Raptojaguar Starter Box - Raptojaguar & Spear Wing

First off, I'm going to call the Raptojaguar the Rapjag, because its full name is too much effort to type all the time. XP

Anyway, unlike the Gil Dragon review, I didn't take any photos of construction, and this is mostly going to be a ramble on the Neoblox. The Rapjag and Spear Wing are my first from the line, and they are nifty~ :3

Box contents. The boxart shows the Rapjag's Fused form, which I think is called Raptoslasher. (Eh, I'm skimming over the story bit on the back. XP) The parts on the lower-right are the Spear Wing's -- they come in their own little bag, frameless. Random fact: the Spear Wing's single Blox is similar to the Blitz Haken's, but is not exactly the same. (The Blitz Haken is a promo Zoid that came with the 2004.11 issue of Dengeki Hobby Magazine).

For that matter, the Blitz Haken's connectors are also more similar to the Neoblox ones than the first Blox line. Hmm.

...Which brings me to the new "J" sprue. The Rapjag's is a nice black color, and made of a plastic that snaps easily where it's meant to! This is a very big yay for me, because I hate the the first-line J sprue's plastic. XD It takes forever to saw through, and then trimming the excess plastic just sucks, because I can never get a firm grip on it. By the end of assembly, my fingers hurt like heck. Whine, complain! But I like the new J sprue a lot.

'course, my fingers still hurt a lot after the Rapjag. Some of the parts (mostly connectors) /really/ don't want to go into their slots. This piece makes everything a lot easier. I normally ignore that part, but no more! It helped a lot. XD

Also, the pilots have a new mold. The Spear Wing has a regular grey pilot and the Rapjag gets a shiny silver one. The new ones don't seem to fit in the older Zoids' cockpits... at least, not in my other Raptor Zoids. Here's a pic comparing the Spear Wing's to a New-Release Empire pilot:

Looks like they get an environ-suit-thingy now. Good for them. :P

Anyway, kits! Yes. The Rapjag is neato and definitely recommended if one is a fan of saurian/raptor and Blox Zoids. I just assembled the guy, so I'm not going to go unassemble him to see how his parts fit with older Blox Zoids, but at least some of the pegs are compatable. Will check out the new connectors later. It also has a posable cockpit, due to how it connects. O.o Weird and random. Also, it has a commander horn, heehee. </random Gundam reference>

The Rapjag isn't a small kit; it's the largest raptor Zoid I have. Comparison photo; Blitz Haken in the front-left, Rev Raptor in the left-back, Rapjag in the center, and Gun Sniper on the right.

It's got the best feet (posable killer claw, YES <3) and hands of all my Raptor Zoids, so it wins for that. Otherwise, its form rather reminds me of ornithimimids (Struthiomimus and its kin). I think it's the long neck.

The Spear Wing is small (3 inches long excluding wings) and insecty. Highly recommended if you like bug-bots, it's really neat. :3 It's got nice parts for kitbashing, too.

Their fused form, the Raptoslasher, I haven't seen yet. I like to leave my Zoids assembled for a while before taking them apart again. XP

Other than that, hmm. Well, an odd thing is that the Rapjag's stats are printed on the manual's 'back page', but there doesn't seem to be a type listed anywhere. Meanwhile, the Spear Wing's instruction sheet (which is just a single piece of paper) has the type but I don't see stats anywhere. :/

Spear Wing photos: Front - Back - Side/Front - Side/Back - Top - Upside-down - Spears retracted (looks very insectlike this way)

Rapjag photos: Pose 1 - Pose 2 (I guess it doesn't like photos) - Pose 3 (king of the scanner!) - Pose 4 - Pose 4, different angle (He has no face! >.>;;) - Pose 4, side

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