Random IRC errors and how to fix them

When attempting to /DCC someone a file, you get
* Unable to resolve local host
Either in the server status page, or in the channel page.

Reason: mIRC/SysReset keeps a copy of your DNS info in "Local Info" under the Connect tree in mIRC Options. When it loses that info for whatever reason, it can no longer send files.

Solution! Some may tell you to
/dns <yournick>
But that has never worked for me. Retrieve your IP (either through sites such as WhatIsMyIP.com, or some servers will show your own IP if you /whois yourself) and paste it into the IP Address field in "Local Info".

That will fix the problem of a missing IP address; I have yet to encounter Missing Local Host info, so I'm not sure. Maybe that is what /dns <yournick> fixes?

2007.03.04: Okay, now I've encountered a Missing Local Host. While adding the missing IP address will make the send-window appear on your side, it won't show up on the other side. Hence,
/dns <yournick>
Go to your server window and copy the address that shows up, excluding the IP. (Although you can put the IP in the IP box if you really want to. ;P) That -should- work.

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