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     Often confused with the South, the Midwest is the area between the Great Plains and the East Coast. Many of the areas here are a mixture of suburbs, cities, and sleepy towns, acting as a sort of transition area between the Great Plains, the South, and the East. Most of the identity of this area is tied to the Mississippi and Ohio rivers, which once acted as a lifeline to cities nestled along its banks many centuries ago. Filled with a rich diversity, many stories can be found about the adventure and excitement that once thrived along the rivers.

 Shinkan Wolf [Wolf] [C]
 Cassilda Coriolis [Dressy] [I]
 Kalinka [Dmitriev] [C]
 Gemini Man [Human] [RM]
 Sewa [Sewa] [C]

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        Lisa Faulkes of the Blake Foundation is speaking on behalf of her organization. The presentation is being given inside a tent to the side of the main HeraCorp Facility. The Tent is equipped with a stage in front, a podium, a holoscreen to show slides/powerpoints/whatever, a carpetted, set in floor, and many, many seats facing the front. Various HeraCorp Security Agents are positioned around the room, as are some of the own personal agents of the Blake Foundation.

Lisa is still getting her slides and papers in order as people file in. The crowd is varied, as she expected, with her employees, HeraCorp employees, reploids and humans alike represented. The crowd is still noisy discussing, even though presumedly the keynote speaker is already onstage.

While the previous presentation was more likely to draw the eyes of Repliforcers + People who knew things about brains, this presentation is, well, open to the whole family! As a result, the quantity of people is actually larger than Sewa expected, so she decides to sneak on over to the side of the tent to wait instead of in a seat herself to make room for others to make themselves comfortable. She also checks to make sure her interception equipment is on. So if someone says '... Faulkes ... Death Kill!!!!!!' Sewa will be one of the first people to know.

Cassilda Coriolis arrives! She isn't even wearing her uniform, which makes her totally impossible to recognize. Really. She's actually wearing one of those 'fashion' outfits, which in this modern day means that there's a lot of green to be seen. She is rather quick to move forwards towards one of the warmer spots of the tent, her wings half-folded.
The person she sits next to asks her about the Battle and Chase Incident. There is some vague and awkward explanation as a result.

Solar Stega was drawn by curiousity and a lack of something better to do. She enters the tent, looking around at all the other people taking seats or just standing around, most (if not all of them) of them talking. Keeping mostly to the back of tent, she finds a seat and takes it, throwing a glance behind her to see if anyone's there. She wouldn't want to block someone's view...

       Being a wolf, it was hard to even get this far.. but Shinkan had some curiousities about the presentation that needed to be soothed. Most of the guards simply recieved a sharp growl as the large wolf padded inward. Moving himself down the rows, people tended to block him off or move out of his way. Eventually, however, Shinkan managed to find a place near the edge. Placing his front paws on the seat first, he hefted himself onto the chair, circling in the seat a few times before trying to sit down. Fortunately it was big enough.. And so help me God if he hears one more 'Bad doggy, off the furniture' there will be teeth in arse.

It really isn't all that hard for anyone to get in, even as a reploid, provided they don't seem to be hostile. Open hostility warrants greater scrutinizaion.

Lisa has a bodyguard in the form of a large crocodilian reploid. He's tall, but not quick to anger, and he seems friendly enough as he chats with the HeraCorp guards.

The crowd starts to go quiet now as the tent nears speech time. Lisa--a rather plain-looking woman, really, though she's done her hair up in a bun for the occasion, and has a nicely cut navy suit--looks out into the audience at the very mixed crowd and tries not to look nervous. She pulls it off...reasonably well.

As for any other suspicious characters in the audience--perhaps there may be, but there are at least no open Mavericks. So far, so good.

The signal for all quiet comes down and the TV cameras start to roll.

The HeraCorp guards are, primarily, professional, calm, and collected. It's what they're trained to be more than anything else. However, they are secondly perhaps the most cynical guards in the universe. This is a generalization, and some of the guards are downright cheery, but an eery many of them seem disenchanted. This is probably because they get 'the crummy' jobs. Despite this, they seem to appreciate Guard Crocodile's presence.

        Sewa is in her suit, of course, but she hasn't removed her unpatented 'cat-ears'. It's bothersome that she has to keep them on for something -formal- but, well, listening to the radiowaves is important. Many of the people in the audience she doesn't really know, but Sewa isn't really the one to be giving out speeches, so she decides to go around and check out some of the new arrivals...and she heads straight for Cassilda first, because she is green. "You feeling comfortable?" she asks.

Cassilda Coriolis blinks at Sewa with her wide and non-threatening amber eyes. "Oh, I'm doing fine - it's sort of cold out here, but that isn't your fault." She smiles, hands folded in her lap.

Satisfied with her choice of seating, Solar mostly watches the front stage, waiting for the start.

"Ladies, and gentlemen..." The microphone squeaks slightly, and Lisa adjusts it. Then she tries again, and this is much better. "Ladies, gentlemen, and reploids of both or neither category..." she says. Her voice, which has more of a British than Australian accent, seems to be gaining in calm now as she begins.
"I'd like to welcome you all here today, and begin, by thanking you all for coming. I've been getting a lot of questions recently, from different nations and different groups, about the study that was released in the nation of Australia...and how it relates to the Blake Foundation, and what we do. I've also had a lot of questions--visits, and phone calls--from curious people... politicians, scientists, representatives from nations..." (this is a very politically correct way of mentioning Elpizo indirectly, and she's proud of how prestigious it sounds worded this way) "and just interested citizens, asking what we really DO stand for, what we DO, and how we've managed to accomplish our goals thusfar."

Sewa says, "It's c-", she pauses, adjusts her headset. Damn, lost it. "Well if you want a blanket or something I could get one for you..?" Sewa asks, trying to be accomodating for now. She keeps her voice at a very, very soft murmur so that Lisa's words are not at all obscured.

       The wolf shifts in place for a moment, his yellow eyes glancing around the room to get a feeling for who happens to have shown up. A bit uncomfortable in the chair, he eventually hops down and decides to lay in the isle instead. He props his head on his front paws and stares up towards Lisa.

        The speaker doesn't hear any conversation in the crowd from her position, so she continues uninterripted with her speech. "I'll begin by explaning," Lisa says, "That the Blake Foundation, which is commonly referred to in shorthand as an 'anti-reploid' organization... is no such thing. We are, however, an anti-war organization, and in combatting these so-named Robot Wars we have reccommended, sponsored, and in some cases recieved, legal limitations on reploid production. That includes raw numbers of created reploids, as well as what reploids should be designed for what function."

A slide, in 3D, behind her, of the 'Oz' base, which is now decommissioned and abandoned. "This base used to belong to Repliforce, which... as everyone knows, was designed to fight the Robot Wars on behalf of human beings. I know Repliforce very well, as I worked with a group that contracted Repliods out to them for combat purposes. When the flow of Repliforce moved from London to Australia, I followed my work. During my tenure on this committee, I designed reploids that were built to fight, and die, for a cause that only moments before their activation they had no place in, and when woken they had little knowledge of. Some reploids chose not to fight, and were deconstructed, their weapons removed before they were given 'civilian' status. Others stayed...many of whom died, their lives burnt out like candles during the Maverick invasion of the Repliforce London Headquarters."

Cassilda Coriolis says to Sewa, pitching her voice low, "Oh, no, I'm alright, I just - well -" She gestures at her skimpy, skintight outfit a little. It may in fact be painted on.
Then back up to Lisa! She blinks several times, and her expression is best described as 'attentive'.

Solar Stega ponders that. It could be an odd idea, if you thought about it closely. Solar's abilities had always been geared toward non-combat purposes... And it seemed strange to her, that if one didn't want to exploit their abilities as soon as they were given, they would be taken away.

Sewa bobs her head, "'kay," she murmurs before stepping back to listen to the rest of the opening. She listens, nodding her head to the 'history' of Repliforce, so to speak. She makes a few notes on Lisa's speech on a napkin, mostly just points that she thought were well-made or well-stated as she looks over the assembled people present once more. Her eyes set on Solar Stega for the moment, but she doesn't approach, she just watches for the moment.

"You may have heard stories about this, or been a participant in something like this. But these stories are everywhere. Reploids who refused Repliforce only to become Maverick. Reploids created to test weapons, with a personality matrix installed onto as something to aim the gun." Lisa sighs, almost getting a bit too wrapped up in the speech. "I expressed my frustrations at my work about a year ago, to an author who is now deceased. That man, Gregory Blake, went on to write a volume describing different first-hand stories of reploid abuse." The slide flips, to a bar graph. "This graph depicts statisitcs about reploid survival. His findings were that, because so many reploids were built for combatative reasons, the lifespan for reploids was actually strikingly short. This graph, taking into account that as a race reploids have not been around a very long time, nevertheless shows a startling tendancy for reploids to DIE, outright, within their first two years of creation. That is because of the high casualty rates for those built for combat, and, threats like the Maverick virus." Lisa seems confident of her numbers here, not of the mind that the statistics are weighted or faked, even though some in the crowd seem to murmur to disagree.

"After the book hit international press, there was... for a time, a lot of conversation about the findings, particularly in Australia where the most of the research was done. We decided it was time to do something about it."

Solar Stega blinks and looks up from her thinking and glances around the tent. Was someone looking at her?... But her attention is diverted when Lisa starts to talk about Blake's book, and she feels a twinge of sadness. She herself had been around for almost two years, and she hardly thought about being killed any time soon. (And boy, did the wording in that idea sound odd.)

        The wolf grunts a bit. It's about as much of a smirk as one might be able to warrant from him. He'd been around for years.. though, the truth in her words brought baring to those he had saw die around him. But he was in an odd 'business'--death was a part of it. Still, the wolf has said nothing.. he simply keeps his head rested on his paws and his yellow eyes set on Lisa.

"The solution proposed by Blake's book..." Lisa refers to the author by last name, putting across an air of detachment that fails only slightly, "Was to limit reploid production severely until the Maverick virus was officially cured. As part of that, he also proposed an entire ban on the creation of combatative reploids, and the decommissioning of Repliforce."

A pause for reflection, and a glance to the audience. "Repliforce WAS decommissioned, and though it was likely not for reasons related to these findings, it seems to have been a step in the right direction for Australia." Another graph pops up. "Though the new Maverick Virus has been gaining power over most of the world, Australia reports a low incidence of infection. This, of course, is partially because of the nation's island status. But, we also feel that it is greatly aided in part by the removal of the Repliforce 'target' from the country. With less combat-capable recruits for this dreadful infection, the Mavericks no longer have as much reason to rampage across our country..." Lisa clicks the button, and brings up a slide that is probably concocted to gather yet a bit more pathos: the devistation after the first Maverick attack in Sydney. "As they have before."

Cassilda Coriolis continues to watch. She seems, perhaps, slightly sympathetic to all of this, but then... well... She leans back a bit in her chair, folded-up wings spreading out so she can lay her back against the cushion without squashing them.

Sewa hms a bit and scribbles another question to ask for later on her napkin. She glances towards the 'wolf' and gets a little suspicious. Maybe there is a Maverick in the audience after all, or maybe she just imagined it, but either way she makes her way towards the 'smirker' discreetly. Sewa is paranoid, sure, but being paranoid in these days isn't neccessarily a dissability.

Solar Stega hmms quietly. Lisa brought up logical reasons to limit Reploid production in the ways she spoke of... But population control in any form tends to instill a feeling of unease in most people, herself included, and a way to get around that doesn't seem obvious.

Lisa folds her hands on the podium. "We believe in humane treatment for reploids. We also feel it's important for reploids to be given the same career choices as humans, especially those who choose not to fight. That is what ultimately brings me to HeraCorp today." A breath, and the segue. "What this company does, is create reploids in the most humane manner they possibly can. Rather than forcing upon them the goals of those who commission the design, they always allow the reploid to choose. If more companies praticed this, reploids as a whole would be happier, and safer." Another pause. "I also know it may be difficult to listen to a platform that hinges so much on population control. But it's important to note that the population control in this incidence is very temporary. The money that goes into building reploids to kill other reploids...and often become Maverick themselves...SHOULD be going into funding better anti-viral measures and research. Only when the threat of the Mavericks are gone, will reploids really be appriciated as they should be, and as happy and healthy as they should be, in society."

Solar nods slightly, not finding any popular reason (thus ruling out ones along the lines of "but I WANT war!") to disagree. How could their dream be set up, though, without causing a lot of trouble? It seemed very difficult and challenging.

       The wolf doesn't seem to be in any state of paranoia, so he's not exactly checking over a shoulder to see if he's being watched. His fur seems to bristle slightly, however, at the sensation of Sewa watching him. But his eyes never leave Lisa. For a long time, Shinkan has eyed HeraCorp as a possible hire for an 'Operation' that he had wished to undergo. He wanted to see if the presentation made here today would reveal their ability to accomplish said goal.

Sewa scribbles down another question on her napkin. That makes three! She hopes she doesn't have to ask all of them, but she does slink down by Shinkan Wolf, crouching, but being politely quiet as she listens. Every so often, she glances over to Shinkan Wolf, or to another person in the audience, judging reactions for the most part.

Before continuing to speak, Lisa notices there is some discomfort in the audience, and, she nods at her papers. "Before I conclude, I really want to open the floor to questions. I know there are a lot of them, and I also know that it's difficult to think of everything that people may wonder about when preparing a speech. So if there is anyone who would like to be heard, please gesture for the nearest microphone, and someone will come around to you."

Sewa -doesn't- start with her questions, she doesn't want to jump on other people after all!

Solar Stega stays put, not really liking the idea of speaking in front of so many people. But she looks around to see who might be wanting to say something.

Cassilda Coriolis glances around briefly - she doesn't have any real questions, but she wants to know who /does/. For completely innocent purposes, of course.

Seeing that there is a bit of apprehension, Lisa shuffles paperwork. She wonders if there ARE any questions. Or did she blow them away, or scare them all off? Then the hands start to go up.

A human woman, looking to be about in her early twenties and probably a college student, waves for a microphone-weilder. When a mike is present, she stands up, glancing nervously around the crowd and swallows nervously. But she gets it under control, and speaks clearly enough to be heard. "If these controls /do/ go into effect.. What happens if a cure isn't found? Er," she stumbles, "I mean, what if it's not found for /some time/? Months, or even years? I know we don't want to think like that, but it's still possible..." She pauses, collecting her next thought, "And if our defenses against the Mavericks -- Repliforce and the other robots in combat service -- are greatly weakened somehow, would you try to have the restrictions lifted for the duration?" She then sits back down, looking more nervous than when she started.

        There is a reploid in a labcoat, sitting a few seats down from where Shinkan is lying in the aisle, who stands, lifting his hand to see if he might be acknowledged before he askes, "Yes, Ms. Falkes, I'd like to know if you could possibly ellaborate on what HeraCorp determines as the most important area of concentration for the construction of Reploids? As in.. will more focus and funding be placed on the design of Personality Matricies and Neural Networks, or will the actual shells or bodies be more the focus of your work?"

Lisa nods to the first in turn. "A good question. Statisitcally, Mavericks do far more 'recruiting' than construction. That is why 'Coalition' propaganda exists...even while the virus spreads. The Mavericks exist frequently to trap reploids to their cause... infect them, or hook them. They then turn their twisted comrades to destroy humans, property, and of course, other reploids. It's a fallacy to suggest that creating less combat capable reploids would create less reploids to 'fight the Mavericks.' It also creates less reploids to BECOME Mavericks. And human beings should, and increasingly can, stand up for themselves...rather than force Reploids to fight for us. I would never support lifting the restrictions I had worked to put in place, becuase I believe they will HELP combat the Maverick problem."

A pause, and then the second question. Lisa answers: "I personally am not a HeraCorp employee, and it would be wrong for me to speak on their behalf. I can really only speak for the Blake Foundation and my associates, there. But if you are interested in HeraCorp's practices..." She gestures to the audience, indicating Sewa though Sewa may not nessicarily have wanted that, "You should probably speak to the CEO after the conference. I, personally, am no longer in the 'building' business."

       The wolf's head lifts to follow the indication towards Sewa. The person is noted, memorized, and scent traced. There's almost a glisten from his yellow eyes before he turns back around and sets his hands on his paws again.

Cassilda Coriolis begins ruminating in the back of her mind. She has a bit of an idea of something that she should ask - and it's a question that's just popped into the back of her head.
The problem, of course, is... asking it. Especially in this situation.

Solar still doesn't want to attract attention, but is quite interested when Sewa is referred to and then pointed out; she likes watching or reading about what HeraCorp does.

Sewa Raises a hand, and gets a mike. She says, quickly to answer the question, "HeraCorp desires to make reploids that are equipped to fulfil their personal dreams and desires. What is the most 'important' kind of Reploid we should build? Well, we're still establishing statistics and patterns based on which reploids decide to go for which jobs, but I can say they tend to desire duties and jobs outside of the major 'factions', as they are often called. Most choose to join neither the Mavericks nor the Hunters nor the Robot Masters nor Interpol, and of course, not Neo Arcadia. Many seem to prefer to open up their own businesses. Sometimes that is construction, sometimes they just want to be a singer, bodyguard services. Some popular jobs include chefs and enviromental work, community service, and so forth. HeraCorp would prefer reploids to not go into criminal organizations, nor do we support them if they choose to do so beyond basic construction, however we do not enforce or wish to enforce particular feelings on where reploids -should- be concentrated beyond that."

        Sewa then continues, "I also have my own questions. During the Decomissioning of Repliforce, there was a large spike of reploids who were interested in joining Repliforce. I had to send these reploids secretly to Repliforce at the time, but not all reploids who join Repliforce are pressured into doing so. What are your feelings on that?"

A good question from Sewa, it makes Lisa ponder for a moment. "I see. I didn't have that analysis, but I would suppose that it was because there was, and still are, reploids that don't like the United Nations, yet supported the idea of fighting for a cause. May I ask this: do you find that the number of reploids who wanted to join has 'leveled out' since the estabilishment of the New Repliforce?"

Sewa says, "That was only for my reploids, of course, other companies may have been different. As for now, I am not privy to how many reploids in factories are going to Repliforce, but as for ourselves, Reploids since the destruction of the Korona System have not been as interested in Repliforce as they were since the initial spike, though it is still seems a little higher since before the Decomissioning. Likewise, soon after the destruction of the Korona System, many reploids wanted jobs linked to the Hunters, and that too has tapered off a little with time."

Lisa nods, and answers after another moment of thought. "I think that time will level out the statistics about recruits to 'New Repliforce.' I'm not opposed to reploids doing what they really desire to do, but it should be voluntary in any case." A pause, reflection, and an additional: "My 'gut...' after working with the United Nations Repliforce for so long... says that so many soldiers in so much quantity leads only to more violence all around." A chuckle, a sigh, and a derisive, "Maybe you don't want to trust that, but logic and statistics support it."

       Another member of the audience stands and requests a mic, before asking the speaker lady, "Hi, yes.. I was wondering.. Do you have any remarks based on either studies or research as to how potent the latest Maverick Virus truly is?" The reploid scratches at the back of his head, "Like.. I know there are rumors going around that you can be infected just by being -near- another Maverick.. Can this be confirmed as true or not? And if so, is there a way to build immunities to this transmission?"

A headshake from behind the podium. "I don't know for sure," Lisa says. "It IS reported more potent than the last variety. Exactly how it gets transmitted, we aren't certain. Keeping away from Mavericks is a good strategy for anyone, in ANY case, infection notwithstanding."

Well, there's no better time than the present. Cassilda stands up from her seat, her wings unfolding a bit in a rather dramatic way as she raises her hand. She says, in her clearest, sweetest voice - Gyorgy Ligeti would have given both legs for her, most likely - "Excuse me - Miss Faulkes..."

She points, with one emerald finger, towards the woman's hand, and the rather dramatically large and sparkly diamond on the finger. "Who gave you that ring?" Her expression is quite determined as she says this, and she sounds... well... certain.

        There is a small murmer of laughter in the audience.

Solar Stega listens to the questions and answers, and blinks when Cassilda states hers. How.. offtopic.

It is kind of an off-topic question, and it makes Lisa blink. She doesn't move her hand, or anything of that nature, to hide the ring she wears. It's on her right-ring finger, and it is, all-told, a rather impressive diamond. It's the kind you would give a woman to engage her, though worn in the wrong place. "That..." Lisa pauses, and takes a breath. "That's a private question, but I got it from Greg--that is, Mr. Blake... before he died." She squints a bit, as if she's going to say more, but then does not.

Cassilda Coriolis continues, steadily, despite the giggling of the crowd, "I apologize, but this is very important - How did he die?" She's trying to sound kind, or at least 'not a complete jerk', but she's also being Firm.

(It always works on TV! Right?)

Sewa glances to Cassilda, "...What's this about...?", she murmurs to herself. It sounds like it's a police Investigation!

It seems like the wrong time and place. Lisa clears her throat, and answers, as carefully as she can. She's met Cassilda before, so she at least somewhat understands the line of questioning. "Miss Coriolis, if you do have any leads toward investigating his death, I'd be happy to talk to you more privately after the conference. But, it is a matter of public record, he WAS killed by Mavericks."

Solar Stega mentally huhs. That's as good a reason as any to be anti-Maverick, to her.

Was Mister Blake really an alien!? Blake rhymes with FAKE after all! It also rhymes with Flake! And Cake, but Sewa doesn't really think any of this, she just waits to see Cassilda's response. And Kermit said it wasn't easy being green.

Cassilda Coriolis nods her head, once. "And I'm very sorry about that, ma'am - but I'm also familiar with the details of the case!" She straightens up, her wings lifting for a moment and then folding behind herself in a slightly different configuration as she continues.
"But did it ever occur to you, miss, that your organization was always working on a shoestring budget - and yet..." She nods her head towards that big chunk of glass. "... Where would he have been able to get his hands on such a large diamond? There's only one place in the world where you can get them easily..."

And she straightens up, and sounds almost apologetic when she says, "Southern Africa." Almost apologetic.

Solar Stega blinks, surprised, and wonders where this is heading.

There's an awkward pause. Lisa clears her throat.
While she'd known of course that that WAS true, there was always something a little behind-the-scenes about her ex. After a moment, she says, as detachedly as she can muster, "Yes. That's true. However, it's not customary to ask a lot of questions about one's engagement ring." She takes another breath, and then, looking slightly ill, she tries to step away, hurredly, from the podium. "That should be... enough questions. Thank you all for coming.... it's been good speaking today."

       As Lisa turns away from the podium, Shinkan rises onto all fours--his big nose taking in a few scents from the air. His bright, hazy yellow eyes flash and turn from the speaker to the Inquisition. It was hardly the time or the place for such an interrogation.. one might think it even rude. But the wolf can say nothing, else he turn into a growling, barking beast in the middle of the tent.. hardly what is needed at this point of tension.

Solar, feeling a bit sympathetic to the woman for being cornered like that, also watches her pull back. Sympathy doesn't stop her from wondering just what the diamond's relevance is, though.. hm.

Sewa crosses her arms, straightens, and walks to the podium. She says, "Please help yourselves to some refreshments, we will remain open for another hour. Thank you for your interest, and I hope this presentation gave you as much to think about as it did me.", she turns her head, looks at Lisa for a moment before setting her eyes on Cassilda Corriolis. It is a rather ambivalent look. And then she adds, "Thank you for coming, and I pray you have an excellent evening," and then she steps off, wondering what to do about this latest development. One thing's for sure, she's not going to underestimate a cute face again!

Lisa can't leave too immediately; there's still people around, as well as reporters that are now suddenly eager to ask questions, as if they smell the scent of emotional blood. Most of the questions are about Greg rather than the Foundation itself, now, and she tries to shield herself from them as best she can.

Cassilda Coriolis gives Lisa a long look as she turns to walk off. And then, without sitting back down, she moves off towards the exit to the pavilion. Sure, it's chilly out there; she's going to be sitting under a sunlamp for a while.

And then she pauses to look over towards the reporters. And then up towards Sewa for a moment. She's feeling ambivalent now; maybe it would have been best to let her stay in her dream and fighting for it as best she can. Having your illusions stripped away can hurt. But now, perhaps... she can put things together well enough to make certain that whatever nastiness he's done, or said, or promised, that it might end up useless.

And so, she turns to walk back out to the small two-seat police car she'd arrived in. Hopefully it has a heater that works; even more hopefully, it won't have a bomb wired to it.

Solar Stega, slightly mystified now, watches the reporters mill around.

Lisa manages to exit, with help from her crocodilian guard... he does a good job of shooing most of the reporters away. He looks intimidating but only because that is his job to do so...Lisa, who finds a back exit, and winds her way to her rental-car, looks somewhat depressed.

       The wolf's ears flicker a bit, his head tilting to the side at a casual tidbit of information, before he circles in place and then starts to head outside. He'll hang around casually until he can find Sewa on her own.

        There is a bit of a rumble from the black wolf, then he shifts his position and starts off, away from the tent that has been set up.

================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/72                     Posted        Author
Presentation Ends In Conspiracy!   Sat Dec 04    Global News Network

        A reporter!

        "A planned presentation for the Blake Foundation at HeraCorp started 
rather well. The speech went off without a hitch, and the questions were 
answered without much trouble at all. However, what seemed to be a rather pat 
and comfortable presentation turned quite suddenly into sudden uncertainty 
upon the integrity of the origins of the Blake Foundation."

        An image is shown of the Presentation, which focuses on Cassilda 
Corriolis as she says, 'Did it ever occur to you, iss, that your organization 
was always working on a shoestring budget - and yet... Where would he have 
been able to get his hands on such a large diamond? There's only one place in 
the world where you can get them easily... Southern Africa.'

        Back to the reporter! "Despite there being other places in Africa at 
the time to get such diamonds, most of Africa was controlled by The Robot 
Masters during the foundation of the Blake Foundation, and Mr. Blake's death."

        "Regardless of this, the HeraCorp presentation ended peacefully, with 
CEO Sewa saying that the presentation gave her a lot to think about...and that 
she hoped it gave a lot to think about for others as well." 

        "CEO Sewa also requests that we not jump to judgement based on a little 
uncertainty that may lead to nowhere, and that we consider the good the 
organization currently does over the past."

        End report, though this story is probably being played in differing 
manners elsewhere, from total conspiracy to 'it's nothing, it was just a 
coincidence!' deals.

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