Zoids Legacy: Temporary Photo-scaps page

First off, I am a big Geno 'x' fan. So you're going to find a bunch of photos of Geno variants, along with squeeing over their existance. X3
Second, I'm going to nix this page once I get far enough into my rom game that I have /proper/ screenshots of these. :D

Geno Spear. Can't remember if that's its name or not.. only encountered it once. ;-; One of my friends 'adopted' a blue/silver-scheme Breaker, so I found this awesome. XD

Geno Trooper -- OMG flying Geno Breaker! *fangirl spaz* (The cloud trail is from Diplogun's Railcannon by the way)

Alster's silver Liger Zero Schneider. Isn't it pretty? :D

Solid's black Geno Breaker. <3 <3 <3

Palty's red Pteramander (aka Salamander). I think its sprite in Legacy looks pretty badass! Too bad I haven't yet gotten a photo of the whole thing. u.u

Zaber Fang TS~Tiger Special. Sue me, I think the yellow looks quite good on it. :D

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