Yay mecha!

List of my Zoids, including sizes and other such stats. (last update: 2009.03.23)

Zenevas Memorial Box photos and some scans. Cute stuff~ (last update: 2008.03.31)
[GB-003] Bio Kentro Photos (no index, because I'm LAZY!) (last update: 2006.10.18)
[GZ-018] Gil Dragon Assembly Review/Fangushing, yay dragons! (last update: 2005.12.30)
[EZ-026] Geno Saurer, Kotobukiya High-End-Master Model! (last update: 2008.03.31)
[EZ-108] Gravity Ptera Photos (last update: 2006.05.20)
[NBZ-08] Raptojaguar Set, which includes the Raptojaguar and Spear Wing. (last update: 2006.05.25)
[NBZ-09] Bite Griffon, as well as photos of its component Zoids ([NBZ-01] Brave Jaguar, [NBZ-02] Hard Bear & [NBZ-03] Hurricane Hawk). I might make an actual review, but for now I'll just note here: it's nifty! And smaller than I thought it would be. (last update: 2006.12.08)
[RPZ-03] Shield Liger, Kotobukiya High-End-Master Model version! Love and bloodied fingers abound! (last update: 2009.03.23)

Zoids Legacy, which for now has explanation of controls and stats, and the overworld tune in mp3 format. :3 (last update: 2006.03.31)
Thoughts on Zoids Fuzors (Season 4) (last update: 2003.10.25)

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