<O-Master> Donnie Darko: Tengu Man says, "Gyrooooo. ;_;"
<O-Master> Donnie Darko: Tengu Man says, "Jet Man has all his friends here to cheer him on. I feel lonely."
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Sky Above North Atlantic

It's like any other sky. It's blue, below is the sprawling, seemingly never ending Atlantic Ocean. Sometimes an aircraft passes through the area, on its way to either Europe, Northern Africa, or even Greenland. Offshore Oil Rigging plants can be seen in the waters below.

iLuz [Normal] [IO]
Jet Man [IO]
Tengu Man [Sai_Black] [RM]

Maverick Hunter VTOL <Vorpal> [IO]

[OOC] Gyro Man says, "What's happening?"
[OOC] Tengu Man says, "Grudge match. :)"

Jet Man pffts, finally getting himself back to an upright position after his little display. "Yeah, they're gonna watch me kick your sorry ass and take that head of yours as a trophy for Dad!" he shouts, looking back at iLuz. "...oooh...wait, dammit, I need to focus," he says, slapping his head away from the bioroid's direction and back toward Tengu. "Alright then...let's do this!" he shouts, tilting forward, and racing toward Tengu, trying to clobber him with a quick spin of his wings on the pass.

Jet Man strikes Tengu Man with his Barrel Roll Whap attack.

See? Women are evil! They are nothing but a distraction! Or at least that's what Tengu's programming tells him these days. He's carefully *not* looking at iLuz, and focusing all his attention on Jet Man. The WilyDemon backs up, but not fast enough to avoid the Jet's whirling wings. It's no matter, though -- he gets hit in the wrists and shakes it off with no problem. The wingblades twitch once, resecuring themselves, and then Tengu rushes forward, hoping to catch Jet just like last time. All he has to do is get close...!

Tengu Man misses Jet Man with his Shoulder Spikes attack.

iLuz wiggles and jiggles at Tengu Man, trying to distract him! oogy oogy! Wiggle wiggle! Jiggle Higgle!

Jet Man grins as he tilts about and turns back toward Tengu, wing-arms still extended out as he flies toward him. As the RM makes his own rush, Jet takes evasive action, looping upward away from the charge and twisting about so he's flying parallel above Tengu. "Hey, nice trick. You gotta teach me how to cut nothing but air like that!" he taunts before he slows and tilts his wings toward Tengu, training his guns at him quick before he snaps off a barrage of gunfire at the bird.

Jet Man misses Tengu Man with his Vulcan Cannon Strafe attack.

The sound of a helicopter approaching becomes audible. If one were to look in the right direction, a green-and-white android would be visible, as well -- Gyro Man flying towards the lone Master and two Overlords. He gets close enough to see Tengu attempt to hit Jet Man, and then Jet Man do the same. He flies a little closer, and then 'sits' in mid-air, rotor whirring away. "Kick his aft, Tengu!" he says, smirking a little. Not that you'd see the smirk, 'cause of his facemask. But it's there.

iLuz glances towards Gyro Man and frowns, "KICK -HIS- ASS, Jet Man!! Kick him in his crotchplate!", she throws a few punches in the air, "Hoo hoo ha! Yeah!"

And that is exactly what Tengu intends to do! Having missed, Tengu rolls back in a loop, letting the bullets whizz on by as easy as kiss my hand. Tengu's foot, now encircled by a whirlwind, comes following after, aimed at Jet Man's head. "Bite me, jackaft."

Tengu Man misses Jet Man with his Whirlwind Kick attack.

The kick, however, is met with yet another evasive maneuver by Jet, the IO flipping forward at the kick and letting it sail just past his head. "Sorry, I don't do requests, you'd like it too much," he says before he extends out his leg, trying to smack down Tengu with his 'heel' as he turns upright again.

Jet Man strikes Tengu Man with his Stunt Kick attack.

Gyro Man looks at iLuz critically. "I don't think so missy!" But he frowns as another attack by Tengu misses, and winces as Jet's hits.

iLuz giggles and throws up her arms, "You don't think so, but it's so true, Jet Man is cool and Tengu Man's a foo'!"

Oof! Tengu gets smacked, which throws him off rather nicely. It'd be too difficult to throw another kick, but he is in a respectable range... aha. "Oh, for the love of-- just shut up! That's disgusting!" The WilyDemon's fist comes up for Jet's midsection, becoming a blade at the last second.

Tengu Man strikes Jet Man with his Blade Punch attack.

Gyro Man crosses his arms over his chest and turns to iLuz. "You were saying?"

"You're the disgusting o-URF!!" Jet starts to comment as he tries to flip back once more...but only getting a bladed fist to the gut for his trouble. Pulling away, he looks at the hole in his fuselage, sneering. "Ok...that was a gift shot, but now I get serious!" he shouts, a bay opening back up from his chest as he flattens out and tries to gain some speed. ONce he has some room, he starts flying toward Tengu, veering upward as he nears. Why? Well, maybe that bomb he just chucked out at the bird will give you an idea why.

Jet Man strikes Tengu Man with his Bomber Pass attack.

iLuz sticks her tongue out, "Jet Man will totally school him. Totally!", she gestures to Jet Man's latest attack, "Exquuiiiissite! See? Ha!", she smirks!

"AUGH!" Tengu is blown back and blown up just enough to give him painful pause. There's a nice hole in his armor now, and damage to one of his arms... and he's covered in soot. "Why... I oughta..."
Not moving from where he hovers, Tengu makes his uninjured hand into a gun-shape, and points it at Jet Man. There's a brief moment filled with an electric whine as the generator charges -- and then discharges, sending a bolt of lightning Jet Man's way, accompanied by the roar of thunder.

Tengu Man strikes Jet Man with his Lightning Bolt attack.

Jet Man watches Tengu point his finger at him, snickering at the gesture. "What, what's that supposed to be? YOu're hiding a gun in your hand?" he says with a snicker, threatning to flip backwards again in laughter...until he feels himself shocked like mad by a sudden bolt. "GGHHAAAAAAAAH!! THAT HURT!" he shouts, shuddering from the shockof it all. "YOU!!!" he shouts, pointing at Tengu, before he charges at him, ducking his head as he flies head on at the RM. Ramming speed, GO!!

Jet Man misses Tengu Man with his Watch For Low Flying Planes attack.

Gyro Man grins as Tengu gains the upper hand, at least for now.. "Exquisite, sure. Exquisite like getting hit with a thunderbolt!" he taunts Luz.

Tengu Man laughs as Jet Man grossly underestimates the power of lightning bolt! Ho ho ho! That's the last time he'll ever do that, right? Yeah! The birdbot deftly avoids Jet's ram, and even brings a triblade down onto the Jet's back as he passes -- or rather, tries.

Tengu Man misses Jet Man with his Tri-dagger attack.

iLuz glares at Gyro Man "Yeah, he's still got the lead! I bet! Ghrrr...", she kicks at the ground before dancing some more, "Jetty Wetty Mo Metty beat this guy to Timbucktu...Ey."

Jet Man misses the ram...but he's still not about to let Tengu get the last laugh. As the triblade comes down as he charges, he tilts about, again just barely sliding away from a possibly painful strike. "TRY AGAIN!" he shouts as he twists up and suddenly rises, trying to lift Tengu up and catch him on his wing. Why? Well, to set up for another spinning strike with his other wing aimed right at Tengu's rocketpack.

Jet Man misses Tengu Man with his There's Something On The Wing attack.

Gyro Man gives iLuz a strange look -- oO(...What the heck?...)Oo -- before turning back to the fight. Go Tengu!

iLuz looks to Gyro, "What?", she frowns.

Gyro Man pays attention to the fight, and doesn't notice Luz's question. ;)

Whoa there! Tengu leaps up into the air, rather startled, and allows Jet to spin right under him. Wily forbid something should happen to his jetpack all the way up here! Oh dude! The temporary Alpha smiles soon enough, though, and draws another blade. "Oh, I think I will," says he, and slashes at Jet Man with both hands.

Tengu Man strikes Jet Man with his Double Dagger attack.

iLuz grumbles, swears, and flicks out a cigarrette, smokes it, and sits down. "..hrrrr...."

Gyro Man would try to catch Tengu if he fell.. It's uncertain whether he'd succeed, but he can try, right? oO(All right, another hit! Looking good..)Oo

Ok, that hurt. NOt as much as the shock, but it still hurts, the daggers slicing their way across one of his wings. "GHHH!!!" Rising upward again, he holds the struck wing limp, the Overlord glaring at Tengu with visor-covered optics. Red points burn their way through plasteel as he focuses on the RM. "You...are.....DEAD!!" he screams before he descends, spinning wildly as he tries to barrel right into Tengu again with a high speed drive.

Jet Man strikes Tengu Man with his Barrel Roll Charge attack.

Jet barrels right into Tengu, quite solidly, too -- but Tengu is far from dead. The Aerial is sent flying backward along with Jet Man, and he cries out in pain. "Get the #*&$ off of me, you goddamn loser!" he growls, and-- extends his nose, with full intent to stab Jet Man with it, via a nice headbanging sort of motion.

Tengu Man strikes Jet Man with his Nose Stab attack.

iLuz cackles, "Mwahahahaha! Take that! He just ... what the hell!? A nose stab?! That's so lame!! ... and erotic."

Gyro Man eyes iLuz. He's about convinced she's nuts, yep. oO(..And anyway, it's not lame, it's called taking advantage of the situation.)Oo

iLuz can't read Gyro Man's mind. :(

Did he really just get pecked? Geez, now that's just really bad. But then again, it's probably a good thing it's working. Scott DOES want Tengu's head...or at least the mask and nose. Sneering and rubbing the area on the shoulder he got stabbed on, he trains his guns back on Tengu, aiming right for the RM's neck. "You're the one who's gonna lose, punk," he says, before he opens fire.

Jet Man misses Tengu Man with his Vulcan Cannon - Focused Fire attack.

iLuz winces a bit at Jet Man's latest attempt, "Er...", she mumbles vaguely, "You alright there, buddy?", she asks.

The nose is retracted right back out of Jet's shoulder, and Tengu pushes himself off and away. He zooms backward, barely evading those bullets... thankfully. Were Tengu human, he'd probably be sweating by now, from sheer 'omh that was close'. Now that he's restored the distance, Tengu gets his cool back on and forms another plan. Yeeees. Tengu, hands still a-bladed, starts charging up energy. Oh yes. This will do *nicely*.
"Why so sore, wannabe? Or is there something else you wanna tell me about?" Tengu taunts, while one of the Tengu Blades begins to glow white with stored energy. "Or am I gonna have to beat it out of you? Take *THIS*! TENGU BLADE!"
He slashes at Jet Man, discharging the stored energy pattern, which goes spiraling towards the Overlord, as deadly as the real thing...

Tengu Man misses Jet Man with his Tengu Blade attack.

It'd probably be nice and deadly IF Jet was willing to get hit by it. Unfortunately for Tengu, he's not willing to stay in place just to find out how deadly the energy pattern is. Diving, he pulls himself downward away from the slash, thankfully avoiding get caught by it. "I'm just showing your sorry ass that you have no place in these skies!" he shouts, before he matter-of-factly adds, "Oh, yeah, and dad wants to take your head and use it as a noteholder or something," he says with a smirk before he pitches back up and tries to snag TEngu's feet. If he manages to do this, he'll pitch forward, trying to drag the RM with him on one rocky flight. All the shakes, jars and rumbling of real turbulence...just intentional.

Jet Man misses Tengu Man with his Turbulence attack.

Gyro Man watches the fight intensely, observing the fighting styles of both Jet and Tengu.

iLuz throws one of her pompoms at Jet Man, "What the hell are you doing?! Finish him off or something! It's taking you foooreeeevaaaarr!", she throws a pom pom at Tengu Man too. "Get with it!"

"EXCUSE me," Tengu retorts, even angrier now that he's missed with his Tengu Blade. "*I* was here FIRST." Actually, Gyro was here first. But-- still. "Besides. Right of the victor." He *must* be smiling underneath that mask. "And did Scottyboy try ASKING? What a JERK."
Tengu Man ascends quickly, up up up into a cloudbank, leaving Jet and his turbulence below. What could he be doing up there? Why, let's see. From out of the cloud comes... a whirling, spinning mass of air, growing and expanding and stretching out toward Jet, seeking to entrap him within it, to hold him there in its cool embrace...

Tengu Man misses Jet Man with his Tornado Hold attack.

Clearly, iLuz's pom pom has power.

[OOC] Jet Man says, "iLuz, you are my good luck charm. :D"
[OOC] Tengu Man says, "Gyro! What's the deal? ;P"
[OOC] Tengu Man says, "You're supposed to be my good luck charm! ;D"

"Ask, smask, we don't gotta ask anything from the likes of you punks," Jet snaps back, circling about as Tengu rises into the cloudbanks. He missed the grab, but he might as well keep the speed up. Suddenly, he sees an aircolumn blast out from the cloud, pulling to the side to avoid getting caught in it. Even if he is aerodynamic, he's not risking it. "YOu just gave away your last chance to win, punk!" he shouts, diving to get some distance, before he pulls upward and fires up the afterburners, following alongside the column to the source: Tengu Man. Those nearby would likely want to shut their ears, since Jet's going supersonic.

Jet Man misses Tengu Man with his Supersonic Crash attack.

[OOC] Jet Man says, "Bugger."

iLuz's pompoms are -really- powerful.

iLuz starts loading her guitar with bullets, raising it to aim at Jet man, snarling softly, "If you don't beat him, I'm gonna shoot you!", she warns Jet Man.

Quiet Man has connected.
Quiet Man drops Shaunybear.


Tengu swears to himself when the Hold doesn't take, and cuts it off to save energy. Well, damn. At least he can still see Jet... and crap, there he comes! Tengu dives further into the cloud, mentally mapping it out... somehow, the cloud has the odd effect of distorting and weakening the supersonic blast. Tengu is left relatively unharmed, and in good position to try and get Jet again. This time... he's going in dead-on on not much more than luck and a prayer. Here goes nothing...!

Tengu Man also says nothing! Because!

Tengu Man strikes Jet Man with his Ram attack.

Quiet Man suddenly wakes up, having slipped off to sleep, the fight having been so boring. Even Shaunybear is bored, passed out among a pile of empty WilyBeer cans.

Jet Man gets rammed right out of his charge! How can this be?! He was going at Mach speed! Oh well, either way, the cloud gambit and the subsequent counter-ram managed to hit Jet dead on, throwing him off course. "GAAAAH!! YOU LITTLE SUNOFA...TAKE THIS!" he shouts, rolling about so his missile bay is trained on Tengu and lets off a homing missile right toward the annoying bird.

Jet Man strikes Tengu Man with his Overlord 1 - Fox 2 attack.

iLuz lowers the gun, "Good boy!", she says with a bright smile, blowing a brief kiss towards Jet Man. And then she raises the gun, "Now hit him again!"

The homing missile locks in on Tengu and zooms straight to the point. The ensuing blast knocks Tengu Man out of the cloud bank... and finds him bleeding and broken. The Aerial has been -- nigh demolished. He's practically falling out of the sky... until his systems kick back in again, and he starts his engines back up. He shakes his head to clear it and just... snarls.
"I... you'll... it's not your sky... you stupid, stupid b*#&!@d! I'll be back! I'LL BE BACK, D'YE HEAR ME?! I STILL WON THE RACE!" Tengu -screeches-, falling backwards again, out of the sky...

Tengu Man retreats from the area swiftly, leaving him open to pursuit or parting shots from Maverick Hunter VTOL <Vorpal>, and Jet Man.

Quiet Man creates a holographic sign, " GO IN FOR THE KILL. "

iLuz says, "Vorpal! Fire the pie guns!"
"Ma'am," an Irregular gumby says, "We do not have pie guns."
"Our only hope is Jet Man!" iLuz says, jabbing the gun pointedly at Tengu Man, "Go get him, tiger...jet!"

Jet Man may not have a pie cannon...but he has something humiliating enough. "PUNK! GET BACK HERE, SLOWPOKE?!" he cackles, diving down toward TEngu to try and catch up to him. His bombay opens up again as he follows, a nasty grin on his face. "COWARD! THIS IS WHAT I THINK OF YOU!" he shouts, before he drops...a white balloon. Yep, it's THAT attack.

Jet Man misses Tengu Man with his Was That A Pigeon attack.

Tengu Man sends a radio transmission to Gyro Man.
[Radio] Tengu Man sends you a tightbeam radio transmission: "Gyro... Gyro?"
Tengu Man receives a radio transmission.
[Radio] You send Tengu Man a direct message: "Tengu! You want a pickup?"
Tengu Man sends a radio transmission.
[Radio] Tengu Man sends you a tightbeam radio transmission: "Yes please..."

Gyro Man had been expecting Tengu to be able to finish the fight, especially when he pulled off that unlikely ram... but that last missile seemed to have been too much. As Tengu takes off, Gyro does the same, though not before yelling "Don't get cocky, now! Luck was on your side this time, but next time...!" in the general direction of the Irregular Overlords.

iLuz bursts out laughing suddenly, cackling at something unheard. At least, to anybody but her. She sends out a transmission before falling on her back and nearly rolling off the Vorpal.

But Tengu is GONE! The little white balloon ends up hovering somewhere *near* Tengu, thanks to that trick known as terminal velocity! Tengu, eyeing it, speeds up his fall a little, muttering quietly. Hopefully Gyro'll come and help him get home so he can sulk.

Gyro Man retreats from the area swiftly, leaving him open to pursuit or parting shots from Tengu Man, Maverick Hunter VTOL <Vorpal>, Jet Man, and iLuz.

iLuz tears off her skirt and throws it at Gyro Man's face! "Bwahahahahahaha!"

iLuz strikes you with a glancing hit from her Blacklight Babe for 0 units of damage.

Rats. Jet really wanted to tag Tengu with that 'pidgeon' balloon...oh well. Pulling up, he starts heading toward the vorpal, pausing as he hears Gyro call out to them. "Bah. Go help your broken brother, you antiquated piece of scrap!" he shouts, cackling as he heads back up to the Vorpal, slowing quite surprisingly as he nears the door to it...before he drops in, stunned at iLuz's little display. "GAAH!!"

Gyro Man is moving off, preparing to pick up Tengu and go home.. when suddenly, this SKIRT appears from seemingly nowhere only to fly right into his face! "What the heck?!" Gyro tries to stop and change direction, but is... caught by the skirt first. He erks and twitches, before finally pulling it off and tossing it away. He also glances at Jet Man.. but that's all it is for now, a glance. There'll be time to challenge him some other day. For now, though, he needs to help his brother.

Quiet Man watches with a blank stare. Shaunybear stirs, and reaches for a fresh beer.

<Global News Network> This is Anonymous Nightingale, reporting from Detroit. It seems that Detroit area police have engaged in a high-speed pursuit of...well, what /appears/ to be known Irregular Overlord Demolition Man, driving a stolen Jeep full of stolen ceramic cups and jars, as well as stolen steel plates. He appears to be attempting to get out of the city, though toward what end, we cannot say. More as it develops.

iLuz does a hoola hoop dance at Gyro Man. "Aw hell, gotta save Demolition Man now! Quiet Man! and...hey, it's pretty bloody cold here. ... but anyway, Quiet Man! Jet Man! We must save the ceramic cups!"

Jet Man remains prone, still stunned at the sight iLuz gave him as he dropped into the Vorpal. It doesn't help that he got pretty battered in the fight, too.

Quiet Man nods, and gets up. Shaunybear begins to gather the cooler and lawn furniture groggily.

iLuz blinks at the bear that is managing to gather a cooler and lawn furniture up like a sentient being. She is frozen in awe for a moment before she coughs and slinks into the Vorpal.
iLuz has left.

Quiet Man takes Shaunybear.
Quiet Man has left.

Maverick Hunter VTOL <Vorpal> enters the Sky Above Central America.
Maverick Hunter VTOL <Vorpal> has left.

Jet Man has left.

> After Jet left, it was only Tengu and I. So here's the "conclusion" to this scene; it'd be nice to have a real conclusion maybe written up in spare time or something. ^^

[OOC] Gyro Man waits for Tengu-pose, or should I continue?
[OOC] Tengu Man says, "Huwha? Oh, yes."
[OOC] Gyro Man hees. "Er, yes to what? =o"
[OOC] Tengu Man needs to get off, actually, so... maybe we can FTB it?
[OOC] Gyro Man says, "FTB? c_c"
[OOC] Tengu Man says, "Fade To Black."
[OOC] Gyro Man says, "Ah... We end here?"
[OOC] Tengu Man says, "If that's alright to you."
[OOC] Gyro Man says, "It's fine. I can Jury-rig you too real quick if'n you want. ^^"
[OOC] Tengu Man says, "That would be sweet."

Gyro Man effects some minor repair work on Tengu Man.

[OOC] Tengu Man says, "Thanks! Thanks for coming, too."
[OOC] Gyro Man says, "Yarr. How minor IS minor, anyway?"
[OOC] Tengu Man says, "Uh... 23."
You hand Tengu Man a cookie!
"You want a cookie?" comes a loud growl from behind. "FINE!"
Something small smacks into the back of your head -- it's a white chocolate and macadamia nut cookie! Now where did that come from? "FINE! TAKE YOUR STUPID *COOKIE!* I NEVER LIKED MACADAMIA NUTS ANYWAY!"
It's Tengu Man -- and soon he's stomping off to Wily knows where, seething all the way, and followed by his own personal little gray storm cloud. Aww. Soon he's gone, just as quickly as he appeared.

Moments later, a loud *doorslam* can be heard off in the distance.
Must be one of those days! Oh well, at least you got a cookie!
[OOC] Tengu Man says, "Alright. See you later?"
[OOC] Gyro Man says, "I'm really glad I came, this is my first scene that I was really satisfied playing in :D"
[OOC] Gyro Man says, "Aye! Cya!"
[OOC] Tengu Man says, "Awesome."
[OOC] Gyro Man says, "Macadamia gooood."
Tengu Man has disconnected.

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