This is a fanpage specifically about the 1997 PC game for DOS and Windows 9x. (If I remember correctly, it was also ported to the Japanese Playstation.) It's pretty hard to find and few people seem to know about it, which is rather sad. It has an interesting story, quality graphics and some of the best music I've ever heard in a game.

If you want to buy it, it's available on CDAccess.com here; you can try eBay, but.. Well, my last search (on December 24th, 2005) only gave me one hit. :P (Rendezvous with Rama for the Commodore 64 had three hits, though!)

Basic Information

Release: DOS/Windows 9x - 1997
Publisher: Sierra On-Line, Inc.
Developed by: Dynamix, Inc.
Genre: Adventure (Puzzle, Science fiction)


From the CD:
Drawing of an Avian.
Drawing of an Octospider.

Drawing of a Centipede Biot.
Drawing of a Spider Biot.
Drawing of a Trash Biot.

Drawing of Bangkok.
Drawing of London, from the outside.


RAMA Music

2008.03.09: with lots of leet codehax from manakoAT, I present the Uchuu no Rendezvous~RAMA~ Soundtrack, the Japanese PSX port of RAMA, in PSF format! :D You can look for a plugin for your favored media player here!

All the music I found in RESOURCE.SFX via GAP (Game Audio Player). Tweaked for length with Microsoft Sound Recorder, and encoded with RazorLAME 1.1.5 with the --r3mix settings.

Have fun, go leech-happy. :) If you don't like the names I gave the songs, don't be afraid to change them, they're just names I thought were nifty.

You can download them individually from the links below, or get them all at once in this zip file. (20.4 MB) If the spaces in the filenames give you problems for some reason, just download the zip. :P

Kudos to Boogeyman from Quest Studios Forums for identifying the Unknown tracks!

Introduction The introduction sequence. (consists of music and a speech by Arthur C. Clarke)
(2:26 / 1.7 MB)
Arrival at RAMA The entrance and 'bunker', after the lights come on. (Formerly known as Unknown 03.)
(2:28 / 1.7 MB)
The Plains Overworld theme!
(1:59 / 1.4 MB)
Map 'Overworld' map theme.
(2:29 / 1.7 MB)
Danger Danger theme! Danger, danger, Will Robinson!
(1:52 / 1.3 MB)
Nuke Theme that you hear whenever you look closely at one.
(1:37 / 1.1 MB)
Inside London London's antechamber.
(3:07 / 2.1 MB)
Inner London Deep inside London.
(1:47 / 1.2 MB)
Avian Area The Avian room in Bangkok & the burned-out area in the Myrmicat Area.
(2:11 / 1.5 MB)
Avian Plaza 1 The Avian Plaza in New York.
(1:58 / 1.4 MB)
Avian Plaza 2 The Avian Plaza in New York, possibly after a certain plot-point. (I don't remember for sure. Formerly known as Unknown 04.)
(2:00 / 1.4 MB)
Myrmicat Area The 'city' below the Avian Plaza. (Formerly known as Unknown 02.)
(2:07 / 1.5 MB)
Human Area The Human room in Bangkok, and their Plaza in New York.
(2:16 / 1.6 MB)
Human Music Example 1 One of two examples of human music, found in Bangkok.
(0:12 / 142 KB)
Human Music Example 2 Second example, still in Bangkok. I like the tune in this one, however brief.
(0:16 / 192 KB)
Octospider Area The Octospiders' room in Bangkok and their Plaza in New York. (Formerly known as Unknown 01).
(2:07 / 1.5 MB)
Octospider Plaza The Octospider Plaza in New York, possibly after a certain plot-point. (Formerly known as Octospider Area.)
(2:24 / 1.7 MB)
Octospider Fountain The color fountain found in the Octospiders'.. cave, I guess you could call it. (Formerly known as Unknown 06.)
(2:32 / 1.7 MB)
The Streets of New York The theme of New York's passages.
(2:05 / 1.4 MB)
Victory! End theme! (Formerly known as Unknown 05.)
(2:08 / 1.5 MB)
Unknown 07-09 These are only sorta vaguely music files, and really short, so I just zipped them together.
(07: 0:19 / 08: 0:18 / 09: 0:18; zipped, they're 455 KB)

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