Digimon Pendulum Cycle

A Bandai Asia creation, based off of Bandai Japan's Digimon Pendulum line. It's like a Pendulum... only different.

Cycle Version 8

This one has the roster of Pendulum version 3.0 and 3.5, plus some others!

Pages 1-2: Cover, Intro to the Pendulum
Pages 3-4: Jogress, attributes (Va/Da/Vi), description of the device, starting up the device
Pages 5-6: Starting the device, getting to the clock
Pages 7-9: Status & Feeding
Pages 10-12: Training Modes
Pages 13-14: Warnings, Connection Modes (part 1)
Pages 15-17: Connection Modes (part 2)
Pages 18-20: Battling with the original V-Pet, Timing for Evolution (sadly very vague), Active Times, making your Digimon sleep when you want it to, etc
Pages 21-22: Toilet, Light, Treatment, Injury and Sickness, and Death (part 1)
Pages 23-24: Death (part 2), Clock functions, turning Sound off and on, Resetting, Battery Changing.

MenuClockBattling, Training & Random EncountersRoster


Unlike the Pendulum, there are no bordering icons; you press A to bring up the Menu and to cycle through its contents.

• Status:
- 1. Age and weight/size
- 2. Type, and whether it can Battle or Jogress
- 3. Number of battles and win ratio
- 4. Strength (4 hearts)
- 5. Training (4 boxes)
- 6. Hungry (4 hearts)
Pressing A will cycle forward through the screens, while pressing B will cycle backward. C will return you to the menu.

• Food:
- 1. Bread. This fills 1 Hunger hearts and raises weight by 1g.
- 2. Meat. This fills 1 Training square and raises weight by 2g. There is no known drawback to this meat, unlike the other v-pets' Pill.

• Training:
- 1. Crush: Practice by dashing against a rock.
A 'fail number' will leave your Digimon bouncing off the rock; a 'weak number' will partially destroy the rock and fill 1 square of Training; a 'strong number' will mostly destroy the rock and fill 2 squares of Training; a 'perfect number' will completely destroy the rock and fill 4 squares of Training.
Crush is useful for a couple reasons; it lets you raise Training/Strength without the chance of getting injured, and you can see what number you shook.
- 2. VS: The device summons another Digimon to fight with. As far as I know, it runs like a normal battle, and your Digimon can become injured afterward. I haven't yet determined the Training-square-fillage that fighting with NPC Digimon will do.

• Connect:
- 1. Battle: Battle with another v-pet; the original V-Pet and the Pendulum can battle with the Cycle (I don't know about other types).
- 2. Scan: Connect with the D-Gather or D-Terminal to find information on your Digimon.
- 3. Jogress: As far as I know, this functions the same as in the Pendulum, however, Cycles and Pendulums cannot Jogress together.
Very little info here because my new Pen3.0 is not old enough to battle with the Cycle yet.

• Toilet: Clean up the poo.

• Light: Turn the lights on or off. While your Digimon is asleep, the Status and Light options are the only ones in the menu.

• Treatment:
- 1. Sickness: Cures sickness (signified by the "..." speechbubble)
- 2. Injury: Fixes injury (signified by the squiggle)


Pressing B while the menu's not up brings up the clock. Press B again to make the clock go away (it'll also go away by itself if you leave it alone).

Press A to access Alarm functions. Press A again to turn the alarm on or off. Press B to change the alarm; A to change the hours, B to change the minutes, C to save your changes. Press C to return to the clock.

Press C to switch between 12-hour and 24-hour time. Unlike the Pendulum, both 'AM' and 'PM' are mentioned on the clock screen.

Press A & C at the same time to change the time; if you leave it on SET, it will also serve as a Pause feature. Press A to change the hour, B to change the minutes, and C to save your changes (if any) and return to the normal flow of time.

Battling & Training

Attacks are powered by the pendulum in the device; success depends on the number you got while shaking.
The screen will show "READY", beep three times, then change to "COUNT" on the fourth beep. You have about 3 seconds to shake.
Different Digimon have a different result for each number, ranging from perfect-shot to total failure. Any count below 10 is a fail-shot. The results are different for different devices, and may change after evolution.

Anecdote: At first with my Candmon, perfect-shots had a consistent pattern: the number preceeding the perfect-shot was one step down from it, and the number after was a fail-shot.
After returning to Child level after evolving for the first time, the fail-shot following the perfect-shot I normally aim for (36) was no longer a fail-shot, but rather two steps up from it. Mystifying. Must check the other perfect-shot range (22-23-24) and see if it's true for that one as well.

The degrees of attack power, unlike the Super Hit in the Pendulum, are not visible; each Digimon shoots a plain fireball.

VS NPC sequence:
- 1. Shake at the COUNT.
- 2. Enemy Digimon fires first, then yours.
- 3. When the two fireballs meet, one will obliterate the other, or they both explode in a tie (in which case a new round starts).
- 4. The winning fireball hits the other Digimon, doing an amount of damage presumably tied to the number shaken (or rolled, in the case of an NPC).
- 5. If that didn't finish off the target, another round starts.

VS a V-Pet or Pendulum:
- 1. Menu: Connect > VS.
- 2. Shake at the COUNT.
- 3. You have an uncounted number of seconds to connect to the other v-pet, and you must press A once you've connected them!
- 4. You should get an OK quickly. Then you can pull the pets apart and watch the fight.
- 5. It does the five-shots thing that is the style for V-Pets and Pendulums.

Random Encounters

Throughout the day, your Digimon may encounter an enemy of any level Child/Rookie or above. If you are good at hitting strong numbers on the pendulum, you are likely to win, even against Kyuukyokutai/Mega-levels. Defeating an opponent fills 1 square of Training.


Now, I'm still on my first digimon on my Cycle, so the ones I have personal experience with acquiring are few (Mokumon, PetitMeramon, Candmon, Meramon, DeathMeramon, how thematic!). Well, my first digimon died at 18 and now I'm raising the egg. I got to Mega on the first day, ahahaha.
I'll still list everything I've encountered via random battles.

Normal font color for ones I've encountered, this color for ones I've personally raised, this color for ones I haven't encountered but are listed as being in the original Pendulum 3.x.

Keep in mind this list still isn't complete, as there are elusive Ancient Digimon that may exist in this version.

Baby IMokumon
Baby IIPetitMeramon

Yes I prefer 'Kanzen' over 'Perfect' and 'Ultimate', shush.

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