2017.02.08: Hey what's up I'm modernizing THIS part of my site too
I also added a link to the gameboy advance gamerip of Fantastic Children (hay) and some album scans (zipped)
Also go look at the SDGF page shhhhh....

2015.10.06: Fixed links again, cheers to the person who let me know they were busted~

2015.05.02: I updated the books index with a few SD Gundam books I've gotten in the intervening years (whoops...). I've also updated all of the Advance of Z links to go to Mega.co.nz, and gave them cover images on their individual pages.

2015.04.30: Now I'm uploading the books to Mega.co.nz. Dear god I completely forgot that Mihd.net was a thing...
Also, I think my IRC fserv is dead for good. Long live IRC.
Also: switching out of print links with links to Amazon.co.jp.

2015.03.30: Finished reuploading that stuff!

2014.09.22: So, uh, hello there! I've started reuploading things to Mega.co.nz, starting with the SD Gundam Collection Box!

2012.02.09: Happy new year, Megaupload's gone! :V Well, there's still my IRC fserv (scroll below the project list for info) and the .torrent.

I guess I'll wait a bit to see what exactly is going to happen with Megaupload before removing my links.

2010.04.20: wait what
Have a .torrent(new link)! It's SDGF 1-52, japanese, raw, HQ XviD AVI.
I don't know why the page says there's no seeders, because I'm seeding.

INCIDENTALLY I've ripped the subtitle files from the Taiwanese DVDs. Script-wise they're all in Chinese, but they contain timing data. If you have a script and don't want to time, contact me~ (the files are also in my fserve)

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SD Gundam Force Gaiden Manga Translation Script Completed: 2007.08.13
SD Gundam Force Himitsu Databook Translation Script Completed: 2008.07.18

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