<Global News Network> "And getting into the spirit of things are the troopers of Repliforce. In light of the recent Maverick attacks on Moscow's food supply during the holidays, Repliforce officers have donated their time to hand out much needed food and presents to the people of Moscow, led personally by Santa Colonel himself. GNN will stay with the story since... well... it's apparently a really slow news day."

Moscow - Historical District

        Like entering a time warp, this area represents the illustrious history of Moscow. It is like the entire district is a large museum. From the modest start as a trading outpost in the early times of civilization, to the Communist Revolution in 1917, the fall of the USSR in 1992, and leading right up to the Neo-Renaissance, which triggered Moscow's revitalization. Everything about Moscow, Russia and its native people is chronicled here, through many museums, monuments, and informative residents who are constantly bothered by the tourists here.

 Blaze Heatnix [MH]
 Dalet [Normal] [Y]
 Assault Kangaroo [Standard] [RF]
 Chi [Armor] [RF]
 Bright Man [Rm] [RM]
 Shadaro [Average joe] [C]
 Flame Hyenard [RF]
 Storm Owl [Standard] [RF]
 Colonel [Normal] [RF]

 North <N>: Moscow - Business District
 East <E>: Moscow - Southern Downtown

WHO WANTS TO MEET HYENARD THE MERRY ELVES?! Yes. They are all standing there, decked in an elf outfit. In fact, he had his furnaces lined with different metals. While they all are constantly burning, they have a distinct red, white and green color, one for each Hyenard, with similarly dyed chin beards. And elf ears. And a merry smile. That makes little children flee.

        If Chi was in the holiday spirit, so was Lieutenant Assault Kangaroo of the Repliforce Marines.
        He wore realistic antlers upon his head, a red collar with silver dots on it and a jingle bill hanging from it, and a red clown nose on his muzzle. Assault the Red-Nosed Kangadeer. Unlike Chi's version, /THIS/ clown nose had a light in it -- making him even more like Rudolph... as well as a KANGAROO can look like a deer. Also worn on his upper arms, his thighs, and vertically on each and every segment of his tail were collars just like the one he was wearing around his neck, minus the bells. Like the other Repliforcers, he was handing out food to the children who came... including kimchi, for some reason. What could the reason be?

Sewa arrives from the Southern Downtown.
Sewa has arrived.

Blaze Heatnix isn't Repliforce, can't be helping, *really* shouldn't be hanging around, especially after melting a cathedral....

                But Hyenard in tights? Chi in bells? That's just too good to miss.

Near the beginning of the month, Mavericks attacked Moscow in an attempt to gain supplies and resources. One of the few there to stop them was Shadaro of the Striders, also more commonly known as Lawrence Morsa. And so he's returned to Moscow, watching over the beautiful city during this day of joy and cheer, just to make sure the Repliforce will get an extra hand if they need one. Perched upon a very nearby and relatively short building, Lawrence watches over the proceedings with a smile on his face.

        Along came another person, some strange little midget that might very well be misconstrued as an Elf...although in truth it was nothing more than Dalet. The well known Yakuza member had a large red bag slung over one shoulder, huffing and puffing as he tromped toward the Repliforce gathering, a smile on his face and merriment dancing in his eyes.

Bright Man bounds towards Santa's village, drawn by the happy images on the news. He may lack elf ears, but he is certainly decked out in other accoutrements of Christmas Cheer. A green and red striped scarf is wrapped around his neck, as well as a necklace of jingle bells. He's wearing matching mittens too, and to top it all off a giant novelty belled Santa hat has been pulled over his bulb. Thanks to all the bells, of course, his progress is exceedingly noisy. The android is beaming joyfully - there's snow! And presents! And well decorated Repliforcers! Bright stops near the edge of the crowd, gaping at the various costumes. "I've never seen so many Repliforcers looking so happy!" Like the children, Bright has rather alot of trouble telling when it's forced.

[OOC] Dalet is surprised you aren't having Hyenard keep the area warm ;)
[OOC] Blaze Heatnix flares. ;>
[OOC] Storm Owl says, "He'd keep it /too/ warm, I think."
[OOC] Bright Man says, "Space Heater Hynard?"
[OOC] Blaze Heatnix stomp!
[OOC] Sewa says, "what's goin' on here? :o"
[OOC] Blaze Heatnix will page!
[OOC] Shadaro says, "Christmas, Sewa!"
[OOC] Assault Kangaroo says, "We're having a charity thing!"

Santa Colonel lowered himself into his chair, not really realizing exactly what that meant. The line...split, many of the children branching away from the food line to form a line in front of the Second. For his part, Colonel looked at them, confused as to their intentions. Until one, a bold little boy, trotted up to the massive being of war and clambered up into his lap. Colonel's reaction was..well...typical Colonel.


Then the child started gushing in Russian, thanking them all for the food and listing off, in minute detail, what he'd like to get on christmas morning.


[OOC] Assault Kangaroo says, "And me and Chi are both dressed like Rudolph."
[OOC] Blaze Heatnix says, "Well, that explains it all there. :>"

        Chi thought he had gone a bit over board in his choice of attire, but it's Christmas time and the big golden bull wants to celebrate. The normally incredibly serious Reploid is actually light hearted right now. No one can fault him for attempting to be festive for a change. Chi looks towards his Commanders and grins... an unnatural expression for him. He bows his head, "Merry Christmas all." He states while he shakes the bells around his wrists and looks towards the crowd.

Storm Owl strides down from the front of Santa's hut to where the kids are all lined up with their parents. The war bird's gaze causes some of them to cower slightly behind their mommies and daddies, but Storm Owl pays it no mind. "The rules for meeting Santa Colonel are as follows: 1) You will have precisely 5 minutes to speak with Santa Colonel. 2) The discussion will not include any confidential Repliforce information. 3) You may ask for a present which may or may not be available. 4) Santa Colonel has the final say on the discussion regardless of subsection 2 and 3. 5) Should you not use your elapsed 5 minutes as refered to in subsection 1, you may transfer your minutes to a sibling so long as the total time does not exceed five minutes per individual. 6) Entering Santa Colonel's village is considered your consent for agreeing with all rules outlined in this verbal contract. 7) A written version of this agreement is available."
        Storm pauses to make sure they got all that. None of them did, but Storm Owl lets them in one at a time anyway. Once Colonel is done with the little boy, there's a girl, maybe aged five, who is next in line. She giggles at the prospect of meeting Santa Colonel. Dun dun dunnnn!

[OOC] Sewa says, "Is Storm Owl dressed up as Santa?"
[OOC] Storm Owl is an elf.
[OOC] Sewa says, "Oh, Santa Colon-..hahahaha, this will be perfect :D"
[OOC] Sewa thinks Storm Owl has the belly for Santa.
[OOC] Blaze Heatnix says, "Don't you tempt me, Sewa!"
[OOC] Storm Owl shakes his fist!
[OOC] Blaze Heatnix says, "Jiggle! Like a bowl of jelly!"
[OOC] Shadaro says, "Santa Colon? Eww."
[OOC] Colonel says, "Too bad Iris isn't here"
[OOC] Flame Hyenard says, "IRIS?! WHERE?!"
[OOC] Flame Hyenard runs away.
[OOC] Storm Owl totally calls dibs on RPing the next person in line to meet Santa Colonel.
[OOC] Colonel says, "I hate you. xD"
[OOC] Shadaro laughs.
[OOC] Blaze Heatnix hee!
[OOC] Bright Man snickers!
[OOC] Chi grins.
[OOC] Storm Owl says, "We can take turns torturing him :-)"
[OOC] Chi snickers.
[OOC] Flame Hyenard says, "Blaze."
[OOC] Flame Hyenard says, "You should be in line."
[OOC] Blaze Heatnix says, "Alright. Chi, you've got the next turn on his lap! Don't squirm, or you'll break him again."
[OOC] Blaze Heatnix !
[OOC] Chi snickers.

Solar Stega is peering from near the back of the lines. She wandered in (while trying very hard not to get lost and end up wandering all over the city) out of curiousity after the GNN announcement. Watching things from TV just isn't the same as seeing it in person! Besides, it's nice to see a whole lot of happy kiddos.

General was so much better at this 'Public Relations' thing than Colonel. He listened to the boy and nodded, waiting for him to finish before easily lifting the child down to the ground and sending him along his way, forcing himself not to be dour. Iris wouldn't want him to scare the children away by scowling. He kept his forced smile, and motioned for the little girl to take her turn. He waited for her to climb into his lap before he actually /said/ something this time, in russian of course. "<And what would you like for christmas, child?>" He tried to sound pleasant, but instead he sounded somewhat ill.

This was going to be a /long/ day.

[OOC] Solar Stega will be back in a few minutes, my parents just got home. /o/

Sewa, and, in fact, an excessive quantity of HeraCorp reploids head for Santa's hut. Most of Sewa's robots don't look like kids, but all of them are younger than her, and Sewa is here to teach them the meaning of Chanukah. And Christmas. And Kwanza. There is a kind of grin on Sewa's face that is the kind of look you expect to see in a Berserker's eye right after going nutsoid, at the peak of crazy fury, while the berserker in question is just enjoying the rush of violence.

        "Hi there Storm Ow-Elf!", Sewa says, waving over to Storm Owl from her position, but she does wait patiently otherwise.

        Meanwhile the Heracorp Crew...
        'I didn't know elves had wings'
        'How the hell do you think Santa delivers all the presents, doofus?'
        "Be nice to each other, dears." Sewa says kindly.

[OOC] Colonel says, "Sewa is a sadist."
[OOC] Blaze Heatnix says, "It's why we love her so."
[OOC] Colonel says, "And you guys just love me for my hat."
[OOC] Shadaro says, "And your sabre."
[OOC] Blaze Heatnix purrs. "It's a nice hat."
[OOC] Bright Man is sorry, but it's true.

        "Seeewwwaaaaaaa!" Dalet called out, waving with his one free hand as he drew up close to the Santa Hut, adjusting the large bag so that most of the weight nestled upon the ground...cause really, Dalet's a midget. "How are you doing? Been drinking plenty of milk and having fun?"

[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Charge Man transmits, "HOMO A GO GO"

[OOC] Shadaro says, "Put a hat on Sigma, and we'll be asking 'Colonel who?'"
[OOC] Flame Hyenard says, "It's true."
[OOC] Sewa has horrible plans of destruction.

[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Ring Man transmits, "Looking at yourself in the mirror again?"

        Assault Kangaroo, with his antlers, collar with jingle bell on it, collars on his upper arms, thighs, and tail segments, and red clown nose with a light in it on his muzzle, continued to give out food and toys to the ever-so-wanting children. All the while, he was telling a story in Korean...
        < "I was born to a kangaroo and a reindeer, and the kangaroo taught me how to kick people really well. I got too close to the radioactive plains and now my nose glows red with delight! I was an outcast due to my appearance, but Santa Colonel made me his lead reindeer! Among these foods, the kimchi is of my own cooking! I hope you all have happy holidays!" >
        Of course, it flew over the heads of absolutely every child that came, since, you know, he was speaking Korean in /RUSSIA/, but they giggled and acted cheerful anyway because he sounded really cool telling his story. Thus, he continued to distribute presents and food...

        Jing. Jing. Jing. Ring. Ring. Ring! Chi is shaking those bells like there was no tommorrow. Chi is getting into it, putting on a show for those that are here to watch and recieve gifts. The big Repliforce bull takes a step forward and kneels a bit to look towards a group of people, especially any children, "Take pictures! It's Christmas Chi!" Chi informs them, "I won't be looking like this until next year! So get it while you can! No one will believe you later!"

[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Charge Man transmits, "Yeah."
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Jet Man transmits, "Twit."
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Charge Man transmits, "Shut up."

[OOC] Flame Hyenard says, "BANANA PHONE!"

Bright Man waffles at the edge of the crowd. Oh, choices, choices! Should he get in line to see Santa? Or should he butt in and try to help? Of course, the second option isn't quite phrased that way in Bright's head - it's more like "should he partake of the joy of Christmas giving?" - except with slightly smaller words. For the short term, the Robot Master gets in the Santa line, earning odd looks from parent and child alike. Bright doesn't notice, however; he's too busy hopping up and down, and thereby jingling noisily, as he tries to take in every detail of the holiday joy.

[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Jet Man transmits, "Why should I? It's free air."
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Charge Man transmits, "I wish I could punch people through the radio."
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Ring Man transmits, "Have you ever tried?"

Rush Raccoon arrives from the Business District.
Rush Raccoon has arrived.

[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Charge Man transmits, "Yeah, but then it broke!"
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Jet Man transmits, "Well, you can't, can you? Too bad, so sad, write a song and whine about it."
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Ring Man transmits, "I bet it won't this time. Just hit it harder."

The little Russian girl grins and wanders up to Santa Colonel. She's all bundled up in her winter clothing. The girl clamours on up onto Colonel's lap - no easy feat given his size and, before answering his question, gives him a BIIIIG hug right around his belly. Somewhere, the flash of a photograph goes off, capturing the moment for all of eternity. Finally she sits, still squirming slightly as she claps her mittens together, "<I'd like a pony, and for Russia to be safe again like it used to be!>" She smiles up at Colonel with BIIIIIG eyes and pauses once again to offer him a hug. "<Can you do that?>" She asks innocently enough, although whether she means the pony or the safety is something unknown.
        Elf Storm Owl, meanwhile, has finished dictating the terms to the children and turns towards the person calling his name. "Ah, Sewa." He says. Sewa saved Storm after a vicious beating at the hands of the Robot Masters, so the owl doesn't mind seeing her again. "Here to help with the distribution?" he asks even as he leads the next child over to see Santa-Colonel. Storm pauses to adjust his elf hat, which just looks idiotic on him no matter how he fits it. Who gets the next dibs on Colonel?

[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Charge Man growls and scribbles something.

Leaning back on the top of the building, Lawrence grins at the various people entering the scene, and stifles a snicker at Sew an her crew. If one was to look up, he'd be quite easy to spot, but for now he enjoys the anonymous location he's picked out for himself. Hmmm, there's the Yakuza... And a Robot Master. At least that's the happy one. Maybe there won't be any trouble, after all.

[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Foreshadow Ferret transmits, "...If he starts singing..."
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Flame Hyenard coughs a little.
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Flame Hyenard hacks.
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Flame Hyenard breathes.
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Flame Hyenard then belches to the tune of Jingle Bells.
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Charge Man transmits, "I forgot what I was gonna sing!"

<Public> The Ultimate Weapon: Foreshadow Ferret says, "The scary part is Hyenard knows exactly what he's doing..."

[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Sewa transmits, "Can you do Pachibelli's Canon?"
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Flame Hyenard transmits, "YES."
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Dr. Doppler absently, "Pachelbel."
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Charge Man takes out something metallic..
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Charge Man then starts playing Yakkety Sax!
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Sewa transmits, "Well, it -sounds- like Pachibelli..."
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Flame Hyenard complies by belching orchestra music. With three different belch ranges at the same time, it's a darn good replica. Just in belches.

Colonel stifled another grimace as he was hugged. Twice. Though when she listed off her desires, the Santa Stand In nodded. "<We will see about the Pony, but you have my word that my men... my elves and I will spare no expense making Russia safe again. That is a promise.>" The Sword's smile faded and was replaced with a look of determination for a moment before he patted the little girl on the head gently and lifted her from his lap, sending her on her way.

Then he resumed waiting for the next one. Yep. A /long/ day.

[OOC] Storm Owl says, "Who's next for Santa's lap? Bright Man?"
[OOC] Bright Man says, "Sure ;D"
[OOC] Bright Man notes that he will not be @emitting a small child. He *is* in line, after all.

[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Jet Man transmits, "Saaad people on this thing."
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Flame Hyenard transmits, "JEALOUS."

[OOC] Blaze Heatnix says, "Rememeber, Santa, no berzerking the Robot Masters in the open. That is my job. }:>"

[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Charge Man transmits, "I wish I could transmit middle fingers.. 'cuz I made this one extra long for you."

[OOC] Colonel says, "...But!"
[OOC] Blaze Heatnix says, "No buts!"
[OOC] Flame Hyenard grooves. I like big butts and I can not lie..
[OOC] Colonel ;-;
[OOC] Blaze Heatnix says, "..."
[OOC] Flame Hyenard says, "What?"
[OOC] Flame Hyenard hides his thong collection.
[OOC] Blaze Heatnix hides behind Chi. Just in case.

Storm Owl overhears Colonel's reply and, for security reasons, does not mention that Santa's BattleSleigh might be making its way here shortly. Storm Owl steps up to the next kid in line. Big kid, this one... tall... fat... wearing a lightbulb. Storm Owl pauses and then mutters to the ugly kid, "You will not cause a disturbance, Bright Man. If you do, you will die." He says this low enough, and in English, not to freak people out. Storm Owl then leads Bright Man to face Santa Colonel, who might kill Bright Man anyhow.
        The Russian girl, meanwhile, smiles and gives Colonel another short hug, "<Thank you, Santa!>" She then hops off. Which elf or raindeer is going to take her to get her present? Blaze? Flame? Assault?

[OOC] Chi grins.

"Actually, I was hoping to sit on Santa Colonel's lap." Sewa looks up at Storm Elf with big round, -practiced- eyes.

        The HeraCorp kids whistle and hoot at this. Sewa glares at them with such ferocity that they actually shut up. Sewa smiles, and leans forward a bit to add, "But if we have a good time, maybe I'll get you guys a present.", she winks, acting out the 'part' intentionally, though not very seriously. "I haven't done it before, to be honest, and of course, my kids might want to join in too."

        'Well yeah, it's free presents.' The most smartest and aleckest HeraCorp reploid says. There are some chuckles. At least one mutters that 'That isn't the spirit of Christmas!'.

[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Jet Man transmits, "Oh, good, that means I can break it next time I see you."
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Charge Man transmits, "Next time I see you, I'll tear your assplate off."

Blaze Heatnix laughs softly, deciding to lend a helping hand after all... "Come on, little chicka," the firebird says with a smile. "Let's go see what the Funny Elves have in their bag for you!"

[OOC] Flame Hyenard says, "...I'm /totally/ not finding a pony."
[OOC] Flame Hyenard says, "Let's give her you, Chi."
[OOC] Storm Owl says, "You could /be/ a pony."

[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Jet Man transmits, "Hey, wait a sec, boy. I don't fly that way. You already went far enough pawing at the crotch, don't go playing grabass with me."

[OOC] Chi makes a lovely pony.

[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Ring Man transmits, "He likes the grabbing of the ass."

[OOC] Blaze Heatnix gives the child Hyenard. Keeps Chi!

[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Charge Man transmits, "Just ask Ring."

[OOC] Chi grins.
[OOC] Flame Hyenard says, "I hate you."
[OOC] Blaze Heatnix says, "I'm your older cousin. I'm supposed to be mean to you."
[OOC] Shadaro says, "Someone pay attention to Dalet, or you get an arrow through the face."

        And...no response to Dalet was given by Sewa, so Dalet, no longer smiling, slowly trudged along the line toward where Storm Owl was. "Hey, big turkey man, here," Dalet said, setting the large red bag down before him. "Compliments of the Yakuza, lots and lots of toys for the kids to enjoy...and a little eggnog to boot."

Ricochet arrives from the Business District.
Ricochet has arrived.
[OOC] Ricochet says, "Hi. Probably not here ICly."

Storm Owl sighs and nods at Sewa. She did save his life, so he can put up with some emotional idiocy from her in return. Sounds fair, right? Storm also gives the HeraCorp children a glance, not finding their antics amusing. "Very well, Sewa." He begins escorting her to the line. The line is, of course, very long, but through the magical Christmas Process of Convience, PCs will find themselves moving from the end of the line to the front at breakneck speed.
        The Russian girl, meanwhile, toddles on up to Blaze and smiles at her. Assuming Blaze was talking in Russian, she says back, "<What is it like up at the North Pole?>" she asks the fire bird suddenly, looking up at her. The girl holds her hand up for Blaze to hold while they walk to the present area.

Bright Man waits patiently as the line moves forward - until finally, it's his turn! Yay! The Robot Master turns innocent eyes on Storm Elf and gives him a happy smile. "Don't be silly! It's Christmas!" He then bounds up to Santa Colonel and, if not stopped, hops on his lap and gives him a great big hug. All the other kids were doing it! Mercifully, it doesn't last long, and the android quickly straightens up and launches into his list. "Hi! I want my Daddy back. Oh, and a pony too, they're pretty! Ok?" For a moment this looks like the end, but after a quick glance around the android adds, "And can I help be an elf, pleeeaaaase?"

[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Foreshadow Ferret transmits, "Do you mount them on your wall?"

Rush Raccoon is...TOTALLY HERE! but he's standing away. FAR Away. Why? Kids. Thats why. Rush does'nt hate kids. No. He does'nt...at all! HE'S SCARED TO FREAKING DEATH OF THEM! Else he'd be helping and not so far away. He did find a nice bench to sit on as he head tilts a the hub-bub near by. Yup. Minding his own bussiness.

Blaze Heatnix squeezes the tiny hand carefully, eyes fanning up as she thinks. . o O "White lie..." O o . she thinks softly. << "Well...." >> She trails off, trying to keep her steps short and paced. << "It's icy, and cold, and it tends to be very windy. All the snow and ice makes it very, very white, too, and with many icebergs." >> She winks faintly, eyes vibrant. << "That is why Santa Nicolonel has so many of us around, to help keep things warm while his Magic Turkeys work!" >>

        Assault the Red-nosed Kangadeer continued to distribute kimchi, cookies, and other foods, as well as ponies, dolls, action figures, etc. etc. etc. He explained his previous story, and also added this...
        < "Kangadeers are wonderful creatures. They hop, they can stand on their tails, they pull sleighs, and they make cute noises!" >
        Right at that point, Assault Kangaroo made a sound that was a combination of a kangaroo noise and a reindeer noise. Somehow.
        Being Russian kids with no knowledge of English, the children were still cheerful, and giggled at the strange noise. They continued to get everything Assault was giving them.

[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Charge Man transmits, "I got Storm Owl's wing, and this weenie's crotchplate."
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Jet Man transmits, "This WEENIE broke a huge-ass gaping hole in your chest, remember Trainface?"

[OOC] Assault Kangaroo says, "That was, of course, in English."
[OOC] Assault Kangaroo eats the arrows.
[OOC] Blaze Heatnix giggles. Kangadeer.

A reploid, who is more or less a Bat reploid with... A Bat (the instrument for hitting balls or people with) looks up to Storm Owl, "I WILL DESTROY YOU ALL HWAHAHAHA!"
        Sewa clamps a hand over the Bat's mouth, "I'm sorry, Bat Vertigo has a very high opinion of himself." Sewa mumbles.

        Meanwhile, a female minotaur, eerily enough, sidles up to Chi and murmurs, 'I'll ring your bell...' Sewa, unfortunately, misses this one.

        She does, however, manage to look over to Dalet, "Hey there, sorry... uh, yeah! I've been drinking soymilk actually, but not normal milk. I was told normal milk has blood and pus in it.", uh oh.

[OOC] Flame Hyenard says, "...Magic Turkeys."
[OOC] Assault Kangaroo says, "...Bat Vertigo."
[OOC] Blaze Heatnix smiles sweetly.
[OOC] Flame Hyenard stares at Sewa.
[OOC] Chi says, "Ring my beeellll beeellll beeellll... Ring my Bell!"
[OOC] Solar Stega dies at Bat Vertigo.
[OOC] Shadaro says, "Shad's sister is named Vertigo -_-"
[OOC] Storm Owl falls down.

[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Charge Man transmits, "Yeah, right, you weren't even alive because I smashed you!"
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Charge Man transmits, "Moron!"

Colonel gritted his teeth as the Robot Master approached. Urge to kill.....rising! One hand clenched into a fist as Bright Man clambered into Santa's lap. What he wouldn't give for some space to maneuver without witnesses. Wily'd be down one minion, and Colonel would have his catharsis.

"I cannot get your maker back, Bright Man. I am not risking resources to rescue Wily from Berlin. We do not have any ponies, and no.....er....in fact, you can help us. Go speak with Storm Owl." With that, he shooed the Robot Master away before he changed his mind.

[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Ring Man transmits, "You should go around collecting everyone's crotch plate, Charge."
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Charge Man transmits, "Like yours?"
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Ring Man transmits, "You should go around collecting everyone's crotch plate, Charge."
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Charge Man transmits, "Like yours?"
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Ring Man transmits, "Like Skull Man's. He said you were too stupid and weak to ever get his."

[OOC] Blaze Heatnix starts a betting board. Who'll have a reploid coronary first... Colonel, or Storm Owl?

[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Charge Man transmits, "WHAT?!"
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Ring Man transmits, "I think he even peed on the door to your room."
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Charge Man transmits, "SKULL MAN, TELL ME WHERE YOU ARE SO I CAN BEAT THE SH*T OUT OF YOU!"

Flame Hyenard stands there. He stands. HE TRIES TO LOOK MERRY. But you know. It's really hard when you look like Hyenard. And you pant. And drool. And twitch. And you are slightly cock-eyed. And you slouch. And you mutter. And you smell of gin.

        Chi kneels further down and falls onto his hands. The big golden bull is now on all fours... and is inviting children to ride on his back. Chi snorts a bit... some artificial snow coming from his nose.. it flutters down to the ground infront of him, "Come on! It's like riding a really golden reindeer! With weird horns! And I don't fly, sorry! But you can still ride me!" Ten would be proud of Chi's genuine attempt to lighten up, especially for the holidays. More ring ring ringing comes from the Repliforce guardian.

[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Jet Man transmits, "Right. Then how do you explain the GIANT CRASH TO YOUR CHEST that I gave you at the end?"

Much like Shadaro, Solar isn't participating, just watching the holiday cheeriness from the outskirts. It's all very amusing. She also perks up when Sewa and her little band appear, but doesn't approach them.

[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Charge Man transmits, "Oh yeah? At least I was freaking ALIVE! Unlike you, who was too weak and smashable!"
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Bass transmits, "Stigmata."
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Charge Man transmits, "What's that mean?"
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Bass transmits, "It means it just appeared on you due to the intervention of a higher power."
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Ring Man transmits, "It means you suck."
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Charge Man transmits, "Huh?"
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Charge Man transmits, "Wait, you're saying that I suck?!"
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Bass transmits, "Ring Man is. Why don't you punch him repeatedly?"

Storm Owl stares down at... Bat Vertigo. "Charming." he mutters. The owl feels that this clearly pointless, idiotic, poorly conceived charact- I mean, individual needs a talking to. Mingling Christmassy words with his own language, Storm Owl peers at... Bat Vertigo and utters, "I would be careful about your tone, Bat Vertigo. Idiocy is not permitted here. You will not be approved to stay within Santa Colonel's Village if you cannot prove you are capable of containing your more... illogical viewpoints." Storm nods to Sewa, "Does he suffer from programming retardation?" he asks with idle curiousity. Right in front of... Bat Vertigo, too.
        The Russian gal, meanwhile, nods to Blaze and squeezes her hand. "I heard poppa say Colonel was hopefully going to lead an army to Russia to stop all the Mavericks from attacking." She looks up at the firebird again, "Will Santa Colonel's elves, magic turkeys, and raindeers really do that?" she asks.

[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Ring Man transmits, "If you can even find me."
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] The Book of Daryn transmits, "Couldn't he just follow the flow of blood from your hands?"
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Charge Man transmits, "GRrr.. he pisses me off SO MUCH. I WANT TO F&*KING /KILL/ HIM!"
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Ring Man transmits, "Why don't you just go eat from the toilet again?"
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Jet Man transmits, "You people are sad. Sad, sad, sad, sad, sad."

[OOC] Flame Hyenard says, "It pains you to type those words, doesn't it, Stormy/"
[OOC] Colonel is horribly amused.
[OOC] Storm Owl is on the verge of tears, man.

[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Bass transmits, "How's ol' Epsilon doing, Jet Man?"
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Charge Man transmits, "?!"

Hurray! One out of three isn't bad! Bright Man beams at Santa and gives him another quick hug. "Yay! Thanks, Santa! Merry Christmas!" And at last he removes himself from Colonel's person, bouncing back over to Mr. Storm Elf. "Hi! Santa Colonel says I can help!" Poor thing. The android beams a smile at Storm and everyone else nearby, including Sewa and her gaggle of children, and introduces himself to them. "Hello there, hi! I'm Bright Man!"

[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Jet Man transmits, "I dunno, I don't talk to him. Not like he's my dad. He's Second Boss. He's doing his own thing."
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Bass transmits, "I hear they put Scott in rehab."
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Jet Man transmits, "Commie lies."

        Frowning at Storm Owl, Dalet stalked away, nodding slightly toward Sewa as she responded belatedly to his own comment, and waddled over to Solar's location. Sitting down, and staring at everyone, Dalet wondered about a few things...like what was a Robot Master doing here, and why did the Repliforce bother with this...

<Public> WELCOME TO WALMART Flame Hyenard says, "Okay."
<Public> WELCOME TO WALMART Flame Hyenard says, "Bat Vertigo needs an NPC +finger."
<Public> Charge Charge Man says, "Yes."
<Public> Little Hat: Colonel is dying over here.
<Public> Chest says, "He can start out as an OC, but soon he'll have to turn into an EFC."
<Public> Vile says, "Because he's too strong."
<Public> Cheese Ship Knife! Quint says, "Hee hee."
<Public> WELCOME TO WALMART Flame Hyenard says, "No. Because Sewa forced us to make him a character."

[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Bass transmits, "So where is he? You'd think he'd be overjoyed over this turn of events."

[OOC] Shadaro says, "Who's sitting on Santa's lap next?"

        Blaze sneaks a glance at the Golden Guardian, struggling not to burst into a most-undignified laughter. "Uhm," she manages with a careful pause. Stepping up to the Magic Elves, she shifts her wings with a rustle, thinking quietly. "I'm sure Colonel will do everything he can to make that happen." Whatever passes for her stomach does a tiny lurch as she smiles. Giving Repliforce credit for something.... mmmmf!
Taking a passage from Isaac's book, she gives the touseled hair a ruffle beneath the girls' hat, sending her on her way. "But I can promise that Santa Nicolonel's firebirds will be around too! Save a piece of coal for us, neh?"

Rush Raccoon is..hearing everything. Via his really AWESOME Sensor system depsite his distance. The russian is being translated as best as it can on his HUD aswell...but it's not perfect. He tilts his head and listens, being well..a Silent Listener. "Magic Turkeys?...I think mu HUD unit is broken....."

[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Jet Man transmits, "...what turn of events? What crazy moon language are you speaking?"
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Bass transmits, "Do you ever watch the /news/, Jet Man?"

<Public> Typewriter Dirty Ears! Quint says, "I think someone should app Vertigo Bat for shock value."
<Public> Libra Killed Japan McWhalen!! Daryn says, "Bat Vertigo has a bat."
<Public> WELCOME TO WALMART Flame Hyenard says, "Only if I could have 15 FRP."

[OOC] Blaze Heatnix awws! Hugs the poor Magic Tur--er, Storm Owl.

[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Jet Man transmits, "Er, not lately. Been busy with, you know, a job on ths die?"
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Jet Man transmits, "OOC: Side"
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Bass transmits, "Yes, yes, of course. `A job'. Of course."

[OOC] Storm Owl says, "Go for it, Shadaro."

[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Jet Man transmits, "Yeeeesss, a job. I assume you've seen the commercials."

[OOC] Flame Hyenard says, "Blaze, you are no longer my sister."
[OOC] Flame Hyenard says, "Mac is now my sister."
[OOC] Colonel says, "Someone logging. Tell me someone's logging."
[OOC] Chi grins.

[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Bass transmits, "I have. They run during `Matlock'."

[OOC] Solar Stega is logging. :D
[OOC] Blaze Heatnix shines!
[OOC] Sewa says, "Oops."
[OOC] Bright Man is too! :D

        Assault Kangaroo continued to make kangadeer noises, and after a few more seconds, he began, in English (like before,) to talk again.
        "Since I'm the lead reindeer, I get to pull Santa Colonel's sleigh at the very front! My red nose illuminates the way for everyone!"
        He noticed someone odd around these parts, however...
        A vole? Hmm, that was nobody he had ever seen before...
        Despite it all, Assault continued to remain cheerful.

[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Jet Man transmits, "...MATLOCK?! Those rat bastards, they swore to me they'd run it during Quincy."
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Ring Man transmits, "Murder She Wrote is better."

[OOC] Chi will be semi-idle. My Ravens are playing.

[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Bass transmits, "Quincy's booked straight. That guy with the hovercar dealership has a commercial once every break."

[OOC] Blaze Heatnix brands Chi and gives him to a poor, starving Russian village.
[OOC] Chi says, "Who promptly use me for Idol worship."

[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Bass transmits, "Anyway, Jet Man, Scott's pop has been kidnapped by Mavericks who seek to destroy Christmas."

Lawrence chuckles as he watches Bright Man bounce away. But something catches his attention... An all too familiar face in the crowd. "Oh no." It's Cosmos, his little brother. Since birth, he hasn't been able to use his legs, and doesn't want to resort to something as pitiful as cybernetics. Cosmos finds himself next in line, and wheels himself up to the big reploid. Cosmos looks up at Colonel, quaking just a bit at the sight of a such a big machine. He can't exactly get up and sit on Santa's lap, so he'll need some elf help.

[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Ring Man transmits, "Those grinches!"
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Charge Man transmits, "I like the show about the guy who wears short and sandals with knee-high socks in the winter."
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Dr. Doppler transmits, "He has been apprehended and arrested by Maverick authorities, thank you."
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Jet Man transmits, "Aaah. So I guess the madhouse has been up in arms, hrmmmm?"
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Charge Man transmits, "Do they still show that show?"
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Bass transmits, "`Maverick authorities', sure. I suppose I had also been `brought into custody' over the summer."
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Dr. Doppler transmits, "That was for your own good, Bass."
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Bass transmits, "Yes. It was. I am free of the false humanity that had been forced into me years ago."

        Chi is prancing around on his hands and knees, giving some children a ride around the area. This is horribly out of character for the usually quiet and reserved Repliforce guardian. Hopefully someone in Repliforce is taking pictures so that Ten can see this. She will tease him later when she hears about this! The big bull tries carefully not to jostle or buck too much... doesn't want anyone to fall off.

        Sewa murmurs to Storm Owl, "I think it's just a hyperinflated ego, and the lack of getting beat up once in his lifetime. It'll die down with time. I think. I hope.", she pushes down on Bat Vertigo's head with her free hand and hisses a few words in his ears. It sounds like 'You ruin my one Christmas wish and I'll take your bat away!' but that might be one's imagination.

        The 'female minotaur' oggles at the bell. And takes a picture of Chi in the getup, mumbling about 'showing it to her ilovechi livejournal community'.

        The other kids, though Sewa is a bit busy, look up at Bright Man and say, 'Hey Bright Man!' with varying levels of enthusiasm. Only one has the tenacity to say 'Did you get coal?'

[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Dr. Doppler, dryly, "A pleasure to be of service."

[OOC] Chi knew there was a lj community with that theme!
[OOC] Blaze Heatnix *sizzles*

[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Jet Man transmits, "False Humanity? What? You're speakin' that crazy moon language again, winghead."
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] The Book of Daryn transmits, "Doppler, release Wily, or you will face the wrath of X-MAS!"
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Bass transmits, "You weren't involved, except by serpendipity."

[OOC] Assault Kangaroo feels lonely. :(

[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Bass transmits, "I thought the Overlords lived on the moon."

[OOC] Chi grins.

[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Charge Man transmits, "Ser-end-dep-i-tee?"

[OOC] Flame Hyenard says, "There's no ilovehyenard?"
[OOC] Flame Hyenard angsts.
[OOC] Blaze Heatnix posts a link to the Kangadeer webpage there.

Solar's attention is drawn toward the little vole-bot. She peers at him, tilting her head to the side, and says, "Heyo. Are y'having fun?"

[OOC] Flame Hyenard writes about it in his Livejournal.

[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Bass transmits, "A happy accident, Charge Man. In that way that Pandora's curiosity was a happy accident."

[OOC] Sewa says, "No, but there are plenty of Chi Hyenard pairings."

Storm Owl is assaulted from all sides, it seems. Storm Owl has people shouting at him from the crowd, whether it be about someone's damn pony, Bright Man, Sewa... Bat Vertigo, or someone talking about the Yakuza donating stuff (yeah... suuuuuure... the Yakuza. Like Storm Owl hasn't heard that one a million times before. Punk kid). Storm first addresses Bright Man.
        OBSERVE REPLIFORCE BUREAUCRAZY IN ACTION: Storm Owl looks Bright Man up and down and then says, "Very well. You can help us. Go speak with Lt. Assault Kangaroo." With that, he shooed the Robot Master away before he changed his mind.
        Storm Owl nods to Sewa, but then says, "I disagree. I believe, judging from previous occurances of similar situations, that he will continue to be an annoyance for all involved. He will pester individuals until they are finally fed up with him, at which point they will politely attempt to get him to depart. Finally, when he does, I have calculated there will be a 100% chance of celebration."
        The Russian girl, meanwhile, smiles up at Blaze and says, "<I hope so.>" The girl is silent for a little bit until they get to where the presents are. The girl looks around for her pony and safety in Russia. Quick, someone be a pony! The girl looks over at Chi with wonder. He's close to being a pony... sort of.

[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Charge Man transmits, "Who's Pand-ora?"

[OOC] Assault Kangaroo just feels lonely with no attention paid to him in other poses. ;p

[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Dust Man transmits, "Bass. Can we just.. you know.. blow up the moon?"
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Dr. Doppler transmits, "Should Wily be found innocent of the chages against him, he will of course be set free."
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Charge Man transmits, "The moon looks pretty at night.."
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Bass transmits, "A girl in Greek mythology who was given a box containing all the evils of the world by Zeus, and told not to open it."

[OOC] Storm Owl says, "Bureaucracy, rather."

[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Dust Man transmits, "Do you know how hard it is to sleep when the moon says, in big bold letters, 'QUINT'?"
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Bass transmits, "She, of course, did."

[OOC] Blaze Heatnix LAUGHS!

[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Charge Man transmits, "Why would this Zoo-us guy give a girl a box?"
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] The Book of Daryn transmits, "And then Sigma walked out and traveled to the future."
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Ronin Diatom transmits in text: <Destroying the moon would destroy all life on Earth. Without the moon to power the tides, the cycle of evaporation and growth on this planet would cease.>
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Bass transmits, "Because Greek Gods enjoy $(^$ing with people."
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Charge Man transmits, "Why would a box have evil on it?"

[OOC] Flame Hyenard says, "Oh, Chi... you make me feel so full of life.."
[OOC] Flame Hyenard says, "HOLD ME."
[OOC] Chi holds!
[OOC] Blaze Heatnix FLAMBES!

[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Charge Man transmits, "Ohh, Greeks, like that country next to Mexico?"

[OOC] Solar Stega says, "Beaurocrazy is accurate. :o"

[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Bass transmits, "Yes, exactly like them."
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Jet Man transmits, "Eh, the Moon's too dry and it screws up my gyroscopes."
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Charge Man transmits, "The ones who wear cowboy hats and rid on horseys?"

[OOC] Storm Owl hahs.

[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Bass transmits, "And while destroying /all/ life on Earth intellectually fascinates me, I don't believe this is the time or place for such a plan."
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Dust Man transmits, "Can't we write something cool on the moon.. like.. 'I can see you'?"
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Charge Man transmits, "I want a horse for Christmas!"
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Charge Man transmits, "A PONY!"
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Charge Man transmits, "Can I have a pony for Christmas?!"
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Bass transmits, "Of course, Charge Man."
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Charge Man transmits, "WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!"
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Ring Man transmits, "Can I have the world's largest diamond?"

[OOC] Bright Man likes bureaucrazy and is sticking to it!

[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Dust Man transmits, "Actually, that's how Centaur Man came around."

[OOC] Storm Owl says, "So be it!"

[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Bass transmits, "I'm sure that's possible, Ring Man."
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Charge Man transmits, "I haven't seen him in a looong time."
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Dust Man transmits, "Guts Man really wanted a pony."
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Ring Man transmits, "Excellent."

Colonel peered down at the shaking child. Finally, one with sense enough to realize that Colonel was big and scary. The Second reached down and picked up the child himself, settling the boy on his lap. He spoke in Russian gently. How that was done is anyone's guess. "<And what would you like, child?"

Watch him ask for something that he couldn't get him!

[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Charge Man transmits, "I'll let Guts ride my pony when I get it."
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Theta Clown Man transmits, "I want stuff too!"

[OOC] Flame Hyenard says, "Ask for money! MONEY AND BOOZE."

[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Ring Man transmits, "You sure you wouldn't rather have a gargantuan chicken, Charge?"
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Charge Man transmits, "And we could braid its tail together and brush its fur and pet it."

[OOC] Chi says, "And Women."
[OOC] Storm Owl says, "ALE AND WHORES!"
[OOC] Sewa says, "but Colonel -could- get the child all of that"

[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Charge Man transmits, "And it would make little neeeeeeiiiigh noises and snort and stuff."
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Solar Stega transmits, "Charge and the horse together would make the Pony Express! Or something.."

[OOC] Chi says, "With his alluring smile."

[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Charge Man transmits, "And I would ride it EVERYWHERE."

        Rocking back and forth, Dalet typed out a little message to his buddies...and glanced every so often at Solar. "Milk milk milk milk milk milk milk milk..."

Cosmos blinks a few times, and quietly says, "I... Can't understand you..." Indeed, he's not Russian, and neither is Shadaro. Makes sense. Perched upon the roof, Shad facepalms, groaning slightly. "Don't tell me you came here alone..." Rehtorically asking himself. Well, neither his mother or father are here, so the answer must be yes.

        Blaze Heatnix gives the little girl a wink and a nod, glancing over with amusement. "Let's go ride the Ponybull," she whispers teasingly, eyes glittering. "Maybe we can convince him to chime his bell for the other cows?" Wicked mischief dancing, she leads the young girl over to Chi.

                Christmas Spirit in action. Completely with wicked humour.

Barrage Raptor arrives from the Business District.
Barrage Raptor has arrived.

[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Theta Clown Man transmits, "I want a pet Mime!"

[OOC] Assault Kangaroo says, "HI BARRAGE"
[OOC] Shadaro says, "Heya BR."
[OOC] Flame Hyenard says, "The booty has answered."
[OOC] Solar Stega o.o
[OOC] Assault Kangaroo waits for Bright Man to pose. >.>

[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Dust Man transmits, "I remember my last Christmas.."
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Dust Man transmits, "The smell of Punk roasting my pet rabbit.. the bright light of my CD collection being burned by Quick Man.. Ring man stealing all my presents."

Colonel binked in a bit of surprise. "My apologies. What is it you would like, child?" This one was alone, a bit strange, but he could be a war orphan or something of the sort. He took a moment to peer out at the line. My. He was going to be here a while, but it'd make Repliforce look good, which was acceptable.

Bright Man giggles at the question from Sewa's group and shakes his head. "No, of course not!" Bright is quite sure he's on the nice list. "I got a chance to help these nice elves!" What a present! And then, bureaucrazy attacks, in the form of the dreaded Run Around. "Assault Kangaroo, gotcha! I love your costume, by the way!" For a moment, it looks like Bright might hug Storm - but thankfully, the moment passes without incident. Instead, he waves. "Merry Christmas!" With that he jingles off in search of his appointed elf...or, rather, kangadeer. Upon finding his target, Bright pauses, awestruck, then suddenly squeals, "You look so Christmasy!"

[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Ring Man transmits, "I just borrow for an indeffinate period of time."
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Toad Man transmits, "Me pooping in your shoes"
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Charge Man transmits, "Heehee, Toad said poop."

        Chi the Christmas Cow? That's right boys and girls. Chi is giving rides to the children. Each of them patiently waiting for their turn. A child hops off of him and Chi sprays her with a light spray of frosty mist from his nose, "Burrrr cold and snowy!" Chi announces with a light chortle. Chi is enjoying himself, even though he thought he wouldn't. After children are off of him, Chi shakes himself, jingling all the bells that happen to be attached to him.

[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Dust Man transmits, "And Bass giving me that gaping head wound.."
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Ring Man transmits, "Charge would probably lick it out of the shoes."
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Theta Clown Man transmits, "Heehee, Charge ate poop."
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Charge Man transmits, "Huh?"
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Charge Man transmits, "WHAT?!"

Cosmos speaks up, trying to look away from Colonel's eyes. "Well... I... I know you're not Santa... And that you can't make my legs work... But I just want..." Swallowing hard, Cosmos works up the courage to make his request. "I want my home back... I want France back." Oddly enough, the child has no French accent.

[OOC] Storm Owl says, "He's a spy, Colonel! Kill him!"
[OOC] Sewa says, "but France is free."
[OOC] Chi kills!
[OOC] Blaze Heatnix BAPS! "No swallowing souls at Christmastime!"

Flame Hyenard peers at Bright Man in his elven tights. We are letting a Robot Master do this? He sighs, waving the other two Hyenards in front of him as he takes a drink from a bottle.. Then a little child comes up to the three. The hyenard shovels the bottle away and looks down at the little Russian boy. He squeaks out in Russian. <Hiiiiiiiiiii!> Hyenard blinks and returns in fairly fluent Russian. <HI..>. The child giggles. <You smell like my dad! He's a bum!> The child runs away giggling to his mom. ... ... Hyenard sighs.

[OOC] Storm Owl ha has at Flame.
[OOC] Shadaro says, "It's still wrecked, isn't it?"
[OOC] Flame Hyenard says, "It's pretty wrecked. I mean. The Robot Masters took /everything/. And they destroyed the Eiffel Tower."
[OOC] Sewa says, "yes, but it's not Mav-controlled."
[OOC] Storm Owl says, "If France does not have the tower, they have nothing!"
[OOC] Flame Hyenard says, "/AND/ don't forget all the surgeries the Robot Masters enforced."
[OOC] Blaze Heatnix says, "Surgeries?"
[OOC] Sewa says, "+finger camille"
[OOC] Bright Man blinks? We killed France?
[OOC] Flame Hyenard says, "All women had to come up to Robot Master standards."
[OOC] Flame Hyenard says, "Cammy is a victim of that."
[OOC] Bright Man says, "Camille is not found"
[OOC] Bright Man facepalms
[OOC] Shadaro says, "Dr. Camille Lafayette"
[OOC] Bright Man says, "Oooh"
[OOC] Sewa says, "+finger cammy should work then"
[OOC] Flame Hyenard says, "Yea. Not a lot of people remember how horrible the Robot Masters were in France."
[OOC] Storm Owl says, "Cammy didn't like Chest's name for some strange reason."
[OOC] Sewa is just pointing out since I, in particular, have a hard time remembering that France is free, so it's not really an unreasonable request.

France, eh. He couldn't do it. Not immediately. Not with the Robot Masters on the warpath...buuut. "Someday France will be restored to the way it once was. This I promise you. Not today, perhaps not even terribly soon, but someday. Someday you will have your home again." Colonel rumbled, his voice resolute. Gently, he lifted the young boy from his lap and set him on the ground, sending him on his way to the RepliElves. They could get him something to eat and a present.

And he went back to waiting on the next one to victimize him....er...sit on his lap.

[OOC] Dalet says, "boy, he's throwing around lots of promises."
[OOC] Storm Owl says, "He has his fingers crossed, don't worry."
[OOC] Sewa says, "If he doesn't keep them, he'll kill Christmas!"
[OOC] Colonel says, "I promise to stab Dalet."
[OOC] Blaze Heatnix nods. "He'll either make a fine Santa, or run for Congress."
[OOC] Bright Man is all new, slowly piecing history together ^^;
[OOC] Storm Owl giggles.

Cosmos is set back in his wheelchair, and he wheels himself towards the elves, a few tears in his eyes.

        There were raised eyelids on Assault the Red-Nosed Kangadeer as Bright Man ran right up to him and acted all cheerful. This guy was the guy that Assault Kangaroo ordered his men to shoot the light bulb of during one of the battles in the African Rainforest! He, however, was helping the Repliforce at this time... but at the very least, Assault Kangaroo had the task of watching him in order to prevent him from causing any trouble. So, he looked at Bright Man as he complimented him on how Christmas he was, and said...
        "Yes, I do! Kangadeer are imbued with the spirit of Christmas!"

[OOC] Dalet is just happy Hyenard didn't go psycho and assault him.

Remind me. Why is Barrage here? And who got her to dress like this? "This is humiliating.." She's been hiding in the back this whole time, until she was urged out into the main area..

        HeraCorp reploids aren't -all- nice, some aren't really moved by Cosmos' plight. In fact, a small few are outright derisive, however many -are- considerate. It is, after all, a French Cripple, and who can hate a French Cripple?

        She-Minotaur continues snagging pictures. Some of Chi's butt.

        Sewa glances over to Storm Owl, "He'll be good... Won't you, Vertigo?"
        'I'll swallow your-yes ma'am.' Bat Vertigo whimpers.

Somewhere in Australia, Rain Turtle is wishing he could play with Barrage.

[OOC] Flame Hyenard says, "..."
[OOC] Solar Stega snickers.
[OOC] Blaze Heatnix chokes!
[OOC] Chi says, "Butt pics!"
[OOC] Flame Hyenard says, "Ooooh, yea."
[OOC] Blaze Heatnix snapsnaps! Christmas Spirit! Get out of the tights!
[OOC] Assault Kangaroo says, "What is Barrage dressed like?"
[OOC] Colonel rolls
[OOC] Blaze Heatnix says, "....That came out wrong."
[OOC] Flame Hyenard says, "Blaze."
[OOC] Flame Hyenard says, "I told you. No hitting on Barrage until after I get her drunk."
[OOC] Storm Owl says, "Is Barrage an elf or a raindeer? This is important!"

Solar Stega continues looking at Dalet, slightly confused but amused regardless. She crouches and looks back toward the long Santa line, and wonders who's in the hut now. It was very unlikely that she'd know who it was, but it was something to think about.
        Solar suddenly blinks as someone tugs on her tail. She twists around to get a look, and sees a young boy pulling on her tailspikes. The kid stops as soon as she turns around, looking nervous. "Hullo," she greets, trying not to seem too dangerous. The boy mumbles something and scrambles off, rejoining a woman in the food line who promptly begins to scold him and give the stegosaurus a look that could be apologetic. Or maybe not. It was hard to tell.

[OOC] Flame Hyenard says, "As long as she's got the Santa thong on."
[OOC] Shadaro says, "You're fired."

Storm Owl falls into a defensive stance taught to him by Dojo Master Simian Monk as Bright Man looks like he might... ugh, HUG him. But thankfully, the terribly threat passes and Bright Man wanders off in search of the kangadeer. Storm Owl rises back upwards, feeling like he totally dodged a bullet there. Well now through the power of the Chain of Command, Bright Man is Assault's problem to deal with.
        As Storm Owl and Sewa are somewhat near the present area, and Blaze is dealing with the Russian girl, he takes it upon himself to deal with Cosmos's present requirements. Storm Owl motions for Barrage to help him with this difficult task. "We have parcels of food and random toys." He tells Cosmos. "Please state to Storm Elf - me - what you would like from Santa Colonel's hut." Storm Owl nods thankfully to Sewa, who seems to have done the impossible and gotten Bat Vertigo to be silent. "We have extra elf ears and raindeer antlers." He offers to her.

Announcement: Flame Hyenard is fired!

[OOC] Shadaro says, "God, can't anyone spell Reindeer right? XD"
[OOC] Storm Owl says, "Well crap. For 23 years I've been spelling it wrong."
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[OOC] Solar Stega :O, It's definately Reindeer.
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Bright Man giggles madly. "Kangadeer! That's great!" Bright remembers being fired upon on Assault's orders, but the concept of holding a grudge is a completely foriegn thing for this android. "Santa Colonel said I could help, and Storm Elf," another pause for giggling, "said you would tell me what to do! Have you got any extra elf ears? I've got everything but elf ears!" As he speaks he rocks up and down on the balls of his feet, jingling his festive gear with great enthusiasm.

[OOC] Storm Owl says, "Can we take Bright Man home with us?"
[OOC] Bright Man beams ;D
[OOC] Barrage Raptor says, "Which would be more humiliating for me, elf or reindeer?"
[OOC] Blaze Heatnix says, "Elf!"
[OOC] Shadaro says, "Deer."
[OOC] Colonel says, "Yes. He can stay in the brig....er...Special Guest Rooms."
[OOC] Assault Kangaroo says, "DEEEEEEEEER."
[OOC] Storm Owl says, "Deer."
[OOC] Flame Hyenard says, "Elf. You have to wear tights. TIGHTS I SAY."
[OOC] Storm Owl says, "Wow, close vote on this one :-)"
[OOC] Flame Hyenard says, "Because dammit, I'm wearing tights."
[OOC] Blaze Heatnix huffs. "This is the future. Deer in tights!
[OOC] Flame Hyenard says, "Agreed."
[OOC] Sewa says, "Elf."
[OOC] Barrage Raptor says, "... Deer in tights it is."
[OOC] Storm Owl says, "Awesome."
[OOC] Solar Stega says, "Raptordeer!"
[OOC] Blaze Heatnix says, "Velocihart!"
[OOC] Colonel says, "Ahem."
[OOC] Blaze Heatnix says, "Back to work."

        Shake shake shake. Ring ring ring! The big Golden Minotaur is certainly making a lot of noise. He's ringing those bells and just trying to be funny for the kids. He wants to lighten their moods and let them have a little fun making fun of him. Chi is quite the sight. The guardian takes a moment to glance towards Colonel and Storm Owl, before returning to acting like a fool.

Cosmos looks up in surprise as he hears Sewa simply say Vertigo. "Sis?" But no, it's just a stupid bat. Cosmos lowers his head, a bit more dejected this time. "Oh... Sorry." He thought his sister was here, poor kid. Cosmos wheels over to Storm and blinks at the frightening owl. "Doesn't the Repliforce make any friendly robots anymore?" Then comes the question, and Cosmos averts his gaze to the floor. Lawrence gets up from his spot and sighs, wondering why his bro came all the way here. Kicking off the edge of the roof, Lawrence drops out of the sky and lands next to Cosmos, crouching. "Bro, shouldn't you be home right now?" Cosmos gasps and practically falls out of his chair. "Lawrence! What're you doing here?" The child leans over and wraps his arms around his brother's neck. "Good to see you too. Where's mom? Where's dad? I thought you knew better than to leave the home alone."

[OOC] Assault Kangaroo says, "Hey, /I'm/ a friendly robot!"
[OOC] Shadaro says, "Your name is Assault :p"
[OOC] Assault Kangaroo says, "But I assault with /friendliness!/"
[OOC] Flame Hyenard says, "I'm friendly."
[OOC] Shadaro says, "Burn to the ground?"
[OOC] Flame Hyenard takes a bite out of his baby and veal sandwich.
[OOC] Bright Man mmms, baby.

        Blaze leaves the young girl with Chi, the Christmas Cow, smiling with complete satisfaction as she steps back into the line of RepliElves. Or one side of them. Nearby. Can't be seen...*shudder* ..associating with Repliforce!
Ignore everything she's doing here; this is for charity!

[OOC] Flame Hyenard says, "I swear Blaze, I'm going to wedgie you."
[OOC] Blaze Heatnix says, "Promises, promises...."
[OOC] Flame Hyenard gets out the power wedgie.

        Assault the Red-Nosed Kangadeer reached behind him, and pulled out a pair of elf ears which he tossed to Bright Man, even though he would look totally stupid with elf ears.
        "There you go!"
        He spoke to the children afterward.
        "Kangadeer are capable of many tricks! Watch!"
        He fell back, and stood on his tail. Balancing on his tail, he began to bounce up and down, laughing madly... while the children giggled with him. In the midst of apparent madness, however, Assault Kangaroo was still watchful, keeping a close eye on Bright Man.

Barrage Raptor is the grumpy deer. Gonna kill whoever dragged her out here. At least no kids are coming out to bother her. Why is she so grumpy? Because nobody would let her sit in Santa's lap this year.

[OOC] Blaze Heatnix keels over DEAD.
[OOC] Colonel says, "You're damn right i'm not!"
Kalinka arrives from the Business District.
Kalinka has arrived.
[OOC] Colonel waves
[OOC] Blaze Heatnix waves!
[OOC] Solar Stega says, "Heya Kalinka!"
[OOC] Kalinka waves. 8)
[OOC] Assault Kangaroo says, "Hi Kalinka!"

Sewa glances after Cosmos and Lawrence. What the heck? It's the vampire! And he has a cripple! OH NOES! Sewa wrinkles her nose, wondering why the kid just doesn't get cybernetics, or gene therapy! Ah well, people have their reasons. "Um, sorry, not your sis', no.", she stuffs er hands in her pockets sheepishly.
Sewa enters the Business District.

[OOC] Blaze Heatnix says, "Kalinka's next in line for Santa Nicolonel!"
[OOC] Sewa says, "oops"
[OOC] Sewa waves! Kali!

        The Golden Cow looks at Blaze and grins at her. He then looks towards the kid and snorts some frosty snow at her, "Hey there... want to ride on my back? Climb up!" Chi kneels down to let the girl get a good grip, "There we go! Time to ride... hold on tight!" And Chi goes about prancing for the girl. Storm Owl peers at Cosmos, thinking about his question seriously. "Facinating," he says, arching an eyebrow. With his pointy ears on, Spock Ow- er, Spock El- Ah, /Storm Owl/ wonders whether or not Repliforce really is producing the number of Public Relations robots required. In some ways, the war bird muses, having non-public relations mechs doing PR work is superior. This wouldn't be the same if it were Santa PR Penguin was up there in the big chair, now would it? "I shall see to it that Repliforce is acquiring an appropriate amount of friendly Reploids for our operations," he tells Cosmos. Storm Owl glances over at Lawrence and stands up straight. He's available to give Cosmos his gifts, but he doesn't wish to get in the way of Cosmos's conversation with his brother.
        The Russian gal, meanwhile, has acquired a non-pony gift and, having let go of Blaze's hand with one final squeeze, runs up towards Chi, smiling softly and getting in line for her turn. She looks over with interest at Assault's tricks. She's on the verge of being drawn over there instead.

[OOC] Flame Hyenard says, "KALINKA! NOOOO!"
[OOC] Colonel says, "Who is next for Santa Colonel's lap?"
[OOC] Kalinka says, "Uh...hmmmm."
[OOC] Storm Owl points to Kalinka.
[OOC] Kalinka o_o
[OOC] Flame Hyenard says, "Oh! Oh! Santa Colonel! I want 13 Calibur Photon Cannon.."

Patting Cosmos on the back, Lawrence's neck is finally released, and there's a bright, happy smile on Cosmos' face. "I just wanted to visit Colonel!" Half the line gasps, and a few cry out, "It's not sanny kwaus?" Lawrence laughs a bit, and looks to the reploid. "Ah, Storm Owl." He's read the various dossiers on Repliforce personnel. "Nice to meet you. I see you're not much cheerier than your brother."

[OOC] Storm Owl says, "Colonel, lets build a time machine and go back to exact point where Gate figured a hyena would be a good idea and kill him."
[OOC] Storm Owl says, "It'll be like Terminator, but with bigger consequences."
[OOC] Flame Hyenard says, "You don't want to, Storm."
[OOC] Assault Kangaroo waits for Bright Man.
[OOC] Blaze Heatnix threatens deep roasting!

Of course Bright Man will look totally stupid with the elf ears on. Isn't that the point?? The android puts the ears on quickly, then points a finger skyward. "By the power of Christmas, I am now....Bright Elf!" The triumphant pose dissolves into a wave of giggles, which are prolonged by Assault's antics. Bright watches, laughs and and applauds along with the children, totally oblivious to the fact that this funny kangadeer regards him with suspicion. "That's great! I wish I had a tail!" The andoird does his best to make do without, however, and begins hopping around on one leg, inspiring some of the children to do the same.

[OOC] Flame Hyenard says, "He was drunk. And there was a Sears Magazine:Bikini Edition involved."
[OOC] Shadaro says, "With Hyenas?"

Kalinka arrives to see just what sort of a publicity stunt the Repliforce is trying out in her hometown. What's this? ...Santa as Father Christmas? Hm, interesting. She thinks for a moment, then finally decides to go get in line to see what's happening.

[OOC] Kalinka says, "Or Colonel as Fr. Christmas rather."
[OOC] Kalinka kinda blew that one. Oops. 8)

More children pass through the Santa Colonel line, the massive reploid murmuring to them in Russian, then patting them on the head and sending them off to the RepliElves and the RepliDeer. And the giant minotaur. So far, so good. The kids were happy and weren't thinking about how bad off Russia was, and the Repliforce was getting some positive PR. All in a day's work for the Second.

Flame Hyenard stands around, trying to help with the kids. But honestly? All of the kids run from him. Now, Flame tries to still look smug.. but how do you know it doesn't hurt him on the inside? How do you know he isn't crying inside? HUH?! HUH!?

[OOC] Bright Man sobs for Flame!
[OOC] Sewa hugs Kali :D. And should I go in or..?
[OOC] Colonel says, "Choose between yourselves."
[OOC] Blaze Heatnix whispers, "Remember to ask about Santa's Magic Turkeys!"
[OOC] Shadaro stabs Flame's water cooler in his reactor. "Now you're crying on the inside."
[OOC] Sewa says, "does anybody want to go in besides me? ;)"

Solar Stega blinks when someone jumps out of nowhere -- wow -- to land in front of a kid who just came out of the hut... Wait, does he look familiar? Solar stands up and walks around the line toward Lawrence and Cosmos, and OHS. She doesn't say anything right off, since he's talking to the Owl, but after that..

[OOC] Storm Owl is always willing for another go.

Kalinka stands in the line with all the little Russian kids. Does she have a few things to tell Father Colonel Christmas? Well, she does, in fact. Tis the season. She waits patiently.

        Assault Kangaroo continued to bounce on his tail like a maniac, laughing more psychotically than before. However, the kids accompanying him hadn't heard a psycho laugh before, so they're still totally fine. He also, however, noticed Bright Man attempting the same endeavor he's doing without a tail. Smiling on the inside, he told his comrades about this turn of events.

Storm Owl nods to Lawrence, but then says, "If you are referring to Storm Eagle, he is not my brother. Merely... an old comrade." He says, downplaying the relationship. There's a slight bit of actual emotion in there, but the war bird hides it well, as always. Storm Eagle was his best friend and, as Lawrence noted, very similar to the Fortress V Commander in personality.
        The five year old Russian girl, meanwhile, has wandered away from Chi's line and, still keeping an eye on Assault Kangaroo and his balancing act, seems to be walking essentially aimlessly. Did she come with a parent, one might ask? Watching Assault and not where she's going, the girl almost walks right into Flame Hyenard without even noticing, bumping into him (or one of his doubles, perhaps). "<Oh!>" She exclaims, clasping her mittens to her mouth and looking up at him (or his double) "<I'm so sorry!>" She says sincerely.

[OOC] Sewa will just head on in then.
[OOC] Dalet tackles Sewa, hugs, then runs away.

The hyenard oofs and begins to growl out of nature... then quickly quells it at the sight of the girl. He coughs into his fist and tries to look friendly(Failing). <HELLOLITTLEGIRL> He leans over, <DONTWANTYOUTOWANDERAWAYFROMYOURPARENTS.>

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        Sewa's turn comes up (she wanted to go first to make sure she fulfills her dream before she's too heavy to fit on Colonel's lap.) She turns to her 'kids' and murmurs, "Wish me luck. Don't kill anybody. Don't bug Storm Owl too much. Be nice to Hyenard..."
        'Can we ride Chi?'

        Sewa considers, "Sure. Sure. You can ride Chi.", and then she darts inside. "Ho ho ho..." she chuckles as she lunges for Colonel's lap. Surprise Attack!!!!

[OOC] Storm Owl says, "There's all three of you out, Flame?"
[OOC] Flame Hyenard says, "We are always out."
[OOC] Flame Hyenard says, "There's always three of us standing around."
[OOC] Flame Hyenard says, "One just happens to do most of the talking at a time."

Bright Man begins hopping around Assault, still on one leg, and thereby creates something of a conga line of little hopping Russian children. He hasn't stopped laughing either, though his laughter is full of Christmas Joy, which is, in Bright's case, really indistinguishable from regular Joy. After a few moments of this, the android is inspired! Between Assault and Bright, there's an awful lot of jingling going on, so why aren't they singing? And so he begins with a passable translation of Jingle Bells in Russian. Most of the children in his little conga line join in, all but the ones who aren't in such great shape but still hop along gamely.

Colonel urked as he was SURPRISE ASSAULTED by the, comparatively, diminutive CEO of HeraCorp. The Second gave a bit of a cough before speaking. "Hello Sewa." He stopped himself, lapsing back into Santa Mode before continuing. "What do you want for Christmas?"

This should be interesting. He was keeping an eye out for anything unpleasant. Like Mavericks, more militant Robot Masters or Mavericks. Any of those could be bad.
The Russian girl blinks at Flame, Flame, and Flame, putting her hands at her side. Her heart skips a few beats, momentarily scared of the flaming figure. Seeing the reindeer apparel helps slightly, however, and she says without answering the part about her parents, "<Hello... Are you triplets?>" she asks the three of them, suppressing a slight giggle.

[OOC] Storm Owl has a feeling Colonel would be so happy if the Mavericks suddenly invaded.
[OOC] Colonel says, "Or Neo Arcadia. Or Bass."

"Then again, doubt he'd be too jolly when I was taking out his ship's engine... Aaaaanyways." Lawrence pats Cosmos on the head, "I don't think you've had lunch yet, have ya?" "No, but I don't want any weird Christmas food." "What're you in the mood for, then?" "Can we have sushi?" "Sure, bro." Giving a slight salute to Storm, Lawrence wheels Cosmos around, preparing to leave if no one else stops. "Seeing as you won't be having any ruckus here, looks like I won't need to keep watch. Have a merry Christmas!"

[OOC] Colonel says, "It'd be a giant Rumble in christmas garb!"
[OOC] Dalet thinks it'd be suicide to attack the RF at the moment XD
[OOC] Flame Hyenard pfts to Storm. He's wearing elf stuff. Tights.. christmasy fire on their backs..
[OOC] Assault Kangaroo says, "Red, green, and white fire?"

Ahah! There's the opportunity! Solar waves to Lawrence (and Cosmos) and says, "Heya! Lawrence!" She looks pretty happy, though it's just as much the overly happy surroundings as seeing an acquaitance again.

[OOC] Flame Hyenard says, "Yep."

        Assault Kangaroo, originally hopping in place, now began to tail hop all around the area where he was giving out toys and food before. He got a strange look, on his face, however, when he began to hear Bright Man singing Jingle Bells in Russian...

[OOC] Solar Stega will be right back.

Sewa gives Colonel a -hug-. Like you'd expect a kid to give Santa, "Weeeelll, I'd like World Peace and Economic Stability, but for now I'd like stability in Russia, the rest can wait till next Christmas. Did Dalet give you milk and cookies? He's s'posed to.", she kicks her feet up in the air a little bit and wiggles them a bit, she seems to have trouble deciding on 'anything else'.

[OOC] Storm Owl says, "Elf stuff it is!"
[OOC] Flame Hyenard says, "Oh, right, response pose."
Chi has disconnected.
[OOC] Assault Kangaroo says, "NOOOOOOOOO NOT CHI"

The Hyenards look at the girl for a moment before all of them chuckle to each other. <SORTOF.> One of the Hyenards jerks a thumb to himself. <IFLAMEHYENARDANDTHESETWOAREHOLOGRAMSYSTEMS.> He nods. <WEAREASPECIALPARTOFSANTATEAM>

[OOC] Kalinka says, "Yeah, they're 'Special', all right... ;)"

Bright Man is smarter than he looks! In...certain...limited areas. Eventually, as most likely anyone but Bright expected, the android trips and topples to the ground, cutting the song short. A pile-up of sorts develops as several children bump into and topple over his prone figure. A few more children, feeling left out on the other side of the circle, run over and jump on Bright deliberately. The Robot Master greets all of this with muffled, facedown giggles.

Was /everybody/ going to hug him today? Jeez. Before today, he could count the number of people who had hugged him on one hand. The things one does for good PR. At least with Sewa he didn't have to make promises he couldn't exactly keep. "I'll see what I can do. Things are looking up, and we may yet acheive stability in Russia. I am a soldier, I cannot cause economic stability." A pause. "Is there anything else?" Colonel looked tired. This whole 'being nice' thing was hard work.

Storm Owl returns Lawrence's salute with a curt military nod, and takes a step back as Solar calls over to him, not wanting to get in the way of the two. Storm Owl glances about to see where Sewa had gotten herself, and shakes his head upon finding her in Santa's lap. Storm returns to his duties escorting the children from the line to Santa Colonel. At the head of the line seems to be... Kalinka! Storm Owl peers at her and says, "Greetings, Ms. Cossack. Merry Christmas." The latter sounds very forced and unconvincing.
        The Russian girl seems to be able to understand Flame Hyenard reasonably well. Kids are trained to understand idiotic ways of speaking thanks to television (damn you Blurr and Wheelie... damn you). "<What part is that?>" she asks Flame, just as curious now as she was when drilling Blaze for information about Santa Colonel.

[OOC] Shadaro says, "You think Blurr and Wheelie would still be on TV in 200 years? :p"
[OOC] Ricochet says, "Yes."
[OOC] Ricochet says, "By that time they will have been elevated to godhood."
[OOC] Storm Owl says, "Yes. It'd be Super-Mega-Energon-Beast-Transformer-Wars, but yes."
[OOC] Ricochet says, "And will be worshipped in temples o'er the land."

Kalinka smiles up at Storm Owl. "Oh, hello, and a Merry Christmas to you as well!" she says sincerely. She understands that the Repliforce is not exactly...accustomed to such publicity, but she admires the fact that they're out here giving it a try. "Thanks for doing this. Moscow needs the cheer right now," she admits. "It really does."

Lawrence smiles and waves back to Solar, remembering the strange reploid's face from a few weeks ago. "Heya. Solar, was it?"

Flame Hyenard has disconnected.

Sewa protests, "You're Santa, you can make Christmas Miracles happen!", Sewa then says, perhaps more seriously, as she leans in a bit, "And right now, the Miracle I -really- want is for you to make these children smile. The spirit is in the giving, you know.", she smiles, and gives Colonel a check, "This is my donation. Please use it for these children, Santy Claus.", and with that, she'll slide off and head out.

        You gained: Check for 15,000 zenny! (but unfortunately, the check notes that it's for the specific charity, so... Guess you've got some christmas gifts to deliver later too. ho ho ho!)

Solar Stega grins in a saurian sort of way. "Aye. I didn't expect to see you here, neat coincidence!" she peers at Cosmos, "Hullo, who are you?"

[OOC] Dalet sniffles happily at all the donating and christmas spirit.

"What it truly needs," Storm Owl replies, "Is a Repliforce presence here. Clearly the Maverick Hunters do not have the resources or organization to deal with the attacks on the Russian infrastructure. I have projected that a Repliforce military garrison of no less than three thousand fully armed troopers will be required to secure the city." A kid suddenly pokes Storm Owl from behind the line and says, "<Why does Santa look like he's going to strangle that girl?>" he asks. Storm Owl glances over his shoulder and replies, "<Santa is having a rough day.>"

Barrage Raptor has left.

        After a few minutes of bouncing around, Assault stopped hopping on his tail, and went back on his feet. He noticed Bright Man on the ground, being sacked by children... He paid no attention to it, and he began to give out food and toys again.

"Yeah, well...I can't say that I disagree with you. I hope someday that can happen," Kalinka admits to Storm Owl. "I would love to see Moscow safe once more. Or safer than it's been." She giggles a bit at the child's question -- and Storm Owl's corresponding answer.

Colonel actually looked surprised at the donation. He wasn't really expecting it, but it'd help greatly with the whole 'Christmas Cheer' thing. He smiled then, it wasn't forced either. After Sewa vacated, he summoned a minion, a good little RepliElf and he haded off the check, telling him what to do with it (Deposit it in the name of HeraCorp for the charity and such).

Looking markedly more pleasant, Colonel awaited the next rugrat...er....child.

"This is my little brother, Cosmos." Lawrence says, smiling. "C'mon Bro, say hi." He adds, ruffling Cosmos' hair. Sheepishly, the young child smiles and waves to the strange robot. "H-hi..." "He's kinda shy around reploids."

Kalinka steps up to visit Father Colonel Christmas. "Hello!" she greets him cheerfully. "Merry Christmas, and thank you for visiting Moscow!"

Sewa exits!
        'So how was it..uh...mom?' An elephant who is a little big for Santa anybody says nervously. "I was so nervous, it was like meeting a celebrity," Sewa explains, "Except one that gives authentic autographs, you know?"

And now that Assault's attention has drifted, Bright Man begins his evil plan! Apparently, it involves remaining face first on the ground, as the children are rolling around and laughing and apparently not inclined to get off. He doesn't mind at all, though his face is getting a little cold, and he's pretty sure one of his ears is gone. One of the elf ears, not the ones usually attached to his head - the children aren't /that/ rambunctious.

Colonel nodded politely in greeting, the dangly bit of the Santa Hat falling into the war machine's face. He scowled ever so slightly before tossing it away from his face. "Merry Christmas to you as well, Miss Cossack. I trust the season finds you well?"

Polite as usual and strangely pleasant. Perhaps the Second was actually feeling the spirit of the season? Maybe he understood the meaning of Christmas?

Maybe he just realized that being a surly jerk wasn't going to give Repliforce the good PR it needed.

Storm Owl watches as Sewa has departed. Santa Colonel's next rugrat is going to be someone of a different sort. "Ah, your turn, Ms. Cossack." Storm Owl announces, admitting her through the line. A few Replielfs stay behind to keep the kids from getting out of hand. They'll whip out the tear gas on a moment's notice if need be. Storm Owl escorts Kalinka to Colonel and doesn't bother with the usual introductions. Storm glances off in Assault's direction, curious as to what Bright Man is doing. 'A bunch of children on him?'

"Oh yeah," Kalinka admits to Colonel. "I'm now off of probation, going back to school, I have a great new job, my fiance and I have a new house in Texas...I am doing just great. I have a big Christmas wish...I am really hoping and wishing that Moscow and all of Russia will be able to come back from all the problems they have been having...maybe by themselves, or with the Repliforce's help. I know that's a tall order, but really...It's all I hope for. I love my country. I worry about it. I don't want Russia to collapse, it's a proud country with a proud history." She smiles ruefully. "I know, wishes are just wishful thinking, but that is the one I most want to come true," she admits.

[OOC] Bright Man says, "Poor Colonel."
[OOC] Bright Man says, "No one asks for Barbies anymore. It's all "world peace" this, "save us" that."
[OOC] Kalinka chuckles. X)
[OOC] Sewa says, "<Colonel> .oO(so 99 percent of the Christmas wishes are to 'save Russia' and the other one percent is to Save France...hmm...)"
[OOC] Shadaro says, "This ain't the Ms. America Pageant. It's 5 year old snot-nosed kids hopping up onto Santa's lap and soiling themselves."
[OOC] Sewa says, "<Colonel> Gentlemen, we save France on the 25th!"
[OOC] Shadaro says, "Woo! France!"
[OOC] Kalinka laughs!
[OOC] Bright Man giggles

Solar Stega amends her greeting, "Ah, hey-o Cosmos." She headbobs but doesn't offer a hand or something; she doens't want to accidentally alarm him.
Looking back at Lawrence, she hehs and shrugs. "And, ah.. I didn't really have anything to say.. Beyond hi that is."

[OOC] Dalet says, "One of them should've asked for the bright purty light things on the robot's chest. ;p"

Colonel nodded again. "Of course. Many of the children here today merely wished for their home to be safe again. It is my job, the reason I was made, to make the earth safe for all beings, human or artificial. I will do whatever is in my pwer to see this through. I would even give my life for freedom for all." That was his reason for being. Why shouldn't he be willing to make such a sacrifice?

The Colonel gave a bit of a wry smile. "Shall I add your name to the list of girls that have asked me for ponies, Miss Cossack?"

[OOC] Storm Owl snickers.
[OOC] Colonel says, "Write it down. I made a joke."
Search Man arrives from the Business District.
Search Man has arrived.
[OOC] Bright Man is filled with teh shock!
Search Man enters the Southern Downtown.
Search Man has left.
[OOC] Solar Stega :O

Pushing the wheelchair a bit, Lawrence chuckles and pats Solar on the shoulder. "Well, same here. Gotta go get Cosmos and I some food! Have a great Christmas, though." Smiling and pushing Cosmos, the little brother pumps his hands into the air, "Woo! Sushay! Kick this bitch intah 5th gear!" Blushing, Lawrence smiles at the parents in line giving him bewildered looks. "Kids say the darndest things, don't they?" Leaning down, he whispers, "Don't you /dare/ tell mom I taught you that."

"Oh no! I have a pony already," Kalinka admits. "And two chickens, and a cat. Bowie told me that is enough pets. But I would like a porch swing. Daddy said he would get me that, though....hmm. From Father Christmas, I think I would like..." She grins suddenly. "I know! A speed booster for my hoverbike. I want to go 600 miles an hour, not just 400."

[OOC] Ricochet says, "She'll kill us all."
[OOC] Kalinka says, "LOL. 8)"
[OOC] Ricochet grabs Santa by the coat. "YOU MONSTER! YOU'VE MURDERED US ALL!"
[OOC] Colonel sabres Rico.
[OOC] Sewa rofls
Rush Raccoon has connected.

[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Glaive transmits, "...Finland?"

[OOC] Rush Raccoon says, "KILL ISP ><"
[OOC] Bright Man says, "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO, Santa!! ; ;"

[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Tengu Man transmits, "Shyeah."
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Solar Stega transmits, "Finland?"
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Dalet transmits, "Go back to getting fixed, Glaive."
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Tengu Man transmits, "They have people that ride rein--errr."
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Alpha transmits, "ooc: I think that was a mis. :)"
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Tengu Man transmits, "OOC: Guess I'll hold off on the '*#& you squidboy', then."
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Dalet transmits, "OOC: Awwww"
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Solar Stega transmits, "OOC: Awww! XD"
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Gabriel transmits, "ooc: Awww!"

[OOC] Shadaro flings coal at Colonel from afar.

Bright Man remains on the ground for a good long while, until one of the children pulls his hat off and starts trying to unscrew his bulb. "Eep! No!" The Robot Master begins to rock back and forth, trying to dislodge his assailants. "No, please! <Stop that! Off limits, please! I would be thanking you!>" Even in his distress the android is still giggling, though he's quick to bat the offending child away as soon as he gets a hand free. The child pouts. "<But your head is so /weird/!>"

"Aye, you too," she waves and then laughs quietly as the two take off. Darndest things, heheh.

Colonel managed to keep a straight face. "....I'll see what I can do, Miss Cossack." Like hewas going to get her a speed booster. he didn't want an enraged Pavel Cossack hunting him down after Kalinka was in an accident. He'd let Bowie or someone deal with that. Colonel leaned back in his chair, suddenly looking rather tired. The time may have come for Santa Colonel to head back to the 'North Pole'. Or the Fortress V.

[OOC] Colonel says, "Losing...attention...span."
[OOC] Storm Owl is gettin' mighty sleepy as well. Shall we wrap up?
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[OOC] Bright Man acks at the clock. He ought to get some dinner himself.
[OOC] Solar Stega says, "Eheheh."
[OOC] Colonel says, "Aye."

Storm Owl returns to his duties at the line, noting that where once there was a huge stretch of people waiting to meet Santa Colonel, it's dwindled to just about none. The Repliforce Second has done a fine job processing all of these children. Storm Owl gazes over at the present area, noting the RepliElves and RepliReindeer have almost used up their supply of gifts. Things seem to be coming to a close.

Kalinka laughs. She was in an accident this year, and ended up in the hospital and physical rehab for a while, so she's no stranger to the dangers of speed. "Well: again, thank you for doing this. I'm happy to see you here. And here is um...my contribution." Kalinka has a contribution, too, though it isn't as large as Sewa's is: it's in the four-figure range. "Take care."

[OOC] Dalet remembers Kalinka being in the san-ang hospital that one time.....
[OOC] Dalet says, "I think. <.<"
[OOC] Kalinka says, "Yup!"
[OOC] Kalinka says, "she's a speed demon."

Colonel nodded again, handing off the contribution to Minion Monkey, the best minion one could ask for. "Thank you. The Children will appreciate this muchly. Thank you for stopping by, Miss Cossack." A simple radio message to all the RepliElves and RepliDeer, and cleanup began.

Much good was done here today, both in morale and donated goods. The Morale was likely more important.

[OOC] Shadaro says, "Thanks for the scene, guys. Merry Christmas :)"
[OOC] Kalinka waves out, you guys are great. 8)
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[OOC] Colonel says, "I wanted my Santa Hat Brawl. XD"
[OOC] Storm Owl says, "T'was much fun. And an excellent scene for Christmas :-)"
[OOC] Colonel says, "Oh well!"

Bright Man finally manages to extract himself from the dogpile and wobbles back to his feet, quickly screwing his light bulb back in firmly before anyone else can mess with it. After a quick glance around he realizes that things are starting to wrap up. Aww! "<Oh no, I think Santa Colonel is done! Everyone got their toys, right?>" The children all nod, and Bright Man beams. "<Great! Go find your parents! Merry Christmas!>" As the children drift away the Robot Master does the same.

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        Assault soon exhausted all his toys and food, and the children began to filter out of the area. Assault the Red-Nosed Kangadeer nodded to them, and he spoke to himself.
        "I wonder how my gimchi tasted..."

[OOC] Storm Owl yawns and closes the log. I'll post it and write up a news report tomorrow.
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