Otakon 2013

It's my tenth Otakon. How the time flies...
As always, click for a bigger version, although some photos don't have a bigger version due to not turning out well.


It's not new, but it's super neato!


Speed Racer & an Enderman from Minecraft

I wasn't able to get close and my photos didn't turn out well, so have some crappy releveled zoomed shots of a guy in a ride armor!

Fourth doctor best doctor, fourth doctor's companions best companions

elevator nope
(this was over at the Hilton)


We were greeted by this strange sight upon arriving at the park at the base of Light Street.

Seems someone went a little overboard on the suds today.

Adorable Rainbow Dash kid!

Ho-oh from Pokémon :D

And then it was OtaRockman time!

Otarockman is brought to you by Smirking Dr. Light.

Classic series only (plus lurking Tomahawkman.EXE)

X series only. Dr. Light is going "WOOOOO I'M A GHOST!"

EXE only
Poochy no

Zero series only

I believe this was our showing for ZX? I don't know much about ZX, unfortunately

There were entirely too many Blues, so we had them fight it out.

Terra_X showed up with her Pluto costume! \o/

When the fighting died down, there was dancing.

Oh yeah, here's Enemies Only
with bonus Smiling Light

Triple Threat


Roll cleans up the mess

Genderswap Blues & Roll, 'cause why not?

Meanwhile, Rock gets a boot repaired

Repairs done, also Pluto gets some poses in

Lady (characters) Only

The big ol' group shot!



I can't get over those eyebrows, they're amazing

In conclusion,

So that was it for Otarockman, now we're off to more random things, like Omegamon

I believe this lady is from Dark Souls? Either way, her costume was really impressive and it's too bad I didn't get a better photo

hey guys what's goin on

Oh... hello there...


Meanwhile in the Art Room, a really good Buggy the Clown!

And Baba from Spirited Away :3


I haven't seen these since Gigagurl_X's dragon way back in 2006! And this one's so fuzzy...

This dude was working both sides of the machine AND got a 700+ combo!


I know there's at least a couple of my friends who are only interested in this part, so here we go!

• BB 382 (Strike Liu Bei Gundam) & BB 383 (MSN-04 Sazabi)!
• "The Triforce of Bass" by DJ Cutman, Spamtron, Mykah & dj-Jo
Destined Legends, a card game with art by Cari Corene, which is who I bought it from
• extra-adorable Ampharos plush from Craneking
Deleter brand ink for dip-pen and manga paper
• DVDs: Digimon Adventure & 02 (MAI NOSTALGIA), Tenchi in Tokyo (MAI NOSTALGIA) and Panty & Stocky (THANKS ACER)
• Aquarius (thanks Hyde) & We Didn't Playtest This At All
• Pokémon trading cards, Digimon trading cards, Magic: the Gathering Modern Masters booster (didn't get anything SUPER awesome but it'll make good trade fodder) and some kind of strange Nintendo trading cards. you'll see what I mean if I ever get my scanner working.


I hit up Skipaway's table several times over the weekend, mainly to show her my excellent collection of Zoids books ;D
Pictured: Blade Liger (with Van), Liger Zero Schneider, Orihime flying away and.. the fourth picture isn't on DA, oh well :[ and also upside down in this photo, whoops

This here is stuff by Dizziness. Came for the ponies, stayed for the pretty-ass dragons.

I also picked up a $5 grab-bag and got these.

Celestia and Luna by Cinnamoron :3
(Confusingly I cannot find Luna)

Angrycat by Cinnamoron, Fluttershy & Discord by Cari Corene

I returned in force to Cari's table this year (after having bought a bunch of prints last year), buying up books (Toilet Genie, up above) and cards (Destined Legends) and things!
This is what's pictured here. It's shiny!

I didn't even know this existed
I really want to read it but it's got a fancy seal to go with its extra-fancy certificate of authenticity and I know I'll feel bad if I break it :(

This ALSO was waiting for when I got home! :3

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