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Lost and Found
by Melady101

   Mel: -.-

   Raptor: >.> I didn't know you were allowed to sleep in school.

   Yin-Yang: v_v;;; She's not. She's just catching up on the sleep she didn't get last night.

   Raptor: I didn't know we were allowed at school.

   Yin-Yang: We're not, but Mel wants this up.

   Raptor: Oh…..o.o She's gonna get in trouble.

   Yin-Yang: I doubt it. Disclaimer is the same as always and Mel wrote this while she has writer's block.

   Raptor: Also it's very short. Hope you like it anyway.

Chapter 2 - Chapter 3 - Chapter 4

Lost and Found
Chapter 3

(Magna-Musai: Loading/Launching Bay)

The whole room was quiet when Gerbera entered with Grappler in tow. Somehow the lieutenant colonel had found out about Zapper running off to Lacroa and Sazabi going after him. Unfortunately Grappler also heard that the commander had set out to pick up three people and was returning with three dead people. “Grappler I really must insisted we get you back to the infirmary. Your condition is bad enough as it is without doing all this moving around.”

“No! I'm fine professor. Besides…I gotta stay.” Grappler responded. In the distance he could see the Komusai returning to base and his heart began to ache. Gerbera saw the lieutenant colonel's sorrow and quickly tried to cheer him up. “Remember Sazabi said he had someone who was injured as well.” But the professor was, like always, ignored.

Soldiers big and small ran forward as the Komusai landed and looked sorrowfully at the people who came out. The first two Dogas were each carrying a small black body bag which Grappler assumed were the two zako soldiers. Then other soldiers emerged with nothing but sad faces.

“Grappler!” came the surprised voice of Tank from behind as she and Destroyer ran into the hanger. Just as the two reached the lieutenant colonel two more Dogas stepped out of the Komusai and they too were carrying a body bag. This one, however, was bigger then the other two and Grappler suppressed a sob in his throat. Destroyer's eyes widened as well and Gerbera sighed. Tank continued to stare though before nudging her in the side. “Grappler…was that…” and the girl trailed off, knowing she'd upset him even more if she continued.

Then everyone but the lieutenant colonel gasped. Grappler had turned to leave, but Gerbera pulled him back. “Grappler…look!” the professor exclaimer, pointing over at the Komusai. When Grappler turned and saw what everybody else had he too gasped.

Sazabi had emerged from the warship, holding the end of a long chain that connected to a collar. The collar itself was snapped around Zapper's neck, but the colonel didn't seem to care. His wrists were held tight in cuffs behind his back and the colonel seemed to have a hard time walking with the shackles around his ankles.

“Sazabi!” Gerbera shouted, running up to the commander. “What is the meaning of this?” But Sazabi ignored Gerbera and continued walking. “Sazabi?!”

“Not now Gerbera.” The commander growled. The professor was scared into silence by the lieutenant general's tone. Grappler had been shocked into silence as well, but that was when he'd seen Zapper; the colonel had numerous injuries, but what scared Grappler most of all was how much blood was covering Zapper's body. The front, top half of his form was covered by the dark blood of a Dark Axis soldier and the rest of his body was drenched in the light red blood of a Lacroan knight.

“We're holding a trial in half an hour. Zapper shall be sharing with us his story of why he hijacked the dimension gate in Lab 3 and was found at the center of a group of dead bodies. We shall also be judging if he's our traitor or not. You may attend if you like; it's going to be an open trial.” There was a pause and Sazabi gave the chain he was holding a hard yank, alerting Zapper to walk. “But it sure did look suspicious. With those knights around and all. Plus your dagger was in that zako's chest and I watched you kill Gan. The other zako was a mystery at first, but I looked at all those knight's bodies, took pictures too and one of them had the same kind of burn. The only difference was the one on the knight was cruder then the one that killed our soldier.”

Zapper was silent and his eyes were hazed over. He'd heard what Sazabi had said though and knew the commander was right. All the evidence, at first glance, pointed to him and the colonel doubted anybody would dig much deeper into this case or listen to his side of the story. They might as well have killed him one sight. He was as good as dead anyway.

The commander walked into a room and pulled the chain hard, causing Zapper to fall over. “Now be good and wait here while we prepare.” Sazabi said as he attached the chains to the wall. “And please don't try anything stupid. I'd hate to see you die in here.”

The commander took the cuffs from around Zapper's hands and chained his wrists to a longer chain connected to the wall before leaving the colonel alone in the darkness. As his vision adjusted, however, Zapper's eyes widened in horror. He was in the prison sector, in one of the cells that were meant for prisoners of war. “I'm not….I didn't…I'm just…” But Zapper knew there was no point in arguing with his fate. So, now that he was trapped in the dark cell the colonel looked across the room, but shivered at what he saw.

In the opposite cell was a man; his skin was unhealthily pale and it looked as if he were sleeping. Knowing he couldn't do much more then observe though Zapper pulled himself into corner and laid down, trying to find a comfortable position despite the chains. The chains, however, made a lot of noise and the other prisoners began to whisper to one another, discussing the new arrival and what he could've done to get him chained up.

Zapper didn't care though; he just laid there, his eyelids becoming heavier with every passing second. Finally the colonel fell into a well deserved sleep, his rhythmic breathing to quiet for anyone to hear.

The man in the opposite cell, however, had been awoken by the noise of Sazabi dropping Zapper off and opened one of his eyes, trying to see the newcomer through the darkness. “How's he look?” someone down the line of cells asked.

“Looks like a girl.” The man responded moving to the front of his cell

“So now they've resorted to torturing fair medians! The fiends!” one of the other prisoners shouted angrily.

“Not moving either. Probably someone who couldn't get away from a fire fight.”

“Do you think she'll talk to us?”

“Probably not for a while. Especially not if those monsters did anything to her.”

“We'll just have to check her when they let us out then. Maybe she'll tell us what's going on outside.”

Everyone agreed to this, wanting desperately to know about the war. The only way they could get news was ask as new prisoners were brought in, but it had been a long time since someone had been captured. Now they just had to wait for one of the three times during the day that they were allowed out of their cell to stretch their legs and eat.

“Hey guys, how old do you think she is?” There was a loud bang and a yelp of pain following this question. “Just keep your mouth shut you pervert. I'm not going to let you even see her if you make one more comment like that.”

“Aw come on. You're my cell mate and should know I didn't mean it like that.”

“But you did. Like you said, since I'm your cell mate, I can tell the deference and that my friend was meant to be a perverted comment.”

The first man sighed and sat down on the cold floor. “Fine. She's off limits. I won't touch her.”

“Good. Now go back to your side of the cell. You're too close to me.” There was another sigh followed by more silence before everyone went back to discussing the newcomer who they thought was female and on their side. If they got to see the colonel before he was taken again though, the other prisoners were going to be in for a big surprise.


(Prison Sector- later)

“Are you sure it's still locked?”

“Yes I'm sure! Test the door yourself. It won't open.”

“But why not? Even if they'd opened the door, she's still in chains.”

“Look at all the blood. Her clothes and hair are caked with it.”

“Do you think she's bleeding that much?”

“Maybe she's dead; she's not moving at all.”

“Maybe if her back wasn't to us, we could see her from the front, we'd be able to tell.”

“I thought I told you no more perverted comments!”

“OW! I didn't mean it like that.”

Zapper's mind was crowded by the many voices echoing through the darkness, but they obviously weren't talking about him since they kept saying “she” or “her.”

“Hey wait! You see that? I think she's moving.”

The colonel opened his eyes and tired to move his hand, but his body was in so much pain. Weather it was from the battle that happened not to long ago or sleeping on the ground in chains Zapper didn't know, but his movements were limited. His voice had long since left as well, but the colonel wasn't planning on saying anything anyway.

Slowly, Zapper sat up, his back still to the front of the cell and all the other prisoners began speaking again.

“Hey! She's not dead.”

“Fair maiden are you all right?”

“Can you turn around?”

“That's it! I told you once, I told you twice and now you're gone.”

“But I'm not gonna do anything.”

“Perverts like you need to be taught a lesson.”

“Will both of you just shut up! You might scare her.”

Zapper massaged his forehead as he listened to the other prisoners, wishing they'd shut up. “They can fawn over women all they want, but do they have to be so loud.” The colonel thought, wondering if there was any way to shut the prisoners up.

“Hey! Can you hear us?”

“God this isn't working. Give me that. Hey you! Woman!” Something hit the back of Zapper's head and the colonel flinched. “Yeah, you in the chains. Would you talk to us or something?”

Zapper suddenly froze, his eyes widening. “They're talking to me?!” The colonel thought. “They think I'm a girl?!?!” Zapper looked down at the chains on his wrists, wondering if they were long enough to allow him to reach through the bars and strangle whoever he could catch.

This theory, however, didn't get tested because right as Zapper was going to try and stand a section of the wall slid away, revealing Sazabi. The prisoners all gasped and back away, but some were brave enough to move back to the bars. “Hey you fiend. Why did you put the fair maiden in chains? Surely even scum like you treat women better.”

Sazabi cocked an eyebrow, glancing at Zapper before suppressing a laugh. “Fair maiden?” But the commander saw the look Zapper was giving him and decided that he wasn't going to pursue the matter further. Instead he unlocked the colonel's wrists before putting them back into cuffs. This time, however, he didn't lock Zapper's hands behind his back and the colonel was grateful. But when Sazabi took the chain connected to Zapper's collar from the wall he gave it a hard yank and the colonel fell.

This caused the prisoners to all jump forward, shouting angrily through the bars. The commander just ignored them as he pulled Zapper to his feet and dragged him out of the cell, the door sliding closed behind them. In the hall the two could still hear the prisoners shouting, but as they walked the noise grew fainter.

“I see you made some friends.” Sazabi said. “But perhaps that's only because they thought you were female.” Much to the commander's surprise though, Zapper said nothing as a response. The commander glanced back at the colonel, wondering what was wrong with him. “What's wrong Zapper? No response? Not going to defend yourself as I insult you?” Sazabi asked. Again the colonel was silent.

“I hope you're not planning on being silent through your trial. It will force us to charge you guilty. And, even though I'm not supposed to be saying this, I think you're innocent. It looks really suspicious, but I don't think you'd ever do something like this.” Zapper looked up at Sazabi weakly, but the commander wasn't turned around. “Here we are.”

The two stopped in front of a metal door and Zapper shrunk back slightly. Sazabi jerked him forward though and they both went inside. With the door closed it was dark, but Sazabi didn't care. The commander locked the chain connected to the collar to a ring on the floor and he locked the cuffs down too. “Just a word of advice,” Sazabi whispered as a large slate of metal began to lift up, allowing light to flood into the room. “Get into a talkative mood and try not to sulk. You might not like what happens otherwise.”

And with that the commander moved back into the shadows, leaving Zapper alone to his fate. The section of the floor he'd been chained to separated itself and floated out into what looked like a coliseum. There were a lot of spectators, each in their own hovering craft. Each was only large enough to hold about five people, but the main craft, hovering on the opposite side of the room, was bigger and was currently holding many of the leaders of the Dark Axis with the rank of brigadier general or higher.

Standing at the center of the high officials was a boy. The bottom half of his face was covered by a face plate, his light violet eyes looked somewhat curious, his deep red hair matching Zapper's own and he was extremely pale. On his forehead was a shining, round pale-rose gem; the child's third eye.

To the boy's left Sazabi slipped into the open seat, unnoticed. On the child's right the seat was still empty, however, but nobody seemed to care. Before long a soldier stood up and spoke.

“Zapper Zaku. Colonel, member of the Dark Axis Trio and descendent of Kharlan; you have been charged with three acts of comrade murder. You've also been charged with the treasonous act of passing information to the enemy, causing us many casualties and, perhaps even, the war itself. You cannot, however, be found guilty until we've heard your side of the story. If you're story is found truthful your sentence will be declined. If you're found guilty, however, your sentence will be carried through.” The soldier paused, looking around the room. “This trial is, in fact, open to all soldiers, but we ask that you not interrupt unless asked to comment.”

Everyone muttered in agreement to this before the soldier shouted, “Let the trial begin.”

   Mel: *wakes up*

   Raptor: Bought time. You almost slept through the whole hour.

   Mel: But it's only second period -.-

   Yin-Yang: Well we're not covering for you today.

   Mel: ;____; Why not?

   Yin-Yang: It's your responsibility to learn, not ours. *leaves*

   Raptor: ^^ See ya at home *leaves*

   Mel: >< Nooooo!!!! I can't last the rest of the day alone……..They left me ;_____; *silence* well anyway, I haven't had a chance to check this over so disregard the mistakes for now. And I like reviews…..really like reviews.

Chapter 2 - Chapter 3 - Chapter 4
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