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Musha Retsuden
by SilverBellsAbove

   WOW! My first mediaminer fanfiction! I absolutely love SD Gundam, but I notice there are few serious non-romance fics around. So I'm doing one.
   Disclaimer- I have special dispensation to wield my pen to do this fandom justice. Cease and desist, evil lawyers (I don't own SD Gundam.)

Chapter 1 - Chapter 2

1. Enter the Spotlight

“So this time it's really gonna work?” Shute poked at Captain Gundam as the dimensional transport booted up. Bell Wood had FINALLY fixed the thing after so much time, and needless to say everyone was itching for new adventure.

Captain nodded “Yes, There is a 97 percent chance that it will function.”

“Uh,” Shute blinked, “What about the other three percent?”

Captain gave a blank look, “Sorry Shute, I don't know. We don't have enough data.”

“Well that's reassuring.” Bakunetsumaru grumbled off to the right, and his faithful steed Entengo stomped a foot in anxiety. Shute had forced them to play the almighty game of rock-paper-scissors to see where to go first, and the Blazing Samurai had lost. He was currently sulking, pride crippled.

Zero floated about to the left absently. “It's best not to trouble thyself with such matters. Please, let us continue.”

“Everything's A-ok!” Bell Wood grinned over the intercom, “We're starting the countdown, send us a postcard when you get there!”


Shute smiled. “It's great that Bell Wood got advanced communications-


“In my cell phone.” The boy continued, “This way we can-


“Talk to base no matter where we are!”


“I'll be home soon, I'm coming my princess!' Zero sighed


Entengo neighed


“Hurry up! Let's get this little trip-


“Over with!” You can guess who growled that.


“Here it comes…”




They all shut their eyes


Shute took a deep breath


“Ah nuts.” Shute whimpered as the group was blasted to what seemed like the back of beyond.


Zero opened his eyes, head pounding. Still a little blurry-eyed from being incapacitated, he stood up. Internally, he was remarking about his foul luck and how Bell Wood needed to fine-tune his devices better.

What he was standing on didn't feel like stone, so he definitely wasn't in Lacroa. It was grass, scratchy and dry. It was a little cold out, but being who he was he didn't really mind.

His fuzzy vision shifted back into focus, and he shook his head in bewilderment. Did he seem taller all of a sudden? Or was it just his imagination playing tricks on him?

Zero blinked, and then gave a slight sigh of breath. Instantly he froze like a deer in the headlights, shocked.

Gundams do not blink. Perhaps to convey an emotion, but never to clear the eyes. That, and Gundams do not sigh, for they do not breathe air, something that the Gundivers proved time and time again. Something was very, very wrong here.

The Winged Knight looked down at himself in alarm. Sure enough, there was a chest gently rising and falling, lithe but muscled. He hadn't noticed he was breathing; it seemed to be an unconscious action. A mane of pale lavender fluffed downward with the motion of the head, and as Zero began to panic, he felt a heart dully throb faster and faster in his chest. Fearful, he glanced to the still-passed out figures on the ground.

“What in Mana's name is going on here?!”


A little while later, after they had woken Bakunetsumaru for the second time (he had fainted in shock the first time) they all were able to think at least semi-rationally (with the exception of Captain Gundam, he's never flustered about this kind of thing).

“Why is fate so… damned!!!???” The musha gundam cursed. It was especially hard for him. Humans didn't even exist in his world; so the prospect of looking like one didn't do anything appease him at all.

Shute gave a worried look that didn't suit him. “So, what now?”

Entengo gave a worried whinny. He had been rendered to an organic horse, and wasn't pleased either.

“I have not a hint of what will unfold at the moment.” Zero sighed and gave a doubtful gesture, “Surely someone will call and set matters straight once more?”

Shute's phone gave a ring, and the young boy grinned, “Good timing, Zero,” and pushed a button. A fizzy, static-ridden holographic image of Chief Haro and Bell Wood projected out the lens of the cameraphone.

Between bits of static, the image asked, “Are… you… alright….” And then the image locked, and wasn't fizzy.

Bell Wood grinned, “There, fixed the display!” and then blinked as he looked at the slightly woebegone group. “Uh, what happened to you guys?!”

The comment was ignored, and Captain saluted. “Captain Gundam reporting for duty, Chief Haro.” He declared. Shute saluted as well.

“Shute and the rest reporting too, sir!”

Haro frowned… or what they thought looked like a frown on his green head/mask… thing. “It's as we feared, I see.”

“I don't understand!” Bakunetsumaru hissed. “Where are we and why-”

Bell wood cut him off, “Someone who wasn't you transported off Neotopia the exact same time you did. Somehow the destinations got scrambled and we can't track the other transport.”

“Wow, Captain, what were the odds of that?!” Shute exclaimed.

Captain looked grim. “A 1.675 percent chance, Shute.”

“Gah…” Shute mumbled, astounded by the statistics. “This whole thing sounds like bad news.”

Haro shook his head. “It is. You four... five counting Entengo were transported to a dimension very far away from Neotopia, and we have a theory as to why you're… different.” He went on lamely, “From what we can scan over here, on the plane of existence that you are currently on Gundams never existed.”

“Never?” Baku frowned.

“Not that we can locate. The device is still pretty new and experimental, so it didn't accept that factor. In order to keep continuity correct it had to… alter a few things. If it didn't existence might have collapsed and all that stuff. Don't worry; from what we can tell, battle capacity and innate functions should still be operational. For example, Captain should still be able to use his sensors even though they are `invisible' right now,” Bell Wood explained officially.

Zero rose a few feet into the air in relief. He could still fly and use his magic in this world. “Is there any way to traverse this mistake and retrieve us, sir?”

Haro gave a negative gesture “Unfortunately not. The gap is too great, but we're sure we can fix this.”

“Argh!” Bakunetsumaru cursed.

The SDG Chief gave an apologetic bow, “We are deeply sorry for the inconvenience. We will continue to work on it. Over and out.”

Haro and Wood disappeared and Bakunetsumaru scowled.

“This… is…a bad situation.” He mumbled. The sound of a door opening wide made them all jump.

“Uh…” a female voice wavered, “Can I help you?”

-???s POV-

I had heard all the talking and yelling outside, and I decided to investigate. Dad's backyard is fenced all the way around; it'd be pretty hard for someone to get inside. I mean, what with all the spazzing he does over his grass, he wants to keep the neighbors off it. Yeah, he's a bit crazy. Both my parents are. Thank god he wasn't going to be home for a while, or he'd have thrown a fit at someone being on his lawn

I opened the back door and stared for a good two seconds. It took just that long to register. There were four guys in the yard, staring back at me! I can say I bit my lip.
The first was around twelve or so, brunette, and kind of short. He was wearing just a simple shirt and shorts, rollerblades on his feet. Nothing special, nothing really abnormal, which made the group he was in seem even stranger.

On the right was an older boy, roughly the same age as me (sixteen). His cobalt eyes bore a serious expression and his honey-blonde hair was cut modestly short, but still long enough to shade his eyes. He was wearing some kind of uniform, complete with guns and…stuff.

The next was the same age, but had an entirely different feeling to him. His angry red eyes shone in annoyance and his dark crimson hair was of medium length, but tied back and out of the way. Dressed as someone from the ancient far east, he bore twin katanas and looked very, very pissed.

The last one was the most shocking of all. He was sixteen too, but he was, somehow, FLOATING a good two feet off the ground! Long pale lilac hair cut straight and just below the shoulders flowed slightly in the breeze as noble azure eyes studied me back. His attire hinted that he might have stepped out of the middle ages, for crying out loud!

Excuse me for being overly poetic here. I mean, I had a right to be; it seemed like a couple of cosplayers had just teleported into my backyard and they all didn't look very happy. I mean, c'mon. Exciting things equals poetic justice, right?

So, right then only one thought ran through my mind.

What the heck have I gotten myself into?!

-Zero's POV-

This one… was not quite a princess. Beautiful lady she was, but certainly not a princess. She didn't give off the right air at all.

Careless, but not unruly locks of ebon hair framed two pale hoary eyes, which were currently in an overwhelmed expression. Clad as she was, she could almost be mistaken for a young man.

All in all, she was quite humble-looking, and seemed to be someone who simply did not care to be fashionable. A waste, I say, for she was very beautiful as is. She was gawking at us all, what a sight we must have been to her!

I casually flew up to her and summoned a princess rose, “Dear lady, you have no reason to be afeared of my compatriots and I.”

She took it and blinked at us all. “Am I missing something here?”

-3rd person POV-

“What do we tell her?” Shute whispered to Captain, watching Zero's action in doubt.

“I don't know, Shute.”

Zero turned back to his friends and shook his head, “I believe it is best if we offer the truth to the good lady.”

Bakunetsumaru glared. “I don't think that she will believe us.”

“Well, it's worth a shot!” Shute grinned and waved. “Hi! My name's Shute!”

“Zero, the winged knight at your service, milady.”

Captain nodded, “Captain Gundam.”

Bakunetsumaru was about to do his nice fiery introduction, but a hand stopped him.

“Don't Bakunetsumaru, you'll burn dad's grass,” She whispered frantically with a confused undertone, as if she could hardly believe what she was saying.

The musha gundam blinked, surprised at not only the fact that she knew his name and also at the fact that she had pronounced it correctly, something that very few could manage.

The girl was now not only staring at them in surprise but also in disbelief. “I must be nuts.”

“You are not crazy; that is my name,” Baku pressed.

Captain gave her a suspicious look, “How do you know about us?”

“Long story. But why are you guys… ehh… looking like humans?”

Shute gave a slight frown. “Long story.”

The girl grinned, “They all are, I guess,” and turned her back to go inside again. “You know,” she called over her shoulder, “The great outdoors is cool and all, but it's no fun sitting in the dirt. How about you guys come inside and then we can sit down and swap info?”

Bakunetsumaru gave an incredulous look. “You're inviting us in?! But we don't even know who you are!” he declared, but was cut off by a rose appearing in a pop on the tip of his nose. “Gah! Zero!”

“Must you be so discourteous to a lady?” Zero scolded as they walked through a hall.

All of a sudden the girl cracked up. “Ha! Always wanted to see that done for real,” and she led them into a living room. No one sat down yet.

Zero gave a bow, “I would repeat it a thousand fold for you, fair lady.” He smirked, and Bakunetsumaru gave an expression in between horrified and angry.

The girl shook her head, “Nah, I don't want to tick your buddy off.” She then sat down, and everyone else did too. “I can see why you guys are wierded out. You guys must be kinda suspicious of me by now, so point one; I'm just a high school student who likes old cartoons. What would I get by being a bad host? Sword to the head, probably, so I won't give you guys grief if I can help it.”

Captain gave her a look of evaluation, “A logical conclusion,” and then turned to the others. “She seems to be telling the truth. I will trust her.”

Shute gave a smile, “Then I will too!”

“I will trust her as long as she proves to be honest.” Bakunetsumaru nodded.

Zero agreed as well. “Fair lady, I do not believe we have yet been properly introduced. What is thy name?” he asked with a bow of the head.

“Eh… thanks for believing in me?” she blushed and then quickly continued with, “Oh, my name's Graye Kenneth. Nice to meet you guys.”

Bakunetsumaru gave her a look of interrogation. “How do you know of us? I have been told that gundams do not exist at all in this world.”

“Well, you're half right. But they do exist here, but not really.”

Captain looked at her blankly. “Your explanation is imprecise. Is clarification possible?”

“Uh… how to say it… the story of how you guys saved Neotopia is an old cartoon here. It used to air on television nine or so years ago. Weird to you guys, I know, but it sort of makes sense. All the worlds must have something to do with one another, right? Maybe it's a kind of thing that brings dimensions together or whatever. Beats me.”

Shute nodded. “Yeah, I think I get it.”

“It is a hypothesis that can be supported,” Captain agreed.

Bakunetsumaru held up a hand, “I have one more question.”

“Fire away- oops, no pun intended,” Graye sniggered.

“Isn't Graye a boys' name?”

The girl sweatdropped. “Hey…” and then rolled her eyes, “Lay off, I have nutty parents, okay?”

Zero stood up and gave the musha Gundam a cross look. “At least attempt to be civil to Lady Graye.”

“I am asking an honest question!”

“All you are doing at this time is being meddlesome.” At this comment, Bakunetsumaru started upright and leaned to Zero, an aggressive scowl beaming for all to see.

“And all you are doing is being wrapped around a woman's finger!”

“I am not!”

“Yes you are, you pervert of a Gundam!”

“How dare you accuse me of sexual harassment, you shallow lout!”

“You insult my honor?! Then-”

Graye snapped to her feet. “ENOUGH!!!!!” she barked forcefully and shoved the two away from each other. “You sit down!” she yelled and pushed the Blazing Samurai back into the chair with surprising strength, “And you, take a load off!” she scolded at Zero and forced him back onto the couch. Everyone stared at her for a second, silent. Graye collapsed back into her armchair in a huff and gave them both a warning look.

After a second, Zero spoke up. “A temperate lady thou art not.”

“Darn straight,” she breathed. “Both of you probably can totally wreck this house without even breaking a sweat, so there isn't going to be any `duels to the death' in my living room. If you haven't noticed, I don't have moody gundam insurance.”

Shute giggled at the comment. “So, are we gonna tell you what happened?”

Graye nodded, “Yeah, I kinda want to know why a couple of gundams… in human form landed plop in dad's backyard.”

Shute turned to his comrades. “So, who's going to explain?”

Heads turned to Shute and Captain.

“Ok. I'll do it,” Shute sweatdropped

“Hold on Shute. I have found another factor,” Captain requested. “If we are fiction in this world, why are you positive that we are who we say we are?”

Everyone gave Captain a weird look. “Did you have to ask that question?” Baku shrugged


Graye gave a nondescript `whatever' gesture. “You guys are too accurate. It's kinda obvious none of you are lying, even to me. I mean, no matter how good someone is at imitating someone, there has to be a slip-up SOMEWHERE, right? Well, I haven't noticed one so far, so I'm trusting you. You guys should be thankful I'm a fan of your cartoon or I never would have gone along with this.”

“Then your behavior is normal.”

“Yep… I think.”

Shute nodded and started to explain “We were transporting off Neotopia when something happened and we end up here by accident. Since there aren't gundams here, the device had to... err…”

“Yeah, I get it,” Graye nodded and looked at them unclearly. “So you guys are stuck here. Sucks to be you.”

Bakunetsumaru glared. “How can you say such things?! Is YOUR homeland in danger?”

Graye gave him a critical look. “Yes. No matter how peaceful things may look, it's not all that peachy here right now.”

Zero frowned, “In speaking of `here' where is `here'? Is there a date in this realm as well?”

“You guys are on Earth right now, in the town of Arlington, state of Massachusetts, country of the United States of America… you want me to go on?”

“No, that's good enough. What's the date?”

“It's December first, 2012 AD… but ever since 2008 technology hasn't advanced. We've got a problem here, and I don't just mean depletion of resources. So it's kinda slim that someone will suddenly make a gate to ship you guys homeward bound.”

“What a predicament we're gotten ourselves into.” Zero sighed.

Graye rolled her eyes “I'll say.”

   well, that's the end of the first chapter. It may seem Zero-centric, but I figure he'd be the first to wake up and the first to register the presence of a girl XD
   Oh, and I suck at writing Baku. Kill me later.

Chapter 1 - Chapter 2
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