Cruithne: A Dimensional Area

2017.02.08: pictures of minecraft, infrapink updates
ps i know basic japanese grammar now
maybe i can get back to translating things. . . .

2017.01.09: I finally got around to making index/gallery pages for local history stuff I'd scanned and had laying around. Hope you like tractors!

2015.10.27: I decided to close my Hazel and Fiver fanlists... it's been 7 years, I think it's time to let them go. I'll update this page if I see one get adopted, and if anyone comes by and is like "I'd like to app for those" you can have my list/codes/layout if you want them! =o
I'm going to leave the pages themselves up because I really like their layouts c_c; I'm not often inspired in site design!

2015.10.17: Holy crap y'all my site is joining the 21st century
• beta-testing, it's super simple so it should be fine. then, converting everything to this CSS
• the screenshot galleries will use Photoswipe if everything works out OK
• going to redesign the Mana Archive, but I dunno what to besides "not tables"
• I also want to change my a:link color (because it's nearly invisible in monochrome) but I'm not sure what to GOSH DECISIONS ARE HARD