Tractor Parade 2006

Standard Angle #1

Standard Angle #2

"My cows listen to Thunder 102"




An old truck!

Carrying an old tractor!

Wooden body!


Odd tanky thing!

Another angle!

Sleek modern model

Kinda minimalistic

Sheppard Diesel

"This tractor is old and so is its driver but they both still work (sometimes)"

This was the first time I'd seen a mower-tractor, it was so inexplicable at the time lol

This, on the other hand, was entirely explicable, in that he shows up at every parade

Masked Man Tows Santa Claus: more at 11

This tractor has the same color scheme as the japanese Nintendo

Just driving down main street with the doors open

He is Ready

Nice rollcage

it's coming. . .

The combine, my favorite!

How does it get here? Who knows

It's wider than most of the roads to GET here

It always finishes the parade

After the parade, everyone goes to the community center's park

Community Center park

The train got repainted and de-roofed, now where will I idle and draw =( (also RIP train, rekt by flood)


Food and the people who eat it

Skatepark becomes more of a showcase

People parking illegally on the bridge

On the way to Scranton, we got stymied by tractors going home

Tractor Parade 2008

She has an entrant paper, that means she's riding a tractor

A train of tractors!

Standing room only

I feel like the train company should have brought that one down to the parade

A second pilot seat! That'd make them the gunner, right?

More standing room only

This guy is Prepared

As is this guy

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I really like seeing these tractors that left their chassis behind, it's really interesting



After the parade, on Creamery Rd

On its way back home

"In Memory of Gary S. Kays"
(I was tempted to try and follow it, to see just how it gets away from Callicoon)

Rad car

The all-important Tractor Repair Van

2013: My dad uploaded an album of his photos on Flickr