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MegaMan MUSH is the first MU* I connected to, and also the first I joined. I played as Gyro Man from March to September in 2004, and played as Solar Stega, a civilian reploid, and Ayin, a Yakuza Shadow Hunter, up until mid-late 2006.

2006.07.15 - ohshi bboards

2005.10.04 - GSTE Day 1 done, gogogo!

2005.09.13 2:28 pm - BBoard archive is doing good. Fixed formatting in my Solar logs, finally finished the GSTE Day 2 log, and now my only Solar log left to format is GSTE Day 1, in its 435 KB hugeness. c.c

2005.06.22 12:10 am - BBoard archive! Only eight (not completely consecutive) months of IC News are up right now, though. It'll take a long time to clean up approximately a year and a half's worth of bboard logs. :)

2005.06.18 6:17 pm - Also: Feste and Solar (06.08) and Retcon Night (RTF) from last night/this morning. :D

2005.06.14 3:46 am - Just finished formatting the Global Science and Technology Expo Day 2 log. It's chock-full of OOC (I'll have a semi-OOCless version at some point too), and it's missing booth @descs (I have yet to figure out how I want to include them -- I'm thinking linking a new window to the boothname.), and I haven't even started on Day 1's log, but it's there in all its 322 kilobyte GLORY!


Oh, and you'll notice that on my IC logs, I include a fair amount of OOC conversation. I don't know why, I just do. ^_^;

--2004.01.01 - [OOC] 2004 New Year's Eve: I and a number of other guests spend New Year's Eve in Weird World; staying home and visiting chat rooms and MUSHes instead of going out and partying. :D

2004 / 2217 (Gyro Man)

--2004.03.13 - Grudge Match: Tengu Man has a fight with Jet Man (an Overlord), while iLuz (and later Quiet Man, though he didn't do very much) hung out on the sidelines. I joined the sidelines. It was a lot of fun :D
--2004.03.13 - [OOC] Guestchan log: Guestimus Prime, lead your people to greedom!
--2004.03.18 - LARPing Masters: In which a few Masters LARP D&D in Sea Attle. I just sat on the sidelines (again), finding it all quite amusing. I need to find some sort of action scene to do. ^^; With bonus long conversation in O-Master that started the D&D idea!
--2004.03.19 - IO Raid on Rocket Town: A bunch of Irregular Overlords (Teisel Bonne, Jet Man, Demolition Man, iLuz, and iBluegrass) attempt to steal some fuel from a place in Master-controlled Africa. We (Ballade, Crash Man, Elec Man, Crystal Man, myself, and Shark Man watched us all) show up to defend. Lots of fun. This was truly a FIGHT OF THE UNDERDOGS! :D
--2004.04.07 - [OOC] Physics on PubChan: Public channel discussion on Pi, gravity, black holes, dinner, and other such theoretical or otherwise physics. And Signas says an excellent line.
--2004.04.24 - Random Bookstore Scene: Flash Man and Gale Sorceror started a little social scene. Arago and I started our own, and then the four of us just happened to show up in the same room. So our scenes merged. :)
--2004.04.28 - [OOC] Reploid and Android AI Discussion: Started with a conversation on how an M3 game might be made... and it eventually turned into a discussion on AI, and who would know more about a Reploid's mind, the man who created the race, or the man who discovered AI in the first place.
--2004.05.03 - Skull Monument: In which the true intentions behind the Light Labs Memorial become clear. Followed by this behemoth of a log (101 KB!) containing all the radio and O-Mas spam immediately following the opening of the Monument, as well as some random funny stuff later that night.
--2004.05.04 - random social: Wave Man considering the ramifications of the move to Skull Monument for his Africa-based lab.
--2004.05.17 - Mmm, late night video gaming: Can't go wrong there. :)
--2004.06.01 - [OOC] O-Master's opinion on Viral Sigma. Short conversation.
--2004.06.26 - Epsilon meeting: Wave Man, Crystal Man, and Gyro Man determine who should be Epsilon Squadron XO, in light of Gravity Man's absence.
--2004.06.30 - Attack on Cape Wily. Including the destruction of the facility and Bass's capture by Sigma. Oh, and Metal Man and I took down the Gunslinger! :D (132 KB)
And then there's this log, which starts with the unrelated (but still pretty interesting) conversations on the Global frequency near the end of the Cape Wily scene and finishes with with the radio-side of Cut Man's scene with the Skull Shuttle and Serenade's returning from the Hunter base.
--2004.07.20 - Social scene with Blitzkrieg: A random encounter in off-time. Mm, strategy. XD
--2004.08.06 - Teisel Bonne and Repliforce come raiding: Teisel came for the diamonds, the 'Force came for the land. Result: big, fun battle. :D
--2004.08.10 - New Ultimate Weapon: Short late-night scene. But funny. :D

2004 / 2217 (Solar Stega)

--2004.11.27 - Sunrise on Eurasia: Short, very-early-morning scene with Glaive.
--2004.12.04 - Blake Foundation's presentation at HeraCorp: Indeed. (OOCless version)
--2004.12.19 - Christmas PR in Moscow: Santa Colonel!

2005 / 2218 (Solar Stega)

--2005.02.26 - Global Science and Technology Expo, Day 1: SCIENCE!! and bossfights. Conventions are the best thing ever! (460 KB)
--2005.02.27 - Global Science and Technology Expo, Day 2: No bossfights here, just a whole lotta radio spam. (322 KB)
--2005.04.10 - IC conversation on marriage and its use for robots: Solar didn't contribute, but it's quite interesting nonetheless. Padded with random radio chat from the day.
--2005.06.08 - Eurasia and Feste: Solar visits Eurasia, Feste sings.
--2005.06.18 - [OOC] Retcon Night (RTF): The MUSH crashed while in the process of moving to a new server. When it came back up, the server wasn't done being set up, so the Admin-Use-Only flag on the @name command was changed and we all went nuts with it. XD (Since the database was going to be restored from a backup, no changes made during the time were going to be saved, thus "Retcon Night.")

2005 / 2218
Solar StegaAyin
--2005.09.06 - Eurasia: Solar meets Trench Tuatara.
--2005.09.07 - Radio: Short conversation with Trench the next day..
--2005.07.14 - Plague Rat: With Feste and Satsuma, incomplete.
--2005.07.21 - Bank Heisting: With Tako and Kenichi Kurasuma! Fun!


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