I really enjoy generating worlds in minecraft and then exploring them

seed: Dwyn
version: 1.2

Spawned over there

Got some stuff over there

Came over here

oh what's this


(i definitely fell to my death first)

A long fall
(sheep wtf r u doin)

home sweet home

home sweet home

Jungle tunnel

dude this area is SO AWESOME
(x: -64 / y: 78 / z: -1241)

Looking up

Complete with waterfalls

Looking back from the exit

Above the exit

There's a cavern up here, too

The very top had a sheep party

Looking down

On the other side...

and another arch!

seed: Dwyn
version: 13w02a (dev build for 1.5)

This devbuild is notable for a very dramatic bug

Houses and village well

This is actually kind of pretty tho