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Updates Archive: 2008
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   2008.12.26: Hey, it looks like staff-selected episodes of SDGF are airing Tuesdays 10:30PM on Tokyo MX (japanese channel). Here's its info page, it's nifty. :3 Random, but hey.

   2008.12.25: GUESS WHAT I GOT TODAY :D
   Scans + info page forthcoming.
   Also updating the links to YesAsia in the Taiwanese Release section, everything's in stock if you want to pick up a cheaper foreign-language set~
   In case updating the DVD page takes too long, the new URLs are:
   Volume 1Box 1 (vol.2-4 with space for vol.1) • Box 2 (vol.5-7) •
   Box 3 (vol.8-10) • Box 4 (vol.11-13)
   Altogether it's still cheaper than the Japanese boxset, but instead of new things you get liner notes in Traditional Chinese.

   2008.12.04: Added We Love SD to the Links page. ^^ It's a japanese site that links to the other official SD Gundam sites, like SDGF's and Sangokuden's, and has a news feed for SD stuffs (in japanese, naturally).
   On Sunrise's SDGF products page, it describes what's in the boxset and also has a wallpaper at the bottom of the page, available in 1024x768 or 1280x1024. c:
   I haven't bought one yet. It's so expensive! ;3;

   I struck out the special features note below because I will now transliterate what Sunrise's page says!
   • List price: ¥50,000 (¥52,500 including tax)
   • 14-disc DVD-BOX (13 discs of original series + bonus disc)
   • All 52 episodes / 1302 minutes
   • Item code: BCBA-3360
   • Sold by Bandai Visual

   1. Bonus Disc: "Zako Zako Disc"
   • In which they speak of the glorious history of the Zako Soldier! Check out this new Zako Zako Hour, zako!!
   • Contains:
   • New production, "Zako Zako Hour Special Edition"
   • "SD Gundam Force Hakai-Daishogun Arawaru!! Zako?" ("The Daishogun of Destruction Appears!! Zako?")
   • Sanrio Pyuurorando originally screened this, zako.
   [Presumably it will be as Wikipedia says: "[Only] The video portion of this attraction will be included as an extra on the forthcoming complete Japanese SD Gundam Force DVD boxset."]
   • "SD Gundam Force Daikessen! Jigen Kaizoku De'Scar!" ("Showdown! Dimensional Pirates De'Scar!")
   • The opening movie from the PS2 game, zako.
   • "Zako Zako Zako Hour"
   [Sorry, no idea what this sentence means ^^;; "商品紹介用に作られたザコザコアワーザコ。"]
   • "SIGGRAPH2003 tech talks - Trailer"
   • "SIGGRAPH2003 tech talks - Making"
   • "SIGGRAPH2004 tech talks - Trailer"
   • "SIGGRAPH2004 tech talks - Studio Introduction"
   • SIGGRAPH, an American computer graphics conference held every summer, is the world's largest international CG conference and exhibition. These were first unveiled there, zako.
   • "Zako Hour"
   • This was shown at the Kodansha Super Character Festival 2004 (KFes2004 for short), zako.

   The Prized Collection
   • "SD Gundam Force Trailer 0"
   • "SD Gundam Force Trailer 1"
   • These are pilot trailers made during project development of SDGF, zako!!
   • SD Gundam Force Grand Manual
   [Like a series bible? DO WANT.]
   • "SD Gundam Force Hakai-Daishogun Arawaru!! Zako?" Commercial
   • Plastic Model Commercial Collection
   • "SD Gundam Musha Paraku!"
   • "SD Gundam Musha Paraku! ~Shinsei Musha Tanjou~"

   [Paraku is another SD series. I'm not sure what it's doing here...?]
   • "Noncredit OP & ED" [i.e. textless]
   • Opening Themes:
   • 1. "SUNRISE"
   • 2. "LOVE & PEACE"
   • 3. "Taiyou ni Kogarete"
   • Ending Themes:
   • 1. "Shinjiru Chikara"
   • 2. "Kokoro Odoru"
   • 3. "Kimi to Boku"
   • 4. "Koishikute..."
   • "Zako Zako Zako Force"
   • A serialized tale from "Gundam Ace", an all-color compilation of short cartoons, zako.

   2. 24-page manual: "Soul Drive Memories"
   • Also has a director interview with Koji Yokoi who drew [? unsure if I understand correctly] and compiled the 4-panel comics.

   And the series itself, of course. ^^ The very bottom says that the wallpaper is a present and please pick the resolution you prefer.

   2008.10.11: If you're feeling like bolstering international economy, or just particularly rich, Japan finally put out a limited-edition DVD boxset for SDGF. :O It's a steep 50,000Y/USD$500 at CDJapan, and a little cheaper at USD$422 at
   It does have some new content -- a special feature called "SD Gundam Force Haten Taishogun Arawaru!! Zako?" and a 4-panel manga called "Soul Drive Memories". I want, but ye gods it is so expensive D:

   2008.09.06: Heyyy, an actual update! :D Blazeraptor at DeviantArt/Flickr sent me a whole bunch of screenshots of the PS2 game, so I put those up! Check 'em out!
   Also, the Fanlist has been updated with two new people. :3

   2008.08.15: Fanlist updated with two new people~

   2008.07.12: Added my commission to RW to the Fan/Other page! Plushie Elmechu <3

   2008.07.10: Fanlist updated again~

   2008.06.30: Fanlist updated! ^^; Sorry 'bout the delay!

   • Sonken kit page (Sangokuden)
   • Ryofu's kit page has been started but is not yet done (Sangokuden)
   • I have a few cool lists, they've actually been around for some time but I haven't yet made a page that links to them proper. So I'm just going to point them out here: BBSenshi List, G-Generation Series Kit List, Misc List. None of those are complete, but the BBSenshi one makes a decent effort.

   2008.05.04: DVD page updated B)
   Episode List tweaked with the titles on the discs, I'll do another check when I actually see the episode titlecards. XP Me, obsessive? What makes you say that...
   Okay, I've just watched 27 & 28 -- AWESOMESAUCE. Kibaomaru's voice actor is win.
   The opening song is Taiyou ni Kogarete, and the ending is Kokoro Odoru, wtf XD (Particularly odd considering I recall hearing that the Philippine airing used Kimi to Boku :O)

   2008.05.03: SEASON 2 shipped my preorder EARLY :O!!!
   PROOF - back - side - Discs - and more discs.
   Now, if you'll excuse me, I'll be other there, swooning.
   Updates tonight!

   2008.04.26: SDGF 11 scaps~ Lots of Lacroa.
   Also, Fanlist updated! :3

   2008.04.05: Versal Knight Gundam's kit page is done. c:

   2008.04.04: Added a link for the OST at Amazon on the music page :3
   Also, fanlist updated~
   Finally, I added a link to the unsorted character art (HQ, clipped & cleaned from the Taiwan DVDs' liner notes) to the art pages. :3

   2008.04.02: GUYS, HEY GUYS!!!!
   I was going to upload this yesterday, but, like, April Fools and all that.    SEASON 2 ENGLISH DUB DVDs, APPEARS TO BE FOR REAL AND NOT PIRATED ;O
   Mine's already preordered. <3 It's also on Amazon!

   In the meantime, massive linkdump time! AthrunZero uploaded all the old fansubbed versions of SD Gundam~ You can check the individual part/episode names over at the SDG Collection Box page.

   • MK1 [Rapidshare] [MegaUpload]

   • MK2 Part 1 "The Rolling Colony Affair" [Rapidshare] [MegaUpload]
   • MK2 Part 3 "Gundam Densetsu" & MK3 Part 3 "Chapter of Truth" [Rapidshare + Rapidshare] (you have to get both of these files so they can recombine when you uncompress them; it's kind of weirdly set up though)

   • SD Gundam's Counterattack Part 1 "The Storm-Calling School Festival" [Rapidshare]
   • SD Gundam's Counterattack Part 2 "SD Sengokuden: The Violently Final Chapter of the Sky Castle" [Rapidshare]

   • MK3 Part 2 "SD Sengokuden: Ninja Battle at Zuum City" [MegaUpload] [Rapidshare]

   • MK3 Part 3 "SD Sengokuden: The Scrolls of Heaven, Earth, and Reason" (sub-part 3 is here) [MegaUpload] [Rapidshare]

   • MK4 "A Dreamlike Maronsha Trip to Space" [Rapidshare + Rapidshare]

   • MK5 Part 2 "SD Sengokuden: The Ghostbusting Five Gundam Team" [MegaUpload] [RapidShare]

   • MK5 "Crazy Race" [MegaUpload + MegaUpload] [Rapidshare + Rapidshare]

   • Gaiden Chapter 1 "Lacroan Hero" [MegaUpload + MegaUpload] [Rapidshare + Rapidshare]

   • Gaiden Chapter 2 "The Legendary Giant" [MegaUpload + MegaUpload] [Rapidshare + Rapidshare]

   • Gaiden Chapter 3 "The Algus Knights" [MegaUpload + MegaUpload] [Rapidshare + Rapidshare]

   • Gaiden Chapter 4 "The Knight of Light" [MegaUpload + MegaUpload] [Rapidshare + Rapidshare]

   • Gundam Evolve #14 [MegaUpload] [Rapidshare]

If you need a plugin or codec, I recommend the Combined Community Codec Pack; if you need a player, BSPlayer.

   IMO, it's totally worthwhile registering an account at MegaUpload, it's free (unlike Rapidshare) and it shortens up your waiting time by a fair bit.

   2008.03.11: Kit page for Sousou of Sangokuden~
   Also, a neat Japanese blog of an SD fan's kit customization adventures. :3

   2008.03.09: Kokuryu kit page~ Although I suspect it isn't particularly exciting unless you're a fan of Kokuryu ^^;

   2008.02.29: I moved Bakunetsumaru and Bakushinmaru's kit pages to the /bbsenshi/ subfolder, since they're.. part of that line. YEAH. Also it keeps the number of files in the /art/thumbs/ folder down. |D
   Also, box/manual scans for Ryubi Gundam, Chouhi Gundam, and Kan-u Gundam from Sangokuden. :D

   2008.02.23: Fanlist updated~

   2008.02.18: Page for Tekki Musha Psycho from Musha Retsuden. :3

   2008.02.13: Episode 10 scaps!

   2008.02.10: My connection is f0rked D: I could barely connect to anything all day yesterday!
   Rekka Musha Gundam's kit page is done, and moved into the /bbsenshi/ subfolder. Please let me know of any errors (missing files and such)!
   Also, toy pages for Dom & his Gallop, and gachapon~

   2008.02.09: BBSenshi #049, Knight Sazabi, has a pa--HEY WAIT
   It's the 9th! It's the second anniversary of the Mana Archive! =O
   Also, Fanlist updated! :D

   2008.02.08: The furnace has been repaired!
   • Incomplete pages for USA Flextion Captain, Dom and Cobramaru; added another photo to Flextion Deathscythe's page.

   2008.02.04: :D
   • Gundamusai toy page, noticeably lacking in, um.. Musai photos. D;
   I.. I was actually going to do more, but the broken furnace was more troublesome than I expected. D: -freezes-

   2008.02.03: I'm on a roll! =o
   • Tenkai Bushou Senjinmaru, from the BBSenshi line, has a kit page :3
   • Sub-intro scaps too~ has some nice glimpses of Neotopian architecture and layout.
   • Horribly incomplete page for Flextion!Baku :o

   2008.02.02: Because I keep forgetting to mention it here (WUT): if you're too broke/lazy to actually buy the book, you can find raw scans over here. Please don't report me. :c
   Also: Episode 09 scaps~

   2008.01.30: It's been exactly one year since the Fanlist was launched! C:
   Also! Episode 8 scaps!

   2008.01.06: WUT. I wrote the following in December but forgot to upload :|
   Almost done scanning the SDG Collection box. :3 I am glad I have so much webspace for this site; so far the scans add up to 81MB. ^^;
   Also added a little ETA to Grappler-kit's page; six months after I assembled him, his decals are starting to fall off. D;
   Ooh, trailer for Sangokuden -- with a theme in Japanese & in Chinese! :3
   New things: SD Gundam Collection BoxShiba-I Sazabi Kit Page :D
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