<RP!> Feste says, "I seek a social-type scene!"
<RP!> Skull Man says, "Liez!"
<RP!> Feste says, "It will probably involve me singing in some form."
<RP!> Skull Man says, "..."
<RP!> Feste says, "What? I do that. I'm a performer."
<RP!> Feste says, "But I take it from your degree of :Oness you're not interested, Skull?"
<RP!> Skull Man isn't. Busy. :D
<RP!> Solar Stega is!
<RP!> Feste says, "Sweet. Got any particular preference for location?"
<RP!> Solar Stega says, "Hmmm. In or near San-An, I think... Or Eurasia!"
<RP!> Shinji Kawada says, "ACK!"
<RP!> Feste says, "Eurasia sounds good to me."
<RP!> Feste says, "The Skydeck! Ho ho ho."
<RP!> Shinji Kawada hides.
<RP!> Skull Man says, "Why is it /always/ the Skydeck? XD"
<RP!> Solar Stega says, "Skydeck has sky. :D"
<RP!> Shinji Kawada says, "Cause its Koote?!"
<RP!> Feste says, "In this case, because it's the best place to serenade someone."
<RP!> Skull Man face-desks.
<RP!> Feste :)

Eurasia - Skydeck

        Nestled at the very top of Eurasia, this park is the small secret of Eurasia, and considered by many the most beautiful place on the station. Massive transparisteel windows cover this area, and grass and trees are maintained by a dedicated gardening staff. Though a few restaurants and tourist destinations line the edge of this park, it sees little use, and is a good place to come to be alone. Even the security here seems relaxed, and there is virtually no problem with any crime here. Mechanimals and birds are the only things that actually live here, but it's not unusual for some people to remain for hours, just watching the beauty of space from the many grassy hills that dot this pinnacle of the mighty station.

 Feste [Winter] [Y]

 Lift Down <LD>: Eurasia - Empire Central Square

[OOC] Solar Stega appears!


        This man is, foremost of all, rather tall. He stands no less than six feet and five inches, but somehow manages not to be imposing at all. He is of a slight build, having broad shoulders but still skinny and marginally lithe. Scandinavian by blood and birth, he is pale and fair-haired and fair-eyed, with blond hair kept in a very short, lopped-off ponytail. One would expect green or blue eyes, but a pair of white-fading-into-blue optics greet the observer instead. They are devoid of the life and sparkle human eyes display, instead burning with the same artificial vitality as a neon sign.
        This man is wearing motley. It is not nearly so colorful as one might expect. Where it should be merry purple and green and red and blue and yellow, it is two-tone black and white. It's made up of strips of fabric arranged like a poncho around his shoulders and a belt around his waist. His hat is motley as well, with four arcing spikes of alternating black and white. His shoes, however, are simple boots, and the tight fitting clothes beneath his motley are black on one side and white on the other. The bells that hang from his motley are muted with strips of black tape.

[OOC] Feste says, "Yo!"

It's a nice day on the Eurasian Skydeck. It's /always/ a nice day on the Eurasian Skydeck. And naturally there are people out enjoying the nice day on the Eurasian Skydeck. None of them expect what is coming.
The Fool is on the Skydeck too, dressed in his somewhat somber black-and-white motley. But deprived of the aura of depression, it is reduced to merely 'weird', as the Fool is grinning like a loon. He has a song in his head that manifests in the spring in his step and humming. Lots of humming. Annoying humming. He's been hanging out in jazz clubs a lot lately, and it's starting to seep into his brain.

It could even be said that the Skydeck was the /mascot/ for nice days... Well, maybe not.

Solar Stega is here, as she often is in her free time, sitting on the grass and staring at space through the windows, as she usually does. Why she does that, she isn't sure, but something else she /is/ sure of is a sort of love for music. It takes her a moment to notice when a random mental pseudo-tune is being heard through her ears and not her mind, and she looks around for the hummer.. And spots the dude in the funky clothes. She peers at him, tilting her head to side questioningly.

Still humming, the Fool pauses several paces away from the window and starts scoping out the crowd. Lots of people glancing at him -- and one person staring at him directly. We have ourselves a winner! A... dinosaur winner! Alright! Feste peers back, tilting his head to the same side, smilling pleasantly.

[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Ring Man breaks out in laughter, "Ahahhahahahahhahaa!!"
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Tengu Man transmits, "What's so funny?"
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Ring Man transmits, "I've licensed a word."
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Skull Man transmits, "..."
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Ring Man transmits, "Now every one has to pay me to use it."
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Tengu Man transmits, "Riiight. Suuure you have..."
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Skull Man transmits, "And that word /is/?"
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Ring Man transmits, "I have the contract right here."
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Ring Man transmits, "I'll tell you when you use it."

Solar Stega continues peering for a couple more seconds, then ponders getting up. Pondering, pondering. Ah, why not. Worst that could happen was.. oh. Well, the /worst/ scenario could be pretty bad.. but that's not likely to happen! And so she gets up and meanders over to the Fool's position, under the pretense of getting a 'closer' look at the outside.

Solar Stega also snicker-smirks slightly at the global radio, though she's trying to suppress it.

Don't ask about the worst that could happen.
Having hooked a fish/audience, the Fool's tilted smile widens. Sure, the dinosaur reploid might be fake-ignoring him for the moment -- he'll play along! He turns to face the stars, still humming. His hands are clasped behind his back. There is pretty much no telling what he might do at this point.

Solar Stega reaches the window, looking outside for a second before turning and greeting with a simple, "Hallo." She then pauses to observe his reaction, primarily out of curiousity.

The motley Fool's reaction is to nod a hello back, as silent as before.
But then-- he breaks out into song! Not so much break out, though-- that implies violence and spontaneity. This is more like he just starts singing.
"Smile, though your heart is aching,
        Smile, even though it's breaking,
When there are clouds in the sky
        You'll get by
        If you smile!"

Solar Stega is surprised by the sudden break-out-ing! But with a bit of reflexive action (a step back), she regains clear thought and is able to listen to the song... Which she finds she rather likes. She headbobs at the end of the song and smiles. "Neat song."

        "If you smile
                Through your fears and sorrow,
Smile, and maybe tomorrow,
You'll see the sun come shining through
                For you!"
The Fool continues singing, enjoying it. It's a very old song, Nat King Cole, perfect for singing, best with accompaniment by piano and saxophone. He winks at his audience, hoping to keep her attention until he doesn't feel like singing anymore. Which should be soon. Hopefully.

Solar Stega isn't going anywhere! She likes this song, and hasn't heard it before. And hey, how can she say no to a free live performance? :D She does, however, sit down.

Very well. The Fool is clearly an experienced performer. He spreads his arms wide as Stega sits down, giving himself a little more presence, and then supplements his singing with appropriate gestures.
                Light up your face with gladness,
        Hide every trace of sadness,
                Although a tear
                May be ever so near
That's the time you must keep on trying,
        Smile -- what's the use of crying?
You'll find that life is still worthwhile
                If you'll just smile!

Solar smiles, even grins. While she's been feeling quite good lately, that doesn't mean she can't understand and enjoy the point of the song. It is, however, starting to sound slightly familiar, and she idly wonders if she heard it before, a long time ago. (Well, a 'long' time. Not /so/ long when compared to a human's life, really..)

        "That's the time you must keep on trying
        Smile ~ what's the use of crying?
You'll find that life is still worthwhile
                If you'll just smile."
It seems like this is the end of the song, because Feste's voice tapers off and he clasps his hands back behind his back. He turns back towards the window, staring out of it once more as if nothing had happened.

Solar Stega waits until it looks like the song's done, then claps a few times, still smiling. She pauses, seeming to try to grasp for words, then speaks as if continuing a previous sentence. "I really liked it."

Feste turns back around, smiling. The whole 'what me singing' thing was just a joke, obviously. "Thanks," he says, sincerely. "So did I. It's a good song. Noble sentiment, you know what I mean?" He smiles wider. It may as well be the Fool's Manifesto.

Solar nods, "Aye. It's a good thing to live by, /I/ think."

"I would think so too," the Fool replies, smile twisting into a wry grin. "It'd be the thing I live by." He briefly contemplates the stars. "A little bit sad, I think, but then, all the best songs are a little bit sad."

Solar ponders that and the song itself for a while, finally saying, "Ah.. I believe I agree with you there."

"Thanks. I'd agree with me too," Feste continues, comically arrogant. "It's a lot like life. You've got your tragedy, your comedy, your romance, your action, all mixed up like that, little bits and pieces as they go. So 'tis." How very profound! Uh... what does that mean?

Hey, if /you/ don't agree with yourself, who /will/?
Solar tilts her head to side and offers, "Heh, bits and pieces of movies, plays, poems, songs.. Like.. a mix-and-match of parts of each, until eventually you have a complete /life/." She pauses. "Or something."

Feste nods sagely, smile expressing his approval of this statement. "Life is kind of like-- a /salad/," he says, raising a single finger in the air to indicate that this is a declarative statement. "Lettuce -- iceberg, or perhaps /wild field sald!/ -- and other accoutrements, tomatoes, onions, cabbage, olives, cheese, /dressing/-- so many different parts, and yet... they come to form a whole." He nods slowly with his eyes closed and hands clasped in front of him, like a great sage of the East. (It's a secret to everybody.)

She had to do a quick 'net-dive to find the definition of 'accoutrements', but other than that, she understood it! At least, she thinks she does.. Solar hmmms. "Heh, neat group of metaphors.." Pause. "I can't think of anything else to add to that," she confesses, a bit apologetically.

Feste grins, no longer quite so sage. "Thank you, thank you." He takes a bow, accompanied by the muted jangle of bells. "That's alright. Generally I add things to my own comments on my own arguments. It's pretty much the way of things. I do so love the sound of my own voice."

Solar Stega hehs, "Aye." Not an accusation, but an affirmation of a fact.

Well, it /is/ true. Feste just admitted it, didn't he?
He looks at the stars again for a long moment and is, mercifully, silent. "Well," he begins, "I think it's time I was off. Back to the ol' grind, knowhaddamean?" He grins. When is he ever not grinning?

Solar Stega blinks. "Ah, alrighty.. See you another time, then," and waves.

Feste waves jovially and saunters off. Time to go home and cook dinner. At least he was able to have a spot of fun beforehand.

[OOC] Feste salutes.
[OOC] Solar Stega counter-salutes!
[OOC] Solar Stega also wonders if she'll ever ICly remember to ask for peoples' /names/. XP
[OOC] Feste is somewhat famous, so. :D
You hand Feste a cookie!
Feste's disembodied voice rings out loud and clear from afar:
"Mercury endue thee with leasing, for thou speak'st well of Fools!"
Feste can't endue you with leasing, but he can endue you with a cookie. Here, have one. It's chocolate chip!
Feste has disconnected.

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