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   2006.12.26: Hope y'all have had a good December. It's nearly over! But there's LQ35 and LQ36 on the internets now. Appears I also forgot to mention that the PS2 game's page exists now, albiet in a... small form. I needs a PS2. >_>;

   2006.12.18: Box-2 is out of stock again?! Wow, I wonder how many units Yesasia had gotten, for it to run out again this fast. =O (At least two, since Cybertoy00 and I both got one.) All the other sets are still in-stock.
   In other news, card-list updates and scans in CCG, for Explosive Victory. :D The existing-names-without-links are cards that I /have/ but haven't yet scanned.

   2006.12.17: Eight days until Christmas, whee~~
   In the meantime, have LQ34 and Taiwanese DVD scans for volumes 1-4. :3 I just scanned them this night. Now.. -faints into bed-

   2006.12.07: Photos for Mercurius are up. :3

   2006.12.06: Yay December!
   • Official Art/tempcleaned: more pics~
   • Lyrics: I just noticed large error in Kokoro Odoru's lyrics ;_; (well, it's not so bad, but still! D:!) So it's fixed now in both the TV-size and full-size lyrics. ^^;; At least I caught it before I sent them off to AnimeLyrics~
   • Models: Exists! Has a reviewthingy of one Zapper kit and links to HLJ where you can buy ones still in-stock. I recommend HLJ; I like 'em a lot.
   Finally, LQ33 on :D

   2006.11.22: Y HELO THAR
   • Official Art/tempcleaned: Been adding pics irregularly.
   • Music: Go look at Shinjiru Chikara's section & Lyrics, also: Taiyou ni Kogarete and Kimi to Boku full versions thanks to Tigeron!
   • Video: the Dark Lilijimana AMV is now here, also thanks to Tigeron~
   • Other: I.. I can't remember why I made this section. :( So it's still empty.
   • DVDs: Box-2 scans are all up! Check it out!
   • Episode 28 ("Ways of the Warrior") LQ raw on Rapidshare! And 27-52 HQ raws are available on IRC! See the IP page for details~
   That's all for now!

   2006.11.08: Fan-other now exists, currently starring SBA's Grappler Gourd~ and LQ 31 (Demon Sword Epyon) is up on Rapidshare, too!

   2006.11.06: Nevermind, Box-2's back in stock! :D -order'd!- And Box-1's price went back to $49. So sad.

   2006.11.05: Taiwanese Box Set 2 (vol.5-7) over at has gone out of stock... Hopefully they'll get it back soon. Meanwhile, Box-1 (vol.2-4) has gone to Clearance; $15 now! Go grab it if you want it; I just ordered a copy of that one, Volume 1 and Flextion Bakushinmaru! I missed getting Box-2. u.u I have no idea what's still in-stock (Yesasia has a nasty habit of not updating their pages when something's gone out of stock), but if they /do/ still have ways of getting the Flextion toys... well, that would be seriously awesome and I'd throw links at y'all. :D

   2006.11.02 (again): I was poking around in search of the distributor of the Taiwanese DVDs, and found the show's homepage for the channel it's on. Some official art (nothing new, I think), episode summaries for all 52 eps (written in Traditional Chinese), and a whole lot of scaps. =o Mostly from the first half, but there's a few from the second half, too. They look like they'd make nice avatar bases. :3
   I also moved the two distributor-links from the Links page over to the Staff page, since that's more relevant.

   2006.11.02: In case you're not stalking the root index page of my site, the Infrapink page or the SDGW, there's an LQ of episode 30 up now. :3
   Episode 29 scaps have been gotten as well! I went scap-happy. XD; (2006-11-06, lawl, link fixed)

   2006.10.29: Scaps of Third Ending (Kimi to Boku) and Genkimaru's eyecatch are up~
   I also tweaked the episode titles; 28 & 29 specifically, to coincide with the English titles from the Philippine airing that someone posted. It'd be really nice if someone (same someone, different someone, doesn't matter as long as they're not lying ^^;;) could provide the rest of the English titles.. ^^;

   2006.10.27: Staff page get! I know, highly important, but I felt like doing it now. XP also! Cleaned-up HQ art is going here until I finish them all (er, that'll be awhile), because adding them a few at a time to the Character-Art pages would be a pain. ^^;;
   ALSO! Lookie lookie lookie!
   Trimmed the index again, too, but that's not important!

   2006.10.14: I started on the catch-all Character Art page! There's HQ pics of Zapper and a Zako soldier up too. :3
   I also trimmed this page, since it's getting kind of monstrous. >____>;
   Please let me know of any broken links on that art page!

   2006.10.10: The OP/ENDs on Youtube were blitzed again, but now I have DVDs and Ability to Make AVIs +1. Taiyou ni Kogarete and its videoness is now downloadable in AVI format on the video page. :3
   I also have a high-quality pic of Knight Battle up; he's the only one I've finished so far. :3;

   2006.10.09: OMG DVDS

   2006.10.04: There! All of SBA's Apocalyptic is up!
   ...That's all for now. =o

   2006.10.03: There, uploading AVI versions of the AMVs quite possibly as you read this! (300 megabytes, goodness). So forgive any broken links for now; but after awhile, please let me know if something's not working!
   I left Tomorrow's link at Youtube since it's still up and I don't have that one yet, and I'll need to ask TGStarFire for the original copy of "Dark Lilijimama". -nods, and starts uploading-

   2006.10.02: Added a japanese blog that tracks SD Gundam stuffs on the Links page~ Also gotten up to chapter 7 of SBA's Apocalyptic fic. ^^
   2006.09.29: Aw man, looks like Sunrise finally nuked the remaining AMVs. All except four, anyway. I nixed the nonworking links for now -- I'll upload the versions I saved in some format or another, never fear. :3

   2006.09.24: I made Manga/Other for the heck of it. I added everything that I do have to add to it, which brings it just barely above the level of 'placeholder page'. :/
   On the other hand, I've got the first three chapters of SilverBellsAbove's fic Apocalyptic formatted and uploaded. :3

   2006.09.23: Happy autumn/autumn equinox. I'm awake for no reason I can discern, so I finished up Cybertoy00's fic and added two of Charon's fics. Enjoy! I'm going back to bed now.

   2006.09.20: Finally started on the Fanfic section. :3 Currently I've got the first two chapters of Cybertoy00's Superior Defender World Series!
   Also, I guess making a minor change in all 33 pages that currently exist for the Archive isn't as annoying as I thought it'd be, because I just made one. :o

   2006.09.19: Okay, first off, links to the Taiwanese release of SDGF! They removed the full-series boxset, I guess 'cause it was totally not in stock.
   • Volume 1 (US$14)
   • Volumes 2-4 (box set) (US$45.50)
   • Volumes 5-7 (box set) (US$49)
   • Volumes 8-10 (box set) (US$49)
   • Volumes 11-13 (box set) (US$49), and that's everything!
   Remember, they're all Region 3, so if you want to buy these, make sure you have something that can play Chinese DVDs! They come with Japanese or Mandarin Chinese audio, plus Traditional Chinese subtitles.
   Also, I started Zero Custom's toy page -- it's nowhere near a complete review, and it's not even every photo I've taken so far. ;-; Sorry, I was busy all day and now I'm really tired. @.@;
   Fixed the MediaMiner link on the Links page, too.

   2006.09.15: Uhm... I finally made the Disclaimer and credits pages. c.c; Forgive my minor procrastination on cool things, I'm plotting out my NaNovel and stuff. :3
   - edit -
   Fixed some links that weren't supposed to be broken :< (on Tallgeese's page)

   2006.09.11: Deathscythe's reviewthingy is complete. :3 There's scans for USA!Tallgeese and Heavy Weapon Captain Gundam, and JPN!Hyper Captain too~

   2006.09.08: Episode 7 summary and stuff! ...Why 7? Because I'd just scapped the ep and it is still fresh in my mind. :D;

   2006.09.07: Zapper Zaku, Grappler Gouf and Baku & Entengo scans and in the Mushas' case, photos!

   2006.09.06: quasi-substance! A list of toys, linking to an incomplete review of Deathscythe's toy self, and because this'll likely get updated more often than the reviews/htms, this is where I'm uploading the pics. Enjoy! :D

   2006.09.04: Yay, something of substance! Episode 7 and first ending scaps!

   2006.09.02: Quick addition and alteration to Links... Looks like the USA official site has finally bit the dust. u.u I changed the link to's archives.

   2006.09.01: Happy... September? Hee.
   • I have LOVE & PEACE! Mp3s and scans yay! I also uploaded the karaoke versions of the others. :3 I'm not quite done with that page, but I'll upload this stuff first. ^^
   - edit -
   • LOVE & PEACE full-version lyrics! That was the easiest lyrics-transcription I've ever done. XD;

   • Hooray! Puyonunka at Youtube uploaded the Japanese op/ends! :D I re-added all the missing ones on Videos, and there's the fourth ending too~!
   • Fixed thumbnails on the Neotopia characters page. :O And added a line to the appropriate page about how, you know, Neotopia has a mayor. ;D
   • YesAsia said the full-series boxset is not findable. ;o; I don't get how it can find a single CD that's been out of print for like a year, but not a boxset that's been out for two months... but on the other hand, the Love & Peace single shall be mine shortly. :3; Scans, lyrics, and suchlike shall be forthcoming when I get it. ^__^ -- anyway, I shall try again for the boxset next month.

   • Typofix in Lyrics. I'm so bad, can't even romanize the songs right! ;o;
   • Neotopia and the S.D.G.'s pages are done enough to upload! Did I forget anything? (Except pictures, but I'm going to try waiting until the first season is scapped first... maybe. >.>;)

   • Full versions of the lyrics for Sunrise, Kokoro Odoru, and Koishikute; also, Lyrics links to it.

   2006.08.14: Alrighty! New layout! There's one thing that needs adjusting (the background doesn't fully fade-to-black along the bottom), but that's in the process of being fixed, so. UPDATES. Look at all those pages that are destined to exist. *types* And if you want a log of alterations:
   • I stripped the broken links in Videos. So many themes. Sniff. I'll replace them with AVIs once I master encoding. >.>;
   • YesAsia lists the Taiwanese release of SDGF! I'd offer specific links but my connection's being a pain in the aft and I can't surf the site. I'll detail its release once I get my FULL SERIES BOXSET. X3 (It's currently in processing.)

   2006.07.26: I've updated DVDs again, now with scans of USA DVDs 5, 6 and 9. :3 That finishes my USA release, now to focus on the Australian and bootleg. :D;
   I've also got a bit of an easter egg on that page. ^^ It's not very hidden, but worth finding. :3

   2006.07.19: BAM! I've got Manga now! I don't have anything presentable text-wise, but you can have some pretty cover scans! And I got a few boosters of the second CCG set, Explosive Victory! So I added them to the CCG page, too! Added a bit to the Bootleg section of the DVDs page, too. Hot Ball. Hee hee.

   2006.06.27: Episode 6 scaps!

   2006.06.24: Videos is updated again. :3

   2006.06.21: Sorry about the slowness of updates lately, I'll try and work on that. :D In the meantime, have a goldmine of AMVs, many with footage from season 2!
That page (video.htm) doesn't have a sidebar-link in this layout, but the final version is not far from completion and I don't want to edit every page I've made so far to include that link, only to replace them all again once the new layout is done. :D

   2006.06.13: I got some more TCG boosters a couple days ago, and now I have two cards that I didn't have before. :D It's too bad the gold-stamp doesn't scan well, it's pretty~.

   2006.05.22: Episode 5 scaps~

   2006.05.10: Episode 4 scaps! And scattered small updates all around that I forgot to mention here. ^^;

   2006.04.02: Check it out, DVD info! There aren't any scans for USA Volumes 5-6-9 because I don't have them yet. I'll get them soonish. :3

   2006.03.23: Episode 2 and Episode 3 scaps, incomplete pages on the city of Neotopia and its characters (the latter being extremely incomplete ^^;), character pages for Lacroa and Ark (note for self later: still need to translate titles) too, beta layout and vastly incomplete entry for the first episode.

   2006.03.08: Links.. I have a headache. :< *flops away to bed*

   2006.03.07: Lyrics! :D If you find any errors, let me know~ email is at the bottom of the page.

   2006.03.06: Music exists now. Enjoy~

   2006.03.01: OK! After something of a hiatus, I resume work. I'm almost certainly going to change the layout -- add a background image, darken the overall color scheme -- but I have no inspiration to do the pixelwork needed for that, so I'm going to work on content instead. As you can see, the Dark Axis finally have an icon after an hour or so of pixel-arting (feel free to steal it for your own use, btw).
• Episodes exists. It is full of broken links and untranslated season 2 titles.
• Screenshots still exists, but its appearance won't conform until I have a final layout.
• Timeline has a placeholder.

   This is the main/index page of an SD Gundam Force fansite. The visual design is based off of screenshots of a Lacroan database in episode 36; currently it's in beta design. Functionality first; prettiness later. :D

   Layout logic is 'IC' information to the left, with anime and game data, and 'OOC' information to the right, with toys, DVDs, art, links, etc.

   I still need a little Dark Axis emblem to use in the Worlds and Profiles menu-sections.. And I may split up 'soradio_raama.htm' to 'Lacroa.htm' and 'Ark.htm' until I know just what is going on there. :o

   The only functioning links at the moment are the Screenshots to the left and Cruithne (the root page on this domain) to the bottom.
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