Jazz Jackrabbit

One of my favorite game-series since... 1996, maybe? Hmm, don't remember, it was too long ago. XD There are three main official games (four if you count the unfinished JJ3 alpha), plus four Christmas specials.

...Have info! Just be aware that I love the series and am quite biased when talking about it, though. ;)

Jazz2 Games In Progress
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List of JJ Games and scans of their boxes and CD cases
Jazz2 Anniversary Bash 10 screenshots in a .rar, 19MB~
Jazz2 Event List, including stuff on MCEs, variant MCEs, and ambient sound; made by my dad and I in 2000-2001. :3
My Levels and Tilesets


Jazz2 Online, the current best source for Jazz1 & Jazz2 levels, tilesets, music, and the community's hub.
Jazz2City, the previous best source of levels, tilesets, music and community, now resurrected as an archive. :) [Although, it seems to go up and down.]

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