You know you love it.

Ripped with Game Audio Player; GAP allows one to pick out sound files from a resource file (Shivers' is conveniently called Resource.SFX). However, Shivers stores some of its music files in pieces. That's why there are some songs missing (it's bloody hard memorizing timing of sounds :P) and others just have 'No-SFX' versions.

I don't want to put up individual song downloads 'til I'm done with this one... sorry. There's a batch ZIP here (22MB) with every song I have finished right now (as of 2006-11-12) -- the songs included in the ZIP are the ones bolded in the list below.

Encoded with RazorLAME.

01. Sierra Logo:: Welcome to the Museum
02. Title Sequence:: I've been told it's missing an instrument, but I don't remember a difference (still have yet to reinstall the game, ack). I'll rip another copy in-game when I'm able to and compare 'em.
03. Main Menu:: Enjoy your stay
04. Stonehenge:: Or, if you prefer chant with no wind - [No SFX version]
05. Basement::
06. Underground Lake::
07. The Office:: only have [No SFX version]
08. Elevator Music:: Sorry. :( I really like this song, too.. *kicks the separate samples*
09. The Tower Bedroom:: Windlenot's room.
10. Main Entry Hall:: I love this song so much. It's my second-most played song, according to Winamp.
11. Strange Beasts::
12. Amazing Plants::
13. Mysteries of the Deep::
14. Siren's Song:: Don't listen too closely, or you'll fall overboard
15. Journey Into the Earth:: ...if you dare to discover the secrets of the underworld
16. Labyrinth::
17. The Subterranean World::
18. Return:: the main hall
19. The Theater:: This might be missing some vocal clips, but I'm not sure. :o
20. Clock Tower:: Tick tock.
21. Clock Tower Jukebox: [A1] Sarabande in C Minor::
22. Clock Tower Jukebox: [A2] Little Jack Horner::
23. Clock Tower Jukebox: [A3] The Waltz of the Pharoahs::Yes, it is supposed to do that.
24. Clock Tower Jukebox: [B1] Little Tommy Tucker:: No wonder he was divorced. I mean. what.
25. Clock Tower Jukebox: [B2] Anansi the Spider::
26. Clock Tower Jukebox: [B3] American Indian Tribal Chant::
27. Clock Tower Jukebox: [C1] Renaissance Guiter:: Yeah, it's really spelled that way in-game. :o
28. Clock Tower Jukebox: [C2]:: You get no title 'cause it's obscured in-game. ;<
29. Clock Tower Jukebox: [C3] Song Birds:: chirp!
30. Library::
31. Service Passage::
32. Tombs and Curses::
33. Funeral Rites::
34. Shaman:: sorry, only have a 26-second [No SFX version]
35. Gods & Religious Items:: This song still creeps me out. -_____-
36. Backways::
37. Fortune Room::
38. Strange Inventions:: Hooray for the only room that never has an ixupi in it!
39. Planetarium:: This is the song that motivated me to rip the music. :o
40. Stairwell I:: Descent from Space I
41. Stairwell II:: Descent from Space II
42. Lavatory:: QUALITY MUSIX
43. Myths & Legends I:: It's not /exactly/ the same as the Sierra Logo.
44. Myths & Legends II::
45. Myths & Legends III:: The Wax Asp
46. Anasi the Spider Display:: Tricksy spiderses.
47. Man's Inhumanity to Man:: blah, separated samples
48. Puzzle Room:: [No SFX version], yes it has some vocals. They came with the music. x.o Don't ask me why some vocals are there and some aren't, I don't know.
49. puzzle game theme:: ahh wtf, why can't I remember the name of this puzzle. Whatever, I'll update it when I play the game again. :<
50. Towards the End!:: Funslide!

So far it's only 45 minutes, so it'd easily fit on a CD! Sweet. n.n

I have Ixupi themes as well. I might integrate them into the 'OST' later after I've finished stuff, we'll see. ^^ The only thing holding up the release of Ixupi themes is that I want to list all the places that theme is used.

Generator Room Ixupi Theme
Planetarium Ixupi Theme

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