Eurasia - Skydeck

        Nestled at the very top of Eurasia, this park is the small secret of Eurasia, and considered by many the most beautiful place on the station. Massive transparisteel windows cover this area, and grass and trees are maintained by a dedicated gardening staff. Though a few restaurants and tourist destinations line the edge of this park, it sees little use, and is a good place to come to be alone. Even the security here seems relaxed, and there is virtually no problem with any crime here. Mechanimals and birds are the only things that actually live here, but it's not unusual for some people to remain for hours, just watching the beauty of space from the many grassy hills that dot this pinnacle of the mighty station.

 Trench Tuatara [M]

 Lift Down <LD>: Eurasia - Empire Central Square

Trench Tuatara
A giant of a reploid, Trench Tuatara is 14 feet in height from toe to head. His body is very wide to accomodate this height, making his overall size intimidating. His torso is heavily armored save for his stomach, which is soft and grey. Just above that, in the middle of his smooth chest, is an embedded amber orb. His His big ol' rear end, also armored, is where his very large tail begins. His legs begin with softer parts, but end in standard reploid boots, with hazard bands at the bottoms, where his feet begin. His feet themselves have toes and small claws like a real lizard. His shoulder armor is box-like bu rounded at the ends, also with hazard bands. His arm gauntlets are large like his legs, with hazard bands at the ends, too. His hands are normal, no claws. A pack is sort of fused to Trench's back, with hazard bands and an electrical symbol in the center. Around Trench's neck area is protective armor. His head is your usual reptilian design. His eyes not lizardlike, but have pupils and blue irises with the rest white. Between these eyes, on his forehead, is a third eye, slightly larger than the other two. A sharp tooth can be seen in front when his mouth is closed. His body armor, shoulders, neck armor, boots and gauntlets are a rich chocolate brown color, while his head, tail, upper legs and upper arms are a light tan color.

It's another fine day on Eurasia, and here enjoying the Skydeck view is Solar Stega. She's been spending a lot of her free time here, excited by the idea of the space elevator, and of space in general. Sci-fi geek, she is.

Trench is less of a geek, but he likes the view from up here. Being sheltered for most of his life, space is still a very new concept to him, and the fact it is infinite is staggering to him. The big lizard is sitting on a large bench, rather than under a tree, gawking up through the glass.

Solar Stega's eyes wander, seeing who else is around; it's something of a habit, and also she likes to see who is here. For you never know when someone interesting-looking will appear.. and lo, there's one now! Solar walks over to the lizard-robot, stops nearby, and leans forward a little with a curious expression. "Hello."

Trench looks down at the small stega, surprised someone came up to him here. "Um, hi. Great view, isn't it?"

Solar Stega looks up at the clear ceiling. "Aye, it is." She pauses, as if to add something else, but stays quiet instead, still watching the 'sky'.

"So, your welcome to sit with me, person," says Trench. His rear end takes up a lot of space, but he scooches over to make room for Solar.

"Hmm? Oh, okay," she says cheerily, and sits, though not without a little trouble figuring out how position herself without having to lean on her tail or the edge-sides of her plates. Once she's set, she peers up at Trench and asks, "Do you come here often?"

"I've only been here once," says Trench. "This is my second time ever. My name's Trench Tuatara, by the way."

Solar Stega oohs. "Were you here during sunrise or sunset? If not, you really should come during then, it's really pretty." She gives a saurian grin. "Ah, I'm Solar Stega. 'tis a pleasure!"

Trench grins back at Solar. "Same here. Um, I can't remember, I think it was the afternoon. But thanks, I'll keep that in mind." Trench is sitting on his tail, for the record. It's flopped out in front of him between his legs. "Do you live here?"

Solar Stega shakes her head. "I'm from San-Angeles.. But I spend a lot of my spare time here. I might move here, sometime in the future... maybe. Heh." Shrug. "I like San-An, and living on Earth, but I've always been, well, fascinated by space."

"Yeah, I can't believe how big it is. I'm from the U.S., too. I think Colorado...I forgot where I was born."

[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Zach Glen transmits, "Miss Tron, could you please call me on my personal frequency?"

"Woo, Colorado! ..And then there are the multiverse ideas, I think there was one which proposed that at the 'edge of our universe', which is a weird-sounding concept since space is supposed to be infinite, another universe starts.. Funky stuff." Solar pauses. "Ahh, I think I'm rambling.."

Trench laughs. "It's okay....although I don't know much about science and all that. The complicated stuff makes my brain hurt."

Solar Stega hehs! "I'm no scientist, either, but it's kinda fun to watch the ideas fly around anyway. I went to the GSTE earlier this year, didn't really understand the explanations of the more advanced inventions.. It was like watching a convention on a sci-fi show." She laughs. "Nifty and shiny, but for some of those things, as far as I can understand, they may as well be running off of magic."

"Oh, I know what you mean. I do know all about my own body, though," says Trench, patting his belly.

Solar Stega hehs and hmms.. And looks out beyond the windows, not saying anything.

"You're pretty friendly, Solar," says Trench. "No one's talked to me up here before. Strangers, I mean."

Solar Stega looks back to Trench and grins. "I guess so, sometimes. ..And yeah, random conversation doesn't seem like it's particularly common. Anywhere, not just here."

Trench considers revealing where his allegiances lie...but he saves it. "So, um, what do you do? As a job, I mean."

"I.. am a repair-er. I fix solar cell panels. /Very exciting/," she says amusedly, "But it gives me a surprising amount of free time, which I like. And," Solar guestures at the panels on her back and tail, "These are solar panels too. I can store a fair amount of electricity and use or deposit it as it's needed."

"Oh. Doesn't sound like too hard of a job..." says Trench.

"Yeah, it isn't. ..I suppose I'm lucky that way," says Solar thoughtfully.

"Sure are," says Trench. He continues staring up at the space. "Hey look, there's a...shooting star!" he says, pointing out one that flashes bye.

Solar Stega looks up quickly.. "Ah, drat! Missed it." She looks around for more and hmms, "I wonder if there's a meteor shower around this time of year? I can't remember.."

"I dunno. It'd be cool if we saw one, though!":

You say, "It would! I've seen a couple, they're really spiffy."

Trench grins at Solar. "Yeah...or one of those eclipse things...or the North Star...there's a lot of stuff happening out there..."

Solar Stega hees. "The 'North Star' is a designation for the star that appears to be northwards no matter where you are in the northern hemisphere. The current one is Polaris.." she trails off, then points suddenly! "There's one!"

Trench moves his head where Solar points. "Hey, yeah!" he says, seeing it. "'s really bright."

"Yeah.. Probably /is/ one of the regular meteor showers, they tend to have the really bright ones like that," she remarks while looking for others.

Trench nods. "It's nice to meet you, Solar. I bet we'd get along great if you'd be friends with me..."

Solar Stega looks back to Trench and tilts her head. "Aye, I think so," she says amicably.

Trench grins. "Cool...then maybe we can hang out sometime."

Solar Stega grins too! "Sure!"

Trench stands. "I'd better get, is there any way I can contact you?"

You say, "Oh!.. hmm. Well, I've got a phone number.." Which she imparts. "I've got a couple email addresses, too, but one's work and the other I haven't checked in ages.. Should probably do so before it gets idle-frozen or something.."

Trench nods. "Sure...I just got an internal radio..." the lizard gives the number.

"Ah, cool," Solar makes note of it. "I'll see you later, then?"

Trench nods. "Sure thing..." the lizard stomps off.

the next day

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