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Booth of Evil Genius <BoEG>
A large, colorful booth belonging to Dr. Psyche. It is covered in charts and diagrams describing the principles and design specifications of a massive power armor for reploids, modeled for mass production. It resembles faintly a large nautilus shell of sorts, and is capable of (supposedly) matching a standard Ride Armor in combat.

Booth No. 13 -- Cut Man's Booth
Look! It's Cut Man's stand, hidden somewhere near the Empire of Wily Technology Display Center!...and it's by far not easy to miss it. Indeed, the Alpha Robot master has built an ABOMINATION of an origami! Cranes, boats, hats, frogs, coins, stars, you name it. Imagine an origami, and it's shall be there! Altough it's an impressive artistic feat(10 feets tall!), the 'paper' art is more than it seems. Notices the shinyness? It's metal! It's an metalic origami! And for thoses with good eyes, you can notice a few...electronics in bettewn there and there of the sheets. Also, some sheets seems sharper than others...
        The Origami Monster is standing right next to the booth itself -- wich is a very simple booth with a small sign who has 'Cut Man Wily: The Giant Metalic Auto-Guided Origami Bot' writen on it. Since when Cut Man was a mechanic, huh? Maby he just readed 'How to be a mechanic for dummies'? Who knows.

Corthnetic Designs <CD>

        Actually one of the smaller booths here at the GSTE, it holds a vast amount of displays and data. Crystal panel displays are linked to a central computer hidden somewhere amidst the mass of custom designed cybernetic components. Each panel displays a different chart, in numerous different forms. Several of the parts mentioned in the data presentations are set up just below or beside the display panels, in cross section to show off various critical bits.

        Perhaps the most unusual addition to the display, though, is a small gravity pod beside the main display. It looks about large enough to house a relatively human sized cyborg and lift them a few inches off the ground and twirl them slowly.

The Cossack Foundation Display

        The Cossack Foundation's display takes up a good chunk of the Expo Center, not too far away from the Light Labs exhibition area -- just like last year. The string of booths around it feature the work of some of the Russian Republic's best and brightest scientists, ranging from agricultural innovations to more traditional technological feats. It's a little more spartan than it was the year before due to the troubles in the Russian nation.
        At the center of the display area is Dr. Cossack's own work. This year he's showcasing his latest developments with ride armor control systems, integrating Dr. Light's Concerto operating system into a faster, more efficient interface. Standard cybernetic jacks are also featured, as well as references to licensed clinics. As always, copies of a documentary about the history of the ride armor are available for 19.99, as are a selection of Dr. Cossack's professional books.
        A conspicuous empty spot is at the center of Dr. Cossack's display, about the size of a capsule. A `coming soon' sign is in its place.

Dr. Julie Matthews Booth

LCOS (Liquid Crystal On Silicon)

This booth is small, and there's very little to really draw attention to it. A dummy is stood clad in a pearlescent white suit from neck to ankle. It seems simple enough save for the control sleeve on one wrist. Several pamphlets explaining the concept. The pamphlets read as follows.

        The concept of LCOS was first devised in the early twentieth century but lack of adequate technology to produce the innovative concept for computer chips and television/computer screens, the idea was hardly cost-effective, and so quickly forgotten. Technology's progression since this time has taken a dramatically different course and so even though we now have the means, no one's bothered to revisit the idea. Till now. With the obvious superiority of our vid-screens and 3D computer screens, it's original purpose has long since expired.

        Instead LCOS can be produced in a thin sheet of material, quite pliable and not entirely dissimilar to vinyl, from which suits can be made. Since LCOS acts not only as a means of visual projection but a computer chip in and of itself, it has the ability to record the data provided from the visual spectrum and then project it on itself. By projecting what's behind us on the front it creates the optical illusion of being able to see through the wearer. Essentially, an inviso-suit. Or on a more fashion-concious level it allows the wearer to project a favorite movie or vid-clip to produce a colorful--if silent--moving pattern to their attire.

Dream Tech Limited Booth <DTL>

        Dream Tech Limited, the patenting corporation founded by Professor Gate, has set up a small display here. It's an open-air booth in violet and white, with a single small device sitting on a central podium, protected by an energy field. The display signs and kiosk indicate this is some sort of recycling technology.

Durandal's Kinetic Assault Booth Of nonOpressive Mutililation <KABOOM>
It's Durandal's Booth for the GSTE! And that means ONE THING. Lots of weapons on display! From the Thermal Needler that can, in theory, pass through a force field with /hardpoint/ ammo, to the new Hyper Velocity Railcannon that can core a Ride Armor at three miles distance, there are all manner of weapons here. But one thing takes the cake above all else! (And no, it's not Sonata in a bikini waving a gun around. Bakas.)

The Soulrender Whipsword, which Durandal promises to be the next generation of beam sabers! Unlike tranditional beam weapons, the Soulrender uses a pure stream of energy that has it's shape held in place by gravity fields. In addition to a battery, it contains a small self propelled generator that powers the weapon by the sword's own movement, thereby /greatly/ extending it's battery life, and overall use. Surely this will save troopers lives on the battlefield through a lower frequency of weapons failing on them in the middle of combat. Lighter then average, but just as durable, Durandal has spared no effort in its construction. In addition, it has one other function. Because of the nature of the gravity fields that shape the blade, the weapon can be programmed to hold a secondary shape. The floor model's primary function is as a double pronged rapier, the secondary function is a whip.

Dust Man's Booth of SCIENCE
Welcome to the wonderful World of Science. As you may know, Dust Man has been bringing the bounds of reality, theme, and Gemma's general sanity with his stupidest invention yet. The booth is made of simple cardboard and the ENTIRE thing is covered in equations that don't make since, all ending with a picture of a clock. In the booth, the Janes are wearing bikinis and generally waving around an altered teleporter. A Metool is handing out beer. BECAUSE BEER IS SCIENCE.

Gaudile's Plastic Volcano Stand
You see nothing special.

((Eventually re@named to:))
Gaudile's Plastic Volcano (w/Mechabotany) Stand
You see nothing special.

((5:15 pm))
Gaudile's Plastic Volcano Stand <PV>
It's a plastic volcano on a stand. What, you expected more?

(OOC: Yes, you will get more. The program still states about the sekret thing. Yes, it's Force Metal.)

A large, transparent tube rests in the middle of one of the display booths. Inside the tube is what appears to be some sort of full bodysuit, with various wires and cables extended up into the top of the cylinder, and running to various machines arranged rather roughly nearby.

 A sign suspended above the display reads: "Geo-Magnetic Lifter Machine(GoLeM)" in both English and French, and Neo Arcadia's emblem underneath. It should also be noted a display timer is also attached to the sign, in order to inform of the time when the display will take place.

 Strangely enough, several large chunks of what appears to be scrap metal and junk rock and distributed around the area as well, perhaps to be used in the display? (OOC Note:Contact Cerveau for details. Thanks go to Orion Corth for the name by the way.)

Gravity Distortion Stage <GDS>
This simple flat platform has a rough cube shaped form over it, the entirety extending about twelve meters by twelve meters by twelve meters. The 'sponsors' signs in front of it list various exiled German technological companies, apparently trying to keep their hand in despite the Maverick revolution.

Someone is always on the stage, demonstrating various tricks of a noiseless, flameless "flight belt" which functions through gravity distortion. Responsible people, after signing a waiver for damages, are allowed to come in for a practice run; the test 'belt' (more of a narrow pack and waistband) does not exit the confines of the 12x12x12 cube.

Occasionally, other performers come up as well. They tend to be more dramatic.

Infinity Creations <IC>
Certainly one of the more grand booths in the expo, the sign above proclaims 'Infinity Creations' in bold green print. The large square, covered area has tables lining the three walls. It's rather large, as here Infinity is showing off his latest inventions, such as Tornado in a Can, The Scream Gun, and Swiss Army Sword. One can enter and view them, and several Infinity's are close by, to explain the weapons or to keep you from touching them.

Kausmann Designs! <KD>
A booth has been set up around the Murder Rat, with videofeeds of the vehicle cruising along in the desert, with Hector Kausmann at the controls laughing wildly. It can be seen firing blaster bursts and hellfire rockets, bouncing along when it flips thanks to a semi-permeable forcefield shell around the vehicle.

The Murder Rat itself sits in the middle of the booth. An armored, reinforced green dune buggy, the pilot sits amidst the controls in an open-air cockpit, with a harness to secure the person and a roll-cage made out of the frame, around the seat. A steering wheel and a control stick for the forcefield intensity sit before the driver, a pair of fuzzy white dice hanging down from the rear-view window. It's four tires are big and possess lots of traction, with a powerful engine left revving under the hood. A blaster cannon is mounted above either front tire, on either side of the engine, and missile-launchers line either side of the buggy's roll cage. A constant bubble shimmers around the vehicle, a forcefield that shields kinetic impact and helps absorb damage when at this power level.

Light Labs Booth
The Light Labs booth islarge. This isn't because of Light's ego, honestly, but because a great deal of the junior scientists apprenticed to the MegaCorp are collectively showing their work. This also gives them room to schmooze and network with future employers, partners, nemeses, and minions. The centerpiece is a simple marble colored stand with holo-projectors, and a large circular arena, big enough for two people to stand in. Also, there are plushies, and other gifts to purchase.

Matter Editation Chamber <Sy>
A large spherical chamber composed primarily of silvery-colored nerpium on the outside, supported on a comparatively frail cart. A number of huge thick clamps hold the upper and lower halfs together, and twelve floating gravitic discs hover out from the chamber spaced evenly around the sphere.
Cables and tubes and terminals rest on a seperate cart, and on the floor are several large canisters. The screens show a wide assortment of data and values, while gagues on the canisters denote how full they are, and which basic element they contain.

Overclock's Computer Display
One of the booths at the GSTE, of course. It's modestly sized, but about the same size display an up-and-coming with a bit of good funding would be able to get.

What is on display, primarily, is a computer system. It has an unsually large CPU-box cased in titanium, almost a throw-back to the supercomputers of older eras. There is one flatscreen monitor. It displays technical specifications and other such things, though it's all very thick in technobabble and challenging to understand for the uninitiated. However, the computer itself operates on a voice-activated system, and the speakers and microphone are visible aside the monitor.

Charts and diagrams projected onto another screen here might explain this better, but they are currently covered, awaiting presentation.

On a table...there are models of the human brain. The brains are made of an artifical, jell-o-like substance, and they have several authentic-looking prototype microchips implanted in them for display purposes.

The owner of these inventions is likely hanging around this area, of course, ready to answer questions.

Prismatic Technologies <PT>
[=========================] -Prismatic Technologies- [=========================]
        The Prismatic Technologies display is simple, but well-organized. An assortment of cyberneurology and robotic life journals are available for free, as before, each of them containing submissions by Prismatic Spider. Small information displays on the Gravity Hook are present, as well as some examples of civilian models now being produced.

        A large display in the rear, however, has an emblem of a flaming phoenix surrounded in a wireframe sphere. Beneath it, the word 'PHOENIX' is emblazoned. A screensaver of some kind? No information on it is present, and any queries are informed that information on it will be made available after the presentation."
[=========================] -Science For The Future- [=========================]

Rosered Technologies (RT)
This is the most grand and beautiful booth at the expo, a sign above writes in cursive text 'Rosered Technologies' in bright red print with an Axle the Red logo engraved below it. Inside is decorated with vines which sprout huge red flowers, 6 feet in diameter. The square has a couple of displays set up showing off Spike's latest botanical miracles, all natural mind you, designed to aid in the bodily functions of Reploid's and Cyborgs. Products such as: Energy Pathway Accelerator, Body Polish, Rosered Hair Products Collection - 'Look Beautiful while you're kicking ass!', Cyborg Moisturizer - 'Even monkeys can look beautiful under their armour!'. Several female Rosered clones are close by, to explain the products function and advise you on their use, and to stop anyone from stealing stuff. Raarr!

Salvage's Grubby Booth <SGB>
Salvage Crab has annexed a moderately-sized booth, which is filled to the brim with junk - bits and pieces of vehicles and Reploid parts on stands. The focus of the booth appears to be on emergency repairs to Reploids using vehicle parts, and a number of parts and tools designed to make jury-rigging in such a way a bit easier. While not directly stated, the tools could just as easily be used on off-sized Reploid parts. The entire booth is moderately badly organized, and there are no handouts.

There is also a prominent sign that says 'Stick Around For The Special Presentation!' on a cardboard box of pamphlets, which is closed. Apparently they go with the presentation. There is also, with it, a small holographic projector, which is also off.

In the back of the booth, where Salvage hangs out, there is a large metal platform, about six feet wide by ten feet long, a couple feet off the ground. A cloth covers whatever's under it; there is something lumpy under there.

Sewa's Booth of Awesome
Sewa's Booth is totally awesome. Several different HeraCorp reploids and Purifiers (yes, those are guards) as hanging around it because Sewa knows what happened LAST time at the GSTE, and is firmly determined to ensure her 'kids' don't get BLOWN UP.

        The booth largely shows a display on reploid neurology and discusses how to allow for a more natural progression of neural growth. The studies indicate that less Reploids built using the HeraCorp system become Mavericks -or- criminals. The reploids answer questions about the process and what it was like themselves, and so on.

Solstis Wonderments <SW>

        Solstis Wonderments is a simple little section within the Expo itself, holding a small object that looks like some sort of walker drone that lacks any actual arms, is very sleek and probably an ordinary type that anyone could acquire. As to what exactly the drone can do nobody knows for certain, although the various signs around the booth that scream "Danger! SIGMA VIRUS!" and so on tend to detract most others from going near it.

AKA, Fairchild's SPIRIT Booth <FSB>
It's a simple affair, composed of materials that are easy to take down. It shows a variety of aspects of the SPIRIT system, focusing on the aspects Sarah herself intends to present: the interface between the human mind and data systems.

The Viper Booth <VB>
A large Navy Blue booth with a massive Seven pointed black star across the front (odd point downward), the booth is sealed shut at the moment obscuring all that is hidden within.

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