"

Ballade says, "May we contribute outselves to points raised in the meeting, or will we need to just listen to the points and responces and add our contributions later?"
Wild Fungus says, "Are you encouraging an inquisition of sorts?"

You paged Ballade with 'Yeah, we are.'
Wild Fungus says, "Because +gripes are a complaint driven system I vehemently reject any such a notion of increased disciplinary action."

You paged Ballade with 'Especially on Chain of Command, which I would LIKE to abolish.'
You paged Alpha with 'That seems to be very true.'

Duo says, "You also gotta realize that we kinda need y'alls trust sometimes. If you guys want things done, then tell us what needs to be done. Don't beat around the bush. And don't begin with yelling. It kinda sucks to log on to a day where it's nothing but people demanding things of or from you. I'm not going to throw a pity party for the admin, but our jobs aren't always fun, and belive us hwen we say that when you guys aren't having a good time, it definately means /we/ aren't having a good time. None of us enjoy seeing the mush suffer. I honestly believe every person on my staff sincerely wants M3 to flourish and succeed, otherwise they wouldn't play here. They just all have different ways of going about it. :D

Can you reword that Flem? The second part."

Glaive lets Duo finish.

<Public> Cold Fish Mary Summers says, "It'd be like Attack of the Giant Ants!"
You paged Ballade with 'CoC is generally not good. It gets more NC content than it should, and people frequently use it--more than other channels--to complain about people.'
Yosho Roshi tosses this out there, then.
Yosho Roshi says, "I would suggest either an object or a global command keeping track of each area in the grid and what's going on, what the present state is, and who is running plots there. That way, you could go like, +worldcheck Poland, and see what's going on in the Poland room (and maybe it would be cool to rename things regionally, and have the command list countries). So you could check it and see that there's Maverick outposts there, maybe Yosho Roshi has a plot going, etc. And as another suggestion, maybe a +plotcheck command listing everyone who is running a plot, PC or admin, and then you could check up on what they're doing. So you could check on everyone who has a plot open to participation, etc., to see if you want to join or scene with them about it, along with some basic details. This would let people track down RP easily, instead of leafing through IC news posts - it would be open to players and admin alike to put their stuff there, whether it's Leo giving a gist of the Russian civil war and all the other plots he's running, or Gus Midland talking about the plot he had in Laredo, or whatever Rajura is doing or Yosho is doing and so forth. It would make getting involved in non-incidental RP (IE, you're online, you see something happening, etc.) much, much easier. /That/ would revolutionize the RP aspect of M3. I'll post it too, and that's all I have to say."
Wild Fungus says, "how is this relevant Yosho?"
Dr. Matthews says, "It's a good idea. I like it."

Ballade says, "I think he's bringing up a new point."
Wild Fungus says, "it is"
Duo says, "It's not, but they're good ideas and i'll throw them into the revision proposal"
Yosho Roshi says, "We're losing playes."
Dr. Matthews says, "We can suggest things to make the place better too. Not just complain."
Yosho Roshi says, "Players."

Mesarthim has arrived.
Glaive says, "...I wasn't quite done.."
Yosho Roshi says, "That's why we're having the meeting."
Dr. Matthews nods. Pats Glaive. Finish up.
Duo says, "We know that, Rigger, which is why we'd like to see it. :D"
Yosho Roshi thought Duo was done, no <cont>
Glaive raises his hand to be put at the end of the line.
You say, "Well, I'll revise that. It's more that 'people have complaints and we want to ask what they are and how we can improve.'"
Max Armour would like to know if we can bring up concerns relating to the introduction of CM and X8 cast and their TPs in this meeting?
(New BB message (22/12) posted to 'MUSH Suggestions' by Yosho Roshi: RP Check)
Prismatic Spider says, "What's the current topic?"
Duo says, "no, Max"
Duo says, "no TP talk today"
Duo says, "we'll do that on tuesday"
Dr. Matthews says, "Well. Is it my turn then? >.>"
Duo says, "or something"
Ballade says, "Please use <cont> and <finished> so we know when you are finished, people. It hurts my brain."
Yosho Roshi says, "I'm finished, that's it."
Wild Fungus says, "Okay, assuming by increasing disciplinary action you mean to say that you would begin to take a more active role in facilitating the mediation and resolution of conflict and disputes amongst the Admin and Players, and to prevent the constant whinesessions about certain characters which I can attest to having seen and sometimes contributing to. And I agree with this idea. But traditionally on M3 the system for processing these concerns and bringing them to attention of Mr. T-Bots, has been the +gripe system."
Max Armour won't be here then, so I'll read a log.
Glaive says, "Well, Duo wanted to say something, so I let him on the floor to respond to my point."
Dr. Matthews ahs.
Duo says, "Well okay guys, let me ask you this."
Dr. Matthews says, "Finish up then Glaive, then I'll go."
Glaive says, "No, you go. I will continue when it is my turn again."
Dr. Matthews nods.
Duo says, "This is the big question that really dictates how i run this place, and if you answer in the other direction, i can change a lot of stuff that will probably make you guys happier again"
Ballade says, "Hit us, then, Duo."
Glaive says, "Ok...hit me."
Mary Summers arrives from the OOC Lounge.
Mary Summers has arrived.
Glaive says, "Oh wait.."
Glaive ducks.

Duo says, "Would you rather the system, the dicipline, the ideas, the TPs to all be arbitrary, with no real system, but rather to be left to just discussion and consideration by the admin, or would you rather we have a system that governs itself where our influence isn't as necessary or necessary at all.

If the first, are you guys willing to trust us with the decision making ability to decide if someone should get 45 cst or 38 cst. If the latter, are you guys willing to accept the judgement of the system." Wild Fungus says, "The +gripe system is a complaint driven system. If one player does something inappropriate, or generates some bad blood and someone desires to complain, then they can privately and anonymously lodge a complaint. Which is treated as a serious issue. Did not have to be explained to the PLayer being complained against, and when accumulated to some quantity resulted in suspension or discharge from the game. Because the person complaining does not have to identify themselves and the guilty party is presumed guilty and will not have his Gripes explained to him to protect the identity of the injured party, any group of people could easily misuse and abuse this system to generate a negative discharge upon anyone they want, and the accused has almost no ability to defend themselves. Therefor unless an entirely new or at least retooled system were implemented, I would morally and ethically oppose any increased disciplinary action to handle conflict between players and admin because it promites even worse backbiting and bootlicking than it attempts to eliminate."
Arcturus (Fuchi) pages: Can I bitch privately?
Dr. Matthews says, "Wild? I'm going to bite you."
Psychogenesis grins.
Ballade says, "'The judgement of the system'?"
Psychogenesis says, "Much better to cuss people on bboards."
Duo says, "Good point, Flem. I'll rework the system."
Ballade says, "What do you mean by that?"
Wild Fungus says, "promites==promotes"
Dash has reconnected.
Dash has partially disconnected.
Cloud Man says, "I trust the admin to make intelligent decisions on matters, even if I don't inherently agree with what is decided."
Duo says, "Basically"
You paged Arcturus with 'Hit me at Gemini to avoid contaminating my log.'
Glaive says, "Yeah...the thing is.."
Glaive says, "Many things you just don't know UNTIL you try them."
Glaive says, "Which is hard, when you can't retcon them."
Prismatic Spider says, "I back the admin. They're all good people, and I know they're perfectly reasonable."
Duo says, "Are you guys willing to put faith and trust in us to do what we think is best for the MUSH, and support our decisions, or would you rather we have systems in place like the current +gripe system and the current CST guidelines that automatically keep everything even."
Glaive says, "There has to be a happy medium."
Wild Fungus says, "I also believe that if you're going to implement a system a player would have to lodge 3 +coaches that go to the player and staff I believe before being able to +gripe someone"
Search Man puts faith in the admin.
Wild Fungus says, "I think opening the lines of communication is the most important thing"
Glaive says, "Why not a system of checks and balances?"
Dr. Matthews says, "A mix of both would be nice. Hard-set rules are what let US know what we need to or don't need to do to keep in line."
Charge Man says, "I like Wild's ideas."
Blues hehs. I have no problems with the admin personally. I've already expressed my concerns with certain things, so I don't have a whole lot to say here.
Ballade says, "For TPs?"
Duo says, "checks and balances are nice, Glaive"
Sigma asks a simple and hypothetical question.
Psychogenesis doesn't know most of the admin, honestly.. don't get much out of them. Only ones that seem to talk to me are Arc and Gemma.
Sigma is being harassed and abused by someone.
Sigma coaches them for it and they get notice I do it.
Sigma says, "What then?"
Wild Fungus says, "People need to stop being so critical of others and less sensitive to criticism :P"
Sigma says, "If someone is the type to be a moron in the first place, it's just going to set them off."
Sigma says, "No offense."
Arcturus says, "Wild: That's like asking me to get down to my ideal weight."
Prismatic Spider says, "Then they rack up a few more coaches quickly."
Dr. Matthews says, "Okay... Can I go now? >.> It's all nicely written already. Really."
Wild Fungus says, "and then it would legitimately, lead to a +gripe :P"
You say, "Go ahead, Rigger."
Arcturus says, "Go ahead, Rigby."
Duo says, "but how annoyed were you the last time you asked an admin something, and he said, "I gotta ask this other admin." and then the other admin said, "We gotta ratify it with three facheads and at least half of the affection factions CoC." and then they said, "Well we like it, but this Guy over here hates everyone so we're going to have to find some kind of compromise." and then it has to go back to the admin, then back to you, and then you gotta take it back to them, and yeah."
Wild Fungus says, "the situation would escalate until Admin would have to step in"
Wild Fungus says, "If on the first coach he /did/ back off, it would have served it's purpose as well Sigma."
Cloud Man hasn't seen that yet, Duo.
Dr. Matthews says, "I know to begin with no one is going to like what I say. People are going to leap to the defense of the two particular examples I use. Please don't. I've heard it all, this still needs to be said. It's not an attack on them as people. Now, continuing on. The three main things that need work that I see are as such: Following the rules. Rules are there for a reason, rules are what the admin made to begin with. So why don't they apply to the admin? Obvious example: Rock and Zero. While I fully understand the need to make allowences for RL, the point of those EFC time quotas are so that someone who obviously *can't* make time consistantly won't be squatting on the character. It's one thing to have a vacation now and then due to school during finals, and another to have a vacation due to school all the time. If you know you can't make time, aren't GOING to be able to make the times you commited to being here for when applying for the character to begin with, then give up the characters, please. We're not saying you're bad players but those two are the most important characters to the mush aside from villians. NOT having them actively played for years upon years is detrimental as a whole to the theme of the place. Rules are made by, and enforced by, the admin. Please follow them yourselves. It will make us respect you a whole lot more. <cont>"
Glaive says, "No no...not THAT complex.."
Dr. Matthews says, "The second thing is following theme. The newer characters introduced do make the whole theme of the place a bit cluttered (which the reworking of the news files should help so that's great) but what myself and others take issue to is the fact that more often than not these characters are changed to represent yet *another* character from some other source unrelated to the Megaman series to begin with. A prime example being NeoArcadia. Changing them to humans? Cool idea. It gives the humans a boost with opportunities. Having the NA generals based after Metal Gear characters personality and ability-wise? Insulting to those who want to play the character to begin with. There's no need for such to make a character seem more appealing--If it had no appeal at all what would be the point of adding them to the mush? <cont>"
Dr. Matthews says, "And third and last: Staff. Admin. Whatever you want to call them. Please, please... If a staffer is doing nothing other than taking up a position, do they really need to be a staffer? It makes it a lot harder for players to know who they should really talk to about issues. It also makes matters more difficult for the staffers that are doing their job because they have these extra people jumping in screaming in their ear and telling them how to do their job. It's a hard thing to do, especially when you're all friends with them, I know. But honestly it makes a place run a lot smoother when you have people who actually want to work for the betterment of the game as staff. Those who find themselves unable or unwilling to do anything other than tell others what to do aren't really helping. I think all of these issues need to be addressed personally. There are no doubt others, and I have no suggestions for fixing them currently, but they are a key backbone to the place overall. I'm done. <Finished>"
Cloud Man says, "wow"
<O-Neo Arcadia> Kunoichi-in-training, Alouette Waves.
Sigma makes this as short as he can. "I won't go into the combat system, because there is another forum; another arena for that. However, I have two other issues that need to be brought up.

Admin Times.

I realize it was the holidays. However, it is more than a week past the end of the holidays and there are still several admin that we see hide nor hair of. I understand that you guys have work to do, and lives. I genuinely do. I've ran several MU*'s myself and I've ever adminned alongside one or two of you, although not here. But I've been concerned lately about a few specific people. I'm not going to mention specific names. But it's very difficult when one can't reach admin they need except by @mail and even then only with short responses. I also worry when at peak times at night I only see one or two people connected. I'm not giving a resolution because I don't know if there needs to be one. It could be a bad time, but this trend has been happening among some people for two months now. Folks need to be around and undark just a little more. Most of you guys are awesome about this. It's just a bit of a babbling complaint. And no, Duo -- I am not targeting anyone in particular, especially not you, Duo. I know you're moving.
Sigma spits his out because it says the same thing.
Sigma is done as well.
Vile says, "This is my only thing. I want a Rock and a Zero to go around and do stuff like beat me up."
Search Man says, "Hold anything big now, I'd like to catch up."

Wild Fungus says, "So was the Metal Gear angle designed to make the character more appealing?"
Wild Fungus says, "or Was it something that appealed to the people who created it?"
Ballade says, "With EFCs, the players that play them kind of have a popular stigma attached to them BECAUSE they are EFCs. Thus, due to their popularity, vacations and not making times is a little easier for them. Which is quite odd, considering they are SUPPOSED to be the ones making time but still."
Duo says, "Okay."
Wild Fungus says, "I'm sorry you feel it's offensive. I myself think it's very M3."
Mesarthim says, "I'd point something out on the Metal Gear thing. Which is that something similar was done with the Robot Masters. :)"
Duo has disconnected.
Duo has HIDDEN-connected.
Wild Fungus says, "eveyr RM is ripped off of some other source"
Fairy Leviathan says, "Transformers."
Search Man agrees with the things Matthews said.
Wild Fungus says, "Spark Man is Decibel's player"
Dr. Matthews has no idea, Wild, but she knows a lot of folks don't like it. So yeah.
Wild Fungus says, "every single RM is a cliche."
Alpha says, "As it stands now, many admin do things purely for what -they- want, or so they say anyway. Maybe they want it because they think it's best for the mush, but oftentimes it seems it's shoved on through and isn't neccessarily what is best or wanted by the mush, the Strider TP being an example of that. Sure, I don't expect you guys to be perfect, but that is why constraints are put in place. I -know- some admin -despise- certain -players-. (this is my answer to Duo's question). I would like at least an appeals system to an admin that might not hate your guts, if we're doing the arbitrary thing."
You say, "Most of the RMs didn't have canon personalites to begin with so you can't really fault them for that. :)"
Max Armour says, "Rockman and Forte?"
Wild Fungus says, "The Metal Gear thing is no different than Striders being in our game"
Wild Fungus says, "Except that Metal Gear is Konami"
Arcturus says, "I would like to note that there are maybe four EFCs makes the 108 hours necessary over the course of 12 weeks. Out of like 14. They're /unreasonable/ time reqs."
Wild Fungus says, "and Konami is not Capcom"
Charge Man says, "So lower the time requirements for them?"
Psychogenesis prefers absense of Zero and Rock... makes it easier to be a bad guy. ;)
Alpha says, "9 hours ICA isn't unreasonable."
Wild Fungus says, "Really Alpha?"
Arcturus says, "Alpha: Do you have a job?"
Wild Fungus says, "I mean most of the admin I'm on speaking terms with don't seem the sort that espouse 'despisal'"

Charge Man says, "It's just that MUSHes kind of fizzle out when the main characters around."
Max Armour think the 'NA FCs=Metal Gear' was... one of the worst ideas and biggest sources of trouble in recent memory.
Dr. Matthews says, "I have a job, AND I go to school full time. How come I'm on more often than the EFCs of my faction?"
Sigma says, "Guys."
Sigma says, "Let Duo and Admin respond."
Dr. Matthews works full time, too.
Duo says, "Alright guys, one quick note on the themes tuff."
Glaive says, "Fuchi, dude, Rock is a good example. He is NEVER around."
You paged Cloud Man with 'Yeah, we do'
Arcturus says, "I know that, Glaive, but I'm speaking in a general sense."
Duo says, "If you want canon, then there are places you can go that offer you canon."
Wild Fungus says, "it's a pretty petty thing to be so hung up about I think Max. It's just characters, people seem to like playing them"
Alpha says, "and yes, Fungus."
Wild Fungus says, "If you don't like it, PICK UP A MAVERICK FC"
Duo says, "For Neo Arcadia, you can play them at Videoland. For MMX you can go to, MMX."
Duo says, "Furthermore."
Dr. Matthews says, "Some of us are going to MMX."
Dr. Light has disconnected.

Fairy Leviathan ndos.

Fairy Leviathan er, nods.
Dr. Matthews says, "I think that was the point of this conversation to find out why?"
You say, "I think that Neo Arcadia works better here than it does at Videoland."
Glaive nods too.

Duo says, "It has, always has, and always will be policy at M3 that anyone can retool any personality at the time of aplication."
You say, "But that's just me. :)"
Fairy Leviathan says, "Sadly, yes, Gemma."
Fairy Leviathan says, "And I'm at Vl."
Fairy Leviathan says, "Playing an NA."
You say, "And that's true too, as Duo says."
Wild Fungus says, "We at MMX are not trying to steal players from M3 for the record. But we are trying to present a Canonical game for people who would appreciate that sort of thing."
You say, "You can change your profile."

Search Man did so with Search.

Duo says, "So if you guys think it sucks, then app for them differently."

Duo says, "But don't hate on others who /do/ enjoy the personalities we gave them."
Charge Man says, "If I knew that before, I would've apped Star Man. :O"
Duo says, "Ever think that maybe some of the NA's like the whole theme? I kinda would hope they would if they apped for them."
Wild Fungus says, "You can always rewrite even EFC profiles in your app, no gaurantee it'll be approved but you can try"
Psychogenesis likes being in NA..
Dr. Matthews says, "I think a good majority of players are afraid to deviate from what's presented as being 'right and true' here is the thing. That's why many *don't* change the finger profiles and such of characters."
You say, "I don't know? Do they? I don't even know any more."

Charge Man says, "That's how I feel, Rig."
You say, "Do the Neo Arcadia FCs like the Neo Arcadia FCs or are they all sitting in beds of secret loathing?"

Mesarthim says, "I'm kind of confused. Are we really this terrifying?"
Duo says, "Well you guys should be a little more adventurous then."

Fairy Leviathan says, "You want honesty?"

Dr. Matthews says, "Honestly, Duo, you're not that approachable. Neither are most of the staff. It's intimidating to ME to talk to you guys sometimes because I get this 'We are holier than you and will smash you' attitude. And I *know* you guys."
Glaive says, "Not really."
You say, "Yes, yes I do."
Wild Fungus says, "The 'right and true' thing at M3, is TO BE DEVIANT, Dr. Matthews."
Duo says, "Yes, today we want honesty."

Cloud Man changed Cloud Man to nearly the opposite.
Duo says, "and tommorrow too"
Fairy Leviathan says, "Harpuia, Umbra, Fefnir and myself don't like it. Milan doesn't like the MGS angle."

Dash says, "What are you CONSUMING now Jav?"

Duo says, "THen why, no offense, did you guys app?"
<O-Interpol> Rudra of the Reploids, Gale Sorcerer says, "Jav: Meeting there is."
Dash says, "MIS"
<O-Interpol> Done Be Broke: Javelin Whitetail says, "Oh?"
You say, "So all of the NA FC players don't like the NA Fcs?"

Sigma raises both his hands. "Let's address the last point of my toughts and Matthew's please, before we get into an argument."
Fairy Leviathan says, "Because we loved the characters."
Dash says, "Ignore me."
Leo has arrived.

Javelin Whitetail arrives from the OOC Lounge.
Javelin Whitetail has arrived.
Dr. Doppler arrives from the OOC Lounge.
Dr. Doppler has arrived.

Charge Man likes the games and the theme and the characters.
You say, "Re app the profiles."

Ballade says, "I must say, I sometimes find some of the admins scarier than they used to be."
Sigma says, "Just reminding you guys it's there. =)"
Dr. Doppler acks!
Psychogenesis says, "FC = Easy stats"
Fairy Leviathan says, "And frankly, there is /nowhere else to go to play these in canon./"
Wild Fungus says, "why didn't you rewrite the profiles?"

Dr. Matthews nods at Ballade.
Ballade says, "I didn't used to find them too bad at all, but something went awry near the end of 04."

You say, "They STILL have the option to reapp the profiles."
Fairy Leviathan says, "BEcause that doesnt' change the gist of the faction or it's introduction."
Fairy Leviathan says, "It doesn't change us to reploids, either."

Duo says, "And why are you waiting until six months into the factions life to all decide, we don't like the foundation of the story behind us."
You say, "And you all hate it?"

Blues says, "The only beef I have with NA is that, from what I've seen, is that Copy X will never be used, and for the most part they're the underdog who get beaten upside the head whenever they do anything. And, honestly, I have an easier time approaching Duo than most of the staff. No offense, I consider most of you friends. But it pretty much applies anywhere I go. Feel like I'll get my head bitten off for saying something."

Alpha doesn't really know if they like it anymore either, I personally would've found it more interesting if they were actually like NA.
Wild Fungus says, "If you were introduced as Reploids as a fulltime faction and not just TP chars?"

Wild Fungus says, "I would probably quit M3."

Wild Fungus says, "So that's an interesting point"
Mesarthim says, "I'm not sure why we're so terrifying. ^^;"
Dr. Light has connected.

Ballade says, "To me? NA has become this kind of... Scapegoat that allows good factions to kill humans."
Dr. Light says, "Sorry. My internet died."
Prismatic Spider actually likes NA as it stands. I've always been irritated that humans had for the longest time come off as the helpless puling second-rate squishies that the Mavericks constantly claimed to be.
Dr. Matthews says, "Everytime I try talking to you guys I get yelled at. That doesn't make me want to talk to you guys much."

Ballade says, "Which is justified, yes, because we are in a sense bad guys. But still."
Fairy Leviathan nods.
Duo says, "Rigger, in all fairness, you usually start off yelling at me. :D"
You say, "Fairy?"
Dr. Matthews says, "Have I lately?"
Prismatic Spider says, "NA is not nice."
Glaive says, "Yeah, See, the Human thing about NA was great! It helped introduce an entire NEW spectrum."
You say, "Can you get the NA people to send a proposal for what they would prefer to see?"
Glaive says, "However...MGS was a tad much."

Duo says, "No, but have I yelled at you lately? :D"
Fairy Leviathan says, "I can see about it, Gem."

Dr. Matthews says, "I'm not just talking of you, Duo. I'm speaking of staff in general, as a whole."

Fairy Leviathan says, "I have to track down my faction for it."
You say, "Can it be set up with a quorum and all that? Because we can't make it how you want it if we don't understand what you want."
You say, "Make a post."
Duo says, "And is the rest of the mush willing to accept a massive suspension of disbelief of a massive retcon?"
Ballade says, "Duo? I'm going to be honest with you. Sometimes I feel like I could have a conversation to you for hours anout the smallest things. Other times I think that me even paging you will be ignored, or I will get my head bitten off so I won't."
Fairy Leviathan says, "That's the other thing."
Wild Fungus says, "Matthews? I know you just got back recently..."
Dr. Matthews says, "I've had people I've known and been friends with elsewhere suddenly become rude, curt, and insulting to me as soon as they get a staff spot here."
You say, "It doesn't need a retcon."
Ballade says, "..."
Dash says, "I personally like NA's general theme, not the MGS thing, but the all human faction makes more sense. It makes little sense for an anti-reploid faction that has reploid protectors. And there really should be an anti-reploid faction in my opinion as well, as a counter balance to the Mavericks. Otherwise the here and there anti-reploid person is just someone to have to live in fear of getting trashed by any significantly powerful machine."
Prismatic Spider says, "They're not supposed to be nice, either. They're a reactionary creation that built up momentum on the atrocities of the Mavericks."
Wild Fungus says, "have you had any heated exchanges in the short time you've been back?"
You say, "It can be done with a storyfix. I hate retcons."
Ballade says, "Are you suggesting we /retcon/ Neo Arcadia? xD"
Dr. Matthews says, "One. When I was upset because I felt that Ring Man was harassing me, and when I was defending Glaive's attempt to speak openly on channel."
Duo says, "and furthermore"
You say, "I just want to see what DIRECTION we should go in. I'm not saying we'll get to it overnight."
Dr. Matthews says, "Though the second wasn't really about me."
Blues says, "Mesa, and Gemma, the major problem I've had with approaching you is that I've seen you picking on people on occasion. Specifically, Leviathan. I don't know if it's INTENTIONAL, or if I'm just seeing something that isn't there. I consider you friends, but you do intimidate me at times. Leo, I also have a hard time approaching, but it's not for any specific reason. I've never seen him do a whole lot that I'm bothered by."
Alpha says, "The hate-on for retcons is vastly exagerated, but I don't think one could retcon NA."
Duo says, "I don't want to hear any villain complain about giving the good guys an excuse to do anything. Evil has ruled this mush for four years now."
Midi arrives from the OOC Lounge.
Midi has arrived.

Wild Fungus says, "Even though Glaive was speaking openly about an issue that had been closed and dealt with with him on several occassions and continued to beat like a pulpy dead horse?"

Mesarthim says, "With that, Blues, it has largely been jealousy. I wish I could pull down the IC times she does. :) But I really can't."
Dr. Matthews says, "Heck, I haven't even argued with you, Wild, and we're usually at each other's throats."

Wild Fungus says, "it was pretty shortlived as a i recall too"

Psychogenesis says, "Gemma's one of the most helpful admin I've ever come across in my years of mushing..."
Sigma says, "Guys. Do you realize this has degenerated from a meeting to pointing fingers at each other?"
Dr. Light says, "Guys! Okay. We're getting off balance."
Sigma says, "Nothing is being accomplished honestly, I have to say."
Dr. Light says, "Who'se turn is it to speak?"
Search Man enters the OOC Lounge.
Search Man has left.
Alpha says, "I don't know, you said you were keeping track, Light :)"
Dr. Matthews nods. Back on topic.
Sigma would like to repose his own thoughts.
Glaive says, "Guys...chill."
Mesarthim says, "Sigma has a point here. So who's up now?"
Duo says, "Actually, Sigma."
Fairy Leviathan's complaints have been voiced, she's stepping out of line.
Ballade points out, randomly, that Gemma pwns.
Wild Fungus says, "I think you'll find that, the situation around here is pretty casual relaxed and open right now, and I'd advise you to sort of let the past go if you want to enjoy your time here."
Dr. Light says, "Then I got kicked offline for fifteen minutes, alpha."
Sigma reposes.
Sigma says, "Also. No more fingerpointing, please?"
Blues says, "Whoa, whoa. Hang on a second. Things are getting a bit too quick."
Alpha says, "you did? Must've missed it in the spam"
Kalinka says, "This is less like a meeting and more like an AOL chat room. :("

Charge Man says, "a/s/l"

Mary Summers squeaks. o_x
Dr. Matthews says, "Wild, stop it?"
Glaive punches Charge.
Cloud Man says, "Naw, people are actually spelling things correctly Kalinka :p"
Charge Man ow.:(
Ballade says, "People chill out with the random comments please?"
Duo says, "You know."

Sigma makes this as short as he can. "I won't go into the combat system, because there is another forum; another arena for that. However, I have two other issues that need to be brought up.

Admin Times.

I realize it was the holidays. However, it is more than a week past the end of the holidays and there are still several admin that we see hide nor hair of. I understand that you guys have work to do, and lives. I genuinely do. I've ran several MU*'s myself and I've ever adminned alongside one or two of you, although not here. But I've been concerned lately about a few specific people. I'm not going to mention specific names. But it's very difficult when one can't reach admin they need except by @mail and even then only with short responses. I also worry when at peak times at night I only see one or two people connected. I'm not giving a resolution because I don't know if there needs to be one. It could be a bad time, but this trend has been happening among some people for two months now. Folks need to be around and undark just a little more. Most of you guys are awesome about this. It's just a bit of a babbling complaint. And no, Duo -- I am not targeting anyone in particular, especially not you, Duo. I know you're moving.
Sigma says, "There."

Dr. Light says, "Yeah. OKAY. Wild, remember what we talked about you showing tact. Responders, chill. If you want to say your piece, say it. Its Sigma's turn right now."

Wild Fungus says, "I'm really sorry guys, but as a general rule, I always hear a lot of complaints, and I'm just as guilty, but we all seriously need to be a lot more tolerant of eachother."

Alpha Raises hand again in case it was missed for whomever is keeping track now.

Psychogenesis honestly thinks the admin are here more than we think.. they're just mostly hidden.
Dr. Light says, "Current line is, Sigma, Fairy, Me, Barrage Grasshopper, Vav, and Alpha. Did I miss anyone?"

Dr. Matthews says, "Glaive wanted to be added back in to finish his peice."
Blues would like to speak at some time. But not immediately. I don't have a whole lot to say, though, mind.

Dr. Light says, "Glaive, do you mind being after people who haven't spoken yet?"

Cloud Man dislikes seeing invis staff, though can understand why they prefer invisibility.
Dr. Matthews says, "He said he didn't."

Glaive says, "Not at all."

Glaive says, "I can be at the end."

Dr. Light says, "Rigger, I got booted for almost fifteen minutes. I'm catching up."

Duo says, "I kinda wanted everyone to just talk, I didn't even want it to be a meeting. I tried to say that earlier. And kinda like Wild said, I was hoping we'd all learn to be about to point a finger, say, "Hey, this is what makes me feel bad that I think may be related to you." and for the person pointed at to be able to say, "Oh, well, that's not the case." or "That is the case, and let's figure out some way to come to some comrpomise" or anything. I read everything on my screen, it's not that hard to keep up.

Actually, to be honest, I was just going to start off by telling everyone togather up their thoughts and just mail them to me, or post them to the livejournal, but i guess it's my fault for calling you all to the meeting room. XD"

Dr. Matthews says, "And he hadn't spoken for awhile so I wasn't sure if he was idle or not currently. Sorry."

Duo says, "Cuz, I sorta need to get going now. Which is why I wanted to just get you guys prepped."

Vav says, "Duo fails."
Dr. Light says, "..."

Prismatic Spider raises a hand.

Glaive says, "..."
Ballade says, "If Admin are handling apps whilst dark and don't want to be disturbed that's ok - but I see no reason why they can't stay visible, let people know and change their status."

Ballade says, "...Wait, what, you're leaving?"
Dr. Matthews says, "Yes, yes he is. For this he gets no cookie."
You say, "I'll stay to keep the line, take comments, and log."

Cloud Man says, "Gemma's usually vis, and back when I first started I was /stupid/ and kept pestering her whenever she was set to "idle" or "Not on duty"."

You say, "And I'll post the log where everyone can see it."
Glaive says, "..."
Mesarthim says, "I try to be visible, myself. Even if you can't see an admin, you can always @mail."

Wild Fungus says, "It's a good start probably Duo."
Duo says, "Either way, the rest of the admin can handle the meeting. Y'all get out everything you want to, be as honest as possible, say whatever it is you need to say, no one will hate you for it or kick you off the mush for it, and if they try then i'll slap them silly."

Gemma tries to be vis if I am awake. Sometimes I forget and stay vis if busy elsewhere. :)
Duo says, "And stop wearing the kiddy gloves with me."

Dr. Light says, "Okay, Duo has a life. We can still finish who wants comments."
Gemma/STATUS - Set.
Alpha says, "Admin don't answer @mail usually :). I find that I have to page and page and page and page."

Charge Man says, "Or beep."
Ballade says, "Look at some admins and facheds."
Wild Fungus says, "I always try paging dark admin"
Psychogenesis agrees.
Ballade says, "See how many unread @Mails they have."
Vile says, "No joke."
Dr. Light says, "Duo has work, he'll deal. And Duo...I'm guilty of that myself. I apologise. I'll be straight up with you from now on."
Wild Fungus says, "if they're on you'll get them"
Glaive says, "Kiddy gloves? Short of yelling my head off, which would be unfair to you, I am not waring the gloves."
Wild Fungus says, "no one ever uses Haven"
Duo says, "Dammit people, surely Rigger isn't the only person who's got a problem with something I'm doing wrong, and if you note, I didn't contest what she said, because I know she's right and I'll admit that."
Ballade says, "I am often /UNWILLING/ to send @Mails because I know they will never be read. Ever."
Dr. Matthews says, "Duo, after 'Baby Got Back' there are no kiddy gloves. Just rubber gloves to protect myself."
Max Armour's only comments are ones he'll have to bring up later because they concern the upcoming TPS and/or cast adds.
Mesarthim is sorry about other people doing that. I read my @mail, except for reminder-@mails I sometimes drop to myself.

You say, "Sigma, are you done?"
Duo hehs. :D
Glaive says, "Ok: Be around more Duo."
Cloud Man says, "Duo, I don't know what you've done specifically, so I can't claim hatred or dislike for anything you've done :p"
Sigma just adds one thing.
You say, "Ok."
Wild Fungus says, "Duo you do lots of stuff wrong. And you also do your best. And I so far do not have a problem with how things have been handled lately."
Dr. Light says, "Now! We have a meeting to finish. Gemma voulinteered to handle logging and comments. Page me with who wants to be next in line."
Max Armour says, "That I can think of right=now anywya."
Fairy Leviathan nods.
Dr. Sarah Fairchild returns.
Wild Fungus says, "And you can be assured it that changes, I'll tell you about it."
Fairy Leviathan says, "See ya Duo. :D"
Vile says, "I have to agree. I can't count the number of times I have to sit here and continually ask questions on CoC only to be ignored. I have to page people directly if I want to get something answered, and sometimes not even then. Heck, I asked about something /today/ and no one answered me."
Assault Kangaroo waves?
Sigma honestly isn't targeting anyone here. The one or two I think of are almost always dark, if here at all. :/ But yeah, I'm done.
Glaive says, "That is my only problem."
Alpha is too confused to complain, half the people are saying to grumble chaotically, and the other half are saying to wait my turn! :)
Duo says, "Post the log to the lj"
Psychogenesis says, "Duo: You don't ever say 'Hey' to me... that makes me sad, sometimes."
You say, "I will post it to the LJ and the web site."
Yosho Roshi enters the OOC Lounge.
Yosho Roshi has left.
Duo says, "Hey, Psycho"
You say, "(or at least post it in the web site folder :)"
Psychogenesis beams. ^_^
Duo says, "I try to say hey when i see someone log on, but once they've been on for at least a few minutes i feel kinda dumb saying hi"
Ballade says, "Duo does tend to not respond to you on-chan. Which I suppose makes sense, considering he's always busy, but still."

Duo says, "I slip in and out of paying attention to OOC chans"
Duo says, "I freely admit that"

Fairy Leviathan nods.
Duo says, "but i'd rather leave them on and jump in and out, than just have them off"

Ballade says, "But you're friendly most of the time in pages. So yay. WHEN I think it's good to page you though."

Psychogenesis says, "It's understandable, considering how many of them are on and how spammy most are. ;)"
Duo says, "but now i gotta go, i'll be back in a few hours prolly if the meeting is still going on i'll shuck y'alls jive some more."
Psychogenesis waves.
Fairy Leviathan says, "Sure! See you later. And have a good day. :)"
Glaive says, "Later."
Duo says, "I'd rather you guys get it all out today"

Duo says, "And if some of y'all decide to leave, that's fine."
Glaive says, "Ok."

You paged Dr. Light with 'No, it's fine.'
Glaive says, "Fuchi, HAVE MY BEBIE!"
Duo says, "But I can't make this place better without hearing exactly what's on everyone's mind."
Arcturus says, "No."

Glaive says, "Awww :("
Wild Fungus 'et yer bebie

Glaive says, "Dr. Light?"

Wild Fungus regurgitates it into Glaive's trousers
Max Armour peers. Wait, can I mention what I wnated to today, or wait?

Dr. Light says, "Yo."
Sigma says, "Let's try to keep on topic, please."
Glaive says, "Alright, nevermind."
Dr. Light has disconnected.
Sigma says, "Some of us have headaches."

Max Armour says, "'Cuz you just said earlier wait, now you're saying say now..."

Duo says, "And guys."
Duo says, "Lighten up. ;D"
Dr. Light has connected.
Duo says, "don't take this /too/ seriously, it is just a game"
You must stop gagging that channel to speak on it.
Vav says, "AMEN TO THAT, DUO."
You will now hear messages on channel <X-Soft Drinks>.
Glaive says, "That is what I say."
Ballade says, "I think we should block Global for a month."

Wild Fungus says, "AND WORD TO YOUR MOTHER!"
Ballade says, "See how the RP develops without it."
Glaive says, "When I am not eating babies."
Duo says, "based on a boy who wears his underwear on the wrong side of his pants"
Ballade, random.

Wild Fungus says, "I second Ballade's global blackout"
Glaive says, "Who? Quail man?"
Gale Sorcerer nods wisely.
Wild Fungus says, "I hate that radio"

Mary Summers says, "I'd like to say one thing before I have to head off to do some stuff if no one minds."

Foreshadow Ferret has disconnected.
Duo says, "I wish people would just wander and rp with who they ran into again"
Dr. Matthews says, "So do I."
Duo says, "I remember doing that on Cybertron at 2k5 and having a grand ol time"
Dr. Matthews says, "I'm tired of this 'Social' and 'Combat' thing. RP dammit."
Duo says, "i met so many new people that way"
Wild Fungus says, "yes"
Duo says, "amen, Rigs"
Wild Fungus says, "just RP and whatever happens happens"
Dr. Matthews nods.
Charge Man says, "I don't know, radio can be pretty good for setting things up."
Glaive says, "I tried that, got yelled at for entering a scene without asking."
Duo says, "RP, as in, start out on your character's day and see where it takes them"
You say, "Sigma were you continuing? Go ahead, Mary if you have to go soon."
Ballade says, "Or, like me and Fairy, social /whilst/ in combat. Only time Fairy and Hien have conversation is during a swordfight. :P"
Wild Fungus says, "spontaneity is always better than poorly thought out and constructed ;)"
Duo says, "don't preplan everything"
Alpha says, "People have different preferences on how to get into scenes."
Psychogenesis says, "The radio? Global Chat is a freaking infection..."

Dr. Doppler says, "Well, for those of us who have a habit of being shot at every time they leave the base, radio RP is a godsend. :)"
Dr. Matthews says, "That as well."
Charge Man has had a few big huge fun scenes that he never expected would happen because of radio.
Barrage Grasshopper says, "RAAR"
Barrage Grasshopper says, "Is it my turn yet?"
Dr. Matthews says, "Did I mention I'm having Doppler's baby?"

Fairy Leviathan says, "Sweet!"
Mary Summers says, "Just one thing I'd like to say then I gotta run."
Fairy Leviathan says, "I want one too."

Dr. Matthews shifty-eyes.
Cloud Man says, "One problem we seem to have is "Evenness" in RP' a battle starts between say Neo Arcadia and the Mavericks, and 5 NA show up and 3 Mavs show up so 2 of the NA get stiffed."
Mary Summers says, "The only problem I have really at all with the MUSH in the short time I've been here, not that I have a lot of room to talk since I've been gone for 2 months, but, I'd like to see more people RPing that just sitting around and using this for a big chat room. I see utter silence or silly banter after honest RP requests far too often. That was half the reason I was gone so much even when I was busy with school. I'd consider logging on then think that I'd be wasting my time. Interfaction RP was always good and pretty frequent but you can't really develop your character if you don't mingle with other factions. That's just my two cents."

Alpha says, "I think this whle 'line' thing isn't working, so I might just go ahead and write up my statement now."
Dr. Light says, "Mary's going ahead because she has to head out soon."
Foreshadow Ferret has connected.

Dr. Light says, "Fine. Whatever. I'm out."

Alpha says, "I am not referring to Mary."
Cloud Man hugs Mary.
Dr. Matthews nods with Cloud. Indeed. Being one often 'odd numbered out', she knows how annoying that is to be denied doing anything in a scene.
Wild Fungus says, "agreed, also I'd say that ties in with the Global Radio problem"
You say, "Light, it's cool, I'm, trying to help out here. Page me the current list."
Assault Kangaroo says, "The only real problem I have at this point is that I'm wondering where to take Gungaroo now that OMC is over. There was that insanity thing, but it lasted for just one scene."
Psychogenesis says, "MUSH-to-Chatroom conversion is what happened to BWTM.."
Glaive says, "Yeah, I agree with that. I get the evil eye from Elpizo when I was doing that raid, it amounted to: What the HELL are you doing here."
Blues AFKs.
Mary Summers says, "Well Glaive he just wanted to know what was going on."

Mary Summers says, "Once I explained he didn't have any issues."
Barrage Grasshopper pokes Psychogenesis.
Glaive says, "So he evil eyes me without asking on the OOC chan first?"
Wild Fungus says, "it happened because staff just TSed and played Everquest and the good players fled the corrupt and inproperly run MUSH in droves"
Jet Stingray has disconnected.
Javelin Whitetail says, "I personally am not having any trouble with finding RP. But it might be my personal advantage of not really caring who I RP with, good or bad. =D"
Psychogenesis didn't do it. ;)
Charge Man says, "And then there's people who sit around all day and idle."
Dr. Light enters the OOC Lounge.
Dr. Light has left.
Barrage Grasshopper says, "Going to send me an @mail sometime?"
Glaive also notes things were shakey sense the last raid I tried to help plan.
Mary Summers says, "It may have sounded that way but it's his job to know what's going on with NA."
Gemma thinks it's Sigma then Fairy?
Sigma finished speaking. However, I love you all and understand this is important but I haven't slept in 20+ hours and my eyes hurt.
Sigma excuses himself
Sigma enters the OOC Lounge.
Sigma has left.
Barrage Grasshopper assumes the mantle of SIGMA
You say, "Ow, wow."
Ballade says, "This is making my head hurt. :o"
You say, "OK, Levi go."
Javelin Whitetail says, "MY MANTLE"
Barrage Grasshopper says, "Psychogenesis, lick my boots."

Empathy Egret steals the mantle of Sigma. Burns it.
Mary Summers says, "Well that being said, I want to RP with more of you. I think I've made OOC friends with more people than both of the characters I've had here have met IC combined."

Glaive punches barrage.

Assault Kangaroo says, "Gungaroo hasn't had much RP lately. >.>"

Barrage Grasshopper kisses Glaive.
Fairy Leviathan had this huge thing written out but most people covered it already.
Mary Summers says, "But I need to go. Have a good discussion for me. Get things worked out. Ta-ta."
Ballade says, "People. Let's get calm again."
Dr. Light (Santa) pages: The line was Fairy, Barrage Grasshopper, Vav, Alpha, Blues, Doom, and Glaive.
Charge Man says, "Later, Mary."
Fairy Leviathan waits for just a moment, let people get settled, she'll try to make small, succinct points.
Mary Summers gets off her butt and goes IC.
Mary Summers has left.
You paged Dr. Light with 'Thanks.'

Prismatic Spider wants to say something as well.

Fairy Leviathan says, "Go ahead, Pris. I need to sum up things."
Fairy Leviathan says, "Then I'll go after you."
Mesarthim says, "I do too, but it's more generalized and nebulous. :)"

You say, "Wait, Fairy, there are other people that stepped ahead, can I move to the next in queue?"
Fairy Leviathan says, "Go one ahead while I type this up."
You say, "Alty's next."
Duo has disconnected.

Dr. Sarah Fairchild (DOOM) pages: If I'm not in the line, I would like to be, please.
Barrage Grasshopper says, "Permission to speak."
<X-Soft Drinks> Diet Coke (of Evil) Gemma shrugs. We can ALWAYS have Gate go Maverick.
You say, "You're up."
Barrage Grasshopper says, "Alright."
Barrage Grasshopper ahem.

Long distance to Dr. Sarah Fairchild: Gemma has you in line, it's cool
Barrage Grasshopper punches Glaive.
From afar, Dr. Sarah Fairchild (DOOM) nods.
Sasha has disconnected.
You say, "Anything else?"
Barrage Grasshopper says, "Yes."
Barrage Grasshopper says, "I'd just like to let you all know that all these problems you're having, all this drama, discontent, MUSH REVAMPS OMG, let's retcon Neo-Arcadia and the whole shebang!, people hogging FCs and Admin From Hell (tm), along with that whole conspiracy (don't tell me it isn't true!)... ALL THIS -CRRRRRAP-"
Barrage Grasshopper says, "Will disappear once you quit and play at my MUSH."
Barrage Grasshopper says, "Halo MUSH."
Barrage Grasshopper says, "Okay, I'm done."
Ballade rolls his eyes.
Prismatic Spider cues sniper.

Barrage Grasshopper flee

Gemma eye rolls.
Charge Man says, "Commercials make me mad. >:("
Prismatic Spider BLAM BLAM BLAM!
Psychogenesis tivos Barrage.
Mesarthim says, "I'd like to ask for no further stealth advertising, please."
Barrage Grasshopper makes like JFK
Glaive aura blades Barrage repreatedly.
You say, "Fairy, ready?"
Barrage Grasshopper says, "What, you think I'm done?!"

You say, "Vav is next, if not."
Barrage Grasshopper isn't done.
You say, "Oh."
Glaive says, "You are done."
Barrage Grasshopper is full of suprises.
Wild Fungus has disconnected.
You say, "You said you were done!"
Glaive aims cannon. "YOU ARE DONE."
Barrage Grasshopper says, "I lied. I broke the honesty rule."
Mesarthim says, "Please put a note in the end of your statements to the effect of 'more coming' if there is, in fact, more coming."
(New BB message (28/50) posted to 'Character Suggestions' by Dalet: Marshmellow Peep)
Barrage Grasshopper says, "Sorry."
Alpha says, "Alty plays with my head"
Mesarthim says, "Thank you. :)"
Barrage Grasshopper says, "I just wanted to comment on what Duo said earlier about the whole NA thing. Lemme c&p here for myself, moreso than others..."
Sasha has connected.
(New BB message (28/51) posted to 'Character Suggestions' by Dash: Mav Concepts)
Fairy Leviathan is almost ready, go ahead. x.x
Vav says, "First of. Is there a character limit in says?"
<X-Soft Drinks> Delaware Punch Mesarthim says, "If she /does/ have problems with those groups, I will be glad to address them."
You say, "Maybe."
Vav has it all written up but doesn't want it to be cut off. Hm. 1 sec.
Barrage Grasshopper says, "Duo says, "Alright guys, one quick note on the theme stuff. For Neo Arcadia, you can play them at Videoland. For MMX you can go to, MMX.""
Mesarthim says, "If you need to break it up, just put 'cont' at the end of the statement."
Sasha says, "There is a buffer limit, so you probably will want to break it if you're not sure."
Vav says, "I'll just spam it."
Vav says, "From what I understand, the point of this meeting is to figure out if/how/why people are leaving this place. Know what? I'm guilty of that. And I'll be the first one to say that the reason I left is because I felt things were either degenerating into finger-pointing, or that I didn't fit in. And then a few months later I'd come back because I miss this place and all the <3 I get/got from you guys. Hopefully I won't have another change of heart, as there seems to be a lot of opportunites for me - not only Vav, but future characters - to get involved in the future. But therein lies the thing - I don't know if anyone besides me has the intimidation factor when it comes to starting/getting into a RP plotline. Not nessacerily a TP, but just wondering 'where to go'. That's another reason why I left - had no leads/urge to RP. But I ramble on and make no sense, and there /is/ a point I want to get to so here goes."
Vav says, "Lighten the <censored> up. And use common sense. If there's already a scene, maybe ask before you jump right in. Got a problem, tell it to the person. Are you mad because they have a problem with you? THINK before you respond. Use some courtesy - this is a MUSH, not a MUD, and yaknow what?
Sure, spontaneous is fun - one of my favorite RP's I ever had here was spontaneous. And that led to followup RP. And that let to mini-plotlines, including a phobia of a certain Robot Master."
Vav says, "I understand all of this may seem off-topic and/or already been said, but I've been given a penny for my thoughts so there's my two cents worth. So either give me another penny, or but +bwee back in. kthxbye."
Vav says, "And hey, it ignored my first say. But this is supposed to go first. Hi. Some of you know me, some of you don't. I'm not exactly a new player, but I've been absent for awhile, so I don't know half of what you guys are talking about - namely, the NA thing. I've given people the +finger, and I haven't seen relationships to MG - then again, I wasn't looking for it. Anyway."
Dash heads out to avoid spam, since I'm not contributing anyway.
Dash enters the OOC Lounge.
Dash has left.
Ballade says, "Who are you?"
Cloud Man says, "hippo."
Vav was once known as Halo Hare.
Kalinka oohs.
Max Armour huhs.
Cloud Man says, "oh..god..I'm getting my Sh's mixed"
Javelin Whitetail says, "HALO!"
Sasha hugs the Bwee.
Javelin Whitetail <3
Ballade says, "Oh. Harlequin, here. Anyway."
Vav <3
Cloud Man says, "Resh is hippo XD"
Dr. Doppler enters the OOC Lounge.
Dr. Doppler has left.
Javelin Whitetail is... still Jav. -_-
Charge Man says, "Could we stop with the circlejerking please?"
Assault Kangaroo is a new guy you have never seen before.
Ballade says, "The what?"
Barrage Grasshopper says, "Twenty two jerks in a jerk circle or is it a circle jerkle"
(New BB message (22/13) posted to 'MUSH Suggestions' by Dust Man: How to Make Dust Man Cooler)
Arcturus says, "Vav, I have one comment on what you just said."
Vav says, "Shoot."
Arcturus says, "I love you."
Vav says, "I <3 you too."
Psychogenesis says, "Vav: The only intimidation there is in starting RP is when yo have certain characters that show up on your scenes and critisize everything you try to do.. Rajura and Dalet are good examples of that, no offense.. if there was ever a reason I wouldn't start a scene around one of those two, because they are going to cry and whine at some point. It's hard to try an give people RP when they cry that they can't get any, then a blow when people start yelling at you because of what you started or what others are doing in the scene. Free 2 cents."
Kalinka wants to be put in the queue.
You paged Dr. Light with 'Still tracking the queue?'
Dr. Light (Santa) pages: No, I left.
Psychogenesis says, "Oooh.. aggressive typing leads to typos."
Dr. Light (Santa) pages: Because I'm really really mad and don't want to snap at anyone.
Charge Man says, "Hm, that's pretty true."
Vav nods at Psycho. "I'm not going to say that I've experienced that here-here, but I've had problems with similar characters in the past. All I can say there is don't start a scene around them, then. I don't think anyone's /forcing/ you to.
You paged Dr. Light with 'Um, why are you mad? (page Gemini)'
Barrage Grasshopper idly waves to Joy.
Chest arrives from the OOC Lounge.
Chest has arrived.
Ballade gets off his butt and goes IC.
Ballade has left.
Barrage Grasshopper enters the OOC Lounge.
Barrage Grasshopper has left.
Fairy Leviathan is ready.
Mac arrives from the OOC Lounge.
Mac has arrived.
Javelin Whitetail has had very few problems lately with RP. Huh.
Meeting Room(#25Rnt)

A rather boring place with a really big table and the usual, uncomfortable conference chairs. A little buffet-like area has some old coffee and pitchers of room-temperature water.

Mac [Tuxedo-mac] [MH] [#3613 PXeACco] Chest [Normal] [C] [#2978 PXeACc]
Midi [Midi] [I] [#4580 PXACc] Javelin Whitetail [Green_dress] [C] [#4678 PXaeACc]
Leo [SD] [#1998 PUWXeACc] Mesarthim [SD] [#2619 POWenCc]
Conduit [Magna] [RF] [#5150 PenACc] Psychogenesis [Prophet] [M] [#6491 PUeACc]
Vile [Power armor] [M] [#49 POXaeACc] Kalinka [Dmitriev] [C] [#174 POXenACcx]
Prismatic Spider [PHALANX] [RF] [#4578 POaeACc]Max Armour [Power Armor] [I] [#5635 POenACc]
Blues [Protoman] [MH] [#168 POUXACco] Gale Sorcerer [Casual] [I] [#5977 PeACc]
Sasha [Standard Gray] [MH] [#5780 PeACc]Jet Man [C] [#4649 POenACc]
Charge Man [Normal] [RM] [#120 PXeACcmx]Foreshadow Ferret [Normal] [M] [#4960 POXeACcm]
Assault Kangaroo [Standard] [RF] [#3658 POenACc]Vav [Vav] [Y] [#3923 POenACc]
Air Man [Master] [RM] [#75 PXeACc] Cloud Man [Normal] [RM] [#134 PXeACc]
Empathy Egret [Empathy_egret] [I] [#4959 POenACc]Dr. Matthews [Swimsuit] [MH] [#5876 PXeACc]
Alpha [Wing] [MH] [#3283 PenACc] Glaive [Standard] [MH] [#4022 POeACc]
Dr. Sarah Fairchild [Uniform] [I] [#6485 POenACc]Fairy Leviathan [Leviathan] [NA] [#6481 POenACc]
Arcturus [Patrick Bateman] [SD] [#4100 POUWeACMc]

Down <D> leads to Norad - M3 Style.
Out <O> leads to OOC Lounge.

Sasha says, "It depends on who're you're RPing with, and to what purpose."
You say, "Go ahead. And did Kali want to be in line? Trying to track."
Dr. Sarah Fairchild says, "Seh did."
Fairy, Barrage Grasshopper, Vav, Alpha, Blues, Doom, Glaive, Prismatic Spider, Kalinka
Cloud Man says, "That's because people know and love you, Jav. Newbies or people who aren't extremely popular might suffer slightly in gaining RP when they ask for it."
You say, "OK"
Fairy Leviathan says, "Duck for spam."

Fairy Leviathan says, "My legal disclaimer is that this is just me. One very faliable human trying to raise points on things that bother her. More than likely people are gonna disagree with some of this, that's cool. Just take it or leave it as you see fit.
1) As several people have said, there's a lack of canon. I'm not saying be a canon Nazi, but introducing characters with at least SOME reference to the series they're from is a good idea. You come in here as a new person and you're lost because nothing matches up with the storylines that newcomers are familiar with. Also, some people are fans of these characters and want to play them in an all-Megaman setting - Only MMX comes close. I don't /know/ of any other places where you can play canon stuff in a pure Megaman environment, so telling us to take it elsewhere is kind of a BS response.
2)Don't stat and set up FCs like crap just because you don't like them, staffers. Some people do, and I don't think they should be punished for it. iX being an example. I did not like that at all. I thought there was some potential in the character, but because he was disliked by the admin, his only purpose in being brought in was to die. Bleh.
3) Sometimes it feels like everything cool happening here is only for admin OCs and FCs, or admin-friends. There's a good deal of cloak and dagger. Without revealing anything that went on in the NA COC RP/meeting, I wanted to get up and walk out, because it just felt like the admin got together, RP'd a bunch of stuff with each other, and then announced it to the rest of us out of apparently nowhere. While there was some really cool moments in OMC, let me sum up what it felt like, to me: Hi! Staff has meticulously written out this grand play in which our alts get to do all sorts of really cool crap the rest of you can't normally do. But you can watch. And while you're at it, show up at ____ time on ____ day so we can shoot at you. I mean no disrespect to any staffer nor am I trying to chew on you: But this is /what it looked like from Levi Colored Goggles/. Anything else I might have said is already covered. so that's about it. Again - I'm not barking at anyone or pointing fingers. I'm just trying to tell you my perspective on all this."
Max Armour ducks.
Max Armour AAA Ttoo late.

Mac says, "I hated that iX situation."
Mesarthim raises a hand.
Mac says, "And the iZ one."
Max Armour kics own typos because he looks stupid.
Max Armour ...
Fairy Leviathan says, "That's all I have to say."
Arcturus says, "iZero was apped by a player."
Mesarthim says, "Does point #1 refer to things like the various Civilian groups?"
Assault Kangaroo says, "I heard Hyenard was apped rather poorly too."
Fairy Leviathan says, "Nope."
Blues says, "iZero didn't just explode, or anything. His player just has very little free time."
Alpha says, "There was an iZero, he just never logged in, like our assistant Director at the time"
Fairy Leviathan says, "No, this is not 'OMG STRIDER HATE'."
Mac was under the impression iZ was apped just so nobody else would app, and play, him.
Arcturus says, "He was apped by a player regardless."
Cloud Man says, "Female iZero is sexy."
Fairy Leviathan >_>
Blues says, "iX was killed because, as I understand, Duo was sick of being bugged about him, and because many staff members didn't like him."
Javelin Whitetail says, "We still have an iZero?"
Fairy Leviathan *._.*
Dr. Sarah Fairchild says, "He hasn't been dropped, but he's not really /played/, either, Jav."
Mac says, "That was such a crap scene though."
Mesarthim says, "I've heard complaints to the effect of '(civilian subgroup) damages the theme of the MUSH'. I admit to being a little sensitive about it. :)"
Gemma isn't going to make any apologies for iX: what's done is done. We aren't including the character for real here. Nuff said.
The staff alts being more involved in some RPs than others has always been a bit of a problem. That's one reason why I'm still in favor of doing away with the CoC channel (it's an artificial barrier and encourages backtalk to boot). And if you think that OMC was bad, some TPs have been worse about it.
Umbra Phantom arrives from the OOC Lounge.
Umbra Phantom has arrived.
Fairy Leviathan nods.
Mac says, "You'd read iX's finger, and the coolness would mount. We get a scene, coolness would mount... Then he's shot by Bass. End."
Assault Kangaroo says, "I mean, I heard the staffers felt horrible having to stat Hyenard, probably because they didn't like the character very much."
Fairy Leviathan says, "I'll be back in just a moment."

Vile has disconnected.
Javelin Whitetail says, "I find a lot of TPs confusing. The stuff introducing NA, the Strider stuff... speaking from the point of someone without any alts, and an unaffiliate, you never /hear/ about these things. I've also never played anything outside the NES games - every time a new game is introed or something happens in the factions, the best a lot of us can hope for is to catch up, way after the fact and too late to participate."
You say, "iZero was apped by a player. I don't know why he doesn't log in. Technically he's an OC and we can't do anything about it."
Glaive says, "So, instead of fixing it, its: Yea, so what, we did it, what ya going to do about it?"
Arcturus says, "I liked Hyenard. He's statted pretty close to the way he handled in canon."
Blues says, "I can, to some extent, understand that it's easier to involve staff alts in TPs because you don't have to spoil things for people. It's just not always neccessary, though."
Max Armour would really like to make his point about CM/X8.
You say, "Glaive? With regard to iX? You're correct."
Alpha says, "Is it my turn now?"
Sasha says, "I'm almost tempted to say that new FCs should be opened up but left to the players to stat and give +fingers. With the usual admin review."
Mesarthim isn't sure why iX is so sexy, myself.
Glaive says, "Intresting."
You say, "Alpha, it is."
You say, "Yeah, we aren't adding iX. Sorry. We aren't."
Sasha says, "But that's me, and I have bizarre ideas."
Vav likes that idea, Sasha.
Mac says, "I don't care that you're not adding iX. I just didn't like the deception."
You say, "I'm not sure if our stubborness on that is a reason to get angry at us."
Prismatic Spider says, "iX isn't even from an actual MM game, is he?"

You say, "Yeah. OK. We apologize for the deception."
You say, "That was rude."
Max Armour likes that idea too.
Blues says, "No, Prism. He's from the manga."
You say, "Does that help smooth over the disappointment there at all?"
Blues says, "Admittedly, though, he dies shortly after getting a body."
Assault Kangaroo says, "As well as the Megamissions trading cards."
Prismatic Spider says, "There you go."
Air Man has disconnected.
Cloud Man says, "Aside from the more recent X games what MegaMan games don't have characters from them? O.o"
Javelin Whitetail says, "The who what cards?"
Alpha didn't realize there was deception, but I guess being a TP Char gave me more leeway.
Alpha is writing, but I should be done soon
Mac says, "Yeah. To me, just an apology works. I'm easy to please. For your interest,though, ice cream would also have been acceptable."
Glaive says, "Not really, it proves that admin can and WILL at anytime change or get rid of something they do not like, dispite what the players want."
You say, "Is there anyone else besides Glaive, Mac, Levi, that has issues with the way iX was handled? I apologize on the behalf of the staff for that. Please do not hold it against us."
You say, "I'm sorry."
Charge Man wasn't around then, so doesn't know.
Max Armour, stupid.
You say, "We have a lot of good things here. Please don't hold iX against us. Please?"
Kalinka has mine typed, but I'm at the end of the queue. 8) I can wait to the end.
Assault Kangaroo says, "Same as Charge. I didn't experience it first hand."
Sasha says, "I was amused by it. But I like Stephen King's writing, and it sets me up for people getting killed in idiotic ways."
Cloud Man says, "iX was before my time."
Prismatic Spider says, "Glaive: The players aren't always right."
Prismatic Spider says, "Deal."
Cloud Man says, "Though it sounded a tad hilarious, and stupid."
Javelin Whitetail thinks part of the problem is that I see this as a place for RP first, and a 'Megaman' place secondly. I would personally rather have fun and see plots, than see characters handled to canon and stats and whatnot.
Glaive says, "That was the stupidest statement EVER."
You say, "To explain: we brought him in, he was in one scene, he was killed."
You say, "Let's not argue about this."
You say, "Regarding the matter, I have now done the best that I possibly can."
Mac isn't arguing. :D
Cloud Man nods.
Max Armour argues with Jav.
Cloud Man says, "who handles the Irregulars?"
You say, "It was a TP. No one really."
You say, "As for iZero, he counts as an OC."
Mac says, "Duo handled apps... We handled the rest."
Max Armour /would/ like to see canon.
You say, "So I can't really apologize or do anything in that regard at all."
Mesarthim says, "I am in agreement with Jav on this."
Mac says, "Was I the only one who liked that TP, by the way?"
Jet Man says, "I believe the ones still around fall under Civilian admin, unless they joined a fac like Quiet did."
Max Armour says, "This is where my major beef arisies with CM and X8's casts."
Prismatic Spider says, "I thought the IO TP was hilarious."
Sasha says, "I'm with Mesa and Jav."
You say, "We'll handle it later, Max."
Sasha says, "It's RP first, Megaman second."
Prismatic Spider says, "Any new game added to M3 will be hybridized with existing theme."
Assault Kangaroo says, "(The only real thing I'm concerned about is the purpose of the Character Suggestions board. From the one time I posted some, I didn't receive much interest.)"
You say, "You can @mail me your concerns if you have them."
Psychogenesis doesn't follow the Megaman manga, honestly, so the exclusion of the manga-type-stuff doesn't hurt his feelings in the least bit.
Glaive says, "Well, I am done."
Psychogenesis says, "And it's mostly the reason I don't understand MMX."
Glaive says, "I got places to go. Goodbye."
Max Armour OKs. Thank you, Gem, I have to leave for a month tomorrow, see.
You say, "Alpha is still up and then it's Blues."
Mesarthim says, "Assault: Recruitment posts like that are a crap shoot, sadly."
Prismatic Spider waves! "Have fun storming the castle!"
You say, "See ya, Glaive. I will log."
Blues says, "Strike me from the list. I @mailed my concern to Duo, 'cause he had to leave."
You say, "It's not worth airing to me or the rest, Blues?"
Alpha, Doom, Prismatic Spider, Kalinka
Blues says, "Well, OK. I suppose so."
Alpha says, "Since Duo said to go ahead and point fingers, this posting will have some. Feel free to ignore if you dont want to see it. Or close your eyes!

Why are we losing players? Because M3 is static. Theres been some change, of course, OMC and the Nigh TP being the largest changes M3s had, but many people (though many people also believe the opposite) disliked these Tinyplots. Because they were INCREDIBLY static. Yeah, yeah, I got a fair bit done in these two plotlines, but that was largely because I went overkill on the paging (admin dont respond to @mails in most cases, though I did that too) and in the end, I still didnt get done half of what I wanted to and I had to slodge through bureaucratic HELL to influence the plotlines. Big plots are fine, I think the admin learned the wrong lesson by thinking people prefer small plots alone. People need -both- kinds of plots. But whenever M3 makes a big plot, they work it out TOO MUCH. They dont allow for any fluidity, and that leaves to long periods of stagnation during the TP. Plus, they are geared almost entirely around Feature Characters (pay attention to the almost in that statement). I agree with Duos desire to change the stat system largely to get rid of the staticity that permeates the game. People think this will kill the game. It wont. People are so anal about stats that the system will police itself, perhaps excessively so as is currently the case.

Another problem is something Ive already mentioned, especially during OMC and the Strider TP. The Strider Faction was -killed- for a long period of time due to the Strider TP, and the two most played and most active Features in the faction were ironically the ones removed. I was fachead while this was being put through, and I gave my voice against this, and warned it wouldnt go well, and said many points against it at the time which were basically swept aside, and now everybody agrees on those points I raised against it now that it failed horribly. In OMC, -many- people were taken out, largely without player input, based off the whim of the admin. In this case, I personally like the removals more, but Im sure many others preferred differently. I agree with Fairys statement that OMC was basically set up like the Nigh TP. I didnt realize this until now, but its basically the same thing except not as bad. We got to watch admin alts, and certain Features do cool stuff whereas most other people didnt get to do much at all. Again, I know I did stuff during this plotline, but it was Really, Really difficult. Much too difficult for the TP that was supposed to get everybody involved, and be totally uber. I think getting rid of COC is a good idea, -or- put more people on it. I know people whine about my actions and get people to do un-IC things in response to the whining on COC.

Another problem is that many EFCs dont make time. I have to agree with Rigger here, as cool as I find the players in most cases. I -do- believe admin and favored players get a lot more leeway in this than others, but also, well, Im sad to say it but I dont see the system as lenient, which I would like it to be, but rather I see it as completely unenforced. There are some EFCs that dont go IC for weeks on end and dont rp. I just want consistent RP from the EFCs. It doesnt have to be 9 hours, but they have to make their presence known in a non-eratic fashion.

Oh, and regarding TP Characters, please make sure active players get the characters. I remember when Sheena had to go through three players because the first two couldnt bother to log in.

Cloud Man says, "...she's not done? Dear god."
Fairy Leviathan was gonna be as spammy.
Javelin Whitetail says, "Spammy isn't always bad. =D"
Glaive has disconnected.
Mesarthim says, "On the topic of killing people 'cause we want to: It would damage the element of surprise if we held elections for which FCs died, if they were unplayed. :)"
Cloud Man says, "dinner for me.."
Mac says, "FCs died?"
Mac missed that.
Blues says, "Double died, for one."
You say, "I respect that people generally want to be informed."
Mesarthim says, "Double. For good. We mean it."
Javelin Whitetail had no idea /what/ happened in the Strider TP.
Mac says, "Oh, Double."
You say, "Because I felt the same way when I was a player."
Mac says, "Jav? The present Strider faction is still trying to work it out."
Mesarthim says, "Jav: Sheena killed some of them and they were one big happy family for a while. This has changed"
Psychogenesis has something to say, but doesn't know if it's pertinent to the situation.
You say, "I'll put you in the line"
Psychogenesis nods.
Gemma wants to say something when Alpha is done.
Arcturus says, "DAMMIT"
Prismatic Spider says, "What about me? :("
Arcturus says, "I'm putting that myth to rest right now."
Mesarthim um, sorry ^^;
Arcturus says, "Sheena killed no one. She hired Dynamo as muscle and he stepped too far."
Arcturus says, "It ultimately served her purposes but she did not insofar as I know give the order."
Dr. Matthews says, "Um, actually, y'know... I was the Sheena in that. Have questions? Ask me."
Assault Kangaroo says, "The other really minor concern I've had is why every character-specific Ride Armor was consolidated into an armor form -- except Vile's. I heard the latter was for a TP reason, but his should have been consolidated in the same manner by now."
Arcturus says, "Because Mav staff are slow to act."
You say, "Maybe for the X8 TP, Assault? I'm not sure."
Dr. Matthews hired Dynamo to keep Mai off her back while getting Matic's blood when he was in the hospital. That was it. He went off on his own after that.

Gemma is still keeping the line, BTW, so if you want in let me know. Right now I have: Doom, Prismatic Spider, Kalinka, Psyche. Are there others?
Assault Kangaroo says, "Either way, it seems a little bizarre to me as Gungaroo's player for Gunga's life to be linked to his Ride Armor."
Assault Kangaroo says, "When it wasn't in the games."
Alpha says, "I reiterate that I dont feel I can trust the admin to be fair to players they dont like. Fair to everybody else, but not particularly so to ones they dont like. I only feel that Leo and Libra would be fair to people they might not particularly like. Leo, because he treated Glaive alright even when everybody else ragged on him, and Libra because, well, I dunno. I just think Libra rocks ;). I feel this because most of the admin not only vent about players they dont like, but also insult their concepts, and their current characters, and a couple times an admin has even said to me that they were trying to avoid approving someone because they didnt feel the player was competent enough. And other admin tried to force her into approving this person because -they- liked the player. Or something. Im a little vague on this, but theres a lot of ick I see and by seeing the ick makes me leery of most admin.

Many admin (Arc and Leo Ive found in particular) have gotten particularly authoritative on certain issues, trying to make their OOC opinions IC ones in some instances, or just discouraging OOC disagreement by saying their OOC opinions so loudly that its difficult to comfortably disagree. <continued>"
You say, "Understood. Unsure how to address this issue from my position but I'll make note, Assault, and it's in the log."
Alpha is sorry I'm having trouble being succint btw.
You say, "It's OK."

Assault Kangaroo expressed the issue before, but nothing was really accomplished.
You say, "I don't deal much with Glaive in my line of work so I'm not sure where I lie on that spectrum."

Gemma will try to be more fair.
Mesarthim will be, too.
Blues is guilty of ragging on Glaive. But he's improved significantly since he first came here, which makes me happy.
Assault Kangaroo says, "All I heard was the "all the Ride Armors consolidated," "Vile's Goliath was used by Repliforce for a short time," and "we consolidated them to reduce database clutter" things. However, perhaps it'll be looked into more, Gemma."
Gemma doesn't do OC apps for the most part so there's no fear that I'm going to screw something up like that unless my job is changed. But anyway.
Javelin Whitetail has felt cautious around admin lately.
You say, "Well, Jav, I tried to be up-front with you, I hope that talking about your plans for Jav has been productive."
Javelin Whitetail says, "I freely admit I have a lot of stupid ideas that don't make it IC thanks to admin. =D"
You say, "Ok, Assault."
Assault Kangaroo nods?
Charge Man says, "Gemma, I want to defect to the Maverick Hunters."
Chest (GNN) pages: Add lil' ol' me to the list, please.
You say, "We got it. Noted. :)"
Mesarthim is sorry about being lazy on apps. ^^; And I hope it hasn't offended you greatly that I was maybe discouraging of some parts at times.
Assault Kangaroo (Kangaman) pages: In response to me?
You paged Assault Kangaroo with 'Yes.'
Arcturus says, "I am simply loud about my opinion on an OOC level on all issues because that is the way I am. I am not going to put up a disclaimer that states that these views in no way represent those of M3 or its adminisration unless I specifically say as such, because I shouldn't have to-- I'm just a /guy/."
From afar, Assault Kangaroo (Kangaman) nods.
Long distance to Assault Kangaroo: Gemma has your complaint. there is nothing more that anyone here can personally do.
Javelin Whitetail snrk.
Prismatic Spider says, "Actually, I still don't like Glaive. Mainly because he's proves he hasn't changed at all."
You say, "Pris, let me remind you this is being logged?"
Prismatic Spider says, "Bring it."
Javelin Whitetail says, "Glaive is not exactly the issue here. ^^"
From afar, Assault Kangaroo (Kangaman) nods. I felt like expressing it now.
Assault Kangaroo (Kangaman) pages: Er, expressing it again at this point.
Prismatic Spider says, "Everyone else was giving their opinions, I'll give mine."
Arcturus says, "Pvt. 1st Class Johnson doesn't have to specifically say 'This is my opinion as a /guy/, not a member of the military' when he goes to City Hall."
You say, "OK."
Javelin Whitetail nods. ^^
You say, "Who was it who just raised their hand?"
You say, "I lost it."
Chest says, "Raised their hand?"
You paged Assault Kangaroo with 'Ok, it was you :)'
You paged Assault Kangaroo with 'mis'
You say, "OK."
Gemma is losing pages. If you have a page, pop it to Gemini Man
Elpizo arrives from the OOC Lounge.
Elpizo has arrived.
You say, "Anyway, Alpha still"
Alpha says, "Since Duo wants me to complain about him, even though I consider him one of the best admin around, Im mostly annoyed that it doesnt seem like he has fun here. Sometimes it seems like hes complaining the most, and hes not around that often for RL reasons, sure, but these RL reasons have been cropped up for a pretty long time. I always have the feeling that Duo doesnt really want to share his own complaints because people wont like them, or something, and this also bothers me because I dont think I could help him, or even entirely understand where hes coming from, if hes keeping his own disgruntlements out of sight. And sometimes, I just think he should lay down the Director Hammer more. He sometimes lets buearacracy get in the way of whats best of the Mush.

And speaking of bureaucracy, theres way too much. It isnt helping. In fact, during OMC, -Doppler- was one of the last people to know that the virus was being cured. And Sigma and Doppler, IIRC, didnt realize that the Sigma Virus was -permanent-. Im not sure how this happened to this day. Oftentimes, something which is cool with most of the people who need permission, gets utterly denied because of one person in the way being a stubborn mule. Thats where the bureaucratic problems lie, I think. Also, in admin being lazy, not replying to @mail, forcing me to page them over and over and so forth until Im really too much out of energy to even care anymore. There needs to be less -planning- as Gemma said, and more doing. Done."
Javelin Whitetail says, "Alright, I need to run."
Javelin Whitetail will catch up with the log. Y'all have fun. ^^
Javelin Whitetail enters the OOC Lounge.
Javelin Whitetail has left.
Gemma is gonna make an input here before we go on.
A lot of people have been saying that the admin only involve themselves in their plots. I know and can see where that has come from especially in big TPs. They've been EFC/admin alt centric for a while. I felt that pain as a player.
I have kind of been working to change that. The way that I generally do it is by starting up small plots that absolutely anyone can nibble on. They generally involve my alts, yes, 'cause I'm driving with my villain alts especially. So please don't be afraid when I make an "ask Gemma" post on the board. I really do mean you, yes you. I think that the definition of "TinyPlot" has gotten blurred real bad around here lately. It always involves global nightmare, so much planning. What ever happened to running Tiny plots? Anyone can do that.

And now, Sarah.
Conduit finally makes it through his buffer, it sucks having to afk in the middle of a meeting. >_>
Vav has disconnected.
Assault Kangaroo says, "Yeah, when I made the goofy radio chatter as Gungaroo that would lead to the Tetsuo's scene with Heatnix attempting to start a volcanic reaction, I didn't think it would evolve into such a scene."
Assault Kangaroo says, "It was unexpected... in a good way."
Fairy Leviathan says, "I've heard that people hated that."
Fairy Leviathan says, "I loved it."
Charge Man says, "That conversation was hilarious."
Dr. Sarah Fairchild says, "I have a couple things to cover, so I'm not sure how long this'll be. Also I wish to note that I missed a few things, so I will probably be rehashing things. I apologize in advance."
Mesarthim says, "I was a little like 'nngh' but I didn't hate it."
Dr. Sarah Fairchild says, "First, the combat system overhaul. I want to state publically that I am ambivalent about it. It could either be VERY BAD, or it could be excellent. In toying with what I've seen posted about it, I've found that it does balance things out significantly, which is good. Unfortunately, I suspect that the only way to really gauge how successful it'll be is to implement it, and if we do that we can't go back. This is less a complaint than an observation, but I felt it had to be said."
Dr. Sarah Fairchild says, "That said: Regarding Neo Arcadia and canon in general. The adaptations are part of what I ADORE about Megaman MUSH. They're part of what drew me here to start. I feel that the changes make sense in the environment we've established here, and that they are, on the whole, very good. I am probably somewhat biased; if we went to straight-canon, Interpol, which many many players have worked VERY HARD to create, would be obliterated - and there would be virtually no humans on the Earth and so my favorite character, who is speaking to you now, would die, which I would not like."
Dr. Sarah Fairchild says, "As for staff. I have a few gripes with staff, however they are almost universally of a personal nature. I have a big fear of people in authority, but even with that I have found that /most/ staffers, when dealing with staff matters, are usually approachable, which is a plus. However I have also from time to time gotten strong negative vibes from several staff members - which has already been addressed, so I shall refrain from naming names - which disturb me deeply. I must also confess to having issues with Leo, which are probably entirely stemming from the fact that his personailty intimidates the hell out of me."
Dr. Sarah Fairchild says, "I have this nagging feeling that I forgot something, but I don't know what it is anymore, so I'll yield the floor."
Charge Man says, "But I did think that Heatnix went overboard."
Assault Kangaroo says, "Oh, and I got a chance to at least /try/ to develop Gunga a little in that scene."
Midi has disconnected.
Midi has connected.
You say, "Ok, in that case, Prismatic is up. ... I try to be approachable and I try to do what's best for the game, BTW. I'm only human though. I have backtalked occasionally... I don't think that will ever really go away about me, since it's human nature, but I try to give everyone a chance, do my best to get everyone involved in things. I've made up with a lot of people over fights over dumb issues and I've also started fights over dumb issues. I'm just speaking for myself here, but I want to help the game, I want to be approachable. I want to do my best. I'm sorry if things I say or do are wrong or occasionally hurt people, because I want to be trustworthy, too. Anyway."
Conduit says, "Nah, Blaze didn't go overboard, she was just following the fine print, in the MUSH laws, the fine print states that Tetsuo's bar must on occasion be utterly obliterated. ;)"
Prismatic Spider says, "My only real peeves regarding the MUSH involve the ridiculous amounts of bureaucracy that are needed to get anything done. The feel of the MUSH tends to stifle people who want to go out and just start up plots on our own. I don't know if it's that I don't have a character suited for things like this (I have found it's a lot easier to go do random things as a 'villain' type than a 'hero' type), the fact that the theme is much, much more solid and harder to work with (other descriptions that come to mind might be 'stifling' or 'claustrophobic') than what I've become accustomed to (VL), or that I just keep trying for too much with too little when I do try. There's been instances where it's taken over a year to get a final decision on some things, and frankly that's just ridiculous in my opinion. We need to clear the lines of communication and get the power to say yea or nay to people who are active and present, or at LEAST give general ideas of what someone can get away with without needing admin confirmation. This is PART of the reason why there's the APPEARANCE of recent TPs being The Admin Alt Show. It's a LOT easier and faster for the Admin-CoC group to figure something out and implement it instead of putting your feelers out across the MUSH and take 2-4 weeks to do anything. Since the former is faster than the latter, the former happens more often."
Mesarthim pretty much dittos Gemma. - "Things do often move more slowly here, it is true."
Gemma also wishes it were easier to get themechecks. At the times I have needed them, they were hard to get.
Mesarthim says, "I think part of it is that sometimes, we're worried that if, say, I make a decision about something, and it isn't liked, an appeal will be made without me knowing about it OR, alternately, a decision was already made and I want to make sure I'm not going against it, so I ask around, and sometimes it takes a while to get a response."
Gale Sorcerer says, "There have been things worked out in CoC too. The White/Black Striders, for example."
Fairy Leviathan nods.
You say, "Kalinka is next. and thanks to people who are waiting patiently."
Kalinka disclaimers, I don't pretend to speak for anyone else except myself. This is just my own opinion. Psychogenesis says, "An annoying person has called me, so I can't really read and pretend to pay attention to him at the same time. x_X"
Kalinka says, "OK, I haven't been here very much in recent months, because I've found a home at another MUSH. So maybe I don't have much room to talk, here. But one of the reasons I lost my fire for this place isn't because of the admin, or anyone doing me wrong or whatever. I just came to the realization that I don't have much fun here anymore, to be brutally honest. That's probably largely my fault, but with the introduction of Neo Arcadians, and the concentration on them plus Striders and Interpol, I feel the place has changed a bit too much for my liking. The focus has turned away from Reploids. And...I prefer reploids. I still have a story to tell with Kalinka and with Iris, too, so that's why I haven't left. I don't know if others feel the same as I do, but that's my personal reason. Not because I have beef with anyone. It's just...the changes have alienated me. I liked what it /was/. I'm not so sure I like what it is /now/. There doesn't seem to be much room anymore for Kalinka, or for the original Repliforce, when so much focus is on what's new and (perceivably) more exciting. That's all I had to say. Thanks for all the work you do, admin people. It's appreciated. Not everyone has beef with you guys."
Dr. Matthews nods.
Fairy Leviathan nods.
You say, "Thanks. It's really good to hear."
You say, "Because, not-so-confidentially, I'm working my ass off."
Fairy Leviathan says, "You are."
Kalinka nods!
Psychogenesis says, "<3"
You say, "And if there is a problem I try to address it."
Elpizo nods, "You do a great job, Gemma."
Empathy Egret nods.
You say, "And if there is a problem -with me personally- or my sphere you can come to me. I may not always think you are right but I will listen. :)"
Fairy Leviathan nods. ^^
Mesarthim has been trying, but perhaps not as successfully. "However, my batting average WAS rather impaired early on." c_c "As far as Striders/Interpol goes, I think a lot of that lately is getting them established."
You say, "Anyway, Kali, there really are plans for Kalinka, you gotta talk to Leo about the Russia stuff, though."
Charge Man has nothing more to really say, so leave.
Kalinka nods.
Charge Man enters the OOC Lounge.
Charge Man has left.
Kalinka will do. :)

You say, "And then it's Chest and then if anyone else has to go they should go."

Psychogenesis says, "me?"
Cloud Man (Cloud) pages: Your sphere? O.o

You say, "Oh, right :)"
You say, "And Psyche after that"
Psychogenesis says, "No return on love."
You say, "Oh wait, Psyche was before chest. Arg. I suck"

Cloud Man laughs.
Alpha says, "Also, Kali, I'm up for Sewa-Kali RP most-times. :)"
Chest says, "Oh, you win again, Psych! But I'll get you next time!"
Psychogenesis cackles!
Psychogenesis says, "And it was actually something Alpha said that made me think of this.. I totally agree that I dislike just about every TP that goes on here. Mostly because, yep, it's focused on pre-built scripts that were established for either FCs or TP Characters.. that's al fine and good, and is not the primary part of my concern. I can play the peon that does as he's told and whatnot.. and what's to come is more of a suggestion, I guess, than a gripe.. As it is, I'm the XO of Intel Gathering for the Mavericks.. Well.. because I'm the only active player in my squad... don't make fun of me. >_< In any case, since Interception is basically useless now, it would be /NICE/ if the Intel Divisions of the factions could, oh, you know, actually GET some INTEL once in a while.. And no, you don't get it through RP.. because people are tightlipped and know not to reveal secret plans or whatever because of ICA=ICC.. And sure, maybe a random Madlib I get to put together on the radio will reveal something, but half the time.. it doesn't. Or, even further, if a faction is planning something, it stays on the board and radio silence about it is commanded. So, at that point, there is no way for me to get IC information about it. Why can't we have random NPC informants or something? Some chance that some /GOOD/ /LEGIT/ information be passed to Intel? Because, as it is, Maverick Intel = Useless.. Everybody can plot against us and we'll mostly rely on hoping we can muster up defenses for it.. don't expect us to be expecting it... save OOCly. Which isn't ICly.. which is the point of what I'm saying.. know what I'm saying? o_O"

You say, "Hm, that's a good point but I am not sure how to help you, Psyche."
Dr. Matthews says, "Ie, sometimes NOT having things work out how you want can be more fun than just following a rote script."
Gemma has done intel work a lot as a lot of alts. It's sorta hard.
Alpha says, "Well he had a suggestion how to help him out in his post"
Elpizo unfortunately, has to go.
Sasha has disconnected.
Elpizo has disconnected.
You say, "Oh, like random NPC stuff."
Umbra Phantom says, "You could grab the posts about an incoming raid. Grab some parts of it, like, 4 different facets of the raid. And roll a die, and have the intel find out that facet."
Cloud Man says, "Perhaps board 32?"

Umbra Phantom says, "There's thousands of way for Intel to work, but it always winds down to: We need the admins for that."
You say, "That's really hard for the admin to police. Because people might be mad if I leaked their plans."

You say, "I really do think that people should handle their own leaks."
Umbra Phantom says, "People don't, though."
Psychogenesis says, "Ever. ;)"
Cloud Man says, "Kick them."
Cloud Man says, "Right in the soft spot."
Conduit says, "Yeah, thats like asking someone to let a dog bite you. ;)"
Cloud Man says, "I think Sigma would probably be up for letting things leak, he's usually nice and stuff o.O"
Gemma frowns. I just don't know if the admin can do that kind of leaking, though, it seems like a breach of what we should do.
Mesarthim says, "We could probably work out some system for this. The problem would be the temptation to get an admin for that, and then an admin for something else, and so on and so on and suddenly we're a WoD MUSH."
Dynamo Man (Battery) pages: Hey, got a minute?
You paged Dynamo Man with 'Page Gemini please'
Fairy Leviathan snerk.
Umbra Phantom says, "The fac-Admin can handle the leaking."
Umbra Phantom says, "It IS their faction. ;)"

You say, "The Robot Masters always leak their own information."
Alpha says, "I'm a little leery of giving the fac-admin more to do when they are having trouble doing what they're supposed to already."
Mesarthim says, "The problem with that is what happens when they come to us and go 'why did you leak that information? You've ruined our RP!'. I already feel half the time like I'm ruining things for people. x_x"
You say, "Yeah, I am too, dittoing Alpha there."
You say, "Right, yeah, what Mesa said."
Fairy Leviathan nods.
Conduit says, "Thats because the Masters can't keep their mouthes shut about anything. ;)]"
Fairy Leviathan laughs. :D
Alpha says, "(that is my same deal with the worldcheck system too, except that seems like even more work. The grid is large. But if we're making the grid smaller, it might work.)"
Umbra Phantom says, "Honestly, I think that any plan that takes weeks IC to plan out should end up leaking SOME information. It happens in every single games and movies. Why not here?"
You say, "I think that leaking information between factions is something I shouldn't be doing in situations where it doesn't involve me. For one thing it may make me look biased or help my alts in unseen ways."
You say, "but maybe Yosho's suggestion with the plotcheck will help."
Conduit says, "well they can't really complain too much, every faction has an intel division, so its not like one faction is getting gyped."
You say, "Because you can page the involved people for information and then ask about a possible leak, without a middle man?"
Umbra Phantom says, "Most of the time, people will tell you that there's none, Gem. Sometimes you'll be told to try and infiltrate or hack, but honestly, it doesn't make any IC sense because we wouldn't know what to infiltrate to hack to start with."
You say, "Does that seem reasonable, Psyche?"
Alpha says, "well, you don't always have board access to the other peeps' boards. (Actually, I'm wondering if having read access open for all the fac-boards, if not post access, isn't be a bad idea.)"
Fairy Leviathan thinks.
Psychogenesis says, "Honestly.. this guy in my ear won't shut up, so I'm prolly gonna have to read my log to see the answers."
Umbra Phantom says, "Facheads already have global board access, Alpha."
Mesarthim says, "That's a thought. There would be accusations of OOC-IC leakage, I'm fairly sure."
Mesarthim says, "Facheads aren't always around tho."
Mac gets off his butt and goes IC.
Mac has left.
Alpha says, "They don't count"
Alpha says, "I mean payers"
Alpha says, "-players-"
Psychogenesis says, "From what I have read, though, I suppose it's better than nothing"
Alpha says, "normal players."
Chest does note that having access to other people's faction boards OOCly makes things so much easier for me to know what's going on in the information gathering field, and thus do things ICly.
Psychogenesis thinks random hacks into bboards would be cool.
Umbra Phantom says, "What Psycho just said is a good point."
Chest doesn't like random hacks, personally, as again it'd mess up plans of other people.
Alpha nods to Chest. (and I don't think abuse would be too common, since abuse would be obvious.)
Umbra Phantom says, "People with Hacking could be able to hack into boards and actually GATHER Intel."
Psychogenesis nods.
(New BB message (28/52) posted to 'Character Suggestions' by Yosho Roshi: White Dragon Concepts)
Alpha isn't sure if it should be random, but maybe let people put a flag on their posts that let it be hack_OK or something.
Umbra Phantom nods.
Chest says, "Yeah, that'd work."
You say, "Well, it's Chest's turn. You've made a good point. It's something to consider. In the mean time...always be active and curious about what is going on, and don't be afraid to page people and ask questions directly, Psyche. It may be hard to get information here but it will not really be handed to you in any case."
You say, "A problem that I have personally seen is when I do drop leads people do not pick up on them."
You say, "So it goes both ways."
Chest says, "Nobody needs their crack hacker to discover 'OOC: I'm going to be on vacation for next week! Don't burn down the faction without me! ^^ <3 <3 <3"
Umbra Phantom is probably guilty of that.
Chest just wanted to make a lil' note here about TPs. The very best TPs are the ones that you and a buddy make yourself. Now yes, this means it isn't always going to be an earth shattering TP where nations fall, populations are wiped out, and Sigma finds true love (although that last one was close, it seems), but don't be afraid to do stuff on your own. It's /hard/ for admin to put /others/ at the forefront of a TP, because they don't /know/ your character like you do (and, naturally, probably don't /care/ about your character like you do). Just a suggestion to y'all to go make up a scene or two of your own. Yeah, the admin might ask you to tone down certain things in order to make everything fit together and not annihilate theme, but that's small potatoes.
Regarding Psych's note, by the way, all you intel boys and girls should get together and have a tête à tête. Run an Intel TP or two. Things like this are better handled between intel operative and 'person running whatever it is'. Aside from that, bug the crap out of Leo whenever he makes a 'Questions to Leo' post to bboard 18. S'all from me.
You say, "Actually, NA has been great about taking leads."
Mesarthim says, "This is true. Admittedly, not everyone would investigate everything, but..."
Umbra Phantom says, "Fetcher would. If I logged on more often."
You say, "Interpol and the Hunters don't take leads as well. Not pointing fingers, ya'll just don't."
Umbra Phantom is a moron with very little focus for side-characters right now. X-x
Mesarthim says, "Yeah, NA is great at that. When I did a post with that on it, I almost instantly got an NA-er response. :) - This is true."
You say, "I really have to pull Interpol's teeth."
Cloud Man says, "What constitutes a TP?"
You say, "Anything does, I think. I think we've really made a huge deal out of something that shouldn't be."
Chest says, "Any scene planned more than 24 hours in advance."
Mesarthim says, "A miserable little pile of se-- er, it's jsut a term for a plot. Technically, anything that goes beyond casual social RP could be termed a TP."
You say, "And yeah, if you want intel, ask people that give you the info. Another example would be... you have reason to believe the RMs are goign to try to infiltrate, so ask an RM fachead, ask Enker, if there's any chance you get a leak."
Alpha says, "I disagree with the 'big tps can't get players involved'"
Arcturus says, "Actually Enker's not in the #3 spot right now."
Arcturus says, "Who you should be asking is Quint."
Chest didn't say involved. I meant have them be at the forefront. Have them be the stars.
Alpha says, "I disagree with that too."
Chest says, "Fair enough."
Cloud Man says, "Alpha, do you really think they'd stick Dalet at the forefront of a major TP? ;p"
<X-Soft Drinks> Diet Coke (of Evil) Gemma says, "Hey Arcturus. Random question. (I will page from Gemini to avoid log issues.)"
<X-Soft Drinks> Surge Arcturus says, "kay."
Umbra Phantom says, "Why not?"
Cloud Man sighs.
Cloud Man wiggles a hand.
You say, "Go ahead, Cloud."
Cloud Man says, "No, wiggling as in "Continue on.""
You say, "That wears out my whole queue. So if no one else is going to continue, we're done."
Psychogenesis finally gets rid of the dude on the phone and starts reading re-scroll. ;)
You say, "So feel free to just talk at random again. :)"
Mesarthim has a little something to say.
Gemma was gonna run a scene a bit later, too.
You say, "Go ahead."
Cloud Man says, "I sent a @mail to Duo about how I'd like to see NPC Gumbies that are controlled by the players to help even out scenes, like raids and the such"
Chest does have a request, though. Since a fair number of adminers are around.
Conduit wants to add something.
Cloud Man says, "I feel that having unevenness in terms of combat chars in a raid has tended to cut deeply into who will and who doesn't get to RP. A lot of good people probably get shafted when they show up at an RP scene and see that they can't do anything but make idle comments."
Gemma doesn't see that as happening, Cloud, but it's under advisement.
Arcturus says, "People need to stop being so concerned about flat numbers in +odds."
Fairy Leviathan nods.
Arcturus says, "Last night we had a 3v2."
Chest has never seen that happen, personally. Heck, I remember Jav going toe to toe with Charge Man.
Alpha says, "They don't try to begin with :). And I could see Dalet in front of a major TP, albeit not a serious one."
Cloud Man says, "Last night there was a 3v1."
Cloud Man says, "XD"
Umbra Phantom says, "Guys. There was a 6v1 in the Neo Arcadian Servers that one day."
Cloud Man says, "Most people prefer the evenness though, and tend to glare if you try to join if it'd make the numbers uneven."
Umbra Phantom says, "You've seen nothing."
Chest says, "Dalet could be in front of a TP, sure. But Dalet would pretty much have to be the guy making said TP."
Cloud Man would also like the staff to beat up Saturn if he doesn't handle the apps tomorrow XD
Alpha says, "People -do- prefer evenness."
Alpha says, "But it isn't impossible to not do evenness."
Umbra Phantom says, "Somethings evenness doesn't make sense, though."
Umbra Phantom says, "*Sometimes"
Shining Firefly has connected.
Cloud Man watched Neon Tiger(great scene and fight) take out 3 people in a row can understand how total evenness in numbers isn't needed.
Umbra Phantom nods. Some characters are good as Crowd Control.
Mesarthim says, "Basically, I know I've been less than a hundred percent with the Civilian stuff. And that I can see why people would be annoyed at the focus they've been getting. However, a lot of this predates me, and it also has been about establishing them as their own groups; you could see them, perhaps, as the Megaman World Stuff which didn't show up in the games. (Sort of like how there were presumably toilets for Drs. Light and Wily, but you never saw them.) I understand if this detracts for some people, but I hope you won't mind if I disagree.
That said, if there are ever major worries about them that you feel need to be brought up with me, go ahead. I don't log in dark more than maybe one time out of a hundred (I have some lately, but that's just 'cause I'm technically still on vacation) because I don't mind having these things brought up. I also am working on a couple of medium-sized TPs which have ample room for pretty much whoever wants to show up, so if you see a 'questions to Mesa' post, feel free to look in. Although, on that topic: Would you guys like some kind of 'investigation @mail format' thing? Since it just occured to me that possibly a reason why we get relatively few investigations is because people just don't know how to go 'I'm investigating (blah)'."
Empathy Egret says, "It would be handy, Mesa. Certainly."
Umbra Phantom nods.
Cloud Man tends to just pester the staff when he has questions.
Cloud Man says, "Though that probably pisses them off >.>"
Alpha says, "Civilian staff has always been slow"
Mesarthim says, "@mails are easier for us to keep track of. Sometimes we take a while to answer them, either because the investigation would take time, or we want to get our story straight, or we enjoy watching you squirm."
Prismatic Spider says, "Something else of note: EVERYONE'S Intel/Spy groups suck. EVERYONE hates having their stuff found out."
Conduit says, "I think one of the biggest problems around here, which branches off into any number of problems mentioned here today. Is that, to be frank, the admin around here more often or not run around in utter chaos. it seems like theres little to no interadmin communications most of the time and that seriously needs to be fixed. If you page an admin and they can't give you an answer because they're not sure and the question falls into their area of authority, theres a problem. But this often the case which is why things so often stagnate. Because its like playing a game of telephone."
Cloud Man says, "..Mesa's been slow? o.O"
Arcturus says, "Civstaff is slow because the box gets four times as much traffic. :D"
Max Armour has disconnected.
Cloud Man says, "She handled Dalet's app fine."
Mesarthim has often been slow about apps and about other stuff. In my defense, I have three factions and change to deal with, while most people have one. :)
Fairy Leviathan nods.
Gale Sorcerer enters the OOC Lounge.
Gale Sorcerer has left.
Arcturus says, "When I was civstaff I went through and tabulated it. In one week, the Civbox got 10 unique items. In that same week other boxes got 2-4."
Alpha says, "Well, Mesa is the fastest civ replier ever."
Cloud Man nods.
Mesarthim says, "Really?"
Arcturus says, "Yeah."
Alpha says, "Well, I don't know much about Arc's time."
Arcturus was generally acceptable-speeds.
Cloud Man says, "I pestered Arc non-stop >.<"
Arcturus says, "I try to put out a reply within 72 hours."
Cloud Man tackles and hugs him.
Alpha says, "But I've had times in civ-staff where it'd take a month to get the first reply, or longer"
Fairy Leviathan says, "Actually."
Fairy Leviathan says, "This whole meeting."
Fairy Leviathan says, "Has given me a little more hope."
Alpha says, "That distant light!"
Fairy Leviathan says, "Because I felt like everything I had to say, and all my worries, were exercises in futility."
Cloud Man says, "This may be pointless, but would it be possible for a staffer or two or three to post on the Territories board about the current political situations and NPC feelings? Like...Wily is emperor of Japan, but he's also are they coping with it and how do the people of Japan feel "on average" about RM's? And such."
Fairy Leviathan says, "That no one cared, no one was listening, and I couldn't do anything to make any changes."
Conduit says, "Yeah, its just too bad that the light at the end of the tunnel is actually a train. ;)"
Fairy Leviathan says, "o/~"
Fairy Leviathan says, "It's just a freight train coming my way, eh? :D"
Alpha says, "I think Wily needs to get down and do his like ten billion plots he's in."
Prismatic Spider thwaps Conduit. No Metallica! Bad!
Fairy Leviathan says, "Yes."
Dr. Sarah Fairchild swoops down, drags Fairy off on the Paradise Line.
Fairy Leviathan O_O
Conduit says, "ow, Hey, whats wrong with Metallica? Especially the S&M album, it rocked."

Cloud Man says, "Yeah..I don't know what's up with the North Pole anymore O.o"
Alpha says, "I mean, seriously, getting kidnapped for a trial while his other trial for being Emperor was under way and augggh :D"
Umbra Phantom says, "You know, come to think of it, the RPs that I enjoyed most were either very silly with serious characters (Hi Levi!) or out of context thanks to Wily. (Femme-ray, Chibi-ray..)"
Psychogenesis says, "Yeah, what's wrong with S&M?"
Psychogenesis winks.
Cloud Man says, "People should've noticed by now ICly that something was happening there."
Jet Man wishes he could have thought of something to bring up. :/
Fairy Leviathan says, "Bullet did."
Fairy Leviathan says, "There's a snowman in her yard."
Dr. Sarah Fairchild says, "I will say that the Wily Capture is driving me batty because I'm trying to try him for being emperor, demmit."
(New BB message (28/53) posted to 'Character Suggestions' by Ballade: White Dragon Concept.)
Dr. Sarah Fairchild says, "(and it'll be /really hokey/ to try him immediately after he gets back from being tried.)"
Alpha hatteeessss the chibi ray. Mostly because people tried to force it down your throat.
Fairy Leviathan nods.
(New BB message (28/54) posted to 'Character Suggestions' by Arcturus: Note)
Mesarthim says, "Another thought I've had that I wanted to throw out to you guys."
Alpha says, "WilyMan Trial 4 and WilyMan Trial 5 are linked games"
Mesarthim says, "Which relates to investigation stuff."
Dr. Sarah Fairchild says, "Speak, almighty fishperson."
Chest says, "What's that, Mes?"
Conduit pouts, "Oh sure, just ignore my comment."
Empathy Egret says, "Go ahead. We're listening."
You say, "Wily stopped doing rays and stuff because he thought people hated them so you should tell him if you liked it."
Mesarthim says, "Basically, some kind of field you could set with your connections and the like that might require staff-checking and which would not be vital if you were not an investigator; kind of like +efinger, which I bet a lot of people don't even know exists."
Blues didn't mind the rays. I just personally don't have my characters participate in such things. Enker was too serious. I might have an easier time doing it as Blues because he'd be a cranky little chibi who would shoot people left and right because he knows it wouldn't actually hurt them.
Mesarthim says, "The staff-checking is mostly so people wouldn't claim that they know the entire world on a personal basis. :) Also it would reward 'social' PCs."
Alpha tugs on Mesa's tail, "I'm not sure I understand :(."
Shinkan Wolf arrives from the OOC Lounge.
Shinkan Wolf has arrived.
Psychogenesis enters the OOC Lounge.
Psychogenesis has left.
Empathy Egret says, "That would be cool, but... what about people like Emma, who could just know whomever?"
Mesarthim says, "Well, it's mostly like... hm. Must think of example."

You say, "I want to put up some kind of forum where the Neo Arcadia players can voice their feelings. I think I'll make a voting machine for right now."
Vile says, "Does the battle still rage?"
Mesarthim says, "The idea here is for it to represent connections to the larger NPC world, people you might have as contacts or pals who are not played."
Cloud Man says, "We're on the "Battle Royale" part."
Empathy Egret nods.

Alpha says, "since Voting machines can be ..uh.. too simple :D"
Vile is going to own up some mofos.
Empathy Egret says, "Yeah, I got that, but... well, my character's someone who'd just go out and talk with anyone who wanted and/or let her."
You say, "True. I don't know how to make a board and I do know how to make a machine."
Fairy Leviathan hmm.
Shinkan Wolf enters the OOC Lounge.
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Mesarthim says, "That's true, Emma. That would probably be taken into account, but on the other hand, you'd be more likely to get Secret Info out of an old pal."
Zell Tristan arrives from the OOC Lounge.
Zell Tristan has arrived.
Alpha says, "a lot of stuff on M3 is hard to manage it seems when it really shouldn't be."
Vile says, "What are we talking about?"
Mesarthim is having investigation-related ideas, Vile.
Empathy Egret nods. "It's cool. In some cases, it looks like it'd be a slight headache. If it's pull-off-able, though, it'd rule."
Vile ah.
Gemma is gonna close the log soonish?
Conduit enters the OOC Lounge.
Conduit has left.
Mesarthim says, "If anyone has any more deep and meaningful comments, raise your hands!"
Cloud Man says, "Here's an idea! 5 characters allowed! ;p"
Cloud Man hides.
Alpha raises hand.
Cloud Man kisses it?
You say, "Yeah?"
Mesarthim says, "Speak, tailbeast."

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