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Eurasia - Skydeck

        Nestled at the very top of Eurasia, this park is the small secret of Eurasia, and considered by many the most beautiful place on the station. Massive transparisteel windows cover this area, and grass and trees are maintained by a dedicated gardening staff. Though a few restaurants and tourist destinations line the edge of this park, it sees little use, and is a good place to come to be alone. Even the security here seems relaxed, and there is virtually no problem with any crime here. Mechanimals and birds are the only things that actually live here, but it's not unusual for some people to remain for hours, just watching the beauty of space from the many grassy hills that dot this pinnacle of the mighty station.

 Glaive [Standard] [MH]
 Mercury's Camera
 Castle In the Sky

 Lift Down <LD>
:           Eurasia - Empire Central Square

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Glaive takes Mercury's Camera.
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[OOC] Glaive says, "Why it was there...."
[OOC] Solar Stega says, "Hiding from people, obviously. :O"
[OOC] Glaive says, "You wana start or me?"
[OOC] Solar Stega says, "I'd rather you started. :D"

It was Early in the morning here at the Skydeck, it was still dark, but from the edges of the planet you can see the brimming light on the other side. Glaive was here, his eyes closed as he thought his thoughts in his seclusion. Soon another day would start...another day of war, chaos...though, one he did not have to suffer alone.

 The thought made him smile...well, if he could. His optics once again reopened, as he waited the sun's rays to peek over the horizon.

It was late evening, from Solar Stega's point of view, based in San Angeles. Timezones are strange things, if you travel a lot... She walks into the Skydeck, impressed and fascinated with the view as always; for now, the saurian reploid is here to watch the stars and think about timezones. Such is the life of a civilian.
She looks around to see if anyone is present -- and lo, there is. Wondering why he's here at this time, she walks forward, probably into the other's field of vision, but she doesn't get very close, nor does she say anything.

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[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Glaive transmits, "...Hmm? Chest is messing with Mavericks now?"
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Glaive leaning against a side of the window, he did indeed see her, and nodded a tad bit. His body did not hide what he was, and there were various insignia's on his body placing him as a Maverick Hunter. The Squid's motions were at ease, as he just simply watched her for a moment, then back at the approaching dawn. "Here to see the sunrise?"

Solar Stega bobs her head, and looks up at the dome. "Not originally.. but since it's happening now, I might as well stay for it.. Mmhmm," she says, her tail waving slowly behind her. She glances at Glaive, and tilts her head to the side, but can't think of anything more to say, and so looks back at the rising sun.

Glaive nods, being quiet. At this time the sun was already moving around the earth, as light flowed in through the windows. Glaive looked back towards it for a moment, and then away again towards her. "Beautiful is it now? I wonder how many people sit and watch this everyday, and fail to see its beauty.."

Solar Stega closes her eyes as the light gets brighter and smiles, at least as well as her facial design allows. "I don't know how I, much less anyone else, could get used to something like this.." She hehs and shrugs. "It could happen. I just hope it doesn't happen to me, and I'm guessing you wouldn't want it to happen to yourself either, eh?" she finishes with a bit of a chuckle.

Glaive looks back out, and shrugs his shoulders. "For fourteen long years I have watched this war rage. It was inevitable that I became jaded...however, I have found something to fight for again, and everything I lost has come back. You are partially right...I just do not want to lose the part of me that loves the sunrise again.."

Solar Stega mmms. She hadn't realized that she was talking to one of the oldest Reploids around, much less that she knew of.. It was intriguing. "It's sometimes said that once you lose the ability to see beauty, it's.. more-or-less over for you... I think that things are transitory. Given enough time, and experience.. Things will always change. This war isn't the same as what it started as... I'm confident it will change for the better," She turns to look right at Glaive, "But the idea came from my outside view of the battles. I don't know what the war is really like.. And.. Jeez, I ramble a lot. Sorry about that," she adds, somewhat apologetically.

Glaive shakes his head, waving a hand at her. "Don't feel sorry, I like to listen, despite what I might sound like on the Radio. You are right, things were almost over for me then, but...well, you know, if you don't change you don't survive. I think I have...and I really like it." he says, chuckling a little to himself. "You're obviously not a fighter, that is good. This war already has enough combatants. So what do you do?"

"Heh, that works, then," Solar says cheerfully. "I do... well," she gestures vaguely at her back, and the large plates on it. "I work for a power company. It's just /so/ exciting, but I think I like it that way. I repair solar panels and store extra energy, for whenever it might be useful."

Glaive nods, nods. "That sounds rather interesting. I was once a environmental disaster cleanup Reploid. My dad was huge on the environment and stuff." he says with a chuckle and looks back out towards space. "Now I fight, the name is Glaive by the way Miss..?"

Solar Stega ahhs, recognizing the name from various sources, and quickly supplies, "Solar Stega."

Glaive nods again, "Nice to meet you." he stretches a little, and starts towards walk away. "Well, never a dull moment around here. I will see you later, if you don't mind the company of a loudmouth self-richous Hunter?" he says, with a chuckle.

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"Aye, likewise," she glances between Glaive and the now-fairly-bright sky. "Good luck with the day.. See you later," and Solar waves. Perhaps nothing more will happen this morning? Will just have to wait and see.

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