Since certain questions get repeated over and over in IRC chat rooms, I thought I'd make up a little FaQ to link to so that someone doesn't have to explain each and every time. :)

So far, it's only got stuff on the Winamp Scanner and System Stats plugins, but eventually there will be stuff on counting triggers and their ilk. ^_^

A quick definition of terms:
-Text box: Where you type stuff in the chat.
-Text field: Where the text appears.
-IM: Instant message; when you're directly talking to one person.
-Chat: I'm using it as a generic term for either a chat room or IM.

For Fserves, this is how you change the colors of your fserve/mp3/etc: Sysreset > Fileserver manager > Advanced options, colors are in the upper-left.

How do I do those "* x is listening to:" things, or triggers?
Well, first you need to be using SysReset as your IRC client (program). It won't work with regular mIRC, any of the Java clients (none that I'm aware of, at least), or anything else that I know of.

And where do I get SysReset?
The download section.

Okay, so I got it, it's installed and open, now how do I make those triggers?
Well, let's see..

Mp3 Scanner
Note that this only works with Winamp 2 and 5. It submits to the current chat what song you're playing in Winamp.

First, you need to load it. In the "SysReset" drop-down menu at the top, select "Addon Manager". Select "winamp_scanner.ini" (it should have that name, if not, click 'Title' under the "Display" thing to the side and find "Winamp Scanner.) and click the Load button. Then press Done.

Check the SysReset menu again; at the bottom, there will be "Winamp Scanner Setup". Click that and customize away, it's fairly obvious how it works.

To activate it, either type "/mp3" into the text box or by selecting "Show Current WinAmp Information" in the right-click menu in the main box.

System Stats
This lets you submit to the chat assorted specs of your computer.

Under "SysReset", go to the Addon Manager and load "sysstats.ini" or "System Information". Hit Done and then you can use it. :)

Right-click in the text field and there will be a System Information thing at the bottom of the list:
-System Information presents: OS, how long the computer has been on, memory usage, processor type and speed, HDD free space, and what external drives are present.
-Short System Information shows: OS, how long the computer has been on, memory usage, and processor type and speed.
-Total Disk Space shows just that, as well as how much is free as a percentage, and how many hard drives there are.
-Connection Information. Since I know very little about connections, I'll just say that it's self-evident. *shifty look*

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