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There are uncertainties and possibly errors in the booster and starter set numbers in the "Spans:" sections.

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First Style
• Icon in the upper-left denote whether it is a Program, Item or Field.
• Below it is "+xx"; I don't know what that does/means.
• The box that is Evolve Requirements on a Digimon Card, here is Timing (what Phase the Option can be played in). It may also state limits on how or where it can be played.
• The card name can be either solid black or black with a white outline.
• And then the main box describes what it does.

• Starter Sets 1-4 (St-1 through St-324)
• Ultimate Battle Set 1
• Booster Sets 1-9? (Bo-1 through Bo-405)
Second Style
Differences from First Style:
• D-Scanner symbol on the lower-left of the art box.
• DigiCode character followed by a three-digit number on the lower-right.

• Starter Sets 5-7? (St-325 through St-613) (There are other sets that lay claim to numbers in this block, but I'm not sure what they are.)
• Ultimate Battle Set 2
• Booster Sets 10?-14 (Bo-452 through Bo-702)
Third Style
Differences from Second Style:
• Barcode!
• Credits get shunted off to the side.
• Basically, the bottom now looks the same as 3.5 Style Digimon Cards.

• Starter Set 7 (St-672 through St-692)
• Booster 12
3.5 Style 1
Differences from Third Style:
• The barcode now extends to the bottom of the card.
• There's a translucent box behind the credits.
• Equivalent to 3.5.2 Digimon Cards.
3.5 Style 2
Differences from 3.5 Style 1:
• Some of the option cards from these sets are like 3.5 Style 1, others are like 3.5 Style 2! Mysterious.
• This version has a translucent box akin to the 3.x Style of Digimon Cards.
- Top left: Type of Option (Win Ratio, etc).
- Top right: DigiCode character with 3-digit number.
- Bottom: Flavor text.
- Some cards do away with the bottom row entirely.

The 3.5 Styles span:
• Starter Sets 8-??? (St-752? through St-939)
• Booster Sets 15-19 (Bo-703 through Bo-980)
Fourth Style
Differences from 3.5 Style:
• No more D-Scanner symbol.
• The two-line box from 3.5 Style 2 returns, kind of:
- Top left is the Option type (Win Ratio, etc).
- Top right is the cost to play the card.
- Bottom lists limits on how, where or with what it can be played.
• The art box is larger, shortening the text field even more.
• Equivalent to Fourth Style Digimon Cards.

• Starter Sets ???- (St-974? through St-?)
• Booster Sets 19-24 (Bo-970 through Bo-1150)
Fourth Style - Red Frame
The Red Frame cards are not just recolors; there are some aesthetic differences.

Differences from Fourth Style:
• Different fonts are used; Red Frames utilize a blockier font.
• The corners of the art field and the boxes within it are cut off (like BattleStar Galactica's cards).
• If there is flavor text, it goes above the "stats box".
• The texture used on the boxes in the art field is much smoother/not as prominent.

All Red Frame cards I have seen.
4.5 Style
Differences from Fourth Style:
• Removes the barcode. The box goes back to its original height, and the credits are listed at the bottom of the box.

• Booster Sets 25+ (Bo-1177+)

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