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• 2008.07.05: Random stuff shunted from DevArt, both here and in photos.
• 2006.05.16: Quick tweaks before uploading!
• 2006.04.30: Thumbnails!
• 2006.01.21: Went through my Scraps on DevArt and did a little cleaning.
• 2006.01.19: Page creation! Except for the injokes section, this is so far rejects from DevArt. I like DA, I don't want to leave stuff I don't greatly like anymore on their poor overworked servers when I have a site like this. :3

            Past updates

--> NaNoWriMo: Writing & Art. (Last edited 2006.02.27)
--> M3 Free Designs: Reploid and robot designs free for OC use. (Last edited 2006.05.16)
--> Photography


Tasser v5, a bit cartoony [2003-07-29]
     Uploaded to DevArt, removed 2006-01-19 'cause I don't really like it that much and wanted to clear out my gallery. Formerly known as #3631988.
     Original description:
     He looks a bit funny here, but I still rather like it... and I really like how his legs came out, yes. *nods*

     Date: July 29, 2003
     Tools: Ballpoint pen on printer paper, AFAIK


Floating Idef [2003-07-14]
     Uploaded to DevArt 2003-10-01, removed 2006-01-21. Original #: 3249047
     Original desc:
     I'm not sure /why/ it's floating, but... heh. ^^;

     Date: July 14, 2003
     Tools: Ballpoint pen on printer paper

Idef in midair [2003-08-19]
     Uploaded to DevArt 2003-10-01, removed 2006-05-18. Original ID#3249040.
     Original desc:
     In which I experiment with a different ear design... :)

     Date: August 19, 2003
     Tools: Ballpoint pen on printer paper

MegamanMUSH/Rockman Classic-X-Zero-DASH-EXE

Elecman.EXE [2003-09-13]
     Uploaded to DevArt 2003-09-14, deleted 2006-05-18. ID #3032852.
     Original desc:
      Sparky ^^ One of the first times I've drawn lightning bolts well...

      ...I just finished a huge amount of scanning, and it's 2 am, so I wanted to post /something/ before I went to bed ^^

      It's Elecman.EXE, from the Rockman/MegaMan Battle Network/EXE series! Yesh. I'm not exactly sure why I only colored the lightning, but if anyone wants the rest to be colored, I can do that ^_^

      ...Hm. I think I screwed up the foreshortening on his left arm >.>

      Tools: Ballpoint pen on printer paper; lightning colored with some brand of markers whose name I can't remember...
      Date: September 13, 2003

Trackerman.EXE/Seeker design 2 test [2005-04-18]
     Uploaded to DevArt 2005-04-29, deleted 2006-01-21. ID #17752117.
     Original desc:
     Possibly entry for Rockman.EXE Navi contest... I started on him in time for last year's, didn't get it done partially because I didn't like his design at the time. this is a newer design, I greatly prefer it. dunno what attacks he'd have though. :/
     ...Suggestions are welcome :3;;

     For personality, so far I've determined he works with/for an archaeologist, and thus has an interest in ancient things. Also has a penchant for thievery. (there doesn't need to be much personality for the contest, but I may well miss this year's contest. So I may keep him as a general character of mine.)

     The things on the left are symbol tests, and the text on the right are color codes referring to the box of markers I use. :) (heck, if you want to track down the colors I used, I'm using a Fibracolor box of 100, the number is the horizontal row (starting at the leftmost), the letter is vertical column (starting at the frontmost).)

     I'm tiiiiired XP Forgive any nonsensical sentences. :3;;

     Date: 2005.04.18
     Tools: Ballpoint pen & fibracolor markers


Fantastic Lion-type. [2002-05-15]
     Uploaded to DevArt, removed 2006-01-19 'cause I don't really like it that much and wanted to clear out my gallery. Originally #2994616.
     Rather, a prototype of one. Drawn at a time when I wasn't very good at detailed mecha art (so it looked partially organic), and most of it was inspired by the design of certain Digimon (like Seadramon) ^^;

     (Oh, and it's 'fantastic' as in fantasy, not as in it's spectacular ^-^)

     Date: May 15, 2003 (I actually messed that up.. It was from 2002 not '03.. ._.)
     Materials: Ballpoint pen on printer paper


Sketchy Mammalian [2003-07-20]
     Uploaded to DevArt 2003-10-15, removed 2006-05-18. Original ID#3441377.
     Original desc:
     Even though it was done in the dark theater ( I was hit by the drawing bug while watching Finding Nemo for the second time ^^; ), its proportions are really good, IMHO. ^_^

     It's also vaguely based off of a Digimon I designed a couple of years ago, Wolfmon. :)

     Date: July 20, 2003
     Tools: Liquid-ink pen on printer paper

Blah feline & cool anthro head. [2003-08-26]
     The cat was uploaded to devArt (Might have been among my first deviations, too. Don't remember for sure.), but I don't think I ever uploaded the other pic that was on the same sheet. Removed 2006-01-19. Cat's original # was 3440871.
     Original desc:
     Nothing particularly special, just a very furry cat. :)

     Date: August 26, 2003
     Tools: Ballpoint pen on printer paper


lined Phoenixes [2000-2001 sometime]
     Uploaded to DevArt 2005-01-14, deleted 2008-07-05. Original # was 14107262.
     Original desc:
     Don't really like the lineart, but really like the colors. n.n

     Date: 2000-2001 sometime
     Tools: Prismacolor colored pencils


Deer-dragon [2002-01-07]
     Uploaded to DevArt 2004-09-08, removed 2006-05-18. Original ID#10463781.
     Original desc:
     There's a big spider on the wall near the computer.

     In other news, lookie. Cute draggie.

     Date: 2002.01.07
     Tools: Ballpoint pen and prismacolor pencils on printer paper

Seadragon [2002-01-18]
     Uploaded to DevArt 2004-01-13, removed 2008-07-05. Original ID#4682754.
     Original desc:
     This is mostly a test to see if I can still upload to DeviantART; I'll be surprised if it DOES work. (evil router...pff...)

     Edit: Woah, it worked! Imagine that. o.O

     Sea dragons are spiffy!

     Date: February 18, 2002
     Tools: Ballpoint pen on printer paper

Armored Draconid [2003-05-01]
     Uploaded to DevArt 2003-08-24, deleted 2006-05-18. Original ID #2796291.
     Original desc:
     Sometimes I like to draw biped dragons in weird armor suits... Sometimes they come out really cool, sometimes not.

     Date: May 1, 2003
     Materials: Ballpoint pen on printing paper

Sessho the dog-dragon [2003-06-08]
     ATTACK OF THE ORIGINAL NAMES I mean what. >__> I like his design, anyway.
     Uploaded to DevArt 2003-10-13, deleted 2006-05-18. Original ID#3412298.
     Original desc:
     Like the cat-dragon I uploaded some time ago, Sessho is the second of ten dog-dragons for a friend's story (Yash is the first. Guess who my inspirations were... :P).

     Date: June 8, 2003
     Tools: Ballpoint pen on printer paper

Hiryu ~ Flying Dragon [2003-09-09]
     Submitted to DevArt 2003-09-25, deleted 2006-05-18. ID #3185697.
     Original desc:
     The kanji says "hiryu", which means " flying dragon" -- or at least it better. o_O

     Date: September 9, 2003
     Tools: Ballpoint pen on printer paper

Dragon pix [2006-02-22]
     Submitted to DevArt 2007-01-03, deleted 2008-06-26. ID #45871389.
     Original desc:
     Random dragons...

     ...still emptying out my to-upload folder. O.o;

     Drew these at the theater when I was there for "Good Night, and Good Luck."

     Date: 2006.02.22
     Tools: Ballpoint pen on printer paper


Garden [2000-02-24]
     Uploaded to DevArt 2004-07-23, deleted 2006-01-21. Original # was 9132905.
     Original desc:
     aka, Fun With Brushes I. :)

     oh.. and please Full View. The thumbnail gives it nasty JPG-izing. It ruins its PNG glory! >:O XD

     Date: 2000.02.24
     Tools: PC Paintbrush (Seurat brush <3)

Friends and/or injokes
(Mostly stuff that got uploaded here in order to link from elsewhere!)

Avian @_8 [2005-11-18]
     (for The Turquoise Tavern. Paintshop Pro 7 & optical mouse.)

StellarWind! Versus! Avian @_8! [2005-12-04]
     (also for the TT! Done in Fibracolor markers.)

DeviantArt Related Things

devArt ID v2 [2005-09-21]
     I'm not too fond of it.. replaced it barely four months after uploading. Removed 2006-01-19.
     Formerly known as
     Original desc:
     It needed updating. Particularly the age. ;) And in that funky design-style I use occasionally.

     I'm not going to set it immediately after I upload it; I want to see how it fits with devart's color scheme, and also I need to go to sleep soon. :E

     Date: 2005.09.21

devArt ID v3 [2006-01-15]
     Uploaded to DevArt 2006-01-18, deleted 2008-07-05. Original # was 27860013.
     Original desc:
     I decided I didn't like the current one.. so I drew this one.

     It's Fibracolor marker on a sheet torn from a 2005 day planner. I got six of them earlier in the month from a couple of friends who run a store. They had all these extra planners, and they're useless now that the year's changed, so I got them for free. :3 I have an idea or two as to what to use them for, too.

     Date: 2006.01.15


art class - Orange (take one)
     Uploaded to DevArt 2004-12-21, deleted 2006-01-21. #13378739 (woo, 1337!)
     Original desc:
     More art class still life. This was a test with both my and my teacher's pastel pencils & oil crayons.

     I started Part Two immediately after I finished this one.

     The white thing is supposed to be a sticker. o.o

     Date: 2004.04.23
     Tools: Pastel Pencil (Gallery brand) & Oil Crayons (Cray-pas and Portfolio brands)

Water Snake [2004-07-03]
     Uploaded to DevArt 2004-07-21, deleted 2008-07-05. #9077568
     Original desc:
     I /think/ this is the right catagory... Correct me if I'm wrong. o.o;

     'twas playing around with my markers one day. :)

     Date: July 3, 2004
     Tools: no-brand markers on a Strathmore drawing pad.

marker: Calendar 2006-01 [2006-01]
     Uploaded to DevArt 2006-12-22, deleted 2008-06-26. #45152001
     Original desc:
     I had no 2006 calendar, so I made this. At that time, I had the craziest sleep schedule (go to bed between 7-9AM, wake up 6PM), and I could never keep straight what day it was. This way, I could fill in the half-days I'd been awake so I could see what day it was and what day things I remembered happening had occurred on. xD;

     Tools: Fibracolor marker on Mead sketchpad

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