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Comparison of the HMM kit and the NAR Hasbro kit!


The HMM is rather longer than the Hasbro kit, although the Hasbro Liger's tail is more bent.


My Hasbro Liger has a broken nose. =(


Kotobukiya Liger's head vs. Hasbro Liger's head, with their mouths closed as far as they go.
Incidentally, the Hasbro Liger's photo is the 3000th photo from my camera. :o


With their mouths open as far as they'll go!


Apologies for the uber-blur on Koto-Liger's teeth. ^^;;


A change I found rather random... There's no cap in Koto-Liger's chin =o I think it was even there in the anime.


The gimmick for the Hasbro Liger's Twin-Barrelled Concealed Accelerated Beam Guns (that's what the Koto-Liger's manual calls them.. I think). This was my favorite part of the Hasbro Liger, so I couldn't wait to see how Kotobukiya would do it...


It delivers. :D


(Note the different gun design, too.)


The missile pods; Hasbro on left, Kotobukiya on right. Not too much difference, besides Koto-Liger's /awesome/ pistons. :D


Tail guns! Hasbro on top, Kotobukiya below.


The Ligers with all their guns & shield arrays opened. :D
Most notably, the cheek-emitters ("whiskers") on the Hasbro Liger don't move, whereas the Koto-Liger's do. The Koto-Liger also has a considerably narrower head. :o


Side view for Koto-Liger!





Naturally, the Koto-Liger doesn't need to make room for a motor nor a switch.


Just the view you wanted, I'm sure!
See that missing orange piece in the Koto-Liger? That's the one that ran away from me when I was cutting it out. D:


Liger belly!


Here's Koto-Liger's shock cannon. :3


Front legs compared! Observe the fewer number of tubes in Koto-Liger. :o


Back legs! Notice how much less torso Hasbro Liger has?


Along with more of Koto-Liger's leg, because it's awesome.

And that's all! Hope you enjoyed the photos. ^^ You can redistribute/edit them if you want to.

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