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   For the win. :3

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lawl (2:05)
[YouTube] MVG1's desc:
XD Not my first really. This one was for fun mostly, the song from the Naruto Soundtrack... I think the first one.
Well, it began last fall actually but I hadn't had the SDGF footage to make it work. I was raking leaves and listening to the cd and it struck me that this song is totally SDGF material. So here you are! Enjoy! :]

Title and Registration (3:49)
[YouTube] MVG1's desc:
Was going to be my first uploaded amv but, due to uploading issues, it's my second now. :] Shute/Rele tribute. Please don't comment on the lip syncing, I spent hardly any time on it because I became lazy. xp *goes back to sleep*

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SD Battle Royale (6:39)
[YouTube] The Sazabi battle, liberally mixed with dialog. :3

Rere Katare
( Profile)

Princess Rele's Once Upon a Dream (3:48)
[WMV, 10.6MB]
Song is No Secrets' "Once Upon Another Dream".

Shute is in Over His Head (3:46)
[WMV, 10.6MB] Is he ever! Mostly season 2 footage.
Song is Lit's "Over My Head", the title theme from Titan A.E.

Dark Axis, Professor Gerbera, and Genki (3:17)
Song is the A Teens' "Floor Filler".

Unknown Artist
If you're the maker of one or more of these, please let me know so I can credit properly!

Zensou NAGEEEEEEE (2:07)
[AVI, 8.65MB] A season 1 AMV using a lot of the same footage used in the USA opening, with a cool background song.

[torisugari] Ai no tame ni - Tachiagare (1:29)
[AVI, 11.9MB] DUN DUN DUN (season 1 stuff)

Colorful Force (BGM_Sakuranbo Kiss ~Bakuhatsu da mo~n~) (1:59)
[AVI, 7.89MB] An AMV of a buncha scenes from season 1 and 2 to a sugary jpop song, "Sakuranbo Kiss"!

Commander Sazabi Battle Digest - Chou-Kakoii! (4:04)
[AVI, 13.5MB] The all-out invasion of Neotopia and Captain VS. Sazabi! Song is "Taiyou ni Kogarete". :3

Commander Sazabi Battle Digest - SKILL!! (5:44)
[AVI, 23.3MB] Song is "SKILL" by JAM Project! (Also on Youtube)

Zako Zako Samba (2:17)
[AVI, 9.28MB] Everybody dance~! (Also on Youtube)

Kokoro Odoru Zako Zako Hour (1:07)
[AVI, 14.3MB] Heart dance~!

Shadow Run (4:43)
[AVI, 13.3MB] A dramatic AMV about Deathscythe/Deed, the copy Princess, Shute, Zero and the final battle with Deathscythe.

Battle Digest of the Knight of Darkness, Deathscythe - In the Deed (3:36)
[AVI, 11.6MB] Starting with a flashback and cutting to the appearance of the Sword of Epyon, it continues from there until Deathscythe's defeat. Song is Linkin Park's "In the End".

Epyon~Deathscythe Battle Digest - The Death Scythe (4:20)
[AVI, 17.7MB] It uses the same episodes as In the Deed, but has some different scenes and a powerful song -- JAM Project's "Soul Taker", from the anime of the same name.

Dark Lilijimama (1:28)
[AVI, 6MB] A short AMV that centers on the copy princess and her interactions with Shute.

Deed Strike (by 1:21)
[AVI, 7.6MB] A silly short AMV about Deed; the song is "I・CHI・GO・GO!GO!" and the subtitled lyrics are a parody version of the spoken words. :D

Kibaomaru Battle Digest - Wars of Ark ~ Majinkaizer (5:05)
[AVI, 27.5MB] About Kibaoumaru and Genkimaru, with Daishinshou and other awesome Ark stuff. :D Song is "Majinkaizer no Thema", from the show Majinkaizer.

Tenchijou katta ze! Run Gunsoul Run (2:59)
[AVI, 14.2MB] Composed primarily of scenes of Universe Castle from season 2 and Gunbike from season 1, it's got a cool song but I don't know what it is. ^^;

Mobile Warrior Daishinshou No.28 (1:31)
[AVI, 7.31MB] This one is about Daishinshou, using the themesong of Tetsujin 28 (AKA Gigantor); I definitely recommend seeing Tetsujin 28's opening first so you can fully enjoy the AMV, so here it is. :D

Kibaomaru's War - Moments (5:31)
[AVI, 24.1MB] Ark-centric AMV, focusing on Ashuramaru, the Cobramaru clan, Bakushinmaru, Genkimaru and Kibaomaru.

Tears of Son (6:40)
[AVI, 24.6MB] This one focuses on Baku and Kibaomaru's battle and then Genkimaru in Daishinshou.

Madnug Battle Digest - Revolution (2:04)
[AVI, 11MB] About Madnug. Song is "Revolution" the third ending theme of Kamen Rider Ryuuki.

Madnug Battle Digest - Madnug With Dirty Face (2:23)
[AVI, 11.3MB] Also about Madnug; song is "Angels With Dirty Faces" by Sum 41.

General Zeong Battle Digest - Minna yo, Tachiagare (4:06)
[AVI, 22.1MB] The final battle against General Zeong!

General Zeong Battle Digest - Rewrite (3:47)
[AVI, 16.8MB] The final battle again, with "Rewrite" by Asian Kung-Fu Generation from FullMetal Alchemist!

(Episode 51) Chief Haro Battlescene (2:19)
[WMA, 3.68MB] The final battle, focusing on Chief Haro (who is so awesome) and using "Taiyou ni Kogarete". :D

Tomorrow (3:34)
[Youtube] Starting at Zeong's ultimate defeat and continuing to the end of the series. :D Song is "Tomorrow" from the anime Full Metal Panic.

Epilogue - Goal wa Mirai (3:39)
[AVI, 14.6MB] From the very end of the series, after peace has been won! Song is "Goal wa Mirai", an ending theme from Tokusou EXCEEDRAFT.

SD Gundam Force Daikessen! Dimensional Pirate De Scarl (1:18)
[AVI, 6.98MB] About the PS2 game (which was released in the USA as "SD Gundam Force Showdown"). Song is "ELEMENTS" from Kamen Rider Blade.
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