*cries at her slow typing speed* Other than that... this was fun!


This vast, fertile savanna encompasses several of Africa's various biome zones, from woodlands to thornbrush to grasslands. For the most part, this savanna is a beautiful land, covered in gentle, soft grasses that remain cool to the touch and soothing to walk upon. Low ground shrubs are scattered across its velvet floor, sprouting up along the grasslands, often accompanied by larger deciduous trees which cast gentle shadows onto the otherwise sunlit savanna. This beautiful land was once full of life, but its numbers of natural animals has gradually dwindled over the crossing of time.. Now standing as remembrance to so many species which have faded from the earth within the last couple hundred years, hunted to the point of extinction, commonly for their beauty. So often we destroy the things we love the most; a harsh reality in a world where technology strives to be the answer for everything..

Elec Man [Normal] [RM]
Crash Man [Armored] [RM]
Shark Man [Armour] [RM]
Ballade [Normal] [RM]
iLuz [Normal] [IO]
Demolition Man [Demo] [IO]
Jet Man [IO]
Teisel Bonne [Normal] [IO]

Dogstar Gravy Plate Processing Facility
Border Fortresses
Diamond Mines
Satellite Launching Area <Cape Wily>
Sphere Outpost <Epsilon> [RM]

South <S>
: South Africa
North <N>: African Rainforest
Up <U>: Sky Above Central Africa

The reason for the security breach is as follows.

The sheet that previously covered the Unknown Monstrosity has been tied to it at the top, and is now being used for its intended purpose- a parachute. Admittedly, it's not the most functional one, being attached to a 17 foot tall piece of equipment... but it's a parachute, and it manages to soften the landing just enough to keep it in one piece. "We can't wait all day! Airdrop, or /fly/ if you can! Just get down here!" Teisel calls over the radio from inside, /and/ aloud- just to be sure. He then gears the aforementioned piece of equipment with the tank-treaded base and the mostly-humanoid body into active mode. The arms creak slightly, and for a moment glow with green energy. Teisel attempts, desperately, to handle the controls designed for three men- and actually manages to keep consistently succeeding at doing so. This was designed more as a family mech, but time has necessitated that it be Teisel's... and Teisel has finally taught himself how to use it.

The Bruno has arrived.

Crystal Man arrives from the African Rainforest.
Crystal Man has arrived.

iLuz, dressed in a giant penguin suit, leaps out of the Vorpal with a muffled yell, or perhaps it is a squack. She tries to grip at her guitar, fails to snag it, waddles in the air a bit as she realizes that she's falling rather fast. Damn penguin suit! She gropes for it again, and finally manages to get a firm grip on the guitar, which ignites briefly and allows iLuz to glide towards the ground. In a giant penguin costume.

Rhythm arrives from the African Rainforest.
Rhythm has arrived.


Brave, loyal, and tough. Words that all accurately describe the rather small but reliable-looking robodog, most likely found at the side of his master, the similar looking Protoman. Coming up to roughly the height of Protoman's knee, Rhythm appears to be modeled after a Rottweiler, as opposed to the mutt of Rush, of the robowolf that is Treble. Moreover, the little robot seems to be designed to specifically designed to mimic Protoman, right down to his head, patterned similarly to the design adorning Protoman's helmet, to the yellow scarf tied around it's neck. The primary difference, it seems, lay in it's color - While Rush is red and Megaman is blue, Rhythm is the a deep blue to oppose it's master's crimson shade. Dark grey in all areas aside from the blue paws, head, ears, and the short, ruffly mane extended from the back of his neck, a scruffy collection of metallic 'hair' which streams down his back towards a silver tail at his end.

[OOC] Rhythm says, "Anyone mind an observer?"
[OOC] Demolition Man says, "Yay observers."
[OOC] Elec Man blinks. Stares.
[OOC] Elec Man says, "I... can't seem to find you on xwho..."
[OOC] Rhythm says, "I'm a puppet."
[OOC] Teisel Bonne says, "Can't find who?"
[OOC] Elec Man says, "Oh, probably because you're a puppet."
[OOC] Teisel Bonne dies.
[OOC] Rhythm says, "I'm Blues."
[OOC] Elec Man says, "Hahaha~suicide~"

iBluegrass arrives from the Sky Above Central Africa.
iBluegrass has arrived.

Jet Man really didn't need to ride in the Vorpal...but it makes for a nice entrance! How? Well, ever see someone dive at terminal velocity, the pull up into the air just before impact? That's what Jet does. Quite an impressive sight...and it'd be even more impressive if it was intentional. "GAH!! Dammit, that's the last time I wait until AFTER I jump to prime my jets!"

Demolition Man chirps happily and rocks back and forth as he waits for someone to tell him to do something other than HEY that's a penguin. He hops up and wanders over to poor Penguinized Luz, and pats her on the head. "Hello, Mr. Penguin! My name is Demol--oh, sorry, 'scuze me! We can talk later!" And then he waddles over to an open door, straps on a Reploid-strength parachute, and hops out. He giggles as he falls a loooong way, and flails his arms as if he's flying, and only by accident (OR SO IT SEEMS) does he manage to pull the cord and release the parachute to save him from largescale impact doom. Demo doesn't do blunt force trauma well, see. He starts struggling, flailing, and just generally trying to get the hell out of his 'chute!

Ballade pages Gyro Man and Crystal Man: Did I page you two my super short briefing?
Ballade pages Gyro Man and Crystal Man: Ballade waits in the command chair impatiently, at least for him as those present enter he stands and speaks somewhat hurriedly, "Alright, security stations in Rocket Town have picked up a disturbance most likely due to the Irregular Overlords. -They- are priority targets, I expect no less than a slaughter of their forces, got that..." swining on a heel he seats himself smoothly and only dead pans, "Sit down, Shut up, and hang on for dear life..." whatever he means by that soon becomes apparent as he flips open a panel and presses a large red button, the shuttle lurching into sudden extreme motion.

Answering Teisel's call on the radio a few moments ago, The White Demon blasts into the Savannah, searching for her fellow IOs. Simple and to the point.

The Skull Shuttle comes hurtling over the horizon, intiating a barrel roll as it comes in for a landing, it hits the ground with a whump and the landing gear tear through dirt and grass leaving large divots, and within the big purple elite known as Ballade, springs the from the command chair, and down the unloading ramp, skidding to a halt soon after as he surveys the area, and the Irregular Overlords. He narrows his optics and clinches a fist as his armor and weapons systems begin to hum audibly... The Smack Down Cometh...

Ballade changes into his Powered armor.

Crash, still inside the Skull Shuttle, is isly playing around with what would appear to be grenanes. He's juggling around with three of them while sitting down in his seat, regardless of the high speed Ballade insisted on using to fly all the way to this place. A slight smile, if not a childish one at that, on the Red Bomber's face indicates amusement and anticipation. His white hands carefully manipulate the small explosive balls, throwing them in front of him so that the speed doesn't screw anything up and they land in his hands anyhow. Then the transport stops and leads them to their destination. He rebalances his juggling so the grenades don't go flying towards Ballade and keeps up with it, getting up from his seat and idly walking towards the door. He opens it with one hand very quickly and goes back to juggling, stepping outside. Now, the one question to ask is..

Did the darn transport land?

If not, Crash will fall towards the ground and land on his feet, somehow surviving such a feat and smiling about it, probably bragging about it for weeks to come. If it did land.. well, he'll trip, backflip, keep the grenades in his hands somehow while juggling, and land, once more, on his feet, obviously to brag. Either way, he'd land not too far away from Ballade with one comment. "Bloor." Hey, I never said it would make sense.

[OOC] Crash Man swears he didn't type that ten minutes ago while waiting.

Elec Man releases his Electromag Seatbelt (tm!), standing up and rolling his shoulders. "Arms, legs, chest, hands, feet. Generators online." He shakes out his hands, sparks popping out in some neat arcs. Well then, here we go." Elec turns, sprinting for the door as power already begins to roar around him. And with a roar of thunder, he leaps out behind Ballade.

Power courses around the Alpha as he lands, already approaching the IO's. He holds up one hand, tightening his glove with the other. I mean, it'd be pretty badass if he could tighten a glove with the hand wearing it, but that's just WRONG. An arc of power spreads in front of him as he completes the motion, slashing his arm through the air. "C'mon, rejects!"

Shark Man steps out of the shuttle, and slowly walks towards wherever the other Masters are headed. He's holding a margarita in one hand, which he managed not to spill even with Ballade's crazy driving. He pulls out a beach chair and sits down.

Crystal Man is inside the shuttle, tossing a small, transparent orb up and down in his hand. "Hm hm... looks like I'll finally get my chance to show these foolish fakes." His hand squeezes down on the orb, breaking it into shards that tinkly-tinkle on the metal floor of the shuttle. "Come to think of it, that was a nice alliteration." A small hydraulic pump and then a nice thud and he's standing on the ground on the side of Ballade opposite of Crash Man. "Though, I am getting some unclear visions... It matters not. For Lord Wily."

Gyro Man waits the short flight out. After the rather rough landing, he steps outside the vehicle, starting to hover instead of touching the ground, and scans the area.


iBluegrass [IBluegrass] [IO]
Crystal Man [Armor] [RM]
Elec Man [Normal] [RM]
Crash Man [Armored] [RM]
Shark Man [Armour] [RM]
Ballade [Normal] [RM]
iLuz [Normal] [IO]
Demolition Man [Demo] [IO]
Jet Man [IO]
Teisel Bonne [Normal] [IO]

Rhythm [MH]

It's a bit hard to see in this damn penguin outfit. Why is she wearing it anyway? iLuz asks these questions of herself and more as she catches sight of Crash Man. Her eyes widen briefly and she charges towards Crash Man with a mighty battlecry, "WAAAAAK!!!", bursting forward in a waddle, she attempts to smack Crash Man...in the face! With a flipper! And then she jumpkicks towards his chest plating with her footflipper! And then she tries to smack Crash Man in the nose with her penguin beak! "Wak waak!", the penguin glowers in a rather angry manner. Fuel? What fuel? iLuz wants vengeance! Well, that and it's hard to carry anything with flippers instead of hands.

"Well, it seems we've got some company! C'mon, troops! Move, move, move!" Teisel shouts, grinning like a madman. And then he sees... Ballade. Oh my. This is going to be a rather interesting grudge match. "Well, Ballade!" Teisel calls out over the vocal systems of the Bruno. "It's been a while! Tell me, is there still a crater in your face from the explosion?!"

With that, the large mecha begins to move again, a faint creaking sounding... and then the armor grabs at Ballade.... before sending him back to the ground with a slap powered by the primary weaponry of the treaded tank-armor; an energy-bomb apparatus. A green blast- assuming the grab is successful- issues straight down from the hand, sending Ballade back to earth (assuming that the grab itself happened.)

Teisel Bonne strikes Ballade with his Bruno Grab attack.

Rhythm has left.

ILuz strikes Crash Man with her One Girl Army attack.

Crash Man keeps walking straight ahead, keeping in sight the grenades he's juggling with. Then he notices a penguin. Oh, nothing's wrong there. "Oh, hi Mr. Pen-ACK!" He beak smacks him in the face, leaving a red mark there, as if he was slapped. "Ow! Hey! Oh.. it's you! I mean.. cuty! Hey! Sorry about last time, like totally! I'll offer you a drink when we're done defending from you, okay?" He staps back, juggling faster with the grenades in his hands and smiling towards iLuz. His visor isn't down yet, either. "And behind door number one, we have.." He then, using mad dexterity skills, throws a single grenade, the black one, towards iLuz! The other two's (white and green) remain in his hands for the moment as he juggles with them. "Explodey Death!"

Crash Man misses iLuz with his Mini Grenades attack.

Jet Man continues to pull up after his mad dive, taking a few deep breaths before he slows to a hover, looking down at the ground and watching the other RMs pile in to take on the others. He then looks about, trying to find their ship to see if they left it circling the area...before he spots one of the OTHER RM flyboys. "Oh, look, it's prop-head. What, daddy couldn't afford Rocket Boosters when he built ya?" he taunts, trying to hover near him with a smirk.

iBluegrass looks around and spots Mr. ShockyShock. She touches down near him. "Well, well. What do we have hear, Ah wondah. Maybe mah new punchin' bag. So tell me, Mastah..."

"...Are ya a squeeler?"

Elec Man's right eyebrow twitches ever-so-slightly. Behind the mask, though. "Well, missy, that all depends on your definition of the word 'squeal.'" He holds one finger up, electricity dancing around. "If the sweet sound of a crack of thunder is squealing to you, then, yes..." Elec crouches down and springs away, turning a somersault in the air to point a crackling bolt of lightning at the Irregular. "I am quite the squealer."

Elec Man strikes iBluegrass with his Lightning Bolt attack.

Ballade scowls for a few seconds at the obviously incased Teisel, before returing to a composed state, he merely watches the hulk of the mecha close on him, and then proceeds to stand there even as he's attacked. The slap blast sending him sliding a few feet, and such the elite drops to a knee, and puts a hand down to retain his footing, the strike doing little damage. And so the elite slowly stands his gaze cold as ice, "Let us see if you talk so when I rip you from that device..."

And so the elite charges the Bruno, detaching his golden horns as he ducks, bobs, and weaves up to the machine. Inches from the monstrosity he kicks off from the ground raking his head gear across the front of it, and then taking the chance to kick off from it, to leave it's range of attack.

Ballade strikes Teisel Bonne with his Horn Slash attack.

iLuz says, "I'm the Penguin Overlord. Mwahaha. Pen Man!", she blinks, "I don't wanna drink from you! You suck!", she blinks, "Er, Wak!", she twists her guitar around and smacks the grenade away from her body. Phew! She swings her guitar her guitar a bit, but not very much. It's a little hard when you're using flippers to fight after all, and she swings the mighty axe (guitar) towards the side of Crash Man's face, "You totally cheepshotted Epsilon, remember?"

ILuz strikes Crash Man with her Instruments Of Destruction attack.

Well, that bolt of lightning knocks The Dark Musica back for a bit. "...Then squeel, Mastah." With a quick draw reaction, iBlue flips up her crossbow, and launches a very pointy arrow at Elec.

IBluegrass misses Elec Man with her Armor-piercing Bolt attack.

Gyro Man eyes narrow when he spots the flying IO. "Oh, it's you," he says flatly. "What's that.. Scott couldn't program a sense of humor?" His rotor starts to spin faster, taking Gyro higher up, and he turns to look down at Jet Man.

Demo finally drags himself out of the parachute, and looks around, smiling. "Alright! Mister Epsilon said that we need....hmmm. I guess I'll take the fuel! Yaaah!" And so cheering, Demolition Man charges off toward the nearest source of fuel, not quite thinking of anything he might use to /carry/ that fuel.

A deep tear appears in the 'chest' of the upper portion of the Bruno's body, and Teisel begins freaking out a little. Quietly. "You? Tear /me/ out of this!? I think not!" Teisel leans over and for a moment commandeers the side of the controls that was designed for Bon, and slams a rather large red button.

The distinct noise of missiles rushing from their storage place is heard as a pair of them leave the shoulders of the Bruno. They curve slightly toward Ballade, as they near him; the Bruno itself is back on the move again as soon as they're fired. Teisel is not going to stand still, despite the fact that his massive mecha is designed more for it; he's going to make this difficult for the Wilybot that, in recent times, has become a sort of rival.

Teisel Bonne strikes Ballade with his Shoulder Missiles attack.

Crash Man staggers backwards as the 'axe' hits him, scratching the front of his body and leaving an obvious mark there. He drops the green grenade on the ground, which poofs in a green cloud of smoke, but nothing happens. He still has the white one in his hand, unable to juggle anymore. He backs away more and more, and finally, takes a good swing. "Well, SORRY if I'm too sexy for you, baby! Epsilon was totally beating on Enker and I had to help! Oh yeah.. and.. penguin?" He seems to hesitate, as if he had something more important to do than throw that grenade at her. Penguin? ... He can't just keep his mind focused with such a distraction. ".. oh, whatever. Here, catch!" He raises his voice. "And behind door number three, we have.. A BRAND NEW CAR!" He throws the small white device towards iLuz, covering his own eyes with his arm the minute it's thrown. Rather than detonating to explodify her, it would try to blind her and send shrapnels to do the dirty work instead.

Crash Man misses iLuz with his Flash Bomb attack.

[OOC] Crash Man says, "Watch all my weak attacks miss, then my big ones hit."
[OOC] ILuz says, "Dammit Crash :D"
[OOC] Crash Man has 6* DEX, he needs miracles to hit. :P

Elec Man twists around in the air, barely avoiding the bolt. He lands harder than planned on his back, a thin cut across the front of his chestplate. Undaunted, the Electric Master snaps back up to his feet, blue power swirling around his hands as he springs at iBluegrass. "If I must." He leaps at her, hands held wide. They don't stay that way for long, slamming back to clap at her head with a jarring crash of thunder.

Elec Man strikes iBluegrass with his Thunderclap attack.
iBluegrass is temporarily disoriented by Elec Man's Thunderclap attack.

Shark Man takes a sip from his margarita as the fighting starts. Normally even the sight of a fight like this would be enough to send the lazy Overlord into a feeding frenzy, but at least one of the Wilys that have been in his head installed some safeties to stop him from attacking his friends, so instead of getting up to join the fight he calls out, '"Hey, did anyone bring, like, some popcorn, or something?"

iBluegrass arrgs as the clap hits, as she claps her claws to where her ears would be, as she cringes in pain. "NOT SO BLOODY LOUD!!!"

iLuz has 6* dexterity too. Apparently she's rolling in the miracles tonight. the blindning flash catches her and she grunts at the bright light. But the penguin costume keeps the shrapnel from doing any significant damage. One would expect iLuz to react poorly to being blinded. However, she merely clings tightly towards the guitar. It's thrusts ignite, and the penguin barrel rolls into a flying smash attack towards Crash Man's chest! But she's blind! She shouldn't be able to see, right? Well, iLuz deals with bad eyesight, so maybe it isn't as significant a blow as one would think.

ILuz misses Crash Man with her Ride On Shooting Star attack.

[OOC] Crash Man puts a miracle in his cannon. "Boomification time."

Crystal Man chuckles to himself. "Ah, to see everything..." His eyes were closed, but he could feel everything going on. It es a strange, ethereal feeling, the fluid motions of time seem so predictable. A small crystal blade form in his arm, his eyelids lifting to reveal the cold, cyan eyes. He arcs his arm outwards, a flick of the wrist, and a crystal shard flies at Demolition Man, who thought he could just get going without a fight. "Your fate rests with me, weakling."

"I have a good sense of humor," Jet says, firing up his jets once again to try and rise up along with Gyro. "Your creator must of had a better one, though. I mean, to create so many jokes like you, he'd HAVE to," he then quips before he rears an arm back, mouth twisting into a sneer. "Oh, and this is for trying to think that you can look down upon ME of all people." With that, his fist snaps out, trying to strike the flying RM right across his facemask.

Jet Man misses you with his Punch attack.

Elec Man pushes off of his opponent's abdomen, electricity already whirling around his hands and feet as he prepares for the next attack. He grins, feeling victory at hand. "Then don't call down the thunder next time." He delivers a shocking right to iBlue's face, his left coming down into her gut. He hops back and his leg lifts, rising to take her in the chin and hopefully knocking her down, where he finishes the combo by leaping forward and punching downward into her.

Elec Man strikes iBluegrass with his Bolt Combo attack.

Ballade swears lightly as he reaches his apex of the flip off the mecha, hearing the missiles quite plainly, and then they connect sending Ballade spiraling through the air, as bits of his armor fling loose, and then he eats dirt, sliding a few feet before slamming a hand into the ground and flipping to his feet, evidently he just isn't fast enough to dodge this thing, so looks like one will have to rely on pure brute strength, and so the elite reattaches his horns, and raises both arm cannons, and once again takes off in a run using his dash boots to gain speed, and then his wrist mounted blasters go into overtime, the small devices flinging out a stream of plasma bolts at an insane pace as the elite circles.

Ballade strikes Teisel Bonne with his Ballade Accelerando attack.

Again she comes towards him with the intent of smacking her guitar into his face, but this time he's got what would appear to be enough speed to jump away, covering his own ears as Elec Man's thunderclap roars through the area, turning around to shout at him. "HEY, KEEP THE NOISE DOWN OVER THERE!" Then he turns towards Shark Man. "Check under the pilot's seat in the transport for some!" And then back towards iLuz, a very large blue spark coming out of his left hand, which spreads all the way to his right hand and then hovers over him, forming two rather long pistols, obviously meant to smack hard. He grabs both with his two hands, pointing them at iLuz. "Well, let's get you out of that costume so you can do some posing for me, Luz!" He starts firing, emptying the pistols as they vanish back into his hands, a few dozens of bullets heading for iLuz, if not more, considering he just emptied two guns at once as fast as he could.

Crash Man strikes iLuz with his Dual 45s attack.

[OOC] Teisel Bonne says, "..."
[OOC] Teisel Bonne says, "I think that your miracles line and then that desires a spotlight desperately."
[OOC] Crash Man THUDS.

Teisel is peppered from all sides with blasts... and the armor begins to show chinks and tears and dents. Teisel is not happy. His new toy is not performing to his satisfaction; it's time to bring out the big guns. "What was that you were saying about taking me out of here?!" he inquires rather loudly, as a hand glows once again with that green energy; as Ballade circles by again, the hand slams out, energy exploding and dissipating as the 'fist' extends completely. Teisel throws back his head and laughs, hit or miss; this is a good fight, and he's quite sure the others are being just as lucky in their endeavors.

Teisel Bonne strikes Ballade with his Bruno Punch attack.

Demolition Man staggers a little. "Hey, that hurt!" he whines, turning around and pouting - yes POUTING (his faceplate is up) - at Crystal Man. "Big meanie! But...hey!" He waddles closer, and his pout turns into a bright smile. "Hey hey hey! Do you know where we can find any trained chimps?" he asks, reaching out to clasp Crystal Man on the shoulder with one hand. "It'd really help! 'cuz we need ch--OOHSHINY!" Demolition Man instantly is distracted by a glimmering fuel canister, leaving Crystal Man to deal with the odd situation Demo has left in his wake.

The Prox mine Demo just strapped to his shoulder, for instance. You don't get much closer than /attached/, after all!

Demolition Man misses Crystal Man with his Proximity Mine attack.

The bullets pierce through the Penguin costume as iLuz lands lightly on her feet. the bullets force iLuz back and she makes a sharp grunting sound from the impact of the blows. Falling to one knee briefly, she tears open the chest of the Penguin slightly to reach into one of her own pockets. Running towards Crash Man, she flings something towards his face quickly. And when it shatters, lovely acid will burst out and try to take his Eyes! HIS EYES!!

The bolts of lightning does strike iBlue down, but she's not out, at least, not yet. But she's getting there, as great rents in her relatively lightweight armor is made. "...Tie 'em up, Tie 'em down, Get yer job done, and have a good time, and once the day's done... slap it down." As iBlue repeats this simple phrase, she starts twirling her rope, watching Elec... the twirls faster and faster... then the Dark Musica lets it fly.


Does she snag herself a Man... er... Master? Let's find out...

ILuz misses Crash Man with her Lords Of Acid attack.

IBluegrass misses Elec Man with her Lasso attack.

[OOC] Demolition Man says, "...Wily has triggered their Neo circuit."
[OOC] Crash Man says, "We're in Ass-Kicking Mode now."
[OOC] Elec Man snrrrkkkhaahahahaaha!

Shark Man looks over his shoulder at the Shuttle at Crash's suggestion, then waves his free hand at it, turning back to the fight. "Eh, maybe I'll, like, grab it later, or something." He leans back, and takes another sip from his margarita.

"Rrrr... You'll pay for that comment." Gyro's a little tee'd off, but he still sees the punch coming. He angles his rotor suddenly, swiftly getting pulled to one side, successfully dodging it. Once his position stabilizes, Gyro smirks (not that you'd be able to see it), and aims a punch of his own at Jet!

You miss Jet Man with your Punch attack.

[OOC] Elec Man wonders if there's any scrap metal being flung around yet, anywhere on the battlefield?
[OOC] Crystal Man says, "There will be once this mine explodes."
[OOC] Ballade says, "Lot's of my armor..."
[OOC] Elec Man says, "Oooh."
[OOC] Teisel Bonne says, "Yes. Use an elite as your weapon!"

iLuz has forgotten one detail. Just one. A tiny detail so small it could only come back around to smack her in the face. As she charges towards him with that acid.. a visor slides down, a grin spreading on the Bomber's face as said visor is covered in green liquid. But then it drips away as he slides the visor back up, obviously safe and unharmed. He backs away, the blue spark returning and hovering above his head, expending into a giant rectangular shape which turns into a metal object Crash Man takes with both hands, smiling. He peers towards iLuz. "HERE, FETCH!"

The folding aluminium chair is thrown towards iLuz with great speed, and everything will be up to her now.

Crash Man jumps in the air towards her, keeping up with the chair just as iLuz would either get out of the way or catch it. Two things can happen. 1) She catches the chair and Crash Man's flying kick strikes it, slamming the chair into her face, or 2) She does not catch it and Crash Man impacts with the ground.

Crash Man strikes iLuz with his Crash Terminator attack.

[OOC] Crash Man says, "This move always hits."
[OOC] Crash Man says, "It's too cool to miss."

Ballade is once again no where near fast enough to dodge, taking the hit once again the armor on his chest imploding, and once again he eats dirt, sliding on his back away from the Bruno. Oh no Ballade is not happy, this engagement is not going well, his speed isn't helping and his power doesn't look like it will hold out forever. Such a hum permeates the battlefield, and Ballade goes opera on Teisel and his big mecha, taking a deep breath the elite emits a singing cord load enough to shatter glass, to rattle metal, and blow out ear drums...

Ballade strikes Teisel Bonne with his Power Chord attack.

Elec almost gets snared, but manages to spring up through the dropping lasso in the nick of time. He hits the ground roughly, rolling for a bit before recovering to his feet. As he went, his eyes noticed that Ballade is leaving quite an odd amount of his armor around, due to the beating Teisel's giving him. How handy! Elec takes another hop in that direction, gesturing at the shards as his electromagnet clicks on and starts buzzing loudly. Elec calls out over the battlefield, 'Hey, Ballade, you don't mind if I borrow some of you? Awesome." He clenches a fist, pulling all of the metal into a tight ball. Then, with a motion like he's reeling it in, he sends the orb of scrap hurtling toward him. Just as it nears, he brings it right up and over him, now pushing it with great momentum at iBluegrass's face.

Elec Man strikes iBluegrass with his Electromagnetics - Blunt attack.

Crystal Man idly chuckles as he grabs the proximity mine on his armor. He idly tosses it into the air and darts after his opponent, the bomb exploding and sending scrapnel flying. That wasn't his concern though. He simply goes after Demolition Man, and in his pursuit, forms a small crystal lance in his hand. It was like a broken off stalagtite, only about two feet in length, but sharp as a needle. He nears Demolition in that brief moment of chaos the bomb created to where he's side by side. The Robot Master grins under the mouthguard of his helmet and swings his arm out to Demolition, the crystal blade going right toward his opponent's chest. "I told you, you're with me. There's no point in going for a target you won't be getting!"

Crystal Man strikes Demolition Man with his Crystal Stab attack.

Much like Gyro avoided his punch, so Jet avoids Gyro's, tilting himself to the side and kicking up his feet to boost himself to the side a bit before he straightens himself back into a hover. "Geez, if I knew you took that sort of truth that hard, I'd have said something even more mean," he snarks, before he twists about and flattens, pointing his thrusters right at the flying Master. "What say we kick this up a notch, Orville?" he taunts before boosters and thrusters flare, sending him speeding off and up, and possibly searing the master in his wake.

Jet Man misses you with his Jet Wash attack.

iLuz blinks, "Ghrr... Dammit...", she drops her guitar to throw up her hands...and catches the gchair! But wait, something else is approaching! DOES ILUZ GET SIGNAL!? NO!! She is set up the JUMPKICK TO THE FRIGGIN FACE! The chair connects with her forehead and knocks her penguin hat off. She falls backwards and lands on her bum. She rubs it for a moment, clenching her guitar tightly, "...Fine...fine... fine... You wanna play ball, baby?", she lunges for Crash Man's feet, "Let's play, f*cker!", she attempts to first tackle into Crash's legs, smack the guitar into his knee joints, and then twist as she smacks the guitar towards Crash's left side, then twirls as she swings it towards his right side, twirling the guitar once more as she attempts to jab it towards his chin. "You're goin' down tonight...To Kokomo."

ILuz misses Crash Man with her That's How The Story Ends - Stroking The Big Tree attack.

There may be a faint ringing in your ears; fortunately, you'll be nowhere near them. This does somewhat hold true for Teisel, as his ears are nowhere near the ears of the Bruno, seeing as how they kind of... explode, taking sizeable portions of necessary equipment with them.

"Grr... how long are you going to keep this up?! Can't you see that you can't win?!" Teisel shouts, despite having lost the ability to receive Ballade's responses at this point. "Oh well. I guess I'll just have to... /reacquaint/ you with some things, hm?!" A launcher on the back of the Bruno folds out, a recent improvement by Teisel; and after a moment, out flies the biggest Bonne Bomb imaginable, as Teisel slams one of the buttons meant for Bon again. And, naturally, its trajectory involves lots of Ballade-related hurting ideally.

Teisel Bonne misses Ballade with his Bonne Bomb attack.

[OOC] Teisel Bonne says, "Now Ballade is dodging me. I am dead."
[OOC] Crash Man says, "MASTERS PWN U!"

iBluegrass collapses as the spiky ball of metal collides with her, damaging her even further. As lays down on the ground, she weakly murmurs: "Inverse Changah. Forcefield mode."

and a ball of Pure White springs to life around her, protecting her.
iBluegrass waves her arms about her, which allows a forcefield to form all around her.

Elec Man frowns, regarding iBlue's forcefield. "So, you think that you can stand up to me? You think that flimsy thing can TAKE it?" He holds his right hand up, a ball of lightning gathering within. "I'll shatter that thing like glass!" Throw the ball!

Elec Man misses iBluegrass with his Lightning Ball attack.

Crash Man simply jumps backwards, allowing himself to balance his body the wrong way and fall on the ground, on his back, right under iLuz, which would normally allow him to get a free pantyshot! "PANTYSHOT!" he screams as she flails the guitar above him. He notices he just barely avoided those hits. Rolling out of her range, he gets back up, motioning towards her. He kisses his hand and blows the kiss towards her. Teethshine! A wide smile as he raises his right arm towards iLuz.. but.. it's not an arm anymore. It's not a HAND. It's a drill. A shiny drill. Which is spinny very fast. He doesn't speak and instead lets his weapon speak for him. "Systems ready! LAUNCH!" The drill launches towards iLuz with one goal. Drill, drill, drill!

Crash Man misses iLuz with his Drill Rocket attack.

[OOC] Crash Man says, "We're back to sucky mode now, I think."

Shark Man perks up as someone says something from a Beach Boys song. He sees iLuz for the first time, now that he's actually paying attention instead of using this as a way of saying that he actually does some work around here. "Hey, you're, like, that babe from the zoo, and stuff. So, like, how's the panda?"

Demolition Man frowns at Crystal Man, totally unfazed by the bomb's explosion. "I don't like you," he says. "You talk too much." Then he grabs a fairly standard frag grenade off his person and drops it in Crystal Man's hands, and is suddenly smiling again. "But I remember someone once told me you should always try to be nice to others, so here, have a nice pineapple!" And then he trots away, still moving toward the fuel canister.

Demolition Man misses Crystal Man with his Have A Pineapple attack.

[OOC] IBluegrass says, "Only when I have the forcefield on, you miss. o.o"
[OOC] Demolition Man says, "...you. Yes, you. Stop moving."

iLuz blinks as Crash Man screams panty shot as she's under him, "Is that what you want?", her hair twists forward to smack away the drill as she tries to...sit on Crash Man, "Well, if -that's- what you want... then....", her guitar reverberates loudly as she raises it into the air, "I'm glad to oblige, chicka...Here's some love from ME to YOU!", she attempts to smash the guitar into Crash Man's face as she's sitting on him. Not once, not twice, but several times in rapid succession. She starts to laugh with each swing, cackling as the reverberation of each blow rises to a fevered pitch, the waves of sonic energy actually picking iLuz up and off Crash Man's body to fling her away if she manages to keep connecting with each blow. It won't be a pretty crumpling, if she even manages to connect in the first place.

ILuz misses Crash Man with her Bloody Sunday attack.

Crystal Man throws the bomb back again, once again, the bomb exploding harmlessly enough. "I'm tired of your antics, child! Fight me before I kill you!" Again, he takes after Demolition Man. In the process, he forms a small crystal, which strangely begins to glow white in his hand. The light in his palm becomes more and more intense, to the point where the crystal in his hand actually shatters. The light remained, a strange energy formed by condensing a crystal to the point where it no longer had any matter. You think it isn't possible? Perhaps not, but it just happened, and that energy is now careening toward Demolition Man. Watch out!

iBluegrass whews as the ball of lighting misses her. "Sorry, sugah. but Ah have ta go. How 'bout a raincheck?" Not waiting for Elec's answer, the Dark Musica blasts off, heading away...

Crystal Man strikes Demolition Man with his Reflection Beam attack.

iBluegrass retreats from the area swiftly, leaving her open to pursuit or parting shots from Gyro Man, Crystal Man, Demolition Man, Teisel Bonne, Jet Man, Ballade, iLuz, Shark Man, Elec Man, and Crash Man.

Ballade hears, and Ballade reacts he flips to his feet, and holds out his hands catching the bomb with easy and sending it flying straight into the air, he then looks at the Bruno, for this is why Ballade is the elite elite, he's just that cool, but Ballade you may ask what about the bomb? The bomb infact is coming back down straight for Ballade, but once again at the last second he aims upward and fires the bomb exploding just above his head... could this be the end of the elite... I think not.

Seconds after the bomb explodes Ballade comes hurtling out of the cloud of smoke, one arm upright as he closes a large blade pops out like a switch blade, and Ballade jams it forward into the Bruno, and then leaps upward, much like Cloud's Climhazzard. His aim... open it like a can of beans and drag Teisel out to break his legs. Cause you don't mess with the Wily Father...

Crash Man smiles, getting more and more pantyshots! He's counting them in his head, rolling left and right to evade the deadly guitar. Left, right, and a mighty backflip later, the handless master is back up, a new hand appearing where his drill used to be before it launched. He takes a battle stance, still smiling and maybe even blushing to some extent. "Heh! You're as cute as you look! C'mon, don't deny it, ALL chicks dig me! Here, let me show you just how good of a wrestler I am!" He charges towards her, running, both of his hands getting ready to grab her head. If he succeeds, he'll be leaping high above the battlefield along with iLuz, and just as he'd land on the ground, he'd channel the entire impact on his shoulder by smacking her head on it. IF he can grab her. Even as Crystal's attack strikes Demo's heavily armored frame, the attack glinting off with only minor effect, he finds himself looking down the barrel of some kind of very large explosives launcher.

"'kay," says Demo.

And then he pulls the trigger.

Crash Man misses iLuz with his Crash Ddt attack.

Ballade strikes Teisel Bonne with his Allegretto Rush attack.

Demolition Man strikes Crystal Man with his Bessy Sonic Rocket attack.

Elec Man smirks as iBlue as she begins to flee. "You realize you're not getting away THAT easily." He plants his feet, facing only her - however, by very nature of what he's about to do, everyone gets a taste. Only blue electicity begins to course around his body, the exertion of commanding the most unstable of them showing clearly in his face. He holds his arms out to his sides, everything whirling into his hands to the point where they look more like blue-crackling orbs than they do fists. "Take... THIS!" And he slams his fists together, and is knocked off of his own feet by the blast.
A shockwave sweeps through the area first, and a flash of light. Then, the sizzling noise, then the crackle, and finally - the BOOM.

Quite some distance from the battle, an old man, stick in hand, strolls along the plain. His ears, still keen, catch a far-off blast of thunder. Holding a hand over his eyes, he scans the skies, shrugging and continuing on when he sees no cloud.

Now if HE heard it, imagine how loud it is THERE.

Elec Man strikes Crystal Man with his The Thunder Rolls attack.
Elec Man misses you with his The Thunder Rolls attack.
Elec Man strikes Crash Man with his The Thunder Rolls attack.
Elec Man misses Shark Man with his The Thunder Rolls attack.
Elec Man strikes Ballade with his The Thunder Rolls attack.
Elec Man strikes iLuz with his The Thunder Rolls attack.
Elec Man misses Demolition Man with his The Thunder Rolls attack.
Elec Man strikes Jet Man with his The Thunder Rolls attack.
Elec Man strikes Teisel Bonne with his The Thunder Rolls attack.

There is a definite slashing of armor; however, Teisel is fortunate enough not to get dragged out. On the /other/ hand, every single alarm light in the Bruno is going off at once. Teisel quickly radios for multiple Draches, and urges others to be on standby. The Vorpal may be a better drop-off unit, but the Draches make better pick-up. "Grr..." he grunts, running away and waiting for the Drache to pick him up. Maybe someone'll get there before the Draches do, and hit Teisel in the butt on the way out.

Teisel Bonne retreats from the area swiftly, leaving him open to pursuit or parting shots from Gyro Man, Jet Man, Ballade, iLuz, Shark Man, and Crash Man.

[OOC] Teisel Bonne says, "Congrats, Elec, Ballade. I am couended. ;.;"

[Radio: (A) Chat] Elec Man transmits, "Whoo... DAMN that felt GOOD!"

Gyro Man grumbles. oO(Right, ignore the idiotic taunting. ...Bah.)Oo Gyro's eyes widen as the Overlord turns around, boosters facing him. oO(Oh great!)Oo He tries to bank again, this time whirring his rotor much faster before. He dodges to the side again, yes, but before he can retaliate, Elec Man's attack peals through the area, missing him...

[Radio: (A) Chat] Fire Man transmits, "Huh...what have I missed?"

iLuz growls at Crash man for a moment, hopping up and stumbling back from Crash Man. "...Dig you, huh?", she says aloud, reaching into her shorts for a moment, hopping away again to get away from Crash Man's grab attempt, "Well alright. Here's a real gift then...Cowboy.", she winks, and blows a kiss, before she reaches through her sorts and rips out...a pair of panties! Yikes! "Here, go on.", she says benevolently as she steps forward, "Take a whiff.", and she attempts to smush it up against Crash Man's face while his visor's not down again. Why? Well...See, the panties are soaked.

Soaked with acid.

iLuz mostly ignores the sonic blast, though it does force her to stumble in her approach as a sudden headache grips her.

ILuz misses Crash Man with her Chemical Love attack.

Crystal Man stops suddenly, he wasn't expecting him to actually change his mind. The consciousness of this Overlord is almost that of a child, so easy to change his mind, but just as easy for him to stand just as he was. It mattered not, he had a rocket flying right at him. He quickly waves his hands in front of him, a wall of Crystal 'melting' onto the air. The missile strikes the small amount of defense, at least keeping Crystal away from the full impact. The explosions hit him, and then the explosion of sound. A heavy grunt and he's sent sliding back, but was clearly deaf now temporarily. "Damn it..." His boots hug the ground for a moment and then shift off with enough force for him to chase after Demolition Man. His hands raise above his head, and a large crystal formation grows from the crystal subspace. He throws it forward, which gives him a bit of a turning momentum. He makes a quick roll as the formation goes forward, sliding to a stop. A smirk, and he tosses a small rock at the crystal at a faster speed, the two masses colliding and sending a mass of nonsensical amounts of crystal shards at Demolition.

Crystal Man strikes Demolition Man with his Gemstone Spray attack.

Crash Man tries to get out of Elec Man's firing range, but ZAP. The sonic energy smacks through his body, tearing a faint part of his armor away, namely both of the small 'pads' his shoulders form. And then iLuz throws panties towards him! His instict takes over. "PANTIES!!" But then he notices it's acidy. "AAH!" Super Visor Technique! He's safe once again, but he has a panty on his head. "AAAH! GET IT OFF IT'S EATING THROUGH THE ARMOR!" He jumps in the air, both of his weapon-arms activating as large bombs come out. He's blinded and has no idea what he's doing, flailing to get the darn thing off of his visor so he can finally see what he's doing. He starts spinning, perhaps not on purpose, and starts shooting left and right, literally carpet bombing the entire field as he does so, sending bombs everywhere. Left, right, everything's going BOOM!

Jet Man may have not been able to get at Gyro with his boosters, but at least it gives him room to work and pick up speed...right? Too bad he didn't figure on the other RMs getting into the act, the sudden shockwave Elec creates sending him off kilter and frying a few circuits as he reels. "GAH!!" he screeches, struggling to get his bearings once again. He finally manages to get straighened out, though he ends up a good bit lower than Gyro is. It's gonna make hitting him hard...but he might as well try. "Well here goes nothing..." he says, before he fires up his boosters again and tries to run on a crash course with Gyro, even if the angle on it is crap.

Jet Man strikes you with a solid hit from his Watch For Low Flying Planes for 12 units of damage.

Crash Man strikes Teisel Bonne with his Area Bomb attack.
Crash Man strikes iBluegrass with his Area Bomb attack.
iBluegrass's forcefield withstands the attack.
Crash Man misses iLuz with his Area Bomb attack.
Crash Man misses Crystal Man with his Area Bomb attack.
Crash Man strikes Demolition Man with his Area Bomb attack.
Crash Man misses Ballade with his Area Bomb attack.
Crash Man misses you with his Area Bomb attack.
Crash Man misses Elec Man with his Area Bomb attack.
Crash Man strikes Jet Man with his Area Bomb attack.

Ballade jumps back once again the thunder merely rattling his systems slightly, little else, he watches as Teisel tries to withdraw, "You won't be leaving so easy..." and then Ballade's systems go from a hum to a rumble as he puts his arms into a position familar to any DBZ fan... it is energy blast time. The rumbling increases as Ballade's systems go into overdrive, his blasters glowing, and even beginning to put off steam... or is it smoke the glow within getting brighter and brighter, and then Ballade utters a single simple sentence, "...Time to die Teisel..." and then thrusting his palms forward his blasters fire the huge blast ripping a trough in the ground as it closes on the retreating brute... The Smaketh Down Has Come...

[Radio: (A) Chat] Elec Man transmits, "Jesus bacon, Crash, watch the fuel tanks!"

Ballade strikes Teisel Bonne with his Ballade Allegro attack.
Teisel Bonne falls to the ground, unconscious, due to massive systems damage.

[OOC] Teisel Bonne says, "You smelled Smacketh wrong--"
[OOC] Teisel Bonne says, "AHHHHH"

[Radio: (A) Chat] Red Leader! Crash Man transmits, "THERE'S AN ACID PANTY ON MY FACE"

[OOC] Elec Man says, "He spells Smaketh the way he wants to!"
[OOC] Teisel Bonne says, "I think I just got hosed. :o"
[OOC] Ballade says, "Speak not of my typos."

Shark Man is knocked backwards by the sonic blast, falling out of his chair, but not taking any damage. He decides that, while he's up, he might as well head to the Skull Shuttle, to see if there really is popcorn in there. He comes out a moment later, an unpoped pan of Jiffy Pop in hand. He picks up his chair and sits down, trying to figure out how he can pop it, when the explosions start. "Thanks, Crash dude. But I think you might have, like, burnt it, and stuff."

[Radio: (A) Chat] Elec Man transmits, "Then take it off WITH YOUR HAND."
[Radio: (A) Chat] RM #30 Dust Man transmits, "Uhh..."
[Radio: (A) Chat] Omicron X0 Shark Man transmits, "Dude, you totally burnt my popcorn."
[Radio: (A) Chat] Red Leader! Crash Man transmits, "IT'S ACID, I'm not touching iiiiit!"

iLuz blinks at Crash, "No way in... arrghh! Watch where you are firing!", she ducks down and covers her head, "You might hit the damn fuel or something and kill us all or something! Watch it, watch it!!", she grabs tightly to her guitar again and bursts forward, trying to blast forward and crash into Crash Man's legs again, curving up at the last moment to impact against his chin. He'll remember this maneuver most likely, so it's all dejavu when iLuz finishes off the combo by grabbing ahold of the guitar as she rises above Crash Man and attempts to smash it at the top of his head. She glances towards Ballade and Teisel, and swears.

[Radio: (A) Chat] Elec Man transmits, "Would you rather your hand burn or your face, all of us, and the fuel tanks we're defending?"

ILuz strikes Crash Man with her That's How The Story Ends - Upbeats And Beatdowns attack.

[Radio: (A) Chat] Fire Man transmits, "...oooh I'm so going to kill something, If I've just missed something cool!"

Demolition Man gets all blunted to hell. This seems to do much more pain than anything else has so far, and Demo seems upset by that. He sniffles, whines, groans, and then...brings Bessy up again, and frowns, his faceplate snapping down over his features, completely concealing the Overlord in armor. "You /JERK/. FACE BESSY'S WRATH!"

And another Rocket is fired.

Demolition Man strikes Crystal Man with his Bessy Rocket attack.

Elec Man squeaks as Crash goes FREAKING BALLISTIC, rolling around and darting to not get hit with a bomb because bombs hurt when they hit you so it hurts and he doesn't want to get hit so he dodges them.

That bomb Crash Man sent, and the blast Ballade added to the mix... finally did it. The treads of the Bruno are a charred, melty wreck of metal, and the warning lights have actually gone /off/ to conserve life support power. "... Crap," is all Teisel says, as multiple Draches grab the wreckage at long last, and carry it away with some degree of difficulty. Ballade handed Teisel a crushing defeat; of course, in the past it has been the other way around. A rivalry has begun.

Oh, yes. Demo is also BLASTED MIGHTILY, though that seems to make him twitch a little and not much more. Hahah you tried to hit him with explosives and he ignored you.

Crystal Man stands there as the rocket flies into him. His eyes flicker with a sadistic glee as he reaches out, his hands covered in crystal. They wrap around the missile and cause it to explode. A huge wave of dirt and dust go flying back, but coming out in the opposite direction is Crystal Man, the smoke wrapping around his body. His armor charred and scuffed, dented and broken, but he simply charges. He carries with him a pillar of crystal, a giant club, and it had tremendous curves and grotesque croppings popping out of it. The disgusting weapon is swung at Demolition, meanwhile, Crystal hears nothing but peaceful silence, in spite of his strange laughter.

Crystal Man strikes Demolition Man with his Crystalisis attack.

Gyro Man winces as Elec's attack passes, and smirks as Jet Man finally gets hit by /something/. Gyro chuckles as Jet reorients himself, and checks the combat on the ground for the first time in a while... Which turns out to be a mistake, as the jet Overlord rams into him! Ouch.. Gyro doubles over, grimacing.

After being hit with a Sonic Explosion (with a bit of lightning in it) and whole heaping of explosives, the Dark Musica still manages to fly onward, she does stop momentarily to see Teisel fall, and thusly, falls back momentarily to grab the fallen Bonne before continuing to get out of here...

Demolition Man is struck with a big crystal stick. But does Demolition Man back down? NO! Instead he falls back a little and says, "I wanna say in advance that I'm sorry for this." Then he replaces Bessy on his back and starts tossing bombs at Crystal Man one after another, a veritable /SWARM/ of bombs and other explosive devices. Pipe bombs, grenades, timed mines, remote mines, everything and anything that Demo has available. He then takes a few steps back.

Predictably, Crystal Man is subsequently engulfed in a veritable cacaphony of concussive force.

Demolition Man misses Crystal Man with his I'd Like To Apologize For This In Advance attack.

Jet Man smashes into Gyro dead on, peeling away from him with a few spiderwebbing cracks forming along his nosecone. It hurt...but it likely hurt Gyro much more. "How about that, you little punk?" He taunts, trying to get back afloat again...before he ends up caught by the mad flinging bomb spree, causing him to pan about in a deadspiral, his brain going fuzzy for a bit thanks to the attack. "Ugggh...that hurt..."

Crash Man braces himself as the guitar hacks and slashes through what's left of his armor at this point, bits of red metal flying everywhere, the green gem on his chest cracking slightly, the visor in his face shattering and the panties on his head flying away. He thuds on the ground, panting for breath as he can barely keep balance at this point. He backs away, more and more, both of his hands returning shortly to allow him to push himself back up in a standing stance. They both retreat, however, with a audible clicking as two drills, one for each wristband/bracer comes out, not spinning but shining and obviously sharpened.

>Crash Bombs Loaded;

>System Operational;

>Launching Frequency On Standby

The Red Bomber takes a good aim from the corner of his eyes towards iLuz, still smiling. He may be wrecked, but darn, he's still capable of fighting and holding to the Irregulars anytime. He leaps in the air, high above the field again, a part of his right boot unattaching and hitting the ground as it obviously breaks, causing him to.. not jump as high as he thought he could. He points both of his arm-drills towards iLuz, still smiling. And then.. doom, doom as he fires both rockets towards iLuz, flashing red lights behind each of the two drills, on the blunt side, flashing faster and faster as they approach their target.

Crash Man strikes iLuz with his Crash Bomber attack.

[OOC] Crash Man says, "... BOOM."

Tink, tink, pink, pink, tink, tink tink. Wow, Crystal Man is knocking all those bombs to the side like they were nothing. Boom, bang, kabam, kablam, baboom, KABOOM! Dust and dirt everywhere! "Hahahaha, this is rich!" He steps toward Demolition, the crystals on his body blinking for a short moment. "Afraid yet? You've lost. I suggest you give up now, before you make your future even more bleak!" Crystal Man slams his hands into the ground, and abruptly, crystals shoot out from his body. They stretch out from all over, to the point where he can no longer be seen underneath all the crystal, and one particular pillar shoots out to you know who.

Crystal Man strikes Demolition Man with his Crystal Segments attack.

iLuz glances around, and then towards Crash Man, "Aw hell, not this agai-", the rockets crash slightly below her chest, before exploding and obscuring iLuz in an explosion of fire, flame, and bits of clothing. When it clears, iLuz is wearing merely her bra and shorts. She growls again, eyes flashing briefly before she says, "Strip Poker's over..."

She drums her guitar, she does a little jig, she turns her back to Crash and wiggles ber butt towards him. This is all distraction and flashiness as time slowly begins to freeze over the area, as if God himself wanted to rewind and press record to see iLuz's bounciness.

iLuz strikes you with a glancing hit from her Gratuitous Fanservice for 0 units of damage.
Gyro Man is temporarily disoriented by ILuz's Gratuitous Fanservice attack.
ILuz strikes Crystal Man with her Gratuitous Fanservice attack.
Crystal Man is temporarily disoriented by ILuz's Gratuitous Fanservice attack.
ILuz strikes Demolition Man with her Gratuitous Fanservice attack.
Demolition Man is temporarily disoriented by ILuz's Gratuitous Fanservice attack.
ILuz strikes Jet Man with her Gratuitous Fanservice attack.
Jet Man is temporarily disoriented by ILuz's Gratuitous Fanservice attack.
ILuz strikes Ballade with her Gratuitous Fanservice attack.
Ballade is temporarily disoriented by ILuz's Gratuitous Fanservice attack.
ILuz misses Shark Man with her Gratuitous Fanservice attack.
ILuz strikes Elec Man with her Gratuitous Fanservice attack.
Elec Man is temporarily disoriented by ILuz's Gratuitous Fanservice attack.
ILuz strikes Crash Man with her Gratuitous Fanservice attack.
Crash Man is temporarily disoriented by ILuz's Gratuitous Fanservice attack.

[OOC] ILuz says, "Shark Man groped me, he is immune"

Elec Man folds his legs up under him, once again leaping to post to his feet. As he springs up, into the air....oooooonooootiiiiimestoooopppp...

Teisel Bonne has disconnected.

Crystal Man is now frozen in the crystal formation.

In more ways than one.

Crash Man freezes in his landing/reloading position. Nothing to see, really. Just two drills coming out of the bracers. His thoughts are "PANTYSH-"*BlingablingaTimestopNoMoreThoughts*

Ballade surveys the battle slowly, and then he catches sight of iLuz's antics, and he watches for a few seconds before there is a clicking noise, and...

> Systems Error... Rebooting...

Ballade was not programed for this...

[OOC] Crash Man says, "Ballade + Woman = Critical Error"

Shark Man watches the fight between Crash and iLuz, because Crystal and Demo are to far away. When iLuz use her ...unique timestopper, Sharky had a hard decision to make. He could do what he did last time, or he could just sit here and enjoy the show. What will he do?

Shark Man flips a coin in the air and it comes down heads.

Shark Man strikes iLuz with his Grasp attack.

[OOC] Shark Man says, "Woo! 2 for 2!"
[OOC] Crash Man says, "Did you just.."
[OOC] Crash Man says, "Hit her on the.."

Fire Man arrives from the African Rainforest.
Fire Man has arrived.
iLuz is groped again, "...Uh, hey Sharky. Are you resistant to timestopper tech or something 'coz I swear every time you manage to grab ahold of my breasts.", she looks around for a moment, "Um,, but I gotta. ... well, it's kinda nice, but I gotta get my friends outta here.", she looks embarrassed. She stumbles away from Shark Man, dashes towards Demolition Man, bodily picks him up, and runs back to the Vorpal.

iLuz retreats from the area swiftly, leaving her open to pursuit or parting shots from Gyro Man, and Jet Man.

Demolition Man is struck by a big pillar of crystal! His armor fractures under the force of the attack, and then he growls, and pulls out a pipebomb roughly the size of Crystal Man's entire right arm. He growls, getting ready to do something terribly terribly mean and evil and fiendish, and then he stops cold 'cuz iLuz just timestopped the whole area, and then he's not stopped cold anymore because he is being carted back to the Vorpal, but he's also not moving.

There will be a reckoning, Crystal Man.

Oh yes.

There will be a reckoning.

[OOC] Demolition Man says, "Demolition Man can't do standard villainish threats."
[OOC] Demolition Man says, "So his narrator does them instead."

Shark Man sends a radio transmission to iLuz.
iLuz receives a radio transmission.

Oh, yeah. That was definitely a hurty attack. Gyro Man presses a hand on his torso, eyes narrowed in pain. He completely ignores Jet Man's last taunt -- maybe he didn't even hear it -- and Crash's bombs fly by, somehow missing the incapacitated android. And hitting Jet Man. Gyro smirks as soon as he recovers enough from the blow to be cocky again. But just as he's preparing to attack...
iLuz's timestopper hits. So he's frozen in place.

Jet Man meanwhile continues to fall in his dead spiral, optics slowly reactivating again...just in time to see iLuz do her little jig. "HOT DAMN!" he screams out, managing to pull up just about 200 ft. from the ground and locking eyes on the Irregular...just in time to be frozen by her timestopper...alas.

iLuz receives a radio transmission from Blues.
ILuz sends a radio transmission to Blues.
ILuz sends a radio transmission to Blues.

[OOC] ILuz says, "You send Blues a direct message: "I just smacked everybody with my timestopper. Except for Shark Man. He groped me.""
[OOC] ILuz says, "You send Blues a direct message: "again.""

iLuz receives a radio transmission from Blues.

Shark Man waves quickly to iLuz as she runs, and walks back towards his chair to wait for the rest of the Masters to wake up, or whatever they do when the timestopper wears off.

Elec Man pops back into the timestream, flailing around as he overbalances - not because of the Timestopper, but because he was already going to. He's still kinda shaky from his big thunder attack. As such, he stumbles forward when he hits the ground, falling onto his face.

iLuz receives a radio transmission from Blues.
ILuz sends a radio transmission.

>I'll note here that after this, there was a /ton/ of radio communication between iLuz and Blues. I edited out most of the "iLuz sends a radio transmission", "iLuz receives a radio transmission from Blues" stuff, for contuinity. O_o

[OOC] Ballade uses +shake to unstun himself.
[OOC] Jet Man uses +shake to unstun himself.
[OOC] Crystal Man uses +shake to unstun himself.
You are now unstunned.
[OOC] Elec Man uses +shake to unstun himself.

ILuz sends a radio transmission to Shark Man.
Shark Man receives a radio transmission from iLuz.
iLuz receives a radio transmission.

[OOC] Demolition Man is away in the Vorapl ICly now, so. Yeah.

As iLuz retreats, the effect on Crash Man dimishes slowly and then vanishes, just as he starts moving again, the two drills resuming their entry and his thoughts flowing back to complete what he was once thinking. "-OT!" He looks left, and then.. right.. and.. no one. She's gone. He slams his foot on the ground, grunting. "Awwww man! She left! Oh well, I got to see her panties a few times.." Then, he walks towards the acidic panties that used to be on his head, taking them with his bare hands. The acid wore off, at this point. He puts them away, obviously to keep them as a trophy, grinning. He then goes to sit next to Shark. "Heya bro."

[OOC] Crash Man uses +shake to unstun himself.

The crystal formation breaks into pieces, and he gets up slowly to observe that his opponent had dissapeared. "Haha, so that's all those Overlords were? Nothing more than children." He turns to return to his brothers, hoping to speak with a pieced together Elec Man.
[OOC] Crystal Man says, "Oh, yea. That was me, if you couldn't tell by the whole crystal part."

Shark Man sends a radio transmission.
iLuz receives a radio transmission from Shark Man.

iLuz won't be able to wear undewear ever again! :( She only hopes that the other Irregulars can run away on their own, as she sets Demolition pleasantly down inside the Vorpal.

[OOC] Demolition Man uses +shake to unstun himself.

<O-Master> BEER BREAD?! Crash Man says, "I ICly have iLuz's panties. Goes to highest bidder with an entire library of pantyshots saved on my internal hard drive, taken during the fight. Bids start at 10,000 dollars."

Shark Man starts pouring a drink for Crash as he sits down, filling an entire margarita glass with tequila and handing it to the explosive master. "Hey, dude. Nice job out there." Is he referring to the actual fight, or just the part where iLuz took her shirt off? Who knows!

<O-Master> Crystal Man says, "You know how many people could have pantyshots in their hard drive?"
<O-Master> Crystal Man says, "Anyone who has even seen iLuz."
<O-Master> BEER BREAD?! Crash Man says, "Sshhhh."
<O-Master> Crystal Man says, "I could download them off the internet."
<O-Master> Crystal Man says, "I could get a virus that spams my screen with them"
<O-Master> Nappa Guts Man says, "I'll give you $10!"
<O-Master> Crystal Man says, "I get about 15 popups with iLuz pantyshots."

ILuz sends a radio transmission to Shark Man.
Shark Man receives a radio transmission.

Ballade finally reboots, and shakes his head, walking back toward the shuttle as he rubs the bridge of his nose. Ignoring all the chaos or what not around him, he's done, and is not going to mess with all this any more today...

Ballade changes into his Normal armor.

Crystal Man walks up to Elec Man, patting a hand on his back. Normally, touching someone who just shot off that much electricity would fry someone, but Crystal Man was nicely grounded. He doesn't conduct very well! "How'd that feel, eh?"

Demolition Man starts moving again! And his first action is to throw his giant pipebomb out the door, where it explodes in an apocalyptic hail of boom.

Then he looks around, and his faceplate slides up, revealing wide eyes just slightly (read: oh-so-very) glazed by confusion. He glances up at Luz, and says, "Hey! When'd you get here?"

Demo doesn't usually think about sudden changes of scene. It's probably for the best.

iLuz says, "Er, I used my usual 'escape' trick. It was a little too effective. -again-. I used the chance to take one of us back with me, the others should be in 'ere soon."

Demolition Man blinks a moment. "Oh."

Blink blink.

"Where's Mr. Penguin?"

iLuz blinks at Demolition man.

blink blink.

"Er. He had to go get fish, Demo."

Demolition Man looks at iLuz for a long moment. Then he smiles brightly, and says, "OH! Okay!"

Elec Man misses Crystal Man with his Bzzt attack.

Crash Man gets back up, smiling towards Shark and giving him a simple thumbs up as he heads towards Elec and Crystal, tapping them both on the shoulders. "Weeeeeell. Who would have guessed you two would ever get to kick so much aft? We should party! Like, a LOT! BIG PARTY! Free beer and custom drinks for anyone who asks in the next ten minutes! To the transport, to the Fortress!" He then drops a final speech before disappearing inside the transport. "I'd say iLuz had a /blast/ tonight. Ha ha.."

See? He didn't feel a thing.

Elec Man bzzts when Crystal touches his back. Didn't do anything, BUT IT HAPPENED. Elec then pushes himself back up to his feet, still completely unharmed even with his fall. He sways a bit, then shakes his head vigorously and slaps his cheeks. "Woo! That new attack worked PERFECTLY!" The buzzing of his generators lessens considerably, as Elec takes himself off battle-ready. He turns around to survey the area. "You got yours too, eh Crystal? You got one of the rejects. I ended up with... well, it MIGHT have been a Reploid. Sure looked like it."

Crash Man misses Crystal Man with his Bad Joke attack.
Crash Man strikes Elec Man with his Bad Joke attack.

[OOC] Crash Man says, "If a bad joke misses, is it a good joke?"

Elec Man turns around to point at Crash's face. "I should put you in The Box for that."

iBluegrass has disconnected.

Crystal Man chuckles lightly. "Yea, would've killed him if it weren't for whatever happened while I was in the crystal. I'm not sure why Father is all uptight about them, though. They aren't much of anything. But..." BZZT. The horrible joke rings in his ears, and it almost hurts. And it /missed/, too. "Ugh... Crash Man, one of these days..."

Blues arrives from the African Rainforest.
Blues has arrived.
[OOC] Blues greets.
[OOC] Shark Man waves.
[OOC] Elec Man says, "Egads!"

iLuz is in the Vorpal with Demolition Man. She takes a moment to ensure it's ready for liftoff at any time, and then says to Demolition Man, "Did y'like Mister Penguin, Demo?", she asks idly.

[OOC] Crash Man eeeps.
[OOC] ILuz waves too :D
[OOC] Blues greets. Just poking around.
[OOC] Elec Man goes to bed now. Mmm, bed.

Elec Man has disconnected.

Gyro Man comes to as the timestopper fades, freeing him to finish that attack.. Which he does, without even glancing at the rest of the field. He draws a small plus-shaped blade, and throws it towards Jet Man.

You strike Jet Man with a glancing hit from your Generic Ranged attack.

Jet Man finally recovers from the timestopper, only to find himself staring at empty space. "Wha...hey, Hair Girl, where'd ya go?" he shouts out...before he flies right into the blade chucked at him by Gyro, the mini Gyro Blade sticking right into his wing. "GEh...what the *@#* was that, punk?" he shouts, growling before he flips about, training his guns right at Gyro and firing off a streaming barrage from his gatlings.

Jet Man strikes you with a minor hit from his Vulcan Cannon - Focused Fire for 7 units of damage.

[OOC] Crystal Man says, "Well, I stay for the end of this, but it's late. Night folks."
[OOC] Crystal Man says, "Make a good report about our smashing victory. :D"
Crystal Man goes home.
Crystal Man has left.

<O-Master> BEER BREAD?! Crash Man laughs at the comment Blues made to iLuz. "The first time Fire Man was activated, he ran around screaming about how his head was on fire."
<O-Master> Crystal Man says, "...You have intercept?"
<O-Master> BEER BREAD?! Crash Man says, "No. I'm just that good. :P"
<O-Master> Crystal Man says, "...Okay then."
<O-Master> BEER BREAD?! Crash Man says, "Blues told me, actually."
<O-Master> Crystal Man says, "Mm. Hey guys, we totally owned them"
<O-Master> Crystal Man says, "I thought we were going to lose. But no. WHAM."
<O-Master> BEER BREAD?! Crash Man says, "Yeah o_o"
<O-Master> BEER BREAD?! Crash Man says, "I was expecting you to explode."
<O-Master> BEER BREAD?! Crash Man says, "And you /kicked/ Demolition Man around as if he was Dust Man."
<O-Master> BEER BREAD?! Crash Man is proud of his Crashtacular nuking of iLuz and acquiring of her panties.
<O-Master> BEER BREAD?! Crash Man says, "And Elec.. oh man. He was like.. did he even take a hit?"
<O-Master> _____/\____\o/___ Shark Man didn't get hit at all!
<O-Master> Crystal Man says, "Crash. Elec Man took no damage."
<O-Master> Crystal Man says, "This was truly the battle of the Underdogs."
<O-Master> Jeice, Metal Man says, "Elec Man is the Thunder GOD!"

Gyro Man watches Jet Man fly into his mini-blade... oO(C'mon, Gyro, get serious, now...)Oo He starts to refocus, trying to forget his irritation, when Jet turns around and starts to gun him down. A few strike his rotor blades, making him curse... but otherwise, he wasn't hit badly at all. It wasn't too good, either. That wasn't much of a dodge... Gyro zooms in, getting closer to Jet, and turns about quickly, heading legs first towards Jet, aiming a kick..

You strike Jet Man with a glancing hit from your Landing Strut Kick attack.

One thing that sucks about keeping up focused fire is that it's really hard to be evasive while doing it. As such, Jet's caught sleeping, unable to slip away before the kick strikes him in the head, sending him through the sky once more. He growls, straightening up and readying a missile with Gyro's name on it. That's when he gets the radio. "...dammit, ruin all my fun," he mutters, before he twists the other way. "You're lucky my buds gotta bail, otherwise, you would SO have gotten the same treatment birdbrain did," he says, before he starts back downward toward the Vorpal, trying to join the others within.

Jet Man retreats from the area swiftly, outdistancing all pursuit and parting shots.

iLuz suddenly falls back and rolls around in laughter inside the Vorpal.

Demolition Man looks at Luz and blinks dimly. "Hey, Luz? What's so funny? I didn't hear anything funny!"

Gyro Man blinks as Jet Man breaks off and heads to the Vorpal. oO(..That was unexpected. Well..)Oo He yells to Jet, "We'll see, Overlord!" before dropping to a lower altitude, in preparation to leave.

iLuz says between laughter, "Cut Man...is..why...Wily is bald...Haha..hehe..."

Demolition Man blinks. Blink. Blink. Blink. "But Daddy's not bald."

Blink. Blink. Blink. "Oh! You mean Daddy's clone!"

Pause. Blink blink. Then Demo doubles over, giggling. "HAHAHAH! That's FUNNY!"

Jet Man mutters, flying down toward the Vorpal...and crashing right into the ground next to it, spiking himself for a few seconds...before he tips over and falls into the hatch of the Vorpal. How convenient.

iLuz nods to Blues, "Yeah, that's what I meant. Daddy makes better robots than Cut Man.", she glances to Jet as he falls in, "Alright, we're movin' out!", the Vorpal vanishes as it flies away!

[OOC] Blues isn't here. ;)
[OOC] Jet Man blips away as well. Ciao!
[OOC] Blues heads out, himself.
Blues goes home.
Blues has left.
Blues enters Blues' Secluded Cabin, not knowing what to see.
Jet Man has disconnected.
[OOC] Demolition Man says, "Alright. Thanks guys, I'm outta here."
Demolition Man enters the African Rainforest.
Demolition Man has left.
[OOC] Ballade poofs.
Ballade has disconnected.
[OOC] Shark Man heads out too.
Shark Man has disconnected.

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