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Highly recommended just to check out Old Timers from along the Erie Tracks!

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Postcards & Clippings

Callicoon, NY (1895)
Postcard: Featuring the water tower for steam trains, the Western Hotel and the building next door to it. Better printing

Callicoon, NY: Looking southwest from over the railroad / River Rd
Postcard sent August 27, 1905 (back)

Callicoon, NY: Looking northeast (1900's)
Newspaper clipping: Fred Schuetz's photo gets a reprint in 1954 (reverse side)

Old Mine Road, Pahaquarry Township, NJ (1955)
Newspaper clipping: History of a road. Bonus side-story of Rolf Thorvaldson, who was picked up outside Los Angeles after spending 130 days in a small boat at sea. (Reverse p1/p2 Sports news)

Hiking and Camping in New Jersey (June 21, 1959)
Newspaper clipping (reverse)

Ghost hunting in Long Valley, NJ (March 27, 1977)
Newspaper clipping (reverse)

Damascus, PA (1930s, specifics unknown)
Newspaper clipping reprinting a postcard showing Delaware Avenue. From the Sullivan County Democrat, August 15 1980.

Callicoon, NY (May 24, 1996)
Newspaper clipping about Lander's plans to open a convenience store on A Dorrer Dr.

Callicoon, NY (May 28, 1996)
Newspaper clipping about funding secured for the new storm-drain system for the town, in the wake of the massive flooding that January.

Undated Pictures

Callicoon, NY (date unknown)
Postcard: Old bridge with tollhouse

Callicoon, NY (date unknown)
Postcard: Main Street. I'm pretty none of these buildings still exist, thanks to fires. Especially if that is the coal tower on the upper-left -- then this whole street is like 15 feet off to the side of the modern one. (back)

Callicoon, NY (date unknown)
Postcard: Erie Railroad Station

Callicoon, NY (date unknown)
Postcard: Village square, featuring the Erie Station on the left and the Western Hotel on the right

Callicoon, NY (date unknown)
Postcard: Olympia Hotel

Callicoon, NY (date unknown)
Postcard: St Joseph's Seraphic Seminary (back)

Callicoon, NY (date unknown)
Postcard: St Joseph's College

Red School House (date unknown)
I was asked to scan this by a relative of one of the children in this class photo. Crop featuring the children

Damascus, PA (date unknown, aerial photo)
Writing on the backside

Callicoon & Damascus (date unknown, aerial photo)

Callicoon & Damascus (date unknown, aerial photo)

Callicoon, NY (date unknown, aerial photo)

Callicoon, NY (date unknown)
Postcard: I didn't scan this, I found it on a site that did not have any information about it either. :V I figured I'd put it with the rest of the postcards I'd found anyway. Featuring the 1906 on the right and the big blueish building next door, which still exist today.

Unsorted Pictures

Basket Historical Society, Long Eddy, NY (date unknown)

??? (date unknown)
I was asked to scan and upload this, but I don't know where it is. Writing on the back of the photo