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Second Beginning
by Melady101

Chapter 2 - Chapter 3 - Chapter 4

Second Beginning
Chapter 3

(Blanc Base 6:00AM)

Chief Haro was standing alone at his usual post. Everything was silent; no one was there that morning seeing as how it was Sunday. Everyone was supposed to be with their family or at church, but he hadn't gone home the night before.

“Chief Haro what are you still doing here?” asked a familiar white gundam, Captain. Haro sighed and decided not to go into details with the gundam. “I lost track of time last night. Nothing all that unusual.”

“Well I believe you should head home. Your family must be pretty worried about you by now.” Captain said, a hint of concern in his voice. When Haro turned around he studied Captain's new look. Since the battle with Sazabi Captain had had many upgrades until they'd reached Hyper Mode Option Z, the highest upgrade he could get.

“Why don't you take the day off too Captain.”

“But sir I couldn't leave the base unprotected.” Captain said, surprised by his commander's sudden change in attitude.

“There's no need to protect the base Captain; we no longer have any enemies. Besides I'm sure Shute and Jiro would be happy to see you.” Haro insisted as he turned to leave. Captain followed behind until they came to the transportation. There they separated, Haro boarding what looked like an open elevator and Captain flying away in search of Shute and Jiro.

Haro had seemed upset about something, but when Captain had been given permission to leave to spend the day with Shute and Jiro he couldn't refuse. Captain knew Chief Haro was also right about them not needing anyone to protect the base. There hadn't been many disruptions in the city since the Dark Axis had been defeated.

It was kinda boring without them, but Captain himself enjoyed the newly restored peace. It gave him more time to hang out with Shute and Jiro, get to know more about the human way of life. Now he had a whole day to do as he pleased, if he could find his two friends that is.

(Long Household- 7:00 AM)

Kiyoshi had arrived about five minutes before the hour, but Zakkary and Zamar had been fighting all morning and were now getting ready for the day ahead. Kenshin had come over to help do some work around the house, seeing how he had the day off at work and was now chatting with Kiyoshi about the different tech and robots that Kiyoshi got to work with in his shop.

“Oh Kiyoshi I almost forgot, thanks for that little wrist computer you made. I tried it out and was surprised at what happened, but it's pretty cool. Why did you make it though and what pushed you to make that kind of armor?” Kenshin asked, examining the device on his wrist.

“Well I don't really know why I chose that design, but I think it might have something to do with our memory spirits. I think that since it's so close to the ritual date they're getting excited and we're seeing more flashbacks then usual.”

“Oh, you guys can't wait to get your memories back hu?” Kenshin asked, sounding kinda depressed.

“Well yeah, I can't help, but wonder about my first life. I mean I wanna know who I was and what I did. Maybe if you guys would just tell us our spirits wouldn't act up like they do.”

“We told you guys before. Your past identities aren't to be known until you're 13. That's when your spirits think you'll be ready to handle them, but to tell the truth I think 13 is still too young.” Kenshin said as Kiyoshi frowned at him. “I will tell you this Kiyoshi. No matter who you used to be it doesn't have to change who you are now, if you accept your memory spirits then you need to know that. Also, don't go blabbin' to everyone about how we're a family of reincarnated spirits. Not many people would appreciate it if they knew we got to live more then once.”

“Why?” Kiyoshi asked. That was the one word Kenshin hated. Why. His brothers would constantly repeat the word until he gave in or left. Now he was trapped though. What should he say? He didn't like to lie to Kiyoshi and the others. He's treated them bad enough in their first life and didn't want to mess it up again. So he answered as truthfully as he could.

“Let's just say that the people of Neotopia would think that lots of others deserve a second shot at life before we should.”

“Why? Was it because we were bad people?” Kiyoshi asked, making Kenshin hesitate. Before he had to answer the twins walked in on the conversation and Kiyoshi followed them outside. There Zamar grabbed his skateboard while Zakkary put his blades into a small backpack. Kiyoshi mounted his mountain bike and Zakkary stood on the two metal rods on each side of the back wheel. Kiyoshi had put those there so either Zamar or Zakkary could ride with him. He'd also attached a small handle bar for his second rider to hold on to. Usually it was Zakkary who rode with him, but Zamar would occasionally when his board was being repaired or something.

Today they were going to one of their favorite skate parks on the outskirts of town. The place also had an off rode trail for bikers and mountain boarders. You could even borrow equipment if you didn't have your own. The cool thing was that the group that owned the park provided everything the extreme athletes would need to have a good time and they didn't have to pay anything at all. The owners also seemed to like zako soldiers for not a single human or mobile Neotopian citizen could get a job there.

When they arrived the five currently there greeted the trio as old friends, which they all were of course. Zakkary and the others been there so many times and hung out with the zakos so much that the park was like a second home. They even had their own room connected to the lounge to store all their extra gear so they wouldn't have to hale it back and forth from their house.

“Hey guys, good to see ya.” One of the zakos shouted.

“Hey, what's been goin on lately?” Zamar asked as Zakkary left to retrieve their mountain boards. The zakos all looked at one another before another stepped forward. “It's going well and the owners are even going to expand our boarders, but someone needs to go out there and find the best spots so they know where to put the new trails.”

“Expansion?! That's cool; you guys haven't been able to find anyone to do the job I'm guessing?” Zamar said. The zakos nodded their heads and Zakkary returned with two mountain boards in his arms. One he tossed to his brother before setting his on the ground, waiting for the other two. “We're gonna go scout the new grounds Zakkary. You up to it?” Zamar asked, almost sarcastically with the last part.

Zakkary glared at him and Zamar took that as a yes. “Alright then, we'll go check the new area out and mark the best places to ride. We'll be back later.” Zamar shouted as the three took off towards the off road trail boarders. The area had everything you could ask for. Even Kiyoshi enjoyed the hills and ditches that covered the mountainous trails.

“So how far out do you think we're supposed to go?” Zakkary shouted at his brother. Kiyoshi looked over at Zamar too and waited for him to answer. “I guess we go until we hit unrideable terrain.” He shouted back at the others. With that they all separated and scouted the area for good trails and riding grounds.

After about five hours they returned to the main park and rested in the lounge and Kiyoshi gave the zakos a digital map of the places they'd gone. Once the zakos had it they left, returning to their jobs outside.

Zakkary had retrieved his blades and was working on them while Zamar and Kiyoshi talked about the new trails when someone slammed the door open and stomped towards them. “I should have known you guys would be here!” Jiro shouted, pointing at the three.

“Well duh. We practically live here kid. This is our place and we don't like wanna-be children like you hangin around. Why don't you head on back to the kiddy park they build over by the school where you belong.” Zakkary said, not bothering to look up from his work. Jiro glared daggers at him, but Zakkary took no notice at all.

“It just so happens that this place is open to any and all people who wish to partake in the extreme sports so I can come here any time I want.” Jiro shouted making all three roll their eyes. The boy glared at them again before pointing at Zakkary. “And you should apologies for making fun of me or I'll-”

“Or you'll what kid. Run to your big brother and hide behind him, hoping he'll fight your battles.” Zakkary responded mockingly. Zamar noticed his brother was acting differently all of the sudden, like a mood swing or something.

“No! I have friends-”

“Ooo. He's got friends. How terrifying.” Zakkary interrupted again, looking up at Jiro's face. The boy's green eyes were as narrow as he could manage to make them go, but Zakkay's eyes grew even narrower and he smirked at Jiro. “You think the empty threats of a momma's boy really mean anything to me kid. Even alone I could take on all your little `friends' with one hand tied behind my back.” Then he paused and Zamar suddenly noticed that his eyes were beginning to glow. “You humans are all the same. You think you're all that, but when it comes to real life you use others to do your dirty work. In the end you'll all get it though. You'll all pay for -” but he was cut off when Zamar covered his mouth and pulled him back, hitting the back of Zakkary's neck, temporarily paralyzing him.

Jiro was staring at Zakkary with a shocked look on his face. The boy didn't know what to feel at the sudden outburst, but he was obviously afraid. Zamar glared at him and Kiyoshi turned his sunglasses on him, obviously glaring too. His mind chose fear as the dominant emotion and Jiro headed out the door, but before he went outside and stopped and said, “Oh and my name isn't `kid' it's Jiro.” and with that he left.

Zamar waited another five seconds before releasing his brother. This move, however, was met with a violent retaliation leaving Zamar with a black eye while Zakkary disappeared into their storage room with his blades in hand. Kiyoshi called after him, but stayed back to help Zamar and when he heard the storage door slam he knew it was too late to catch Zakkary.

Zakkary had dropped his skates off, grabbed his mountain board and was now heading for the trail marked for only top boarders and bikers on account that it lead into the forest. At the entrance he spotted Jiro with his older brother and with them was Neotopia's protector, Captain Gundam. He'd always hated gundams, but most of his hate went to Captain. He didn't know why, but he was sure that it had something to do with his first life. His eyes suddenly began to glow again and as he passed the gundam their eyes meet; his glare full of hate and Captain's stare of shock.

Then Zakkary disappeared into the forest trail, leaving the three behind. Captain stared after him, amazed at how familiar the boy was. Then he remembered; 12 years ago, at the Towers, the little boy, he had red eyes, but they had been brighter and the boy's hair had been blond. Maybe they were related.

“See Captain, I told you. He's trouble. You should teach him and his friends a lesson for saying such horrible things.” Jiro said glaring up at Zamar and Kiyoshi as the exited the lounge. Zamar looked over in his direction before looking up the forest trail. Kiyoshi mounted his bike and took off, Zamar running after him before jumping onto his skateboard.

Shute watched them go before turning on his little brother. “What did he say to you that was so bad Jiro?” he asked. Captain also wanted to hear what the boy had said. “Well first he was insulting me and calling me a kid, but then he kinda lost it. He said something about how us humans being all the same and how we use others. Then he started to say something about us having to pay, but the kid with blue hair stopped him from sayin anymore.” Jiro respond, saying the last part like it didn't matter. All he cared about was that they got the part about him getting insulted.

Captain and Shute looked at each other, both thinking the same thing. “I think we've been out here long enough for one day don't you Captain?” Shute asked glancing at his little brother. Captain gave Shute a confused look before he got what Shute as doing and answered, “Yes, we should take Jiro home, maybe visit with your parents for a while.”

“But but what about that kid?” Jiro asked, shocked that his older brother wasn't going to do anything about the troublemaker and his pals. Shute seemed to ignore his younger brother's comment as they walked back to his car and drove (Captain flying) to Shute's old house where his family still lived; Kiko, Nana, Mark and Jiro.

When they arrived a 14 year old Nana greeted Shute and Captain before taking her brother inside to help her with some things. Every time Shute sees his younger sister he swears that she looks just like Sayla and Mayor Margaret combined. Next in line was Kiko who seemed, for an unknown reason, very happy at the moment.

“It's so nice to see you two again. Your father has been looking for you Shute; I think he wants to tell you something.”

“Where is he now?” Shute asked his mother.

“I believe he's in his studio.” Kiko answered. Both Shute and Captain disappeared inside the house and headed towards Mark's studio. The door was locked so they knocked. “Who is it?” came Mark's voice threw the door.

“It's Shute dad, Captain too. We need to talk.” Shute said back threw the door. Within seconds Mark had opened the door and pulled the two inside. “I know.” he said, closing the door and locking it again.

“Dad we meet these boys, I've seen them on more then one occasion. I think they're somehow connected to the Dark Axis. I think they're going to try to bring them back and conquer all dimensions, starting with us!” Shute exclaimed as his father walked to the other side of the room.

“Well Shute I don't think that these boys are just trying to resurrect the Dark Axis; I believe that they are part of the old Dark Axis.”

“But that's not possible. Every Dark Axis operative except the zako soldiers was wiped out.” Captain stated.

“And add to that that the old Dark Axis crew hated organic life.” Shute added.

“I know, but I don't think that they were just part of the old crew we know of.” Mark responded, turning his computer on. Shute was about to speak again, but Mark spoke first. “I think they are the old crew.”

With the last statement Shute and Captain fell silent, staring at Mark like he had gone completely mad. Mark however ignored them and brought up the profiles Kao Lyn had showed him, they'd had a few things added on since their meeting however.

“Um…. sir what you're saying couldn't possible be true. The trio died twelve years ago in the September 11th bombing. Even if they were reborn they wouldn't come back as human beings. It's impossible.” Captain said, looking at Mark. Shute was worried too, but waited to see what his father had to say.

“Yes I know they died, but look at these boy's profiles. All three of them were born on the same day the generals died and each has distinct traits relating to the one they were reincarnated from.” Mark said quickly, pulling up a recent picture of the three. Shute and Captain just looked at it and made it look like they were paying attention when they really weren't. Then Mark brought up Kenshin's file.

Captain's eyes widened, `The kid from the towers. It's him' he thought as Mark explained the new file. “This boy was born on May 13th, the day Sazabi was destroyed Captain. This boy is the reincarnation of Commander Sazabi.”

“Dad, a few minor co-incidents don't mean a thing to the bigger picture; these boys are NOT the Dark Axis. They may be trying to bring them back, but there's no way they're reincarnated. Like Captain said it's impossible.” Shute said, close to shouting.

Mark glared at his son. He needed to convince these two of the potential danger these people were if they had memories of their past. Mark hadn't liked the first Dark Axis invasion and wasn't in the mood to deal with another one that, with their new knowledge by getting another life, would be harder to stop then the last one.

Captain and Shute, however, no longer had any intention to listen to Mark try and prove his theory so they unlocked the door behind them and left the room. They both quickly made their way out front and ignored Jiro, who was begging that they take him wherever it was they were going. Shute was soon annoyed by his little brother and glared down at him before jumping in his car and driving away.

Jiro looked on after him before turning and watching Captain fly away as well. Now he stood outside, alone. Both of his so called friends had deserted him, all most likely because of those other kids. If they hadn't seen those troublemakers at the skate park then maybe Captain and Shute wouldn't be acting so weird.

“Grrrr! Those jerks! They're nothing, but a bunch of losers without a life so they go around ruining other people's to make up for it. (To keep the rating of this story down and to make it so that others can read I made this short and swear free, but originally Jiro was so mad he was swearing up a storm)

“Who do they think they are anyway? They go around actin like they own the city. Well I'll show them. They may think I'm weak, but if me and my friends band together we'll teach them a lesson they'll never forget.” Jiro said to himself, walking back towards the house. This threat however was never followed through because, although he'd never admit it, Jiro was too afraid to take Zakkary and the others on. Even if he had others at his side Jiro feared that these boys weren't like your average school bullies; they would fight back and they wouldn't care if someone was getting hurt.

Chapter 2 - Chapter 3 - Chapter 4
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