The Plague Rat <TPR>

The inside of the Plague Rat is not nearly so intimidating as the outside might be. It's a warm, slightly smoky place, and it looks a lot smaller than it actually is. Quite cozy, too.
Like the typical 20th century English pub, the Rat seems to have a central theme of dark-stained wood and brass railings. The bar itself is a deep mahogany color, with stools of the same color lined up in front of it. Tables leave not so much room on the center floor, and what wallspace there is is taken up by semi-private booths.
All in all, it's very comfortable, if not a bit hazy. The walls are covered with different portraits and artifacts of Ye Olde England. The food is typical pub-grub, with a few odd additions. The bar is fully-stocked, the staff is relatively friendly, and just ignore the one corner of the room filled with people brooding and wearing entirely black, and you should be fine.

Feste []
Robin Goodfellow

Obvious exits:
Out <O> leads to London - Historical District.

[OOC] Ayin sneaks in!
Satsuma has arrived.
[OOC] Feste says, "Yo."
[OOC] Satsuma says, "Hiiii!"
[OOC] Feste sets!


This man is, foremost of all, rather tall. He stands no less than six feet and five inches, but somehow manages not to be imposing at all. He is of a slight build, having broad shoulders but still skinny and marginally lithe. Scandinavian by blood and birth, he is pale and fair-haired and fair-eyed, with blond hair kept in a very short, lopped-off ponytail. One would expect green or blue eyes, but a pair of white-fading-into-blue optics greet the observer instead. They are devoid of the life and sparkle human eyes display, instead burning with the same artificial vitality as a neon sign.
This man is wearing motley. It is not nearly so colorful as one might expect. Where it should be merry purple and green and red and blue and yellow, it is two-tone black and white. It's made up of strips of fabric arranged like a poncho around his shoulders and a belt around his waist. His hat is motley as well, with four arcing spikes of alternating black and white. His shoes, however, are simple boots, and the tight fitting clothes beneath his motley are black on one side and white on the other. The bells that hang from his motley are muted with strips of black tape.

The Plague Rat is generally always not so busy as the night grows longer -- people go home, go back to their families, and the hardcore drinkers start their evenings on the bottle. It's rather typical. So ordinary you might expect to find it anywhere, although the Rat does it in a way that is uniquely English.

Feste is occupying his usual bar stool, drinking water (with a lemon as a concession to convention). He looks relatively nonplussed at this, and is in fact merely using the Rat as a vehicle to find somebody new and interesting to talk to. He's been so damned lonely with no one intelligent to speak to for practically a year. The owner, one Evan McKinnon, leaves him alone despite her natural inclination to throw things at him. So long as he doesn't cause trouble, that is.

Bursting into the Plague Rat with far more enthusiasm than any girl has a right to have, Satsuma does a little spin as she comes to a halt, half-saluting the people at the bar in a fashion that's sugary-sweet enough to give people cavities. Her hair is currently a ruddy blonde, and her petite figure is cloaked in a black trenchcoat... a bright pink sweater visible underneath it. "Hiya!" she says cheerfully, to no one in particular. She'd heard that the food here was pretty good as she walked through the streets of London for a reason she's since forgotten, and decided to stop by to see if it really was.

As she turns to look at one of the empty booths, her eyes catch sight of a... familiar ponytail. Sorta familiar, anyway. The GNN Reploid puts a hand on her chin thoughtfully, and "Hmm"s. Definitely familiar, but from where. Something about... ninjas. She shrugs, and takes a stool two seats over from Feste, looking at him sidelong to figure out what it is about this man that's stirring her memory.

[OOC] Satsuma has seen Feste on... two occasions, she thinks? Once in the parking garage, when Jav was hella' drunk, and the other time was on Eurasia, when he ordered a burger from Ninja Burger.
[OOC] Ayin says, "I want a Ninja Burger IRL. :D"
[OOC] Satsuma says, "Aye, it would be great."
[OOC] Feste says, "Yeah."
[OOC] Feste was all like, 'Give me a burger,' and Resh is all, '30 minutes or we will commit seppuku.'
[OOC] Feste says, "(As a sidenote, I actually cut off my ponytail.)"
[OOC] Satsuma nods. XD
[OOC] Satsuma =o
[OOC] Feste says, "It was an act of mourning."
[OOC] Satsuma says, "Well, it's a lopped-off ponytail, but it's still tied back, right? The back of your head is familiar."
[OOC] Feste checks his desk. Oh! I see. Carry on. Yes.
[OOC] Feste's hair just isn't super-long anymore.

Ayin also strolls in, following a comfortable distance behind the awfully cheery girl. He's not here for the food or drink.. .oO(He /should/ be here.. I think..)Oo. he thinks, looking around. His eyes fall on the girl once more, and trace her gaze to.. ahah! Feste, most likely!

Amusingly, Satsuma's entrance is met with a chorus of 'oaaaaaouagaughaghs' or something like it from the Goth Corner. "A fairy!" someone proclaims, with slight distaste. They are too hardcore for you and your pink shirt.
The Fool smirks, watching them, and watches the girl, too. Hey, that's that-- GNN reporter, yeah. The Fool squints, waving a few of his fingers. "That is the most dangerously pink shirt I have seen anyone ever wear with a trenchcoat," he greets.

[OOC] Ayin laughs.
[OOC] Satsuma hmms. "How gothy are these goths? I think I've got a really fantasy-ish costume stashed in here somewhere..." XP
[OOC] Feste says, "They're like wannabe goths."
[OOC] Satsuma must destroy them, then.
[OOC] Feste says, "They wear a lot of black, sit in the bar, and angst, but are too young to buy alcohol."
[OOC] Satsuma says, "Oh, yes, I'm definitely going full ^_^ on them."

Satsuma's pink shirt is AWESOME, you silly goths. She looks over at them, and pulls down one eyelid as she blows a raspberry. "Ptbthbthb!" Sitting straight again and looking up at Feste, she says, "You think so? I thought it was a pretty color! And pink and black look pretty nice together, don't'cha think?" Her eyes, at the moment, are a curious shade of bright violet, definitely not natural. Though, those big ol' audial fins coming out of her clearly robotic earpieces would've been a much earlier clue that she's not quite a fleshie.

Ayin blinks at the goths, distracted by their commotion, then shakes his head in amusement. His ears perk when he hears the girl speak, recognizing her voice from the radio, but doesn't say anything yet.. instead, he walks over to the bar, takes a seat a few stools away from Feste and peers in his direction.

The goths look horrified as a collective. One of the particularly uppity misfits, one Raleigh Westcot, a young feller of note, fearlessly thbbtbthbhts right back. Feste, meanwhile, quirks an eyebrow. "Ah, well," he begins, aware that he is treading dangerous territory, "I'm no expert on fashion, to say the least. I mean, look at me. White and black and bells." He smiles thinly, gesturing with a free hand as his motley.

"Oh, I dunno, white and black can have their own... thing. It looks kind of sad, though, more like mourning clothes... um, could you excuse me for a moment?" Spinning in her seat, Satsuma hops off of the stool... and as she lands on the ground, her clothing abruptly changes. From a black trenchcoat concealing her pink sweater, the five foot tall Reploid is suddenly wearing... pink. Lots of pink. And white. Trimmed in gold. Pink boots that go up past her thighs, with thick white soles and cute little wings coming out of the ankles. A white dress, whose bottom just passes the top of the boots. A pink jacket, with floofy shoulders, and a wing-shaped brooch pin. White gloves. And to top it all off... a big, cute, pink hat. Her hair, as well, as become a bright red-brown, and her eyes are a brilliant cerulean.

Bounding daintily over towards the Goths, she says, "And just who're you raspberrying, mister 'My soul is as black as the background in my DeadJournal'?" She reaches forward, and tries to tap the brave soul upon the nose, assuming he doesn't recoil is sudden revulsion at an honest-to-goodness magical girl.

[OOC] Satsuma's current costume (with knee-length hair): If that doesn't make them go 'Holy crap, fairy, run away!' then nothing will. XP
[OOC] Feste oh nos Card Captor Sakura
[OOC] Satsuma says, "Except without the wand, because I don't want to break them too badly."

"More accurate than you know," Feste says mildly, allowing her to go. Raleigh looks up to him, but F is a firm believer in the 'Clean Up Your Own Mess' philosophy. And he will enjoy watching Raleigh deal with Girls. It's funny.
The goths, aghast, make horrified noises. Raleigh, sitting pretty in his trenchcoat and stylishly moppish brown hair, just frowns. "You look like a bleedin' flower," he remarks, folding his arms over his chest. You see, Raleigh is not really a goth. However, the real goths are reeling in pain and the AGONY OF LIFE. SO HORRIBLE. DIE.

Ayin stares at the girl (Satsuma, his memory provides) as she transforms. Discreetly, but it's still staring. But as she lays a visual SMACKDOWN on the corner-goths, he laughs quietly. He'd totally add something snarky to this situation.. If he could think of it, anyway..

"You think so?" Satsuma says, blatently ignoring the recoiling True Wannabe Goths to, instead, look down at her outfit. "It's really cute, but I wouldn't call it flowery. You should see one of the dresses I've got at home, now /that/ is flowery." With a shrug, her clothing abruptly changes again, this time to a pair of jeans and a short-sleeved T-shirt that Feste might recognize from the garage, the one emblazoned with the slogan 'I <3 Canon Pairings' on the front. Wearing short sleeves, her arms are clearly robotic; though flesh-colored, her elbows are visible ball joints, with seams between her forearms and wrists, and a seam on each knuckle of all her fingers. "I guess I'll stick with this, then. It might break you're, uh, friends a bit less, too." She finally peers at the goths. "Are they... um, are they alright?"

"Well, it's pink," Feste points out, helpfully. "Flowers are pink."

Raleigh glowers at him. The goths reel. Raleigh glowers at Satsuma, also. He also glowers at Ayin, but this is mostly because Ayin is there. "They'll live," he announces, turning to look at his fellow 'goths'. "Aw, c'mon, you gits! It's just a girl."
"We can't fight girls!" one horrified male goth replies.
"What the hell are you implying, you chauvinist pig?" retorts another goth.
Raleigh decides to turn back around. Feste laughs uproariously.

Ayin grin-smirks in Raleigh's direction. Muahaha!

Satsuma just... STARES at the Goths for a moment, as they refuse to even face her because she's a girl. "Oh. My. God," she says. "You're scared of a little girl? That is so CUUUUTE!" She tousles the closest goth's hair, then turns and bounds back to her stool, her sweater and trenchcoat reappearing over her clothing, and her hair and eyes becoming a bright green. "Oh, that was fun... hey, is there a menu around here?" the GNN girl asks, glancing around. She's feeling pretty hungry, she's been blinking through a lot costumes in the last few hours.

[Radio] Transmission detected: ... ... ... have ... favor ... ask you.
[Radio] Transmission detected: Hi, ...
[Radio] Frequency Cracked! +setintercept to save it.
[Radio] Transmission detected: Hi Mirror! ... ... ...

Raleigh also decides he needs new friends. The closest goth cringes. "Stop touching me! How can I address the emptiness of existence when you're touching me? Arrrgh!" He curls up into a ball, right there, in his chair.
Feste, who is by now very, very amused, smiles at Satsuma, perhaps impressed. "Ja, of course," he says, swiping one from behind the bar and handing it off. "Ah. I love it when people bait them. But none so well as a magical girl in pink." He laughs. "Ah. Good times, good times."

"Well, they deserve it. The world may be a dark place these days, but that's no excuse to do..." she gestures vaguely at the goths. "/that/. Besides, ALL black isn't a fashion statement." She hmms thoughtfully at the menu. "I guess I'll have... that, that, that, aaand... that." She must have some stomach, to be able to store away that much. The menu is given a closer inspection, in case there's anything else she wants to add to her order. "What's haggis, anyway?"

Ayin laughs at the goths some more, because it's fun! He also notices that the 'tender has been eyeing him. Oh, hm. Ayin swiftly determines that he should order something or be prepared to lose his seat, and looks around for a menu. He glances at Satsuma, and offers, "Haggis is something you probably don't want."

Feste listens to Satsuma with increasing amusement. "You're right. It isn't. It's a lifestyle, and one I will have none of!" His volume increases in that way that people have when they're saying something they want other people across the room to hear. "Society will never allow it!"
He clears his throat and returns to a normal nine-inch voice. And promptly pulls a face. "Yeah, yeah, haggis-- you don't want to be eating that." He nods approval at Ayin.
From the kitchen: "There's /nothing/ wrong with the haggis! Stop telling people that!"

Looking between Feste, Ayin, the kitchen, and the menu, Satsuma just says, "...okay? Maybe, uh, next time." She shrugs, being content with the four things she picked, and gives the menu back to Feste, to return to whereever he got it from. With another "Hmm," she looks at the Fool, and squints... finally, it dawns on her. "Oh! You're the guy from the parking garage in Torontreal! With the hammer!" Ah, yes, the Hammer of Slightly Less Indiscriminate Justice. How could she forget?

Satsuma then thinks aloud, putting a finger to her chin, "But where did the ninjas come in?"

Ayin points over to Feste, "Can I use that menu?" To Satsuma, "Did they assassinate anyone while they were there?"

"I sincerely recommend against it ever," Feste whispers, both urgent and plainly joking. He winks, and stows the menu where it bel-- no, he hands it off to Ayin. "Here you go, mate."
Upon mention of his Great and Mighty (Though Slightly Less Full of Indiscriminate Justice) Hammer, the Fool smiles crookedly. "I admit it, you caught me. Guilty as charged. And... I don't know. They're ninjas. They're ineffable. They just /are/. Very Zen, if you ask me."
To Ayin, he offers, "No, they just delivered hamburgers."

Satsuma shrugs to Ayin, then turns back to Feste. "Oh, they're not totally ineffable. I can think of lots of words to describe ninjas. Sneaky, stealthy, ninja-y... can wear black better than those guys." She tilts her heads towards the goths in the corner, checking to see if that one is still in the fetal position. Was that the first time a girl touched him? Honestly. "The Zen of Ninjas is really overrated. They're just sneaky, and like to flip out and kill people. That's a bad thing."

Ayin hehs, takes the menu and flips through it. He skims it cover-to-cover and realizes that he doesn't know what much on it /is/.. Except for haggis, because haggis is /infamous/ like that. So he takes the easy way out. "I'll have a hamburger."

Unfortunately, the Plague Rat does not feature ninjas that deliver hamburgers.
"Oh, you know what I mean. Their ways are not our ways! They are strange and foreign! Oooh!" Feste uses spirit fingers to emphasize his point. "Well, so long as they aren't killing me, I haven't the slightest problem with them. How about you, gov?" he asks, lightly nudging Ayin.

Ayin hehs and says, "I don't think I've run into a ninja, so.. I don't really have an opinion on them." He shrugs.

[OOC] Feste says, "Ach, it is 1 AM and I have work tomorrow. I shall have to pose out. :("

"Oh, this one was a big ninja, and out in the open. Really scary, and not sneaky at all," Satsuma says. "I just wish I could remember why the ninja was there in the first place... it was too long ago." She makes a thoughtful sound, but doesn't delve deeper into the issue. "Well, whatever. Ninjas are weird like that."

[OOC] Ayin says, "Aw, okay. :O"
[OOC] Satsuma has 2 AM. Bloog. "I suppose all that's really left is the eating, and then the heading out. A shame I didn't order the food earlier, Satsuma eating is a sight to behold." =P
[OOC] Ayin could stick around. X)
[OOC] Feste says, "Another time, perhaps."
[OOC] Satsuma says, "Perhaps, perhaps."

"As I recall, I was ordering lunch," Feste replies offhand to Satsuma, sipping his water-with-lemon. He shrugs at Ayin. "Me neither, mate. The fewer opinions I have, the better."
He appears to be about to say something when Raleigh, the fake-goth from before, comes up behind him. "Hey, Feste? Could you, uh..." WHISPER WHISPER WHISPER into Feste's ear. (Something about a ride and some advice and maybe a few quid, for the enhanced hearing enabled.) The Fool looks at him funny. "You'll have to excuse me, my hearts," he says, mournfully. "Duty calls, and I must answer, or else she'll leave angry messages on my answering machine."
He slips off the stool, apparently headed off to talk to the mopheaded teenager.

[OOC] Feste hms. I need to include random words in all-caps in my poses more often.
[OOC] Satsuma XD

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