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First Style
• Rightside-up Battle Type.
• Evolve Level below Battle Type.
• Name is either solid black or black with white outline.
• Flavor Text Box on the lower-left of art.
• Perfect-level Digimon have "DP-xxxx" field on the lower-right of art (no use).
• Type & Attribute at the top of Ability/Effect box.
• Lost Points printed in orange.
• Credits:
- "© Akiyoshi Hongo•Toei Animation" printed right on the background.
- "Bandai <year> Made in <wherever>" printed in the Ability/Effect box.

• Starter Sets 1-2 (St-1 through St-111)
• Booster Sets 1-3(?) (Bo-1 through Bo-210)
Second Style
Differences from First Style:
• Upside-down Battle Type block the same height as the Evolve Requirements box, which becomes the standard from now on.
• Box on the bottom of the art contains:
Top: Level, Type & Attribute, Digimon's name in DigiCode (cutting off the "mon" is acceptable if the name is particularly long).
Bottom: Flavor Text.
• Ability/Effect box now contains only that.

• Starter Sets 3-4 (St-112 through St-225)
• Booster Sets 4?-7? (Bo-211 through Bo-356)
• Some Second Style-era cards seem to have been reprinted in 2.5 Style with a 2001 copyright. (These scans may have come from Oceania-release cards.)
2.5 Style
Differences from Second Style:
• The only difference from Second Style is the presence of a Field Icon in the Flavor Text row.

• Starter Set Ultimate Battle 1 (St-226 through St-324)
• Booster Sets 8?-10? (Bo-357 through Bo-452)
• Some 2.5 Style-era cards seem to have been reprinted in Third Style with a 2001 copyright.
Third Style
Differences from 2.5 Style:
• Some cards have a D-Scanner symbol on the lower-left of the art, above the stats box. Why is it here? There's no barcode for the D-Scanner to scan...
• DigiCode Name is replaced by a single character followed by a three-digit number. The significance of this is unknown.
• Any artist credits are placed a line above the Bandai credit, in the Ability/Effect box.

• Starter Sets 5-6, Ultimate Battle 2-3 (St-325 through St-581)
• Booster Sets 11?-13 (Bo-453 through Bo-654)
• Some cards in Booster 14 use Third Style.
3.5 Style
Differences from Third Style:
• Bottom-right of the card is taken up by a barcode! This is for the D-Scanner (hence the symbol noted above).
- D-Scanner barcodes use type EAN-13 according to File Island. (Generators can be found on sites like this one or this one.)
• The Ability/Effect box is thus shortened, going from the top of the A Attack Power row to the bottom of the Lost Point row (which has also been shortened).
• Both lines of credits are printed on the BG below the Lost Point row, like so:
© Akiyoshi Hongo•Toei Animation
Bandai <year> Made in <wherever>

• Starter Set 7 (St-615 through St-668)
• Booster Set 14 (Bo-655 through Bo-692)
3.5.2 Style
Differences from 3.5 Style:
• Regarding the D-Scanner symbol, it may have a small black "1", "2" or "3" in a white circle, signifying that it works only with that D-Scanner version.
• The barcode now extends to the bottom edge of the card.
• The credits have a translucent box now.

• Starter Sets 8-??? (St-760 through St-939)
• Booster Sets 15-19 (Bo-703 through Bo-969)
Fourth Style
Differences from 3.5/3.5.2 Style:
• No more D-Scanner symbol.
• Flavor text is either printed on a translucent block on the art above the stats box, or absent.
• Artist credit, if any, is printed above the stats box on the left.
• In the stats box:
- The top row is split into two, with the right box used for listing Fields (with text, not icons).
- The bottom row is used to list cards or effects that the Digimon is immune to or cannot use, and Support abilities.
• Lost Points are now printed in black.

• Starter Sets ???-10, Ultimate Battle 4 (St-940+)
• Booster Sets 20-24 (Bo-981 through Bo-1146)
Fourth Style - Red Frame
The Red Frame cards are not just recolors; there are some aesthetic differences.

Differences from Fourth Style:
• Different fonts are used; Red Frames utilize a blockier font.
• The corners of the art field and the boxes within it are cut off (like BattleStar Galactica's cards).
• If there is no flavor text, artist credit goes on the right side. Otherwise, it goes on the left.
• The texture used on the boxes in the art field is much smoother/not as prominent.
• The Attack Types are now enclosed in a table.
• Lost Point row: While all Blue Frame styles use sans-serif on the roman numerals here, Red Frame's have serifs.

All Red Frame cards I have seen.
4.5 Style
Differences from Fourth Style:
• Removes the barcode. The Ability/Effect box goes back to its original height, and the credits stay on their translucent box under the Lost Points.

• Booster Sets 25+ (Bo-1151+)

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