Plus some random Fun With Blink at the end. :o

[Radio: (B) Secure] Enker transmits, "Attention available Robot Masters."
[Radio: (B) Secure] Enker transmits, "It is time for us to show the Repliforce that we have not forgotten about them."

[Radio: (A) Master_Chat] Mai Atsuki transmits, "So how /are/ you boys this evening?"
[Radio: (A) Master_Chat] Disciplinary Commitee: Enker transmits, "We are about to Embark on a...romp."
[Radio: (A) Master_Chat] Mai Atsuki transmits, "Is that like a frolic? And what kind of a romp?"
[Radio: (A) Master_Chat] Alpha CO Elec Man transmits, "I <3 romps."
[Radio: (A) Master_Chat] Disciplinary Commitee: Enker transmits, "We are taking a trip to Austrailia."
[Radio: (A) Master_Chat] Disciplinary Commitee: Enker transmits, "We will be Repliforce's entertainment for the evening."
[Radio: (A) Master_Chat] Alpha CO Elec Man transmits, "They wear hats, y'know."
[Radio: (A) Master_Chat] Bane of Enker's existence; Top Man transmits, "mmm, orange sherbert..."
[Radio: (A) Master_Chat] Mai Atsuki transmits, "Oh, wow. You guys don't lack for balls. I'll come along if you don't mind the increased rates for combat situations."
[Radio: (A) Master_Chat] Disciplinary Commitee: Enker transmits, "I believe that would be acceptable."
[Radio: (A) Master_Chat] Mai Atsuki transmits, "Where should I meet you guys? Or will you pick me up? I can be on a rooftop in five minutes."

And lo...there was SHINY! Enker entered the bay with a forceful stride, opening the loading hatch of the stealth transport and then folded his arms across his chest. He was now waiting on his volunteers. THey didn't have long. He wanted to be on his way soon.

Elec Man was already there from earlier, perched on a crane that wasn't in use. The Alpha idly taps on his datapad. Probably more plans for Alpha Sphere. "I'll need to get all sorts of materials for this..."

<O-Master> Mai Atsuki says, "So should I be coming in to snag a seat or being airlifted off a rooftop in Neo-Tokyo? I'm cool for either. :D"

Betelgeuse has connected.

<O-Master> OMG MAGIC. Elec Man says, "Properly ninja would be for you to v..."
[OOC] Elec Man says, "..."
[OOC] Top Man ..o.o
<O-Master> Sassy Enker doesn't really know. "Did you get access to Skull Fortress?
[OOC] Gyro Man says, "Hello there. =o"
<O-Master> OMG YAMATO. Elec Man says, "WE'RE ALL GONNA DIE"
[OOC] Betelgeuse says, "Booga booga!]"
<O-Master> Tool of the Revolution, Skull Man presses the SD Alert.
<O-Master> Fear Cragnet/Magnash Man! Crash Man says, "OMG DAD MUST BE BUILDING STARDROIDS AGAIN"
<O-Master> OMG lowercase. Elec Man says, "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH"
<O-Master> OMG BLIZZARD. Elec Man runs around in a panic.
<O-Master> Mai Atsuki doesn't think I'm allowed to run around but I'd be allowed to visit. "ICly Mai wouldn't be h anging around there much anyway, it probably smells like a locker room."
<O-Master> Tool of the Revolution, Skull Man says, "Behold the power of cheese...cake."
[OOC] Mai Atsuki says, "As per popular demand!"

Mai Atsuki strikes Betelgeuse with her Bouncy attack.

[OOC] Top Man o.o
[OOC] Elec Man celebrates.
[OOC] Betelgeuse oooos.

Enker strikes Betelgeuse with his Shiney Good Looks attack.

Metal Man arrives from the Medical Support - Skull Fortress.
Metal Man has arrived.
[OOC] Metal Man says, "RARRRRRRr"
[OOC] Betelgeuse says, "Eeeeeeek!"

Ice Man misses Betelgeuse with his Incessent Worrying Out Loud attack.

[OOC] Betelgeuse says, "... Has no level 0s."
[OOC] Enker says, "Checking something while waiting on poses."
Enker has left.
Enker has arrived.
[OOC] Betelgeuse says, "Well, besides Leonardo Dicaprio, but that's a timestopper."

Ice Man looks around the docking bay as he enters. His eyes look bright, but it's mostly because it's his first combat since his reactivation, and his mind is aflame with the questions. What has changed since he was put into stasis? Can he keep up with the reploids of today? Will he stop worrying for once and calm down? These questions might be answered, but not his stor--wait, yes it is.

Elec Man misses Betelgeuse with his Out Of Left Field attack.

[OOC] Elec Man fails to say something random enough to affect him.
[OOC] Enker prooods.
Heat Man has arrived.
[OOC] Betelgeuse ows!
[OOC] Heat Man returns!
[OOC] Betelgeuse says, "Woohoo!"

Guts Man makes his way to the vehicle docking bay to come cause some chaos for the evening. That's if there's anyone worthwhile to trash.

Heat Man wanders in as well, a bounce and happy whistle on his lips as he makes his way into the vechicle bay. The Word Of Wily must be brought to the heathens! And there is no one who could be more cheerful about the job.

Gyro Man walks into the docking bay, glancing at those already present. He nods once and smiles behind his facemask; tonight should be fun.

Well right behind the Zippo of love here comes the walking ball of hate and ego that is Metal Man. He shall bring the word of wily to the non belivers bwahahaha

Enker gestured to the opened transport. "Load up. We have to make a stop along the way to fetch our...associate. Come now. Quickly. We don't want to keep them waiting." With that, the shiny leader spun and entered the transport, moving to the front and sitting in the pilot's seat. Heedless of whether they started to load up, he began fliping switches and powering up engines and stealth systems.

Enker has left.

Stealth Transport

============================= Stealth Transport ==============================
The inside of the transport is extremely roomy, with a large crew compartment 
seperated from the cockpit by a sliding mini blast door. The cockpit's 
instrumentation looks extremely complex and difficult to operate, although the 
entire control system is computerized to allow even an idiot (or the typical 
Robot Master) to pilot it with ease. The spacious interior has enough seats to 
hold 20 people easily, with room to spare for weapons and equipment.
====================== Type 'vhelp' for a command list. ======================
Ice Man has arrived.

Outside> Elec Man artfully falls from the crane, twisting around in midair to land easily. Head still bowed to the datapad, he moves for the transport.

Heat Man has arrived.
Elec Man has arrived.
Guts Man has arrived.

Outside> Somewhere on the other side of the world, a woman stands on a windy rooftop! And waits.

Outside> [OOC] Mai Atsuki says, "Should I go in too?"
Outside> [OOC] Mai Atsuki says, "aw why not."

Mai Atsuki has arrived.

Outside> [OOC] Stealth Transport says, "C'mon Metal."
Metal Man has arrived.

Outside> You enter the Queensland.
Outside> Queensland

Outside> Submerge <D> leads to Underneath Southern Pacific.
East <E> leads to Southwest Pacific Ocean.
West <W> leads to Northern Territory.
Southwest <SW> leads to South Australia.
South <S> leads to New South Wales.
Up <U> leads to Sky Above Australia.

Elec Man says, "Enter the Australia!"
[OOC] Elec Man says, "That was ooc!"
[OOC] Heat Man says, "DIVE DIVE!"
[OOC] Enker says, "Queensland is good."
[OOC] Ice Man makes siren noises.
Enker has left.
Heat Man has left.


Much like the rest of Australia, this region is just as rugged and rustic. The outback here is as dry as they come, but signs of civilization are more apparent. Cape York sits at the most northern spot in Australia, bordering the Pacific Ocean. Cities of equal size like Cairns, Mackay, Rockhampton, and Bundaberg border the northeastern coast of the oceans, operating as ports and gateways to the desert outback.

Heat Man [Normal] [RM]
Enker [Armour] [RM]
Stealth Transport [RM]

Submerge <D>: Underneath Southern Pacific
East <E>: Southwest Pacific Ocean
West <W>: Northern Territory
Southwest <SW>: South Australia
South <S>: New South Wales
Up <U>: Sky Above Australia

Guts Man has arrived.
Elec Man has arrived.
Ice Man has arrived.
Mai Atsuki has arrived.
[OOC] Mai Atsuki says, "Everyone put on the Mickey Mouse hat.s"
[OOC] Mai Atsuki says, "hats, even."
Metal Man has arrived.
[OOC] Metal Man says, "BWEE"
[OOC] Elec Man says, "Argh."
[OOC] Elec Man has to AFK to take out garbage. It'll be about 10, 15 minutes?

<Global News Network> This is Curious Koala for GNN Australia! The Robot Masters have just begun an assault in, of all places, Cape York!" A shot of Heat, Elec, Metal, Guts, Gyro, Ice and Enker leading them. "What they want is unknown. We'll keep you abreast of all that goes on! This is Curious Koala, sending you back to the desk.

Colonel arrives from the Northern Territory.
Colonel has arrived.
Burn Dinorex arrives from the Northern Territory.
Burn Dinorex has arrived.
Prismatic Spider arrives from the Northern Territory.
Prismatic Spider has arrived.
Assault Kangaroo arrives from the Northern Territory.
Assault Kangaroo has arrived.
Blaster Saurian arrives from the Northern Territory.
Blaster Saurian has arrived.
[OOC] Assault Kangaroo waves.
[OOC] Blaster Saurian says, "Hello boys."
[OOC] Prismatic Spider says, "Hi. RF is here to beat you senseless now."
Ten arrives from the Northern Territory.
Ten has arrived.
[OOC] Burn Dinorex cracks his knuckles.
Bolero arrives from the Northern Territory.
Bolero has arrived.
[OOC] Ten takes on Ice Man!
[OOC] Ten kids.
[OOC] Bolero takes on the Stealth Transport.
Barrage Raptor arrives from the Northern Territory.
Barrage Raptor has arrived.
Option Yammark arrives from the Northern Territory.
Option Yammark has arrived.
Option Yammark has disconnected.
Option Yammark has connected.
Frost Walrus arrives from the Northern Territory.
Frost Walrus has arrived.
[OOC] Enker says, "Where's Colonel? I DEMAND SATISFACTION!"
<O-Master> Zippo of DOOM, Heat Man says, "Wow. that's a lot of RFers!"
[OOC] Colonel says, "Right here, you fool."
[OOC] Enker says, "I missed you coming in with your GIANT ARMY"
<O-Master> Not a sandwich, Gyro Man says, "No kidding. XD"
[OOC] Colonel says, "That was my power-mad laugh."
[OOC] Ten is just sitting out, actually. "Don't mind me."
[OOC] Ice Man thought that Colonel was the first one in.
[OOC] Enker says, "Again. Spammy"
[OOC] Mai Atsuki says, "Eek! :("
[OOC] Colonel says, "Be glad that General disconnected, or he'd be here too. ;)"
[OOC] Heat Man will unleash the FULL FURY of his nuclear power!
[OOC] Barrage Raptor stuffs Heat Man in a radiation suit and boots him off a cliff.
[OOC] Bolero feeds Heat Man to Cryogen Bison's corpse.
[OOC] Enker sets teh scene
[OOC] Colonel says, "Aight. Well, RMs, pose in first, and then we'll.. righto."
tama has arrived.
Enker drops tama.
[OOC] Bolero says, "Top Man has a Tamagotchi?"
[OOC] Ten says, "Kitty! *pets*"
[OOC] Burn Dinorex hmms.
[OOC] Blaster Saurian says, "Step on it!"
[OOC] Burn Dinorex looks to see who he can take on before the poses..
[OOC] Ten yessirs and crushes it beneath her heel!
tama (OOC)myews fearfully o.o
[OOC] Prismatic Spider says, "O_o?"
[OOC] Frost Walrus CRUSHES!
[OOC] Blaster Saurian says, "Ah, sorry, that's just me being paranoid. The kitty may live."
[OOC] Blaster Saurian says, "For now. e.e"

Interpol Ride Armor <Moonraker> arrives from the New South Wales.
Interpol Ride Armor <Moonraker> has arrived.

[OOC] Colonel says, "No one panic. The Ride Armor is going to be crushing drones."

The GNN was correct! The Robot masters were in Cape York and wreaing havoc. Of course, Enker wasn't destroying things. He was standing atop the still hovering transport surveying his associates' work. The Mirror Buster was strapped to his back still, even though he knew that, likely, they were coming. This was ok. He wanted them to.

Likely, by this point, many civilians had already evacuated, and the fires and destructon had begun at the hands of the Robot Master Regulars and the nice fat squad of Joes that accompanied them. Good ol' joes. So easy to make...who cared if they got blown up?

[OOC] Interpol Ride Armor <Moonraker> says, "Yes. Thanks, Colonel."
[OOC] Barrage Raptor says, "No fair. I want a ride armor named after a James Bond movie."
[OOC] Prismatic Spider says, "Then join Interpol."

Of course, it isn't /just/ Masters! Although the Strider who had accompanied them is actually just hanging around near the transport and watching through electrobinoculars. She'll be doing an efficency assessment later!

[OOC] Barrage Raptor says, "Can we get Repliforce Ride Armor <Goldeneye>?"
[OOC] Bolero gives Barrage a new mode. Thunderballs.
[OOC] Bolero says, "Without the 'x'."
[OOC] Bolero says, "Without the 's' even."
[OOC] Frost Walrus gives you a Ride Armor named Goldfinger.
[OOC] Blaster Saurian says, "Homekeys Bolero, Homekeys. :)"

Heat Man is bounding about cheerfully, doing his best to contribute to all of the fires that are springing up around the city. Given that in his opinion, there is NO Robot Master who is a greater Master of Fire than he, there is only one thing that can be done? He simply must show all of these people the Truth of Wily, and he will do that by showing his vast power! A self contained nuclear reactor can put out a lot of heat, and as twin streams of flame leap from his hands and into several nearby storefronts, he does what he is often prone to do when he thinks that the scene is not quite spectacular enough...
Heat Man turns up the burner, and is engulfed in a ball of hot nuclear fire!
Flames erupting all around him, the asphalt of the road melts down into a bubbling lake of tar... which catches fire moments later, setting more and more small fires out about him. The Master of Nuclear Flame is on the rampage! Civilians beware! Small animals flee! Pets seek shelter! LET THE BURNING CONTINUE!

Guts Man does fist smashing stuff to cause destruction. Yeah, smash, overturn things, throw things, yadda yadda yadda.

Ice Man also wasn't destroying anything, and he was standing near the carnage, but not exactly in the carnage. He wasn't exactly interested in destroying things, but would protect his brothers if need be. He scans the area for anything that could pose a threat. He notices Heat being engulfed in his own flame, but isn't concerned.

Well indeed the Robot Masters were here an in this carnage was Metal Man the ego, the thing that does not die dispite everyone on the planet praying for it. Either way he's just rainfging blades at anything that moves, its a hail storm of steel death upon all caught in his way.

Elec Man whistles to himself idly as he hauls himself up a nearby pole that leads to the area's electrical supply. Once at the top, he rolls his shoulders and seizes the wire. "Well, looks like these people..." Electricity flares around him. All the lights in the buildings and such burn brightly for a second, and then explode. A few fires start, all the good stuff that happens when things meant to take 5,000 volts are suddenly taking 50,000. "...are having their television interrupted!"

Gyro Man is hovering just over a random street... He chucks a small blade on an angle, toward a streetlight. The blade slices through it cleanly, then continues on to cut down two more before finally running out of momentum. As the streetlights spark and sputter and crash to the ground, Gyro looks up and around. . o O(Ah, this is no fun. When is the real attraction going to arrive?)

Resonance has her arms around Sarah Fairchild, because the latter has to sit on her lap. Of course, this can't be seen, but it should be noted in case you are wondering why the Ride Armor is fidgeting a lot. The Ride Armor flies into the area but does not draw any weapons yet. Instead, it lands on some metools, crushing them effortlessly. It's definately not needed here, so why did it come? It still does not draw any weapons, but there a loud booming sound comes from it's speakers, "ALRIGHT DOCTOR DOOM! LET'S START EASY! WALK TOWARDS THAT SCARY LOOKING JOE DEFENSIVE PATTERN!"

[OOC] Ten hehes!
[OOC] Metal Man XD
[OOC] Elec Man says, "Hahahaha."
[OOC] Bolero says, "... You've got Uncle Victor in there?"
[OOC] Heat Man THUMBS UP. n.n b
[OOC] Blaster Saurian says, "we up? :)"
[OOC] Interpol Ride Armor <Moonraker> says, "Yes. You people get the Misadventures of Sarah and Resonance in the background."
[OOC] Bolero says, "Woo-hoo!"
[OOC] Gyro Man says, "Yay!"
[OOC] Ten cheers!

Attacks on Australia are to Repliforce what attacks on Africa are to Robot Masters.. an assault on soverign soil. A little too close to home. As such, the response is swift and merciless. Only minutes after the assault begins, the drone of massive transports fills the air as the Repliforce, already on alert due to intercepted radio transmissions, arrives on the scene. Repliforce Regulars begin unloading from the transports at the perimeter of the city and heading in in units, seeking enemies.

A bright flash of light atop a building announces the arrival of Colonel. As soon as he blinks in, he straightens and turns his head towards the invading Robot Masters. His Beam Sabre is drawn from his waist to his hand, ignited with a flare of red light, and his internal amplifiers kick up, sending his voice booming across the city.. "Robot Masters! You have violated UN territory in a violent attack! For this, the penalty is destruction! All Repliforce units, move in! The more energy rings I see today, the more bonuses I hand out tomorrow!"

Bolero taps a button on his left wrist and transforms into a 7' tall humanoid in crazy power armor.

Burn Dinorex arrives by means of a troop transport, and stomps out from the vehicle, surveying the area. He lets out a very loud roar of warning, his head pointed to the air, then he stops. He's given his warning. Now the fighting starts. He immediately uses his fire attacks to try and burn the joes as he sees them.

Bonuses! Good things! E-ringings! Better things! Getting them to do that? ... Not so easy. Still, due to the earlier information, Blaster left his project to come and defend the land near HQ. Applying his main purpose to the charge, the saurian surges off one of the transports and straight into the fray! Joes? Bah! The reploid seems to get a kick out of charging into a wave of them, beginning a merciless assault that ends up with one joe being tossed around like a weapon to hammer a few others before being tossed into another wave. And to think its his first combat mission, but hey, this is what the guy was made to do!

And charging along nearby happens to be, well, what do you know. Another gun toting dinosaur. Only this one is Barrage Raptor, fresh from a special training camp. She learned how to use a new type of explosives! Which of course, she intends to employ today, on the Robot Masters. Gatling cannons come on, and open fire into the drones.

Following Colonel's bright flash of light is a blurr of blue and grey, followed by a puff of smoke as the blurr impacts with the rooftop beside Colonel. As the dust clears, there... there... Well. There's now Colonel and Colonel Junior. The Miniature Colonel takes a pose similar to Colonel's own, his beam sabre hilt held, though no sabre seems to have been activated. He looks from the city proper to Colonel and back again, ultimately inquiring, "So who are we taking out?" he inquires curiously, loking out across the burning cityscape.

The new Repliforcer known as Assault Kangaroo enters via another transport near an alley, shaking his head as he sees the current carnage. The Robot Masters are up to no good again, it seems. However, that's not what's bothering him. Oh no, that's definitely not it.

(My first day on the job, and we have to fight on /our soil/.)

Looking around his surroundings, he spots Metal Man throwing blades around. He decides he's the one he'll fight, and advances toward his location, kicking away all Joes in his path as he does so.

Frost Walrus has disconnected.
Option Yammark has disconnected.

Amazingly, the voice that follows Resonance's declaration is NOT a booming voice straight out of a Marvel comic, but the slightly timid and entirely amplified (yay loudspeakers) voice of one Doctor Sarah Fairchild. "UH, ALRIGHT," she says. Yes, says. Told you she was being amplified. There's a faint shuffling sound, because the Moonraker cockpit is VERY cramped, and after a moment the massive bulk of the Moonraker begins to walk.


"UM! WRONG BUTTON, WRONG BUTTON!" Panicked button-pushing ensues as Sarah and her drone entourage frantically attempt to locate the 'go forward' button. It takes a bit before she finds it, conveniently labeled with a forward arrow and the words 'That way, idiot' scribbled in pencil next to it. An indignant "HMPH!", and then the Moonraker is moving forward, toward the drones as instructed.

"Yes. Our true prey has arrived. Robot Masters...DESTROY THEM!" Enker bellowed, drawing forth the Mirror Buster. The destruction of his drones, at this point, meant next to nothing to Enker. He was going to show Repliforce why they should leave Africa, and he would do it on /their/ soil. With incredible deftness, the Elite lept from the stealth transport to the roof of a nearby building. This, in turn was used as a stepping stone to the next, and the next. His target was obviously The Colonel.

"It has been a while Colonel. It's /so good/ to see you again. Perhaps it's a very good day for you to go home in pieces!" The Mirror Buster was twirled before being held behind him in one hand parallel to the ground. His other hand was held in front of him, palm leveled at The Colonel. He, obviously, knew what he had to do.

[OOC] Enker </Starscream>

The battle is joined, and Heat Man throws back his head as he hears the Repliforce XO making his challenge to the Robot Masters. Well, if they were going to be here to try and stop the battle, they would have to witness the TRUE POWER of Wily! And the Atomic Master, completely disregarding the fact that he is already engulfed in a halo of flames, throws his hands above his head and shouts rather loudly...
The flames get even hotter, and Heat Man's blazing corona grows hotter than the sun! More flames, and the very storefronts themselves that happen to be looking upon the blindingly hot visage of Heat Man erupt spontaniously into flames from the massive waves of thermal radiation. The maximum safe output of Heat Man's reactor is now online, and he will burn everything in sight if not stopped! Let the Power of Wily be upon you!

[Radio: (B) Secure] Shade Man transmits, "Enker, require assistance?"
[Radio: (B) Secure] Enker transmits, "We're fine for now. If needed, I'll call for backup."

Resonance's voice proclaims as the Ride Armor moves backwards, "INTERPOL NEVER RETREATS! FORWARD OR THEY'LL THINK WE'RE SISSIES! QUICIK!"

Ice Man looks from side to side as the Repliforce goons start approaching. He levels his cannon at the approaching Repliforcers, not sure who he should take on. His arm moves from one 'forcer to the other, as he begins to wonder what to do.

Elec Man pulls himself up onto the wire he just overloaded, casually strolling along it. He continues to pump electricity in while he touches it, and a few more random fires go up. At one point, he even does a little spin. "Look at all the Repliforce lamers! Who shall do battle with a master of electricity?"

[Radio: (B) Secure] Heat Man transmits, "HA! They don't make buildings like they used to! A lot of tinderboxes here!"

[OOC] Bolero says, "Enk, you do realize I'm standing right beside Colonel, right?"
[OOC] Enker says, "Yep. Like I care? :D"
[OOC] Colonel says, "Dressed like me."
[OOC] Enker says, "But tiny!"
[OOC] Enker is arrogant enough to, you know, ignore B. :D
[OOC] Ten says, "Really? I thought Enker was humble, polite, and kind to small animals."
[OOC] Enker says, "Polite? Yes."
[OOC] Bolero is soldier enough to shoot you in the back of the head. And Spaniard enough to do it with his primary for the insult of being ignored.
[OOC] Enker says, "Humble? When it's convenient."
[OOC] Bolero sprays Elec Man with water.
[OOC] Ten says, "313c m4n!"
[OOC] Elec Man says, "73n."

Colonel frowns just slightly as he looks out over the city, and the destruction being wrought. He does not turn and look at Bolero, but rather, he shakes his head slightly.. "You may go after whoever you wish, Bolero. Just see that they pay for their arrogance." It is about then that Enker arrives on the rooftop. Turning slowly, the Colonel raises his sabre before him. "Enker. It has been quite a while." He says, his voice like stone.

Slowly he walks forward, towering over the Robot Master. "It would be wise of you to remember, before getting yourself into this, that although the Mavericks are my true enemy.. I was built to destroy Robot Masters." Pulling his hand back, he casually swings it at the Elite in a contemptuous blow. "I have done so before. This time will be no differant.

Colonel strikes Enker with his Casual Backhand attack.

Guts Man keeps using whatever is at hand for a weapon, throwing stuff around like ragdolls. Wheee.

[OOC] Assault Kangaroo says, "...Crap. Dinner. AFK."

Mai Atsuki rolls her eyes at various amounts of boasting, although she chuckles at the Ride Armor's proclamation. However, she does unsheath a cipher and hold it ready with one hand while still looking out with the electrobinoculars, standing only a few yards away from where either the Transport is, or wherever it dropped people off! Depending.

Burn immediately spots Guts, the strongest physically of the Masters.....he walks. Then runs. Then charges. Soon, he is speeding faster than a train! Or something. Lifting up one of his claws, he slashes downwards at Guts when he gets in range.

Burn Dinorex strikes Guts Man with his Slash attack.

Blaster Saurian (Blaster) pages: Heads er tails? :)
You paged Blaster Saurian with 'Hrm? Tails. X)'
Blaster Saurian flips a coin in the air and it comes down tails.
From afar, Blaster Saurian (Blaster) is attack okay for you to get my attention. :>
You paged Blaster Saurian with 'Okay. XD'

The old android smirks as he senses some prey comming near he halts his rampage for a moment and laughs, "So another reploid to the slaughter!" The Ego smirks slightly and then readies another blade. "Well now I don't care who you are because your going to die." With that Metal Man slings a blade and leaps up and to the side as he does so.

Metal Man strikes Assault Kangaroo with his Sawblade attack.

Joes scrambled away from the Moonraker, either running like ninnies or opening fire ineffectually. The others did their best to continue the destruction since the Regulars were distracted with Repliforce.

Enker's head turned sharply to the side as The Colonel smacked him. The Shiniest Elite spat, shaking his head as he turned back to regard the Colonel. "I was built to destroy Rock, a superior being in every way to you." The elite didn't move, instead he sung his upper body, bringing the Mirror Buster around in a wide and vicious arc. He seemed intent on jamming it right in the Colonel's side.

Enker strikes Colonel with his Spear Thrust attack.

Guts Man is slashed by the Dinorex, a nice gash now apparent on his once pristine armour. He barely budges instead looking at Burn Dinorex, "Hey man, that's not cool." So he decides to fight back, first by trying to shove the bigger Repliforcer away from him.

Guts Man misses Burn Dinorex with his Generic Melee attack.

Burn catches Guts' arms. "I know. But I have to stop you from being rambunctious, you know. It's my job." he lets go, and suddenly his claw is burning red hot, evident of the color. He slashes, again, across Guts' chest.

Burn Dinorex strikes Guts Man with his Burning Claw attack.

Still amidst Joes, and likely there's some more coming toward the front runner, Blaster continues to have a bit of fun with all the drones. A blast tossed in one direction, a grenade in another, heck, he's using one of their own shields once in a while to help deflect some of their own shots as best he can. Despite it all, Blaster's doing rather well against the masses. Eventually the shield is given a toss and Blaster leaps up and over to a fire escape, heading up a building-side so he can get a better vantage point of the chaos..

The Moonraker plods along toward the designated drones, and then, after some frantic searching, Sarah sees fit to inform the battlefield, "FOUND THE CONTROL STICK!" Shortly thereafter the Interpol Ride Armor picks up speed, moving from a slow plod to a quick clip.

Colonel does not even attempt to dodge as the spear is swung towards him. It gouges into his side, but he barely flinches. Instead, his eyes narrow as he stares down at the Robot Master Elite. A trickle of mechfluid leaks from where the spear sticks into his side. "You were built to destroy Rock, yes." He says slowly.. not moving. "And you failed. Again and again, you have failed. But you see.. I have succeeded. Again. And again." With that, he raises his fist up.. and brings it crashing down into the ELite's face.. hoping to drive him back.

Colonel strikes Enker with his Crush attack.

Over the loudspeaker, Resonance shouts, "DRIVE SLOWER!!!"

Guts Man is being manhandled by Burn Dinorex early in the game, he's gonna look like shredded paper soon enough if this keeps up. His poor Uni Breast Gem is shattered by the claws. Now that just pisses Guts Man off, he doesn't mind missing limbs or anything, but when the Glass Breast is destroyed, that ticks him off. Even more than King. So while still relatively close to Burn Dinorex he jumps towards, trying to bring his rather small head up to Burn's bigger head.

Guts Man strikes Burn Dinorex with his Hardhat Headbutt attack.

[OOC] Metal Man says, "NO"
[OOC] Metal Man says, "Its DRIVE FASTER"
[OOC] Interpol Ride Armor <Moonraker> says, "Except I'm driving too fast, so it's not. :D"
[OOC] Blaster Saurian says, "Must go faster, Must go faster! go go go go go go go! >.>"

Gyro Man ahhs as he sees the Repliforcers arrive. "All right, time to get busy!" His rotor revvs as he spots a 'Forcer attacking the Joes, and the aerial Master swoops towards him, readying another small blade. "Hey there, having fun?" He calls to him, throwing the blade at the saurian.

You strike Blaster Saurian with a glancing hit from your Generic Ranged attack.

Burn's jaw crunches a bit as Guts' head smashes against it. Grunting, he steps back a bit, and opens his palm. Suddenly a large orb of fire shoots from it. This is, in fact, sticky explosive napalm, that could be a danger if it hits Guts. Burn must have been playing his Halo...

Enker doesn't even get time to reach the rooftop where Bolero and Colonel are situated. Bolero nods at Colonel's statement and engages his dashjets. The Spaniard blurrs once more, taking a swan dive over the edge of the rooftop nearest Heat Man. The Spaniard snaps his left wrist slightly, a weighted cable jetting out of it to wrap around a nearby flag pole.

The Spanish Shinobi swings in a wide arc, flying out into wide open air as the energy of his arc unravels the cable from around the pole. He swings the cable like a whip, continuing his slow descent along flag poles until he reaches the streets. Bolero lands in a crouch at the very edge of Heat Man's destructive forces and his speakers thoom at Heat Man,
"HEAT MAN! CEASE AND DESIST YOUR ACTIONS! IMMEDIAMENTE!" Bolero roars, glaring unblinkingly.

Burn Dinorex strikes Guts Man with his Napalmer attack.

The flashpoint of water is probably signifigantly less hot than the sort of temperatures that we are talking about in the area in Heat Man's general vacinity. The mission is property damage, and it is being fairly successful so far. Rock melts under this sort of intense heat - any humans who might have been left in the area would die from lack of oxygen, if not from the fact that they would simply burst into flame and melt like wax candles in the middle of a blast furnace. And Heat Man simply stays there, waves of molten tar from what is left of the roadway rushing away from him as he continues to produce flame at temperatures that would stagger the imagination. And he turns, and points at Bolero. "You can not stop the power of Wily! No one can! We will be VICTORIOUS! And there is nothing you can do to stop us!"
And with that he turns, and snaps his top down over his head, covering it completely even as he leaps up into the air, floating for a moment in a pillar of white hot flame... and with a loud 'Kyoooooooooo!' he rockets through a nearby building, blasting through the interior and setting it aflame, barreling through the interior structure, before burning a large hole out the back and catapulting into the next street. The building rumbles ominiously, its internal structure horribly melted, before it starts to slump downwards, steel supports bending as their superheated state removes most of their strength. The next street starts to glow, explosed combustables bursting into flame even as the rest of the area begins to glow under the intense heat.

Darn joes! They're even on the roof! Tricksy things. One gets tossed off of the roof, which is basically what distracted Blaster from noticing a master had actually taken notice of him. When the blade slices into his armor, he only grunts a little. "Feh!" The blade gets pulled out and tossed aside, not even a trickle evident from the cut, "Is that all you got?" Blaster calls as he quickly draws his Sentinel and sends a shotgun blast back Gyro's way. Multi-use weapons are nice... yes..

Blaster Saurian strikes you with a minor hit from his Buckshot for 9 units of damage.

Not the face! Not the---Ok. THe face. There was a bit of crumpling as Enker was driven back, his feet digging furrows into the rooftop. That really kinda hurt. So it was time to do something. The Elite flicked his thumb across an unseen switch in the Mirror Buster, causing a blue aura to shimmer to life around the Elite. It was pain time. If it worked properly. Still on the attack, the now glowy Enker held the Mirror Buster like a lance and lunged forward, shoving the spear at the expansive chest of the Colonel.

The Joes...yeah. THey were still doing their job. The slower ones squashing under the rampaging Ride Armor, or getting destroyed in the aftermath of Heat Man's actions.

Enker brings his reflect system online.

Enker strikes Colonel with his Spear Pierce attack.

[Radio: (A) Master_Chat] Beta CO Metal Man starts to humm the Trogdor theme. "Heat Man the Bunatior!

The Kangaroo witnesses Metal Man leaping into the air. After kicking another Joe away, he thinks he'll time a missle to hit Metal Man in his descent. Thus, he raises his right knee, holding up his leg with his right hand, and aims it toward Metal Man's location. A second later, he fires off a small rocket toward him, hoping to hit the man in his decent, as mentioned before.

Assault Kangaroo strikes Metal Man with his Minute Bazooka attack.

A squawk of surprise at Resonance comes next from the rather too-fast Moonraker - and then it goes faster. Dangerously so, and Sarah squawks an ACK! NONONONONO!" before apparently retaking control and slowing the armor down again - significantly. Then comes the panting as Sarah tries to even out her nerves.

Guts Man is too slow to avoid the incoming pain. The napalm burns through his torso. A nice hole remains of what was once his torso. He falls to his knees and looks up at Burn Dinorex, "Good..." He gets right back up and rushes him, "But not good enough you little punk! Rargh!" He lunges at him with open hands, wanting to choke the devil himself.

Guts Man strikes Burn Dinorex with his Why You Little... attack.
Burn Dinorex is temporarily disoriented by Guts Man's Why You Little... attack.

Burn arghs as Guts clamps his hands over his neck. He grabs onto Guts arms with /his/ hands. "I haven't....even /started/ yet!" he says between chokes.

Barrage Raptor spots...Let's see. Who is that. Oh, right. Ice Man. She thinks for a second, as she looks at him, "Okay!" now that she's decided he's not that big of a threat, but still warants her attention, she unlocks her assault rifle, and fires off a burst of three at him.

Ten has disconnected.

Barrage Raptor misses Ice Man with her Ar-283 Custom attack.

Guts Man struggles against Burn's strength, but his grip is deadly and he applies more pressure, trying to crush him with his bare hands, "I'll crush you with my bare hands! Raaaargh!"

Guts Man strikes Burn Dinorex with his Crush attack.

Metal Man does not even seem to have worse than his paint being damaged slightly as the old android lands and he cackles again. "Oh please you call that an attack?" Metal looks over his new foes, "I hate to dirty my blades on you but your in the way!" With that he slings another blade at the reploid and is on the move again to the point he's blurring a little bit.

Metal Man misses Assault Kangaroo with his Single Blade attack.

Colonel's fist pulls back slowly from the strike that drove Enker backwards.. slowly straightening, he raises his sabre again. He watches noncommittally as the Elite flicks his reflect systems online.. only frowning slightly as the Mater dives forward again. He attempts to sidestep, but apparently was not ready for the speed at which Enker moved. The spear did not pierce straight through his chest, but instead hit into his side again, already damaged systems spurting more mechfluid as he cringes to the side slightly. Still, his expression never alters. "You cannot win. Your madness, like that of your creator, will meet it's end in my compatriots. And you will meet your end in me!" Grunting, Colonel brought his energy sword upwards in a viscious swing.. aiming to drive it right through Enker's chest in return.

Colonel misses Enker with his Sabre Drive attack.

Burn arghs, and his head is all but snapped off. He finally gets loose, wheezing for breath. He can't even talk anymore. A little dizzy, his sight goes fuzzy for the moment, but he holds up his hand, and begins forming a ball of fire. Soon, the ball becomes the size of a small car, and he assumes a bowler's position, tossing the fire on the ground and letting it roll forwards.

Burn Dinorex misses Guts Man with his Rolling Inferno attack.

[OOC] Burn Dinorex has to go..

Elec Man stops his tightrope walk, mostly because he's hit another pole. Elec steps up on it, putting a hand over his eyes, and surveying the battlefield. Hm. Looks like someone's on everyone already - and far be it for Elec Man to ruin their fun. The Alpha frowns, crossing his arms, and huffing. Then! Oh snap! Ride Armor! "Well, I might as well." Hopping down from the pole, Elec tightens his gloves and heads toward it. "Someone wants hot electric death!"

Bolero stares at Heat Man, arching a brow. "Oh, now it's on." he states darkly, reaching up to tap his hat. There's a momentary flash and then a whine as his Repliforce issue uniform battle armor shifts and shapes itself into a sleekly designed power armor. The Spaniard's face disappears under the mirrored violet faceplate, a snarl forming on his face as he jets into the fire. A sonic blast whips him into the air and over the sinking building, the Spanish Shinobi dropping down to the next street, landing in a fresh crouch. "Now you've gone and worn out your welcome, Heat Man." he states angrily.

The air around Bolero's body suddenly freezes, the nuclear heat wave around him slowing and ultimately stopping for several moments. Bolero sneers, the heat wave haze suddenly reversing direction around his slight figure. He tightens his fists and starts to scream. Loudly. Very, very loudly. Think an episode of DBZ played in an IMAX theater at the maximum possible level... And it's just starting.

Bolero strikes Heat Man with his Bolero Buster Burst attack.
Heat Man's forcefield withstands the attack.

Ice Man jumps when bullets start impacting the ground around him. He looks from side to side for a moment, trying to find the source of the attack. After a moment he finds Barrage pointing her gun at him. He sighs and turns to her, and begins to run towards her location. He makes a couple of cross shapes with his fingers, creating small versions of the Ice Stars. After getting close enough, he launches them at the blueish reploid.

Ice Man strikes Barrage Raptor with his Ice Stars attack.

Prismatic Spider has left.

Assault cartwheels to the side, letting the blade sail past him. Taking note of his minor injuries from his last attack, he runs after Metal Man, chasing him across the city. Once he manages to get close to him...
"How about a boot to the head?"
Assault leaps out of his dash with a flying kick using his left leg, hoping to tag Metal Man in the head.

Assault Kangaroo strikes Metal Man with his Torpedo Kick attack.

The elite backflipped away from the vicious strike that, likely, could have sliced him in two. Landing in a crouch, Enker used this to give him a bit of extra momentum. The shiniest elite blasted forward at the Second of Repliforce, looking like he was going to impale Little Hat. Instead, in an almost mocking move, He brought the Mirror Buster around in an attempt to put a nice big gouge in the front of Colonel's coat/armor thing.

The Joes....did Joe things. Destruction, rampaging....dying.

Enker strikes Colonel with his Spear Slash attack.

Gyro Man hehs as Blaster takes the hit quite well -- looks like it'll take more than mini-blades here -- and is about to ready a follow-up attack when the Repliforcer fires a blast him. Gyro acks and starts to dodge, but he isn't really in the best position to be dodging; the blast takes off a fair chunk of his left shoulder's armor. "Meh," he says simply, and wheels around to Blaster's other side, and hovers.. While spinning his rotor faster and faster, generating a strong gust.

You strike Blaster Saurian with a glancing hit from your Wind Gust attack.

Guts Man smiles with satisfaction at his handy work. Once he lets go of Burn's neck he takes a few steps back, especially when he feels the air get warmer. When the big guy lets loose with a giant fireball Guts Man does the only thing he can do to protect himself, duck and cover! But even in the process of just barely avoiding the attack he can feel the effects from it, his armor now charred blacker than before. That was very close. But he's at a distance from Burn now, grabbing a random piece of debris from the ground he gets back up and lobs it at the Repliforcer.

Guts Man misses Burn Dinorex with his Super Toss attack.

Metal Man gets caught by the kick and gets a BOOT TO THE HEAD! Darn it! The holy art of BOOT TO THE HEAD! few are immune to its power neven Mega Man himself can suffer from it. Either way Metal goes flying from it and lands some distance off as he recovers and leaps up again raining a storm of blades at his enemy.

Metal Man strikes Assault Kangaroo with his Blade Storm attack.

Barrage Raptor brings an arm up in front of her body to catch the ice stars as they come in, "Oh come on!" She yells out at Ice Man, "Aren't you supposed to be one of the tough ones?" She asks, as she knocks the ice away, raises her arm and hits a button on it, the built in grenade launcher popping out and lobbing a round at Ice Man.

Barrage Raptor misses Ice Man with her Frag Grenades attack.

Cut Man arrives from the New South Wales.
Cut Man has arrived.

Colonel follows his strike through with a swift spin, keeping himself away from the Master Elite. Slowly backing up, he holds his sabre out in a defensive posture, his eyes following Enker, keeping track of his movements, trying to gauge what he will do. As Enker rockets forward again, Colonel raises his sabre to parry an impaling blow.. but is tricked by the wily Wilybot, and instead has a slight scratch across the front of his armor. He frowns. "You are good, Enker. But I have beaten you before." Suddenly he turns to the side, shifting the hand his sabre is in, moving with surprising swiftness.. and, bending low, throws his weight behind a massive uppercut, using the hilt of his sabre to try and take the Elite's head right off.

[OOC] Cut Man says, "Greetings, Gentlemens."
[OOC] Assault Kangaroo waves.
[OOC] Tama perches on Cutter's head. Behind the blades.

Colonel strikes Enker with his Sabre Uppercut attack.

For no discernable reason, the Moonraker suddenly booms a loud, dramatic DUN DUN DUN!!

This is followed shortly by Sarah snapping, "ECHO, ENOUGH WITH THE SOUND EFFECTS." No recognition is made of Elec Man as the Armor finally begins to reach the limits of deceleration, apparently intent on shooting at targets from a stationary position.

Unfortunately, it looks like it's going to stop /on top of him./

Burn ducks, and the debris hits a building. Standing up, he manages to smile with satisfaction. He suddenly stands very still, and his whole body engulfs into flame. Channeling this fire, he opens his mouth to prepare a strike of fire so big, so great, like never he has done before. It could incinerate the street.

Then, the building behind him that was hit by the chunk of debris, falls on him. It seems the support beams were destroyed.

Trying to knock the dinosaur off his feet eh? Gyro finds out the hard way that's really not about to work. When the winds kick up Blaster slides a little, a few joe parts smack up against his armor, but for the most part he's fine. "Aw c'mon!" he calls up at the heli-master. "You GOTTA do better then that!" he calls out as he loads a shell into the Sentinel. "Like this!" A shotgun slug, this time...

Blaster Saurian misses you with his Slug Shot attack.

[OOC] Burn Dinorex now has to go to bed.
[OOC] Burn Dinorex says, "Goodnight."
Mai Atsuki has arrived.
[OOC] Mai Atsuki returns from OOCness.
[OOC] Cut Man waaais.
<O-Master> Cut Man says, "You guys are lucky that I din't got here before."
<O-Master> \/ Shadow Man would never fight Cut Man, since our karma is forever linked.
Burn Dinorex has disconnected.

Even the power of sound is unsufficient to defeat the awesome power of the Master of Atomic Fire! Heat Man simply throws his arms up as his top flips back open, and commences screaming himself, more and more flame pouring out around him... his blazing corona growing so hot that it surges upwards, higher and higher, become a pillar that can be seen for some miles in the city by anyone who has a good view of the sky.
The soundwaves from Bolero's weapon are utterly dispersed by the roaring blast of flame that rises upwards, and glass explodes in every window of the street as the temperature continues to rise. The buildings towards Heater's right begin to sag, assaulted both from one side, and now from the other by the powerful wave of nuclear heat. And he cackles loudly, looking over at Bolero even as the ground around them begins to soften, asphalt rock sinking into the tar it was laid down in as the tar melts, turning liquid under the intense blazing assault. "Don't you see? Next to the power of Wily, you're nothing! NOTHING AT ALL! HAAHAHAHHAAHA!" he chortles, continuing to pour on the flame.

Ice Man continues running, and leaps into the air to absorb the force of the grenade. He falls to the ground and picks himself back up. "And I-I thought you were the tough one...being a dinosaur and all."

He starts running again, then hops and creates a block of ice and slides it towards his enemy.

Ice Man strikes Barrage Raptor with his Ice Block attack.

Assault is taken back as the storm of blades comes down upon him. Hit by several blades, Assault is taken to the ground... but never the less, hops off his back and onto his feet. Dashing toward him again, being careful to avoid any possible counterattacks, Assault leaps at Metal Man once more, but this time, he does something else... he kicks at Metal Man's optics with his right foot, hoping to bring his talons into them and blinding him. Will it succeed?

Speaking of bisection, that's nearly what happened to the Elite. As it was, his torso armor was hanging off of him, his internals exposed and leaking. Father was going to have a /fit/. Coughing a bit, the Elite rose, amazingly still functioning. "You'll pay for that..." With that, the elite jumped, trailing mechfluid in what would have been like an arterial wound in a human. The still glowing Enker spun the Mirror Buster, letting one point lead the way to the ground. If he struck, he'd likely impale the Colonel. If he missed, he was toast.

Assault Kangaroo misses Metal Man with his Eye Crusher attack.

Guts Man has vanquished his first enemy of the night with the help of a building. He takes a few steps away from the battle trying to see if there's anyone else who he can harm.

Enker misses Colonel with his Mirror Buster Perfection attack.
Colonel deflects Mirror Buster Perfection from Enker.

[OOC] Enker SOBS
[OOC] Colonel says, "HAHAHAHAHA"
[OOC] Blaster Saurian says, "OWNED!"
<O-Master> Cut Man says, "Your f*ked, Enker."
[OOC] Elec Man says, "Haaahahahahaha."

Barrage Raptor ends up getting run into by Ice Man as he slides up at her. She gets knocked away, but she tosses something at his ice block, though, trying to stick it to the ice and hoping he doesn't get off before it blows up.

Barrage Raptor misses Ice Man with her C-4 Charge attack.

[OOC] Metal Man says, "GO ICEY!"

[Radio: (A) Master_Chat] Shade Man yawns, "Bored."
[Radio: (A) Master_Chat] Heat Man transmits, "Then BUUUURN!"
[Radio: (A) Master_Chat] Shadow Man transmits the sound of not blinking.
[Radio: (A) Master_Chat] Bane of Enker's existence; Top Man transmits, "I'd rather listen to my music, thanks..."
[Radio: (A) Master_Chat] Beta CO Metal Man transmits, "Having fun Heater?"
[Radio: (A) Master_Chat] Heat Man transmits, "This Repliforce is nothing! Ha! His best efforts do nothing against me!"

Colonel merely steps back after landing his last blow.. an eyebrow raising slightly as he watches the Elite, badly damaged, threaten him in such a way. He stands still, a mountain of concentration, as Enker springs at him in his fury.. and brings his sabre up with a swift, sure motion, knocking the spear away like a child's toy. As soon as he deflects the blow, letting Enker land in front of him, he blinks out.. re-appearing in a flash atop the next building over. His internal ion arrangers suddenly kick online.. the air charging with electricity. Thunder crackles in the sky above. "No, Enker. It is you who will pay, for your invasion." He says, stonily.. raising his sabre. The sky rumbles ominously. "I will send you back to your father.. in pieces!" So saying, he thrusts his sabre forward, and suddenly with a deafening boom and a brilliant flash of light, bolts of lightning from the sky arc down to the Elite's location, as if he were a lightning rod.

Colonel misses Enker with his Lightning Fury attack.

A grin cracks on Bolero's face as Heat Man turns up the heat. Now this... This is going to be fun. He might actually get a chance to do something he's been needing to do for a long time. He takes a deep breath within his armor and squeezes his fists tighter, screaming still louder. The Reploid Master of Sound roars with building rage, the sound column building up to a near crescendo, the limits of it pushing hard at the nuclear flames swirling around Heat Man. He takes another step forward, slowly, narrowing his eyes.
"You assume that I've even begun to make you pay for this arrogance, Heat Man. Sadly, you assume too much." he snaps out. He begins drawing a second surge of sonic power up and around, focusing it down. With a mighty roar of indignation he launches the blast at Heat Man's shield, attempting to blow a hole in it.

Bolero misses Heat Man with his Bolero Buster attack.

Ice Man watches Barrage intensely, up until the point a device appears on his block. He leaps towards Barrage but also off to the side, and thrusts his hands out. Without saying anything, he fires a spray of ice at the metallic raptor.

Ice Man strikes Barrage Raptor with his Frost Spray attack.

Interpol Ride Armor <Moonraker>'s foot /narrowly/ misses Elec Man, but unfortunately that just means he's open for other stuff. Shortly thereafter, one of the gunpods on the formerly Swiss Ride Armor begins to hum menacingly, a faint white light shining from the port. Then the armor twists, centering its sights on Elec Man (he should have been more still!), and then a small, by Ride Armor standards at least, bolt of white-blue power, frigid as the Arctic Circle, tears forth at the Electric Alpha Master.

Interpol Ride Armor <Moonraker> strikes Elec Man with its Equinox Pulse attack.

Enker rolled, taking the Mirror Buster with him, evading fully the blasts from the sky. As he rolled, and leaked, the Mirror buster began to glow a vibrant blue as it built up an energy charge. "You'll find I'm no easy meat..." hissed the Elite. Rising to one knee as he faced away from Colonel, Enker hid a wince as he spun to face the Second of Repliforce when he rose in a surprisingly smooth motion. The instant both feet were flat on the ground, the buildup of energy was loosed at the Colonel.

Enker strikes Colonel with his Lance Blast attack.

Metal Man is adapting to Assault's style of fighting and he's not even there, the old Andorid is still dangerous not from his out of date desgin and weapons. It's the fact he's got more combat hours clocked than any reploid in exsitance! "Nice try but not good enough." With that he brings up his right hand like he's summoning something and a swarm of dagger drones burst out of the ground and go towards The Aussie bot on a sucide run.

Metal Man misses Assault Kangaroo with his Explosive Drone attack.

It was going to be fun - but probably not for the reasons why Bolero expected that it would be. Heat Man raises one fist at Bolero, and shakes it at the Repliforcer. "Ha! If that's the best you can do to make me pay for that then I'll let you know that I'm gonna..." And with all of the wild and exaggerated fist shaking that is going on Heat Man... accidently flips his lid down, causing it to land over his head with a loud *clunk!* and a rapid flailing of arms as he spins around and tries to lift it back up. The end result is that he trips over his own feet, and falls over into the road with a splash of liquified tar.
The sonic attack that Bolero launches at him, somewhat ironically, flies right over his head.
But the Master springs back to his feet, pulling his lid up and laughing again. And he begins rising into the air slightly, preparing another burst of flame to send him soaring off towards some other unsuspecting target. Ready to be BURNED.

Elec Man frowns as the RA aims at him. "Well, I don't think I much cotton to THAAAAAAAAAAAAAT ow." He stumbles back from the cold beam, not really doing too much damage to his new armor system, and starts rubbing his hands together. Electricity sparks off of Elec. "So the new pilot wants to play! We'll play! And you'll be crying Parcheesi!" A fingersnap, a point, and a lightning bolt streaks from Elec's finger to the huge Armor.

Elec Man misses Interpol Ride Armor with his Lightning Bolt attack.

[Radio: (A) Master_Chat] Heat Man transmits, "Waaaah! Ican'tseeIcan'tseeeeeee~"
[Radio: (A) Master_Chat] Bane of Enker's existence; Top Man transmits, "..Open your eyes?"
[Radio: (A) Master_Chat] Heat Man transmits, "My eyes are open! That evil Repliforcer turned out the lig...oh, my lid's down."
[Radio: (A) Master_Chat] Beta CO Metal Man transmits, "...."

Colonel frowned in consternation as the lightning blasts hit the building.. the bright flash obscuring the rooftop, not allowing him to see where Enker has gone, whether he hit or not. Shaking his head, he turns.. to find the Elite already on top of him, a massive blast of energy coming his way. He can't blink out in time.. it hits him, sending him flying back across the rooftop to land with a crash. Rising slowly, his chest armor scorched and blackened, revealing internal circuitry.. his face grim, the synthflesh charred. "Good move. You always were an.. honerable opponent." He says, as he sets his feet. "But it won't save you." That said, he dashes forward.. blinking out suddenly, re-appearing behind the Elite without warning. The sabre goes down, then back up.. slicing in an X across the Elite.

Colonel misses Enker with his Sabre Cross Slash attack.

Guts Man keeps sitting on the sideline, waiting to pinch hit for any Master that gets the daylights knocked out of them.

Ironically, Assault Kangaroo is not exactly Australian. Never the less, Assault jumps over the dagger drones as they move harmlessly underneath him and explode on a bus stop behind him. This guy is definitely not one to take lightly... With that, Assault jumps at Metal Man and throws a massive spin kick with his right leg, aiming to strike the blade-throwing robot in the head.

Assault Kangaroo strikes Metal Man with his Cyclone Strike attack.

Getting sprayed with the ice, Barrage pulls away from Ice Man. That's freaking cold! She jumps back, and tries to put some distance between herself and Ice Man. Gatling Cannons twirl online, and take aim, firing off at Ice Man and trying to turn him into swiss cheese.

Barrage Raptor misses Ice Man with her Gatling Cannons attack.

The Moonraker slips to the side expertly from the lightning bold, another part glows a dull brown briefly before a solid beam of pure force is sent crashing towards Elec Man. It isn't actually Energy, it's just pure blunt force that is sort of in the shape of energy. Resonance's player doesn't understand it either.

The Elite knew this trick and he was prepared for it. With a surprising show of agility, Enker cartewheeled to the side, evading the Colonel's strike. As he moved, the Elite's spear began to glow a virulent blue once again. It was brighter than the last one, and it would send backlash through his systems, but desparate times and all...

When he stopped, he lept into the air, whirling to face Colonel. He took the Mirror Buster in both hands, raised it above his head and swung it down, releasing the energy blast contained within. There was going to be a crater.

Enker misses Colonel with his Mirror Buster attack.

[OOC] Enker says, "NOOOOO"
[OOC] Blaster Saurian says, "Mwaha."
[OOC] Elec Man says, "You fail so hard, Enker."
[OOC] Enker says, "I do. ;_;"
[OOC] Enker says, "Some badass /I/ am. ;_;"

Well, that was thoroughly unexpected. Bolero watches the blast fly straight over Heat Man's box-top and blow up a car far down the street. He grins and surges forward as Heat Man is downed temporarily. The Spanish Shinobi spies Heat Man rising into the air and knows that soon enough that box-top will be opening again. He leaps to the side, bouncing off of side of a building and flying across the street to another building from which he rebounds. B keeps this up, until he's a few dozen feet over Heat Man's head.
The Spanish Shinobi takes aim from high above and switches modes on his arm cannon. There's a momentary pause before a vast barrage of bull-head-shaped mini-missiles fly towards Heat Man and his fires. "I'M UP HERE ZIPPO!"

Bolero strikes Heat Man with his Brahma Bomb Barrage attack.
Heat Man's forcefield withstands the attack.

[OOC] Tama bounces around on its hind legs with pompoms in paw. "Go Eleccu, Go Enka! Please don't die! It would really suck!"
[OOC] Bolero sweatdrops at Heat Man's forcefield.
[OOC] Enker says, "Heat has the FF from hell."

[Radio: (A) Master_Chat] Shade Man transmits, "Brother Heat... please."
[Radio: (A) Master_Chat] RM #30 Dust Man transmits, "Wait. Don't tell me you are afraid of fire too."

Ice Man ducks as the gatling guns come online, the bullets flying over the Robotic Eskimo's head. Once the onslaught stops, Ice Man springs back up and charges the Raptor again. This time, he curls his hand and brings it downward, his ice generators breaking out the Ice Spear. He springs again and pokes the Repliforce...reploid with it.

Ice Man strikes Barrage Raptor with his Icicle Spear attack.

Slug shot, indeed! Expecting a swift counterattack, Gyro cuts off the attack as soon as its ineffectiveness is proven and banks right sharply. "Well, this is going to take a while... But I think I'm up for it!" he says as he draws several small blades, holding them like shuriken. He grins behind the facemask and throws the blades in a helix pattern towards Blaster.

You strike Blaster Saurian with a minor hit from your Helix Blades attack.

Colonel curses inwardly as the Elite manages to evade his blow again, using his nimbleness to get out of the way of the humming beam sabre. He snarls outwardly, allowing his rage to show, finally, as the Elite spins to face him. As the glowing mirror buster swings back down towards his head, he blinks out yet again, re-appearing beside the Elite. "This must be ENDED!" He shouts, and with that, the sabre is brought into play again.. hacking, swinging, and slashing at the Elite in a devestating series of blows.. very fast, and very deadly, driven by the formidable rage of the Repliforce XO.

Colonel strikes Enker with his Sabre Frenzy attack.
Enker falls to the ground, unconscious, due to massive systems damage.
Enker successfully reflects Sabre Frenzy.

[OOC] Barrage Raptor says, "Owned."
[OOC] Bolero says, "... Damn son."
[OOC] Elec Man says, "Most useful reflect ever."
[OOC] Enker sobs.
[OOC] Heat Man bets Colonel is barely standing after that.
[OOC] Colonel is at 9/97. You did good, Enker. ;)
[OOC] Blaster Saurian says, "Yeek."
[OOC] Tama says, "quick, Guts! Take Colonel down in enker's name!"
[OOC] Guts Man says, "But I don't like Enker, he's no Bass..."
[OOC] Interpol Ride Armor accidently shoots Colonel.
[OOC] Colonel dies.
[OOC] Bolero watches a stray mini-missile target Colonel.
<O-Master> The Real Slim Shade Man says, "If he doesn't survive top.. you get his shiny armor. ;P"
<O-Master> Top Man says, "SWEESHINY <3"
<O-Master> \/ Shadow Man says, "Horray, Enker reflected! Shall I sacrifice another doll for you in the next round, sir? I'm sure the Code Gods would like this Bass one, very realistic."
<O-Master> Going off the rails on a crazy Dust Man would give Enker his karma, but he's saving it up to buy new shoulder plates.
<O-Master> Top Man says, "..enka's dead, sir."
<O-Master> \/ Shadow Man says, "Then I'll take his silence as a yes."
<O-Master> Sassy Enker isn't dead!
<O-Master> Sassy Enker says, "I'm only at -16"
<O-Master> Top Man says, "shh! i say he's dead! I want his armor!"
<O-Master> Going off the rails on a crazy Dust Man says, "Dude. I get his lance."

Elec Man tries to backpedal away, failing miserably and getting hit in the head. "Gah! Who'd ever think I'd get punched in the head by a Ride Armor from this far away!" He shakes it off, then plants his feet and spreads out his arms. Electricity builds around him in a rush, and then begins to snap around him in all directions. A few drones take a hit, at least one window shatters. Maybe it'll even hit the Moonraker!

Elec Man strikes Interpol Ride Armor <Moonraker> with his Wrath Of Zeus attack.

Starting to get annoyed by Ice Man's constant dodging, and then hitting her, the ice spear shatters against her armor as it impacts, "..." She stares at him, as he brough himself into death range, which is really his own damn fault. The rifle is brought out, and firing mode switched over, as she sticks the shotgun barrel into the hood of his parka, aiming to take his whole damn head with it.

Barrage Raptor strikes Ice Man with her Ar-283 Custom - Close Range Shotgun attack.

Ah, finally the master deals a little bit of damage. Though the first one cuts into and slides out of his armor, when the other blades strike all about in mostly the same area, the armor on Blaster's shoulder breaks apart and the motivator inside takes a hit, "Erf, heh, that's better," he grunts, glancing up at Gyro, "But not good enough!" This time the attack comes from the blaster on his other arm! Looks like a grenade, rocket propelled at that.

Blaster Saurian misses you with his Rocket Propelled Grenade attack.

Ended it was. The blows sent the Elite sailing off the roof and, indeed, sailing on over to where the Stealth transport was conveniently parked with the ramp down! His weapon disintigrated, Enker crawled lamely into the transport. The others would either return and pilot the thing home, or they'd explode and he'd be all sorts of screwed.

Metal Man is fast quite fast as he weaves out of the way of the latest attack from the reploid and he pulls another two blades from subspace and then targets the center of Assault's body and throws them full force even as he takes more light damage.

Metal Man strikes Assault Kangaroo with his Twin Blades attack.

[OOC] Bolero watches as all the other Masters are E-Ringed except Guts.
[OOC] Blaster Saurian laughs.

Ice Man takes it and flies backwards a few feet. Now with a bunch of holes peppering his armor, he stands, and decides to do a rehash. Without charging again, he creates another ice block and pushes it towards the Raptor, without standing on top of it.

Ice Man strikes Barrage Raptor with his Ice Block attack.

Colonel is in none-too-good shape himself. The Shiniest Elite is not an opponent to be laughed at. His armor in tatters, mechfluid staining his gleaming white, he staggers slighty, then falls to one knee.. the beam sabre of justice withdrawing into the hilt. He crouches there for a moment, gahtering strength.. before he grits his teeth and forces himself to his feet, his eyes moving over the battlefield, judging the situation from his burned and blistered face.

And the bombs come a fallin' down... and Heat Man just cackles, before unleashing another surge of flame... and Bolero's missiles don't get deflected. They literally MELT from the massive outpouring of heat that is being unleashed by the Robot Master, bits of explosive and tar simply being transformed into liquid before finaly evaporating in the heart of the nuclear furnace. And Heat Man cackles, and raises one hand to point at Bolero. "You are nooothing! I harness the power of the sun itself! And the city itself shall suffer from my power!"
And then Heater unleashes a blast of flame, and launches himself up into the air, spinning around as he comes up level with Bolero... and streaks over to land on top of a nearby building. "Don't think you can escape by getting way up high. I can do that as well!" the flaming fireball of a Master exclaims, shaking his fist at Bolero again... a bit more passively this time. And as the air conditioners on the top of the building give up the fight and start to run, bits of molten metal oozing across the flat roof. "I am the MASTER OF ATOMIC FIRE! AND YOU ARE..." There is a loud crack, and a groaning from below. And Heat Man looks down. "Oh shi..." And the support beam beneath him melts, and Heat Man falls through the roof into the floor below, a blast of flame shooting out the windows inside.
And then there is another crack, and another scream from Heat Man. And the windows of the story below erupt outwards with flame.
Followed by another.
And another.
Until at last the front door of the building blasts open, and Heat Man strides back out into the street, the entire mass of the building sagging inwards beind him. And he just grumps, looking around to see where Bolero got off to.

[Radio: (A) Master_Chat] Heat Man transmits, "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA*THUD* ...ow, that hur-*CRACK* AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHH*THUD* that sma-*CRACK* AAAAAAAAAHHHH*THUD* ...stupid bui-*CRACK* AAAAAGGGHHHHH..."

Barrage Raptor plants a talon on the ice block as it comes in at her, and shoves her back about a foot from the force, "The tables have turned, haven't they?" She says, with a slight smirk, switching firing modes on her rifle again, and cutting loose with a full auto blast.

Barrage Raptor strikes Ice Man with her Ar-283 Custom - Explosive Rounds attack.

Resonance blinks from inside the Ride Armor, "Parwhat?", she asks, and then suddenly the Ride Armor starts shaking uncontrollably, "Aw 'ell....", electricity crashes against the Moonraker and it shudders against the assault, "Hit a button!!", she commands her companion as she struggles to regain control of the ride armor.

[OOC] Bolero says, "Heat Man, I've been ordered to not let you kill yourself."
[OOC] Colonel says, "He's a nuclear bomb. What did you expect me to say?"
[OOC] Heat Man says, "My life is spared!"
[OOC] Enker accidentally hits the 'Blow Up Heat Man' button.
[OOC] Heat Man wipes out a good mile of the city.
[OOC] Enker says, "If I'm the only one who's really dropped...I'm gonna be ticked. :D"

Ice Man is hit and flies backwards some more, this time a meter or two. He tries standing up, and stands with a bit of effort. He decides to take the kid gloves off, and swings his cannon at the female reploid dinosaur, and lets out his arrowhead shaped primary...the Ice Slasher.

Ice Man strikes Barrage Raptor with his Ice Slasher attack.

Sarah shivers a little at the shake of the ride armor, and barks, "Button! Right! Button!" she searches around randomly and finally finds one marked clearly:


"BUTTON!" comes the cry, and soon thereafter Elec Man is faced with the canopytop cannon firing a bolt of blazing energy RIGHT AT HIM!

Interpol Ride Armor <Moonraker> strikes Elec Man with its Hyperion Laser attack.

tama slinks out, sniffing at Enker's body. Yes, the kitteh snuck on board. "Myer..?" It blinks, then sits there, giving its robo kitty self a robo kitty bath. On Enker's chest. Oh, the humiliation.

[OOC] Enker says, "Not only do I get owned, I get humiliated by Top Man's stupid cat!"

The kangaroo, struck by the two blades, falls to one knee, in critical condition. He looks up towards Metal Man, and utters one last thing to the Robot Master.
"You have won this one... However, I won't be gone forever. Sooner or later, I will get back at you. Just you wait..."
Assault slowly stands up, and dashes toward the transport he came in from. He attempts to utilize the transport to get back to base...

Assault Kangaroo retreats from the area swiftly, leaving him open to pursuit or parting shots from Gyro Man, Interpol Ride Armor <Moonraker>, and Heat Man.

Elec Man first cold, then hard, now fire. This fight sucks for Elec! His chestplate is caught aflame, so he rips it off, stomps on it, and quickly replaces it. Then he shakes a fist at the Moonraker. "Right, now I'm pissed off!" He holds a hand up in the air, electricity gathering into it in a tight ball. He plants a foot forward and pulls his hand behind his back, the electricity forming into a two-pointed dart. "1 2 3 GO." His hand snaps forward, hurling the dart of electricity at the Armor.

Elec Man misses Interpol Ride Armor <Moonraker> with his Power Jolt attack.

[Radio: (A) Master_Chat] Disciplinary Commitee: Enker's Beacon goes off. "RKN 001 'Enker' is down. Co-ordinates are <Blah>"
[Radio: (A) Master_Chat] Alpha CO Elec Man transmits, "Whoops."
[Radio: (A) Master_Chat] Cut Man transmits, "...Enker got beated down? Haw."

Bolero just stares at the falling, flailing figure of Heat Man. He scratches the back of his head slightly as he drops toward the city streets below and grumbles to himself as he watches gouts of flame pouring out of each story of the building behind him. He takes a moment to calm himself and reaches behind his back, drawing a giant sized beam sabre hilt from behind his back. He grabs it with both hands and twists it apart and bows his head.

"You've served me well. May your power save my frickin' ass now more than ever before."

The Spanish Shinobi hits the buttons on each half of the hilt... Or should he say, haft? Both handles *THROOM* to life, twin energy ax heads erupting into existence. He takes aim at the front doors as Heat Man exits the building and launches one at Heat Man's head, the other getting flung at the Zippo's pop top, hoping to, at the very least, seal Heat Man up again. "Getting a bit hot under the collar?" he calls tauntingly.

Bolero misses Heat Man with his Jedi Ax attack.

[OOC] Bolero says, "... Well crap."
[OOC] Colonel says, "Bolero is no longer allowed to be mini-me/."
[OOC] Enker says, "Ha!"

Well, when the ice slasher hits, it happens to clog up Barrage's weapons, as well as damaging her armor. She runs a quick weapons diagnostic, but finds all the good ones to be disabled from the cold, "... Damnit." She's going to have to have Spin take a look at that, add some insulation maybe, "You got lucky, this time! Next time you won't beat me!" She decides it's in her best interests to retreat now, however. Especially if what she's hearing on the radio is right and Heat Man wants to blow himself up.

Barrage Raptor retreats from the area swiftly, leaving her open to pursuit or parting shots from Gyro Man, Colonel, Interpol Ride Armor <Moonraker>, Bolero, Assault Kangaroo, Blaster Saurian, Enker, Heat Man, Cut Man, Elec Man, and Metal Man.

Elec Man misses Barrage Raptor with his Out Of Left Field attack.

[Radio: (A) Master_Chat] Ice Man transmits, "Permission to pursue?"

Resonance blinks from inside the cockpit and calls up some internal data. By this internal data, Elec Man should have -eringed- by the second blow. Something is wrong! "FAIRCHILD!" The speakers boom, "THE ELEC MAN DRONE IS PROVING RESILIANT. UPGRADE TO LEVEL 4 STATUS.", the Armor bats away the dart and then Resonance shows Fairchild how inside the cockpit. "Alright, everything has their own power gauge. Like this baby here.", she points to a button that and pushes it. It fires a quick blue ray out from one of the shoulders of the armor which makes the street blow up, and hopefully Elec Man too if it hits him! "That's it's lowest setting, but that's automatically level 4, the others can have their powers raised like that. Now you try."

Interpol Ride Armor <Moonraker> misses Elec Man with its Arclight Pulse attack.

Ice Man looks at Raptor, and wonders if he should take another shot. He smiles for the first time in the combat, and does a couple of crosses again, just as a parting gift.

[Radio: (A) Master_Chat] Cut Man transmits, "Kick. His. Ass."
[Radio: (A) Master_Chat] Alpha CO Elec Man transmits, "Permission given, if you want."

Even the Force is not strong enought o defeat Heat Man - the Atomic Master simply holds his hands in front fo him, and the blast of flame emitting from them holds the axes in place, before knocking them backwards. They might not be enough to melt them, but they are enough to inflict some DEEP HURTING on them. At least, however, Heat Man is finally focused on Bolero. He simply puts his hands on his hips... and the flames die down around him somewhat.
"Oh alright - if you want to fight that badly... lets GET IT ON!" he shouts, his carona dying away somewhat... right before he snaps his top down and LAUNCHES himself at Bolero, becoming a comet made purely of flame as he attempts to crash headlong into Bolero!

Heat Man's flames die down to their normal level.

On the one hand, Enker's down.
On the other hand, Eskimo Guy just whooped some ass.

Mai thinks there is, at present, great disorder under heaven and that the situation is excellent. She continues to observe.

Heat Man strikes Bolero with his Comet Smash attack.

[Radio: (A) Master_Chat] Beta CO Metal Man transmits, "Enemy driven off, anyone need some backup?"
[Radio: (A) Master_Chat] Mai Atsuki transmits, "Well, this is going pretty well. Too bad about Enker."
[Radio: (A) Master_Chat] Disciplinary Commitee: Enker's beacon is still pinging!

Elec Man jumps to the side, getting totally not hit. "Hahaha, you totally didn't hit me!" He does a little dance, then gestures to the side, at one of the big steel neo-telephone pole... things. An electromagnetic pulse travels from him to it, and he yanks it up out of the sidewalk. With another gesture, he sweeps it out in front of him, more pulses causing it to bend slightly. "Now SIT DOWN AND EAT YOUR PUDDING!" He thrusts his hand forward, hurling the steel pole at the Moonraker, trying to wrap it as around as he can.

Elec Man misses Interpol Ride Armor with his Electromagnetics - Trap attack.

Guts Man starts to make his way towards Enker's body.

Enker crawled into the transport, and has a kitty bathing on him.

Blues arrives from the Underneath Southern Pacific.
Blues has arrived.

Still there, the RoboKitty Tama-1 continues its bath, tail flicking back and forth and once in the while thwacking Enker in the face.

Guts Man enters the shuttle for a second. Looking around he tries to find Enker's body so that he can crush that annoying beacon.

Assault is successful in using his transport. Vanishing out of the picture, he returns to the Repliforce base. Boy, he'll need some repairing...

At least he's getting /somewhere/! As the blades hit he starts moving again, intending to loosely circle Blaster until he sees a good window for attack. The Aerial Master easily sees the grenade coming, and dodges in an impressive spiralling flight pattern, which progressively tightens as he dives towards Blaster... Until he suddenly breaks the spiral and tries to ram him, feet-first!

Cut Man strikes Assault Kangaroo with his Jinx attack.

You strike Blaster Saurian with a glancing hit from your Attack Stunt attack.

Ice Man stands where he was when Barrage retreated, unsure of what to do next.

Oooh, the master came in close! Though the knee makes for a good check against his armor, Gyro'd find it doesn't do much more then bend where he strikes. "Feh," he just glares at the master, thrusting the Sentinel up against Gyro's body, "To borrow a phrase.. Dodge this." EMP blast, sucka.

Blaster Saurian strikes you with a minor hit from his Emp for 5 units of damage.
Gyro Man is temporarily disoriented by Blaster Saurian's Emp attack.
You take extra damage due to your Gravity weakness.

[Radio: (A) Master_Chat] Ice Man transmits, "Orders, brothers? Or should I return to the transport and watch over our leader's body?"
[Radio: (A) Master_Chat] Bane of Enker's existence; Top Man transmits, "Hey, I think my little Tama mighta stowed away with you guys... Could oyu check, Ice, when you get the chance? Plleeeeaase?"
[Radio: (A) Master_Chat] Ice Man transmits, "I'll do it once everything's settled and okay, Top."

Bolero stares at Heat Man, mentally gulping at the situation. This registers in the 'Not Good' category. He leans back deeply, bending fully over backwards as the fireball Master shoots over him. He narrows his eyes, bending at the knees as well until he's little more than 1/4 of his normal height. The flames from Heat Man still strike, but not nearly as badly as they could have. Bolero grins, "Bad move." he states, executing a back hand-spring.
The Spaniard whirls around, his sonic aura swirling back up to full strength as he faces Heat Man. The Spanish Shinobi closes his fists tightly and points them at Heat Man, "Let's put out those nasty flames of yours, Li'l Man. You might burn yourself." he calls, as a sound worse than anything mortal minds can imagine is unleashed in a hyper concentrated form, his sonic field exploding outward along the street, aiming to simply swamp Heat Man with the sonic blast.

Bolero strikes Heat Man with his Bolero Buster Blast attack.

And for the first time in the battle, Heat takes a direct hit - to the face. And its enough to send him staggering backwards, all of his flames dying away around him as he claws at his face for a moment, generally going 'owowowowowowow' as he tries to get back on balance from the huge sonic punch that he just took. But he's not really out of it yet... he simply calls back his flame, until only his hands are surrounding in small fireballs. "Alright then - lets get BUSSSY!" he shouts, before unleashing a surge of flame of his own, aiming to overload Bolero's cooling systems with a wave of pure heat, and hopefully doing more than a little bit of damage in the process. Silly Repliforcers! They needed to learn! Heat Man turns the burner down, his flames dying away from around him.

Heat Man strikes Bolero with his Heat Stroke attack.
Bolero is temporarily disoriented by Heat Man's Heat Stroke attack.

Well now Metal Man has defeated one enemy soldier and is looking around ah he sees something and its a Ride Armor! He also sees Elec Man locked in major combat with it. Metal bounds from car, to roof top and such till he's got a clear shot at the ride armor and throws a swaem of gears at it trying to get it with an area satucruation attack.

Metal Man strikes Interpol Ride Armor <Moonraker> with his Gears attack.

Bolero whips his left arm up and around, arm cannon disengaging from his arm for the moment. There's a blast of sound as his sword generates itself from the end and Bolero quickly starts swinging the sword around. The Bolero Blade hums loudly as he smashes and slashes the blade against the onslaught of fireballs. At first it doesn't dawn on him what, precisely, Heat Man is aiming to do to him. It quickly becomes clear as his HUD flashes a warning as his armor suddenly seizes up. Vents open all over Bolero's armored form and start venting copious amounts of gas and heat from his systems. "I hate it when people do that." he grumbles, waiting for his systems to reboot.

The Atomic Master watches as Bolero's joints all grind to a halt, their parts expanding so that there isn't any room left for them to operate - the sort of painful experience that no reploid probably wants to have to go through. But Heat Man simply grins, and shakes his head. "Now do you see? This is the power of WILY!" he shouts, holding up his hands and clasping them together in front of the green crystal mounts on the front of his chassis. "And how you will see it even more clearly!" he adds.
Burning heat begins to generate between his hands, gathering until there is a spot as bright as the sun itself there. And the Master cackles for a moment, before throwing his hand forward, that spot of nuclear fire balanced in it. And with that, Heater crows! "THEEERMAL... BEAAAAAAAAAAAM!" And it blasts out, ripping towards Bolero as a superheated line of fire and energy. Also known as pain. Lots and lots of pain.

Heat Man strikes Bolero with his Thermal Beam attack.

Ice Man looks around one last time, gauging what's left RF wise. Running a diagnostic, he decides that this is not the best place for the Inspiration of Kenny (in his mind, anyway) to hang out, so he begins running for the transport.

Ice Man retreats from the area swiftly, leaving him open to pursuit or parting shots from Gyro Man, Colonel, Barrage Raptor, Interpol Ride Armor <Moonraker>, Bolero, Assault Kangaroo, Blaster Saurian, Mai Atsuki, Prismatic Spider, Enker, Heat Man, Cut Man, Elec Man, and Metal Man.

Gyro Man's eyes widen as the weapon is brought to bear against him. He does a quick mental debate on the possibility of scrambling out of the way, but just as he comes to a decision, he's shot. EMP. Ouch. Gyro falls to the ground, twitching.

Sarah snaps a smart, "YES!" though how much is serious and how much she's trying to taunt Elec Man (adrenaline rushes make all trepidation take flight!) is up to some debate. She watches Resonance's little lesson with interest, and nods intently, then frowns as Elec Man throws a pole at them. Frantically leaning forward with her own cybernetically enhanced agility, she jams the 'GO HIGHER' button, causing concealed jump jets to send the armor into the air - and right into Metal Man's swarm of gears. The Moonraker shudders as its armor is further shredded by the assault, and releasing the button and letting the armor begin to descend, Sarah begins to search for options. Her eyes glance across the weapon Resonance just employed, and a switch right next to it - a toggle, with the helpful label:


Guessing at its meaning, Sarah rapidly reaches out and flicks the toggle, prompting a number of targetting sights to appear on the Moonraker's HUD. Joes and Mets mostly...but it also just /HAPPENS/ to include Elec Man and Metal Man.

Interpol Ride Armor <Moonraker> strikes Metal Man with its Arclight Barrage attack.
Interpol Ride Armor <Moonraker> misses Elec Man with its Arclight Barrage attack.

Heli-master fall down. This presents an interesting opportunity for Blaster! He reaches down and picks the stunned master up, "Not such a flash in the pan now, are you?" he asks the Master. With a rather feral looking grin, Blaster tosses Gyro up, catches him with his jaws and gives him a good hardy crushing bite before throwing him rather violently off to one side..

Blaster Saurian strikes you with a major hit from his Bite for 11 units of damage.

Ten has connected.
[OOC] Ten waves!
[OOC] Blaster Saurian says, "Hi Ten!"
[OOC] Ten says, "Anyone still need a partner? I'm here to stay this time. ^^"
Blues arrives from the Underneath Southern Pacific.
Blues has arrived.
[OOC] Colonel says, "Most of the RFers got retreated. You can always fly in to the rescue, even if you don't do coded attacks."
[OOC] Ten says, "..How many of the RMs got retreated?"
[OOC] Metal Man says, "... Sarah is learning how to use a RIDE ARMO!?"
[OOC] Enker says, "Only 4."
[OOC] Interpol Ride Armor <Moonraker> says, "Yes. BE AFRAID."
[OOC] Metal Man is terrfied
[OOC] Ten says, "..Hokay, who's left?"
[OOC] Colonel says, "ELec and Metal are fighting the Moonraker, Gyro is fighting Blaster, and Heat is fighting Bolero."
Barrage Raptor has left.

Elec Man drops and rolls to the side, already flaring electricity. "That's it, now I'm bored. Time to end this." His main generator turns on with a very pronounced click.


Power begins to whirl around Elec Man as he stands up. He leans back to eye the Moonraker, lifting his arms before him. The power begins to pull forward to his hands.


The electricity has now come around his arms, snapping and cracking like some kind of electric tornado. He grits his teeth, further pushing the energy out until it forms a small ball in front of his hands. "Thunder..." He leans forward, pulling his hands back and then SLAMMING them into the orb. "BEEAAAAAM!"
There is a massive crack of thunder, nearby windows shattering from the force of the sound as the orb explodes forward. A solid bar of electricity slams at the Ride Armor, seeking to engulf it.

Elec Man strikes Interpol Ride Armor with his Thunder Beam attack.

[OOC] Cut Man says, "BAZZZZZZZZOT!"
[OOC] Metal Man says, "GO ELEC!"
<O-Master> OMG HEAT. Elec Man says, "Moonraker = Thunder Beamed."
[OOC] Tama cheers!
<O-Master> Metal Man says, "Metal Blade + Thunder Beam = Thunder Blade?"
[OOC] Interpol Ride Armor <Moonraker> says, "...ooooohohohohohohoho."
<O-Master> OMG BURNER. Elec Man has his own Thunder Blade, thank you. "No need for us both to primary the poor armor.

[Radio: (A) Master_Chat] Beta CO Metal Man transmits, "Nice shot Elec Man."
[Radio: (A) Master_Chat] Alpha CO Elec Man transmits, "Natch."

Ah what Metal Man was built for busting tanks and such, and here he goes even as he gets caught in the big old blast from a weapon that should be used by space rednecks normally! GASP! Either way Metal does not get mauled that badly by the attack as he leaps up again and watches as his big bro layeths the holy power of the Thunder Beam. He checks his power systems and only has enough for a standard blade for the moment which he summons and throws to add to the damage caused by the Thunder Beam.

Metal Man strikes Interpol Ride Armor <Moonraker> with his Sawblade attack.

The Tama just continues its bath, ever so kindly smacking Enker in the face with its tail.

Bolero watches the building of the self-contained mini-sun between Heat Man's hands. Bolero grits his teeth and flushes his mind of all thoughts, focusing solely upon what he can do with the time off that he's going to get for this. The Spaniard stands his ground, though he has no real choice. He narrows his optics a bit as the blast jets in and flares out around his sonic blade, feeling the flames melting the armor off of his legs and arms, leaving his internal structures exposed on his upper arms and legs.
The Spanish Shinobi emits a freakishly loud roar of pain, as his armor slowly cools from a boiling point so high that much of the afflicted armor simply vaporized. Slowly his internal systems take over for the suit's systems and Bolero grins. "I think it's time we finished this." he growls out, as he lunges forward.
He rapidly comes up to speed and seems to start a series of unarmed strikes, the Bolero Blade's hilt and haft once more reintegrated into his arm as he moves forward. At the very last instant though, Bolero stops his series of blows, none of which actually hit. And the voice of Tatsu from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles the Movie states loudly and darkly, "NINJA! Vanish." At which point the Spanish Shinobi drops something that releases a noxious cloud of acidic smoke... Possibly robot grade tear gas... Possibly something worse.

Bolero strikes Heat Man with his Spanish Shinobi Vanish attack.
Heat Man is temporarily disoriented by Bolero's Spanish Shinobi Vanish attack.

[Radio: (A) Master_Chat] Disciplinary Commitee: Enker transmits, "Arrgh.....Report!"
[Radio: (A) Master_Chat] Heat Man transmits, "Repliforce is in pain! He won't stop me!"
[Radio: (A) Master_Chat] Heat Man transmits, "We have to show everyone that its BAD to fight against Dad!"
[Radio: (A) Master_Chat] Disciplinary Commitee: Enker rasps, "Wipe them out. All of them."
[Radio: (A) Master_Chat] Guts Man transmits, "Say Enker, if Mega Man is Bass' eternal enemy. Does that mean that Colonel is now yours?"
[Radio: (A) Master_Chat] Beta CO Metal Man transmits, "Roger that Enker."
[Radio: (A) Master_Chat] Alpha CO Elec Man transmits, "This Ride Armor just totally got Thunder Beamed. It should be easy from here."
[Radio: (A) Master_Chat] Bane of Enker's existence; Top Man transmits, "Yaaaay! Or something?"

Heat Man staggers about, clawing at his eyes for a moment as the bomb goes off pretty much right at his feet, making it almost impossible for him to see anything. This isn't the best of situations to be in - he simply wanders about a bit randomly, trying to clear his vision, even using his flames to try and burn it away! Mean, mean repliforcer!

Resonance says, "And this is the reflect bu--", what she was about to do is cut off by the super Thunder Beam. The Ride Armor is engulfed, crackling, falling apart by the massive destruction that is the Thunder Beam. It crunches down to its knee, the armor now charred and significantly less shiny. Then the Sawblade nearly tears off the cockpit armor, but not quite. All sorts of loud alarms go off inside the armor.

"...Hmm....", Resonance says as hydrolic fluid starts pouring in, "Ready the Death Cannon, Sarah Fairchild. If they survive this, we may need to use it.", twisting a bit, Resonance pushes for a button.

It has a sticky note next to it: FOR USE AGAINST METAL MAN AND ELEC MAN ONLY!!!!

She pushes it, and several black blades, nearly crystaline in their hardness, are launched out of its back. Elec Man and Metal Man each get about -half- of those.

Interpol Ride Armor <Moonraker> strikes Metal Man with its Black Diamond Storm attack.
Metal Man falls to the ground, unconscious, due to massive systems damage.
Interpol Ride Armor <Moonraker> strikes Elec Man with its Black Diamond Storm attack.

[OOC] Blaster Saurian says, "Metal FAIL."
[OOC] Metal Man says, "HOly CRIPES"
[OOC] Enker says, "oh snap"
[OOC] Elec Man says, "Metal went down and _I_ didn't."
[OOC] Metal Man says, "I restied that"
[OOC] Elec Man says, "I am in _shock._"
[OOC] Metal Man is as well
[OOC] Ten says, "... Okay never mind. I wont take on Metal.."
[OOC] Metal Man is Explosive restiant
[OOC] Metal Man says, "and that still MAULED ME :D"
[OOC] Elec Man says, "It was also Blade, Metal."
[OOC] Blaster Saurian says, "So you took regular damage."
[OOC] Interpol Ride Armor <Moonraker> says, "that wasn't explosive."
[OOC] Metal Man says, "Ah so it negated."
[OOC] Metal Man says, "Oh my bad."
[OOC] Interpol Ride Armor <Moonraker> says, "Well, Ten, you may have to take out Elec. Moonraker's on its last legs."
[OOC] Elec Man says, "It was just blade."
[OOC] Elec Man says, "No, I'm couended."
[OOC] Interpol Ride Armor <Moonraker> says, "Ah. Or not!"
[OOC] Elec Man says, "Well. Ten can still go after me, I guess."

Look! Up in the sky! It's a bird! No, It's a plane! No, It's... Super Ten! See? Told you it was a bird. Flying down from the sky, engulfed in her own searing flames, the phoenix of justice spies the Robot Master raiders below, and dives down into the raging battle. With her naginata in hand, she takes a quick survey of the battlefield, and notices two masters taking on one lone Ride Armor! Ten to the rescue!

Wait.. did that one just get owned? Never mind that one, then. Well, the firebird still rushes into battle after the one remaining Robot Master, Elec Man. "I'm coming to get you, Wily bot!"

[Radio: (A) Master_Chat] Beta CO Metal Man transmits, "OH #$#73$#73$ *static*"
[Radio: (A) Master_Chat] Disciplinary Commitee: Enker transmits, "Report!"
[Radio: (A) Master_Chat] Alpha CO Elec Man transmits, "Oh snap SPIKES!"
[Radio: (A) Master_Chat] Alpha CO Elec Man transmits, "OW OW OW OH GOD OW"
[Radio: (A) Master_Chat] Cut Man transmits, "I think Metal man got beated down."
[Radio: (A) Master_Chat] Disciplinary Commitee: Enker transmits, "I believe our work is done here. Retreat!"
[Radio: (A) Master_Chat] Heat Man transmits, "Aww. As soon as I can seee~"

Ice Man makes it to the transport, and since no one took a potshot at him to his knowledge, he departs.

Ice Man has left.

Metal Man is about to leap at the cockpit infact to try and get at the pilots and give them a loving HUG ON HIS BODY BLADES! However the Anti Metal Man and Elec Man weapons ie SPIKES OF DOOM. Metal only has time to look up at one and say "OH #$#73$#73$%" And then he gets pinned to the ground like some but on a display card and his systems overload from the damage and he goes into stasis lock

Bolero winces in sympathetic pain for Heat Man when the Master tries to burn the noxious gas away. The cloud explodes into a massive fireball that, more than likely wouldn't do much to Heat Man. It still certainly couldn't help that the cloud was still in contact with him when it went up in flames. The Spaniard has taken a few steps back and away, taking a few moments to catch his breath once again. As soon as he sees the fires flare up, though, Bolero is once again in full motion.
The Spanish Shinobi leaps over Heat Man's head and lands behind him, a blade of hyper-condensed gravitational power extends from his right hand, forming into a knife of its own. The inky black blade is whipped around and Bolero rips foward and back, attempting to stab Heat Man in the back with his Gravity Knife.

Bolero strikes Heat Man with his Gravity Knife attack.

Enker has arrived.
tama has left.
Enker takes tama.
Enker has left.

[OOC] Bolero needs to scream, 'THE SHADOW FALLS!' at someone when he uses Gravity Knife one of these days.

Elec Man gets TOTALLY OWNED by the fact that HUGE BLACK SPIKES are STABBING THROUGH HIM. His shoulder gets impaled right through, one takes out a leg, and finally and most grotesquely, a spike stabs through his central generator and pins him to the road. "Ahh... ASOGNASOGINASOGINASDGLSANO!!" Mechfluid quickly pooling on the road, he struggles his way off of the spikes, painfully damaging his central generator further by the trauma. "Ow... son of a..." He staggers as soon as he gets up, and stumbles to the downed Metal, rather roughly pulling him off the spikes. It's alright, he didn't feel that. "You damn... hacker!" Dragging his fallen brother behind him, and leaving a solid trail of bright green mechfluid, Elec staggers his way back to the transport.

Elec Man retreats from the area swiftly, leaving him open to pursuit or parting shots from Gyro Man, Colonel, Blues, Interpol Ride Armor <Moonraker>, Bolero, Assault Kangaroo, Blaster Saurian, Ten, Mai Atsuki, Heat Man, Cut Man, and Metal Man.

[OOC] Elec Man says, "oh no partings ;_;"
[OOC] Bolero shoots Elec for being a spammy retreater.

[Radio: (A) Master_Chat] Bane of Enker's existence; Top Man transmits, "So, um.. Whoever survived? Did my cat stow away?"
[Radio: (A) Master_Chat] Disciplinary Commitee: Enker transmits, "Your cat is here."
[Radio: (A) Master_Chat] Bane of Enker's existence; Top Man transmits, "Oh, good. I was getting worried!"

Heat Man staggers as Bolero stabs him from behind - its only a pretty nasty gash in the armor of his heavy plated shell, but for the most part its not enought to knock him out of comission. He spins around to look at Bolero for a moment... and then listens as a call comes over the radio. "Awww. Looks like we're done here! But I'll be back, I tell you! I'll be baaaaack!" He bursts into flames once again, calling up his powers to transform him into the raging comet one more time... and there is a massive FOOSH as he launches up into the sky, heading back towards the Stealth Transport. Up... up... and awaaaay.

Heat Man turns up the burner, and is engulfed in a ball of hot nuclear fire!

Heat Man retreats from the area swiftly, leaving him open to pursuit or parting shots from Gyro Man, Interpol Ride Armor <Moonraker>, Assault Kangaroo, and Ten.

Gyro Man is BITTEN. He grimaces and makes a generic noise of pain; now his armor sports numerous tooth marks, surrounded by cracks, both spiderweb and larger. As the EMP wears off, Gyro restarts his rotor, rising into the air as quickly as he feels he's able to. And once's he's entirely free of the effects of the EMP, he pulls out his main weapon -- a large, plus-shaped blade. But before he can use it, he hears Enker on the radio... "Retreat? Well... Yes, I suppose our work here is done," he says to himself. He relaxes and stares down at Blaster Saurian. "Well, perhaps we can finish this another time!" And with that, he turns toward the transport and flies off.

Gyro Man retreats from the area swiftly, leaving him open to pursuit or parting shots from Interpol Ride Armor <Moonraker>, Assault Kangaroo, Ten, and Heat Man.

Blaster Saurian snorts. The Sentinel is holstered and he just crosses his arms, "Hrmph.. figures," he mutters before wandering over to the side of the building, using the fire-escape to get back down.

Bolero whirls around at the lack of explosions of any sort from the reverse stab on Heat Man. He blinks a bit, making note to beat the special effects guy for failing to set up the dramatic Power Rangers class monster explosion scene. The Spaniard whips the Bolero Blade out again, holding it in a reverse-handle grasp and in a defensive position as he watches Heat Man flare into flame once more. He coughs and raises his faceplate, hacking out the massive clot of molten internals, mech fluid, and synth-blood. "I hate fire." he states hoarsely, limping towards the nearest triage emplacement.

Ten flies quickly after Elec Man the RM drags his brother away. "Oh no you don't! I'm not letting you get away! Not after you had the gall to attack Australia!" With a smirk on her face, she swoopdives over Elec Man's head, swinging her Murasame downwards at the Wilybot as she passes by. Once she makes her pass, hit or not, Ten flies back up into the air, taking another look at the city turned into a battlefield.

Ten strikes Elec Man with her Generic Melee attack.

Sarah blinks at the sticky note. "Someone was thinking ahead," she remarks blandly, looking around for this so-called 'Death Cannon'. She finds it after a moment, a single button labeled somewhat sloppily as "PRESS BUTTON, PREPARE VINCENT PRICE LAUGH TRACK." Next to it is a series of lights, and then a FIRE button, so presumably the first button is used just to warm the weapon up. Pausing somewhat confusedly at the instruction, and grinning like an idiot at the UTTER PWNAGE executed upon the Masters below. She presses the button, and a few moments pass, during which several Masters begin to retreat - including Elec Man. Finally, the FIRE button shines bright red, and Sarah jams the GO HIGHER button again. The Ride Armor SOARS into the sky, getting a good lock on the fleeing Masters, Gyro and Elec. A vague bouncing blur of Heat Man is visible, but the computer can't lock on it, so the target is discarded. Confident of the lock at last, one of Sarah's drones zips over to the fire button, and with a gravitational manipulation, pushes it.

Outside, a pod lifts off the soaring Ride Armor's back...and unleashes a massive hail of laser fire carefully targetted on the two fleeing Robot Masters. And all the while, over the loudspeaker, maniacal laughter from some ancient movie blares: "HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!"

[OOC] Elec Man says, "plz don's kill me"

Interpol Ride Armor <Moonraker> strikes Elec Man with its Doomsday Laser Storm attack.
Elec Man falls to the ground, unconscious, due to massive systems damage.
Interpol Ride Armor <Moonraker> misses you with its Doomsday Laser Storm attack.

[OOC] Elec Man says, "It killed me."
[OOC] Blaster Saurian says, "BOOM."

[Radio: (A) Master_Chat] Alpha CO Elec Man transmits, "OASIGNAOSGD------"
[Radio: (A) Master_Chat] Alpha CO Elec Man transmits, "~beeeep~ Unit DRN 008 taken down due to intense damage."
[Radio: (A) Master_Chat] Mai Atsuki transmits, "Can any of you guys still drive?"

[OOC] Colonel says, "Doomsday Laser Storm. That's a nice attack name."
[OOC] Stealth Transport says, "Gyro. Grab your brother."
[OOC] Interpol Ride Armor <Moonraker> :Dr. Doom.
[OOC] Gyro Man says, "Aw, all right. :D"

Elec Man totally FAILED to get away. Owned.

Colonel stands atop his rooftop.. his self-repair systems slowly healing some of the damage. He's simply observed, being too badly damaged to do much more in actual combat.. but as he sees the Robot Master forces pulling back, he says, aloud and over his radio, "Repliforce, pull back. Gather the wounded and return for repairs. Damage control teams, begin moving in."

Resonance is silent for a while, and then she says, "Y'know, you're sorta disturbing, Sarah."

Heat Man bounds through the air, although they are not perticularly high bounds... but they're also being made at the better part of 300 miles per hour. A pity he is going so fast, since he passes by so quickly that he isn't setting anything else on fire. But he makes it back in good time, and hops onto the steath transport. Mission accomplished.

Heat Man has left.

[Radio: (A) Master_Chat] Heat Man transmits, "Victory is MIIINE!"
[Radio: (A) Master_Chat] Beta CO Metal Man statics
[Radio: (A) Master_Chat] Bane of Enker's existence; Top Man transmits, "That all sounds kinda painful."
[Radio: (A) Master_Chat] Disciplinary Commitee: Enker transmits, "Gather the fallen and /get in the ship/"

Gyro Man totally WINS in getting away, but now has to pick up Elec Man. He flies to Elec's position until he hovers right above him. Without touching the ground, he picks up the lightning Master carefully (as much for his own sake as Elec's), and then continues on to the transport.

Stealth Transport

Mai Atsuki
Metal Man
Heat Man
Ice Man

Outside> Elec Man, picked up SO HARD.
Elec Man has arrived.

Outside> Conduit arrives from the Northern Territory.

Outside> Sarah points up at the blue sonic drone, Echo. "Blame her. She's the one who actually /used/ the laugh track," she says blandly, letting go of the jump button. The armor begins to descend. "Anyway, I'm going to get out and do some field repairs to this thing so it's not rattling in the air, then we can get back to Seoul."

Outside> In order to answer your question, Blaster, it might simply be easier to point towards the two or three square blocks of melted buildings, molten streets, and blown out store fronts... Oh and it's in the midst of a few places that are glowing green and still on fire. Bolero's somewhere on the ground down there... About three stores down from the first completely melted building and just between two other ones. Yeah, that smoking skeletal structure would be Bolero.

tama myews purrfully. And sits.

Outside> Once all the Robot Masters were loaded onto the transport, it rose off the ground and faded from view. The elite, though mangled, had manage to regain conciousness and slide into the pilot's seat. Without any fanfare, the secreted vehicle zoomed off with its cargo of maimed and mangled masters.

Outside> [OOC] Colonelwaves. "Good scene everyone."

Outside> Blaster Saurian begins a quick hunt for Bolero, his radio transmission didn't sound all that stellar. As such Blaster begins jogging around the damaged sections of the city. Especially the molten, damaged, torn apart, area of the city that looks like it experienced a DBZ fight. yeah. "Oh good grief," he mutters as he finds the spaniard. "You're a mess..." Duh.

Outside> [OOC] Assault Kangaroo waves.

Elec Man plop. He's all asskicked with holes punched in him and whatnot.

Outside> [OOC] Interpol Ride Armor <Moonraker> says, "Yes indeed. Thank you ALL for putting up with our antics and stuff. Especially Elec and Metal."

Outside> Resonance nods and says, "I'll help out, but you're gonna have to make the trip back, I want to see how you handle it long term, though your aim's pretty damn good with the thing, you'll have this handled in no time.", she pushes the 'open cockpit' button. "After you."

Outside> [OOC] Interpol Ride Armor <Moonraker> says, "Same from me (Gabriel) :D, thanks guys:D"
Outside> [OOC] Stealth Transport says, "It was all fun and stuff. I'll get you next time Colonel! NEXT TIME!"

Vehicle Docking - Skull Fortress

Outside> [OOC] Cut Man taptaptaptap his foot at the Stealth Transport.
Enker has left.
Ice Man has left.
tama has left.
Outside> Enker enters the Lift Landing - Skull Fortress.
Outside> Cut Man blinks to another location.

Vehicle Docking - Skull Fortress

The massive vehicles of the Robot Masters require a large amount of space, and this room has plenty. Several hundred meters long and a few stories deep, it stretches out beyond the confines of the rest of the Fortress, a hidden docking bay far off to the right when it facing head-on. Normally it is dimly lit and poorly heated, although a forcefield keeps out the snow. Huge overhead lights can be thrown on when the Masters scramble. Several Joes, Mets, Magnet Flies, and other drones are kept stationed here to handle the manual labor of loading and unloading, as well as maintenance crews who are rarely left short on work. The actual departure areas are accessible through railings which are suspended a fair ways above floor level.

Ice Man [Unhooded] [RM]
Top Man [Human] [RM]

Stealth Transport [RM]
Giant Met [RM]
Wily Juicer
Skull Shuttle [RM]
SS Dreadskull [RM]
Yellow Devil [RM]
2184 GMC Custom Hovervan [RM]
Hoverbike <Young Son> [RM]
Green Devil [RM]
Airborne Siege Engine <Quint Blimp> [RM
Robot Master Hovercar - Comrade [RM]
Leaf Shuttle [RM]
Ride Armor Recharge Chamber <RARC>

Land Route <E3>
: Antarctica - Central
Water Route <E2>: Underneath Antarctica
Air Route <E1>: Sky Above Antarctica
Hydraulic Doors <SW>: Medical Support - Skull Fortress
Slide Doors <NW>: Gathering Room - Skull Fortress
West <W>: Lift Landing - Skull Fortress

Heat Man has arrived.

Top Man jogs over, plucking the michevious Tama off the ground. "..Eh, heh, hope it didn't cause any trouble."

tama has left.
Top Man takes tama.

Cut Man has arrived.
Cut Man blinks into the area.
[OOC] Cut Man says, "hiiiiii~"
[OOC] Gyro Man says, "Hello. X)"
[OOC] Top Man wavles.
Elec Man has arrived.
[OOC] Elec Man says, "Show off."
[OOC] Gyro Man says, "Having fun with blink?"
[OOC] Cut Man says, "Yus."
[OOC] Elec Man says, "I'll never understand how you got that."
[OOC] Elec Man says, "I guess it kinda makes sense. I mean, we do have subspace."
Cut Man blinks to another location.
Cut Man has left.
<O-Master> Cut Man says, "...uuuuuh, help."
<O-Master> OMG IT. Elec Man says, "HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!"
<O-Master> Top Man says, "yeah. he's just asking for it in that pic. and what, cut? o.o"
<O-Master> OMG BASS. Elec Man says, "Look at the where!"
================== Condensed Listing of IC Player Locations ==================
Antarctica - Central           Cut Man 
<O-Master> Going off the rails on a crazy Dust Man says, "..Where did he blink?"
<O-Master> Cut Man says, "Definetivly, Blink is dangerous."
<O-Master> 8.7 at the Figure Skating Competition, Ice Man laughs his ass off.
<O-Master> Top Man says, "cut blinked to the middle of antarctica."
<O-Master> Junior Mint: Quint says, "AHAHAHAHAHAHA"
<O-Master> OMG SERENADE. Elec Man says, "Oh, man, Cut."

Metal Man has arrived.

<O-Master> Cut Man says, "just you wait, someday, I,ll go into outerspace."
<O-Master> Top Man snickers.
<O-Master> OMG UR GONNA DIE. Elec Man says, "Blink again, let's see what happens."
<O-Master> Not a sandwich, Gyro Man cackles. Cut luck, extended to Blink!
<O-Master> Cut Man says, "I did."
<O-Master> OMG 100 SECRETS OF BATMAN'S ROPE OR SOMETHING. Elec Man says, "You didn't move."
<O-Master> Cut Man says, "I ended up UNDER Antartica."

Heat Man goes home.
Heat Man has left.

<O-Master> Top Man says, "that's not very proimising. *points to elec's title.*"
<O-Master> OMG SOCK THE TIM. Elec Man saw.
<O-Master> Going off the rails on a crazy Dust Man says, "Holy crap."
================== Condensed Listing of IC Player Locations ==================
Antarctica - Western Side      Cut Man
<O-Master> Top Man was referring to the "OMG UR GONNA DIE" one. where he said to see what happens.
<O-Master> OMG SHARK. Elec Man says, "Aaah."
<O-Master> OMG DIPPED IN BATTER. Elec Man says, "Hahaha, titlesynch."

Gyro Man clunks out of the ship and towards the medbay. Now that the fun is over, it's time for boring things like getting fixed up...

Metal Man has left.

Medical Support - Skull Fortress

Between such resident medics as Dust Man and Junk Man, this room is as much a scrap heap as a medical facility, and as much a warzone as a scrap heap. Towards the front are three fully equipped repair tables and an automatic repair chamber, and the room is ringed by cabinets and storage units, if you can get to them through the piles of defunct drones and spare parts. The latest generation of Master medical assistant drones has been specially designed for this environment, with a radar positioning system and an additional pair of drill arms. One wall features three giant diagnostics displays. These can be used to call up known information on both friends and foes.

The Dust Heap <TDH>
Dynamo Man's Charger <DMC>
Repair Chamber
Hydraulic Doors <NE>
: Vehicle Docking - Skull Fortress
Reinforced Doors <NW>: Teleportation Area--Skull Fortress
North <N>: Lift Landing - Skull Fortress

Gyro Man swipes the Repair Chamber! Fear my camping until I'm all healed.

Repair Chamber

On the inside, the chamber is very complicated. Heating rods, digital interfaces, clasps, and all sorts of minature robotic arms set to fixing any damaged being who cares to enter. You feel your brain and other systems shutting down as they go to work...

Current Endurance: 47%
Type 'Done' to end healing process.

The chamber begins effecting repairs.
> Repair Chamber - ENTER_OK reset.
> Repair Chamber - ENTER_OK set.

The chamber effects some repair.
The chamber effects some minor repair.
The chamber effects some more minor repair.
The chamber effects some major repair.
The chamber effects some more major repair.
The chamber effects near complete repair.
Repair Chamber has reset your health to full endurance.
> You reset Gyro Man's health to full endurance.
You have been healed to 100%.
Repair Chamber drops you.

[OOC] Gyro Man says, ""YAY FULL HEALTH"
[OOC] Gyro Man cough.

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