Zoids Fuzors

October 25, 2003 -- Some don't like the name, but it does accurately portray the "special quality" of this season -- older design Zoids fusing with the newer design Blox Zoids. I do have a few random ideas as of this writing, when I've seen episodes 3 and 4, so here they are.. They may not be accurate, of course, but these are my thoughts as they come up. ^_^

My most immediate thought is that this season is to manga-universe Chaotic Century as anime-New Century Zero is to anime-Chaotic Century; the world has changed much, but it's still the same universe. At least some of the humans here treat their Zoid partners as semisentient beings capable of understanding them. (Bit in New Century Zero tended towards this, but was also made fun of by the others on his team -- except for Leon -- for doing it.)

To me, this means that the relationship between Zoids and humans is much more relaxed and "ordinary" than in any of the other sagas. (By ordinary, I mean having a Zoid for a partner is like having a dog as a partner.. There's nothing particularly special about it. However, I still haven't seen the first two episodes, so I could be wrong about this still.)

I also found the "pack" of Unenlagia in episode three (four? five?) very interesting, for it says something about the free will and mobility of non-piloted (wild) Zoids in that universe. They appear to generally be much like giant, mechanical wild animals here... Animals with varying intelligence, like here on Earth. :)

And there's one last thing I'd like to wonder about... Where is the Zoid core in the Blox Zoids? The way they break apart like that, it seems that would be rather stressful for the core... Are Blox cores stronger than usual? It might make sense... But I can't think how. ^^;

That might be all for tonight. But I may update this later. ^_^

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