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Fort York Expo Center (FYEC)

        Welcome to the Global Science and Technology Expo!

As you make your way into the massive Expo Center, holographic signs welcome you to the world's largest technology demonstration expositon. Security is only slightly above average as visitors are scanned for weapons and recording devices to protect against design theft. Booths are set up everywhere here and a carefully planned map of pathways and traffic flow patterns has done little to prevent the massive clogging of the walkways by curious onlookers, vendors, and the ocassional prototype gadget too big for its designated booth. Fortuantely, after hundreds of years of architectural trial and error, the acoustics of the expo center make it actually possible to hear someone next to you without shouting and the usually overwhelming roar of the crowd is muted to a dull rumble.

There are several minor demonstration areas throughout the set-up, but there's a main stage at the north end of the center with several thousand folding chairs facing it. Restrooms are liberally scattered for those who need such things, and there's no shortage of food, drink, and overpriced techno-gadget vendors.

Ditz Pinkmouse
Cyber Peacock
Dr. Sirius Viper
Glyde Loath

Matter Editation Chamber <Sy>
Fairy Leviathan
Dr. Doppler
Dust Man
Prismatic Spider
Salvage Crab
Tornado Onion
Seismic Earthworm

Salvage's Grubby Booth <SGB>
Rosered Technologies (RT)
Dr. Cossack
Crazy Yoshi

Dust Man's Booth of SCIENCE
The Cossack Foundation Display
Durandal's Kinetic Assault Booth Of nonOpressive Mutililation <KABOOM>
Sewa's Booth of Awesome
Dr. Julie Matthews Booth
Booth of Evil Genius <BoEG>
Fairchild's SPIRIT Booth <FSB>
Dream Tech Limited Booth <DTL>
Gaudile's Totaled Plastic Volcano (TPV)
Kausmann Designs! <KD>
The Viper Booth <VB>
Corthnetic Designs <CD>
Booth No. 13 -- Cut Man's Booth
Prismatic Technologies <PT>
Overclock's Computer Display
Solstis Wonderments <SW>
Infinity Creations <IC>
Gravity Distortion Stage <GDS>

Glyde Loath just +oocfingered you.
[OOC] Glyde Loath says, "SNARK. I... I mean, Solar Stega!"
[OOC] Solar Stega says, "Snark? :O"
[OOC] Glyde Loath ment SNARL.
[OOC] Glyde Loath isn't feeling good.
[OOC] Solar Stega pats. :o

Somehow, somewhere, a mouse has made it past all the mousetraps and robocats prowling the area to keep it free of such vermin. This is no ordinary mouse though. This is a mouse wearing socks. And it is sitting on one of the booths comprising the Cossack Foundation display.

Tornado Onion finishes dancing and watches the crab move to the stage, doing nothing at this time but watching the rest. He would be yawning at this point if he could but seems content to stay and watch the rest of what is going on.

[OOC] Dr. Doppler says, "does this mouse have a motorcycle?"
[OOC] Gaudile snickers.
[OOC] Solar Stega says, "Woah, I haven't thought of that book in ages."
[OOC] Gaudile says, "Man, I haven't--what Stega said."

It's getting to be time for the next round of presentations here, and the stages are being set up to go.

[OOC] Ditz Pinkmouse says, "Not with him"
[OOC] Solar Stega says, "Ditz needs a motorcycle. Or maybe a Hummer."

Overclock's display is here, still... Overclock himself is manning it. Took some guts to come back, all things considered, but he wasn't going to miss Salvage and Doppler today. He's seated just outside his booth.

People do not come near it.

[OOC] Ditz Pinkmouse has rocket skates.

Fairy Leviathan, for her part, is circulating and eyeing things.

Perhaps she is being used as a remote camera, using godless bioscience.

[OOC] Ditz Pinkmouse says, "godless communist bioscience?"

Dr. Cossack, holed up inside the Cossack Foundation display/compound, is not wandering around as much as he did yesterday. Fortifications have been set up as a defensive measure around the display, which is now being patrolled by men in updated WWIII Soviet combat armor. Counterintuitively, the annex gets a lot more business because it seems safe.

Solstis has connected.
[OOC] Solstis says, "Peoples!"
[OOC] Solar Stega will be lurking near the Cossack Foundation display for sure. X)

Prismatic Spider is still at the Expo. Gee. Even after getting mauled, the Spider Scientist has no intention of not being there. He is, however, looking a bit grumpy, as he is missing the three arms on his left side, and floating around in a chair mounted into a hoverpod of some kind. Right now, he's at his display, chatting with Doctor Doppler. Or he was, last time he checked. The Replifoce guard around the display has also been increased.

[OOC] Tornado Onion says, "How very noble=D."
Blues enters the Fort York Expo Center.

The front stages light up as someone else steps onto them, the signals transmitted that announce to the GSTE that yes, the presentations are going on, and look, there's one right now.

Salvage comes out from backstage, pulling up a pair of hospital gurneys chained together, one behind the other like they were train cars; the front one is tied to a hook on her massive shell. She's moving them pretty roughly; apparently whatever's on them is not that fragile. Both are covered with plastic tarps.

Once she's got them arranged behind her, along with a projector unit, Salvage goes up to the front, taking her spot as a presenter. She's cleaned up a little, and the top half of her helmet-mask is missing, so her eyes are visible even if her mouth isn't. "Quite a crowd. I guess you folks weren't scared off by last night; good for you. All right: I'm Salvage Crab, and I'm - surprise! - a salvage specialist. My job is to scrounge around on battlefields or other wrecks and pick off the useful stuff. The biggest problem someone like me has is that all this junk is hard to carry, since it's heavy and big, and half the time attached to Reploids anyway. So I've got a couple ways to get around that, short of 'bring a big-ass truck'."

Salvage reaches behind her without moving her eyes from the audience, unhooking the gurneys from her shell and also pulling out the remote for the holoprojector. Flipping it on, it shows a moving image from the fighting at Paris, dead and dying everywhere. Judging from the angle, Salvage may have taken it herself. "Here. So many dead things and vehicles with damaged control systems, and nobody could bring even close to all of them anywhere. A waste, as we can all agree; parts are /valuable/ and they're just sitting there to rust."

Dr. Light enters the Fort York Expo Center.
Sonata enters the Fort York Expo Center.
Dr. Light drops Light Labs Booth.
[OOC] Dr. Light says, "THERE."
[OOC] Sonata says, "HOLY o.O uh, hi!"
Zero enters the Fort York Expo Center.

Dr. Light has been here the whole time really he swears you'll never prove otherwise!

And Sonata has most definitely been seated next to him. Even if you couldn't see her.

[OOC] Zero can prove otherwise.
[OOC] Sonata shakes her stealth at Zero. Lies!

Spotlights... they mean something, Ditz is sure of it. But what, he can't quite remember. Something important. Something to do with him. Oh well, he's sure it will come to him. In the meantime, he leaps across the tops of booths, defying physics with the distance of his jumps. Soon he's out of the Cossack Foundation area, and moving on to the booth that just popped into existance, the main Light Labs stand. "This looks like a good spot to watch from!" he announces to everyone near him as he appears, seemingly out of nowhere.

Fairy Leviathan pauses in front of Cossackgrad, looking at it. Something about it is alluring - an attraction borne in military readiness, stout fortifications, and the promise of borscht and sour cream within. There would be shooting, and torture, and just the right kind of suffering within.

She watches for a long moment, and then turns to move towards the Viper display. Sadly, it seems closed down, with is a bit of a disappointment.

[OOC] Zero sticks a five dollar bill in Sonata's stealth.

Tornado Onion watches Salvages presentation, thinking there just /must/ be something with the maverick displays. For two of of the three shown so far have been about using thing's that were once a part of someone or somebody for something that will benefit them. Overclock's brains and Salvage's parts are almost interchangeable in the fact that they both are important to whoever they took them from. However one's being created for use by the mavericks and another's to carry the parts and pieces Salvage has announced. The onion wonders if mavericks are a bit too infatuated with death and destruction.

[OOC] Sonata shakes her stealth for Zero's amusment some more.
Ares enters the Fort York Expo Center.

Overclock smiles at the stage, sitting back in his seat. ...He can't recall hearing Salvage talk so much at one time, come to think of it.

Roll enters the Fort York Expo Center.

        Solstis limped out of his booth, as the drone itself that was inside had been fully repaired by the little helper robots, what with how Solstis knew nothing about robotics and drone construction. He smiled when he noticed Salvage was up on the stage, and wondered how quickly she'd end up pissing off everyone like Overclock had with his own display.

Dr. Cossack regards Fairy Leviathan from within the safety of his display with his field goggles. Otherwise he stays with his group of hired thugs and keeps tabs on the presentation with a personal monitor.

Salvage Crab rarely /does/ talk that much without insulting someone. It's nearly a record. She watches the crowd intently through slightly narrowed eyes; she never looks away, even when she works at something behind her.

Salvage pauses to reach under the first gurney, although she doesn't move the tarp aside; she pulls out a fist-sized lump - her fist, not a human one, which means it's about as big as two human fists. It uncurls into a bug-like thing with eight legs and a somewhat round body, twitching in her grip.

"This is a drone. It doesn't think. It has some specialty interfacing equipment but you can build the rest of it out of parts you find lying around, and the interface isn't that hard to make." Salvage holds it up, and the holographic projector switches to a view of the bug-drone, spinning. "Cost to make one is hard to estimate since I salvage all my parts, but low, and they aren't hard, either. So what's this for?"

Reaching behind her again with her claw hand, Salvage yanks the tarp off the gurneys; the tarps were tied together, as both of them fall off. Under the tarps are - bodies. Reploid bodies, both quite battle-worn; the one in front is an eagle Reploid, missing her left arm and part of its head, while the rear is a dragon with little visible damage except for the hole drilled very neatly through his head - looks like someone got sniped. Both have been cleaned up, so there isn't any visible mechfluid - just missing pieces in the case of the eagle. It's hard to tell what's wrong with the dragon from down there.

[OOC] Gaudile heads out for a bit. Will come back later.
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Solar Stega slips in, seeing that someone's presentation has already started.. She glances around at the people who still decided to come, and immediately feels safer. Hooray for the old 'safety in groups' thing.
Even so, she makes her way over to the Cossack Foundation minifort and watches from there.

Hm, dead bodies. ...intact, Overclock considers. They're definitely not mockups either.

Tornado Onion shakes his head his suspicions correct. Where Overclock was concerned with the human body, Salvage is the same with the Reploid. He looks at the battered and dead reploid soldiers not caring from whichever side they came from, just that she's using these once proud beings as a display for her showcase. He thinks about ignoring the presentation, mainly because it features the dead, and it, albeit cleaned and much nicer to look at, still scares the onion. Has she no sense? It all seems very sick to him.

Eventually, the man dressed in White emerges into the expo area once again; flanked by a pair of rather tall bodyguards. The curious thing that one might notice is that they are heavily tattooed. Even their faces bear ritualistic african-looking tribal designs, shilouetted in white against their dark brown skin. Both are flanking Glyde on either side, wearing mirrored sunglasses and black suits. The path of the trio takes them near to the Cossack Foundation's booth, the Industrialist's head bowing to Doctor Cossack; flipping him a salute with a gloved hand in a friendly way.

Upon hearing a question, the ever helpful rodent amidst the Light Labs area feels it's his duty to answer. So, after producing a microphone that's larger than he is from his pocket, he turns it on and starts to speak into it. "IS IT FOR MAKING CHEESE?!" His words echo loudly about the room, making him wince. Apparently he was standing too close to the mike.

Zero has disconnected.
[OOC] Ditz Pinkmouse says, "and for those of you who dont know me and are too lazy to read my desc, I am the size of a real mouse. not a reploid."

Ah, Glyde and his brown attendants. It's almost like a 19th century British Adventure novel. The Russian pulls his gaze away from his personal monitor, then tips an imaginary hat to Glyde as he passes. He likes Glyde. Evil knows evil.

Dr. Light gives Gylde a little glare, before quietly stepping over the the Light Labs mike set, and turning the microphone where Ditz is off. You can't stop enthropy, but you can slow it down.

[OOC] Glyde Loath fixes his desc.

Fairy Leviathan's blank eyes track to the overexcited - blank space of air? - for a moment. She appears much as normal to Cossack-scans, although her IR signature is not as profoundly cold as it had generally been in the past.
She looks over towards the arriving industrialist and his manservant, and then moves towards the HeraCorp section.

Roll has left.

Salvage Crab wears a shell made out of vehicular armor plating and corpse pieces. You'd better not have been expecting a presentation about sweetness and light; it's just not going to happen. Cheese is also apparently not on the agenda; she stares in the direction of the voice for a moment before she shakes her head, simultaneously amused and irritated.

"The name of the game is putting your parts to work," Salvage explains, still holding the squirming bug as she hefts the eagle to her feet, holding her gently in the claw hand - and without cutting, either. "These guys all were dead when I got them, by the way, so you can stop whispering, I /know/ you are. - Anyway, what this bug does is... /this/." Bringing it up, Salvage brings the insect-drone up to the back of the eagle's damaged head, and it clings with six of its legs. There is a faint drilling sound, the bug partially disappears, burrowing into the back of the head and sending out a number of tiny connectors in short order.

The eagle moves. Dragging her legs under her, she stands upright and very, very still, aside from a constant twitch in her remaining arm.

"The drone interfaces with the nervous system of a Reploid. Doesn't do a damn thing except itch if the person's alive and concious, and if they're unconcious from most battle damage its control is shaky at best. If they're /really/ out of it - their net has gone into stasis - or dead, that's when it works, controlling the body directly." Leaving the eagle, Salvage repeats the procedure with the dragon Reploid, getting him up on /his/ feet, too. "I'm not done yet, hold on."

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[OOC] Dust Man says, "Mmm, zombies."
[OOC] Dust Man says, "Get the Flaming Chainsaw!"
[OOC] Seismic Earthworm says, "Only ex-zombies can fight zombies! Out of my way!"

Overclock was a little grossed-out by Gate's poop-to-food converter, but not at all by this. (Knew there was a reason I liked that girl.)

[OOC] Tornado Onion says, "Glad to see your still with us ahahhaa......"
[OOC] Dust Man says, "Gate's WHAT?!"
[OOC] Tornado Onion says, "Uh, yeah."
Cinnamon has connected.
[OOC] Gaudile says, "It is tasty."
[OOC] Cinnamon says, "Hello!"
[OOC] Ditz Pinkmouse says, "Hi!"
[OOC] Salvage Crab says, "Hi Cinnamon."
[OOC] Seismic Earthworm says, "I would eat it."
[OOC] Tornado Onion says, "Dad made something that whatever you put in becomes food, to a point."
[OOC] Salvage Crab says, "You're missing a demonstration on zombies."
[OOC] Cinnamon says, "I have to take out the trash, but then I'll be back."

Glyde Loath is actually on the point of walking past the Cossack Foundation's display when for whatever reason he halts; turning upon a fashionable heel and making his way back to where the other stands. Muttering a word in swahili, the two heavily-tattooed men that accompany him halt near the entry as the Industrialist moves to make his way into the thing proper; briefly lifting his gloved hands to the guards to show he's not holding a weapon. On the way, he beams to Doctor Light a wide smile and then approaches the black-sheep-in-white-clothing of Pavel. "Good Afternoon, Doctor Cossack." He says, bowing in Japenese fashion. "I will take but a moment of your time. Back in the day, after I helped dig out Light Labs, you agreed to sell me some Ride Armor parts in order to work on my Glyder. Soon, it will be time to replace the the main hip joints and the bearings in the conversion equipment. I was so happy with the quality of the other parts, I would like to purchase from you again."

[OOC] Cinnamon says, "How far in are we?"
Dr. Sirius Viper enters the Fort York Expo Center.
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[OOC] Tornado Onion says, "Ah! Our stars back. Yey! first one."
[OOC] Ditz Pinkmouse says, "first presentation is midway thru"

Dust Man hmms.. He looks at his teleporter. It's time to test it! He ignores what's on stage to begin loading up the program for the dimensional traveller. It's a little fork with a smiley face and a helmet on it. He plunks it into the teleporter and the Janes slip HUGE sciency goggles onto their eyes. He begins to cackle wildly, grasping his beer. He downs it, slamming the go button with the empty can. There's a sputter.. then a twirl.. then a sciency glow.. THEN BAMF. The teleporter is gone. Dust Man pulls off his goggles and blinks. "...Well that sucks."

Cinnamon has been here the whole time. However, she's so politely understated that nobody's noticed. Evidently she must have done something, though, because all of a sudden, people are free to notice that she -is- here. Funny how things work like that sometimes.

[OOC] Cinnamon </subtle entrance>
[OOC] Tornado Onion says, "the trick is to mention you weren't not here. Ever."
[OOC] Overclock says, "The camera pointed at you for some reason."
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Prismatic Spider enters the Fort York Expo Center.
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Cyber Peacock enters the Fort York Expo Center.
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The Slavic looking fellows in the slightly updated WWIII combat armor stare at the Africans, keeping their hands wrapped securely around their Gauss slugthrowers. They know what those tattoos mean -- rival gang. However, since their boss is talking to the Italian, they go no further, keeping a demilitarized zone between them and the Africans.

Pavel is friendly toward Glyde, acknowledging his bow with a nod. He smiles at the mention of a parts order, gesturing for one of his unarmed interns to approach with a clipboard designed just for this end. He taps at it for a moment, preparing it for the order -- distracting himself from the ghoulish display. "Excellent," he says. "I vould be happy to. All of our higher-end parts haff very beneficial varranty, as I am sure you arr avare?" Another intern hands Glyde a pamphlet while the Russian works.

[OOC] Gaudile says, "Mmm camera."

Dr. Light notes the busniess going on between Glyde and Pavel, though for now, The Good Doctor keeps the illusion of rapid attention on Project: Zombie. He's actualy pretty good at fakeing absent-mindedness, if only from the years of experence.

Dust Man stares at the fork on the ground. "...Well, I think it at least worked."

The dragon is apparently in better shape than the eagle. He doesn't twitch, but just stands there, staring ahead. The eagle keeps twitching.

"Control isn't really that great. Here, I'll demonstrate." Salvage grabs ahold of a remote control, fiddling with it for a moment; the two 'zombies' shamble forward, waving to the crowd in jerky motions. "They're stiff. Fine control, at least as of yet, isn't possible. They walk, though, they can fight in a pinch although the control mechanism is kinda fragile, and they can help carry more stuff. Plus they're money. The worst part is that they tend to fall apart after a while; this thing annexes the autorepair functions to do some of its motion, and they can't self-maintain to any extent at all. They go rusty and fall apart, just like they were - well, dead, which they are, except more quickly because they're moving."

Letting the two bodies walk in circles, slowly and with a somewhat shuffling gait, Salvage plays with the remote some more. She manages to make them push the gurneys around (still shambling), have the dragon pick the eagle up - the eagle tries to mimic it, but fails because of her missing arm - and sit back down on their gurneys. The twitch in the eagle's arm is worse now. Salvage looks over the audience one last time. "They tend to fall apart in just a few days if you work them hard; although the pieces look like they've worn and can be repaired and reused, they don't work with this thing anymore because the wiring tends to degrade without maintenance. I've got papers on it, but I'm not telling you how to make it from scratch because frankly half of you are dirty thieves. Any questions?"

Sasha has connected.
Rock enters the Fort York Expo Center.

Overclock laughs at the dirty thieves comment. He doesn't have questions, though he's surprised this is the first time he's seen the new device. The ethics are... a bit shaky, he guesses, but not his question to ask.

Ditz Pinkmouse has questions! He stands up, not that it makes a difference. "How will this improve my survival against cats and birds? If a cat becomes a zombie, will it crave mice still, or just their brains?"

        "Salvage, if you don't mind answering this stupid question," Solstis said, as his hand had gone up and he wanted to be a nosey little pain in the butt. "How many robot cadavers be animated and controlled by a single person at one time?"

Sonata has left.

Glyde is keeping one enhanced-ear upon the presentation, but has long since distracted himself by ordering parts that he is going to need. It is a little ghoulish, afterall. Regardless, Glyde pulls out a small piece of paper himself and begins to sketch thoughtfully upon it, drawing out a list of what he's going to need. "Here. Put this on your clip-board. If you need any specifics, I've included the number for Tatsuyda Idasha, my main technician. He can give you actual specifications or send you one of the worn spares for comparison." His gloved hand lifts, tossing an eye up toward the stage and keeping a careful eye on his tattoo-cyborg enhanced goons. Things are a little tense afterall. "Ah, Doctor Cossack? I was wondering if you'd be willing to give me a hand with a good deal more lighthearted demonstration. I've made this thing, see, and all you'd need to do is let it scan you and give an audio report. It's painless, and you might even have a laugh out of it. I think it'd be nice, considering the environment. You can take a couple of your goons up with you, and I'll do the same......It'd be a tremendous favor to me."

Dr. Light runs a hand through his beard, and...decides not to comment on the zombies. That's just a little too creepy, even for his sense of humor. Light does make a note to go over the very real possibility of those bugs spreading the Sigma Virus quickly and silently.

Sasha has left.
[OOC] Glyde Loath says, "How do you mutter?"
[OOC] Glyde Loath says, "You know, so people can see some of it?"
[OOC] Cinnamon says, "mutter person=blah"
Sonata enters the Fort York Expo Center.
[OOC] Sonata returns from OOCness.
[OOC] Rock says, "mutter target=blah"
[OOC] Glyde Loath says, "Hrm."

Glyde Loath mutters to Dr. Cossack: '... device ... ... meant to help discerning ... you know the ... sort who can't decide on ... ... the ... for ... ... just ... ... ... vocal report ... on ... hardcoded ...'.

[OOC] Glyde Loath says, "Of course, mutter pavel= isn't going to work. :P"
[OOC] Dr. Light says, "His alias."

Cinnamon mutters to Gaudile: '... is kind ... creepy.'.

Tornado Onion looks away half way through, thoroughly done with the zombie presentation, it seeming unethical and quite scary, especially the part of having something drill into you to control you. He notices the fork sticking half way out of the ground and heads over to it, curious about how a fork got into the ground without breaking anything around it.

Dr. Light mutters to Sonata: 'Keep an eye ... Loath. I ... ... his ... for ... here. More ... ...'.

The presence of a fluffy white beard has impinged on Leviathan's consciousness. She begins to walk towards the father of robotics, although she pauses in mid-stride to look over at Glyde Loath. Then over towards--
Good Lord, she thinks, they didn't give that one any hip joints.
She moves forwards, towards Doctor Light, her pupilless eyes focused on him.

And appearing just behind Light is, of course, his second son. Rock slips in quietly through the crowded expo, and sits down in a seat just behind his father, looking a touch embarrassed. He leans forward to let Dr. Light know he's arrived, then falls quiet out of respect, eyes turning to the presenter.

Rock mutters to Dr. Light: 'Sorry I'm ... Dad.'.

Dr. Light mutters to Rock: 'Don't worry ... I'll ... prepare ... execution rays ... the ... punishment session later.'.

"I'm not answering that. If cats come after you that's your problem." Salvage waves her claw hand in the direction of Ditz, or more accurately where she guesses the voice is coming from. "And stop hiding if you want some recognition. Okay, next question - how many can you control? As many as you can keep track of. I could slave a few dozen to the same remote. They'd all do the same thing, but I could do it. Or, if I felt like it, I could upload some basic AI routines to the bug."

[OOC] Dust Man says, "..."
[OOC] Dust Man says, "I HEARD THAT."

Pavel submits the order, takes the design, and considers it for a while before attaching it to the clipboard. "Can do," is his answer, without going into details about it. More than likely he'll put himself in front of the lathe and make it himself from raw metal. His look at Glyde is curious when he asks him for his help in a demonstration -- but after Glyde mutters to him, he grins broadly and slaps him on the shoulder. "Vhy not," he says. "I vill help you, surely."

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[OOC] Solstis says, "Man...think of the morale decrease that'd come from causing a bunch of good guy gumbies turn evil zombieish."

Sonata mutters to Dr. Light: '... ... ... dealing ... ... ... ... Want me ... there or ... ... keep ... eyes ... him ... ...'.

[OOC] Seismic Earthworm says, "And then they could eat Rock's legs!"

Gaudile can't help but attempt to raise an eyebrow at the zombies. Curious as to /why/ it was conceptualized, he however asks or says nothing because he honestly doesn't really want to know.

[OOC] Rock says, "Again. u_u"
[OOC] Dr. Light says, "brb"
Number Man enters the Fort York Expo Center.
Vile enters the Fort York Expo Center.

Gaudile mutters to Cinnamon: 'Hmm...yes it ... Although ... ... ... ... ... ... I can...kinda ... ... ... ... ... ... I ... see why.'.

Ares enters the Fort York Expo Center.
[OOC] Ares returns from OOCness.

The man in the trenchcoat is back, standing behind Doctor Light and Rock, in sight between their shoulders.
He brought a gigantic soda along with his popcorn this time.

Salvage Crab waits for a bit more. "No more questions? Good. Okay, I'm done, next scientist." She /still/ doesn't turn as she walks backwards, to the backstage exit; the dragon pushes the gurneys slowly, while the eagle rides.

Hmm, zombies. The thing that first comes to Solar's mind (after the zombies bit anyway) is -- what is their practical application? Heck, if you can't even work them like in "Shaun of the Dead"... But she doesn't try to think about it too deeply. It's really pretty creepy, after all.

Overclock applauds. Well, it's one way to save on massive drone construction... the implications on enemy morale occur to him, too. There's another techie in that sort of line, he thinks, after a second. He gestures Salvage his way when she's done, if she sees him.

Sonata sits, quietly, next to Father Time, opposite Rock. She is paying rapt attention...although occasionally she does lean over to speak with Dr. Light.

Iris enters the Fort York Expo Center.

        Solstis shrugged, and then applauded much as Overclock had done...although not as enthuasiastically. Salvage was nice and all, and her invention interesting...but she did have a personality issue. A really annoying personality issue.

Dr. Light looks at Leviathan, and smiles, softly, after giving Rock a quick hello hug. He respects not the Black Art, not its necromantic ways. Or something. So, he has time to be cordial to the Guardian, giving her a quiet wave, and motioning towards the Light Labs Hawiian Punch fountains.

Jet Stingray enters the Fort York Expo Center.

        At the clap on the shoulder, the industrialist grins wryly. "I thought you might get a kick out of it. Listening to my friend's daughter doing her physics homework gave me the idea. It's a corruption of a device to measure the density of gases. I'm up next though, after this brain-bug individual is finished speaking. Which means... right about now. Thank you again, Doctor. I owe you a coffee for this." With that, he turns and exits the Cossack Foundation's fortified booth, jogging up on stage with his two goons following him. Both hands upraised to the crowd, he clears his throat -- speaking into the microphone. "Hello Out There, Torontreal and GTSE! It's a pleasure to see so many fine exibits and so many fine people all under one roof. Hee, don't worry -- I'll be out of your hair in a moment. I'd like to thank Doctor Pavel Cossack as well for helping me here. This all began when I was watching my friend's daughter do her physics homework. I learned there was a device for measuring the density of gases, called a manometer..."

Tornado Onion is finished examining the fork, even trying to pull it out, despite failing. He now looks around seeing the room a bit more full than usual, Dr Light now surrounded by his family. The security compared to the two days has exponentially increased, the guards and defensive measures put up much larger than before. He watches Iris walk in and waves to her, although from the crowd she might just see a disembodied hand slide over the people, if not just a finger.

Ditz Pinkmouse does not applaud, for he's busy struggling to stick the microphone back in his pocket, followed by walking forward and sniffing the back of Sonata's hair for no apparant reason.

Hawaiian Punch? That's a -way- better invention than a the next interation in gemology. And far tastier than a trimond. Seismic Earthworm shuts down his project, and begins to slink over towards the wonderous fountains of Hawaiian Punch where Light and company rest.

[OOC] Seismic Earthworm says, "iteration"
[OOC] Seismic Earthworm says, "sorry"

Leviathan nods her head towards Dr. Light. She doesn't smile, but she doesn't scowl, either. She turns her head towards the Hawaiian Punch fountains.
And then frowns, very slightly, at the sight of who /else/ is heading towards them.

Iris arrives at the Expo Center with Jet. "Wow, look at all these people! This is going to be a weird date, Jet, I can feel it already." Spotting a Tonion-hand in the crowd, she waves cheerfully back in its general direction.

[OOC] Tornado Onion says, "Ah Tonion, they also called me Debonion so, whichever^^."
[OOC] Seismic Earthworm mixes Tornado Onion, Tubular Bellpepper, and Fajita Bull in a pot and stirrs on high for a few minutes.
[OOC] Dust Man threatens with a giant tequila bottle.
[OOC] Seismic Earthworm chugs it.

Tornado Onion smiles having been noticed he takes his place to watch the next scientist up, this hopefully being able to catch his attention better than the crab and her zombie approach. Maybe not as scary and vile either.

Overclock knows from chemistry, but not enough for this to keep his interest thusfar. He yawns.

[OOC] Tornado Onion says, "If the worm is making a soup out of me, I am truly doomed."
Dr. Wily enters the Fort York Expo Center.
[OOC] Seismic Earthworm says, "Good evening, Wily."
[OOC] Dr. Wily says, "HOLA"
[OOC] Dust Man says, "FEAR."
[OOC] Cinnamon says, "Hello!"
[OOC] Dust Man says, "My daddy is here!"
[OOC] Dr. Light says, "WILYW."

Jet Stingray shrugs faintly, making sure to have one arm around Iris's shoulder. Just in case there are those odd perverted genuis people around. You know, like most of them. "Well, hey, I figure it was something different... We can do the normal dates later... Though I'm not sure they will let my project get a booth." With his feet hand he pulls out his mighty creatation... Which is a wad of paper clips around a rock, which is put on the ground by Jet while he drags it behind him.

[OOC] Blues says, "Psyche stole your thing this year, Doc."
[OOC] Dust Man points at Rock. "My dad's better than your dad!"

Cinnamon shifts a little uncomfortably behind the Totalled Plastic Volcano stand. (Poor mechaplants.) Ever since yesterday, people have kept -looking- over here, and it's kind of unsettling. So she stays close to Gaudile, although the person onstage gets a careful examination. Where did she hear that voice before...?

[OOC] Rock thumps Dust.

Salvage Crab does indeed notice - she heads over toward Overclock's spot, zombies in tow, and helps herself to a seat. The seat creaks. "Oh, man, did he just say manometer?" Raising her voice, she bellows, "It's a sphygmomanometer! Learn the real word!" Now that's a mouthful.

Iris grins up at Jet after he takes out the 'creation'. "...Okay. What is this project? You know I have to ask," she says, trying not to laugh.

[OOC] Tornado Onion says, "My daddy's cool too but he isn't here as of now."
[OOC] Cinnamon says, "My daddy's a platypus."

Dust Man is standing around in an empty booth. The Janes are there, and all he has now is beer and ice. Beer and ice. He looks so downcast.

[OOC] Gaudile says, "Heh heh heh."
[OOC] Tornado Onion says, "Poor old Dusty."

Seismic Earthworm continues to march towards the Hawaiian Punch fountain of Dr. Light's party, oblivious to frowns, nasty looks, and bad feelings! The power of fruit juicy red compells thee! He nods cordially to Levi on his way by, then looks to Light briefly. "Are the refreshments for everyone?"

[OOC] Dust Man says, "Sy confuses me."
[OOC] Seismic Earthworm says, "Howso?"
[OOC] Solstis says, "This may sound stupid but how is a 100 foot long worm in here?"
[OOC] Dust Man says, "You are a freaking huge worm."
[OOC] Seismic Earthworm says, "It's a big room."
[OOC] Fairy Leviathan says, "Reploids have intimidated the entire world into building everything to a Size 10 scale, no matter what."
[OOC] Dr. Doppler says, "It's a huge convention center."
[OOC] Dust Man says, "...Right."
[OOC] Seismic Earthworm says, "I mean, what if General was coming?"
[OOC] Solstis says, "General isn't as big as you."
[OOC] Dust Man says, "He used a small hologram of himself."

Dr. Light mutters to Sonata: 'Ehay ... ... say.'.

Pavel, meanwhile, follows behind Glyde more slowly. One of the combat armored minions follows behind him, keeping an eye on the crowd. As the Russian gets on stage, the goon stays down with the audience, keeping a careful watch.

Pavel doesn't know what to expect. He stands on stage, hands in his jacket pockets, and watches Glyde work.

[OOC] Dust Man says, "He was there last year."

Glyde Loath clears his throat once again and continues with a flourish. "Yes, the Manometer is a device that measures the density of gaesous compounds. During this time as well, I was trying to help my friend -- whom is female -- decide which of five men are better for her. That is when the idea occured to me -- so many women and men of alternative lifestyles are in a world where they are unsure of who is really compatible with them and who is not. And so, I have created...."

He draws a very small device from his pocket, roughly the size, shape and thickness of a credit card. It has a single button on it, a gray one and a small speaker. "The MAN-O-METER, a revolutionary new device in those who are seeking relationships. What this little device does is perform a series of small scans upon your target individual, comparing this information with what is known publically along with many variable settings that you program in. In essence, you program this little gadget with what you want and it'll quickly tell you if that person is that, based on those principles. The display can be either holographic or audio, dependant on the model."

He hits a button, and the thing fires up -- projecting a holographic screen in front of him.

"Welcome to MAN-O-METER, Version 1.0. Please select target."

He takes a breath and points the thing at Doctor Cossack. "Now, just hold still Doctor. This won't hurt a second." The button pressed, a little blue beam emerges from an emitter on the Man-O-Meter; playing up and down the scientist's form with a zorting sort of sound effect.

[OOC] Seismic Earthworm says, "Okay then, watch this!"
[OOC] Dr. Doppler can conceive Sy getting through the Indianapolis Convention center with little trouble. I mean, they hold GenCon there.
Seismic Earthworm changes into his Chibi armor.
[OOC] Dust Man says, "And your non-worm personifications throw me off."
[OOC] Dr. Light says, "Its Mad Scientist Con. He can fit. Lets move on?"
[OOC] Dust Man says, "Sorry, just confusing."
[OOC] Seismic Earthworm will simply chibify, and solve all problems. It IS Hawaiian Punch after all.
Seismic Earthworm
============================== Chibi Earthworm ===============================

        Here we have an extremely small plushie earthworm, roughly eight inches 
high and about three feet long. Each segment of the worm is covered in its own 
fuzzy cylindrical plate of armor, made of a material that is best imagined as 
wolly felt, but still with the shine of wet ink. Each plate overlaps the two 
segments behind it for superior cuteness.

        There is no apparent 'top' to this creature, rather a somewhat 
ambiguous 'front' in the shape of a large narrow cone. There's a big drill on 
the front made of flexible acrylic plastic, and some flashing lights for his 
gem-eyes in red, green, and blue.

Pavel laughs at the name of the device, hamming it up. He stands there and allows himself to be scanned. "So you goink to try to get me date, huh," he says in response.

Dr. Light looks a little nervous, either because Glyde is about to mollest his chief minion, or because the guy who tried to /eat/ him just slithered over, along with a woman who'se threatened his life /and/ dated Al. Scary stuff. Fortunately, his kids are scarier, so he just smiles and waves. "Sorry I'm quiet. I sort of died yesterday. So I'm a bit somber."

Dr. Doppler has been here the whole time, watching the presentations with quiet scientific interest. Glyde's invention causes a bushy eyebrow to raise oh so slightly with skepicism.

Overclock looks at the stage... pauses. Rolls his eyes. Almost forgot what it was he was going to tell Salvage.
And then... oh yeah, he remembers, after shaking the dust out of his head.

Overclock mutters to Salvage Crab: '... done any ... with Metal Shark on ... ... If not ... ... get ... him.'.

Gaudile glances at the Earthworm, briefly, before continuing to watch the "Man-o-meter" project. He blinks, and waits for the results.

Salvage Crab keeps her voice low when speaking to Overclock. She completely ignores the Man-O-Meter.

Rock blinks at Glyde's invention - and then facepalms. Oh boy.

Fairy Leviathan stares for a moment as the worm nods at her. It is like something from a nightmare; a giant cylindrical being rose up, aimed its tip at her face, and dipped it in a jovial way. And now it is going after the soft drinks.

She turns her head to look at Doctor Light. "Yes, it's not very fun," she says, her tone accentless. Then her attention is drawn - to the Man-O-Meter.

Blues mutters to Rock: 'Why did Kalinka hang out ... this guy? ... ...'.

Cinnamon mutters to Gaudile: '... a ... ... -waiting- to ...'.

Dust Man is standing there, now paying attention. The man-o-meter? ... Weird. Glyde is getting creepier.

[OOC] Solstis says, "He's not creepy. Kalinka wuvvles him cause he's /manly/."

Salvage Crab mutters to Overclock: '... Did it ... He's ... weird ... ... ... do it myself. ... ... fine.'.

Dr. Light wolf whistles at Cossack. "You Russian bear, you! Shake that thang!" Light pulls out a wad of bills, winking to the crowd as he waves them.

Overclock nods, and looks away, back to the stage. It was his only question. "I'd ask him anyway. You guys can compare notes."

The trenchcoated man is muttering to Rock over his shoulder, while looking mildly disturbed by the 'presentation'. He also inches off away from Doctor Light in the process.

"Too hot for you!" Pavel calls back to Dr. Light. "Can't stand zee heat!" What a pair.

Rock mutters to Blues: '... ... ... idea. She's ... ... ...'.

Gaudile mutters to Cinnamon: '... ... ... how ... a ... tell ... ... ... And ... ... those old men ...'.

Salvage Crab raises her voice again. "It's a little early for intermission and the comedy routine," she notes, before quieting down. "Yeah, maybe. Whatever. I don't like him."

Sonata stares. She is most certainly not mortified to be related to either of these people.

Pay no attention to the twitching eyebrow.

Tornado Onion loses his attention. thinking this had something to do with chemistry, one of his better fields being chemistry, despite how he looks. He shakes his head a bit this being total nonsense to him, also curious why the humans would need such a silly device. He laughs to himself lightly, it funny, more so than the other things.

Cinnamon mutters to Gaudile: '... ... ... to -all- humans when ... get ...'.

[OOC] Dust Man says, "..My dad is so normal."

Seismic Earthworm pauses in front of the punch fountain, having not yet recieved permission. He looks over to Cossack, then... 'shrugs', by which we mean that part of his length behind the head rises to the right, turns back to the left and rises on the other side as well in imitation of shoulders, before straightening back out for the rest of his length. He looks back to Light. "Is the punch free, sir? Or is it only for members of your organization?"

[OOC] Dust Man calmly irons the thongs.

Blues mutters to Rock: '... know it suddenly ... ... ... ... it's situations like this that probably produced ... spandex on my ... ... ... ... thong.'.

Dr. Light runs a hand through his beard, and shrugs. "I don't think the Sigma Virus can be spread through Hawiian Punch. Help yourself, Seismic." He then resumes waveing his bills.

[OOC] Cinnamon says, "..."
[OOC] Cinnamon says, "I have seen the most disturbing mutter to date."
[OOC] Dust Man says, "Me too."
[OOC] Salvage Crab says, "I have enhanced senses."
[OOC] Salvage Crab says, "I saw /the whole thing/."
[OOC] Salvage Crab says, "It's no better in context."
<Public> Seismic Earthworm says, "produced spandex on codebreaker armor zero's thong."
<Public> I <3 +fire. Digital Ringhals says, "..."

Gaudile mutters to Cinnamon: '...I ... hope ...'.

Veil Fox enters the Fort York Expo Center.
[OOC] Number Man says, "GOD MY EARS."
Veil Fox has left.
[OOC] Dust Man kills Salv out of mercy.
[OOC] Dust Man says, "Holy crap, Number. When did you get here?"
[OOC] Gaudile is afraid but I want to know what they said.
[OOC] Blues says, "He's been here."
[OOC] Salvage Crab says, "'You know, it suddenly dawns on me that it's situations like this that probably produced the spandex on my codebreaker armor. And Zero's thong.'."
[OOC] Solstis says, "he got here like 15-20 minutes ago at least O.o"

Dr. Light mutters to Blues: 'Why are you ... ... ... Zero's ... ... don't want ... break Glyde's machine now do we?'.

[OOC] Salvage Crab wouldn't say it if it was important, but that's /funny/. :D

"...Oh." Overclock completely didn't realize. So, that's settled then. He's not gonna get on Salvage's case about it.

Dr. Light mutters to Rock: 'Why ... you ... talking about Zero's ... We don't want to ... Glyde's machine now do we?'.

The Man-O-Meter continues to scan the Doctor for a moment, beeping loudly after a second to indicate that it's finished. "Doctor Cossack..." States the owner, quietly. "If every woman in the world had a Man-O-Meter, they'd be beating a path to your door." At once then, the results begin to scroll across the holographic screen.

"Name: Pavel Cossack
Height: Approx Six Foot
Weight: Excellent
Physical Build: Strong
Physical Build Subtype: Slavic Bear-Wrestler
Facial Type: Bearded
Body Type: Hairy Russian Bear
Virility Rating: Exceptional (YOU DA MAN)
Hormone & Nervous Scan: Most Interesting

Estimated Emotional Stability: It's going to be interesting either way.
Public Knowledge: Renowned
Availability: Available! Get your snuggles in now!"

It pauses and gives a chime.

"Beginning Reccomendations:

"Get this one whilst you can, as Doctor Pavel Cossack is a famous man and a limited commodity. His Russian Genetics are ideal and you can have a man of surprising gentleness with more than enough fire to make things interesting. Here, you have a man who could be the ultimate husband. But be true to him, for Russian Men are known to be made angry when crossed! But get this whilst you can, on Earth this is one of *THE* picks!

MAN-O-METER RATING: 95 percent out of 100!

This Guy is *THE* Specimin of Man!"

Glyde steps back then and bows. "So there you have it. The Man-O-Meter proclaims Doctor Cossack to be...ah, THE specimin of a man. Get him whilst you can!" He grins. "Any questions?"

[OOC] Dr. Light can't mutter to multiple people, so.

Blues mutters to Dr. Light: 'Yes. ... ... do.'.

Fairy Leviathan, by now, is wearing an expression of faint horror. Mostly at the waving of money and the discussion of human-sniffers.

She then slowly turns her head to look at Doctor Light. The faint horror remains.

[OOC] Cyber Peacock laughs.
[OOC] Overclock says, "He is so not available, Denise is still out there somewhere :("
[OOC] Glyde Loath says, "For 20 bucks, I'll hit Doctor Doppler with it too."

Dust Man stands up. He begins to wave his hands. "Oh! Oh! Does it work on androids, Mister Loathe?"

[OOC] Glyde Loath says, "The device doesn't know about it. :)"

Pavel, at the close of the assessment, paces to the center-middle of the stage and breaks into a series of pose-down moves that would make even Hard Man proud. The Cossack Foundation booth finds this hilarious, as do other people in the crowd who know him well. Applause and whistling follows.

Dr. Light steps forward-perhaps out of some sense of apology for his harsh words to the Yakuza fruitcake earlier, or perhaps out of morbid curiosity. "Can you try me and Al out, when he gets here, Glyde?"

Dust Man thinks.. "Oh, and reploids for that matter."

[OOC] Overclock says, "It just scans for a ring?"
[OOC] Dr. Wily howls with laughter.
[OOC] Glyde Loath says, "Ask Glyde IC'ly. :) But, it goes with a known database. Denise isn't known to the Database yet. :)"

The trenchcoated man mutters back in response to Doctor Light, glancing up to look towards Leviathan, before turning his attention back towards the quiet conversation going on between 'family members'.

[OOC] Glyde Loath hasn't IC'ly gotten it quite up yet. Soon. :D
[OOC] Prismatic Spider says, "HAHAHAHAHAHHAA"

Cinnamon stares quietly for a few moments. Then she looks down to Gaudile.

        "Daddy, you are NEVER getting a doctorate."

Rock blushes hotly as Protoman and Light both mutter at him, and coughs shyly into his fist.

[OOC] Dust Man says, "Answer my darn question!"
[OOC] Dust Man fistshakes.

Crazy Yoshi slowly walks in, late as always, leaning on his cane to assist him. He held back today until it seemed likely that there would be no more crazed final bosses, since he hasn't leveled up in a long time. While nondescript android assistants busy carrying around various pieces of equipment (it seems he has no actual booth), Yoshi finds a seat to watch the presentation. "That so gay, you think it build by Spike Rosered," mutters Yoshi to himself, relieved that he didn't miss anything important.

Veil Fox enters the Fort York Expo Center.

Rock mutters to Blues: '... explain why my armor looks like ... have ... ... ... ... outside ... ...'.

Blues mutters to Rock: '... Cain ... with you.'.

<Public> Seismic Earthworm says, "Best mutter ever!"
<Public> Seismic Earthworm says, "Blues mutters to Rock: '... ... ... ... ...'."

[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Dr. Wily transmits, "MUWAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHA!"

Solar Stega tries to conceal it, but nonetheless sinks to her knees in poorly-suppressed laughter.

Dr. Doppler gives a tiny, almost derisive snort at the Cossack's antics, but even he can't help but smile a bit. During the Q&A session, his attention turns to the datapad that he's fished from his pocket. A few button taps assures him that he has everything ready for /his/ presentation.

<Public> Shadow Man got ... ... ... ... you.
<Public> !MASSIMO Mainframe Octopus XD

Glyde Loath makes a wide grin at Doctor Light, turning to watch Doctor Cossack with an amused expression. "See?" He says; indicating Pavel with his hand. "/THE/ specimin of man! Get it whilst you can, Ladies!" He clears his throat then. "Also, Dust Man, you are not a man. Thus, the man-o-meter does not work. It will work on those who are less than fifty percent cybernetic though, but it will give strange comments on a hardness scale. That said though, Certianly, Doctor Light. If you want to come here, I'll do you now -- for the public record. You should be in the database." He profers the Man-O-Meter, ponting it towards him in anticipation.

Blues mutters to Rock: 'I'm surprised my ... ... ... ... it is. ... ... ... the first ...'.

<Public> Shadow Man says, "Blues is very stealthy."
<Public> <3 <3 <3 Glyde Loath is loving enhanced senses right now.

[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Dr. Light transmits, "Al! You missed it! I died!"

[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Dr. Wily transmits, "What?!"
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Dr. Wily transmits, "How?"

<Public> +news Cloud Man says, "Blues mutters to Rock: '... Cain helped ... you.'."
<Public> Gaudile says, "Got 'DR. Cain helped ... you.'"
Dr. Sirius Viper has left.
<Public> +news Cloud Man says, "Curses!"
<Public> Shadow Man could see if he were there in person, alas, my puppet is dumb.

[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Hard Man transmits, "How can dead people talk?"

Rock mutters to Blues: '... ... ... ... ... I didn't end ... like ... with ... ... ... the ... 'strategic' places.'.

[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Dr. Doppler transmits, "That leaves only Edward, doesn't it?"

<Public> +news Cloud Man jabs Gaudile.
<Public> Plant Man says, "Dr. Cain helped me put on my undies."

[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Dr. Light transmits, "You know Gaudile and Psyche-I beat you on copywriteing the Psychesaucer, by the way."

Gaudile mutters to Cinnamon: 'Heh afraid ... ... going ... turn ... ... ... huh?'.

[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Dr. Wily transmits, "..."
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Dr. Light transmits, "Well, Psyche had a little temper tantrum, and I left my stuff outside, and he sort of shot the room up. But, I got better! That Cinnamon girl of his, wonderful medic. Truly amazing stuff. Why aren't you here, anyway?"

Dr. Sirius Viper enters the Fort York Expo Center.
[OOC] Dr. Sirius Viper returns from OOCness.

[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Barrage Raptor transmits, "Probably hasn't stolen anything new to put on display."
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Seismic Earthworm transmits, "He's afraid I'll kill him."
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Ditz Pinkmouse transmits, "Cause he's gonna be busy helping me save Santa Clause!"
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Dr. Doppler transmits, "Being declared legally dead is considered a right of passage, Hard Man."

Blues mutters to Rock: '... ... seen ... ... designs ... the Elites ... ... ... names. 'Obviously ... for Something Man' came ... at ... once.'.

[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Dr. Wily transmits, "Thats pretty strange, Thom."
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Bass transmits, "He was probably in the bar. Ever since they moved the convention center..."
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Dust Man transmits, "Hey. Dad invents better stuff in his SLEEP than you guys!"
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Dr. Light transmits, "Yeah. Get down here! I'm going to show that my Man Percentage is higher than yours."

Rock mutters to Blues: '... I'm ... surprised.'.

Sonata is trying very hard not to laugh. It is her duty to not giggle. It is her purpose!


So weak.

[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Dr. Wily transmits, "ANd I'll be there..... *A computer states calmly "Systems check complete. Operating at 100 percent efficiency. Henshin a go-go, baby!*"

[OOC] Cinnamon says, "I only saw two words, but I know that phrase -had- to be Obviously Compensating for Something Man."

[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Dust Man transmits, "Remember that really cool 'Self Battery Changer'?"

[OOC] Blues says, "Yes."
[OOC] Cinnamon says, "That's all I needed to know."

[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Overclock transmits, "So this is going to disintegrate into a scientist 'size' contest. Thought you gentlemen were better than that."

[OOC] Vile says, "Oh god typing 'look' makes me die."

Cinnamon mutters to Gaudile: 'Now I ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... year.'.

[OOC] Jet Stingray returns and kicks RL as he returninates!

[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Barrage Raptor transmits, "You're just upset because you don't have one to compare with their's."

Dr. Light nods, chuckleing a little. He steps up to the podium, waveing a little to everyone. "Don't worry, folks, just feeding an old man's ego. Concider it a good time for a drink break! We've got Hawaiian Punch fountains by my booth." Light then stands, ready to be MAN SCANNED.

[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Overclock transmits, "Upset, no. Bored, yes."
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Salvage Crab transmits, "I should've skipped this one too."
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Hard Man transmits, "But... isn't dead a permanent thing?"

Seismic Earthworm scoops up a single cup of the punch (and not an ungodly amount worthy of a giant mechanical worm) before he scoots to the side to make room for others. He tosses the cup and contents into his mouth, before looking back to Levi.

Seismic Earthworm mutters to Fairy Leviathan: 'If ... appearance bothers ... I ... leave. ... understand it ... ... hard ... ... such ...'.

[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Javelin Whitetail transmits, "Not if you're a doctor."
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Dust Man transmits, "No. Nor is being a Maverick."
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Dust Man transmits, "Or champion of the world."

Tornado Onion keeps watching, not exactly sure how these people became doctors. He's even more happy to be created by Gate now, not only because he usually doesn't involve himself like that but also has someone close to him.

Gaudile mutters to Cinnamon: '... I'll ... you about why ... do that ... And ... ... ... the ... parts out. ... humans ... ... something about ... birds and the bees'. I ... no ... ... since ... has ... to ... with ... ...'.

Jet Stingray just looks over to the rock with the wad of paper clips. "It's a cage to keep your pet rock from breaking when you walk it. You know.... A Rock Solid Rock Cage." His eyes would suggest that he is beaming with pride, before he looks back to Iris. "So, see anyone you want to rub elbows with?" he asks, figuring that Iris knows more people than he.

Mainframe Octopus enters the Fort York Expo Center.

[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Hard Man tries to say something, but is obviously too confused to say more than strange syllables.

[OOC] Dust Man says, "...You know, this place needs more annoyance."

[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Dr. Light sighs. "My heart stopped, Hard Man. You are medicaly dead then, but not brain dead. Thus, you can be revived."

Dust Man has disconnected.

Fairy Leviathan continues to stare at this. The expression of faint horror remains on her face, like a mask.

And then she looks up at Seismic Earthworm with a hint of confusion. She answers him, clearly, "If you are going to leave because someone looked at you strangely when you are--" A quick glance, "--thirty meters long, how do you ever go out in public?"

Dust Man has connected.
Dust Man has left.

[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Hard Man transmits, "Oh."
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Dr. Light transmits, "I was being a little silly, as I was very happy with Miss Cinnamon and Professor Gaudile's work."

Blues , still wearing his 'casual' outfit and playing the part of generic trenchcoated man, watches Doctor Light go up to the podium, before turning his attention back towards Rock-- only to hear a little something from Gaudile, and look his way with one eyebrow raised. The expression on his face is very clear: 'What the ****?'.

Flame Hyenard enters the Fort York Expo Center.

[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Hard Man transmits, "Oh."

Spy Eye enters the Fort York Expo Center.
Dr. Wily has left.

Spy Eye floats through the door. Flap flap flap.

Spy Eye
A robotic eye with bat wings and a large 'W' on the eyelid, woo!

Cinnamon mutters to Gaudile: 'I understand people... ... ... I ... ... -get- people.'.

Crazy Yoshi is unable to make out most of the muttering, and so he simply watches politely. He takes out a notepad, having been sure to get one since his unfortunate forgetfulness yesterday, and a pan to jot down notes. When the world's foremost scientific mind speaks, Crazy Yoshi knows enough to listen!

Gaudile mutters to Cinnamon: 'Also feel free to get some ... that fruit ... ... Light ... I hear it is ... tasty.'.

Blues mutters to Rock: '... ... for ... ... of ... ... robotics advancement.'.

Iris giggles at Jet. "Your keen business sense never fails to AMAZE me," she says. "I'll bet you could put a Stingray Sticker on the side and market them, and give all the proceeds to a wonderful charity or something. Jet, you're so cool, I'll bet that Man-O-Meter would go tilting off the scale if Glyde used it on you!"

Spy Eye scans the room, spies Light, and floats over to him, taking up station right over his shoulder.

Rock pinches the bridge of his nose quietly as his father goes up to check his manliness quotient.

Cinnamon mutters to Gaudile: '... ... Do you want ... ...'.

Rock mutters to Blues: 'You and I both.'.

Gaudile glances at Blues as he looks at him. He shrugs, looking innocent.

[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Hard Man transmits, "So... how long have you not been brain dead? Cuz I sorta thought that was a normal state for you..."

Flame Hyenard wanders into the Expo, finally, holding a flask. The two clones swagger in behind him. One of them carries an air horn. One of them holds a voice synthesizer. The last holds a Megaphone. They are all ready for a day of pissing everybody off because everybody sucks. He looks about for anyone he knows.. Hmm.. hawaiian punch. TO THE LIGHT BOOTH.

Mainframe Octopus veritably bounds into the GSTE. Woohoo! Science! And... a ton of people!

Glyde Loath presses the button on the Man-O-Meter once again, a chime sounding as "SCANNING" appears on the screen. As the blue beam continues to gather information on Doctor Light, Glyde continues. "Now, I had someone accuse me of having invented the Gaydar here, unfortunatly. However, I should note that this particular model is marketed towards hereosexual women who are indecisive. I do not take any responsbility for what might happen if you start scanning random men with mullets out on the street if you don't know what you're doing. Ideally, you should like everyone that you scan first and not be adverse to the possability of a relationship then."

At least, the expected beep is heard and the machine displays it's results on Doctor Light.

"Name: Thomas Light
Height: Under Six Feet
Weight: Very Good, On the Stocky Side. Wider than Tall.
Physical Build: Boxer Build, Probably Should Wear Boxer Shorts
Physical Build Subtype: Stocky, /w Lady Lovable, Boxer-Expected Features
Facial Type: Gray Bearded
Body Type: Short and Powerful/Built Like Silverback Gorilla
Virility Rating: Average to Good /W Properly Aroused (Via World-Shaking Events)
Hormone & Nervous Scan: Intelligent, Temperamental

Estimated Emotional Stability: Firey!
Public Knowledge: Extremely Famous
Availability: Unknown, Presumed Available. Surrounds self with pretty Female Robots.

Reccomendations: Wow, you've scanned Doctor Cossack AND Doctor Thomas Light. Good Lord, Woman -- you're hunting big! But nonetheless, this man here is a great catch as well! Great body for his age, the kind of soft white beard that you can stroke whilst you play Santa Claus and Elf on his knee at Christmas, a paternal and caring personality and the protection of one of the most amazing factions on the Planet. Doctor Light is perhaps the man that you want to go with if you're looking for a kind, caring, silver-bearded-daddy-of-mine. He's cute, intelligent and all the makings of a good thing.

RATING: 90/100.

Final Reccomendation: If you want a loving, caring husband who will build you anything you want, go with Thomas Light. If you're looking for almost the same but fiery, and above all a stud in the covers, you want Pavel Cossack."

Glyde Ahems. "As you can see, it gives you reccomendations based on whom you've scanned in the last hour..."

[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Plant Man transmits, "That's very mean."

Tornado Onion notices as his brother walks into the room, perking up a bit, having been sitting in an area pretty viable before, but now a bit hard to find due to the crowd. He waves to Flame, his arm over the crowd but watches him go to the light booth for punch. He shrugs to himself. Hey, it's hawaiian punch, what can you do.

[OOC] Sewa :O

"Awesome!" is Pavel's reply. He pumps his fist in the air, then points his thumb down at himself. "Yeah!"

[OOC] Glyde Loath says, "Cos Wins!"

Glyde Loath hesitates for a moment. "Are there any further questions?"

Gaudile mutters to Cinnamon: '... ... ... I'll ... some ... though.'.

Rock goes ghastly pale. The notion of his father... of Cossack... doing things... in bed...
Rock suddenly nosebleeds. And scrambles for a tissue.

Prismatic Spider is looking a bit shellshocked from all of this, combined with yesterday's insanity. He just stares, looking between Cossack and Light. And then Glyde.

Seismic Earthworm blinks, by which we mean his three gem-eyes retreat back under the protective cover of the clear drill, and then re-emerge. "It usually isn't an issue. Often I am mistaken for a train or a subway, or a large peice of construction machinery. And I normally travel underground to my destinations as well. Not every building is so... size-accomodating... as this one."

[OOC] Prismatic Spider says, "..."

Dr. Doppler just shakes his head. Any sane woman should be looking for intellect, or so is his reasoning. He taps another key on the datapad, then pockets it while he waits his turn.

[OOC] Vile says, "Why is Rock nosebleeding at the thought of Light and Cossack doing things in bed."

Ditz Pinkmouse is still there. Having successfully sniffed Sonata's hair, he begins to root about in it with his hands, seemingly looking for something. The poor poor Lightbot.

[OOC] Rock .. shut up, I phrased it wrong.
[OOC] Gaudile says, "Aughmymind."
[OOC] Rock hates you all.
[OOC] Vile :D :D :D
[OOC] Fairy Leviathan shoots the C4.

[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Hard Man sighs. "Okay, that went over well. I think I'll continue to stay quiet..."

Dr. Light blushes a little. Silverback gorilla! Maybe this was a bad idea. Light coughs, and steps down from the podium. He mutters something at Cossack, before returning to his seat. He, lukcily, dosen't notice his son and his...issues.

[OOC] Vile says, "Well, Santa."
[OOC] Vile says, "Look on the bright side."

Spy Eye bumps into Light as it follows him. Bad Spy Eye!

Veil Fox watches quietly. Hoping for someone interesting to talk to, that isn't a /creepy/ Dr. type.

Dr. Light mutters to Dr. Cossack: '... ... /so/ a ...'.

[OOC] Vile says, "Now you know that Rock really /isn't/ showering with Alia."
[OOC] Vile brick'd.

Rock pinches his nose while holding a tissue quite securely to it, eyes closed. He thinks about baseball.

"Are you being serious?" Leviathan says, staring up at the tree-eyed worm. At least it has three, she reflects, instead of one; that would be even more blatant. Her blank eyes blink, once, and she says, "So, are you still going to leave because I looked at you?"

Her eyes flick over to the two Doctors for a moment. She keeps her face neutral, with some effort.

Ares has disconnected.

Pavel laughs at whatever Light says, then climbs off the stage -- earning applause from the Cossack Foundation minions and several of his professional associates. He puts up his hands, drinking in the applause, as he heads back to his kiosk-bunker.

Blues mutters to Rock: '... think ... ... much worse Ballade's job is compared to this.'.

Glyde Loath steps back then and bows. "Thank you very much, Everyone. If anyone....." He pauses, speaking out loud having heard something via enhanced hearing. "Of course you're a Stud, Doctor Light. Doctor Cossack just rates a bit higher. Russian Genetics, afterall!" He grins slightly and reaches out to shake Doctor Cossack's hand and step back. "I'll be offering Man-O-Meter demonstrations all night, if anyone else wants scanned. Remember, at least 50% human!" And with that, off he goes.

Jet Stingray pauses for a loooong moment, both at Iris' comment, than toward the 'Man-O-Meter'. "That thing is truly disturbing. I'm not sure how or why... But I'm sure it spells doom for us all."

Cinnamon remains blissfully unaware of Blues staring over at Gaudile. After a quick conversation and a nod to the professor, she slides out cautiously from behind the display table; politely making her way around Seismic Earthworm.

        Until she's about halfway around. Then she facepalms, kicks off the ground, hovers a ways in the air over him, and lands on the other side. This at about the same time a certain Hyenard - well, three of them, actually - arrive. She blinks for a moment, but then offers a quick friendly wave. "Hello!"

Dr. Sirius Viper shakes his head and watches with a cold look on his face.

Rock mutters to Blues: 'I think ... feel sorry ... him.'.

Dr. Cossack shakes Glyde's hand on the way down, having found the whole thing rather amusing. It helped to lighten the mood from the displays of horror and violence which has plagued this year's Expo.

Blues mutters something to Rock, though he continues to peer over towards Gaudile, just shaking his head in an almost disapproving manner, watching Cinnamon as she moves to go .. meet with Flame Hyenard. Well, that's going to be a disaster. He goes back to quietly conversing with Rock.

[OOC] Flame Hyenard says, "Shut up, Blues, what do you know?"

Crazy Yoshi rolls his eyes disappointedly. He was hoping Dr. Light would say something scientific! Perhaps later on.

Seismic Earthworm 'shrugs' again, and looks back to Leviathan.

Seismic Earthworm mutters to Fairy Leviathan: 'If ... want ... to. ... is ... ... ... ... you ... be ... to ... ... If ... ... you sufficiently ... ... ... enjoy the ... ... would be ... for me ... retreat back ... ... ... But if ... ... tolerate my presence ... ... ... needed. It ... ... you looked at me it was... ... ... ... suppose. I ... ... ... ... frighten ...'.

[OOC] Solstis says, "Work that Charisma Flame! :p"

Flame Hyenard looks at young reploid with an eyebrow lift. They aren't too fond of anyone. But they aren't completely impolite, so one of them offers a wave. "Hello."

Gaudile actually says something this time towards Blues and his habit of looking at the duckbeaver. "What? What'd I say?"

        Solstis suddenly laughs, and then covers his mouth. Guess he found something funny about the radio.

Iris grins at Jet. "You think so? I don't know, I think it's pretty accurate. Both of the good doctors are great catches!" She beams happily as she looks around. "But then again, does that mean the Man-O-Meter states the obvious? Hm. Maybe science states the obvious. See, this is what I like about this Expo. It makes you think!"

Dr. Sirius Viper pulls out a small hand held device and taps a few buttons looking thoughtfully across the room, he smiles ever so slightly and pats the large block of armor that passes for his 'booth' with a dark little throat chuckle.

Sonata remains mortified by the UTTER WTFERY of her father and his cohorts.

She occasionally shakes her head violently, as apparently she has some sort of animal lodged in her hair.

Blues mutters to Rock: '... ... distracts ... ... Gaudile ... talking ... the birds ... the ... with ... Or ... like that ... don't ...'.

Rock wipes at his nose, checking to make sure it's stopped bleeding, then crumples the tissue up in his hand. He gives Sonata a sympathetic look before looking back to Protoman.

Tornado Onion decides to get some punch of his own while The next scientist prepares for their turn. He walks around the Giant worm on one side, watching Flame, or well, one of his brothers wave to Cinnamon, the wonder girl in his opinion, from last night. He watches a bit but gets some punch as the others are doing, waiting in line behind his brother/s. He can;t tell if their the same, but he knows their all his brother.

Number Man has left.

Rock mutters to Blues: 'Cinnamon ... that's ... girl that saved Dad yesterday ... it?'.

        Usually, when a bad guy wants to enter a public place, he wears something that hides his identity, like a trenchcoat. This is not the case with Vile, who strides into the assembly in full armor. At least his weapons appear to be shut down - his cannon remains motionless, as opposed to constantly tracking possible targets. Three minimissiles wait to be used in the rack on his left shoulder, but then again, you'll have to trust security on the inactivity of the launcher, even if they can be... intimidated, sometimes. And after what happened yesterday, certainly most people in the expo are carrying weapons or have some other sort of protection.
        Oblivious to whatever looks or stares he gets, the warmachine walks slowly through the crowds, but still seems purposeful. In fact, he makes a beeline for the Cossack Foundation booth.

Glyde Loath mutters to Dr. Cossack: '... ... ... ... ... I ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... have ... this ... ... zombie ... A few laughs don't ... I want to ... ... Wily if I ... ... ... ... ... ... ... the machine will ... fun ... him ... the virility scale.'.

[OOC] Solstis says, "..."
Number Man enters the Fort York Expo Center.
[OOC] Number Man returns from OOCness.
[OOC] Gaudile says, "Glyde's having a field day today."
[OOC] Flame Hyenard says, "I saw Wily and Virility scale."

Veil Fox stands behind his father, looking annoyed....

[OOC] Solar Stega says, "I saw "I have this zombie" :)"

        See? That was painless!

        Hawaiian punch forgotten for the moment, Cinnamon curtseys and then holds out a hand. The friendly gaze is disrupted only by her being unsure about exactly which Hyenard's hand she should be shaking. "I'm Cinnamon, professor Gaudile's assistant! And you - um, you three are...?"

Blues mutters to Rock: 'Yeah.'.

[OOC] Flame Hyenard says, "WOOHOO."

Dr. Light blinks as...oh snap, Vile enters the room. Light crosses his arms, looking disapproving. He's good at that.

[OOC] Mainframe Octopus says, "GIRLS TALKING TO HYENARD, OHNOES"

        It was that entry of a certain someone who caused Solstis to stare. With a cannon? Solstis frowned...and then started to walk over in the direction of Overclock, ignoring the slight pain in his one leg that was caused by a certain member of Interpol. When Solstis came up close to Overclock he leaned in and muttered to his 'Father'.

Solstis mutters to Overclock: 'What is /he/ ... here? ... ... ... got stuck with ... ...'.

[OOC] Seismic Earthworm saw "I'm glad to have zombie machine"

Dr. Sirius Viper mutters to Veil Fox: '... ... ... ... ... ... only ... ... of real ... keep ... ... on ... ... the incident ... I don't trust any of ... bozos.'.

Spy Eye blinks as Vile enters the room. It makes a strange little electronic squee noise, then darts behind Light's back.

Flame Hyenard takes that waving hand and uses it to shake. "We're Flame Hyenard, one of Professor Periwinkle Gate's creations." Heh. Periwinkle. He didn't forget punch. He gets himself some and proceeds to spike it. Num.

Overclock glances at the mention of... 'he,' to see who Sol is talking about. And then, he ... blinks. Vile? How did he miss that?
He just gives Solstis a confused shrug. He's just as oblivious as the next duck.

Veil Fox mutters to Dr. Sirius Viper: '...'.

<Public> My place called Bat Vertigo, Flame Hyenard says, "Gate's first name is Periwinkle. RP accordingly."
<Public> I <3 +fire. Digital Ringhals says, "..."
[OOC] Tornado Onion says, "Aww Flame-.- I'm right after you for the punch.."
<Public> Gaudile says, "..."
<Public> Join the Nintendo Fun Club Today! Vanishing Gungaroo says, "Flame Hyenard is drowning in a pool. RP accordingly."

Crazy Yoshi glances over to Vava and waves. He never did get a chance to peek at the schematics of Cossack's robot back when he was working for Repliforce, despite his best hacking efforts. Someday he'll get them yet!

<Public> Plant Man says, "I thought his first name was Dandelion."

The Punch begins smokeing, slightly, as if exciseing something out of its systems. Within a few seconds, it is refridgerated goodness again.

[OOC] Glyde Loath needs to split. I'll be back in an hour or two to man-o-meter Wily. :D

Fairy Leviathan stares up at Seismic for a long moment.

And then says, "You're very sensitive to human emotions for a Maverick." This is said in a conversational tone, but she makes no effort to murmur it, either.

Dr. Sirius Viper pulls out a bottle with his personal logo on it, takes a deep gulp and nods to Veil with a nasty look on his face....

[OOC] Glyde Loath just doesn't feel well.
[OOC] Solstis nods.
[OOC] Solstis says, "Take care Glyder-poo."
[OOC] Solstis says, "^_~"
Glyde Loath has disconnected.

Dr. Sirius Viper mutters to Veil Fox: 'Punch ... ... ...'.

Ditz Pinkmouse weees! as he's flung off Sonata and onto the floor, where he instantly skitters around like a cockroach in the kitchen when the lights turn on. Onward he skitters, heading in a random direction.

[OOC] Flame Hyenard says, "I meant my own punch, Light, but I'll go with that."
[OOC] Dr. Light says, "Oh. Sorry."
[OOC] Flame Hyenard is a jerk anyways.

Solstis mutters to Overclock: '... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... them while ... here?'.

[OOC] Tornado Onion says, "Nah your my brother^^."

Dr. Doppler waits for Cossack, Glyde, and clear the stage before standing up. As he makes his way to the podium, a member of the Expo's A/V crew fiddles with a holo-projector. No doubt it'll have to be decontaminated after this, but it's a small price to pay for science.
The doctor has not brought any corpses, brain specimens, or anything of that nature. Instead, he has brought something far more sinister: a PowerPoint presentation. Doppler sets his datapad on the podium, then taps a few buttons on the remote to turn on the holoprojector. A rotating image of his personal sigil (a capital 'D' on a starburst background) winks to life. "Good evening. It's nice to see such a large turnout, in spite of yesterday's excitement." He smiles briefly, then turns more serious. "My addition to this year's expo is not quite as large or as *ahem* amusing as some, but it is a contribution to science nonetheless. As many of my collegues in the field know, there have been recurring difficulties in cybernetic augumentation, particularly implant rejection and cyberpsychosis." The projector advances to the next slide, which gives a blurb about the condition, and a graph showing the peaks and valleys of reported cases over the past fifty years. "As you can see, while the likelihood of cyberpsychosis has been reduced, mostly through better surgical methods and psychological assistance, it is still a problem in full conversions."

Overclock mutters to Solstis: 'I outrank him.'.

Flame Hyenard quietly sips from his own cup, looking over his shoulder at Dr. Light. "Nice." He comments simply. The other Hyenard's grunt, still holding the stuff. The real hyenard doesn't seem to care. However, as Dr. Doppler begins to talk, the Hyenard turns on the megaphone and applies the air horn to it, 'accidentally' blowing it at random intervals as Doppler talks.

Spy Eye blinkblinkblinks. Power Point! It shudders in midair, then emits three quick beeps and disintergrates into a pile of parts on the floor. Far away, Wily screams in horror and covers his eyes.

Overclock mutters something to Solstis, but then sits up and pays attention. Doppler is talking.

... He turns around and hears some noise and interruptions. This is bad candy. If it continues, heads will be punched.

Cyberpsychosis indeed.

Salvage Crab looks slightly askance at Solstis but goes back to paying marginal attention to Doppler shortly. Marginal, because she really doesn't care how many cyborgs go crazy, and she probably wouldn't understand anything he has to say anyway.

[OOC] Mainframe Octopus eyes the wreckage of Spy Eye.
[OOC] Solstis says, "Where's Quiet Man when you want him? XD"

Dr. Light smiles, darkly.

Wily always hated powerpoint.

Pavel has returned to his fortified booth as Vile approaches. The entire setup has been bolstered with sandbags, tripod-mounted energy cannons and more hired mercenaries, who get increasingly tense as Vile approaches. Several of them start tightening their grips on their weapons, but they have strict orders not to attack.

Pavel is alerted to Vile's arrival and looks up from his own preparations, moving out of the core of the annex and approaching the part of the display Vile approaches. He regards his son evenly, facial expressions neutralizing.

Gaudile raises an eyebrow. Again, assuming he actually can. Powerpoint? Doppler can do /so/ much better. Scoff. Scoff scoff.

Veil Fox checks something in a box he's holding.

Tornado Onion gets his punch after Flame, taking a cup of it and going over to the meeting between Cinnamon and the Flame's. He waves to Cinnamon and smiles the best he can. "Tehehe.... Hello little one.. I saw yesterday quite brave! heheheh." He also looks to his brother's rude interruption to Doppler's speech but takes no heed of it. Sometimes brothers can be jerks.

Rhythm starts chewing on scattered pieces of the Spy-Eye.

        Periwinkle? Cinnamon didn't recall hearing -that- last night. But then again, she didn't ask, so. Cinnamon nods cautiously as she withdraws her hand. "Well, glad to meet you, Flame. Er, all of you." Then it's punch time. She also carefully begins edging away from Flame, seconds before he starts in with the noisemakers, and winces.

Seismic Earthworm nods again to Fairy Leviathan. "You're very accomodating for a Neo Arcadian." He sighs softly, "Not all of us are the demons the world percieves us as."
Crazy Yoshi doesn't know anything about tattos. Nope, no sir. He sits back and smiles dumbly while listening to Dr. Doppler. Wait, crap, did I say tattos? I meant cybernetics. Well, he doesn't know anything about either, most assuredly. It's all good.

[OOC] Flame Hyenard says, "Hey. I'm making Doppler's presentation better."

Cinnamon adds, a little bit embarrassed. "Hello again. Um, I didn't do much, really."

Dr. Sirius Viper listens attentively to Doppler.

Jet Stingray just continues to stands there, just pausing a long moment at Iris. "I'm not too sure about that... There are some stuff that um, you can't see that's obvilous. Like the things with... Um, the atoms," Jet offers as he rubs his hat with an awkward laugh before looking up to Doppler. Man, Jet is thanking his lucky stars he brought Iris. Or he might actually have to pay attention. Good thing about this Expo. You get to meet cool people and hang out, but it isn't like a school, so they don't test you on the boring parts. Muhahahahaha!

Sonata suddenly stands up, and strides off toward...somewhere. To examine the exhibits. Or perhaps freshen up. The mind of a Light is a dark and terrible place, after all; who knows what the Youngest could be up to?

Tornado Onion shakes what he has for a head and smiles to her...."I think otherwise. What you did was really Courageous eheh! You sure showed them all! " he might seem to pass off as weird, but during his speech his arms aren't quite motionless, moving while he speaks. He also seems to be dancing from side to side playfully.

Mainframe Octopus browses booths, looking up when he sees a presentation start. Meh... Doppler. He goes back to looking through booths.

Fairy Leviathan stares at Seismic Earthworm for another long moment.

And then says, "Have you asked anyone in Berlin about that lately?" She does keep her voice low, at least, although the towering size of Seismic might make this a little complicated.

Dr. Doppler advances to the next slide, which displays a rather curious device. It is an intigrated wafer circuit, from which protude a number of slender wires, each of which terminate in nerve cell-like filiments.
"The difficulty with organic-mechanical integration is not in the cybernetics themselves," Doppler goes on to explain. "The cybernetics have no trouble interpreting and acting upon the signals given by the human brain. It is the signals returned to the brain by the cybernetics that is the root of the problem. The signals, while understood, are not quite the same as it expects from organic nerve transmissions. This is what causes the feelings of being 'disconnected' or 'alienated' from the cybernetics. This device, which I call the bio-tranceiver, adds greather depth to the signal feed from the cybernetic implants, thus giving the recipient greater feelings of control and feedback. It also increases tactile perception."

        Vile comes to a stop inside the massive display/complex, ignoring whatever defenses may be trained upon him. The utter air of indifference is more intimidating than the obvious weaponry. The warmachine glances towards the large, empty spot, probably making a mental note to check back later. By the time Cossack actually reaches him, Vile is looking through a stand of books, occassionally reaching out to snatch a publication for closer inspection.
        "Do you have system specifications for the Widowmaker available?" he asks, making no physical acknowledgement of his father's attention but addressing him all the same.

Iris nods to Jet sagely, then gives Doppler a curious sort of attention. Maybe she's interested in his expo entry; maybe she's just being polite.

Dr. Sirius Viper taps his fingers against the side of his booth thoughtfully, intrigued....

Dr. Light gives Doppler a respectful nod, since he's not showing off Dark Sciences, but then steps off and walks towards Cossack and Vile. Any mercinaries, soldiers, or security who try to stop him are treated to the full force and will behind Dr. Thomas Light, via "Back Off, Honkey" glare. He stands behind his friend, and puts a massive hand on Pavel's shoulder, while Vile and he have a father son chat. With, y'know, hate.

Overclock sits back in his seat, and watches the stage. He is going to demand this, if he doesn't have something close enough already.

Seismic Earthworm shakes his head.

Seismic Earthworm mutters to Fairy Leviathan: '... ... for Maverick citizens who just want to ... in peace. For those ... ... ... to ... part ... this war. ... ... live in the ... at its ...'.

The soldiers watch Vile nervously. They have very specific instructions to run like hell and provide covering fire for everyone else if Vile decides to attack. Pavel does not send men to die for the sake of selling some books. They let Dr. Light do as he will, since he is Dr. Light and is apparently immune to death. They don't feel so bold.

The Russian himself regards Vile's interest, attempting to remain a similar air of professional indifference. He knows little of his son's recent activities, though he suspects nothing good will come of it.

"No, zeir is --" Dr. Light puts a hand on his shoulder, which Pavel regards through the small mirrors on the sides of his eyeglasses before continuing, "no such information publically available, zhat is propriatary. Zee cybernetik control systems I developed for it arr beink integrated into my general equipment sales. You haff no need of it, of course."

Flame Hyenard stops the noise making as Doppler continues to talk. Whatever. So, he moves into Dr. Light's area and begins to look around idly, sipping his spiked punch. Oh. And he nods. To himself. For consistency.

        Solstis frowned, and turned his head as he heard someone talking...someone talking about the spire. And that voice was familiar to boot.

[OOC] Prismatic Spider says, "Whew. I was worried that Doppler invented the Freak Chip."
[OOC] Solstis says, "Sorry, no vampires this time."
[OOC] Gaudile says, "Awwww, freak out!"
[OOC] Gaudile turns blue.
[OOC] Cinnamon says, "No! Bad daddy! No freaking!"
[OOC] Gaudile returns to normal. "Yes, ma'am."

Blues mutters to Rock: '... ... how long ... will stay ... ... speaking.'.

[OOC] Dr. Sirius Viper wonders how many are left ahead of him....

Rock mutters to Blues: '... ... ... ... think ... ... ... can only get ... ... ...'.

Fairy Leviathan turns herself slightly to face towards where Vile is. While still speaking to the enormous cylindrical fellow, she begins to unbutton one sleeve of her jumpsuit.

"I see," she says to him, her tone still neutral.

[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Flame Hyenard transmits, "Dr. WIly, if you have an experiment this year, it better involve scantily clad women."
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Dr. Wily transmits, "It will certainly be interesting"
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Flame Hyenard transmits, "I didn't say that."
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Seismic Earthworm transmits, "And worm-repellant."

"Early tests of the devices have proven to be very sucessful," Doppler reports. He advances to the next slide, which shows more graphs and statistics. "The Coalition's cyberpsychosis rate has dropped dramtically since it was first introduced. While long-term figures are not yet available due to its recent invention, my projections show that the patients with these implants are unlikely to suffer any bouts of the condition within the next ten years. Also, the device is safe for even the youngest patients. The children whose lives we saved received these implants, and none of the four showed any signs of cyber-rejection or cyberpsychosis while in our care." A pause. "Are there any questions?"

[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Prismatic Spider transmits, "Seismic, you know the rules. No trying to kill Wily while he's at the GSTE."
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Gemini Man transmits, "He sends WilyBots anyway."
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Seismic Earthworm transmits, "Don't worry. If I decide to do anything it'll be more than a try."

Ditz Pinkmouse pops up with his microphone again. "Where are the children now? Do they like candy? Do they want a pet hamster?"

[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Prismatic Spider transmits, "True. I wouldn't think Doctor Wily would risk it given yesterday's events."
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Theta Clown Man transmits, "What happened yesterday?"
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Seismic Earthworm transmits, "I'm not going to break the convention of this wonderful assembly on an attempt I'm not certain will succeed."
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Dr. Wily transmits, "There will be booth babes. Oh yes."

Dr. Light has a few, and its obvious by the look on his face that he wants to throw them at Doppler. But, for some reason, Light dosen't ask, simply nodding.

[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Flame Hyenard transmits, "Good. And beer. I'm running out of vodka."

Dr. Sirius Viper raises slightly above the crowd, oh the joys of gravitic flight, "Is this technology being made generally available?"

[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Tornado Onion transmits, " Heheh Dr Pyscho tried to kill all for Force metal, failed... somewhat."

Cinnamon sips a bit nervously at her punch, glancing around. This seems even more of a setup for chaos than yesterday. A giant earthworm, some guy over there with loaded missiles -right on his shoulder-, multiple Hyenards with bullhorns...

        Cinnamon absentmindedly gives Tornado Onion a pat on the head. "I'd have done it for anyone, really."

        And then she kicks off into the air again, trying not to spill her drink, and lands back over by the display table and Gaudile. RETREAT!

Crazy Yoshi shakes his head, as if the question where asked to him personally. When your name is Crazy Yoshi, you don't worry about cyberpscyhosis, you just call it delightful personality quirk at no extra charge and move on.

[OOC] Solstis says, "Come to papa Solstis Cinny-buns. I'll protect you from the crazy people."
[OOC] Cinnamon says, "...k!"

Dr. Doppler's brow furrows at Ditz's question. "The children were abducted by agents of Interpol," he answers. "It is my understanding that they have been returned to Russia." There is a definite note of disapproval in his voice. "As for whether they're allowed to have pets, you would have to ask Dr. Fairchild." Another pause, and then he answers Dr. Viper's question. "Outside the empire? Not at this time. I am in the process of filing the proper patents with the various governmental agencies, as there has been a distinct tendency for my inventions to be produced without any regard for intellectual property rights or compensation."

[OOC] Cinnamon says, "BUT HE'S NOT BITTER!"

Dr. Sirius Viper nods respectfully, "Understandable I suppose." he sinks back down and looks at Veil pensively.

Prismatic Spider notes Vile's entrance, but Doctor Cossack and Doctor Light seem to have it well in hand. It's not like he's in a position to object anyway. While some small part of Prismatic's mind recoils from the horor of Applesoft presentation software packages, he regards Doctor Doppler's presentation evenly. The hoverpod rises, moving slightly to position itself closer to Gaudile and Cinnamon. He wants to have a chat with Scientillian Platypinator and Spice Girl sometime soon. He raises a hand, however. "Is the device shielded against the effects of the Sigma Virus? There have been documented instances where the Sigma Virus has been known to invoke hallucinations and mental instability in cybernetically-enhanced patients, and there is a concern that increased neural throughput may increase the severity and speed of these kinds of reactions, even they they might prevent more traditional cybernetic afflictions."

Flame Hyenard hmms. What? Doppler is talking? Who cares? That Rush plush is kind of cool looking...

Cyber Peacock has left.
[OOC] Dr. Doppler says, "I want to be paid for once, darnit!"
[OOC] Solstis says, "..."

Dr. Sirius Viper mutters to Veil Fox: '... ... ruin ... for ...'.

Cyber Peacock enters the Fort York Expo Center.
[OOC] Cyber Peacock returns from OOCness.

Tornado Onion is patted on the head by Cinnamon and nods to her last statement, her quickly hurrying off. The onion takes his punch and returns to where he was before, shrugging to himself. He hopes she had to leave and that he didn't scare her off. He sits down and neverthe less watches.

[OOC] Solstis doesn't suffer from hallucinations or mental instability from the sigma virus ;.;
[OOC] Prismatic Spider whistles.
[OOC] Dr. Doppler says, "Gee thanks, Prism."

        "I do think I will remain reliant upon manual control. However, most Maverick troops lack such a respect for older methods. This will enhance their capability," Vile states, reading the back of Pavel's latest book. He replaces it, and then turns to glare at the two scientists. Of course, there is little else the Maverick could do with that helmet in place. Glaring seems appropriate.
        "I have not had a chance to read a synopsis of the events of yesterday. Was information released concerning the use of Force Metal? I assume that Gaudile will be a very rich reploid, if he controls the only deposite of the material. Undoubtedly all the major factions will want to speak with him."
        It's not out of the question to assume that enemy factions watch the GSTE for new technology, it's probably a given. The fact that Vile is being so upfront about it is the only thing out of the ordinary. Not to mention the veiled threat towards Gaudile, and the eventuality that he will be sought after by the Mavericks for... recruitment.

Gaudile doesn't take much notice at Cinnamon rapidly descending near him. Well, he does, but he waits until she lands before asking.

[OOC] Mainframe Octopus says, "Wait, yes you do, Sol."
[OOC] Gaudile says, "I will so get gankhacked in the next few weeks."
[OOC] Mainframe Octopus eyes Solstis.
[OOC] Solstis says, "No. I suffer from an overlay system that is caused by a chip that was put specifically in me for that purpose."

Gaudile mutters to Cinnamon: 'That ... ... ... Did ... ... fun?'.

[OOC] Mainframe Octopus says, "Overlay chips are for losers. HALLUCINATE LIKE A MAN"
[OOC] Seismic Earthworm says, "I reject your reality and substitute my own!"

Overclock has a brief, quiet, but fairly audible moment of snark. "...Cyborgs? Get the Sigma Virus? That's preposterous."

Cinnamon mutters to Gaudile: '... punch is good. ...I'm ... ... ... though. ... ... ... is ... over ... ... ... back ... ... ... for ... few ... ... ... settle ...'.

This doesn't surprise Pavel in the least. After all, he programmed Vile's strategic systems and knows exactly how he thinks. Vile might have learned everything he knows from the Russian, but Vile didn't learn everything the /Russian/ knows.

"I expectink so," he says. "zee technology is powerful enough to divide his vesearch team. I imagine vee haff not heard zee last of zee Dr. Psyche."

Gaudile mutters to Cinnamon: 'That is an ... ... ... anyone ... ... ... to us they ... ... there. The 'global broadband' as some ... ... will be ... ... ... to ... a few days.'.

Cinnamon mutters to Gaudile: 'Does that mean ... ... turn ... on ...'.

Dr. Light continues to loom behind Pavel(Despite being a little shorter than him), playing the role of the emotional rock. Haha, Rock. Light just isn't as good as this almost-civil hate stuff; his and Albert's thing is a completly different sort of game, really. So he just stands, and privately thanks goodness that he didn't show Pavel the "Emperor X" design for the simulation.

Veil Fox has left.
Jet Stingray has left.
Veil Fox enters the Fort York Expo Center.
[OOC] Veil Fox returns from OOCness.
Dr. Doppler has reconnected.
[OOC] Dr. Light says, "WB, Dop."
Mainframe Octopus has disconnected.
[OOC] Dr. Doppler beats severely on his ISP. Anything said/posed in the past five minutes, I've missed. :E

Gaudile mutters to Cinnamon: 'Perhaps. But ... if you ... not ... listen to anyone ... there. There ... ... ... guy...I ... ... ... the man ... ... Mammon ... or ... ... ... ... said that intellegence ... to go down when ... ... it. ... ... sure ... he's /right/ but it seems like he ...'.

Flame Hyenard continues to putz around the booth, looking over the plushes and other stuff. Hmm.. "I wonder if I can get a Hyenasaucer."

Tornado Onion just continues watching, finishing his punch and throwing the cup out, thinking something to himself while he watches the presentations.

Dr. Doppler gives a thin smile to Prismatic's question, his expression otherwise a mask. "While we have had a few cases of cyborgs unable to interpret or accept Sigma's enlightenment, the majority have suffered few to no ill effects since the devices were implanted. Those who have suffered some minor difficulties have been helped with psychological counseling and have recovered fully."

Cinnamon mutters to Gaudile: 'I ... I'll be ...'.

        Solstis shrugged when the giant and ugly worm didn't seem to want to gossip anymore, and so he walked over to his booth. He poked kitty with his foot, and then muttered the activation line, which of course caused the drone to turn on and start following him about. From there Solstis merely walked out into the crowd, followed by Kitty, while attempting to pay attention to Doppler since most likely he would be given one of those chips after enough testing was done.

Overclock bites his lip at this part of Doppler's speech. It's tempting to speak up. It would also be wrong.

Gaudile mutters to Cinnamon: 'Then I ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... wish.'.

Cinnamon looks like a little kid that got a new toy!

[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Cinnamon has connected.

Prismatic Spider nods, giving Doppler a thin smile of his own. "Thank you. No more questions."

Dr. Doppler has partially disconnected.

[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Cinnamon transmits, "Hello!"
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Satsuma transmits, "That sounded suspiciously like the sound of someone connecting! Hello, there!"
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Bass transmits, "Hello, young lady."
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Solar Stega transmits, "Greetings.."
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Plant Man transmits, "Good evening."
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Tornado Onion transmits, "Teheh Hello again!"
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Hard Man transmits, "Umm, hi?"
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] President Elpizo transmits, "Who EVER IS IN MY CITY YOU HAVE TEN SECONDS TO LEAVE."
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Catastrophe transmits, "Hello."
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Satsuma transmits, "Oh! Bass!"
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Cinnamon transmits, "I'm Cinnamon -- oh, my."
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Plant Man transmits, "May I get you your cane?"
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Prismatic Spider transmits, "Welcome to the chaos of Global Broadband. Enjoy your stay."
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Cloud Man transmits, "You sound happy, crazy homicidal maniac man."
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Tornado Onion transmits, "Ehheheh we love you too ..."
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] President Elpizo transmits, "ONE."
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Seismic Earthworm transmits, "You heard the man. Evactuate Neo Arcadia."

<Public> Warchief Ice Man says, "I must say, Elpizo has the best way to say "Hi.""

[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Bass transmits, "Four!"
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Cloud Man transmits, "Ten!"
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Bass transmits, "Six!"
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Satsuma transmits, "Are you plotting to twist Bullet into a being of unspeakable evil? It seems like the type of thing a villain like you would do"
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Dr. Wily transmits, "37! BLUE! HUT HUT HUT!"
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Plant Man transmits, "Cinnamon? Oh, I remember you from yesterday.."
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Gemini Man transmits, "He LIKES her."
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Prismatic Spider transmits, "HIKE!"
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Satsuma transmits, "I can think of at least four hundred seventeen different series that a similar even happens in."

[OOC] Dr. Doppler says, "Anyone else?"

[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Bass transmits, "Twist? Oh, no."
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Tornado Onion transmits, "Yes she was the girl that saved Light and Cerveau eheheh!"
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Hard Man transmits, "Craziness..."
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Bass transmits, "I'm allowing what is inside of her to be free."
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Catastrophe transmits, "Wow, I heard about that when someone brought me the paper..."

[OOC] Dr. Light is good.
Jet Stingray enters the Fort York Expo Center.
[OOC] Jet Stingray returns from OOCness.
[OOC] Solar Stega has no questions. ^^;

[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Plant Man transmits, "I'd left the expo long before that happened."
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Satsuma transmits, "That sounds suspiciously evil!"
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Cinnamon transmits, "A good thing you did. It was a mess."
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Catastrophe transmits, "I wasn't there. I still can't get up."
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Crazy Yoshi transmits, Dr. Gaudile, you shameful robot! This frequency no place for you naďve young robot! They talk about terrible thing! I sell you S-chip, block out stupidity, make you good deal because you such smart robot.
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Cinnamon transmits, "Most of it got cleaned up -- oh, the professor warned me already."
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Crazy Yoshi is too good for quotation marks.
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Plant Man transmits, "I hope they are okay."
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Bass transmits, "Evil? No, I wouldn't call it that."
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Dr. Light transmits, "Oh, Crazy Yoshi. One day, I will destroy you utterly."

The Viper Booth <VB> is now listening.

[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Seismic Earthworm transmits, "Do you love her, Bass, or are you just using her?"
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Cinnamon transmits, "See, I'm at the GSTE right now, so I figure that maybe the stupidity and intelligence will balance themselves out."
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Hard Man emits a confused silence.
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Bass transmits, "I have no capacity for love. She knows that."
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Tornado Onion transmits, "Everything fine right now Plant man eheheh!"
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Satsuma transmits, "Well, perhaps not evil, but certainly on the villainous side of morally ambiguous."

Dr. Sirius Viper has left.

        The heart of the problem cannot be remedied by knowledge - Cossack may be able to predict Vile's actions like no one else can, but that doesn't stop Vile from carrying them out. The power-armored reploid replies, "Dr. Psyche will also most likely be sought after for his work. He did say that Force Metal could be used as a weapon, didn't he? And those mass-produced power armors. He seems to be much more valuable than Gaudile." Vile pauses, and then leans closer, hissing something at Cossack. And then, just like that, the warmachine turns to walk off, heading in the direction of another booth. Namely, Gaudile's.

[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Seismic Earthworm transmits, "Acceptable."
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Prismatic Spider transmits, "That's impossible. There is no electronic system powerful enough to block out the full power of the stupidity on Global Broadband. The only way to stop it is to delete the frequency and ritually burn the radio."
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Plant Man transmits, "Ah, that's good."

Dr. Sirius Viper enters the Fort York Expo Center.

[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Catastrophe transmits, "Um, I don't think that works very well, miss."
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] President Elpizo click. You know what that means.
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Bass transmits, "But I can take pleasure in things. She interests me."
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Cinnamon transmits, "But - I have an internal radio!"

Dr. Sirius Viper slips into his 'booth' and turns on the external monitors.

[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Gemini Man transmits, "We don't think that means she can't be his girlfriend."

Dr. Sirius Viper has left.

[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Prismatic Spider transmits, "You'll have to get it replaced."
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Satsuma gasps! "So you're just using her to pleasure yourself?"
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Plant Man transmits, "That's gross."
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Crazy Yoshi transmits, "What you have against Crazy Yoshi, Dr. Light?"
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Gemini Man transmits, "Prolly."

Vile mutters to Dr. Cossack: '... would be in ... interest to ... your ... base. Defectors are ... ...'.

Dr. Doppler turns off the projector and picks up his datapad. "Thank you for your attention. Enjoy the rest of the Expo." With no further ado, he takes up his cane and walks off, stage right.

[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Tornado Onion transmits, "Eheheh I don;t think the global that stupid people stupid ehehhe but not the radio!"
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Bass transmits, "Don't we all use each other for that purpose?"
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Satsuma transmits, "I don't think so."
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Bass transmits, "Perhaps."
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Satsuma transmits, "I don't use people for pleasure. They put themselves into situations that are cool and amusing, without me having to do a thing!"
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Cinnamon transmits, "Of course not!"
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Seismic Earthworm transmits, "My only concern is that love be not betrayed. If she knows up front that you are incapable of love, I can have no objection to any emotional bond she chooses to form of her own will."
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Tornado Onion transmits, "Miss Cinnamon? Teheh.. I talk to you after Flame my brother, but I didn't tell you my name hehe Gate called me Tornado Onion heheh me and Flame brothers!"
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Satsuma transmits, "So I think that means they're using themselves."

Number Man has left.
Number Man enters the Fort York Expo Center.
[OOC] Number Man returns from OOCness.

[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Crazy Yoshi transmits a soft, lilting melody with a sound quality as of a string instrument, very feint.

The Viper Booth <VB> shakes a little bit as Viper does something inside....

[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Flame Hyenard transmits, "Ah, Bass, when's your birthday? I wish to send you a life size Mega Man chocolate bar, guaranteed choking danger."
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Satsuma transmits, "Regardless! You should let Bullet go! She is awesome and cool, and has a TV show!"
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Cinnamon transmits, "Oh, really? Both you and Flame Hyenard - um, hyenards?"
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Bass transmits, "She is attached to me, I believe."
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Plant Man transmits, "What a nice sound.."
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Bass transmits, "I don't think she would leave."

Dr. Light's eyes widen a little, but he shakes his head. Its his turn. Thomas steps up to the podiumand his booth follows him, flying in the air! Even at his most humble, Light uses a bit of showmanship. Maybe he has Gypsy blood or something. Light waves to the crowd, more than a few of whom give a "Thom!" shout, because Cheers was cool. "Evening! Well, seeing as I've not been stabbed, shot, or otherwise mangled tonight, I suppose I should get to work. I've got two things tonight; I'm allowed, I've got tenure." Light winks at the audience.

 "The First.." A holoprojection appears behind Light, "Is the official announcement on new findings I've made in the field of linguistics. Considering Mister Mattheson's interest in the subject, I do hope he finds this informative." Light taps up at the projection, which shows a model of...sound waves.

 "Language is, essentially, symbolic sounds. You puff air out, and it means something because you taught your brain that it means something. Now, there is one other phenomena that shares this combination of learned behavior and instinct. Music. The difference is, music adheres to strict mathematical principles and laws; at least, traditional music, which was studied as a science for centuries." Light holds up a small conch-like device. "What this means, is that language is not the hurdle we think it is. We have allowed our differences to blind us to our similarities. I propose that, through hypermathematical mechanics, we can convert language to music, and then back into language. This will, essentially, solve the universal translation problem without having to rely on cybernetic enhancements; a perfectly legitimate field of study, especially with Dr. Doppler's work in stamping out cyber psychosis, mind you, but I have always believed in choices. This will be one of them." Light takes a breath, sipping his glass of Hawaiian Punch.

[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Tornado Onion transmits, " Yeah teheh! We also have a few sisters and even more brothers ehehh!"

Gaudile set his daughter loose on the global frequency and subsequently made the "Worst Dad of the Year" award with less than two seconds between them. Go him. He glances at Vile as he walks up. Gaudile makes his best attempt to stay composed, but there is concern showing on his face. "Hello. What can I help you with?"

        Solstis had been wandering about seemingly aimlessly for some time now, hands clasped behind his back while he smiled at everyone and nodded in greeting. Kitty continued to waddle about after him, and every so often Solstis checked to make certain nobody had touched the obviously Maverick device. Finally, though, he arrived at one booth...and there was Gaudille and Cinnamon. The eccentric Maverick bowed in greeting, before speaking. "Good day."

Wire Sponge has connected.

Dr. Cossack's gaze narrows at Vile as he approaches. He says nothing as he leaves, though he stares at his back until he's out of sight.

[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Satsuma would likely be fingerpointing accusingly, were she speaking in person. "Not an excuse! You have your evil mind-tentacles wrapped around her tender brainmeats! Well, braincircuits, anyway... but that doesn't matter! Eeeeeevil!"

[OOC] Wire Sponge gack. Not here.
Wire Sponge goes home.
Wire Sponge has left.

[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Gemini Man transmits, "She's just not really bright."
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Bass chuckles.
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Cinnamon transmits, "Ew, tentacles..."
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Satsuma transmits, "Stupidity is the best weapon against evil! Heroes are never bright!"

Jazz has connected.
Jazz goes home.
Jazz has left.

[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Satsuma transmits, "Well, except for the token wise-ass."

A feint look of dread crosses Crazy Yoshi's face. Hey now, robolinguistics is his domain, and it's never good to have the world's smartest man taking an interest in making your best selling products obsolete.

[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Flame Hyenard transmits, "Thank you."
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Ring Man transmits, "I like smokies cuz they're soooo delicious, gotta go smokin'."
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Bass transmits, "I haven't had tentacles in quite some time. I think they are becoming trendy."
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Shield transmits, "Bass?"
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Shield transmits, "You will regret this."
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Satsuma transmits, "I don't think so. Tentacles are kind of scary, and not in the intimidating way."
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Dust Man transmits, "NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!"
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Catastrophe transmits, "I don't like tentacles..."
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Bass transmits, "I live without regrets -- excuse me."
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Dust Man transmits, "Please dear god NO!"
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Bass makes the Scanners noise at Dust Man.
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Wire Sponge transmits, "...Tentacles... everywhere..."

Cinnamon looks a bit distracted - global radio is a -flood- of voices. After a moment, Cinnamon comes to again, and finds Vile approaching.

        Quite casually, she wanders out from behind Gaudile, pretending to fix something on the mangled display table, and then stands up again. This places her a little bit in front of the professor, defensively.

[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Shield transmits, "Fine. Then you'll simply suffer as a consequence of this."
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Ring Man transmits, "What was that obnoxious sound?"

Overclock winces. Because, well, he'd just solved this. And his version could make little Sigma-virus-infected children, where Light's couldn't.
He almost accuses the old man of theft, but, he'll just stew and pay attention.

[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Satsuma transmits, "More like the, "I'm going to do obscene things to your face, and possibly other parts of your body," way. Which isn't a very nice way at all."
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Dust Man transmits, "...I will go make the popcorn now..."
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Bass transmits, "Good boy."
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Shield transmits, "And I don't mean that I'm going to kill you or do something else stupid like that, I'm not that arrogant."
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Tornado Onion transmits, " Eheheh Sponge remember yesterday!"
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Shield transmits, "But regardless of the cost, you will suffer for this."
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Shield transmits, "But regardless of the cost, you will suffer for this."
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Cinnamon transmits, "Tentacles are -disgusting-. Fortunately, they're also pretty easy to slice through!"
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Bass transmits, "I have suffered more than you are capable of understanding, sir. Try as you may."
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Catastrophe transmits, "I don't even have any knives to do that with."
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Plant Man transmits, "Are vines disgusting?"
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Flame Hyenard transmits, "Very."
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Satsuma transmits, "I'm totally going to kick you in the shins."
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Ring Man transmits, "You know what would be great? If they combined li'l smokies DNA with squid DNA."
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Shield transmits, "Another drop in the bucket? We'll see."
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Bass transmits, "I will feign pain."
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Satsuma transmits, "Would you really?"
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Plant Man transmits, "I think they did that a few years ago with octopus DNA, Ring Man."

[OOC] Prismatic Spider says, "Light just ownz0red OC."

[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Bass transmits, "For you."
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Satsuma transmits, "Aw, thanks."
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Satsuma transmits, "I mean... STOP THAT!"
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Gemini Man transmits, "We don't think we've had tentacles in a long time either."

[OOC] Salvage Crab says, "Nuh uh. He has a brain computer."

[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Tornado Onion transmits, " Tehheeh! .....So much fun talking with others! Yes! Tentacles cut like paper with blades."
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Ring Man transmits, "Then why haven't I eaten any yet? Agh, I need more sausage."

Flame Hyenard looks quietly at Cinnamon and Vile. Can Flame take Vile? No. Will Vile still kill Cinnamon if Flame were able to charge over there and punch Vile in the helmet? Probably. He watches anyways.

[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Plant Man transmits, "There is also liquid sausage, and powdered sausage."

[OOC] Overclock says, "well, I also did the lingustics wetware"

[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Plant Man transmits, "I feed it to my lilies all the time."
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Cinnamon transmits, "--oh, my. Um, I'll be right back."
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Cinnamon disconnects.
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Plant Man transmits, "They like the protein."

Tornado Onion watches his brother and then watches his gaze, looking over to Vile near Cinnamon. Sadly he knows that isn't good at all but he hopes nothign will go wrong, wishing the GSTE goes off without a problem.

[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Ding! Dust Man coughs. "Popcorn's ready. Can I go back to my room and flail around like a coward?"
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Bass transmits, "Proceed."

[OOC] Prismatic Spider says, "Yeah. Some large muscular men need to have a chat with OC about that. Or maybe a significantly less muscular Reploid can make condemning speeches at him while Overclock mocks him and his assambly line."

[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Dr. Wily transmits, "Make sure to exercise proper flailing form."
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Ice Man transmits, "Bass is strict but fair."
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Satsuma transmits, "One of these days, Bass! You'll get what's coming to you! And it'll be COD!"
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Step. Step. Step. Step. Door close. Muffled shrieking. 'NO MORE BASS VIRUS! NO MORE BASS VIRUS!'
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Wire Sponge transmits, "..."

The fact that Light hasn't mentioned the math involved is because, well, there's a pamphlet with his calculations, about the size of War and Piece, sitting next to him. "These are my calculations, rescearch, and dates-I was suprised to see...similar work with Mr. Mattheson being done, but hopefuly he'll be kind enough to realise that it was a pleasent concidence. If anyone wants to read them, here they are." Light drops the book, which crashes through the table, the podium, the floor, and several layers of the earth.

"Furthermore, eventually, I hope to discern the true nature of thought transference through, as I like to call it, this Mathemusic. If an alien civilization visits us again, fellows, communication with them will be on our terms, and through our technology." The Good Doctor holds up a conch.

Light then begins to speak some strange language into said conch. Perhaps a pidgin of English and several other languages, perhaps something he made up. The conch sits for a second, and begins to play. After a few seconds, the lot of you no longer hear music, but words, in your native language; complete with regional dialects and nuances that were considered impossible to translate. "Mary had a little lamb, whose fleece was white as snow, and everywhere that Mary went, the lamb was sure to go. If you all can hear me-this is just a prototype-any questions?"

Several Orc-bots enter through the main door carrying logs and move to the back of the room leaning them against the back wall.

Ironicly, Global was pretty quiet before Cinnamon connected. Now it's such a mess of noise that Solar can barely pay attention to the convention. While it means she missed most of what Doctor Light said, she also got distracted from the fact that Vile is wandering around the con now. Ohh fun.

[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Satsuma transmits, "For there is little as evil as getting an unexpected package and being forced to pay for it then and there."
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Satsuma transmits, "Except maybe mind-tentacling."

Mainframe Octopus has connected.

[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Satsuma transmits, "And blowing up the sun."
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Techno transmits, "...Tentacles."
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Catastrophe transmits, "Tentacles win, I'm sorry."
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Bass transmits, "Blowing up the sun, now that's an idea."
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Techno transmits, "Please, enlighten me, why are we discussing tentacles?"
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Dr. Wily transmits, "Blowing up the son. Why didn't I think of that?"
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Satsuma transmits, "No getting ideas from my innane ramblings!"
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Catastrophe transmits, "I didn't start it."
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Techno transmits, "Because there would be no earth to rule?"
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Catastrophe transmits, "I'm just, uh, really bored right now, so I joined in."
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Dr. Wily transmits, "Bass, calculate the estimated flight time and power output necessary to destroy the sun."

Overclock finally can't hold back questions any more. He raises his hand but doesn't wait to be acknowledged before he speaks. "This sounds like fairy cakes to me."

[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Bass transmits, "Calculating. Please wait."

Crazy Yoshi mutters quietly to himself, "we cannot speak, sir, you have the conch..."

[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Bass transmits hold muzak.
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] 'IT BURNS! OH IT BURNS!'
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Dr. Wily hums. "This is the best feature I ever built into him. Guts Man's greatest hits, as sung by the chipmunks.
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Satsuma transmits, "AUGH! Not hold muzak!"
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Plant Man transmits, "I think my ears are bleeding."
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Solar Stega transmits, "...I think the 'needing something to rule afterward' point wins again sun destruction."
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Dr. Wily transmits, "I can rule spaceships."
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Dr. Wily transmits, "Big spaceships. With giant Ws on the side."
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Solar Stega transmits, "(OOC: Again = against)"
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Satsuma transmits, "Mind... breaking down..."
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Seismic Earthworm transmits, "You know what would be really cool? Blowing up the sun and timestopping it forever right before it hits Earth."
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Ice Man transmits, "Owwww. Doc, permission to go to Dust Man's room to flail around like a coward?"
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Dr. Wily transmits, "Granted."

Flame Hyenard stands upward. He sets the objects he was holding and sets them around the booth. He then pulls off his synthesizer. "HEYDR.LIGHT.HOWDOESITWORKONDIFFERENTSPEEDSOFVOICEANDSTRONGBASSANDTREBLEINFLICTIONS?"

[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Satsuma transmits, "Make the bad man stop... can I go to Dust Man's room and flail around, too?"

        Instinctually (or, perhaps, out of keen observation), Vile walks past Cinnamon, so as to speak directly to Gaudile. To say the least, he towers over the smaller reploid, and thus has the advantage of glaring down as he speaks.
        "There is one confirmed deposit of Force Metal on the planet. Am I correct? I assume that the location has not been revealed as of yet. What are you plans as to the distribution of the material? Such a find will undoubtedly be demanded to be shared by the rest of the scientific community. But, as your denial of Dr. Psyche illustrates, you are not the type to follow developmental norms, if it is possible that other researchers would move your technology down a path you yourself would not follow."
        The warmachine moves suddenly, crouching down to look Gaudile optic to helmet. "You must be aware that this makes you a very prime target. That fact was also illustrated yesterday. But I am babbling. How /do/ you plan to distribute your findings?"
        Vile may not be the most adept in implying bodily harm without actually causing it, but he knows enough to get by.

Unlike during Glyde's presentation, Doppler seems quite impressed. He watches quietly after retaking his seat, steepling his fingers as Light demonstrates his latest invention.

[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Plant Man transmits, "I'd like to join in as well."
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Seismic Earthworm transmits, "I would also like to go to Dust Man's room and flail around."
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Dust Man transmits, "NO."

Jet Stingray just looks rather bored for the entire presentation, but well, when it ends he blinks as he sees that Vile is making his way toward Cinamon and the doc. He looks like he is ready to step in toward her defense, but just looks toward Iris, as if she were the one to decided if he should stay or should he go. If he stays there might be trouble.... But if he goes, it will be double.

[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Dust Man transmits, "Stay away from me!"
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Dr. Wily transmits, "Denied. If you flailed, you'd destroy my base."
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Dust Man transmits, "You are NOT biting me in half again!"
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Seismic Earthworm transmits, "Well, that was the main idea. Ah well."
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Crazy Yoshi transmits, "You need starship fuel, Dr. Wily? Crazy Yoshi also have Tri-Ion Engine, brand new design. Sell to you only 250,000 zenny. Price so low I must be crazy!"
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Techno transmits, "You are crazy."
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Crazy Yoshi transmits, "That what Crazy Yoshi say."
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Tornado Onion transmits, " Teeheee we really need spam ware or ad-blocker !hehehe."
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Dust Man transmits, "...Does it have cupholders?"
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Dust Man transmits, "All engines need cupholders."
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Bass stops the muzak. "With travel at 0.5c, flight time: approximately 16.6 minutes. Power yield needed: Approximately 999.9 Wilyjoules."
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Crazy Yoshi transmits, "Ooh, you do? Crazy Yoshi sell you latest spam-blockers, also antivirus. Protect against cyberspace bosses. You not find a better deal, Crazy Yoshi guarantee."
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Plant Man transmits, "off"
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Plant Man transmits, "(OOC: gah)"
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Satsuma transmits, "Might as well round up to a kiloWilyjoule."
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Dust Man hmms.. "..Do the spamblockers come with cupholders?"
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Techno transmits, "Ad ware sucks."
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Plant Man ker-click.
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Crazy Yoshi transmits, "You stupid robot not know how work radio, Dr. Wily. Crazy Yoshi sell you AI upgrade."
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Seismic Earthworm transmits, "Crazy Yoshi! I have deal for you!"
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Bass transmits, "We don't use the Communist measurement system here."
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Tornado Onion transmits, "Tehee What doesn't!"
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Crazy Yoshi transmits, "What deal you have for Crazy Yoshi?"

Iris sees Jet looking over toward the potential troublemaking situation. "Go ahead, sweetie," she encourages. You can't take the hero out of the stingray.

[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Dr. Wily transmits, "So we'll have to hook up some auxillary generators to make sure. Interesting"
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Seismic Earthworm transmits, "Good cheap gems. I make, you sell, you keep 40 of profit on what you sell."
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Satsuma transmits, "So what do you call a thousand units?"
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Dust Man transmits, "A buttloadwilyjoule."
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Seismic Earthworm transmits, "(OOC: 40%)"
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Dr. Wily transmits, "A bug zapper."
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Crazy Yoshi transmits, "You send me sample, I make sure they not fake. I like sample, we have deal."
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Bass transmits, "An awesomeWilyjoule."
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Satsuma transmits, "Ooh, I like that."

        Solstis watched as Vile walked on into the booth and then started to pester Gaudile, a frown forming on his face...and then he gave his little shrug and walked over in the direction of Cinnamon. "Excuse me, miss. What is your name again? I can't recall it for some obscure reason."

Cyber Peacock has left.

[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Satsuma transmits, "If you weren't an insane megalomaniacal crackpot bent on world domination, I'd totally give you a cookie or something."
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Bass transmits, "A buttloadwilyjoule is 500 Wilyjoules."
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Dust Man transmits, "Really? ...No wonder my couch keeps exploding."

Ditz Pinkmouse continues to scurry about floor, until something purple distracts him. A foot. But not just any foot. This foot, as mentioned, is purple. Running over, he hos onto Vile's foot, looks up at one of the most feared war machines in history, and says, "Hi! Will you be my friend? You look neat!"

Overclock is busy being a little bit irritated at Dr. Light. He doesn't notice Vile...again...until Solstis makes note of it. Then...he looks over to Gaudile's booth. He tries to overhear, but it's a little far away.

[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Bass transmits, "You clearly didn't get the memo."
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Techno transmits, "How much output does your buster put out, Bass?"
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Catastrophe transmits, "Did you rename amperes, too? What about ohms?"
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Bass transmits, "Maximum or average?"

[OOC] Ditz Pinkmouse hopes Cinnamon isn't scared of mice.

[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Techno transmits, "Go with maximum, and then average."
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Dust Man transmits, "I was busy scrubbing the bottom of the reservoir."

[OOC] Cinnamon says, "AIEE IT'S A MOUSE!"

[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Gemini Man transmits, "We dunno, it's all tech to us."

[OOC] Cinnamon cannons.

[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Catastrophe transmits, "I'm just curious, in case I ever have to do work in somewhere you've been."
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Bass transmits, "Maximum is 10 Wilyjoules. Average is around 6."
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Dust Man transmits, "Besides. Shadow Man always turns my memos into deadly origami cranes. It's impossible to get near my desk without being papercut to death."

[OOC] Ditz Pinkmouse gets that reaction often, but more because I'm Ditz, rather than a real mouse :)

Dr. Light steps back, as if someone just played LOUD heavy metal right in his ear. He asides, "Well, Flame, its a bit like listening to Whitesnake at full volume. And I'm afraid I don't know what that is, Overclock. Anything else, or shall I move on?"

[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Catastrophe transmits, "Also, how big is a Wilyjoule compared to a regular joule?"
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Bass transmits, "Hella."
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Catastrophe transmits, "From an electrician's standpoint, that isn't helpful."
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Gemini Man transmits, "This is a question for Spark Man and not Bass."
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Bass transmits, "Go study under Wily. You'll get similar answers."

        Maybe it's the shouldercannon, even though it's not twitching. Maybe it's just the helmet with that one red optic peering out. Possibly Cinnamon already knows of Vile's reputation in her relatively short (so far) lifespan. Vile isn't being overtly threatening, but close enough.

        The medic lets him sweep by as she notices Solstis' approach; then goes into her own semicircle, one that brings her behind Gaudile again, a little off to one side. Even crouched down, Vile should be able to see the single hand with its medical symbol resting on the professor's shoulder. Cinnamon smiles up at Solstis, then, casually. "I'm Cinnamon, professor Gaudile's assistant. Have we met before?"

[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Catastrophe transmits, "How many Wilyjoules is your base's power plant?"

Flame Hyenard turns his synthesizer back on. "Does this come in a model in which I could turn off all the language in the room and turn it into Music? I have a meeting with Storm Owl soon."

[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Crazy Yoshi transmits, "Crazy Yoshi build Shadow Hunter use Wily technology. Crazy Yoshi tell you how much is Wilyjoule, you make it worth Crazy Yoshi while."
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Bass transmits, "I forget. It keeps getting wrecked."
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Catastrophe transmits, "I was trying to see it but I didn't get that far."

[OOC] Solstis laughs.

[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Dr. Wily transmits, "A metric shitload. Which is a whole mess of heaps."
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Satsuma transmits, "Ah hah! Metric!"

Gaudile blinks and takes a step back from the reploid of death and destruction. He did not just imply that. "Psyche is but a...well, needing a better term, a doody head." No indication of self-amusement. "Psyche has delusions of granduer and only managed to nearly kill a few people because he was lucky and had the element of surprise. Also, he decided not to grace me with his plans for world domination before he ran off somewhere. I'm not too sure what he sees in it."

A pause as he collects his thoughts. "As far as distrubution, it would depend on the demand, now, wouldn't it?"

[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Bass transmits, "That's a term of endearment."
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Dust Man hmms.. "I need a new alternator then. I hope you guys didn't turn on the blender yet."
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Bass transmits, "I left it on all day."
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Dust Man transmits, "...Oh crap."
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Catastrophe transmits, "Oh."
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Dust Man ahems.

"Made up. Magic." Overclock shrugs. Blinks. "I'll read the paper." He squints as if to follow this up with 'and it better damn well make sense."

[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Catastrophe transmits, "Okay, so if I have to do work in your territory:"
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Dust Man can be heard breaking glass and slamming a button.
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Catastrophe transmits, "A Wilyjoule, which turns into a buttloadWilyjoule or an awesomeWilyjoule, is a metric...buttload...of joules. Or a mess of heaps."
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Catastrophe transmits, "You may or may not have actually renamed amperes or ohms."
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Catastrophe transmits, "I'm not even going to /ask/ about watts or volts."
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Bass transmits, "Or we did, but can't pronounce it because Wily renamed them in higher-order ASCII."

        "Ah, Cinnamon. A wonderful name. I used to eat cinnamon-based candies when I was fully Human in my youth...quite delicious," Solstis said, as he flashed a smile at the medic Reploid and merely stood there. "And no, you haven't met me yet...a shame really, but you /are/ becoming quite popular so I thought I may as well as use this moment of semi-boredom to converse with one as wonderful as yourself. I'm called Solstis, spelled S-o-l-s-t-i-s. A lot of people spell it with i-c-e at the end, which isn't how my name is."

[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Catastrophe transmits, "Give me the codes, there's a computer here."
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Dust Man can be heard shrieking and flailing his arms up and down in the background.

A Light Labs booth babe - complete with massive bunny ears fully two heads tall - wades her way through the crowds. "Check out the Light Labs exhibit!" she exhorts. "We've got /seashells!/ They /translate!/" This will make considerably more sense to the people actually watching Dr. Light's demonstration, no doubt. "And we've got Hawaiian Punch! Check it OUT!" She then wiggles with most-likely faked enthusiasm, prompting the little Mega Man doll tied to her hip to rattle its bells and squeek, "It's time to get serious!" in the voice of an eight year old girl.

Orion Corth has connected.
[OOC] Orion Corth says, "..."

Prismatic Spider would be responding to Doctor Light, but the Spider Scientist detects an incoming Vile. He frowns at Vile, but does not intervene. A left hand does settle unconfortable near a control panel on the arm of the hoverpod's chair, however. This is Gaudile's show. He's sure Researchinator Duckbillaroo can handle this. He does, however, grin at Overclock, chuckling to himself. "What was the saying? Ah... Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic."

[OOC] Cinnamon says, "..."
[OOC] Orion Corth says, "Good god that's a lot of spam."
[OOC] Gaudile says, "..."

[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Satsuma transmits, "So that's the sound of one Dust panicking."
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Bass transmits, "Uh, a couple smiley faces, a few of those squiggly lines, an umlaut and the word `erdekaiser'. Underlined, flashing."
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Catastrophe transmits, "What, the whole word?"
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Bass transmits, "Yes, the whole word."
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Catastrophe transmits, "Was that for ohms or amps?"

Mainframe Octopus eyes the Light booth bunny. "Translation seashells?" He could really use one of those, so he follows the bunny in a totally non-creepy not-stalking-you way.

Rock flinches at the doll. And quietly clears his throat, noting to, well, anyone in earshot: "I don't sound like that." His voice just dropped about an octave and a half, too. Of course you don't, Rock. Of course you don't.

[OOC] Gaudile says, "You're having fun making up Reploid names for me, aren't you? :D"

[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Bass transmits, "In one context, ohms, in another, amps. You need to use decimal places and log transforms."

Blues mutters to Rock: 'I ... ... booth-girl gets paid ... than ... do.'.

[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Satsuma ponders this for a moment, before improperly reciting the word. She misplaced the decimal point.

[OOC] Mainframe Octopus says, "Ubersmart Duckbeaver, what?"

[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Catastrophe transmits, "I'm really, really glad I do my work here."

[OOC] Solstis says, "I think you're right Blues."

Jet Stingray makes his way toward the group with the now 'marked' Gaudile, Vile and all else attracted by the scent of discord. Looking toward the professor, he offers a simple, "Greetings, Sir... Is Captain One-Eye giving you problems?"

How has Jet stayed alive for so long? Don't ask him, he has no idea. Maybe just because he can take a licking, then use his foot jets to get away from danger reaaaaally fast.

[OOC] Solstis says, "Frigging booth babes."
[OOC] Solstis says, "Always getting paid a lot ;.;"

Dr. Light shakes his head. "No, Flame, there is not. This is the basic prototype. Now, for part two. Some of you are aware of the special circumstances involving my grandson, Mac. If not, let me summarize. Mac suffers from severe compatibility errors with standard equipment. His Neural Net, through pure unchangeable accident, is in a different 'language' to other Reploids. Concider standard parts and equipment to be speaking english, and Mac's mind to be speaking in Cantonese-Mac very much had the will to succede, but not the mettle, so to say. Now, Mac, Rock, come up here please!"

The arena begins emitting a soft blue glow. Mac, who okayed me NPCing him, rushes up to the stage, seemingly very excited about something or other. Light continues to smile.

[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Bass transmits, "No, you fool!"
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Catastrophe transmits, "Where we use normal units."

[OOC] Prismatic Spider has decided to see how many Mega Man-esque names he can make up for Gaudile.

[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Something explodes in the Monument. Probably Spark Man.
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Bass transmits, "Dammit."
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Dust Man transmits, "I'll go get the electrical tape."
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Bass transmits, "We don't say these words out loud! Who knows the trouble that might bring."
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Catastrophe transmits, "That stuff's handy."
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Bullet transmits, "What words?"

"I don't sound like that," Rock notes once more, before heading up to the stage as called by his father. He waves a little, smiling cheerfully as he weaves through the crowd, then takes place beside Mac on stage.

[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Catastrophe transmits, "I was asking how they measured electrical things out there, Bullet."
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Catastrophe transmits, "Can you send me a list sometime?"

Flame Hyenard peers at Dr. Light. Then at the booth girl. He nods to himself. "Good enough for me." He moves up with the booth babe. "So. Miss. I got some science you can check out back at my place.." The Hyenards don't have a Wily Brow. They do have the Gate Lower Lip pretty boy thing. Let's see if that works.

[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Bullet transmits, "I have no idea. Why ask me?"
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Prismatic Spider transmits, "It's almost like pronouncing unutterable praises to the Elder Gods in tongues that no living being can pronounce."
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Techno transmits, "..Where'd my duct tape go?"

[OOC] The Viper Booth <VB> makes munching sounds as it eats it's occupant....
Orion Corth has left.

[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Catastrophe transmits, "Because I'm not asking anyone else out there. Aren't you?"
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Dust Man transmits, "Oh, I have that book Prism. It's a fun read."
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Satsuma transmits, "Ah! Bullet!"

. o O ( At least he didn't call me up there. ) O o .
Blues thinks, as he munches on some popcorn and continues to watch. At least 'Dad' isn't doing anything else that's terribly mortifying. As far as he knows.

[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Dust Man transmits, "I really like the part where the main character devours the minds of the populous en masse."
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Bullet transmits, "Yes?"

[OOC] Veil Fox looks alarmed, runs into his father's booth, and more crunching sounds ensue.

[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Satsuma transmits, "Hold on a little longer, you shall be saved from Bass' evil mind-tentacles!"
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Bullet transmits, "... Mind tentacles?"

Tornado Onion watches his brother hit on the booth girl, falling over slightly, him losing interest in Vile and Cinnamon quite easily for something that shows more skin. He keeps watching Vile and Cinnamon, now Jet as well, watching him leave Iris. He lets the others handle it for now, watching the Light presentation.

[OOC] Solar Stega ...'s at the booth.

[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Prismatic Spider transmits, "That was interesting, but I also found the detailed descriptions of the horrid eldritch minions of the Things That Should Not Be to be somewhat fascinating."
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Dust Man munches quietly. "Okay, I think everything is fixed."
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Satsuma transmits, "...oh, you weren't around for that part of the conversation, were you?"

        "If Dr. Psyche can deliver mass-produced armors of the caliber he used yesterday, then he will be a wanted asset. His outburst only ensured that Repliforce, the Hunters, and Interpol will be slower and much more discreet when they attempt to adopt the technology. Besides, I am inclined to believe that he did discover a method of turning Force Metal into a weapon. He was genuinely angry. Furious."
        Unfortunately, the warmachine can't say anything else, as a mouse steps onto his foot. Vile looks down, and then attempts to flick the mouse away, giving him no more mind. Jet is simply ignored as, to the Stingray's advantage, he is not standing on Vile's other foot.
        "Will you be denying all attempts to explore Force Metal's offensive potential? Or," he stands, turning to glare directly at Cinnamon, "will you cave in and turn this girl into a weapon? It would not be unprecendented."

Dr. Doppler knows better than to ask (most of) his children to take part in his formal demonstrations. They show off their abilities where they matter anyway. The doctor continues to watch.

[OOC] The Viper Booth <VB> says, "Sorry, couldn't resist...."

[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Satsuma transmits, "Regardless! Don't turn evil! Evil is bad! I would go so far as to say it's evil, but saying evil is evil is a silly thing to do."

Dr. Light nods. "Now-don't worry, this has been okayed, folks-Mac, these symbols up here represent how your body is reacting to your brain. Now, try and punch Rock in the face. Rock, get ready. One, two, three!"

Mac poses, gives a heroic sallute to the crowd, and pulls his fist back. On the screen, we see red lines of data going from his net throughout his body-however, as they get twisted and turned through their travels, getting knotted and looped in seconds. Mac's fist flies towards Rock's...

[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Bullet transmits, "I'm not turning evil."
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Dust Man transmits, "I just need to use the proper amount of energy.."
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Satsuma transmits, "What about villainous? Or at least morally ambiguous?"
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Gemini Man transmits, "She's just falling in like with Bass which is totally different."

Gate has connected.

[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Bullet transmits, "I haven't changed at all."
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Dust Man speaks a moment of Swahili, then the sound of an underscore, followed by a few notes of Stairway to Heaven.

[OOC] Tornado Onion says, "Hey Dad."
[OOC] Vile says, "Gate, you're next on my list of people to bother."
[OOC] Flame Hyenard says, "Gate."
[OOC] Solstis snickers, is spying on Vile.

[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Bullet transmits, "Bass is very interesting to talk to."

[OOC] Flame Hyenard says, "Your name is Periwinkle."

[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Assault Kangaroo mutters in Korean about nothing in particular.
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Satsuma transmits, "He is, isn't he?"

[OOC] Flame Hyenard says, "RP accordingly."
[OOC] Prismatic Spider says, "Hi Gate. The Doctrate Parade is starting soon."
[OOC] Gate doesn't have much time, he's so exhausted from the last few days he;s trying to get to bed soon.

[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Satsuma transmits, "I mean... DAMMIT! No befriending bad guys!"
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Javelin Whitetail snickers.
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Satsuma transmits, "My head hurts..."
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Satsuma transmits a sound roughly equivalent to ._.

Mac's fist flies towards Rock about as fast as a snail moving through a river of syrup. The child of Light watches as the Autobot launches his assault... and very calmly steps to one side, hands behind his back, and lets the fist soar past his nose without so much as ruffling his hair.

Sierra the Light Labs booth babe nods eagerly at Mainframe, apparently hearing him over the din. The action causes her bunny ears to bend and emit, "Welcome to the wonderful world of science!". "Right this way! Hawaiian Punch for everyone!" She doesn't seem especially worried about the super-robot fist-fight opening up on stage, as all the interns were prepared for this. She wiggles a little more, prompting the Mega Man plushy to jingle and declare, "I will fight for peace for all!" Then she starts leading a small parade right past Gaudile's stand (which may or may not distract someone what with all the jostling that'll be going on) and towards the area where the Light Labs booth /had/ been, prior to it flying onto the stage.

[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Bass transmits, "Wahahahaha."
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Satsuma transmits, "Bass, stop being an interesting person!"
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Dust Man transmits, "Okay."
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Satsuma transmits, "You're not bass, Dust Man. Nobody likes your styles."
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Bullet transmits, "I dunno why, but... I like to listen to what Bass has to say."
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Bullet transmits, "Maybe I can learn something from him."
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Dust Man transmits, "...I think all my appliances are safe."
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Satsuma transmits, "What could you learn from him? Being cynical and becoming a god in the eyes of cultists?"

Gate has disconnected.

Dr. Cossack has to resist, very strongly, offering Sierra a dollar bill as she passes by the Cossack Foundation fortress-annex. The other soldiers are not so courteous and wolf-whistle, make various inappropriate comments, or ask her to call them at such-and-such numbers.

[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Satsuma transmits, "Speaking of, I should look into the Church of Bass, I suspect Illuminati involvement in there somewhere."
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Solar Stega transmits, "Mmm, Illuminati. Heh."

Gaudile blinks. "Yes, yes indeed he did. But like I just said a moment ago, I don't know how he did that." Does he really know or did he run out of technobabble fuel? The world may never know. He pauses for a moment while Vile gets rid of the rat. He notices Jet and says, "No, I'm fine." Back to Vile. "My question to you is this. What if I was denying it? Hmm?

Fairy Leviathan, for her part, is visiting the ladies' room.

[OOC] Gaudile says, "Yay, immature entering. Oh well, it works."

[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Bullet transmits, "I dunno what just yet but there's something very compelling about a clearly defined purpose."
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Satsuma transmits, "Don't think they don't exist. I've got several centuries worth of madmen and crackpots who can back up my claims... what is Bass' purpose, anyway?"
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Satsuma transmits, "Actually... that'd make a pretty cool story. I'll need to see if he does interviews..."

Flame Hyenard stays with the booth bunny, sipping at his hawaiian punch. Dr. Light isn't so bad, he has babes.. Dr. Wily better have something better. And beer.

"Mac's sense of depth perception, movement, and coordination were considered perminantly crippled because of this. He has spent years training himself to better his abilities and strength, and for years, it was to no avail. Until we tried something." Light points to the holoprojector as Mac falls on his face. Mac himself isn't even a little discouraged.

"A sudden blast of Telluric energy can "straighen" these data-lines out, but only if someone posesses the strength of will to harness the increadible energy it takes to overcharge you. Even then, it is essentialy temporary, for now. However, becides obvious applications, I believe we have found a sort of physical and mental therepy for AIs who have been permiantly maimed, had their Neural Nets damaged, built wrong, or otherwise crippled. Observe. Mac, form....APPLE MAC!"

[OOC] Tornado Onion says, "Aiee..."
Sewa has left.
[OOC] Dr. Cossack says, "Dr. Light's using Prime 2 on Mac!"

"Wheeee!" Ditz goes sailing through the air, quite happily. This must mean Vile wanted to be his friend. Hurrah!

[OOC] Flame Hyenard says, "...Mac is becoming Inspector Gadget."
[OOC] Solstis says, "someone gave Mac chaos emeralds ;.;"

[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Bass transmits, "Isn't it obvious?"

With a crash of thunder, Mac poses, grinning at the crowd. "EXCELCIOR!" He exclaims, as his body begins to glow in an armor change. After a few seconds, before you all stands, well... Mac! But he looks different. His armor today has taken on a wicked, more brutal stance. It's still definitely him - shaded visor, sleek design but it is infinitely more imposing. A black sleek design with apple green highlights, with armor plates that come out at a chaotic looking point.

Poseing again, green light shines from Mac. Around his neck a lime green scarf forms, whipping dramatically behind him, and on his back are two hooked pieces of metal - which look like they may support wings of sorts. They branch out and flutter, like...really manly butterfly wings. Light nods at Rock. "Alright, son, give Mac a little plasma blast."

[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Bullet transmits, "Isn't it 'Destroy Megaman'?"
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Satsuma transmits, "I dunno, that seems too simplistic."

Iris has disconnected.

[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Bullet transmits, "It's simple but complex."
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Cloud Man transmits, "I thought his purpose was to shoot me when he gets mad."

"In zee face!" Dr. Cossack calls out, in the distance. "In zee face!"

        Where's Advanced_Blink when you need it?

        Cinnamon's attention flips from Solstis to Vile instantly, although with a little mental note to check on Ditz the second Vile leaves. Yesterday she stared down the face of a buster - and today, she's staring straight back at Vile. With a little, polite smile. What follows is going to be utter BS - but after all, -nobody- really knows anything about Force Metal, right? Including Cinnamon. But she speaks quite confidently to Vile, still keeping one hand possessively on Gaudile's shoulder.

        "Force Metal is too unstable to be used as a weapon. Sometimes it's too unstable to heal anything besides reploids, too. It'd be a wasteful venture to try and make me a fighter. This is the best use of it there could be."

        Then, like she wasn't staring head-on into a weapon, Cinnamon smiles politely over at Jet with a little wave of her free hand. "Hello! No thank you, I think we're fine here."

[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Satsuma transmits, "I do believe that the deeper complexities of 'Destroy' are lost on me."
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Javelin Whitetail transmits, "How fast? How slow? How completely? Just the body, or the memories others have as well, the records of history?"

Prismatic Spider mouths, 'Apple Mac?' But he nevertheless watches the display intently. This... Telluric Energy... could be very interesting.

        "Oh, now I feel the sting of rejection. How about you, Leutnant Vile?" Solstis asked, raising his voice enough for Vile to clearly hear him over there as he hissed and scowled and glared and acted Vileish toward Gaudile. "You having fun with your little discussion? All happy flowers and joy?"

[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Bass transmits, "Consider the meaning of destruction. Meditate on it."
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Javelin Whitetail transmits, "Programming can be interpreted in different ways. As we've seen lately."
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Flame Hyenard transmits, "It has something to do with blowing up Skull Monument, I know this much."
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Cloud Man transmits, "Bass is the expert at destruction, I'm the expert at weather, Bullet's the expert at bouncy body parts."

Rock blinks as Mac swaps into an armor he's... well, never seen before. The Hunter takes a step back, his own two-tone blue armor already on and his Buster forming after a moment. "I... should I really? I don't want to hurt him." He shifts from foot to foot, and then lifts his weapon almost a little apologetically. "Sorry, Mac. I hope this doesn't hurt too badly." Managing a weak smile at Cossack's shout, Mega Man shakes his head a bit, and aims for the torso instead.

*thoom* A neat shot of Busterfire screams towards Mac, leaving a white contrail in its wake...

Overclock looks at the stage. ... Then to Solstis. Then the stage. Hoooboy...

[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Bullet transmits, "To destroy something is to erase it completely and leave no trace."
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Satsuma recites, as if from a dictionary, "The act of destroying. The condition of having been destroyed. The cause or means of destroying."

Sewa enters the Fort York Expo Center.
[OOC] Sewa returns from OOCness.

[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Bass transmits, "You see the words but not the meaning."
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Satsuma transmits, "That's the textbook definition, anyway. I'm guessing you mean to ponder over it in a deeper way?"
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Cloud Man transmits, "There is more depth to destruction than mere removal, isn't there, Bass?"

Crazy Yoshi remains somewhat oblivious to the presentation while holds a hand to his audial, listening to the transmissions he's recieving via his implaneted radio system. But when a person with the Expo comes up and leans down to whisper something to him, Crazy Yoshi suddenly jumps up and starts directing his androids in frantic Japanese.

[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Cloud Man transmits, "It is akin to the many layers and internal charges of a cloud. So very complex, yet most people merely see a simple object."
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Flame Hyenard transmits, "Christ, shut the hell up, all of you. Like Bass is some deep complex evil."
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Bass transmits, "Yes, there is."
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Bullet transmits, "He has to eliminate everything that makes up megaman. This is everything megaman is and stands for, right?"
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Catastrophe transmits, " destroy, /really/ destroy, means to get rid of them permanently. And everything they've done. So that there's nothing left of them or what they did or anything."
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Bass transmits, "Yes. And that is a more challenging and meaningful objective."

Tornado Onion he continues watching what's on stage, and glances now and then toward Cinnamon and Vile, as well as Jet and Gaudile. He also happens to notice a mouse going over his head but that doesn't seem to bother him. He came here to have a good time and he is, despite the uproar once again on the radio, global obviously.

[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Catastrophe transmits, "So that they didn't exist, I mean. Is that right?"
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Satsuma transmits, "Really? I don't know, that seems to be going beyond your objective. Besides, views and ideals can change."
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Flame Hyenard transmits, "It's like saying Dr. Wily actually really made any advances in science."
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Gemini Man transmits, "But... he did."
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Satsuma transmits, "I mean, look at it this way. Megaman fights for everlasting peace. You could say, in a way, that fighting is something that makes Megaman."
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Satsuma transmits, "Does that mean you'd try to destroy fighting?"
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Flame Hyenard transmits, "Well..I'll give him the solid hologram thing."
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Bass transmits, "When you have a measured intelligence within the 5th percentile, you need to find ways of not going mad."

Jet Stingray nods as everyone gives the okay, figuring that it means that things are peaceful enough for Iris to come over. Just giving a nod to Cinnamon with a friend chuckle, the young (in mind) reploid nods to everyone else gathered. "Just as long as everything is peaceful. No one is getting pushed around on my watch, that's all."

[OOC] Solstis uses Jet as a shield from Vile XD

[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Javelin Whitetail transmits, "Nah. Just find ways of going mad that are socially acceptable."
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Gemini Man transmits, "Yeah, there IS that, isn't there?"
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Cloud Man transmits, "You should try meteorology, Bass. It's very interesting."
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Bass transmits, "Madness is a loss of control. We couldn't have that."
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Flame Hyenard transmits, "You sure aren't conceited, Gemini."
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Gemini Man transmits, "Only a little bit."
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Satsuma transmits, "By your own words, then, you should be fighting for peace as well. Well, in a certain light."

Only, Mac's not there. The Red Lines are pefectly straight now, going as quickly as any fully combat Reploid with over a decade of training as a Maverick Hunter's mind-body coordination would. Mac has moved /behind/ Rock, and fires a plasma blast. It throws the Buster shot off course, letting it land harmlessly in the remains of Dr. Psyche's booth, which explodes stupendiously. Mac has the biggest grin of his life, even as the power nessicariy to keep the armor up vanishes, and said armor dissolves.

Light smiles. "A martial way of showing, I admit. At the same time, if we can give Mac the speed and skill he was born to have, we can give a Reploid back his legs, her fins, its flight. Through mental healing, physical healing that was impossible, becomes within the realm of possibility. Are there any questions?"

[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Bullet hmm.
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Bass transmits, "I am fighting for peace, just not yours."
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Crazy Yoshi hope you not win. Peace very bad for business.
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Bullet transmits, "Whose peace?"
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Crazy Yoshi said that, also.
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Satsuma transmits, "You know, I really should be recording this. Would you mind an interview at some point, Bass?"

[OOC] Solstis says, "Ooo a new toy to give to Sigma. *Makes a note to steal Light's plans*"

[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Bass transmits, "My peace."

Sierra wriggles a little for the Cossack boys, causing a several familiar piercing notes to rip through the air before a Protoman plush falls out from somewhere inside her shirt (best not to ask where) and dangle next to the Mega Man one. She stops leading the parade, however, when she realizes that A) everyone's gone, and B) so's the booth. "Uhm....oops!"

[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Bass transmits, "Of course. I like talking. It passes the time."
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Satsuma transmits, "I can see it now. 'The Mind Behind the Monster.' I'd get a raise for that, and deeper insight to boot!"
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Satsuma transmits, "Though it needs a snazzier title, my spur-of-the-moment stuff kinda sucks."

Flame Hyenard blinks a little. "..Curse you Dr. Light. You crazy old man." ..He then resumes trying to hit on this 'Sierra'.

[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Bass transmits, "I'm sure Chest will think of something."
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Satsuma transmits, "Yeah, Chest is good at that sort of thing. He's not the bossman for nothing."
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Javelin Whitetail says something quite impolite.
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Bass transmits, "That was very impolite!"
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Flame Hyenard transmits, "Jav."

        Vile ignores all other attempts to gain his attention. Normally, he would destroy them, but that would be counterproductive in this case. He even ignores the weaponsfire on the stage. He's focused solely on Cinnamon, which must be an unpleasant feeling to say the least.
        "Time will tell if Force Metal will become a weapon. I advise you to be prepared for such an eventuality." The Cossackbot angles his head down to glare at Gaudile once more. "I will see you again, doctor. Maybe, eventually, you and Dr. Psyche will work alongside each other again." As Mavericks, of course.
        He turns on his heel, walking off, where he soon disappears into the crowd even as it parts to avoid him.

"Wh-OA!" Rock exclaims as Mac suddenly actually *succeeds* at something, the shot surprising him more than hurting. He grimaces a bit as the shot smacks into his back, then turns around to stare at the Autobot. "You just... wow. Mac! You did something ri--er, that was great!" He catches himself hard, not wanting to embarrass Mac in front of all these people.

[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Ice Man transmits, "Indeed."

Solar Stega is impressed by what she paid attention to through the radiospam. For some reason, whenever she decides to turn off the radio, someone says something interesting..

[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Flame Hyenard transmits, "Good to hear you again."
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Satsuma transmits, "Yeah, that's true as well, Ms. Whitetail. But pissing off everyone and their mother brings in ratings."

Tornado Onion watches the presentation done by Dr. Light, quite interested now.

[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Bass transmits, "Oh, that's right, the interview. That was a brilliant program. I was captivated."
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Javelin Whitetail transmits, "An' you as well, Mr. Hyenard. ...are you doin' alright? I don't know what was goin' on, but..."
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Satsuma transmits, "Besides, you can really see into a person's heart when they're venting their emotions. Rehearsed responses don't tell you a thing, except that a person planned for an interview well."
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Flame Hyenard transmits, "I'm enjoying the science expo."
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Flame Hyenard transmits, "The project have many fine cur-..qualities."
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Satsuma transmits, "Granted, more than a few bounds were overstepped... but I can't really opine on that, I think there's a rule in my contract about that."
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Tornado Onion transmits, " Teehee Flame your just chasing Light's booth girl eheheh! I have plain view of you from here."
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Bullet transmits, "Some things never change."
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Tornado Onion transmits, "Hehhehe but Jav how are you doing since that night? hehehe..."
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Flame Hyenard transmits, "I'm going to deep fry you, Tornado."
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Javelin Whitetail transmits, "/Fine/."
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Bass transmits, "I wouldn't blame Javelin for all this. She really is a victim. The tyranny of the strong and all."
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Tornado Onion transmits, "Thats good Jav... Eheheheh......Flame you;'d neeeever do that right? Teeheee."
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Bass transmits, "She didn't make her Doctor friend a mechanophile."
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Satsuma transmits, "Oh, please don't start on that now, Bass."
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Satsuma transmits, "I hear ebough of that from Lemon and Lime. Dear God, they never shut up..."

Dr. Light has disconnected.

[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Bass transmits, "Lemon is awesome. Can I get his autograph? I have all of his books."
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Flame Hyenard transmits, "If I don't come away with this expo with a kiss on the cheek, I'm killing you, Tornado. But in a brotherly way, don't worry."

Gaudile shudders as Vile enters the crowd. He himself was focused on the warmachine, and not the rollout of the new GodMac. "Mmm, perhaps." he says silently. Then he turns his attention to GodMac.

Dr. Light has connected.

[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Satsuma transmits, "Um... I'll check?"
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Bass transmits, "Excellent."

[OOC] Gaudile says, "Now, with that over, I'm gonna go get some food. BRB."
[OOC] Dr. Light says, "Last saw Stega's pose."

[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Flame Hyenard transmits, "And it WILL involve a slicer, batter, a deep fryer, and sauce."
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Bullet transmits, "You know, if I had siblings, I wouldn't treat them like that."
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Javelin Whitetail transmits, "I'm thinkin' we shouldn't have said anything during that interview. Lemon and Lime could've argued the whole thing /for/ us."
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Tornado Onion transmits, " Teeheee... Alright Flame! Heheh Flame's just kidding .....Uh .....You .. kidding right Flame? heh...."
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Bullet transmits, "You should appreciate your family. You never know when they'll be taken from you."
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Bass transmits, "Surely you watched the show before you agreed to go on it?"
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Gemini Man transmits, "They seemed like good people."
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Javelin Whitetail transmits, "Hardly. I don't watch the telly much."
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Bullet transmits, "They were good people."
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Satsuma transmits, "I wish I had siblings... Dr. Duzel can't get the grants to support it, though."
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Shield transmits, "That reminds me. Gemini, what possessed you to murder Bullet's family? Spontaneous act, or Wily's order?"

Overclock isn't sure what the invention is. Light apparently upgraded yet another Maverick Hunter to kill Mavericks. This isn't good, but, it isn't something he's going to answer the IMPORTANT questions over. He goes back to stewing over the translation device.

[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Seismic Earthworm transmits, "I hear you, Bullet..."
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Bass transmits, "Well, you can't blame them."
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Bass transmits, "You went on the show, you should have been ready for hard questioning. Those guys always grill people."
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Flame Hyenard transmits, "No, no, I appreciate my family. I never use more than a padded bat to hit them with."
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Catastrophe transmits, "You shouldn't, um, hit them at all."
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Tornado Onion transmits, "Teehee ...It doesn't hurt much after a while hehehe....If he hits that is..hehe.."
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Satsuma transmits, "We've got a betting pool on when Chest will provoke a person to violence worthy of a 'Technical Difficulties' splash screen. Nothing yet, most people stay aware of the fact that the entire world is watching them."

Sierra suddenly decides to do damage control! She jabs a finger at the stage, goes, "oooh! Check it out!" and applauds like she means it.

Silently, she thinks that if she doesn't get a bonus out of this, heads will roll.

[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Javelin Whitetail transmits, "I expected hard questioning. I didn't expect him to haul out private conversations, but maybe I should have."
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Bass transmits, "Public figures, fair game, you know how it is."
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Bullet transmits, "That's why I hated being on the news."

Cinnamon has been paying no attention whatsoever at all to the stage. Vile has that effect on people sometimes. It's a -very- uncomfortable feeling, and Cinnamon visibly relaxes with a slumping of her shoulders as he leaves, turning to Gaudile. "That was--"


        And the remains of Dr. Psyche's booth, which is after all right next to Gaudile's, simmer away into nothingness. Cinnamon jumps, stares for the space of about three seconds, and then applauds with an appreciative smile.

Prismatic Spider rubs his chin with a hand, and raises another. "Doctor Light. How is this energy that you are implementing generated? Also, has this been tested for any specific long-term effects? Can it be used to enhance already normal Reploids beyond normal capabilities for a short period of energy? Also, what made you decide on the name 'Telluric'?"

[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Techno replays a voice of Bullet's, 'Cycrone kikku!'.
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Bullet ...
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Satsuma transmits, "I prefer reporting on the news to anything else. No one cares about the news anchors, unless they're reporting really important false information."
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Satsuma pauses at the sound clip.
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Dust Man hmms. "HUNTERS! Next time you raid the Monument, take your shoes off first."
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Gemini Man transmits, "We like being on the news." ".. Why did we do it, you ask?"
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Bullet transmits, "Whoever did that, I'm gonna hurt you."
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Dust Man transmits, "I swear, there are footprints everywhere.."
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Bullet transmits, "A lot."
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Javelin Whitetail, instantly. "Wasn't me."
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Catastrophe transmits, "I didn't do it..."
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Gemini Man transmits, "Because we warned Bullet that if she made a joke of us she would be made to suffer, and she did not listen."
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Bullet transmits, "Yeah, and now you're stuck with me."
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Satsuma transmits, "That kind of sucks."
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Gemini Man transmits, "If you would like to learn more, she apparently left our letter in her scrapbook."
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Bullet transmits, "Like they know where that is."
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Gemini Man transmits, "Yes, it was an unintended consequence."

        "Vile is so insane," Solstis muttered quietly, and then he looked toward the stage and leaned against the side of Gaudile and Cinnamon's little booth thing. He was bored, and of course more people were probably going to be showing up to pester the lovely little lass and the odd doctor, and what better way to learn more about something that the Mavericks were interested in than standing idly by. Kitty settled down next to him, running continual scans of everyone with the forward area, though doing nothing else.

[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Shield transmits, "How fortunately for me that I have no loved ones yet for you to murder in revenge after I torture you to death."
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Gemini Man transmits, "We bet it's huge. We bet you save all your newspaper clippings."
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Bass transmits, "You say `death' as if it would matter in their case."

[OOC] Gaudile says, "Mmm burritos."

[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Bullet transmits, "Yeah, for the time when I can press charges."
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Satsuma transmits, "I'd hate for Dr. Duzel to be killed just because I pissed people off."
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Gemini Man transmits, "We bet there is a gap in the middle where you weren't on television for a while, and it is stained with your tears."

[OOC] Salvage Crab mugs Gaudile for burritos.

[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Shield transmits, "No I do not, Bass. I am acutely aware of the immortality of the Robot Masters."
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Bass transmits, "The next Gemini Man wouldn't even remember the torture. It would be transient."

[OOC] Gaudile puts one in the cup.

[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Javelin Whitetail transmits, "That explains Skull Man..."
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Shield transmits, "Good point. Thank you for reminding me. I'll be sure to leave him alive then."
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Javelin Whitetail transmits, "I need another car."
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Bullet transmits, "Whatever Gemini."
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Theta Clown Man transmits, "I want a car."
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Bass transmits, "If it started interfering with his work, Dr. Wily would just take him to The Chair and that would be that."

[OOC] Ditz Pinkmouse taps his foot. I wonder when its my turn.

[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Tornado Onion transmits, "Teeheee Bullet how are you from last time?"
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Ice Man transmits, "Not the chair!"
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Bullet transmits, "... I heard /color/."

Dr. Light smiles, tapping his nose at Prisim. "If I told you that, someone would inevitably corrupt it into a weapon of descrution and ruin, or something sutibly horrible-WILY I KNOW YOU'RE WATCHING YOU PUNK!" Light coughs, blushing at his snap. "But, more seriously, it is an experimental energy form. I'll be posting more about it next year. I'm honestly not sure about long term effects, as you never /really/ know until someone's tried it, but tests have shown that the only real effect is that, over years, you can stay whole for longer and longer peroids. Eventualy, I hope to make it possible to achieve perimiant restoration."

"As for Telluric, I was reading an old book I found in a chest in Pavel's room. Purple cover, kind of old. It was neat!" Is Light kidding? "Anyone else?"

[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Dust Man transmits, "See, this is why I do my tape backups a lot."

[OOC] Number Man says, "Me, too."
[OOC] The Viper Booth <VB> wonders the same thing.

[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Satsuma transmits, "The Chair? That sounds extremely ominous."

Dr. Light has disconnected.

[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Bass transmits, "It is."
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Satsuma transmits, "Scary!"
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Bass transmits, "Tengu Man is a regular visitor."
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Bullet transmits, "I don't want to see this 'the chair'."
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Satsuma transmits, "My curiousity has been piqued."
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Satsuma corrects Bullet's pronounciation, "The Chair."
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Bass transmits, "If you did, he's always sure to wipe the memory of it afterward so you don't cringe and scream whenever he enters a room."
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Javelin Whitetail transmits, "It might be a nice thing."
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Techno transmits, "No, it's The Chair, not the chair."
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Gemini Man transmits, "We understand you Hunters are upset. Rather than threatening us back, maybe it's better to just pay attention when we threaten you so no one has to go to all this damn trouble."

Dr. Light has connected.
[OOC] Dr. Light says, "Didn't see anything after my pose."
[OOC] Overclock says, "there was nothing."
[OOC] Ditz Pinkmouse says, "didnt miss anything"

[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Bullet transmits, "You just can't stand the fact that I beat up so many of you."

Gaudile looks up as Cinnamon claps. "Hmm? What happened?" He looks over at Gaudile's smoking booth, and mentally congratulated himself for not moving in after Psyche moved out. Then he whistles appreciativly and claps. "That was an excellent show! Yee haw and all that."

[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Theta Clown Man transmits, "You never beat up me. 'Cause I'm lovable."
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Bullet transmits, "''If you can't beat them, annex them'', I guess."
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Shield transmits, "None of you have ever threatened me before. What was there to pay attention to?"
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Satsuma transmits, "I could totally beat people up if I got a real sword."

[OOC] Gaudile says, "...Damnit, I did that too. Psyche! Psyche!"

[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Dust Man hms. "I'm going to need the Mopinator 500k for this.."

[OOC] Prismatic Spider points accusingly. Mage geek!

[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Tornado Onion transmits, " Teehe ..Bullet beat up people?...eheheh Clown man lovable ehehehheheheh."
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Satsuma transmits, "My powah level is three million!"
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Catastrophe transmits, "Mine doesn't come in numbers..."

[OOC] Cinnamon says, "Oh my."

[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Javelin Whitetail mutters.
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Gemini Man transmits, "Why not? We believe in working smarter rather than harder."
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Satsuma transmits, "Mine doesn't either, but doesn't it sound so much cooler?"

Coaster Raptor enters the Fort York Expo Center.

[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Gemini Man transmits, "We thought outside the box." "Actually, we had no idea you'd end up here. We just wanted to make you cry."
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Cinnamon transmits, "Hmph. Let's try this again."
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Catastrophe transmits, "Hi, again."
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Bullet transmits, "You don't get to make me cry."
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Theta Clown Man transmits, "Try what again?"
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Catastrophe transmits, "Are you okay, Bullet? You weren't answering my private radios."
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Tornado Onion transmits, "Tehheehe! Welcome back Cinnamon! The rado channel's been boring without you!"
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Cinnamon transmits, "The radio. I had a little interruption..."
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Cinnamon transmits, "Hello! Tornado, right?"
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Tornado Onion transmits, "(er radio)"
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Theta Clown Man transmits, "What interrupted you?"
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Tornado Onion transmits, "Teehee! YES! thank you for remembering!"
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Satsuma transmits, "Anyway, Bass, about that interview... I'll need to check with Chest if he'd let me. He might have other assignments for me. I'll let you know if I can do it at some point, though, if you're still interested."
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Cinnamon transmits, "Just conversation. It's hard to talk to people face-to-face -and- communicate over radio."
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Satsuma transmits, "You must learn to multitask, young grasshopper."
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Cinnamon transmits, "I'd rather give the person in front of me my full attention."
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Gemini Man transmits, "You did at first. We heard it."
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Bullet transmits, "You don't get to see it."
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Satsuma transmits, "For example, I am both doing my work and slacking off *at the same time*."

Mainframe Octopus has left.
Jet Stingray has left.

[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Catastrophe transmits, "Wow, that's impressive."
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Solar Stega hehs.
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Cinnamon transmits, "Wow, how do you do that? Is it your job to slack off?"
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Gemini Man transmits, "If we ordered you to do it, you would have to."

Dr. Light nods, and smiles. "Thank you for your time." Light then steps on.

And presses a button, sending a recording of his presentation to an old friend. Named "W". Beat that.

[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Satsuma transmits, "Isn't it? It takes many years of practise to do everything and nothing at all."
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Theta Clown Man transmits, "That's why short attention spans are goo-Ohhh! Shiny!"
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Bullet transmits, "It wouldn't be geniune."
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Bullet transmits, "OOC genuine."

[OOC] Dr. Cossack says, "D'oh!"

Given the go-ahead by the expo staff, Crazy Yoshi and his android assistants hastily take the stage, the androids setting up his scientific Table With White Cloth Covering Something and some sort of stand behind. Crazy Yoshi clears his throat and begins. "Many esteem colleague present invention exploring link between robot mind and human mind. Like these brilliant scientist, Crazy Yoshi present device - Entropic Energy Molecular Resequencer, or E.E.M.R. - that unite organic with inorganic, revolutionary device that change way we think about use of organic material."

Yoshi begins by wipping the white sheet off of the EEMR. It is roughly cubic, elongated laterally, with the edges curving smoothly instead of forming sharp cusps between planes. The box has two dorsal openings, also elongated, somewhat difficult to see from out in the audience. Running along the sides are two white bands, spaced slightly apart, encricling the device. There is also a circular tray on which Crazy Yoshi has his organic sample. For once, it's just some regular organic mass, not a human brain or anything equally revolting.

"This organic sample contain much energy, in form of hydrocarbon. Many robot use hydrocarbon for fuel, organic material and also crude oil produce by internal or external thermal depolymerization. But E.E.M.R. much better, harvest power of entropy itself, universe greatest constant."

He pauses, and a large screen drops down. Looks like there's going to be another slide show.

Rock hops down from the stage with Mac, obviously quite surprised by the Autobot's new 'power'.

[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Satsuma transmits, "You really shouldn't make her cry, anyway. That's really mean."
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Satsuma transmits, "As for what my job is, it is..."
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Satsuma transmits, "...a secret! <3"
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Ring Man transmits, "Douche."
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Bullet transmits, "Really? <3"
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Gemini Man transmits, "You are Bass's now, so, we won't. But there are a lot of orders we could give you."
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Tornado Onion transmits, "Teehee...."
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Catastrophe transmits, by text data, ^ n.n ^
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Cinnamon transmits: >"<
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Satsuma transmits, "Some of it is. The part that isn't on the air."
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Satsuma transmits verbally: ^_^
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Tornado Onion transmits, "Teeheee... Whats a douche? Should Cinnamon have heard it?"
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Cinnamon transmits, "--wow, how did you pronounce that, again?"
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Catastrophe transmits, "Ow. How'd you do /that/ one?"
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Satsuma repeats, ^_^
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Dust Man transmits, "My appliances! THEY ARE GOING HAYWIRE!"
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Bullet transmits, "I think it's inherent to all Japanese."
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Ring Man transmits, "A douche is delicious. You should eat one sometime."
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Theta Clown Man transmits, "Text data is annoying, then I have to read /and/ listen."
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Catastrophe transmits, "I've been to Japan. It was nice when I was there but I haven't been much lately."
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Tornado Onion transmits, " Eehheh! Thank you Ring man!"
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Cinnamon transmits, "Oh... I'm not sure what I am. Brazilian?"

Overclock blinks. ... wait, it runs off of evil? Hm. There is plenty of that at home. Even easier to harvest than brains.

[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Seismic Earthworm transmits, "You're a robot. Listening IS reading. Text saves processing time."
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Bullet transmits, "It's not worth visiting now."
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Theta Clown Man transmits, "....Now my head hurts."
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Catastrophe transmits, "I've been to Brazil too. I'm from Mexico actually, it's not that far. We've been to most of South America."
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Ring Man transmits, "I just had this awesome idea. I'm totally gonna buff my gold, stroke myself in front of the mirror, and then eat some smokies."

"Here, we see inside EEMR," continues Yoshi, pointing to the internal diagram which is projected onto the screen. Within are two arrays of thin, parallel metallic rods lying in planes parallel to one another, held by a perendicular support structure. "EEMR power by standard energy supply, same type use for robot, readily available. These rod special alloy Crazy Yoshi discover, not oxidize even at very high temperature. Potential difference from this energy create distinct gradiant of free electron flow within alloy, as gradient of flow increase, electron strike other subatomic particle within alloy, cause drop in orbital power level and produce non-vector electromagnetic radiation via sum of quantum jump process you see in Feynman diagram here. Rod array you see, however, force two convergent vector for both plane, energy direct towards organic sample in focal region. Electromagnetic radiation absorb by sample in sufficient quantity result in increase of internal atomic vibration, increase vibration trap energy created by rod in sample. Get enough energy, break hydroxl bond at molecule level, energy of bond break other and cascade into self-catalyzing process to modify molecular structure of sample through force of entropy. Reduce need for computational process power to regulate molecular restructuring, use in many molecular production factory for both organic and inorganic material today. Any question?" asks Crazy Yoshi, as he finishes with the last of the slides and the screen zips back up again.

[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Assault Kangaroo transmits Korean Hangul. It simply translates to 'Hello.'
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Ring Man transmits, "Who wants to buff with me?"

Cinnamon is distracted from the displays again, turning to Gaudile for evidently no reason whatsoever. "Are we Brazilian?"

[OOC] Crazy Yoshi says, "Semicolons. Oops."

[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Bullet transmits, "Not me."

Coaster Raptor has left.
[OOC] Prismatic Spider says, "My BS-o-Meter just pegged."

[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Theta Clown Man transmits, "I thought you weren't aloud to eat smokies anymore."
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Catastrophe transmits, "I think my metal is polished enough, thanks, and I can't buff synthskin."

Dr. Cossack stares at the screen. His brain shuts off.

[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Bullet transmits, "I'd be too tempted to buff your face off."
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Catastrophe transmits, "I mean, I could, but it wouldn't help."
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Theta Clown Man transmits, "'Cause It makes you crazy."

Sierra, having successfully drawn attention away from herself, bounces off, to offer Dr. Light, Mac, and Rock a nice big Hawaiian Punch (on a platter) as they leave the stage. "Good job up there!" she whispers, eagerly.

Gaudile raises an eyebrow as Crazy Yoshi continues his Crazy Spiel.

[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Ring Man transmits, "I'll eat smokies as much as I damn please. And my face isn't made of gold, Bullet. No point in buffing it."

Sewa has left.

[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Satsuma transmits, "I'm afraid I don't do buffing."
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Cinnamon transmits, "What's a smokies?"
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Bullet transmits, "We have to get that giant annoying hole off of it."
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Ring Man transmits, "Unless you're meaning in... a different sense?"
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Satsuma transmits, "Weiners, I think. Little ones."

Gaudile mutters to Cinnamon: 'How ... ... harvest ... ... ... At least ... ... ... ... ... might be considered ... now.'.

[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Catastrophe transmits, "I don't think. Does buffing synthskin work?"

Overclock thinks for a second. He has a question, but his brain can't phrase it. Stupid organic brain. Finally he manages it. "... How does this differ from the Time Cube?"

[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Satsuma transmits, "Depends on the synthskin."
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Cinnamon transmits, "--oh, I'm not Brazilian. I think!"

Flame Hyenard has disconnected.

[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Satsuma transmits, "If it's really low quality, it just might."

Cinnamon mutters to Gaudile: '... ... we ...'.

[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Bullet transmits, "I mean buffing as in grinding your head down to a flat sheet."
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Catastrophe transmits, "No, mine's good quality, and I have a lot of it. - Where are you from then?"

Dr. Light looks up. "Um. Wouldn't that lead to the unraveling of the universe? Or, worse, turning humanity into a bunch of nerds?"

[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Theta Clown Man transmits, "Hard Man said that when you wear Gold and eat Smokies you go crazy."
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Bullet transmits, "he's right."
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Ring Man transmits, "If your thighs are that rough, I suppose so, Bullet."
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Tornado Onion transmits, " Eheheheh Why would Cinnamon be Brazilian? eheheh....."

[OOC] Gaudile goes to take a spin on the wheel of countries.

[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Cinnamon transmits, "--no reason!"
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Tornado Onion transmits, " Teehee Okay Cinnamon!"
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Bullet transmits, "That's it! Where are you pipsqueak?!"

"Crazy Yoshi does not believe in /four-sided time-cube/," the elderly Japanese scientist spits back at Overclock, "that stupid internet rubbish." He pauses then, to answer Dr. Light. "Crazy Yoshi not think so. If universe unravel, Crazy Yoshi make sure you first to know."

[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Ring Man transmits, "In my office eating sausages."
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Assault Kangaroo transmits more Hangul. It means, "Can you read this?"

[OOC] Prismatic Spider says, "DANGIT OC!"
[OOC] Prismatic Spider says, "I WAS GOING TO USE THAT! XD"
[OOC] Dr. Cossack says, "Early birds and worms, man."

[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Bullet transmits, "... Crap."
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Glaive transmits, "...What?"
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Bullet transmits, "Okay. I just have to wait until you get in here."
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Ring Man transmits, "In where?"
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Bullet transmits, "/Then/ I will beat you up."

[OOC] Seismic Earthworm says, "BEAT? WHERE?! AAAH!"

[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Bullet transmits, "In here where I can get to you!"
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Ring Man transmits, "I still don't know where that is."
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Catastrophe transmits, "Hmm! Experiments show that you can't buff synthskin but you can wax it."

Mainframe Octopus enters the Fort York Expo Center.
[OOC] Mainframe Octopus returns from OOCness.

[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Bullet transmits, "One of these rooms in here. That isn't off limits and -- Oh I /give up/."

Mainframe Octopus has disconnected.

[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Catastrophe transmits, "It looks sort of funny. It's shiny."
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Satsuma transmits, "If you go there, you'll find out!"
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Assault Kangaroo transmits yet more Hangul. It means, "Didn't think so."

Vile has disconnected.

[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Bass transmits, "She can't answer you because her new directives don't allow her to talk about various topics."
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Bullet sighs.
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Glaive seems to simmer again.
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Ring Man transmits, "Such a shame. Mmm.... smokies."
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Catastrophe transmits, "Can she answer how she is?"
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Tornado Onion transmits, " Teehee Poor Bullet.."
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Glaive transmits, "Come outside the monument, and I will rip you to shreds."
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Bullet transmits, "I'm okay."

Dr. Doppler has left.
Dr. Doppler enters the Fort York Expo Center.
[OOC] Dr. Doppler returns from OOCness.

[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Catastrophe transmits, "They're not...doing anything are they?"
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Cloud Man transmits, "Glaive, shut up."
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Cinnamon transmits, "Oh, Bullet. -Now- I know the name!"
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Satsuma transmits, "Except for being in a lair of ultimate evil, right?"
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Bass sighs overdramatically. "Why all the hate!"
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Theta Clown Man transmits, "You aren't supposed to eat smokies."
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Bullet transmits, "... Aw shrimp."

Rock has left.

[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Ring Man transmits, "Can you steal Enker's stapler and give it to me, Bullet?"
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Glaive transmits, "Shut UP Bass."
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Bullet transmits, "It's not too bad."
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Bass transmits, "Mmmmno."

Dr. Wily enters the Fort York Expo Center.

"Further question?" asks Crazy Yoshi, tapping his foot impatiently. Suddenly, there is a sound:


And two organic samples already inside the EEMR pop up, protruding partially out of the dorsal vents. Crazy Yoshi takes one and hands it to his assistant, who smears the lightly carbonizd surface with jam, and hands it back to him. He takes a bite, slightly crunchy. "Mmm, science delicious."

Spy Eye has left.
Dr. Wily takes Spy Eye.

[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Tornado Onion transmits, "Eheheheh.....Cinnamon meet Bullet!"
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Satsuma transmits, "How come some people can talk, and others can't, anyway?"
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Catastrophe transmits, "Well, that's good at least."
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Bullet transmits, "I have to use that stapler."

[OOC] Prismatic Spider says, "..."

Overclock has some kind of feeling that this has already been invented, but it just looks very complicated.

Oh wait. It's toast.

[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Ring Man transmits, "Oh... well... what about his letter openner?"

[OOC] Prismatic Spider says, "You know, I had just figured that out when you posed that."

[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Bullet transmits, "That too."
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Satsuma transmits, "Just because Bass is OHMAGAWD EVIL, doesn't mean that he has any less right to run his mouth."
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Ring Man transmits, "What aren't you using?"
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Theta Clown Man transmits, "'Cause talking is for the smart."
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Glaive transmits, "Yes, it does."
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Bullet transmits, "Enker."
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Satsuma transmits, "No, it doesn't."

[OOC] Solstis says, "It is not merely toast, it is SUPER TOAST"

[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Dr. Wily transmits, "The question is, Glaive, what are you going to do to make him stop talking? Hmmmm?"
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Ring Man transmits, "I don't want Enker. He's not worth anything to me."
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Cinnamon transmits, "Wow, all these famous names on here..."
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Bullet transmits, "Hello Doctor."

[OOC] Overclock says, "No, it's pretty much regular toast. It is just a very well-developed toaster."
[OOC] Crazy Yoshi has timing. Also, I have improved the device singificantly.

[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Assault Kangaroo transmits more Korean Hangul. It means, "How is the Expo going now?"
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Glaive transmits, "I am crazy enough to take on Sigma, what makes you think I won't throw my rage into him?"
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Bass transmits, "Is somebody talking about copying homework? We can't have that kind of talk."
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Theta Clown Man transmits, "Stop talking weird!"

[OOC] Crazy Yoshi says, "Did you not notice the two white bands on the exterior? RACING STRIPES! They make it toast faster."
[OOC] Gaudile says, "What, this trying to knock off Light's ubertoaster?"

[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Tornado Onion transmits, "Teehee Assault the expo is Toast ahahah!eheheh!"
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Bullet transmits, "No."
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Javelin Whitetail transmits, "Just because you're willing doesn't make it a /threat/, Glaive."
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Bullet transmits, "Just /don't/ Glaive."

[OOC] Overclock says, "We all hate you Crazy Yoshi."

[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Bass transmits, "So much hate. I blame the gangster rap."
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Bullet transmits, "I'm not worth throwing your life away over."
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Ring Man transmits, "Nothing's worth Glaive's life."
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Blaster Saurian transmits, "Go ahead and attack him again, Glaive. By all means.."

Prismatic Spider raises a hand. "Does this hypertechnological toaster have a random flavor setting?"

[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Assault Kangaroo transmits yet MORE Hangul. It means, "Onion, don't be silly."

[OOC] Prismatic Spider remembers Light's Random Flavor Toast button. Mmmmm fun.

[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Theta Clown Man transmits, "Stop talking weird!"
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Bass transmits, "You guys better not be copying over there!"
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Ring Man transmits, "Who's copying who?"
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Javelin Whitetail agrees. "F***in' rap."
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Glaive simmer simmer simmer.

"The EEMR is not a /toaster/," chides Crazy Yoshi, pointing out the aforementioned improvement to the old design. "True, the technology may not be /entirely/ built from the ground up... but if I have seen farther than others, it is because I have stood on the shoulders of giants."

[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Bass transmits, "I have this sense that someone is copying homework. I don't know why."
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Bullet transmits, "Enker says I shouldn't do these forms so fast."
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Ring Man transmits, "I'm copying recipes... does that count?"

Solar Stega blinks in not-being-a-scientist-induced-confusion. Toast, wait what? But she laughs a little at Prismatic's question. A fine question it is.

[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Bass transmits, "No, no, carry on with that."
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Catastrophe transmits, "I'm doing paperwork because I have nothing better to do, but I'm not /copying/."
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Satsuma transmits, "I'm copying ideas from my head to a text file?"
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Catastrophe transmits, "Except from myself."

Prismatic Spider points. "It's a toaster with racing stripes."

[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Tornado Onion transmits, " EEP! Don't like like that when child listening it isn't right!"

[OOC] Dr. Wily says, "ROFL"

[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Satsuma transmits, "If you copy yourself, is it still plageurism?"
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Tornado Onion transmits, "Jav!"

Dr. Light notes, "Red ones go faster."

[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Theta Clown Man transmits, "Yes."
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Satsuma transmits, "Gasp."
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Javelin Whitetail transmits, "What? What'd I say?"

Prismatic Spider looks over. "Really? Then why did he use white?"

[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Bullet transmits, "Bass, why do you have homework copying senses?"

"I do have to admit," Overclock seems to agree. "Racing stripes do help." Pretty much everything he builts has racing stripes.

[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Ring Man transmits, "I copy other people's financial files all the time."
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Theta Clown Man transmits, "And Plageurism is bad."
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Catastrophe transmits, "That's /not/ legal."

Dr. Light explains, "Because he's a hack."

[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Bass transmits, "Sometimes I have powers I don't even understand."
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Gemini Man transmits, "We make a lot of copies."
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Solar Stega discreetly desynchs.
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Catastrophe transmits, "For shame! Do you have no pride?"
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Bullet transmits, "Wow."

Prismatic Spider says, "Oh, snap."

[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Dr. Light transmits, "Like Karate Snoopy?"

Frequency A is now gagged.

Cinnamon continues to stand behind the display table, being understated. And occasionally smiling politely at Solstis, who seems inclined to hang around, and is making her skin crawl.

Gaudile leans over to Cinnamon, for more talking with ellipsises added in for more flavor.

Gaudile mutters to Cinnamon: 'Remind ... to buy one of ... ... Light makes one ... ... ...'.

[OOC] Dr. Wily will just note, read the first part of my pose carefully, I'm timestoppering the ENTIRE expo.
[OOC] Gaudile says, "Yay!"
[OOC] Solstis says, "Now why would my presence disturb someone? I'm nice ;.;"

"They make it toast faster," says Crazy Yoshi, looking annoyed that his marketing genious is not appreciated on this engineering types. "And they will be available wherever fine products are sold! Number Twelve! YOSHI VANISH!"

One of Yoshi's androids throws down a small bomb, and the stage explodes with smoke. A great deal of hacking and coughing his heard, and a loud CLANG. As the smoke cleares, Yoshi can be seen limping off the edge of the stage, while another android is appologizing profusely in Japanese and the others carry off his equipment.

[OOC] Dr. Light says, "You son of a."
[OOC] Solar Stega is suddenly glad she's not timestopper-weak. :D
[OOC] Ditz Pinkmouse says, "eek!"

Stomp. Stomp. Stomp. The noise is coming from outside the expo center, growing louder by the second. Soon, the entire floor begins to shake. Moments later, a massive hand reaches down and opens the front doors. As the security guards dive out of the way, they suddenly freeze in midair, the unmistakable effect of the Timestopper. Except...something is different.

"WAAAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHA!" That laugh is all to familiar. After a couple of moments, a massive machine stoops and squeezes through the door. It looks in appearance like a valkyrie from Dr. Wily's favorite old anime series. With a few improvements. Such as a Joe style shield. Jets fire and it hovers over the crowd, lightly singing the top of a few booths. Landing on the stage, it poses and a deep voice shouts out "HENSHIN A GO-GO, BABY!" The machine seems to contort in on itself, rapidly shrinking in size to become a standard sized fighter jet. It settles lightly to the stage, and the cockpit opens with a hiss. A figure, wearing old flight goggles and a WWII era parachute climbs down. Dr. Albert Wily. He turns to peer at the crowd.

"My, you people are awfully quie....ahh, how silly of me. I forgot the timestopper...." He clicks a button on a small remote held in his hand, and time suddenly resumes. "My fellow scientists, visitors, honored guests. ALlow me, Dr. Albert Wily to introduce my latest, greatest creation. I call it the VX-13. A hybrid jet/robot capable of high altitude high speed flight, ranged and hand to hand combat, air supply drops, disaster cleanup work and many other tasks. The power, speed and all around capabilities of this machine make it something that I am QUITE confident will become a common sight around the planet, whether in military or civilian roles." He smiles slightly. "As for the other....lets just say I've found a way to not only cut the energy cost of the timestopper, but to also effectively triple its range and more than quadruple its effective length."

The Viper Booth <VB> vibrates slightly, and a small waft of strong smelling smoke escapes through a tiny crack in the upper part of the armor.

[OOC] Dr. Wily says, "HOW THE HELL"
[OOC] Dr. Wily says, "Stupid buffer"
[OOC] Dr. Wily says, "yeah, that didn't turn out well. *kicks MUSHClient*"
[OOC] Dr. Wily says, "apologies, lemme straighten that mess out"
[OOC] Ditz Pinkmouse says, "whats the problem?"
[OOC] Dr. Wily says, "ahh, I see what it did."
[OOC] Dr. Wily says, "The Spy Eye triple spammed me when I input my pose"
[OOC] Overclock says, "Looks like a pose to me."
[OOC] Dr. Wily has about 5 copies of his pose strung together on his screen, thanks to the Spy Eye
[OOC] Ditz Pinkmouse says, "ouch."
[OOC] Prismatic Spider says, "Ouchination."
[OOC] Crazy Yoshi says, "Say, does it still work? Can RMs watch the expo from the Monument?"
[OOC] Dr. Wily says, "I'm not sure if it's still tied to the monitors or not"

Matter Editation Chamber <Sy> explodes violently into an impressively giant crystalline structure that fills the area allocated for Seismic's booth, and then some.

Dr. Light snarls at the laugh-and then time and space stops. Time and space /suck/.

And then, it unhitches itself. Light blinks, looking up at what Wily's created. And Light...points at Wily. "Why you little.../you made a Valkerie!/ What's next, beating up Stardroids with the power of song?!" Light wouldn't be ticked off like this. But its Wily. And he STOLE SOMEONE'S IDEA AGAIN!

Cinnamon leans in to mutter back to Gaudile.

        And then freezes there!

[OOC] Ditz Pinkmouse LOL!

Overclock, coming out of timestopper-related daze, misses part of that presentation. One should remember to unstopper the audience well before talking.

He looks up at the miltiary hardware. Looks at the time. All right... bored now, and wondering if Sal was still up for doing something else.

Dr. Doppler has disappeared sometime in the middle of this. But rest assured, he got timestopped wherever he is.

Dr. Wily grins at Light. "Yer darn right I did. AND, I equipped mine with my new timestopper."

The Cossack Foundation annex is unaffected by the timestopper, though Dr. Cossack seemed to be about to dive for cover as the timestopper hits. As it wears off, he skids across the floor, grabbing a rifle, and aiming it at an empty air pocket. Wily's already behind him. Bollocks.

[OOC] Dr. Wily dies at Cossack
[OOC] Dr. Doppler sneaks off to bed. It's been fun!

Tornado Onion looks up at Dr. Wily and the creation that came in and seems not to have noticed the stopper. All he knows is that it came and gone and now Wilys here. Joy.

[OOC] Dr. Cossack waves.

Dr. Wily stands back as the VX-13 transforms to Robot mode and lifts him in it's hand. "Of course, I can't answer to many questions on the timestopper or the military implications of the VX-13. But, I will take questions outside those realms."


Prismatic is frozen and unfrozen, not really noticing, since time is evil that way. One second Yoshi is running in mild embarassment, the next Wily is there. Prismatic looks... Not too impressed. "Maybe he'll make hybrid biological forms held back by restrictive powerful armoring, that can project forcefields."

Cinnamon finally unfreezes, looking utterly confused.

Cinnamon mutters to Gaudile: '--What on ... was ...'.

Ditz Pinkmouse emerges from the timestopper without noticing it even occured. He thought maybe he was just moving slowly and needed a nap. "Ooh oooh daddoo! I have a question! Why don't we have anymore pistachio fudge icecream at home?"

Dr. Cossack pulls himself up, running the action on the rifle in annoyance before resting it on his shoulder. "Vhere arr zee homosexual boys to pilot it?!" he calls out.

Seismic Earthworm grunts a little as the timestopper hits, and looks over to his project... which is now quite ruined... or a spectacular success, one of the two. He then moves away from Dr. Light's wonderful fountain of Hawaiian Punch, and proceeds to advance on Wily and the new mecha with a slow determined pace.

Dr. Wily chuckles at Cossack. "Funny you should ask. I have two in training right now. Except the keep trying question!"

Prismatic Spider ponders. "In the Skull Monument, I'm sure."

[OOC] Ditz Pinkmouse says, "..."

"ZHAT'S SO VRONK!" Cossack yells.

Ditz Pinkmouse adds after his question, "Also, I want to do whatever the boys are doing. It sounds fun!"

Sierra frowns up at Dr. Wily, not in any way affected by the timestop aside from a little jump when Wily is SUDDENLY RIGHT THERE. She waggles her fake bunny ears angrily. The Mega Man doll cheeps, still sounding like an eight-year-old-girl, "FOR EVERLASTING PEACE!!"

She also pushes the Hawaiian Punch at Dr. Light. "You should go and enjoy your drink, after your hard presentation, Doctor!" she says, trying to draw his attention away from Wily and his completely pointles and evil and stupid device. "You don't need to keep an eye on this, it's allllll covered." She winks.

"When was the last time you visited your Mother in the HOME?!", Calls a suspiciously familiar brown-haired young man.

Gaudile shakes his head as the timestopped finally releases him. He looks about and sees he Valkyrie. Grunting, he sighs and leans back over to Cinnamon.

Gaudile mutters to Cinnamon: 'I...don't know.'.

Dr. Wily peers at Ditz. "Ummmmm......" And then Sy catches his eye. "Oh...crap. Giant worm that wants to eat me." He eyes the young man. "Just last week! I took her some Rock Man Voodoo Dolls!" The worm is coming closer. Wily starts to fidget. "Ummm......thankyouitsbeenwonderfulbeinghere." He leaps into the cockpit and turns his craft for the doors....

[OOC] Dr. Wily says, "Mainly because I really have to logoff."
[OOC] Overclock says, "See ya.,"
Seismic Earthworm takes Matter Editation Chamber <Sy>.
[OOC] Dr. Wily will return.
Dr. Wily has disconnected.

Seismic Earthworm proceeds to follow Wily out the door.

Prismatic Spider shrugs. "It was fast. I approve."

The 'young man' snaps his fingers together, and then goes back to eating his neverending tub of popcorn.
Doctor Light probably made it.

Tornado Onion claps. "Wonderful hehe..."

Dr. Light is distraced by the delicious lure of Hawaiian Punch...

And then Wily gets out. "Argh! WILY! You Schlamele! You Schmaggale! YOU...YOU...DUBBING TRANSLAITOR!" Light actualy waves his cane, a hellish weekend coming to the forefront when his arch-nemesis drops /that/ off and runs! Damnable timestoppers!

Wily's whole presentation nearly passed Solar by. Good thing she had Global turned off, or she probably /would/ have missed it. "That was fast.." But hey, transforming mecha suits are always good!

[OOC] Solstis oo's and wonders who is next.
[OOC] Solstis says, "Sy? ^^"

The Cossack emerges again from his convention annex-fortress, this time with a large capsule being wheeled behind him on a hand truck. It's about as wide and tall as a 50 gallon oil drum, and has numerous warning labels on it in Cyrillic. Two soldiers in modified WWIII Soviet combat armor follow behind it, hands easily within range of the triggers of their Gauss slugthrowers.

Pavel gets on stage with the apparatus, taking the barrel off the hand truck with some help from the soldiers. After the barrel is in its appointed place, the soldiers take positions on either side of the stage, watching the crowd. Tapping at the barrel with his foot once or twice for whatever reason, Pavel then moves to the podium and begins to speak in Russian. Subtitles are provided on the usual channels: he doesn't give serious talks in English.

<< "Good evening, scientists, members of the press, interested members of the lay community. Today, I come to you with an age-old problem." >>

A slide appears on the holoscreen, showing the wreckage of Spain. A few communities are featured, mostly of Africans, trying to renew the blackened earth to make it produce crops. << "How do we clean up our world from the horrors of war? While we have made terrible, efficient weapons, we rarely consider what is left behind from the destruction." >> A montage of scenes from Russia follow, with broken buildings, chemical spills, agricultural fires, and so on. << "While we can recycle many of the things which were broken or destroyed, other chemicals, such as those left behind from Reploid battles, are destructive to the environment and have to be hauled away, either to be shot into space or buried deep within the earth." >>

Pavel looks across the crowd. << "The Cossack Foundation believes, based on its analysis of the past 18 years of robotic warfare, that many parts of the inhabited world will become toxic to organic life before the end of this century. Without some method of correcting for these problems, the costs of creating food and providing fresh water will become prohibitive, which will have negative impacts on the quality of human and Bioroid life across the globe." >>

[OOC] Solstis says, "oh lordy the spam monster ;.;"

        At the mention of chemicals Solstis visibly perked up, as he stared at Pavel and smiled. Something he cared about. It was about darn time.

Bolero enters the Fort York Expo Center.

Dr. Light calms himself down in time for Pavel's presentation. Luckily, he knows Russian. Because he's awesome. Light listens, running a hand through his beard.

Fairy Leviathan has disconnected.
Veil Fox has left.

Overclock leans back and listens to Russian. It's nice to be able to understand Russian.

Tornado Onion waves to Bolero as he entered, watching the screen, also hearing chemicals, something he himself knows about and can relate to. Hopefully It won't be like some of the others. Hopefully it will actually answer something instead of zombies.

The Russian curls his hands on the podium, pausing a moment to allow that to sink in. As the murmuring rises, Pavel begins speaking again, commanding silence through the strength of his will. << "Many of the brightest minds across the world have been working to address this problem. The Cossack Foundation leads the way in ecological research, and we have accomplished much in the past decade to help keep our world viable for organic life." >>

<< "However," >> he says, << "our efforts to date have not been enough. While we have developed more ecologically friendly lubricants and coolants for Reploids to use, the sheer scale of the damage is becoming overwhelming. To this end, I have developed Project Tantalus." >>

The drum opens up with a hiss of hydraulics, rising up on a hinge. Nothing immediately appears, though some smoke rises up into the air in a very theatrical manner. After a second, a red gooey psudopod rises up, grips onto the side of the drum, and locks in place while the rest of the gooey mass pulls itself out. It leaves no residue behind as it *schlorps* out, forming into a sphere about the size of a medicine ball. The ball then rolls out to center stage as programmed, in a convenient spot for photographs. Not that there's much to see -- it's a generally transparent gel-ball with a leathery `skin' on the outside, probably to keep whatever's inside from leaking.

<< "Tantalus, in Greek mythology, was one of the favored sons of Zeus. He was invited to share the food of the Gods, but abused their hospitality by trying to share that same food with mortals. He was punished in Tartarus by being forever surrounded by food and drink but never being able to consume it -- always hungry, never satisfied." >>

Pavel pulls a flask of green-black stuff out from underneath the lecturn. It's mech-fluid mixed with normal reactor coolant -- nasty stuff that kills any organic tissue it comes in contact with. << "This is a mixture approximating that from a deep wound on a Reploid," >> he says, << "Dangerous, toxic and deadly to humans and Bioroids alike. It must be kept in this special container to avoid doing harm, but --" >>

He casts it cavalierly at the gel ball, causing gasps from the people sitting nearby.

Ditz Pinkmouse looks around. Suddenly craves spam. "Hey, do you have spam?" he asks some random bystander, tugging on her pantleg. After jumping in place, she collects herself and tries to answer. "I'm sorry, uh, Mr. Mouse. I have no spam." So he grabs one of her shoelaces and runs off with it before she can muster a response.

Rhythm enters the Fort York Expo Center.
Blues drops Rhythm.
Blues goes home.
Blues has left.

Prismatic Spider gasps!

...So, more recycling. ... Well, another body-disposal method, Overclock decides.

Gaudile glances at the gel ball rolling around. This is new.

Sierra ooohs. Then realizes what Cossack said, and emits loud "EEK!"

Then she jumps up, possibly into Light's arms.

Cinnamon isn't sitting nearby, but gasps anyways!

Tornado Onion watches, thinking that this would be a good add on for things one can't use with his father's recycling device or for disasters.

Bolero has been here the whole time. Honest. Stop looking at him like that. He stops as he hears Cossack speaking, eyes widening slightly behind his glasses. He turns to watch as something that could be a tightly curled up form of Red Tide or possible a small Red Devil rolls out onto the stage and has some lethal mech fluid flung at it... In a container.

Dr. Light catches the nubile young booth bunny. Light gives Cossack a little, 'Who'se the stud now?' smirk-even though he can tell certin things from the weight of her body and structure. Its the principle of the thing. I think.

[OOC] Tornado Onion says, "afks."

The flask flies through the air. As it approaches, the action is shown on the main screen behind Pavel so that the whole room can see whathappens next.

The gel ball, which had no sheen before, takes on a shine as if it had become damp. As the flask gets within striking distance, the ball reacts in sudden, violent movement. Multiple tentacle-like psudopods fly out from the ball and snatch the flask out of the air, pulling it into itself. Not a single drop strikes the floor.

The flask is pulled deeper into the ball. It begins to break down within the flask as if it were being flayed by a hundred thousand tiny knives, not dissolving but breaking apart into individual shards, then crystals, then specks of dust which rapidly disappear from view. As the flask disintegrates, the fluid is exposed to the ball and rapidly spreads through the entire structure in a bizarre fractal-like distribution, but rapidly discolors, fades into splotches, then disappears entirely.

Shortly thereafter, the ball loses its shine, the `skin' returning, and the holoviewer begins showing instant replays of the strike from different angles as Pavel resumes speaking.

<< "As you can see," >> he says, << "Tantalus attended to the contamination and the container the substance was destroyed without difficulty. It does so not through the use of acidic compounds as you might expect, but a system of extremely fine polymer strings that cut through materials at a molecular level. These strings, suspended within this gel matrix, are controlled by a massively parallel hive network of nanocomputers which allow the substance to react independently to multiple stimuli on multiple vectors. As a result, it can consume anything if given enough time." >>

Solar Stega watches with interest. That's an awesome thingy. Well, as long as it doesn't try to eat the planet...

Cinnamon blinks in confusion.

Cossack's penchant for creating horrifying things with only minimal peaceful purposes seems to hold true, Overclock decides, as he watches. Damn: at least himself, and Psyche, and Wily, were overt about it.

Cinnamon mutters to Gaudile: 'Is it sentient? ... ... ... do ...'.

Dr. Light looks impressed. That's the best chance of makeing Europe and South Africa liveable in under a century they've got, right up there. Still, there are a few...thoughts going on in Light's head, as he runs a hand through his beard(again).

Bolero watches with intent fascination, eyes flicking back and forth. Presumably there are translators, so that people who don't speak Russian, science, or Cossack can understand. Well... Russian at any rate. He runs a hand though his hair thoughtfully before resting himself against a pole in the back of the room, just in view of the stage.

Salvage Crab is watching. Really, she is. She just hasn't said a lot lately, nor has she been taking notes. The zombies have, apparently, turned themselves off; they're both lying down on the gurneys.

Gaudile mutters to Cinnamon: 'I think ... ... the bottle and the ... into ... bits or ... That ... ...'.

Cerveau enters the Fort York Expo Center.
[OOC] Cerveau o_o
[OOC] Gaudile says, "Hi, Q."
[OOC] Solar Stega says, "heya Cerveau. X)"
[OOC] Cerveau says, "Howdy."
[OOC] Bolero slinks away. Work to do.
Bolero has disconnected.

Cinnamon mutters to Gaudile: '... I see why ... stuck to geology and mechabotany.'.

[OOC] Cerveau considers.

After a few moments, Tantalus forms a small bubble inside of itself about the size of a pea, visible to the very observant. << "The compounds left behind after destruction are typically less harmful to the environment and can be either vented harmlessly or kept inside the containment shell until it can be retrieved by authorized equipment to be used in new products. Some of the things Tantalus may encounter can be absorbed as fuel, which increases efficiency." >>

Pavel walks over to the ball, takes a weird hand-held scanning thingy out of his pocket, and touches it against the ball -- the bubble is pushed up to the edge of the `skin', then sucked into the device with a *floomp*. A glass phial in the hand-held device fills with some gases an instant later. << "Collection of excess materials is this simple," >> he says, showing the crowd, then setting the device down on the lecturn. << "Noble gases, hydrogen, oxygen, and so on, suitable for industrial use." >>

Pavel switches to English. "Ziss concludes prepared vemarks; I vill take questions from audience."

[OOC] Solar Stega says, "A French song started playing on my Winamp when you logged on. :o"
[OOC] Dr. Light says, "Hey! You missed my presentation."
Seismic Earthworm goes home.
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[OOC] Cerveau says, "Awww."

        Solstis raised his hand and then asked the question most others probably wanted to ask. "What happens if it goes haywire? What safety protocols are there that will allow one to negate it?"

Rhythm can be found lurking over near Gaudile's booth, recording everything that's going on so far as the presentations go, and probably listening in on things he ought not to be listening in on. Blues appears to have vanished.
What a surprise.

[OOC] Cerveau hrms.

Gaudile mutters to Cinnamon: '... ... why ... never come to one ... these ... ...'.

Cinnamon mutters to Gaudile: '... ... was a new ... ... ... do it again.'.

"I haff a series of contingency devices zhat can be used to destroy a Tantalus unit if necessary," Pavel says. "Zee gel is vulnerable to disruptions t'rough kinetic disruptions. Also, has a maximum capacity for absorption before it vequires attention from a controllink unit. Eventually zee unit needs to be vecharged, since zee pickup it gets from environmental accumulation is not sufficient to keep it goink indefinitely. Too much energy loss."

Gaudile mutters to Cinnamon: 'I don't ... think next year would be ... ... just have to ... sure Psyche ... ... plans that year.'.

Dr. Light steps forward, coughing politely. "Pavel, you have a great deal of experence with hive mind semi-sentient drone programs. And, obviously, you would have a saftey program or twelve installed if and when any AI in there develops full sentience, Sigma Virus invention, WilyCode corruption, or anything else-I think we all know you well enough, by reputation if anything, to not doubt that." Light runs a hand through his beard. "But, have you concidered the possibility of the complexity of the nessicarily overcomplex parallel structure of any hive mind could limit, or even endanger the purpose of the device, outside influence or no? With that many minds working at once, the chance of one or two or twenty suddenly changeing their mind is a disconcerting thought."

Read: Sov-Bot Feng Shui.

Cinnamon mutters to Gaudile: '... ... about that when we ... to it.'.

Gaudile, on what could be the same thread, raises a hand. "Can it expand or is that little ball the only size it can become?"

Gaudile mutters to Cinnamon: '... ... ... ...'.

Mainframe Octopus has connected.

Ditz Pinkmouse gasps as he finally remembers what the light means! "I've got to go! I'm late, I'm late for an important date!" And off he scurries. Not even people with e-senses can track him. Unless they look behind a curtain off to the side of the stage.

Sewa enters the Fort York Expo Center.
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Mainframe Octopus goes into Mainframe's laboratory.

Cinnamon pauses momentarily; then, once professor Gaudile is done, raises a hand for a question of her own. "Can one of those things absorb another one of those things?"


Cerveau has reconnected.
Cerveau has partially disconnected.

Pavel taps on his hand unit as Gaudile asks the question, sending the unit into `demo mode'. It begins flexing and changing shape, cycling through the primary shapes, then expanding upward into a pillar about a foot across, then downward into a pool that nearly covers the entire stage. Pavel walks across it easily as it does so, addressing Dr. Light directly.

"Tantalus is not self-avare," he says. "and has zee intelligence of a vell-trained mechanaloid; sufficient for its task but no further. Its memory is dumped each time it veturns to zee control station, only vetainink hard-coded parameters. Zee hiff intelligence is primarily to allow it to control its numerous movink parts to efficiently break down matter."

"Beyond zhat," speaking to Cinnamon, "zee systems arr uniform. Tantalus units arr capable of mergink to create superstructures, allowink zem to clean vider areas. Is as simple as snappink together two linkink blocks."

[OOC] Cerveau says, "Legos!"
[OOC] Cerveau flees.
[OOC] Cinnamon says, "Legos that eat things."
[OOC] Cerveau says, "Indeed."
[OOC] Cerveau suddenly considers. Gaudille, Cinnamon, would you mind me approaching to converse with you two?

Tornado Onion watches and is quite interested.. but also curious. He raises his hand, awaiting to be called on.

[OOC] Cinnamon is all good for it!
[OOC] Gaudile says, "Bring it."
[OOC] Solar Stega says, "Legos that eat things = Replicators"
[OOC] Solar Stega :D

Ditz Pinkmouse does not pose anything, for he is not visible.

Dr. Light nods, firmly. It'd involve more careful supervision...but that wasn't really a bad thing. Light smiles at Pavel, nodding confidently at his apprentice. Friend. Minion. Whichever.

[OOC] Ditz Pinkmouse says, "co-conspirator"

Tornado Onion remembers that people don't wait for anything while asking these questions and just ask's it..."Yes, tehee.....I'm just curious if the Tantalus program is used for other than ...helpful means. You said it breaks down matter and is not self aware... What if it is used ..against others? Told to breakdown matter of certain beings?"

[OOC] Gaudile is partial to the word underling, himself.

"It could be used for zhat purpose," Pavel says. A crowd of people abruptly forms around the Cossack Foundation booth -- military types -- as if to queue up for his eventual return to the annex. "Zee unit itself does not haff a preinclination to absorb and deresolff matter. It must be ordered to, as safety measure. But zen again, many t'inks can be used in ziss fashion."

Veil Fox enters the Fort York Expo Center.
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Vile has connected.
[OOC] Vile says, "Has the boss fight started yet? :D"
[OOC] Solar Stega says, "Nope~"
[OOC] Tornado Onion says, "Is there one?"
[OOC] Cinnamon is the boss.
[OOC] Dr. Light says, "That was last night."
[OOC] Tornado Onion says, "OH NO!"
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[OOC] Vile says, "Cinnamon goes crazy and activates her secret armor, Frontline."
[OOC] Solstis says, "Oooo eating a lot of cookies makes the tummy go "Rawr""
Sonata enters the Fort York Expo Center.
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[OOC] Solstis says, "hi sonata!"
Dr. Cain enters the Fort York Expo Center.
[OOC] Vile says, "Oh snap Cain."
[OOC] Gaudile screams.
[OOC] Prismatic Spider says, "GOOD DOCTOR TRIPLE TECH, GO!"
[OOC] Dr. Cain waves his cane around.
[OOC] Dr. Light says, "That's right. We're doing /all five Doctors in a row/."
[OOC] Solstis says, "hi Cain!"
[OOC] Solar Stega says, "Wow :O"
[OOC] Vile says, "Wait, we have a Cain?"
[OOC] Cerveau says, "Wait."
[OOC] Prismatic Spider says, "WE DO NOW."
[OOC] Cerveau says, "Wily's here? o_o"
[OOC] Dr. Cain literally just got Cain.
[OOC] Prismatic Spider says, "He was."
[OOC] Gaudile says, "You missed it, Q."
[OOC] Tornado Onion says, "Yeah, the worm chased him off."
[OOC] Cerveau says, "Dangit."
[OOC] Cinnamon says, "It's a Cain!"
[OOC] Dr. Cain eyes Cinnamon.
[OOC] Cinnamon says, "Hello."
[OOC] Dr. Cain says, "It's delicious, delicious Cinnamon. Good on toast."
[OOC] Cinnamon says, "Try it. <3"
[OOC] Dr. Cain puts Cinnamon on toast?
[OOC] The Viper Booth <VB> says, "Returns from AFK. Who's turn is it?"
[OOC] Cinnamon says, "Who's on first."
[OOC] Tornado Onion says, "Thats alotta toast."
[OOC] Ditz Pinkmouse says, "cossack is still going. I think."
[OOC] Ditz Pinkmouse says, "I'm lost in OOC spam"
[OOC] Solstis nods.
[OOC] Solstis says, "I don't think Cossack has departed the stage yet."

Tantalus returns to its standard sphere shape, then rolls back to its container, flows back up into it, and closes the lid behind it. Clop.

"If zeir arr no further questions, I vill take my leaff," Pavel says. "Zhank you for your time and attention."

Pavel and his various minions clear the stage. The hired help claps.

[OOC] Vile says, "Aw, man, I missed dad."

Cinnamon applauds. Those things are kind of neat.

Having been here the whole time(or at least appearing to be) Cerveau stands up after Cossack's presentation starts wrapping up. The Neo-Arcadian doctor may not appreciate some of their work, but displays Light's and Cossack's genius are always an interesting sight.

Cerveau then starts moving towards the booth of Dr. Gaudile and his assistant Cinnamon. The Frenchman attempts to remain rather inconspicuous about it, and one might notice the current absence of his assistant for the other day.

[OOC] Vile will have to figure out wtf Tantalus is later, when he reads the log.

Cinnamon mutters to Gaudile: 'Should we pick ... one of those ... with ... ...'.

Dr. Light also claps. Its damn fine science, despite people's tendency to assume that Pav will use all of his work to blow things up. I mean, really. Its boorish.

[OOC] Salvage Crab says, "It's a ball. It eats things."
[OOC] Ditz Pinkmouse says, "pollution eating balls"
[OOC] Ditz Pinkmouse says, "HappyFunBalls, basicly."

(Light would man-hug Cossack, but the other scientists are watching.)

        Solstis turned his head slightly and peered with one eye at Cinnamon...and then flashed her a smile, before walking toward her. He leaned in as close as he could without invading her personal privacy, and then muttered something to her.

Solstis mutters to Cinnamon: '... ... ... to mutter ... you?'.

[OOC] Cerveau says, "Solstis, you fail."

It takes a bit for the next display to start. Not like ten minutes or anything, but given the quick in and out pace of most previous presentations, waiting even three minutes for anyone to even show on stage is rather odd. Eventually though, some grunting and squeaking can be heard by those close to the stage, and coming up one of the side ramps eventually is... a microwave on a pushcart. At least that's how it looks so far. And a certain mouse is trying valiently to push it into place, but with no success. Eventually a stagehand spots the mouse and helps him push the cart onto place. Once there, the mouse, which is as most might guess, Ditz Pinkmouse, climbs up onto the cart, then onto the microwave, and extracts the microphone again.

"People of earth!" he says in a grand voice. "For too long people with fur have suffered having to use hairdryers to get dry! For many of us, this takes too long! For some, like myself, it's too big to hold, and sometimes blows us off the counter into the toilet! Especially if we fall asleep while it's on." His ears twitch at the memory. "That is why, I have created the ultimate weapon of mass destruction!" Ditz pauses and blinks at this, then pulls out a cuecard from his pocket. "Oh wait, that's Supra's card. Sorry." He puts it back in his pocket and corrects himself. "That is why I have created a way for all people with fur to dry off quickly and easily!" With a flourish, he points downwards at what still appears to be a simple microwave, with only a few modifications. First, the front window is smashed open, half of the glass gone. There's also a piece of paper taped to the front saying in big poorly written letters, "FAST DRIER MACHEEN."

[OOC] Solstis sobs.
[OOC] Cerveau says, "I heard all of that."

Gaudile mutters to Cinnamon: 'Hmm...I don't know. ... ... not ... we ... ... of those things.'.

Cinnamon mutters to Gaudile: 'Well ... -definitely- ... we don't ... one ... -these- things--oh!'.

        Cane in hand, someone's nice old uncle just walked in. At least, it /looks/ like someone's nice old uncle. Assuming, of course, your uncle wears a lab coat outside of the lab.
        Sunglasses on and cane in hand, good ol' Dr. Cain has arrived. He looks around for the Light Labs booth, 'hmm'ing and 'ahem'ing at the various displays on the way, working his way towards the main show at the same time. Sounds like someone's presenting.

Gaudile mutters to Cinnamon: 'Let's ... what ... does first dear.'.

Dr. Doppler has left.

Tornado Onion continues watching, curious of the odd mouse pushing the machine up to the stage. He just watches, silent except for the crackling of the electricity holding up his arms.

Cinnamon is continuing a conversation in low tones with Gaudile, watching the stage - at least, until Solstis leans in to mutter, startling the medic. "Oh! What - oh, I'm sorry, are we talking too loudly? I didn't want to bother the presentations or anything..." She smiles apologetically, despite the fact that even with his good intentions, Solstis just makes her want to back up a bit.

        With her concentration thusly disrupted, little subroutines point Cinnamon's attention to the approaching Cerveau. She recognizes him from yesterday, if somewhat vaguely, and waves a hello.

[OOC] Cerveau thud.
[OOC] Cerveau twitches.

        Solstis turned and faced Cerveau, and then bowed toward the man. "A pleasure to see you are still fine. I think I would have cried if you had died, Doctor Cerveau. By the you know who that is up there giving their presentation?"

[OOC] Cerveau says, "Rather vaguely huh? XD"
[OOC] Ditz Pinkmouse says, "she wasnt really paying attention while she saved your life :)"
[OOC] Cinnamon got a glimpse of you, healed you, and that was it. She has a lot of new faces to learn. =D
[OOC] Cerveau gets no respect.
[OOC] Solstis bowed to you!
[OOC] Cerveau sends in his resignation to Elpizo. Joins the UN again.
[OOC] Gaudile says, "Mmm UN."
[OOC] Solstis says, "Naw, become an OC'borg."

Sierra is now standing by Dr. Light again.

Don't ask when it happens, it involves superscience.

Ditz Pinkmouse looks around to see if everyone is understanding this, though he doesn't actually ask if people have questions. No, he just wants to make sure all the people in the room are aware of the depth of the problem facing furry animals and reploids. He's learned from his time raising lint that people's awareness of certain crisis can be shockingly low. "Ok then! And now, I will show you what I have created." He points down at the sign. "The Super Fast Machine Drier!" His reading skill seems to be worse than his writing skill. "This can dry off entire people at once. Right now I only have a small one, so only small people can experience this now." As he speaks, he idly grabs his tail between his forepaws, since he's standing on his hind legs, and pets it. "So now, you can all watch me get completely dry in only seconds! Like this!" And with that, Ditz climbs down off the top of the microwave and pushes a few buttons on it. He appears to be setting it for thirty seconds. Or thirty minutes. The digital display seems odd on this one. He then climbs inside the broken window, into the microwave itself. "Let there be dryness!" the already completely dry mouse says before reaching outside and pushing the start button. He then curls up and lays down inside it as the machine activates, the little light turning on and making the whirring sound microwaves do. Let's hope nobody in the audience has a pacemaker or sensitive electronics, given the broken window and therefor lack of shielding on the device.

[OOC] Gaudile says, "And suddenly the Force Metal Generator stops working."
[OOC] Cinnamon O_O
[OOC] Vile says, "Suddenly, all five doctors die at once."
[OOC] Cing at you, Cervy."
[OOC] Cerveau is 34, dangit!
Sewa has left.
[OOC] Vile says, "You're old enough to die!"
[OOC] Cerveau dies.
[OOC] Solstis wonders why on lwho all the doctors are clumped together.
[OOC] Cerveau haunts Vile.
[OOC] Vile doesn't mind.
[OOC] Ditz Pinkmouse says, "is it just me, or did everyone stop posing and just a select few are still lingering for OOC comments? Not trying to be snide, I'm rather serious."
[OOC] Vile >> WHODR
[OOC] Cerveau fills the Goliath with nasty green slime stuff a la Amityville.
[OOC] Vile says, "I ICly left, so, yeah."
[OOC] Tornado Onion says, "Well I'm still posing, but I don't have hair, so I'm ignoring."
[OOC] Gaudile posed earlier.

Overclock doesn't have hair either. Inventions for meeces. He checks the time again.

[OOC] Dr. Cain, walking in.
[OOC] Cinnamon was hanging on C.

Number Man has an invention. Yes.

[OOC] Cerveau says, "Psyche!"
[OOC] Cerveau tackles Erwin.

Dr. Light's hair and beard suddenly puff up, as if he had been brutaly attacked by the 1970s. Look out Disco Psyche, its Disco Light, with afro-havin power!

Number Man doesn't know why he posed that.

[OOC] Cerveau says, "Oh wait, wrong color."
[OOC] Solar Stega cackles at Disco Light.

Prismatic Spider is running out of juice. He's been here all day, after all.

[OOC] Prismatic Spider says, "That was supposed to be OOC."
[OOC] Tornado Onion says, "It's amazing, I've sat so long in IC i self-healed."

After a few moments, sparks start to shoot around inside the microwave. Probably not a good thing. More sparks. Ditz doesn't seem to notice. Apparently he's unconscious. And now twitching. Microwave radiation continues to saturate the area as Ditz cooks himself inside the microwave stolen from Skull Monument's kitchen. Eventually, thirty seconds are up, and the twitching mouse grows completely still.

This is usually the part where questions are asked. But those in the front, or with great hearing, might detect the sound of Ditz snoring. So he's probably not going to be fielding anything. After shrugging once, the stagehand that helped Ditz push the cart onto the stage wheels him off to the side so an /actual/ presentation can be given.

Gaudile raises an eyebrow. "Those sparks can't be healthy." He looks around the crowd as a whole. "Is the mouse is all right"

The Viper Booth <VB> suddenly raises up with a loud mechanical sound as four legs extend from the sides, the top opens spiraling out behind to become a large tail, and exposing a very happy looking Dr. Sirius Viper... the 'booth' clanks up to the stage followed by a flurry of Orc-bots from the back who begin setting up logs for the demonstration. The Doctor looks down at the crowd and smiles, "Guten Auben gentlemen..." he says gazing out for crowd reactions.

Tornado Onion watches the sparks, them being sort of like what keeps his arms up. To him, everything's peachy.

Cerveau bows to Solstis, crediting him despite his affiliation. After all, he is a cyborg, and he wants to keep the war non-lethal, although Cerveau doubts that could ever happen. "I appreciate your sentiment, Solstis. He speaks into his radio for a moment, apparently seeking information on the one who just stepped onto the stage as he idly watches the presentation. Then he redirects his attention to Gaudile and Cinnamon, as well as Solstis. "If I may borrow a moment of your time, I would would to discuss some of, from yesterday."

Gaudile glances at the walking booth. "Psyche could learn so much from that guy." He watches it for a few more moments, then turns to Cerveau. "Oh, hello. What can I do for you?"

Veil Fox follows, looking... surprised.

Cinnamon blinks, momentarily distracted by the goings-on onstage. "Um, I think he'll be alright! Listen to that racket, would you. How does such a little reploid snore so loud..."

        Then she turns back to Cerveau with a smile. "Hi! Um, we never got properly introduced yesterday, did we." The medic holds out one hand for a shake. "I'm Cinnamon, professor Gaudile's assistant. What did you want to talk about?"

        Luckily, Cain is nowhere near the boothbot when it erupts into something that, well, walks. Instead, trailing in its wake, he follows it at his leisurely pace and ends up in the main crowd watching presentations. Murmuring under his breath, he at last spies an old friend. Dr. Cain's face cracks into a smile as he strolls over to the Hawaiian Punch fountain.
        "Evening, Thomas," he says. "Got any Hawaiian Punch for me?"

Solar Stega's attention had drifted from most of the mouse's unusual presentation, and she spent the the time watching the crowds mill about. The Viper Booth's sudden noise surprises her, and she turns to look at... a Transformer Booth. Neato.

Dr. Sirius Viper enters the Fort York Expo Center.

        "Amazing, I thought you were part of the robot haters, Cerveau," Solstis said as he watched and listened to this conversation...and the fact that Cerveau himself had chosen to come near robots. "Not as bigoted as some of the Neo Arcadians I suppose?"

Sierra the Light Labs Booth Bunny suddenly appears from, apparently, NOWHERE, with a nice big glass of Hawaiian Punch on a tray for Dr. Caine. "Here you are, sir!" she says, sunnily.

Dr. Light gives Cain a manly wave, grinning at his old friend. He hasn't seen Ed in forever! Since he sent him to Texas...fighting off a terrible picture involving Dr. Cain, beach chairs, Tequila, and women of questionable character imbues itself into his mind. Lucky jerk. Light smiles at "Sierra", before clasping Cain's shoulder. "Well, look who it is!" Light generaly keeps his voice down, because, well, yeah. GSTE.

Cerveau has reconnected.
Cerveau has partially disconnected.

Tornado Onion watches the booth get up and head to the stage, his interests peaked... but decided he has stayed here long enough. He gets up slowly not to be noticed over anyone else and begins to walk for the exit, slowly though.

Number Man is here... waiting... patiently... how /dare/ they put him at the end of the schedule.

(And here, I got disconnected.)

Cerveau hesitates for a moment as Cinnamon extends her hand, considering she is a reploid. He does however, shake her hand eventually. And aims to answer Solstis's question as he converses with Gaudille and his assistant. "Well yes, as I mentioned in my presentation, I am Dr. Gerard Cerveau of the nation of Atzlan, which most refer to as Neo-Arcadia, after its capital city." Cerveau pauses letting this soak in before continuing, "As I did not mention however, I am also their leading weapons developer, in charge of supplying our troops with the most effective weaponry possible."

 Cerveau stops again, expecting Gaudile to run him off at the mere mention of this, but continues to explain himself when it doesn't happen immediately. "I am not interested in the possibilities of your discovery as a weapon however, as you might assume."

[OOC] Cerveau continues explaining in a later pose, to avoid the mega-spam.

Dr. Light mutters to Dr. Cain: '... my ... you're ... ... Ed.'.

[OOC] Solar Stega rawrs at her modem. "What happened after Number Man's pose?"
[OOC] Dr. Light says, "Viper made a gravitic heat sink."

        "It's about time someone said that, Cerveau," Solstis half-muttered and half said, before he raised his hand to try and call the Viper's attention to him. "Excuse me, but how expensive is the heat sink going to end up being when it hits the mass market?"

Dr. Cain mutters to Dr. Light: 'Really? ... hm hm... my eyes must ... going.'.

Dr. Light mutters to Dr. Cain: '... in disguise. ... only got it after ... ... ... out enough that she jumped ... ... arms. ... never forget how ... ... ... ... Especialy after ... ... ...'.

Tornado Onion leaves throughout the door although a bit interested Viper's presentation.

[OOC] Tornado Onion says, "Bye, Tired..."
[OOC] Solar Stega says, "Seeya Onion. :)"
[OOC] Cerveau says, "Bye Onion."

(Disconnected again.)

Cinnamon smiles, nods, shakes the doctor's hand warmly - and then takes a polite step backwards to line up behind Gaudile again. Partially because Gaudile knows more about this discovery than she does, even -being- the Force Metal Generator; but also because she's getting the same kind of feeling about Cerveau as she did from Solstis.

Dr. Sirius Viper smiles, "I don't have a quotable number on that yet, nor am I sure I intend to mass produce them at this point." he smiles, "Though whatever the cost it will likely be worth it, as napalm is a fairly cheap product to create with modern technologies, and can put out a remarkable amount of power..." tapping the tank which is about the size of a large tank of propane, "this little tank has been running my machine through the last two weeks of testing."

[OOC] Cerveau pats Snarl.

Dr. Cain mutters to Dr. Light: '... My ... Thomas. You'll have ... fill me in on ... ... missed this ... ... still ... ... to ... ... parts ... Texas.'.

[OOC] Cinnamon says, "..."
[OOC] Cinnamon says, "I have to share."
[OOC] Cerveau ?

Gaudile blinks. A weapon designer not interested in Force Metal weaponry? Huh, weird. "Really? Interesting."

Besides, Gaudile would be interested to know what weapons could be made from said newmetal, if only to learn how to block it.

[OOC] Gaudile says, "This should be interesting."
(New BB message (27/25) posted to 'Daily Spotlight!' by Cinnamon: Paging Dr. Love)
[OOC] Dr. Cain says, "..."
[OOC] Solstis says, "Mutter is so wonderful."

Dr. Sirius Viper smiles, "No more questions?"

[OOC] Cinnamon tries not to crack up, my roomie is sleeping. XD

Sierra's sunny smile darkens juuust a bit as soon as Cain looks away. But it's not enough to ruin the facade the poor intern is trying to put up of being here and enjoying herself! She bounces off (causing the Megaman doll tied to her waist to proclaim, "I'll defeat you, Bass!", still sounding like an eight-year-old girl), over to the Hawaiian Punch fountain to refill her glasses. That done, she bounces off back into the show floor, to do what she's payed to: bring people to the Light Labs Booth.

[OOC] Number Man cracks knuckles.

Dr. Sirius Viper sighs, "Very well then, moving along, Dogstar Industries does have one other project to display, I've worked on this some myself, and it's an interesting idea, but the credit is not mine as the idea was my son's, Veil, the floor is yours."

[OOC] Solstis says, "Dogstar?"
[OOC] Number Man says, "Umm... wait, what? I was next in the queue?"
[OOC] Veil Fox says, "Yes Dogstar Industries, our company...."
[OOC] Veil Fox says, "I'm going on the coattails of Sirius' presentation."
[OOC] Number Man says, "Okay, whatever."

Dr. Light mutters to Dr. Cain: 'We'll ... over ... ...'.

Gaudile listens to the Rock doll and wonders. "I could've sworn his voice was dif-" Then something that Light said yesterday about puberty crosses his mind. He looks up at Cinnamon, then looks back down at the doll. Back up, back down. He sighs before returning to the Dogstar presentation. "Oy."

 Cerveau nods. Of course all sorts of unpleasant weaponry could be made from Force Metal if the doctor was to try, but that's not his concern at the moment, or at his main concern. "Well, my original intent was to thank your daughter here for saving my life."

 Oh crap Cerveau actually referred to two reploids as being related, the world will soon end. "Were it not for here, I'm afraid plans would be being made for my funeral." Cerveau does manage to stifle a chuckle however, "Though this would likely result in Psyche's following shortly afterward when President Elpizo received word. That's besides the point however, I must say that until yesterday I was completely opposed to most forms of artificial intelligence, as Solstis mentioned." Cerveau mutters something to Gaudille afterward to prevent those listening from acquiring possibly damaging information.

Don't say Dr. Light didn't warn you, Gaudile.

Vile has disconnected.

Veil Fox floats up to the stage carrying a smalish cardboard box. As he lands, he clears his throat nervously, and says "Ladies and gentlemen, I present the "Game Crab." As he says this, he puts the Box on the ground, and opens it up. As it climbs you see: The Game Crab, is a crab shaped drone, whose body is about the size of an average couch cushion. Its Legs are about 2' long, and are multi-jointed, with small claw/pad things on their tips. The Claws are slightly oversized, and when they open, it appears to be carrying 2 mini-drones in each claw. The Game Crab, is done in dark navy blue, w/ a black 7-pointed star on top of the claws, and a stylized logo (not yet ooc'ly determined) on its back. The shell on its back flips up to reveal an integral screen, w/ built in speakers, and a small port in the mouth, carrying another mini-drone. The mini Drones in the claws seem to be smaller versions of the 'Game Crab' itself, about the size of a normal video game controller, and the mini drone in its mouth is the same, except that it is about 1.5x the size of a golf ball. The 'Game Crab' "beeps" and clicks its claws at you when it notices your attention is on it.... As veil runs it through a series of commands, it shows that it can store itself in its housing, that its controllers will find players, and the games can insert and remove themselves all at verbal commands. "Any Questions?"

Veil Fox drops Game Crab.

Game Crab
The Game Crab, is a crab shaped drone, whose body is about the size of an average couch cushion. Its Legs are about 2' long, and are multi-jointed, with small claw/pad things on their tips. The Claws are slightly oversized, and when they open, it appears to be carrying 2 mini-drones in each claw. The Game Crab, is done in dark navy blue, w/ a black 7-pointed star on top of the claws, and a stylized logo (not yet ooc'ly determined) on its back. The shell on its back flips up to reveal an integral screen, w/ built in speakers, and a small port in the mouth, carrying another mini-drone. The mini Drones in the claws seem to be smaller versions of the 'Game Crab' itself, about the size of a normal video game controller, and the mini drone in its mouth is the same, except that it is about 1.5x the size of a golf ball. The 'Game Crab' "beeps" and clicks its claws at you when it notices your attention is on it....

Cerveau mutters to Dr. Wily: '... ... or your ... ever ... ... ... Atzlan ... me. I ... ... what I can.'.
[OOC] Cerveau says, "OMGMIS."
[OOC] Gaudile says, "Heh."
[OOC] Cinnamon says, "Eee-yoops."
[OOC] Dr. Cain cackles.
[OOC] Cerveau says, "Ignore that."
[OOC] Solstis laughs.

Cerveau mutters to Gaudile: '... you or ... ... ever ... trouble with ... ... me. ... ... ... ... I ...'.

[OOC] Number Man says, "Yoo and yoh daaughter are dooomed!"

        Solstis watched this GameCrab contrapation become deployed...and then laughed at what Cerveau was saying(Although he only heard a few words).

Gaudile raises a hand to get a question in. "Er, yes. Why a crab?" Then he leans in and responds to the good Weapons Designer.

Dr. Light steps forward, hrming. "Is it retro-compatable?" Dr. Light is a nerd.

Cinnamon maintains a polite smile. And also her distance - allowing Cerveau to quietly say whatever it is he wishes, without herself overhearing. If it's important, Gaudile will tell her; if not, then she shouldn't worry herself too much about it. What she -does- overhear makes her wonder; but she retains a polite smile in the doctor's presence.

Dr. Cossack has left.

Salvage Crab speaks up. Loudly. "Crabs are perfectly good."

Number Man yaaawns. "Booring!"

Dr. Cain raises his hand and asks, "Do I need to worry about a Game Crab scuttling off in the middle of the night, forcing me to buy a new one?" Hope they can hear him over the crowd.

Veil Fox says, "It seemed appropriate, and possibly, we would need to sign contracts w/ existing companies to accomplish that, but I hope so."

Gaudile mutters to Cerveau: '... ... ... that ... ... may say. ... ... I'll keep that ... ... ... if ... president will ... I think ... could ... ... ... aid ... country but I'm not so sure if ... will ... for ...'.

Veil Fox says, "No, it responds to it's owner, and can only move in an area defined by you when you first get it home, via a scanner, included at purchase."

Veil Fox looks pointedly at Number, you just keep that up, we already have an appointment for me to kick the crap outa' you... at your leisure of course....

Veil Fox says, "So, no more questions?"

Cerveau continues the muttering.

Dr. Cain is satisfied, and resumes drinking punch.

Dr. Cossack enters the Fort York Expo Center.
[OOC] Dr. Cossack returns from OOCness.
Sewa enters the Fort York Expo Center.
[OOC] Sewa returns from OOCness.
[OOC] Dr. Cain ropes Pavel to ICness.
[OOC] Solstis hugs you all.
[OOC] Solstis says, "Number's up next!"
[OOC] Dr. Cain says, "Wuh-oh"
[OOC] Prismatic Spider says, "And now it's Number's turn to r0xx0r our b0xx0rs."
[OOC] Cinnamon ducks.

Cerveau mutters to Gaudile: '... ... ... ... can arrange. I'm ... ... ... will ... interested in ... ... possibilities. Though the President will ... be ... ... ... ... ... you unfortunately.'.

[OOC] Gaudile says, "I think we'll build a bunker next year."

"Store." Veil says, and the controllers in the hands of random assistants (Probably stage hands,) scuttle back into the 'Game Crab's' Claws, and the little game cartridge /drone/ scuttles into a storage compartment in the Game Crabs body, and the Crab itself, scuttles over to Veil. "Retract." Veil says, and the legs retract, and he picks the drone up, and flies off the stage.

Cinnamon stays in the background. She likes it back here, it's cozy. COMFORT ZONE!

Veil Fox takes Game Crab.
[OOC] Ditz Pinkmouse says, "yes. next year each of us should come up with some sort of protective device to save us from the next violent offender there."
[OOC] Gaudile says, "We'll hold a bunker beauty contest."
[OOC] Cinnamon says, "Oh my."
[OOC] Solstis could always create an intricate tear gas system that utterly douses the area.
[OOC] Cinnamon says, "Does this mean you're rethinking the blue spandex?"
[OOC] Ditz Pinkmouse says, "tear gas wont do squat"
[OOC] Solstis stares at Ditz.
[OOC] Prismatic Spider cries ONE SINGLE TEAR.

A moment or two after Veil leaves, the Robot Master communications expert pushes himself off the wall, heading for the stage as they set it up for him. It doesn't take long, a few holographic projectors, a microphone, and a little podium all that's needed.

Number Man steps up, arrayed in shiny metal, a red lab coat wrapped around him, giving the green robot a rather festive look. Standing on a podium behind him is a small Mexican boy... or rather, an reploid that looks like a Mexican boy, Mariachi. His design is rather like Mega Man's.

E.R.W.I.N. fingers a script nervously, eyespots scanning the audience.

"Ladies and gentlemen, tonight you are about to witness a breakthrough in biochemical research, and paradise is... the script for last year's invention."

Smiling, Number Man crumples the script, tossing it back to Mariachi, who disposes of it in a trash can that pops out of his boot.

[OOC] Solstis says, "Guess you don't know what mine does."
[OOC] Ditz Pinkmouse says, "most power armors are sealed, and the offender will probably be inorganic :)"
[OOC] Ditz Pinkmouse says, "... it makes people cry?"
[OOC] Dr. Cain eyes Prism. EMO TEAR.
[OOC] Gaudile fears the IC repercussions once Cinnamon rolls out her Iron Maiden costume.
Viper Crawler has left.
Dr. Sirius Viper takes Viper Crawler.

Solar Stega had no questions. Actually, she is pretty tired, which isn't surprising, considering the previous night. But it means she finds thinking to be annoyingly difficult.. so she gets up, looks around to ensure there's no DEADLY THREATS hanging out nearby, and heads out. She'll have to catch the rest on TV!

[OOC] Number Man says, "Hush, peeps. I'ma presenting."
[OOC] Number Man says, "OOCs, I mean."
[OOC] Solar Stega poses out, but will stay here OOCly until I feel like Keyboard Face is imminent. :D;;

Prismatic Spider cocks his head slightly, watching Number Man dispose of the paper...

Dr. Sirius Viper has disconnected.
Veil Fox has disconnected.

Prismatic Spider mutters to Prismatic Spider: '... ... ... long ... ... ... to the punchline.'.

"At any rate, I have two items that I wish to share with you this evening. And I heard that, Prismatic."

"The first, and most useful for my sake, is this new development of food service technology. As some of you know, last year I introduced my creation, Mariachi. This year, I introduce a new development to the technology that makes him tick."

"As you know, the subspace storage system that allows indefinite food storage was only capable of preserving uniform fluids, such as drinks and sauces. Now, I introduce the newest wrinkle, the Nacho Buster 2.0. Using teleportational profiles of various solid foods, this new system will allow the storage and retrieval of a number of solid foods, stored in a liquid form in the subspace matrix."

"Plans and the like will soon be made avaialble, and the patent has been registered... but you're here for a demonstration. Mariachi! Nachos!"

Mariachi nods. "Sí, Papa E.R.W.I.N.!" The little reploid leaps down, making his way through the audience and givine Nachos and cheese to people, firing them into little baskets with his arm cannon. He also provides WilyBeer and Pepsi to those who want a drink.

Gaudile mutters to Cerveau: 'Mmm ... ... shame. ... ... ... ... ... you ... do. ... you ... that ...'.

Dr. Light will never refuse free food. Even from a Wily. He digs in. Mmmm. Nacho licious...

[OOC] Cerveau turns to watch Light's cholesterol skyrocket.

Dr. Cain likewise takes some nachos, crunching a few down. They're good! Surprisingly good!

Prismatic Spider accepts some nachos himself. He's been here a while, after all. Munching, his opticridges rise a bit.

Prismatic Spider mutters to Prismatic Spider: 'Hmm... these ... ... ... ...'.

You paged Solstis with 'Dang, I left right before the free food was served. My timing sucks. D:'
From afar, Solstis (Sol) grins.

Cinnamon excuses herself momentarily, to return with a few baskets of nachos and a couple cans. Which she then offers to Gaudile, Cerveau, and Solstis all at once with a smile. "Anyone hungry?"

Number Man chuckles, watching the people chow down. Mariachi beams as he serves people, the simpleminded little reploid enjoying the attention. "That is the opening salvo of my presentation. This is the meat... and what I've spent the last few months researching." He holds up a data chip, eyes nearly grinning with a vicious glee. "This, ladies and gentlemen... is the Sigma Virus."

        "I have already eaten enough and have enough power to keep my brain working just fine, Cinnamon," Solstis said, as he kept his eyes on Number Man. He was glaring, by the way. He didn't like him one bit.

Dr. Light blinks, owlishly. Oh snap. Light makes a motion, and suddenly, there seem to be a whole lot more Light Labs employees than there was a minute ago. Thomas's eyes take a sharper look at Number Man, and the entire area around him.

"Hm." Overclock had practically fallen asleep. But this catches his attention. ... He's going to spread it? ... Maybe he'll hit the Neo Arcadian booth first.

"Since the days of my own infection, some time ago... many apologies to the people of New York for that, by the way... I have spent much time researching and studying the propagation of this virus through systems, including my own. Being disconnected, yet infinitely familiar with, the energy ring storage system that the Robot Masters utilized in years previous, I was given many opportunities to observe the virus as it infected systems."

E.R.W.I.N. brings up a series of images, that slowly shift between stages of viral infection. "You can see here how the virus infects computers and electronic equipment via direct access, such as internet or disc-based infection, direct digital transfer via damage (the computers for these pics are bashed open in several places). "Viral infection has certain patterns, you can see, and though there is some variation based on viral mutation and type of machine, you can see here that they follow certain patterns. This allows some level of prediction, of course, to note how the virus propgates, allowing for better treatment of basic infection."

Sonata has left.

Prismatic Spider blinks, forgetting nachos for the moment. Viral research knowledge first, cheesy goodness later.

"Of course, no study of this nature would be complete without a similar study on living subjects. You can see here," he says as new slides come up, "the propagation of the virus through a Robot Master Joe. Note the similar pattern of infection, though in a subject with a neural net processor, it tends to favor infecting that first, rather than spreading through to motor controls and weapons systems. In all cases, you notice that the first intent of this virus is to spread to as many other systems as possible, much like a real virus."

"And here," he says, "you see virus propagation in an android's systems. Again, this is similar to a drone, and the less standard the neural net, the slower the progression. Of course, reploid progression is much quicker, and follows a predictable, but tricky pattern of infection."

Gaudile nods to Cinnamon as he takes a basket of nachos from her. "Thank you, dear." He takes a few bites before Number Man drops his bombshell. He glances back up, and with a confused look as to how the Sigma virus is located on a chip, watches intently.

        Solstis smiled a bit, even as he reached down and patted Kitty on the top of it's Yeah. Crazy drone. "Crazy old Number."

Dr. Light runs a hand through his beard. This would normaly be facinateing...for people who didn't already have experence fighting the virus. Which, admittedly, there are alot of. Light frowns, firmly, as the infection pattern continues. What /is/ Number Man planning?

Sonata enters the Fort York Expo Center.
[OOC] Sonata returns from OOCness.

E.R.W.I.N. brings up a new series of pictures, images of a reploid neural net and a reploid body, showing the virus moving through them. Reploid infection is tricky to repair, but it follows a pattern that can be predicted and observed. Notice that corruption of the neural net is fast-acting, moving for the more 'primal' areas first, though it's slow in infecting the higher brain functions... by that time, it's usually too late for treatment without invasive neural net surgery and effectively lobotomizing your subject."

The pictures are very in-depth, a short reploid subject with a similar profile to Mega Man, though perhaps only the size of a child. Number Man folds his hands across his chest, looking smug. "Full versions of this file are available, of course, though I've had to remove the schematics of the Nacho Buster from the reploid files. Trade secrets, of course."

Number Man chuckles. "To me, Mariachi!"

"Sí, Papa E.R.W.I.N.!"

"I can entertain any questions concerning this, and I hope that this research, rather than presenting some invention or another, will be of use in developing new treatments for the virus."

Spike Rosered enters the Fort York Expo Center.
[OOC] Spike Rosered returns from OOCness.
Cerveau has reconnected.
Cerveau has partially disconnected.
[OOC] Number Man says, "Quotes in there before Reploid infection. in the second line."
[OOC] Spike Rosered says, "Hi guys."
[OOC] Dr. Cain says, "Hi Spikey."
[OOC] Spike Rosered says, "omg Dr. Cain!"
[OOC] Dr. Cain says, "omg me!"

Overclock pops a knuckle. Virus treatment? Well, another person he has to pop, then. ... Not that they'll ever cure it.

[OOC] Spike Rosered says, "Not too late am I?"

Cinnamon sets the extra baskets and cans down on the display table, watching the stage distractedly. Well, that's a good thing to put up there! Cinnamon claps for the presentation when appropriate.

Dr. Cain leans over to Thomas, muttering a question around a mouthful of nachos.

[OOC] Ditz Pinkmouse says, "this is the last presentation"

Overclock squints at the pictures. Thinks for a second. ... blinks.

[OOC] Ditz Pinkmouse says, "so not /too/ late. but very late. :)"

Pretend that said 'statement,' not 'question.'

[OOC] Spike Rosered says, "Oh well."

Dr. Cain mutters to Dr. Light: 'Are the ... Wilybots usually ... ... Maybe ... ... gone too ...'.

Number Man peers at Overclock. "Yes?"

[OOC] Cerveau says, "Whoops."
[OOC] Cerveau temporarily forgets to pose.
Durandal has connected.

Overclock sees he's being looked at...and shrugs. "S'no skin off my back if you wanna infect your assisstant for giggles, but how is that an invention?"

Number Man ponders this for a moment. "The Nacho Buster 2.0 /is/ an invention. As for the viral research, why do we have to present inventions? This is a science and technology exposition, and that is science, if science a bit hard to gather through normal means. Unless you'd like to claim that the Sigma Virus is evil fairy magic."

Sewa has left.

Overclock laughs sort of warmly at this. "Well... I'M not exactly shocked, but does that mean the short one comes home with the Coalition today?"

Cerveau smiles as he takes some of the snacks brought by Cinnamon. "Merci beaucoup." he states, habit causing his French to slip out instead of English. "Well, I'm afraid I must be on my way. I appreciate taking time to speak with me. Au revoir." Cerveau waves to Cinnamon, Gaudile, and Solstis and he moves back to his seat to direct his full attention to the last of the presentations.

Prismatic Spider mutters to Prismatic Spider: 'This is only going to ... in tears...'.

Number Man shakes his head, leaning on Mariachi's head. "Sadly, no. You get no free recruits. Mengele killed his subjects, but I think the Robot Masters would miss their Mexican houseboy. I grant you it was no mean feat removing the virus from him, but he seems to have weathered it well."

Gaudile nods to Cerveau as he leaves, and turns off his mind to the OC/Number conversation on the words "Evil fairy magic". He leans back to Cinnamon to mumble something.

Overclock looks unimpressed with that, now. Inside, he hopes that Number never gets with Dr. Doppler or they'd be likely to go on some kind of infect-and-cure rampage. "...Cute."

Gaudile mutters to Cinnamon: '... ... ... ...'.

Cinnamon just shakes her head, and digs into the nachos and soda.

Cinnamon mutters to Gaudile: 'I'll say. What ... ... ... to you or should ... not ask?'.

Gaudile mutters to Cinnamon: 'I ... we got ... 'Get Out Of ... ... Beating ... ... or somthing ...'.

Cinnamon mutters to Gaudile: '... the ones that ... ... technology... so that was ... man I saved? ... still have done it anyways. I feel bad ... him ... ... got ... be ... confused now if he doesn't ... reploids.'.

[OOC] Cerveau eyes.

Gaudile mutters to Cinnamon: 'That's ... ... apparently. ... ... ... ... ... position ...'.

[OOC] Cerveau says, "Cuuuurses."
[OOC] Gaudile looks innocent.
[OOC] Cinnamon looks innocent.
[OOC] Dr. Cain looks innocent.
[OOC] Solar Stega eyes.
[OOC] Spike Rosered smirks.
[OOC] Solstis snicker snacks.
[OOC] Spike Rosered curses his bad luck in being too late do his presentation. "Damn time zones!"
Dr. Cossack has left.
[OOC] Solstis says, "don't feel too bad. Number and I got last spot XD"
[OOC] Durandal wonders if the scene has been closed off, or is it not too late to at least join the festivities>
[OOC] Solstis says, "And peoples are all burnt out."
[OOC] Overclock says, "You may be here."
[OOC] Durandal thumbsup.
[OOC] Overclock says, "if you are still prsenting, work amongst yourselves to do so. Solstis is next, then whomever wants to go can go."
[OOC] Solstis is probably going to need an evac when he unveils his emitter.

Number Man says, "Well, then I suppose that concludes this presentation. I hope you all enjoy the nachos. C'mon, Mariachi."

[OOC] Solstis says, "...naw...brain thing was worse."
[OOC] Solstis nods.
[OOC] Solstis paste and enter!

        Solstis watched as Number Man departed the stage, and then tsked lightly before he started to walk toward it himself. Kitty walked along after him, waddling as best as the drone could, not beeping due to the fact that the weapons themselves were deactivated out of respect for the others. Solstis stomped up onto the stage, set up the little projector thing, and then waited for Kitty to catch up...tapping lightly on his waist with one forefinger.

        "Hello and good day, everyone. Some of you know me, some of you do not. For those who don't I am called Solstis, and I am a member of the Coalition for Reploid Freedom. I am also a Cyborg. Wow, yeah, oh no a Cyborg helping Reploids kill Humans. Blah blah blah. Yeah."

        "My invention is quite simple. This here is 'Kitty', a simple drone that I acquired and then modified. You see...I do not like killing. I /hate/ killing, and thus Kitty is a representation of my kind of weapons," Solstis stated, even as he leaned over and hit a button, causing various maser barrels and tear gas barrels to pop out from the body, although they did not fire. "I prefer Non-Lethal Weaponry. Kitty is a drone, yes, but cheaper than the average combat drone. You see, the average combat drone has a need for more energy and of course more complex weaponry. Kitty doesn't, and thus Kitty is quite cheap and can serve well in Domestic situations handling hostile forces without causing collateral damage. However...that isn't all that /this/ Kitty has."(Lots more to come!)

Number Man goes home.
Number Man has left.
Dr. Cossack enters the Fort York Expo Center.
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[OOC] Prismatic Spider says, "OK folks, great times. Bed time. See you all later."
[OOC] Cerveau says, "Night Pri."
Prismatic Spider has disconnected.

        Solstis stepped back and to the side, and pointed toward where the projector emitted an image eight inch tall skeleton. "Now some of you are probably staring at this and wondering what in the Hell it is. Some others, however will recognize Hydrostatic quite readily. Yes, /I/ am Hydrostatic, and he is one of my greatest creations. You see...he contaminates things with the Sigma Virus in the cyberworld."

        Solstis waited a few seconds to let that sink in, and then smiled as he reached over to Kitty and hit a button on it, causing the drone to lower down, the weapons to slide in and a good portion of it to swing up and forward, presenting a type of cannon. "You see, I was wondering something the other day. I had contaminated a few things with the virus and it tended to be slow, and I have also seen how almost always there is need for some manner of physical contact with the Sigma Virus. However...something bothered me, and I couldn't place it. Then it hit me like a ton of bricks."

        Solstis hit a button and the image changed from Hydrostatic to an image of Berlin, during the assault on it by Repliforce. A few more images slipped by, showing how Repliforce was winning, and then Sigma appeared and Repliforce turned on itself. "It isn't always physical contact. Sigma himself was /highly/ viral, and while he lost that form I /knew/ there was a means to replicate it, if even in a smaller less potent form."

        "My friends and colleagues, I present to you the Sigma Virus emitter," Solstis said, as he pointed down toward the cannon that Kitty had. "It unleashes a field of the Sigma Virus in an airborne format that can cause a mass infection of a subject, rather than a localized infection on a single spot of the robot. While it isn't as capable as Sigma Virus, it is still a step above the average level of Sigma Virus transmitters. The details for this are, of course, confidential and only members of the Coalition have access to it, but all of the rest of the details for Kitty are completely open and free for anyone to use."

        Solstis smiled as he turned the projector off and stared at everyone. "Any questions?"

[OOC] Solstis says, "as capable as viral sigma"
[OOC] Solstis facepalms.

Cinnamon stops eating her nachos. She folds her arms.

        And gives Solstis THE LOOK.
(which is black text on a maroon background)

[OOC] Ditz Pinkmouse says, "dang. she's like what, a week old? and already giving people The Look."

Cinnamon mutters to Gaudile: 'That's -horrible-!'.

[OOC] Solstis is so happy most of the good guys aren't here XD
Cerveau has reconnected.
Cerveau has partially disconnected.

Gaudile mutters to Cinnamon: '... yes. ... ... ... ... ... ... to ... ... quick exit.'.

Gaudile, after muttering to his daughter, raises a hand. "Is there any fear what so ever of that...thing going off in here?"

        THE LOOK is, fortunately for everyone between here and Solstis, cut off prematurely. When Gaudile raises his hand to speak, Cinnamon edges away from him and nonchalantly begins tucking parts of the display away.

        "Allow me to demonstrate something to you, sir," Solstis said, as he reached over and hit a button on the drone. Instantly an alarm started to sound, and it began to emit a voice warning about potential Sigma Virus contamination. Then Solstis hit another button and it stopped. "At the moment all of the weapons systems are deactivated, including the emitter. This is a place of /peace/ and /knowledge/, not of war, and thus I saw no reason to have the weapons on, and as such it can not activate unless I specifically turn it on and order it to fire."

[OOC] Cerveau says, "Oh no! Not THE LOOK" (Also on a maroon background color)
[OOC] Cerveau fears.

Overclock takes a breath. Blows it out. It's a good thing it's late. Otherwise...people would be rioting yet again. "Yeah--did you clear this one with intel?"

        "Oh shit," Solstis said.

[OOC] Solar Stega dies.
[OOC] Gaudile snickers.
[OOC] Salvage Crab didn't clear hers with anyone. Ha ha!
[OOC] Cerveau watches Solstis burst into flames.
[OOC] Cinnamon says, "...snrk."
[OOC] Overclock says, "Yes, but in the time of chimpanzees, Solstis is a monkey."
[OOC] Solstis says, "?"

From the Cossack Foundation annex, the regular `ping' of weapons locks beginning to be established can be detected by various sensor suites.

[OOC] Dr. Cain says, "Butane in his brain and he's out to cut the junkie with the plastic eyeballs?"
[OOC] Overclock says, "Yes."
[OOC] Overclock says, "(which incidentally is me)"
[OOC] Solstis says, "Tactical's going to hurt me now XD"
[OOC] Cinnamon brb.
[OOC] Solstis wonders what that monkey/chimp/butane stuff meant? O.o
[OOC] Dr. Cain says, "Beck lyrics, Sol."

Gaudile relaxes. "Ah, I see. Okay. No problem, right?" He then settles back into watching.

Gaudile mutters to Cinnamon: '... ... we're ...'.

[OOC] Solstis says, "That all the questions?"
[OOC] Solar Stega says, "seems that way? o.o"

        Solstis looked out at everyone, fidgeted a little, shrugged and then reached down and hit another button on Kitty. The emitter itself slipped back into the holding position and Kitty arose. "Well, seeing as that is all of the questions, and I am probably about to get shot for being stupid, I shall clear the stage and let someone else demonstrate their favorite new gadget," Solstis said with a smile, even as he started to walk away and Kitty followed him.

Sierra is shooting Solstis with hate lasers, or would be if Dad had felt it fitting to give them to her. She is, however, memorizing /every inch/ of his features.

"Er, 'scuse me miss!" the elderly gentlemen she'd been speaking with says, trying to regain her attention. "Oh, sorry, sir! Here you go! Come see the Light Labs display!"

Bolero has connected.
[OOC] Solstis wonders who Sierra is O.o
[OOC] Solstis says, "hi bolero"
[OOC] Bolero says, "It burrrrrrrrns."
[OOC] Cerveau glomps Bolero.

Dr. Cain narrows his eyes at Solstis. Crazy little punk, bringing something like that to a public place. He grips the end of his walking stick just a liiiiiittle tighter.

[OOC] Cerveau says, "What's the matter?"
[OOC] Bolero topples over backward with Cerveau on him.

Cinnamon mutters to Gaudile: 'Maybe.'.

Cinnamon mutters to Gaudile: 'Suddenly ... glad for Number Man's display.'.

[OOC] Solstis says, "Is Spike going to go?"
[OOC] Spike Rosered just finished typing up his pose.
[OOC] Spike Rosered says, "Is it okay if I do?"
[OOC] Solstis says, "Go ahead!"
[OOC] Solstis says, "Techie <3"

        And so, on the off chance that we still have time, it's time for Spike Rosered's presentation. "Thank you, Solstis." Something seems incredibly strange about Spike's presentation, since there's nothing beside or behind him and none of his lovely assistants are around. "Welcome everyone to the experience of a lifetime!" Spike promised activating his holographic generators began creating simulations all around the Botanist. "The Coalition of Reploid Freedom have always placed a significant interest in the wonders of botany, and today I'd like to unveil a line of products to benefit all those with robotic and cybernetic bodies."

        With a flash a genetically engineered rose appears before them, and Spike raises a beaker filled with with an amber coloured fluid. "Consummo Lacrima," he proclaims, "Or for the less cultured, 'Perfect Plant Tears'." With a snap of his fingers the holograms disappear and his assistants wheel in the replica of a reploid's torso--where the power core is hooked up to gadgets which display energy readings, particulary energy efficiency and optimization on a monitor.

"Now," Spike begins turning the reploid on sending yellow bars up and down on the monitor, "As you can see, this is a replica of a Reploid power core. When we introduce the Lacrima to the power core, watch what happens."

Spike pours the thick amber fluid into an intake valve and immediately the readings on the monitor begin to show a noticable improvement in energy efficiency and energy output.

        "30 more efficient and produces 15 more energy output. The plant that the Lacrima is harvested from can grow anywhere and does not harm local ecosystems, this product is easy to use and cheap to mass produce and will improve the lives of all robotic life everywhere. Such is the great benevolence of Emperor Sigma."

Spike looks around the room, "Are there any questions?"

[OOC] Spike Rosered says, "30 and 15 percent."
[OOC] Bolero says, "Double up your % signs."
[OOC] Spike Rosered grumbles, "Darn code :P"

        Solstis had wandered back over toward the direction of Gaudile and Cinnamon, but when Spike went up on the stage he stopped and turned. He smiled, and then lifted his hand. "Spike, if you don't mind my asking, how much time is required to create enough of the chemical used in order for it to serve the purpose you have demonstrated?"

Cinnamon eyes Solstis approaching.

        She starts packing a little more quickly.

[OOC] Solstis throws a few viruses in Cinnamon's direction.

Cinnamon mutters to Gaudile: 'Why has everyone been ... at me?'.

Gaudile strokes his beak for the first time today. "Hmm...interesting." Then he turns to look at Cinnamon as she begins to pack up.

[OOC] Cerveau says, "So, is it over?"
[OOC] Cerveau says, "Err, GSTE I mean."
[OOC] Gaudile says, "I think Spike still has the stage."
[OOC] Solar Stega says, "It ain't over until the employees kick you out of the building!"

Gaudile mutters to Cinnamon: '... think ... ... ... a girl.'.

[OOC] Cerveau says, "Alright, I'll hang on a little longer."
[OOC] Solstis wonders what Gaudile called Cinnamon O.o

Rhythm who is still here, and lurking near Gaudile and Cinnamon's little setup, barks as if to confirm something that has just been said.

[OOC] Cinnamon says, "That's our little secret. <3"
[OOC] Gaudile says, "Nyuck nyuck nyuck."
[OOC] Solstis is interested in force metal for non-lethal purposes, ICly.
[OOC] Solstis is sexy.
[OOC] Gaudile says, "Everyone is interested."
[OOC] Gaudile says, "Except for those who aren't."
[OOC] Durandal is interested in it's potential applications to weaponry. But /heroic/ weaponry, unlike some people!
[OOC] Solstis says, "I told Cinnamon yesterday that it was funny how everyone was ignoring her ICly then when she was going to become this big talked about person in a few hours. A few hours later and it happened XD"
[OOC] Solstis uses heroic weaponry. Heroic to the Mavs.

        Spike smiles and plays a pre-recorded simulation. The Spikeman comes prepared! "Excellent question, as you can see in this simulation the Consummo Lacrima plant is a genetically engineered rose from which the product called 'Lacrima' is harvested." The simulation shows farmers planting bright orange seeds into the earth, "Like any other plant it needs to grow to maturity - which takes about 2 weeks to a month depending on how fertile the soil is." The hologram widens out to a global scale, "If enough people plant them simultaneously it will take 3 to 6 months to distribute worldwide."

The hologram shuts down and he addresses Solstis directly, "However, the actual harvesting process only takes a week. It's just organizing it all that's the problem - these are plants not production lines."

[OOC] Cinnamon says, "No weapons!"
[OOC] Durandal says, "...not even a slingshot?"
[OOC] Cinnamon says, "No! No weapons! None!"

Ding! The microwave is done, and Ditz wakes up. Actually the microwave was done a long time ago, but he just now finished his nap. Thus refreshed, he scurries out of the contraption and drops down to the floor, ready to leap and prance and play about. And in search of friends. For no reason at all beyond chance and plot contrivance, or perhaps whim, Ditz finds himself in front of Cinnamon and Gaudile. "Hi!" he announces to both of them happily.

[OOC] Durandal says, "...yes, ma'am. ._."
[OOC] Rhythm says, "You're a healer, right? We'll give you a mace. A -beam mace-."
[OOC] Salvage Crab says, "Don't look at me then. :D"
[OOC] Dr. Cain wants a force metal walking stick.
[OOC] Cerveau says, "Alas, I'm to bed. Night."
[OOC] Bolero sing-songs, o/~ Durandal's got a crush! Durandal's got a crush! o/~
[OOC] Solstis says, "bye cerv"
[OOC] Salvage Crab wants a million dollars, but I'm not getting it. :D
[OOC] Durandal peers at B.
Cerveau goes home.
Cerveau has left.
[OOC] Solstis has laughed so hard over the past two days XD
[OOC] Solstis says, "And this is a yearly event?"
[OOC] Salvage Crab says, "Yup."

Cinnamon just shakes her head. Sometimes, things are -incomprehensible- to her. She's about to comment back to Gaudile, when she's interrupted twice - the first by a bark of agreement from Rhythm, where she blinks in surprise - "Hello!" - and then the second by Ditz Pinkmouse, who earns a smile out of the medic. "Oh, hi! I remember you from earlier. How are you doing?"

[OOC] Bolero eyes his lag. Oh for crying out loud.

Oh, hey, look. It's the mouse that almost died earlier. Or so Gaudile thinks. He squats down, slightly amazed that there's someone /smaller/ than him. The way the world works. "Oh, hi."

[OOC] Bolero says, "Now it's gone?"
[OOC] Solstis says, "No, it isn't."
[OOC] Bolero says, "It's not?"
[OOC] Ditz Pinkmouse says, "Gaudile? I just now noticed"
[OOC] Bolero says, "It's not."
[OOC] Ditz Pinkmouse says, "WTE are you?"
[OOC] Bolero says, "Damn you, Solstis. You've broken my connection."
[OOC] Gaudile says, "Platypus."
[OOC] Ditz Pinkmouse says, "you have arms coming out of your back"
[OOC] Gaudile says, "Platypardoo Spider."
[OOC] Salvage Crab says, "I should put arms on my shell."
[OOC] Ditz Pinkmouse says, "Um... right. I play a 5 inch tall reploid. I guess I cant judge too harshly :)"
Spike Rosered has disconnected.
[OOC] Gaudile snickers.
[OOC] Durandal says, "Right, turn to present?"
[OOC] Solstis says, "If you want ^^"
[OOC] Durandal thumbsup. Here goes.
[OOC] Solstis still has 40-80 minutes to kill so can watch.
[OOC] Solstis says, "After which I need to stealth and then run for the teleporters."
[OOC] Solstis glares at Cossack.

Durandal waltzes his bad self out onto the stage and moves up to the podium. In a prestine white lab coat. Oh yeah, he's cool. He's looking a little nervous, there are a /lot/ of people out there. Hrm. "H-hello, everyone!" He smiles, though nervously. "My name is Dura-" The mic squeals, and Duran recoils. He clears his throat, picks up the mic, and blazes forwards.

"Hello, everyone, my name is Durandal, and I am here to present to you what may be the next big thing in beam saber technology! Helping me demonstrait today will be..." He squints down at an index card, then over to said assistant. "...Sierra?"

Ditz Pinkmouse smiles at the nice platypus and lady. "I'm fine! How are you two?" He's a very nice mouse, yes indeed. Nice, but weird. "Is this your pet?" he asks Cinnamon.

Gaudile sighs and rolls his eyes. Hoo boy, more weaponry. Oh well, might as well stay and listen. Be polite.

[OOC] Dr. Cossack runs the action on his shotgun.
[OOC] Bolero, meanwhile, can be seen doing the Scream run-by in the background.

Sierra, a Light Labs Booth Bunny, bounces up on stage, with the faked enthusiasm only a true intern can provide. She is holding, somewhat awkwardly, a two-pronged beam rapier. She waves to the audience, which makes the sword swing around wildly. "Hii! I'm Sierra!"

Durandal blinks. Something's familiar about her. But he can't quite place it. Ah well, on with the show! "Allow me to present to you the first of what I hope will be the prototype for a whole line of new melee weaponry for the Repliforce, the Soulrender Whipsword!" Dramatic flourish.

"Unlike traditional beam weapons, the Soulrender uses neither a physical blade or a focusing gem to form it's cutting edge. Instead, it uses finely manipulated gravity fields to form it's blade, resulting in a point zero zero three four percent sharper cutting edge then the next highest conventional saber, the famed Z-Saber. The main issue that I sought to resolve is the potential of battery failure, which, for a soldier, means certain death on the battlefield. As such, the Soulrender's hilt has been equipped with both a battery backup, and a new self propelled generator recently developed by Doctor Light, that actually powers the weapon as it moves. And coolest of all, because of the nature of the gravity fields, it can store a secondary melee shape, accessible through the push of a button. The Soulrender itself has a secondary akin to that of a whip, though many other configurations are possible." Duran pauses.

"Any questions?"

        At the mention of weaponry, even despite the presenter, Dr. Cain looks bored. He sets his glass down and goes walking around towards some of the other presenters. He stops by Gaudile when he nearly sets his walking stick down on Ditz. Luckily, he looked down just in time to instead set the cane down to the side and smile warmly down at the little mouse. "Oops, sorry, didn't mean to nearly crush you down there."

[OOC] Solstis says, "Ooo."

        Solstis had an ear tuned in to the wonderful presentation, and the actual information sounded quite neat. A sword made from gravity was perhaps not entirely new, but one with that type of capability was definitely something never before seen. However, Solstis had something else in mind, and as he walked over toward where Gaudile and Cain were he stopped a few feet short and spread his arms. "I hope you all enjoyed my presentation."

        At Gaudile's sigh, Cinnamon glances onstage. Nothing interesting there. She turns back to Ditz, smiling indulgently. "Oh, no, not at all. This is professor Gaudile, I'm his assista--oops!"

        Quickly Cinnamon snatches Ditz up as a cane lands dangerously close to him. Glancing upwards to Dr. Cain, she can't exactly be angry at him, but she stands up all the same, holding Ditz protectively. "No damage done, I think, sir."

[OOC] Durandal says, "Ouch, tough crowd. XD"
[OOC] Solstis says, "It's the late time man."
[OOC] Solstis says, "About 3 or 4 hours ago you would've probably gotten some good queries from Light/whatnot. Now most people are burnt out."
[OOC] Gaudile likes the idea OOCly, but can't ICly. :D
[OOC] Dr. Cain would've wandered around ICly anyway, if it helps. :D

Ditz Pinkmouse beams up at Dr. Cain, apparently not minding in the least. "That's ok! You can always try it again later!" Probably not the remark most people would expect to hear. Hey wait a second. Why is he not on the floor? The rodent looks around a few times, trying to figure out what happened. Looking down, he sees her hand around him and smiles. "Hi there!" he says again to her, surprised to be so close. "So what do you do for him?"

[OOC] Cinnamon says, "Nifty idea OOCly, ICly more interested in a cute little mouse."
[OOC] Salvage Crab is sleepy, sorry. And in other windows. :D
[OOC] Ditz Pinkmouse beams.
[OOC] Solar Stega finds the idea interesting OOCly and would ICly too, but her brain melted earlier so she posed out. XD

Gaudile strokes his beak at Solstis's comment. "Hmm. It was...interesting. Although the Sigma Virus emitter is a bit, well, much, let me just say."

[OOC] Ditz Pinkmouse says, "Oops, I didnt notice Solstice's pose. I shall plague him with confusion my next pose I suppose"

Sierra, behind Durandal, begins wielding the sword exactly like you'd expect her to: as if she'd been given it on the way up to the stage. She swings it gracelessly, takes a few careless stabs, that sort of thing. When the whip function is brought up, Sierra fumbles with it for a few moments, finds the button, and begins swinging the whip sword around, instead.

Bolero taps his chin thoughtfully at Durandal's presentation. He raises a hand calmly, eyes narrowing behind his glasses, "Tell me. Would this particular device be effective incorporated into an armor system of some sort? Say to emit around an armored hand from the gauntlets so that the user can cut things with utter precision?"

        That presenter again. Dr. Cain turns his head to stare coolly at Solstis. "It was an interesting demonstration. Although, I might add, a waste of what I'm sure is an otherwise bright scientific mind." He tsks, then turns his head back towards Cinnamon, who has picked up the mouseploid he nearly crushed.
        Edward breaks into a grin. "Thank you, miss, for saving that little mouse from an old man's walking aid. And you might be...?" He extends a hand to Cinnamon.

[OOC] Solstis says, "Did Cain just compliment and insult me? I feel looovveeed ^^"
[OOC] Solar Stega hehes.

        Awww, he's so CUTE!

        Cinnamon resists the urge to ask Gaudile if she can take Ditz home with her, and instead works on balancing the tiny reploid in one hand, holding the other out to shake. "My name's Cinnamon. I just do a lot of general help for professor Gaudile here, nothing special. I don't know a lot about geology or botany, but I'm a good extra pair of hands."

        Cinnamon pauses. "I'm also the Force Metal Generator. I guess that part's kind of important too."

[OOC] Dr. Cain Cain-Fus Sol.
Blues enters the Fort York Expo Center.
[OOC] Dr. Cain says, "I spy a Protoman."
[OOC] Cinnamon says, "Hi!"
[OOC] Blues says, "Hi, PervertDad, and Cinnamon."
[OOC] Solstis says, "hi Blues!"
[OOC] Gaudile says, "Hi, Break Man."
[OOC] Dr. Cain says, "PervertDad. XD"

Gaudile steps back to let Cain and Cinnamon and Ditz talk, smiling.

        Solstis shrugged at Cain's comment, and then looked at Cinnamon as she played around with a mouse. How peculiar.

Durandal pauses a moment, claming down visibly. It's late, that's why they aren't all burying him under a torrent of questions. Yeah, that /has/ to be it. And then...OH! A QUESTION!"

Durandal adresses Bolero for a moment. "In theory, yes, it could be. And it could be adapted a step further to replace the battery backup with a power link from a Reploid's power supply, lessening the danger of weapon failure even further. This process is cheap and easily down, and I believe that it will reduce the casualties that Repliforce takes on the battlefield due to equipment problems. I...really want to save lives with this." He smiles sheepishly.


Protoman is there, all of the sudden, right next to Rhythm, arms crossed over his chest. He's looking towards Doctor Cain, in particular, and remains in his casual-wear, making a point of not being too conspicious. Except for the strange teleporting sounds. He casts a glance towards Gaudile, nodding towards him, but otherwise not doing a whole lot.

Durandal mutters to Durandal: '... ... ... ... ... to help ... ... /got/ ... be ... ... twice as good at swinging ... ... around as...uh...Sierra? Yeash ... ... ... never touched one ...'.

        At that comment from Durandal Solstis quickly turned and stared at the Hunter. He frowned, and then ran through a gambit of various internal thoughts and weighing as to what would happen if he did something...and then he shrugged once more, and clapped. "Bravo, sir, bravo!" Solstis called out, although for a reason most people would probably not realize...and then oh shit it was Blues! *Dash!* Solstis retreats from the area swiftly, leaving him open to pursuit or parting shots from Blues, Sonata, and Overclock.

[OOC] Durandal, looking for trouble. XD

Protoman also gives Durandal the 'big brother glare'.
You know. He might as well, he's here, and all.

[OOC] Sonata says, "It's so tempting."
[OOC] Bolero peers at Durandal.
[OOC] Cinnamon says, "Do it. Whatever you're thinking. XD"

Ditz Pinkmouse heehees as he's put into one hand, standing up on his hind legs on her palm. He looks so cute with that vacant childlike expression in his little mouse eyes. "Oh oh oh! I know about Geology!" he tells Cinnamon. "Rocks are hard! And grass grows in dirt!" He looks so proud of himself too. Suddenly he notices Solstis. "Hey, do you get enough sunlight? You look a little sick."

[OOC] Bolero says, "You what with swinging a sword around her?"
[OOC] Overclock hugs you guys. Too exhausted to keep up any more. I hope people had fun. ^^
[OOC] Ditz Pinkmouse waves
[OOC] Durandal says, "Night, OC!"
[OOC] Ditz Pinkmouse says, "did indeed!"
Overclock has left.
[OOC] Dr. Cain says, "Night, OC :D"
[OOC] Dr. Cain missed.

        Kitty waddles out. Run kitty run!

Well, that satisfies Bolero's curiosity. "Indeed... I'm sure it will. So, did you supply a prototype of that sort to Repliforce's Command Bolero?" he inquires coolly. Okay, so Bolero's just being an aft now, but at least he's having fun. "There have been several news clips lately of him using a gravity blade focused over his hand region, which is why I'm curious."

Solstis activates his stealth mode.
[OOC] Solstis is sexy.
[OOC] Dr. Cain is sexier.
[OOC] Ditz Pinkmouse is cute.
[OOC] Cinnamon says, "Sorry, guys. Cute wins."

Sierra continues to practice using the whipsword haphazardly. When she almost takes her own head off, she stops, switches it back to the sword form, and continues practicing with it. Her form is improving quickly, but she's still obviously never been trained in how to use a military-grade beam weapon.

She's an intern, after all. She doesn't have her PhD yet.

Her eyes catch Solstis leaving, and if you look carefully, you might see her eyes narrow...but after a moment, she continues with her demonstration.

Solstis's CHR roll succeeded against Ditz Pinkmouse.
[OOC] Solstis flexes.
Cinnamon's CHR roll failed against Solstis.
[OOC] Cinnamon cries.
[OOC] Solar Stega laughs!
[OOC] Ditz Pinkmouse says, "I dont need charisma. I have cuteness."
[OOC] Ditz Pinkmouse says, "appearance and charisma are not always the same thing."
Blues's CHR roll failed against Solstis.
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[OOC] Solstis says, "I am a Charisma monster! RAWR!"
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[OOC] Ditz Pinkmouse says, "... it's /blues/"
Cinnamon's COU roll succeeded against Blues.
Salvage Crab's CHR roll succeeded against Blues.
[OOC] Solstis says, "Sure it's only 6* >.>"
Solar Stega's CHR roll succeeded against Solstis.

        Dr. Cain shakes Cinnamon's hand, nodding to Gaudile. "You must be the Professor?" He's still got quite a firm grip for his age, but Cinnamon's is even stronger. He raises an eyebrow as he returns both hands to his cane and turns his attention to the both of them, hoping someone can explain. "Force.. Metal?"

[OOC] Solar Stega :D
[OOC] Blues says, "Well, in my defense, I'm slightly better than a rock."
[OOC] Solstis hugs Solar.
Dr. Cain's STR roll failed against Cinnamon.
[OOC] Dr. Cain is a tired old man evidently. ;.;
[OOC] Cinnamon says, "Old man."
[OOC] Salvage Crab's Charisma is like 34. Blues' is apparently lower!
Dr. Cain's CHR roll succeeded against Salvage Crab.
[OOC] Gaudile says, "I feel sorry for Durandal because he has to suffer under random die rolls now. :D"
[OOC] Ditz Pinkmouse says, "not if it's a pet rock, with a face drawn on it"
Blues has reconnected.
Rhythm has left.
Blues takes Rhythm.
Blues has partially disconnected.

Cinnamon smirks just a little bit - after all, that's about what -she- knows. Ditz's attention span leaps elsewhere, though, so Cinnamon lets him, shaking Dr. Cain's hand firmly. "Um... I think I'll let the professor handle this, he could tell you more than I could." The medic smiles apologetically.

        There's a little flash of red just inside Cinnamon's line-of-sight - all of a sudden the mechahound she noticed earlier has Blues standing next to it. Cinnamon doesn't call too much attention to it; just a quick wave and smile with the hand not cuddling Ditz.

Durandal shakes his head. "No, I haven't, this one is the only model thus far. And, that suprises me, as while the Soulrender's blade is made up of gravity fields, it is not the fields themselves that do the cutting, actually. Rather, they shape the type of energy used in formation of the blade. This one here uses electricity, though I plan on experimenting with raw energy, fire, water, and several other substances to learn what the results are."

He glances over to Sierra, and decides to wrap this up before the poor fool kills herself. He gulps as Blues glares at him, but continues on.

"I'd like to conclude with a personal note, that it's an honor to have been able to share this stage with the likes of Doctors Light, Cain, and Cossack, and Professors Gate and Gaudile, I hope to live up to what they've accomplished one day." Durandal bows to the audience, and heads off the stage, motioning for Sierra to turn the weapon /off/ and follow him.

Gaudile strokes his beak /again/. "Well, in shortform, it aids in the repair and reconstruction of reploids, and apparenly humans and other beings." Field testing. Gotta love it. "People say it has weaponlike properties, but they're mostly desperate and delusional individuals who seem to want to hurt people a lot."

Ditz Pinkmouse waves to the departed Solstice. He then turns and nods firmly in agreement with the platypus, who obviously is very wise. Maybe he's a spirit guide! "People shouldn't hurt eachother! We should all just get along."

Dr. Cain nods affirmatively and enthusiastically as Gaudile mentions a repair and reconstruction aid. Something like that could definitely come in handy, what with certain fool Hunters insisting on going off and getting themselves beaten all to pieces. He looks concerned at the mention of weaponry. "I assume it's a source of energy, then? How did you discover it? And, hmmm... any unusual side effects?"

Sierra nearly cuts her arm off before turning the weapon off and trotting after Durandal - after one final big wave to the audience, of course.

Durandal makes darn sure to get his sword back from Sierra before she breaks it, or something.

Gaudile pauses as he collects his thoughts. Makes a mental note to print flyers that state Force Metal weaponry will corrode the user. With that, he coughs. "Well, erm. That's a pretty long story. It involves Disco Disco Psyche, an anchor, two sacks of potatoes, and a small fishing boat out in the Pacific. And maybe some eggs." He switches subjects quickly. Before the discovery of Force Metal, it was not a pleasant experience. "As far as side effects, hmm, hold on a second." He looks at Cinnamon. "Feeling like you can take on the world, dear?"

Cinnamon blinks. -She- doesn't remember being told that story.

        She'll ask later.

        For now, Cinnamon turns her attention away from Protoman again; still cupping Ditz Pinkmouse in her hands as she speaks. "What? Right now? Oh, I'm fine, professor, why?"

Gaudile ponders. "Hmm...not one of the answers I was looking for... but it will suffice." He turns back to Cain. "I've seen massive amounts of meglomania after Force Metal is used, but it doesn't seem to be linked directly to it."

As much as Ditz likes being held by nice people, and sometimes mean people too, since he can't always tell the difference, he is a, well, ditz. And, seeing one of the exhibits sparkle as a hologram does a simple flashy routine that no doubt everyone has seen so much they tune it out, he gets distracted by it. "Ooooh. Shiny!" And with that, he leaps from Cinnamon's hands and scampers off to go try to chew on some random power cord or something equally stupid.
Scratch that. Something even more stupid.

[OOC] Ditz Pinkmouse says, "for it is late and I am tired."
[OOC] Ditz Pinkmouse says, "night all."
[OOC] Solar Stega says, "'night!"
[OOC] Gaudile says, "Night."
"Not to intrude, but I am curious."

Protoman speaks up, nodding towards Cinnamon, but not keeping his attention on her from very long, instead focusing on Gaudile, "It is quite clear that weaponry is needed in this war, and though I have to agree that there are some lines which you simply do not cross -- many of which were crossed by Scott wily, in fact. Healing in itself is quite an impressive ability, especially on humans. But like I said, weaponry is needed for war, as war largely revolves around hurting other people, and in many cases killing them. Do you, personally, not want anything to do with weaponry, or do you believe that Force Metal is too likely to produce weapons that cross the line? Or perhaps it's something else."

[OOC] Cinnamon says, "Seeya."
Ditz Pinkmouse has disconnected.

Dr. Cain chuckles. "Probably just hoping they can turn them into weapons again." He shakes his head, but can't help but laugh as Ditz is distracted straight out of Cinnamon's hand and vanishes into the exhibits. As Protoman speaks up, Cain eyes him silently, but lets Gaudile answer. Something about this 'Force Metal' strikes him as odd, but he's hoping maybe Proto can get a straight answer out of the platypus, whereas he couldn't.

        Bolero blinks. He blinks a couple of times as Protoman draws his attention away from his contemplation of Durandal's new weapon design to Gaudile. He's, of course, heard tidbits of what happened last night... Through the grapevine, you understand. That's his job after all. He narrows his eyes a bit and draws nearer the grouping to listen in better.
Cinnamon lets the mouse scamper off. To be honest, she was kind of surprised he didn't do it sooner, with an attention span like that.

        But then her attention goes back to conversation between Dr. Cain, Gaudile, and now Blues as well. Cinnamon shrugs, perhaps a bit uncomfortably. "Side effects... well, think of Force Metal as... almost radioactive, from the little I can gather. Healing humans was kind of risky; I don't think I'd want to try it again, untested as it is. And it - the generator kind of hurts; it's like building up fatigue poisons, like from running a lot or working hard, but incredibly quickly. But I couldn't just stand around and do nothing!"

        Cinnamon renews her constant determined smile. "But anyways, that doesn't really matter. From what I do understand, weapons with Force Metal would probably be just as dangerous to the wielder as the opponent - and with such a limited resource, there really can't be a better use of it than to heal. At least with reploids, it's stable, as you've seen."

[OOC] Solar Stega says, "As much as I want to see the scene through, I really should go to sleep. ^^; Good night!"
[OOC] Salvage Crab is, alas, the same way.
[OOC] Salvage Crab waves.
[OOC] Dr. Cain waves.
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(BOOM END. That was so much fun.)

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