Written up by Talec for the heck of it. (Still incomplete.)

-Capitalize where capitalization is supposed to be, i.e., at the start of sentences and 'I'.
-Use ending punctuation, although it can be acceptable if the sentence ends with a smily instead. :D
-Don't use 'u', 'ur', or 'r'... It is unaesthetic and looks immature. I have noticed that some other abbreviations, like BRB (be right back), AFK (away from keyboard), and BBL (be back later) don't annoy people so much.

These were sent to me by DDay:

1) For goodness's sake acknowledge that someone hasthe floor when they're speaking to you and your group. (Likewise, don't keel too heavily to another's butting in; be flexible but solid.)

2) When people say they're leaving and going to a different chat room, don't stalk them (following them by request is of course fine). Yeh, stalking online is just as bad as the RL thing.

3) Friendly universal greetings are a common and accepted way to start a chat session. Other things are possible, of course, but some people are very picky.

4) Don't post huge messages all at once. Chop them up noticably. If receiving a message like this, don't be overly reactionary about it, interrupting every time they post; if sending such a message, be aware that real time is passing and you may need to modify it as a result of outside events.

5) If someone flames you, do not escalate the flaming. At least two tactics are proven -- a) Remain polite, even cordial if you can stomach it. b) Make fun of the other. (You have to be careful with this, it's meant to be used so that you, the experienced chatter, can 'pull rank' on a stereotypical bad newbie. Don't use this as a newbie. Nor should you EVER use cheap profanity or anything as dumb as a mama joke.)

In any case, intelligence triumphs in the face of ignorance. Also, if you can make it private and more or less ignore them, that's good.

6) Don't bash "n00bs". Doing so makes one the very n00b one so despises.

7) Don't randomly "cyber" folks. Not only is it a distraction, it's particularly bad form to do this in the middle of a dedicated RP/play-acting session, as it can inevitably shut interesting stories down in exchange for a few cheap thrills. If someone tries this and the situation just isn't appropriate, it is perfectly accepted by many to react swiftly and powerfully against the offender.

And, just for opinionated nitpicking,

8) In any chat room, one inevitably has the advantages of anonymity, foresight as to what you're going to say before you say it, and the ability to maintain a perfect "polker face" (or show great emotion for that matter) for strategic use. Don't use these advantages to belittle other people; concede some points, stick to others. Be a human being.

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