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Jazz Jackrabbit 1
Sadly, I never got JJ1 as a box or CD, and I ended up downloading a copy from an abandonware site. ^^; (Not that it *is* abandonware. >.>)
JJ2 was supposed to have the full version of JJ1 packaged with it, but the first production run of JJ2 didn't have it. They included a number for people to call to get the missing game, but, ah... it didn't work for me.

Holiday Hare 94 & 95
Two Christmas specials released in 1994 and 1995 respectively, they are freeware standalone games, each one episode long. (So, six levels on three worlds, one boss stage, and one secret level.)

Jazz Jackrabbit 2
Jazz2 should get some sort of prize or something... When its release was announced back whenever, fans of JJ1 gathered at the Epic boards and impatiently awaited the release of the demo, and then the full version... The fans wrote epic-length stories of the exploits and adventures of their characters, battled in duels and clan wars in JJ2 itself, and generally had a blast.
And now, nine years later, that community still exists. One could even say it's thriving. I dunno about you, but I find this awesome. :D

JJ2 CD case front JJ2 CD case back

Jazz Jackrabbit 2: The Secret Files
Long known only as *it*, this is the hard-to-find (only released in Europe!) add-on for JJ2. It adds Lori, Jazz and Spaz's sister, as a playable character, and has a bunch of new tilesets, levels, music files, and a couple new enemies. Its creation was rushed, though, and is sort of full of bugs.
It is version 1.24, and players using TSF cannot play with 1.23-ers without a fanmade patch. (Which has its own bugs. ^^;)

There exists a 1.23-to-1.24 patch; it was uploaded to Jazz2 Online for awhile, but apparently the patch's creation was not permitted by Arjan and company like the creator claimed it had been, and was quickly removed.

Holiday Hare 98
Not freeware, but if you can find it, it's very cheap. It includes several fun levels and tilesets, as well as the JJ2 demo. It is version 1.22, and you can play online in CTF mode.
HH98 CD case front HH98 CD case back

It was released in Europe as The Christmas Chronicles, and had Lori as a playable character, but there were no other changes that I remember.

Jazz Jackrabbit 3-D
Yup, a 3D Jazz! An interesting idea (and neato story) that died before it had the chance to take off. JJ3-D uses the Unreal engine, and in general was something I would have loved to see finished.. But, oh well. Maybe someone can make a conversion for Unreal? ;)

Jazz Jackrabbit (for the Gameboy Advance)
Now that I've finished it, I can give a proper description. :D
It's a platform action game, with a good deal of both talking and shooting (usually not at the same time, though) and a bunch of new characters. I have yet to figure out just where on the Jazz timeline this is, but it's pretty safe to assume it takes place before Jazz 1.
It is indeed quite short; I forgot to record the number of levels and worlds it had while I was playing it, but it was definitely less than JJ1.
JazzGBA box front JazzGBA box side JazzGBA box back

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