So this is where I store stuff that's more me-oriented than the other pages. X)

Con and Costume reports

Cons I've been to:

PhilCon 2002
PhilCon 2003
Otakon 2004 (Cosplaying as Elecman.EXE)
PhilCon 2004
Otakon 2005 (Cosplaying as Elecman again)
PhilCon 2005
•Otakon 2006

Otakon 2007 (Cosplayed as Koren for all of five minutes; alas)
Otakon 2008
•Sakuracon 2009
•Otakon 2009
•Otakon 2010
•Otakon 2011
•Otakon 2012
Otakon 2013
•Otakon 2014

Art (Secondary page to my DevArt gallery.)



Introduction to String Theories
Written in 2002, as the final project for my physics class. Enjoy. ^^;
Individualism development via the Internet
2004, for Reasoning.


Madlib: Face of the Madlib
Madlib: BattleMLib
An also incomplete guide to some SysReset plugins and triggers. ^^;
A wanna-be list of IRC client errors and how to fix them (so far it only has "* Unable to resolve local host" in mIRC/SysReset. This is to help my fellow channel-mates who are lost and confused. XD;) (Last updated: 2007.03.04)

Online Tracks:

• early/mid 1998: TY Forums: I think I made all of two posts, under my real name..
• January 1999: Jazz2 City/Jazz Mega Message Board (JMMB): My main (almost only) haunt for two years, and still the only single MB that I got over 1,000 posts on. Posted, submitted levels, and played Jazz2 online as Talec, the name I've kept for nearly everything needing a username since. :P
• somewhere in 1999: Jazz Central message board: Long-dead board that I started a War Tavern-esque chain-fic thread on called the Diamondus Tavern. Man, I wish I saved it, that was a nifty story. =/
• 1999-2000 sometime: Forums: I mostly lurked in the Digimon section, if I remember correctly.
• September 2000: MBDS: An ezBoard I set up because it seemed like a cool thing to do. (Seriously, that was the reason.) It became the host of the Plot Battle chainfic, though, which I like a lot, and later in 2004 the home of the JazzMUSH Idea Thread, which is now inexplicably gone. (ETA: Now the entire board is gone. Ah well.)
• early 2001: The PokéTavern, ezBoard incarnation: Intelligent discussion! Utterly random discussion! It had it all! It switched over to the UBB Incarnation shortly after I joined, and then there was the YaBB, and I lost track of it after it moved into an ipB, until late 2005! :O It's gone again =/!
• mid 2001: Jazz2 Online: J2C's sequel and current JJ* community hub.
• 2001.11.11: GamingForce Forums: GFF! AxMan (JJ2 name, CyberSamus on GFF) advertised it that night in my Jazz server, I went to check it out, out of curiosity and boredom. Joined 15 minutes later as Na-keya, my only deviant nickname!

*skips around*

• 2003.02.19: The Padded Cell: Transformers! Whee! My main haunt for some months, until I ran into REO. :D
• 2003.07.23: The Sword and Serpent Tavern: A shiny MB I joined for the SoulBonding forum. It's since shut down; sadness.
• 2003.08.20: RockmanEXE Online: I first encountered the site on July 30th, but I didn't register on the forums until this day. ::lurk::
• 2003.08.24: DeviantART: When I first encountered DevArt, I swore I'd never join it unless it sped up. By this time, they'd gotten some more servers and weren't slow as tar anymore. So I joined! :>

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