• Organization scheme on the index pages is:
<Episode #>. <Episode title> [source]
     USA = American; JPN = Japanese; TWN = Taiwanese.
     TV-rip = scapped from an encoded file that had been recorded off of TV, or of similar quality.
     DVD-rip = scapped from an encoded file that had been ripped from a DVD. Better quality than a TV-rip.
     DVD = scapped from file ripped off a DVD, but the file isn't encoded. Possibly better quality than DVD-rip, though most DVD-rips I'd scap would be high quality anyway.

• An episode whose name and source are given but has no link means that I /have/ the episode, but have not yet scapped it. Email me if you want scaps from those eps, I'll do them sooner. ^^
• I make these scaps based on their artistic quality (i.e., how pretty they look) or how useful they'd be for artists or avatar-makers. That's why there are so many. ^^;;

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Super Deformer Gundam

Superior Defender Gundam Force

Unreal/Unreal Tournament

Update log

SDGF episode 14, "The Best Faces One"
2013.03.29: ANOTHER ONE! SDGF episode 13!
2013.03.23: HOLY CRAP AN UPDATE. SDGF episode 12, y'all.
2011.05.17: SDGF Openings here, textless Ending #1, textless Ending #2, textless Ending #3, Ending #4, both regular and textless available. Yay! (Hey, look, it's spring again...)
2010.03.11: SD Gundam MK-5 episode 1, one of my favorites :3
2010.03.05: Apparently I can only complete sitework during the spring? SD Gundam MK-3 episode 2 is finally done.
2009.05.21: SD Gundam MK-2 episode 3, AKA "Proto-Gaiden". No witty commentary this time.
2009.02.02: SD Gundam MK-2 episode 1, AKA "SD Scirocco Is Cute And Bright Is A Jerk"
2009.02.01: SD Gundam MK-1 episode 3, which IMO should be titled "SD Char Makes A Lot Of Funny Faces"

List of Other Screenshot Sites
(Super Out of Date)

Listed by:
Source name:
•  Site Name

   Content: What it has scaps of, perhaps notes saying what the update status of the page is. (i.e., if the gallery is of a complete series, or incomplete but still being updated, or incomplete and abandoned.) Also, quality of scaps. (LQ = Low quality; HQ = High quality.)

•  JUMP! entertainment
   I fear this site's bandwidth. It's primarily manga information, but it has many other anime and manga-related things as well, and its image gallery includes HQ scaps and cels from .hack//SIGN, Big O, Dragonball/Z/GT, FLCL, Gundam SEED & Wing, Outlaw Star, Trigun, Zoids (all seasons), and a ton of others. Organized by series, but not by episode, so it's a bit chaotic to peruse.

•  Anime Galleries dot Net
   Mix of /lots/ of anime, both scaps and official art; sorted by series and then by character.

Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children:
•  Memories Street ~ FF VII Gallery
   A ton of scaps.. up to the first bike scene. There seems to be but a handful after that. =o

Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends:
•  Never Forgotten
   Scaps, icons, links.

•  GPlus Shots
   DVD-quality but not original size scaps -- a lot of them, though, from nearly every non-SD Gundam series. Beware of popups, too.

Kim Possible:
   OK-quality scaps.

My Neighbor Totoro/Tonari no Totoro
• The Camphor Tree

   Scaps, art and cel scans, and information.

Rockman.EXE/MegaMan NT Warrior
•  Rockman EXE Online

   One of the best Rockman.EXE-centric sites on the net. High-quality scaps of all seasons, continually updating.

Ryuusei no Rockman/MegaMan Star Force
•  Ryusei no Rockman ON-AIR

   New Ryuusei fansite with a ton of HQ scaps~

•  Tenchi Muyo Information Archives

   Information, music, and many, many quality scaps of all the episodes and movies from the Tenchi series.

•  Seibertron - The Ultimate Transformers Resource

   Name says it all, really, though its scaps aren't DVD quality.

•  Screenshots @
   Screenshots from assorted series, some in order, some not. Good stuff, though!
•  Liger's Union
   Very nice Zoids site, with lots of stuff. (Image leechers take note, redistributing LU's images is disallowed.)

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