This is the first Robot Master D&D LARP. Ph34r! :D It begins with the conversation on March 14th that started it...
Also, I included a lot of OOC banter, because... Well... It just seemed appropriate. I didn't include all of it, however.


<O-Master> Un-E-Ringed Quick Man laughs. "We should do a scene where some of us RMs play some kind of RP game, and go out on a 'quest', and when people come to stop us, we can be like, "Look! A dragon! Quick, Malfor the Elf, use your.. Ballade Cracker of Dragon Slaying +1!"
<O-Master> Top Man says, "...holy crap, we should."
<O-Master> The Real Slim Shade Man snorts.
<O-Master> Gyro Man laughs!
<O-Master> The Real Slim Shade Man says, "Or.. [Shade] You, know this time people will really treat me like a vampire."
<O-Master> Ballade says, "Shade had a set of roleplaying books at one time if I remember correctly..."
<O-Master> Top Man says, "shade man, you'll be our main badguy, the all powerful vampire dictator that we, the goodguys, are trying to save the world from in the name of wily. ;)"
<O-Master> The Real Slim Shade Man nods, "Yes, he does. The original Shade told me so."
<O-Master> Un-E-Ringed Quick Man says, "And we can wear funky outfits and hunt Shade across the city, and when people try to tell us we're Robot Masters, we'll be like "No we're not! We're half elves and dwarves!""
<O-Master> Slayer of all that is S: Bomb Man isn't sure he wants to know what's going on.
<O-Master> Ballade is a bloody High Elf... fistshake.
<O-Master> Top Man wants to be a..hmm....
<O-Master> Slayer of all that is S: Bomb Man says, "Okay..I do. What's going on?"
<O-Master> The Real Slim Shade Man is a vampire hiss! hiss!
<O-Master> Jeice, Metal Man is a human with EGO!
<O-Master> Un-E-Ringed Quick Man says, "we're going to have a few of the RMs play futuristic D&D, and go out into the real world on a 'quest' insisting that they are elves/dwarves etc. ;)"
<O-Master> Top Man says, "tisk, shade, i already said you should be the evil badguy! we need an evil villian of course."
<O-Master> Slayer of all that is S: Bomb Man wants in. He wants in right NOW. ^_^
<O-Master> Top Man says, "we haven't gone anywhere yet XD"
<O-Master> Slayer of all that is S: Bomb Man says, "But when we do. I will be with we."
<O-Master> Top Man agrees. wants to join too.
<O-Master> Slayer of all that is S: Bomb Man says, "Which would..technically, make me 'part' of we."
<O-Master> Now with a new body! Crash Man says, "Quick.. I so want in on that."
<O-Master> The Real Slim Shade Man says, "Although hunter may want to play real life and REALLY kill us."
<O-Master> Un-E-Ringed Quick Man says, "We can hit them with our wooden swords."
<O-Master> Slayer of all that is S: Bomb Man thinks someone should be a wizard. We can have wooden swords, he can throw bean bags at people for spells. ^_^
<O-Master> The Real Slim Shade Man nods. Wooden swords beats boombang plasma blasts.
<O-Master> Top Man says, "hehehe"
<O-Master> Un-E-Ringed Quick Man says, "Hey Magnet, this is perfect for you."
<O-Master> Hunter Killer Magnet Man says, "What's going on?"
<O-Master> Top Man will be the absent minded wizzard.
<O-Master> Hunter Killer Magnet Man says, "Top Man can be absent minded, but I think a wizard is too far of a stretch."
<O-Master> Top Man says, "and i'll throw plastic, painted tops as spells. :P"
<O-Master> Un-E-Ringed Quick Man says, "We're gonna play futuristic D&D, and go out on a quest all in costume and go on a 'quest', and when Hunters and people arrive, we'll insist we are elves/dwarves and not Robot Masters, and hit them with our swords of Hunter slaying +3."
<O-Master> Hunter Killer Magnet Man says, "Ok, when's this going on?"
<O-Master> Un-E-Ringed Quick Man says, "Dunno. We've just been talkin' about it."
<O-Master> Now with a new body! Crash Man says, "Can we do it tomorrow, though?"
<O-Master> Now with a new body! Crash Man says, "It's late right now =/"
<O-Master> Top Man says, "waaaa i have school tomorroww x.x"
<O-Master> Hunter Killer Magnet Man says, "Dibs on big fighter guy."
<O-Master> Un-E-Ringed Quick Man says, "I have night class tommorrow."
<O-Master> Now with a new body! Crash Man says, "And I'll be the Wizard, since I can throw bombs and such. And darn.."
<O-Master> Ballade says, "We'll figure something out..."
<O-Master> The Real Slim Shade Man has school off this wednesday/
<O-Master> Now with a new body! Crash Man says, "Beer Bomb would be Melf's Acid Arrow."
<O-Master> Gyro Man says, "You could be a Black Mage, like in Terra X's picture. :P"
<O-Master> Now with a new body! Crash Man says, "Crash Bomber.. Meteor Swarm!"
<O-Master> Now with a new body! Crash Man says, "Drill Rocket, Magic Missile."
<O-Master> Top Man says, "nuuu i wanna be the wizard! *clings to crash's leg*"
<O-Master> Hunter Killer Magnet Man says, "Ok, maybe I should be the mage. I can move stuff around? Are we using the Psychic people?"
<O-Master> Top Man says, "a band of merry mages."
<O-Master> Un-E-Ringed Quick Man gets to be a thief.
<O-Master> Now with a new body! Crash Man says, "Fine. I'll be the bard."
<O-Master> Top Man snrks at crash.
<O-Master> Hunter Killer Magnet Man says, "Like, I can't remember the name of the class....psychokinetics? Shoot. And no, Guts gets to be the bard."
<O-Master> Un-E-Ringed Quick Man says, "Magnet: Psionicists."
<O-Master> Ballade says, "Bard... Me... weak little bard... hehehe."
<O-Master> The Real Slim Shade Man bites you all, "Now you're all vampires.
<O-Master> Hunter Killer Magnet Man says, "Psionicists! Yes. Are we using those?"
<O-Master> Slayer of all that is S: Bomb Man pulls on a potato sack and a jesters cap. He's done.
<O-Master> Now with a new body! Crash Man says, "FINE, I'll be a PALADIN. o_o;"
<O-Master> Ballade says, "We're using whatever is handy... no one says we have to make sense with the table top game."
<O-Master> Top Man says, "ouh a paladin XD"
<O-Master> Ballade poofs.
<O-Master> Un-E-Ringed Quick Man shrugs. I don't see why not. The point isn't to be realistic to D&D, it's to prance around pretending to be elves and pretending that General is a dragon whos golden scales we need to harvest for our Armor of Defense +9.
<O-Master> Top Man giggles.
<O-Master> Slayer of all that is S: Bomb Man says, "Exactly."
<O-Master> Hunter Killer Magnet Man says, "I'll bring my "Knife of General Scaling +11""
<O-Master> Un-E-Ringed Quick Man says, "We should start arguing with each other too. "You don't have a sword +9!" "Yes I do, I stole it from those trolls!" "What trolls?" "The giant ones last week!" "Those were golbins!""
<O-Master> Top Man snickers.
<O-Master> Now with a new body! Crash Man says, "I'll bring my Chair of Sanctifying +7."
<O-Master> Top Man says, "we have to do this."
<O-Master> Slayer of all that is S: Bomb Man weeps for not likely being around for the next couple days.
<O-Master> Now with a new body! Crash Man says, "Do we still have the Dust Beating Sticks +3, Quick?"
<O-Master> Top Man awwss! and snugs bomb.
<O-Master> Hunter Killer Magnet Man says, "Whoever is our mage /has to has to/ constantly whine about material components."
<O-Master> Top Man can do that!
<O-Master> Hunter Killer Magnet Man says, "Crash, what abilities do you have?"
<O-Master> Now with a new body! Crash Man says, "Burrow Drive"
<O-Master> Un-E-Ringed Quick Man says, "Sure, the Dust Beating Sticks are hanging on the wall in the Beta sphere."
<O-Master> Hunter Killer Magnet Man says, "I'll be the mage. I have blink and forcefield, so those are magey abilities. You can be the Dwarven gunner. You'll need a fake beard."
<O-Master> Top Man says, "what about meee!"
<O-Master> Now with a new body! Crash Man says, "I think we should schedule this for next weekend so everyone's available."
<O-Master> Hunter Killer Magnet Man says, "You can be "The Fool""
<O-Master> Top Man cries. magnet's mean.
<O-Master> Hunter Killer Magnet Man says, "Ok, you can be the Kender. You know what those are?"
<O-Master> Top Man says, "quick would be better as one of those. they're thieves, and he said he wanted to be that XD"
<O-Master> Un-E-Ringed Quick Man says, "Kenders are short. I'm not short."
<O-Master> Hunter Killer Magnet Man says, "But they're super-irritating, ask too many questions and never leave you alone. I think Top would be a better Kender."
<O-Master> Top Man says, "neither am i ;-;"
<O-Master> Top Man says, "true. maybe i'll be a kender then XD"
<O-Master> Un-E-Ringed Quick Man says, "I want to be a Tiefling."
<O-Master> Hunter Killer Magnet Man says, "What's a tiefling, I forget."
<O-Master> Hunter Killer Magnet Man says, "I want to be a Cornugon. Or possibly a Pit Fiend."
<O-Master> Un-E-Ringed Quick Man says, "Human with demon blood."
<O-Master> Top Man says, "we oughta get gemini in on it too, so scheduling it for next week would be a good idea i think. he could be an illusionist."
<O-Master> Un-E-Ringed Quick Man says, "Like Annah from Torment, or that bard from BG2."
<O-Master> Jeice, Metal Man says, "KENDER? KILL!"
<O-Master> Top Man eeeekkss! And runs!
<O-Master> Hunter Killer Magnet Man says, "Yeah, I remember. So, we have: %r Magnet Man - The Mage %r Crash Man - Dwarven Gunner (?) %r Quick Man - The Thief %r Gemini Man - The Illusionist %r Top Man - That guy that follows us. %r%r Is that all?"
<O-Master> Hunter Killer Magnet Man says, "Why didn't that work?"
<O-Master> Hunter Killer Magnet Man says, "Because it's on a channel?"
<O-Master> Un-E-Ringed Quick Man says, "Doesn't work on channel."
<O-Master> Hunter Killer Magnet Man says, "Is that accurate?"
<O-Master> The Real Slim Shade Man says, "Shade - The badguy vampire."
<O-Master> Un-E-Ringed Quick Man says, "Bomb Man and Shade Man and possibly Ballade want to be in it too."
<O-Master> Top Man XD
<O-Master> Hunter Killer Magnet Man says, "Ok, Bomb Man - Catapult projectile, Shade Man - Dark Cleric, Ballade - Ranger ?"
<O-Master> Nappa Guts Man says, "Quint!"
<O-Master> Junior Mint: Quint says, "Word."
<O-Master> Top Man points to the 15/100 quint XD
<O-Master> Junior Mint: Quint says, "Ha ha ha."
<O-Master> Love the Duct, Dust Man says, "Oh. By the way. Quick, I suggested that the third day I was here.."
<O-Master> Un-E-Ringed Quick Man says, "I'm more popular. Hence the 4 @mails I got already."
<O-Master> Love the Duct, Dust Man Stump Whacks.
<O-Master> Un-E-Ringed Quick Man dies.

2004.03.18 [Now, to our feature presentation!]

<O-Master> DM Quick Man says, "Warning: The D&D-type scene will be starting in 30 minutes. Those who wish to participate should head to the Common Room and prepare descs now."
<O-Master> BEER BREAD?! Crash Man says, "I say we start right away and advertize on the RP coord. channel so that, at 8, we can be /ready/."
<O-Master> DM Quick Man says, "Well, it's not like anyone else knows about it. We don't have to start the outside RP at exactly 8. There's gonna be some Common Room Rp first. But people need to come in here for that. And they aren't!"
<O-Master> BEER BREAD?! Crash Man says, "Do keep in mind that, at 8, I'll have roughly 3 hours to RP and then I'll have to poof."
<O-Master> Identity Crisis Gemma says, "IC D&D tonight?"
<O-Master> BEER BREAD?! Crash Man says, "Yes!"
<O-Master> BEER BREAD?! Crash Man says, "Come to the common room and enjoy the descriptions we're making for ourselves!"
<O-Master> Identity Crisis Gemma says, "You guys are such nerds. ;)"
<O-Master> BEER BREAD?! Crash Man says, "Nah, we're just all up for parties."
<O-Master> BEER BREAD?! Crash Man says, "And inter-faction, FRIENDLY scenes."

Common Room - Skull Fortress

This room seems more like something you'd find in a civilian home than a military base. Most of it is occupied by materials smuggled in over time by individual Masters, including a chess set, dart board, go board, cooler, pool and air hockey tables, several of Magnet Man's spare video game systems, and Spring Man's weights bench. A long couch faces the television, with other chairs scattered here and there. The floor is entirely carpeted, and the walls decorated with posters of popular modern bands like Avalon and Ironica. The Karaoke machine has taken quite a beating, as if someone would rather die than allow it to remain operational. Half of the southern wall of the room, strangely enough, is occupied by a stove, refrigerator, microwave, and a few well-stocked cupboards; perhaps in a faction mostly composed of robots, cooking is considered more a hobby than anything else.

Crash Man [Dwarf] [RM]
Quick Man [Ansi] [RM]

Video Game [VG]
"Blizzard Man's High-Powered Air Condit
Large cooler
Othello Board
Chess Board [Skull Fortress]
Lint Store
Pool Table

Reinforced Doors <N>
: Training Room - Skull Fortress
East <E>: Great Hall - Skull Fortress

Crash Man just looked at you.

<O-Master> Top Man lags. heads to common room now

Top Man arrives from the Great Hall - Skull Fortress.
Top Man has arrived.

[OOC] Top Man hasn't changed it just yet.
[OOC] Top Man still adding stuff.
[OOC] Crash Man shows off with his Crashtastic (TM) desc.
[OOC] Top Man says, "nice."

Crash Man

+------+ Rayovac Lightbringer, Dwarven Gunner +--------------------------------+

What you see in front of you is not Crash Man. Or it is, rather, but darn, he's hard to recognize. Let's start with the head. His helmet seems to have been removed, giving place to his normal (mid-back) red hair with excessive light brown dye, giving place to brown hair instead. They've been braided into about seven long braids that go down, the rest of the hair thickened so they look much longer. His face bears a beard. While it is fake, it's obviously there and looks real. Brown, braided like the hair, it goes down up to his belt level. His mouth is hidden beneath it unless he speaks.

His actual upper body seems rather odd. Rather than wearing the normal 'armor', he dons a chain mail on top of which a leather armor has been added, giving the impression he's wearing a dark gray leather armor with chain sleeves. The armor itself bears the very symbol of the Beta Squad in front of it. Where his hands would normally appear are brown gloves. A belt, strapped to the armor, carries a few tools, namely a hammer, a rather light portable anvil, an axe (which almost touches the ground) and, behind him, a very large gun which looks like a musket- if not for the fact the end of it as big enough to swallow a bowling sphere and the 'holding' end is a normal musket handle.

Down from the waist, he's wearing leather pants under which chain mail trousers are also worn, obviously for extra protection. Strapped to his left leg, around the knee level, are two purses, one containing a load of dice and the other, gold and platinum pieces alike. His shoes are made of metal, obviously 'plate mail' shoes.
+--------------------------------------------+ Crash Man, Disguised +---------+
Original Idea For The ANSI Color Border By Quint

[OOC] Top Man elaborates!

Quick Man

Look, it's Quick Man! Or is it? He's decked out in costume, completely. He appears to be going for some kind of medival fantasy look. All his armor is off, and in its place he has on a vest of studded leather armor, the tough brown plates overlapping and covered with rounded metal studs for extra protection. It leaves his arms bare, showing toned tan synthflesh, with a Wilyskull tattoo on the upper bicep of his right arm, and the Beta Squad symbol tattooed on the left. He's got a brown belt around his waist, through which is stuck a series of wicked looking daggers. He's also wearing a pair of brown leather leggings, which tuck into similarly brown leather boots, the tops of which come halfway up this calves. His bright red hair is today left without any kind of styling, allowing to flop rougishly over his forehead. And what's this? It looks like he has some kind of prosthetics on his ears, making them slightly longer and pointed! Yes, this is Quick Man: But right now he'll claim to be Exaar Darkrunner the Half-Elf Thief! Oh dear.

Metal Man arrives from the Great Hall - Skull Fortress.
Metal Man has arrived.
[OOC] Metal Man goes to get his desc ready
[OOC] Metal Man is the party fighter
[OOC] Metal Man needs a name though
Sword Man has arrived.
[OOC] Sword Man returns from OOCness.
[OOC] Crash Man is da Gunner, but can take over as fighter with his axe.
[OOC] Top Man is a mage. as i swore i would be. XD
[OOC] Sword Man meeps. "What's up?"
[OOC] Quick Man says, "D&D :)"
[OOC] Crash Man says, "Preparing for the D&D IC game."
[OOC] Gyro Man will just follow you guys.. I'm afraid Gyro just wouldn't go for dressing as a D&D guy. ^^'
[OOC] Crash Man says, "You'd have to :P"
[OOC] Sword Man says, "Oh. That. I probably wouldn't be in here then. :P"
[OOC] Crash Man says, "I demand you come."
[OOC] Metal Man has no idea for a name
[OOC] Crash Man says, "We'll get your dressed in full plate mail."
[OOC] Metal Man says, "Sword needs to come as the party Palladin!"
[OOC] Crash Man says, "Yes."
[OOC] Crash Man says, "We'll get you a Tower Shield for that free arm of yours."
[OOC] Gyro Man says, "Yeah, he'd make a good paladin. :D"
[OOC] Sword Man says, "Already has Plate Mail, and Sword has a hard enough time playing the Videogame. D&D is out of his league...not to mention I've never touched a tabletop game in my life. ^^;"
[OOC] Crash Man says, "We won't be playing tabletop."
[OOC] Top Man fwees and is nearly done with his desc. <3
[OOC] Crash Man says, "We'll be going out. And ACTING it. With dice."
[OOC] Crash Man says, "We'll basically be roleplaying our characters roleplaying."
<O-Master> DM Quick Man says, "Skull Man woulc play D&D with us."
<O-Master> BEER BREAD?! Crash Man says, "We need a Necromancer."
[OOC] Sword Man snerks.
[OOC] Crash Man says, "All you need to do is act like a Paladin and follow our lead. :P"
[OOC] Quick Man says, "It'll be great when good guys come and we insist that there are no Robot Masters around. We are Legendary Heroes, out to skin the great Golden Dragon (General) to make armor from his scales."
[OOC] Top Man changes into costume!

Top Man
What you see before you is the Robot Master Top Man..Or not. Indeed, it is the wizzard Alexir Spingraven!

His armor has been removed, and instead he has on what appears to be a fantasy wizard-type costume. Not of the Gandalf-variety.. much cooler. He's wearing a tight, deep orange jerkin, lined with gold, which covers up to his neck and splits just slightly at the very top. A line of gold goes down from that central, first break, formed by the outer trim, and continues down until it splits about his waist with tails hanging halfway past either thigh. The sides of the jerkin are a paler orange-yellow tone, seperated from the brighter hue by still more gold lining. A belt with a round gold buckle holds up a pair of loose black pants, which are also trimmed gold designs winding their way down the front of his thighs to the knees where it forms an ovular eye-like shape and continues to spiral to the back of his calfs. The trousers tuck into a pair of black leather boots, simple and dulled by wear.
Over all else he has on a cloak with a high collar, clasped in front of his neck with a golden Wilyskull. The collar and shoulder-parts of the cloak are black, trimmed in gold, the eye-spiral theme carrying through once more, overlapping itself like some sort of complex celtic knot at the very top of the collar. The rest that flows down to his ankles is colored white and the very bottom has triangular insets cut out of it at a slight curve to follow the wide nature of the cloak. Down the sides, on the exposed back of the cloth, gold trim traces its way to the bottom far corners, swirling to form another almost eye-like form within the material before finishing its path around the overgarment.
Upon his hands he wears a pair of black gloves with golden Wilyskulls on their backs, a golden line going down to the tip of each knuckle. His head is bare, allowing short, wild orange hair to flow about freely, a confident smirk playing upon his lips.

[OOC] Crash Man cheers!
[OOC] Metal Man says, "Not ready yet"
[OOC] Top Man fwees.
<RP-Coordination> General eyes the Masters.
<RP-Coordination> General hides his dragon alt.
[OOC] Quick Man says, "You guys are all making long descs. Mine is short."
[OOC] Top Man snrks.
<RP-Coordination> Top Man tehehes innocently.
[OOC] Crash Man says, "We should start getting the show on the road."
<RP-Coordination> Arago says, "You heard about the raid? :D"
[OOC] Metal Man needs a freaking name and can't think of one
[OOC] Crash Man says, "What race?"
[OOC] Gyro Man says, "What's you race, Metal?"
<RP-Coordination> General knows all, sees all.
<RP-Coordination> General is sneaky rike that.
<RP-Coordination> Arago says, "Guess what I/Pirate got? :D"
[OOC] Metal Man says, "human"
[OOC] Crash Man says, "For some reason, I'd say Feneldil Steelfist"
[OOC] Top Man says, "i like it."
[OOC] Metal Man says, "DUDE!"
[OOC] Metal Man says, "We should have this as an on going Campagain icly >D"
[OOC] Top Man says, "it would really, really tick off the hunters, i bet."
[OOC] Metal Man says, "It be fun"
[OOC] Quick Man says, "Well, our goal should be to find and skin the mighty Golden Dragon, aka General. Obviously we won't do that tonight. But we could do multiple scenes because our quest will continue until we finally fight him."
[OOC] Top Man says, "hehehe."
[OOC] Top Man says, "i'm recomending non coded battles for this..."
[OOC] Crash Man says, "Quick, do the scenepose. Metal? Finish your desc while we at least start the scene. If we wait too much.. x_X"
[OOC] Quick Man says, "Magnet is supposed to be coming too. He told me he would. But I guess we can start."
[OOC] Sword Man sighs and thinks he'll stay out. Dinner's coming up soon, and the storm outside bodes not well.

Quick Man strolls into the Common Room, in full costume! With a little bag of dice, and a few books under his arm. He topples the books onto the table. "Oh boy! I don't know why these books were so cheap on Hyper-e-Bay. 20th Century Role-Playing games sure are fun!" he pulls out a huge map of Seattle and drops it on the table.. all the buildings have been re-labled, from their modern names to things like "Castle Thunderdark" and "Sword Citadel".

[OOC] Metal Man says, "Test"
[OOC] Top Man says, "done with the desc, metal?"
[OOC] Top Man will pose in after crash does
[OOC] Metal Man says, "Yes"

THUNK. THUNK. THUNK. Just what the hell is this sound? Footsteps, of course! Heard through the halls, echoing, the heavy banging of an apparently very heavy person gets closer and closer to the room. Some wooden thing seems to be scratching the floor as the person walks, obviously hanging from his belt; it's an axe! THUNK. THUNK. The main door slams open, revealing Crash Man in his costume, not kneeling down to walk yet before it's fairly useless and a major bunch of trouble until the real thing starts. He walks towards Quick Man, talking through his beard with a wide grin, his voice toned down on purpose so it sounds like a Dwarf's voice. "Hey lad, what's brewing?" He makes his way to the side the table and peers at the map. "Aye, I see! We're after the Legendary Armor, ain't we?"

[OOC] Metal Man says, "Someone logging this?"
[OOC] Top Man is

Gyro Man/DESCRIBE - Set.
Gyro Man
This armored android is... himself. He's 5'7", not counting the rotor on his back, and has a soccer player's compact, wiry build under the heavy breastplate he wears.
His armor is mainly a medium/bright green in color, with broad steel-grey pauldrons and and a likewise sturdy-looking collar-piece. A pair of circular vents, colored orange and gold, are mounted on the front of the breastplate. Each flared green bracer sports a wide steel-grey band about midway up the fore-arm, and ends in a steel-colored gauntlet. The boots are green, to match the breastplate and helmet, with gold wedge-shaped knee-guards. Oddly, the boots terminate in a pair of two-pronged landing skids instead of feet.
The android's helmet hides almost his entire face. While the helmet is a very standard design, with large round earpieces, there's also a mask over the lower part of the android's face which leaves only his steely blue eyes exposed. The facemask has a slatted vent, colored gold, over the nose and mouth. Affixed to the front of the helmet with a small red gem at its center is a four-bladed star -- a representation of the large rotor affixed to the back of the breastplate, no doubt.

What? He's not associated with any of those costumed nuts. ::shifty look::

Merely moments after Crash/the dwarf enters the room, another figure steps past the doorway. He shifts a little bit, trying to get used to his costume. "Hehe...this is going to be great! ...Wonder what I'll use for my spells though..." The 'wizard' in orange black and gold grins a bit and laughs again as he glances at his elder brothers' costumes.

The sound of armor can be heard as some sort of armred warrior enters. Yes they are certainly well armed from the looks of it but a smirk on his face gives it away. "I was was a bit late uploading the fighter's hand book into my flash memory."

Metal Man
Standing before is someone whom is Metal Man but not Metal Man. Well if you seen him without his armor you would realise it is. His hair and face do not seem much changed save for the face there is a blood red head band holding back his hair. Otherwise his face and green optics are the same as always though the expression on it is a bit different than it's normal average.

For what he is wearing now that's the change he's clad in armor, a mix of chainmail and some sections of plate mostly across the legs and his sword arm to proect it in combat, He weatehrs leather gloves and boots are seemingky some what worn but in good shape. Now from his belt hangs a long sword and if you check carefully there may be one hidden in his right boot. Across his back and attached to a rope which is holding it in place is a bastard sword as sell as a crossbow of some sort. Behold Feneldil Steelfist warrior at large and adventurer!

Magnet Man has connected.
[OOC] Top Man says, "just in time magnet XD"
[OOC] Magnet Man says, "I know"
[OOC] Metal Man says, "The Golden Dragon has disconnected!"
[OOC] Gyro Man hmms.
[OOC] Gyro Man says, "Oh no! ^^"
[OOC] Gyro Man says, "^^; Even."
[OOC] Quick Man says, "Well we're not gonna fight him tonight."
<O-Master> Hunter Killer Magnet Man says, "What's the deal with D&D?"
[OOC] Sword Man returns to OOCness.
Sword Man has left.
[OOC] Quick Man says, "we've already technically started"
[OOC] Magnet Man says, "Ok, where are we going? Should I write up a desc?"
[OOC] Quick Man says, "In fact I need to pose again. But you're distracting the hell out of me on AIM."
[OOC] Quick Man says, "Yeah, you need a desc."
[OOC] Quick Man says, "Work on it while we play here for a few."
[OOC] Magnet Man says, "I'll write it...and when we're ready to go, you let ME know, and we'll be good."
[OOC] Quick Man says, "Okay."
[OOC] Crash Man is Da Dorf, Magnet! Our costumes rock.

Quick Man looks up as the other players enter. (Except for Magnet who is somewhere else working on his costume). He grins. "Yeah, I memorized all these books!" He says proudly, pointing to them. THen he puts on his best scowl as he tries to get into character. "Okay, scoundrels! Today, we must hunt the great golden dragon! I've heard rumors that he may be in Sea Attle, this coastal fishing city!"

Crash Man, or rather, MISTER Lightbringer, grunts a bit as he hears the name of the dreaded city. "Hrm. Fishing be for the weak! We oughta get 'tere and smash through their lines! Let me at 'em!" Again with a light grunting as he backs away from the table, taking his axe from his belt and holding it in the air with both arms. "Let me show 'em what the Dwarves can do! We'll get this lad of a Dragon and cut 'em to pieces!"

Top Man, Alexi Spingraven, grins again and cheers. "Alright! And I'll throw spells at people! But aren't dragons normally pretty big...?" he asks, tapping his cheep thoughtfully and tilting his head to the side. "I think... I don't remember. Oh well. So, we're going to that town then? Fun!"

[OOC] Crash Man says, "I think this is where you generally go 'Damn, Dragons are spell-resistant!""
[OOC] Top Man says, "shh, he'll remember that part in a minute."
[OOC] Crash Man says, "Not to take in account we're probably talking about an Ancient Gold Dragon here.."
[OOC] Quick Man says, "With a huge Ion Cannon."
[OOC] Crash Man says, "Oh, that's hit Breath Weapon."
[OOC] Crash Man says, "*his, rather"
[OOC] Crash Man says, "24d10 damage before someone asks"

Metal Man looks to Lightbringer "Lightbringer how many times have I told you having the towns folks on our side is a better idae then making enmies of them. They may fork over information and gear they woud not otherwise." He mutters something about dwarves under his breath.

Magnet Man
The only actual feature of this shadowy character you can see is his mouth and chin...the former squared into a sober grimace, the latter cut sharp, jutting strongly. The rest is covered in dark shadow, thrown by a large cowl connected to a dark blood red cloak. The cloak snaps under his chin with a small onyx skull pin with rubies for eyes. Mystical, arcane patterns sewn in glittering black thread trace arcs and crescents across the length of the mantle. Underneath, when the wind or movement causes it to lift away, a jet black tunic and jet black leggings can be seen. Attached to the waist in a chain satchel is a small book, glowing lightly red with mystic power. Around his neck is a solid gold chain, the pendant a large supernatural ruby, this also glowing with energy. On the other side of his belt is a curved, vicious looking dagger, the pommel a demon head, the mouth open in rage. A glimpse of his hands and wrists shows various colorful rings, all obviously enchanted to no end with various spells. All in all, the perfect image of a Dark Cleric. This is Fenris Darkwielder. Ph34r.

Magnet Man rushes into the room, cloak flowing behind him majestically. "Am I late for the game? I mean....Fenris DarkWielder reporting for the mission, fellows. What's our devious plan for tonight?" He stands tall, his red and black cloak flowing around him. (Note, the cloak has metal thread so I can control it to make it wavy and nifty)He glares around the room.

Rayovac raises a single eyebrow and turns around abruptly towards Feneldil, grunting under his beard until he takes his axe single handely, smacking a single finger on Fen's chest a few times, hard too, as if pointing to him. "Oh, lad? Ye be talking? Ye be saying me ways of dealing with the people ain't good enough for ye? Well I'll be sorry when that Dragon be giving you his fire and I'll be smacking it's face in da ground, you'll see! Them townsfolk ain't no good but for fishing, and fishes ain't even good ANYWAY." Frowning, he draws away from him rather than smacking him in the face for that. "Young lads oughta understand what the principles of fighting are these days, arrr yes they do have to." he mutters slowly, turning around as Fenris enters. "Yer late."

Quick Man rises up.. pulling one of his knives from his belt and stabbing the table with it. Dad might be a little pissed about that. But. "Comrades! Today, we hunt the great dragon! To Seattle!" He declares, before turning to head out of the room, ignoring the bickering of the others. Lets get this show on the road!

Rayovac follows, still muttering curses and insults in a few different languages under his beard.

Gyro Man walks into the Common Room. No strange noises sound... and when he fully enters, it's evident that it is because he has no costume. Just his regular armor. (Albeit, some may consider it costume-esque..) He is, however, wearing an odd expression, sort of a 'WTF?' look, with which he looks around the room.

Top Man cheers once more, then straightens his cloak. "Ok! I'm ready! Let's go!" He grins happily, waving to Magnet/Fenris and then to Gyro Man as he walks in. "Hey!" the orange-haired wizard nearly chirps.

Fenris glares around the room (probably one of his only gestures)and sweeps his cloak up around his knees. "Yes, we're off to do battle! In the name of the dark demon lord, Daralenia! He holds his dagger up majestically. "To battle, and I call dibs on the dragons eyes!!" He is distracted as his cloack gets rather tangled among his legs. "Ack, either way, let's go."

Quick Man enters the Great Hall - Skull Fortress.
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Top Man enters the Great Hall - Skull Fortress.
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Magnet Man enters the Great Hall - Skull Fortress.
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Gyro Man blinks at the mention of going somewhere... 'dark demon lord Daralenia'? Well... Following costumed fools, it's something to do. Maybe there will be some action to be found, too..

And taking the place of travelspam is... chat! Whoohoo!

<RP-Coordination> Quick Man says, "Attention everyone: There are some delusional Masters running around Seattle in full costume. Respond as you see fit. However, be aware that they are not in armor, are not packing modern weapons, and will deny that they are Robot Masters, because they are currently in-character. Yes. They are playing live action D&D. In Seattle. That is all."
<RP-Coordination> Arago says, "SCORE!"
<O-Master> Psychotherapy for Dummies? >.> Junk Man says, "LARPing Robot Masters...."
<RP-Coordination> Liese Schreiner rolls to see if they're getting drunk.
<O-Master> Top Man says, "yup."
<RP-Coordination> Magma Dragoon casts magic missile against the darkness.
<RP-Coordination> Vile says, "God. Like."
<RP-Coordination> Vile would cookie for the idea, but doesn't have enough.
<RP-Coordination> Crash Man says, "And yes, you can come /play/ with us in friendly terms. We're open to that."
<RP-Coordination> Arago says, "Can Pirate join? :D"
<RP-Coordination> Arago says, "He'll be a pretty Elf Druid! And prance around!"
<RP-Coordination> Quick Man says, "You can also come and scowl at us and threaten us, but we'll deny being who you claim to be."
<RP-Coordination> Durandal digs out the chainmail and the broadsword.
<RP-Coordination> Sigma Ponders coming by.
<RP-Coordination> Alpha says, "Sigma is a level 20 blackguard."
<RP-Coordination> Vile would come by, but has no reason. =D
<RP-Coordination> Gyro Man says, "I'm follow them to see who comes to beat them up. :D"
<RP-Coordination> Magma Dragoon says, "It's tempting to just go over there and commence with the wedgies."

Pacific Northwest

Covered in dense forest and small towns, the vast majority of the large Pacific Northwest is made up of natural, untouched lands, left pristine and beautiful. Only the rare occasional city appears, long standing old cities like Seattle, Washington and Portland, Oregon. Most of the natural area found here consists of a mixture of traditional trees and pine trees, with a rich diversity of wildlife, including mountain lions, black bears, and the occasional sea otter along the shores, many of which almost risked extinction in the twentieth century. Now, though, they thrive thanks to the vast wildlife preserves and consolidation of the human population into cities.

Metal Man [Armor] [RM]
Magnet Man [Dark cleric] [RM]
Top Man [Wizzard] [RM]
Crash Man [Dwarf] [RM]
Quick Man [Ansi] [RM]

Cargo's Mansion

Submerge <D>
: Underneath Central Pacific
West <W>: East Pacific Ocean
East <E>: Rocky Mountains
South <S>: California
North <N>: British Columbia
Up <U>: Sky Above Western United States

Durandal arrives from the California.
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Pirate Man arrives from the California.
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Alexir nods enthusiastically and moves from place to place, looking around. "I don't see any dragons... Oh! There's someth-- ...What a cute squirrel!" And.. the little rodent scurry around in a tree for a good several moments before his attention is caught by something small and green and quick...He widens his eyes and chases it for a moment- then realizes it's a cricket. "..Oh. What're we supposed to be looking for, again? ..And I still need to find something to use for my magic..."

<RP-Coordination> Storm Eagle says, "I really need to start on war of hte nerds..."

Liese Schreiner arrives from the California.
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Fenris walks briskly behind the others, jabbing bushes with the end of his staff. "We must find the beast's lair! He won't be running around in the broad daylight, he's a dragon of some repute!! We must find his home, where he keeps his hoard. There, we will surround him and defeat him." He throws glances back and forth, pointing the mouth of his dragon at the trees, just in case the beast chooses to leap out at them.
Rayovac promptly follows Exaar, still muttering but mostly calming down for now. "Hrm. Ye laddies ain't havin' no idea where dat Dragon be now, d'you?" He looks left and right anyhow, as if expecting a Dragon to hide in such a place. "Aaarp. There be 'smutch Dragon here than beard on yer mother's face, Exaar." Then he spots the Squirrel in the tree. "Arch! Foul demon in dat tree, foul demon! I'm going to hit it! I'M GOING TA SLAY IT!" He thusly takes his gun.. or what he calls a gun.. but then reaches for his pouch of dice, rolling a 20-sided die on the ground. It lands on 9, Crash Man doing as if he was shooting but intentionally aiming next to the Squirrel, missing it. "Ach! To my 'aid!"

Steelfist nods and says, "Don't worry we will catch old Goldie napping most likely. The bet would be to find a way to take him down with out damanging the prize." The warrior pauses and says, "Best to ask around if the locals have been losing life stock to the beast or even people going missing."

[OOC] Crash Man fights the Demon Squirrel!

Exaar nods his head to Steelfist, before looking over at Fenrir. "Yes! We should ask people." He walks up to an elderly couple, who look.. quite put out. "Hail and well met, Old Man!" He greets the guy.. who is eyeing his collection of knives nervously. "Tell me: Have you seen a dragon about?" The man shakes his head fervently, eyes wide. Exaar pauses. "Hmm.. you'd best tell me what you know, or I'll have my companion cast a truth spell on ye!"

[OOC] Pirate Man says, "Be back in a bit, raking, but look at my desc."

Pirate Man
Oh dear Buddha. Just, just... Just NO.

You are most likely thinking this as you look upon Pirate Man, and yes, it looks like Pirate, but only because of the eyepatch. Besides the eyepatch on his right eye, he's a perfect replica of an Elven Sorceress in a scandalous green dress. He even has a fake, working, robotic hand over his claw, allowing him to seem perfectly normal. His left hand always has another fake hand over it, yet a hole opens up in the palm, allowing him to send out actual blasts of lightning, fire, etc. etc.. He has the long ears, brown eyes, long gray hair, a full green cloak on his back (the front half showing much more skin), and a full green wardrobe. What's his new name? Zoloft Mayonnaise.
his pants
Tengu Polly
your pants

Alpha arrives from the Sky Above Western United States.
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Darkwielder glares around the park. "Fellows, forsooth! We know the beast only flies at night!! Why are we hunting the Golden Dragon in the daytime? We must find some other meat for our blades and magics. There must be sport for our hunt!" He stabs his staff on the ground, for emphasis.

Alexir looks over as he hears spells mentioned. "Hm?" the young wizard questions with a sound, walking up beside Exaar and tilting his head at the poor, confused old couple. "But I have to have materials to cast a truth spell! Gimme chalk or a rope or something!" A pause. "...Oh wait. I can cast a truth spell without material componants. I think. Um...Oh...crap, what was it...?" Confused now, Alexir sighs and scratches his head lightly. "Huh?" is his response to Darkweilder's comments. "Well, okay..."

Fenris Darkwielder is moody.

Rayovac backs away as he fails to hit the Demon, rolling another dice quickly. It lands on 20. But that was the beast's roll! The squirrel, while quietly remaining on a tree, apparently deals 13 damage to Rayovac according to the 12-sided die Crash just threw on the ground. Being the expect at Dungeons and Dragons he is, he throws himself on the ground, landing on his back and feigning the great pain! "Ach! Demon's claws got throu me armor! It's fast! Bloody heck, tis' be no Dragon, 'tis be worse! To dat, slay it!" He gets up, rolling another 20-sided die. 13, not bad. He aims his 'gun' again towards the squirrel and 'fires' an imaginative bullet, cheering on. "Ye be eat steel, demon!" He's also being ignored by his companions, who seem too busy inventing a new way to make people talk. He rolls two dice on the ground, shaking his fist and raising it. "Ar!" He's apparently just killed that demon. But rather than going to collect the fake loot, he walks towards the group, peering towards the man. Grabbing him by the collar, he turns towards Fenris. "Ba, they be no good townsfolk. No good! They ain't know where dat Dragon be! They ain't smart enough." He releases the man, placing the 'musket' back on his back.

[OOC] Crash Man types too much for his epic fight against a Squirrel.

Exaar frowns as he looks back to the wizard of the party. "Alexir! Get over here and bewitch this person!" He demands, pointing at the old guy, who looks like he may have a heart atteck. Then he turns and looks at Fenrir. "You're so violent. Why don't you find some orcs? We can kill some orcs and get some good exp."

Quick Man drops Master Char-Key.
Master Char-Key
Quick=Exaar Darkrunner
Top=Alexir Spingraven
Crash=Rayovac Lightbringer
Metal=F-something Steelfist
Magnet=Fenrir Darkwielder
Pirate=A Girl

Prismatic Spider arrives from the Rocky Mountains.
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[OOC] Magnet Man says, "Hey Prism, we have to game sometime. Not now, though"

Steelfish keeps his his wits about him... as he hears the sounds of battle. "Demon..." He's breaks into a dash. "... The Dwarf is always getting in over his head! Hummm demons this is more grave than we thought."

[OOC] Prismatic Spider says, "Indeed. You're too busy casting magic missile at the Darkness."

Alexir blinks and snickers slightly at the poor old couple. And then a command is given! He can do this! "Alright! Umm... ...Er... Abaracadabara...fligidibloo..? Er.. Um..Tell the truth or else I'll hit you in the head!"


Tremble, mortals, for I am Exodious, Paladin of the Eternity Flame!

And certainly not the Maverick Hunter Durandal. For this person is clad in platemail of burnished brass from head to toe. It is quite heavy, one must wonder where in the heck he got it all. Resting securely on his head is a helm, a cross shaped visor revealing the mismatched eyes and a glimpse of red hair underneath. Straped to one leg it a leather case, that has several wands sticking out of it. Someone's taken a few levels in Wizard. But most menacing of all, over the tall man's shoulder is the hilt of a sword. A large, two handed greatsword. Meet the Flame Bringer, a +5 Holy, Vorpaled, Keened, Flaming Burst Greatsword of Moron Smiting. Someone spent a lot of GP and EXP creating it...

Exaar facepalms at Top. The Old Man faints, and thumps on the ground. His wife runs away screaming. "Great lot of good you are!" He scolds the wizard, before siiiiighing and turning to regard the others. "What? Demon?" He peers at the squirrel in the tree, then at Rayovac. "That thing won't have any good loot. Let's find us some Orcs to slay."

A light whistle comes from above as Pirate/Zoloft Mayonnaise stands proudly up in a tree. His/her voice is actually quite authentic, despite it being Pirate Man. He must've gotten a modification on his voice box just for today. "Fear not, fair humans! For I, Zoloft, am here to save thee! Weee!" Zoloft jumps from the tree, yet her cloak snags a branch, "EEK!" and she collapses to the ground clumsily, half the tree falling down on her. "Owwwwwwwwwww."

Audible grunting coming from under the beard, Rayovac turns and frowns. "Pff. Yet be jealous ah' can handle dem Demons. Ain't ya?" He then turns around.. and.. oh God.. he witnesses the horror that is Pirate Man. "Ach that is ain't holy, that lad aughta go hide, her's face making ma beard falling!"

[OOC] Prismatic Spider says, "..."
[OOC] Prismatic Spider says, "It's Freaking Amelia."
[OOC] Top Man says, "...come to think of it. you're right. o.o"
[OOC] Prismatic Spider says, "But it's PRICELESS."

Steelfist face palms, "...My Draven friend some Exaar will be the death of us..."

[OOC] Top Man peers at metal.
[OOC] Pirate Man says, "Wha? What's Amelia?"
[OOC] Metal Man innocents :D
[OOC] Top Man says, "amelia's a character in slayers, who is very clumsy. powerful, but clumsy and ditzy."
[OOC] Prismatic Spider says, "Amelia wil Tesla Seiruun, from Slayers."
[OOC] Pirate Man says, "I'm Amelia? O.o"
[OOC] Pirate Man says, "Weee!"
[OOC] Prismatic Spider says, "That entrance was a perfect reproduction. :D"

Fenrir grabs Rayovac's shoulder (in a drinking buddy way) "Ray, I've seen unholy. I've seen all colors and flavors of unholy. That over there..." he points with his staff to Pirate in his dress " so much /worse/ than unholy." He steals another glance, and shudders.

[OOC] Pirate Man says, "Thanks Prism :) *blush*"
[OOC] Pirate Man says, "Damnit :p I don't look like Pirate, except for the eyepatch!"

Crash Man peers. He administrates a grand slap behind Feneldil's head. "It be Dwarven ye sissy fool. I ain't no seen calling ya a Huan or a Huma now be I?" Then he turns towards Fenrir. "Be ye cursed and right. That ain't no lad, 'ust be 'nother demon sent efter us!"

[OOC] Crash Man, taking IC typos to IC levels! o.O

The wizard laughs nervously. "Eh..Heheh, sorry?" He says to the thief as he turns to look at what their companions speak of and... .... .... "...Um..." "Um." And he stops. And stares. "...--Oh, sweet! Hey, look, that cloud's just like..oh, wait, nevermind. It's gone now."

Quick Man sighs as he looks around. What a bunch of.. weirdos! And he's thinking In-Character, too! "Well, then we sh-" He pauses.. looking at Pirate. "Ye gods." He says, staring in horror. "It's.. the evil demoness from The Abyss! Draw yours swords, mates!"

The warrior acks as he gets smacked. "Right and... great more demon." He pulls blades. "So lets get to busting some demonic skulls."

CLANK. CLANK. CLANK. "FORSOOTH, BRAVE YOUNG ADVENTURERS!" A brass armored figure marches himself into the area, making a lot of noise and attracting attention. He unsheathes his sword and points the tip at the ground, resting both hands on the hilt in as imposing of a fashion as possible. He calls out again, once the attention is as good as it's going to get.


[OOC] Crash Man says, "I suggest we use the +roll command if we ever need to fight to simulate the dices."

Metal Man's combat roll has failed against Metal Man.

[OOC] Pirate Man says, "Mind if I use the squirrel?"

Exaar blinks a little bit, hearing the shhouted challenge. Forgetting about Pirate momentarily, he turns around to eye the Paladin.. before drawing himself up, and pulling two knives from his belt. He spins them around his fingers at super-speeds, creating dual blurrs as he shouts back:


[OOC] Crash Man says, "The Squirrel is ICly dead! But OOCly still alive."

Alexir seems oblivious to the call of battle against a potential ally- Too busy staring into the clouds. "Hmmm... Ouh! And that one is... no... Hey! Cool! A- no..nevermind..." And as he watches, a bird flies by, his eyes drawn into following it until they once more rest upon the group of costumed androids. And then that Paladin comes. And the wizard turns to gaze upon him, trying to figure out just who this is... Certainly not one of his brothers. "...Hi there, Exodius! ...I'm Alexir, the powerful and wonderful and really cool.. um.. ...Wizard! That's right!" He pauses.. "Oh..right.."


[OOC] Pirate Man says, "Okay, I'll use a second squirrel then."

Fenris clasps his staff in front of him. "Demoness!! Thee have been the thorn in my demon lord's side for too many generations!!!" His eyes narrow, as he glares at Pirate. Until, of course the gigantic fighter storms onto the scene. "A paladin?? You types have warred with my brothers for even /more/ generations! I will have your head!" His cloak billows behind him, in a powerful fashion.

The warrior pauses now and strikes a pose for a moment as he says, "I AM FENELDIL STEELFIST! I am but a humble warrior ar large."

Zoloft slowly rises, readjusting her head. Note what I've said, it's not Pirate in a dress, it's Pirate with lot's of Synth Skin in a dress. So damnit, just imagine Zoloft as an elf in a green dress and a cloak, and I won't run myself hoarse yelling at the lot o' ya! "Oh my! I seem to have taken quite the tumble, now where was I again? Oh yes, I am: ZOLOFT MAYO-AYIEEE!" As she gets halfway through her speech, a second squirrel leaps from the tree and clings to her face, gnawing on it fiercely, "GETTITOFFGETTITOFFGETTITOFF!"

[OOC] Magnet Man says, "So are you built like a man or built like a lady?"
[OOC] Pirate Man says, "In costume, I'm a very attractive Elf."
[OOC] Pirate Man says, "Out of costume, I'm as ugly as sin ICly :P"

Gyro Man has followed the costumed Masters... He's staying aways away from them, though, so a first glance at the loonies won't include him. He hovers a few feet off the ground, observing the roleplayers with amusement. You can't buy this sort of entertainment.. Well, okay, you can. But this is free.

Rayovac peers as the Paladin approaches, and then hesitates. "Aah, choices be hard. I can cut mahself some Pal'din or some demons! Arch!" He turns towards Exodius, taking out his 'musket' and raising it with great emotion in the air above him. "I'r be Rayovac Lightbringing, Dwarf of legend and elite 'rcher under the King!" Then he turns back towards Pirate Man, aiming his musket. "Arr! Be downed, Elf, but farst that demon must perish!" He rolls a bunch of dice on the ground, obviously not going for Pirate but rather for the demon on him! But the dice lands on a one.. Rayovac stumbles backwards as he fires towards the sky, smacking on his back on the ground. "Ar! The demon's magic's felling me!"

Alexir's attention is caught once more by the screeches of the elven woman and the cries of his dwarven ally. "Wha.. Hey! Um.. Fireball!" He shouts, tossing a top painted as if it were on fire into the air. "..psst. Hey, uh, Crash? Roll for me, willya?" ..He doesn't have any dice on him.

[OOC] Crash Man says, "Fireball spell.. You don't need to roll, but Pirate and the Squirrel will have to do Reflex Saves."
[OOC] Top Man says, "shh, top doesn't know that. :P"
[OOC] Pirate Man says, "How do I roll a reflex save?"
[OOC] Crash Man says, "We'd need some sort of MUSH Dice Script.."
[OOC] Crash Man says, "Just.. do a +roll on Top."

Pirate Man's combat roll has failed against Top Man.


[OOC] Pirate Man says, "How does the squirrel do it?"
[OOC] Crash Man shalt roll for the mighty Squirrel, then post.

Crash Man's combat roll has failed against Top Man.

Fenrir peers at the newcomer. "I hate you on account, Paladin. But for the sake of Level have these Cleric's ears." He takes a step towards Exodius, staff at the ready. "I am ready to hear your terms."

Exaar listens to the proposal of the Paladin. "Well, actually.." He says, moving closer, "We're hunting the Great Golden Dragon. We want to skin him and make invincible armor out of his scales. Have you seen him?" He pulls out a picture.. of General. "Quite a beast, no?" Then he raises his brows. "But, what is this proposal of yours?"

What does Zoloft say to Duran's offer? "AYEEEEEE!" As she spins around wildly, the squirrel gnawing at her face. But as she spins, a large fireball comes flying at her face! In seconds, there's a little black corpse on the ground, but Zoloft is still running around, except now her long hair is on fire, "AYEEEEEEEEE!"

Alexir turns his attention from the fireball spell and screaming elf girl and looks at Exodius. "Well... Why not! (that means I can finally finish my next spell.. whatever it is..)"

Glaive arrives from the Rocky Mountains.
Glaive has arrived.

[OOC] Pirate Man says, "I'm a ditz"
[OOC] Glaive observes
[OOC] Pirate Man says, "ICly as Zoloft"

Crash Man pauses in his playing and picks up the dice, throwing them on the ground again, looking over towards Pirate Man and the Squirrel. But then he just puts the dice away and frowns, keeping away from his character for a few seconds. "Screw the dice, play the attacks instead!" He then watches as the immaginary fireball heads for the two targets, ignoring Fenrir, Exaar and Exodius alike. "Aaar, good shot, Alex! Ye be invalu'ble acet t'our group!" He points his musket once more towards Zoloft, putting a small metal ball inside the gigantic tip of the thing. He puts some black powder in it, taking some extra time.. and BLAM! He fires towards her, which ends up blasting him backwards, even if the small ball was sent towards her anyway. Regardless of if it hits, Rayovac is still on the ground. On his back. AGAIN. "Aarrch, stupid pow'der an' bull't makin' me blow away!"

[OOC] Magnet Man says, "You're a ditz whenever."
[OOC] Pirate Man frowns :(

"AYEEEE-OOMPF!" is what comes from Zoloft as she is flung to the ground, a metal ball impaled in her forehead. Getting up with a huff, Pirate's voice becomes quite apparent, "You arse! Take this!" his left prosthetic hand's palm opens up, and a very real and very large ball of water is blasted at Crash Man. As she does this, her voice returns, "Why, thoust must be a demon to attack such a fair maiden!"

Rayovac gets back up, only to find himself being aimed at my a gigantic blast of water magic! "Aach! I told 'ou, demon-lady! Ye ain't no maiden, ye ain't no fair pers'an! Ye'd be sent tah blast us! To arms, blast them!" But as he was getting ready to reload the musket, the bubblet smacks him, throwing him on his back again. "Aaach! Why 'm I 'lways on mah back!" He drops the musket and opts the the axe, taking it off his belt and getting back up, charging towards Zoloft. "Slay the demons! CHARGE!"

Durandal would facepalm, if it wasn't out of character for Exodius to do so. . o (These nimrods actually took over Africa? God, how bad must the Repliforcers be...) "THOU MUST RECOVER THE AXE OF ALL CREATION TO STOPETH THE REVIVIAL OF THE DARK GOD ASMODEE! IT IST HIDDEN IN THE RUINS OF ANK-MORR, BURIED IN THE DEEPEST JUNGLE IN THE DARK CONTINENT! BUT THE RUINS CANST ONLY BE OPENED BY A SNOWBALL MADE OUT OF THEE..." He takes a deep breath, it's starting to hurt his voxcorder talking like this. "...PUREST SNOW TAKEN FROM THE TOP OF THE TALLEST MOUNTAIN IN THE WORLD OF TERRASAE! BUT BE WARNED, BRAVE ADVENTURERS, FOR THE MOUNTAIN TOP IST HOME TO A VICIOUS WHITE DRAGON.....with nasty pointy teeth." He hooks two fingers into 'fangs' and pantomimes biting motions.

Blues arrives from the British Columbia.
Blues has arrived.
[OOC] Blues says, "Get out of my yard, you damn kids."
[OOC] Prismatic Spider says, "This isn't your yard."

Alexir blinks and looks from the very loud paladin over to the bickering Dwarf and Elf. "..uhm.." Paladin. Dwarf-elf battle. Paladin. Battle. Paladin... ..He turned to face the paladin. "Um..K?"

[OOC] Magnet Man says, "To hell with you and all you stand for, we're LARPing!!"

Hoping that it's merely a foam or cardboard axe, Zoloft raises her arms, making her into a cross shape. "I take offense to such an outrageous claim!" The left prosthetic hand's palm opens again, but a large bubble emerges, surrounding Zoloft. Zoloft begins walks forwards very slowly to Rayovac, daring, "Now try to attack me, puny Dwar-EEK!" but of course, she trips on a rock and is sent rolling and tumbling at the Dwarf, still in her forcefield.

Durandal does facepalm now, at the 'Wizzard'. "So, get 'em, dude."

[OOC] Blues says, "... 'Zoloft'?"

Gyro Man continues watching the roleplaying with great amusement. You don't see this every day.

[OOC] Pirate Man says, "I am: ZOLOFT MAYONNAISE!"
[OOC] Blues says, "Pirate, you creep. Zoloft is an anti-depressant."
[OOC] Magnet Man says, "I am: DRUNK! Not really."
[OOC] Pirate Man says, "I know"
[OOC] Pirate Man snickers at the Master Char-Key
[OOC] Magnet Man says, "I always think it means master, as in like, "All powerful" like Master Code, something omnipotent. But it means Robot Master."

Exaar eyes Paladin. He seems to consider for a moment. "Uhm. Okay! We accept your challenge. But we ALSO have to slay the GReat Golden Dragon." He waves the picture of General about some more. "I hear he has a massive Breath Weapon. His scales should make awesome armor! But, dark gods arising is usually bad! Except, Fenrir is a Dark Cleric. He probably worships the guy. In which case, we may have to decline."

Rayovac can only throw a few words before he'd impact with the Elf. "Ach! Demon lady!" SMACK. Impacting with the forcefield, he's sent back hurling and landing on his back next to the musket, taking it back and placing it on his back as he gets up. He places the axe back on his belt and grumbles something under his beard, walking balk towards Exodius and the others. He seems to have switched from Anti-Elf Freak mode to Stay Away From Demons mode. As he finishes his little trip and ends up next to Fenrir and Exodius alike, he frowns again. "Arch. Oseless Elf 'ver there 'trying tah kill me. Hrm. I'd show 'er what's an axe for ain't I afraid to stain such perfect steel." Sure. Excuses. One thing was sure, though. It was a HORRIBLE thing to have to look at Pirate Man disguised as an Elf chick.

Alexir shrugs a bit as Rayovac walks over to join them. The wizard turns his attention over fully to Exodius and tilts his head. "Go get who?" He blinks, "Dark gods? Sounds creepy... I wonder if I have any holy spells....' Hm."

Pirate Man drops BN.
What in the world is BN, of all creatures, doing with Pirate Man? Well, the small turtle had been lent to the pet shop for a demonstration and also for them to take care of him, when the raiding party of Pirate Man, Dust Man, and... Well, that was it, raided said pet shop. Now BN is Pirate Man's pet, and BN seems to be fully content. After all, Pirate Man may be a horrible android devoid of much sympathy, but he still loves animals.

BN is a small, timid box turtle who bares few differences from any regular turtle. His main color is green, with hints of black on the shell and his eyes. But the most unusual thing about him is the fact that he "Meep"s as his form of communication, and has a knack for spotting people he does and doesn't like by curling into his shell when in the proximity of someone he dislikes. In short, he's cuter than cute, and fits under Pirate's hat! Awwww, innit he cute?

[OOC] Magnet Man kills BN!!!
[OOC] Magnet Man says, "I really gotta go, or at least get out of the scene."
[OOC] Pirate Man says, "Okay Magnet, bye."

Dust Man arrives from the Rocky Mountains.
Dust Man has arrived.

[OOC] Quick Man waves.
[OOC] Pirate Man impales Magnet.
[OOC] Pirate Man says, "Here, Dust."
MedicMet has arrived.
Pirate Man drops MedicMet.
[OOC] Dust Man says, "Hey, you take it home when you get there."
[OOC] Pirate Man says, "You take it!"
Magnet Man takes BN.
[OOC] Magnet Man says, "Hahaha!!!"
Magnet Man drops BN.
Pirate Man drops BN.
[OOC] Pirate Man says, "Do it again, I dares ya"
[OOC] Magnet Man says, "Ok, I gotta go guys, thanks for the scene."
Magnet Man has disconnected.
[OOC] Dust Man says, "It's over?"
[OOC] Pirate Man says, "No"
[OOC] Dust Man says, "Oh okay. I can't really be here, so I'll watch."


[OOC] Crash Man says, "That's the single most straight-forward quest I've ever seen."

Steelfish eyes the Paladin says nothing he's also ignoring Pirate Man, if Plant Man had done it he might be able to understan it as Plant can pass for female! Anyhow back to the Quest, "We shall slay the dragon and bring you it's head a proof!"

Alexir grins and nods, "Ok! Dragon slaying! ..Wait, magic is useless agaisnt dragons. Well, I guess I could poke with a stick. That'll work..." He cheers, "Ok! Let's go! That'll be fun! Where is it, again?"

Rayovac peers towards Feneldil. "Ye lad realize d'head alone's t'lest seven times yer size and we'd need a BIG thing ta carry it?" Yes. He speaks the words of widsom which should really help the quest. Or will they?

[OOC] Crash Man hits. Head. On. Desk.
[OOC] Crash Man says, "I can't even be spared from ONE type in a three-line pose."

Quick Man turns over the picture of General he has. "This magic drawing of the dragon has an address on the back. It says "RHQ, Australia." I guess the Dragon lives in Australia! Damn Kangaroo-Dragon! We must slay him. SLAY HIM!" Then he pauses.. looking up at the Paladin. "But we need some snow or something first."

Steelfist I mean


[OOC] Pirate Man says, "Well, Boo, and Yay. It's Poker Night, but I can't really stay around and RP..."

And so Zoloft rolls, off into the distance, leaving behind a shrill, "EEEEEEEEEK!" in her path.

[OOC] Metal Man says, "We need BOO!"
[OOC] Pirate Man ?'s at Metal.

An innocent hamster scampers across the area..

Only to be eaten up by a cow.

The hamster is run over by a car.

[OOC] Metal Man says, "A hamster from a D&D game known asw Baluder's(sp) gate"

Pirate Man has disconnected.

Rayovac looks at Exodius. "Th'tallest mountain.. hrm.. oy, ahoy, it must be the dreaded Imp-Eri'Al Spire! Be it in the cap'tal city o' Berlin! But there ain't be snow there. Not pure snow. Foul snow." He stops to think, which is a rare thing. "I'd be hatin' geography."

[OOC] Dust Man says, "Go for the eyes BOO! GO FOR THE EYES!!"
[OOC] Metal Man says, "Quick?"
[OOC] Metal Man says, "We should make this an ongoing plot"
[OOC] Dust Man says, "..."
[OOC] Quick Man says, "I agree."
[OOC] Dust Man wanted to be the hamster...

Alexir scratches the back of his head again. "Um? Right... I guess I'll wait for you guys to make a decision and follow.. Till then..." He takes out a top painted as a fireball and spins it on his finger.

[OOC] Top Man is amused that it's not just the robot masters ICly playing XD
[OOC] Crash Man says, "Watch him DROP the Top."
[OOC] Crash Man says, "Then we go BOOM."
[OOC] Top Man says, "just think. hunters and masters getting along to roleplay. the brain hurtage! (and it won't go's a little plastic top XD)"

"IT ISN'T THE /TALLEST/ MOUNTAI.....look, nimrods. This is the DM speaking, straight to the players. Mount Everest, guys. Hellllo? Now, GO GET THAT DRAGON!" Duran's getting tired of this game.

Glaive sends a radio transmission to Durandal.
Durandal receives a radio transmission.
Durandal sends a radio transmission to Glaive.
Glaive receives a radio transmission from Durandal.

You can't kill the Miniature Giant Space Hamster.. he'll come and get you..

Glaive sends a radio transmission to Durandal.
Durandal receives a radio transmission.

[OOC] Gyro Man is back. Go for the b33r, Boo! :D
[OOC] Dust Man says, "XD! PH33R M1 N33D 4 B33r!"
[OOC] Top Man smacks both of you.

Steelfist looks to his Dravenen buddy, "Well then the Dark Empire shall have to face our might in this quest I do wonder if that Vile Lich shall attempt to infear with our quest...."

Rayovac doesn't bother listening to Exodius as he screams in his out-of-character self, instead turning to Fen. "Th'Vile Lich doesn't scare me! Ain't we got some cert'ficate from 'em so tat' they ain't putt'in themsel's in our paths? Hm.. EverRest.. sounds like a fine mout'tain t'me! But we should rest before w'go!"

Alexir perks up at the specified location and ideas. "Resting sounds good. Let's rest!" He catches the top and places it back where it came from- wherever that may be. Don't ask, cuz even I don't know.

[OOC] Crash Man says, "In a Bad of Holding!"

Loading... Please wait...

[OOC] Crash Man says, ".. Blues? :P"
[OOC] Metal Man nods.
[OOC] Blues says, "Sorry. Had to."
[OOC] Crash Man says, "XD"
[OOC] Crash Man says, "It was appropriate for those who know what it means."

<Boo Spinny>

[OOC] Top Man snickers.
[OOC] Crash Man hates with great hating. He is out of cookies.
[OOC] Dust Man cackles. He ate them!
[OOC] Crash Man shines his current desc and puts it back in his Bag Of Descs for a later use.

Durandal sighs under his helmet once again. "BUT THOU ART INDEED GOING, YES?"

Rayovac seems to mumble something hardly audible before he starts walking away, noticing he didn't actually speak but actually mumbled. He turns around again, facing Exodius. "Ar, right! Dragon, we be coming! Yer scales are mine!"

Quick Man has left.

Durandal smiles inside his helmet. "EXCELLENT, THEN I SHALT INFORM THE KING WI-ILY THAT HIS KINGDOM SHALT BE SAFE FROM EVIL!" He does the prayer from Final Fantasy Ten with his sword and turns to leave.

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