Zoids Legacy is the English-version name for Zoids Saga II. Since Saga I was never released in the US, the name changed. =)

What I hope this page to have:
Profiles & at least /partial/ spritesheets.
A screenshot-filled walkthrough? (haha, probably not. too unmotivated. :D;;) Box scans for sure, though.

I've got an English rom, so once I finish my cartridge game, I'll go scap the heck out of a new game on the rom. (I have a bad habit of abandoning older games if I start a new one, so I'm not going to restart until I at least finish my first game. :E) In the meantime, have some screenshots. Apologies for the blah quality, I haven't yet mastered the skill of taking pictures of a GBA screen with my camera. ;)

Overworld song. Love the song, ripped it with the VisualBoy Advance emulator. Putting it up here so others can nab it too. ^^ (3.6 MB)


Copied from the manual: "ZOIDS are great metal warrior robots from Planet Zi beyond the galaxy. For many generations, ZOIDS and their proud pilots clashed during the Planet Zi wars.

During a recent experiment with the new "ZOS" weapon, Planet Zi experienced an accidental time-space fusion. This fusion created a collision of ZOIDS warriors from all of the different eras. Van, Bit, Prince Athle of Arcadia Kingdom, Republic's test pilot Zan and more all came together at once, causing great turmoil and confusion.

Now, with Planet Zi up in arms, all hope of returning to normal rests with a young but promising ZOIDS warrior -- a warrior by the name of Zeru Jupit."

Adventure Mode
Data Menu
Battle Mode
Control PadMove character/s(Up) or (Down): Move cursor
(Left) or (Right): Next page
Move cursor
A ButtonSpeak
Advance dialog
Pick up item
Accept changes
Display next page
Accept changes/selections
B ButtonRun (press and hold)
Close the Worldmap
Exit Menu or section of the Menu
Cancel changes
Cancel selection
Skip battle animation
R ButtonDisplay the WorldmapDisplay next page (in Status pages)
Hide stats window (in Database)
Toggle Zoid and pilot view (in Status and main Menu)
Display ally team status
L Button--Display previous or next page (it varies)
Toggle Zoid and Pilot view (in Status and main Menu)
Display enemy team status
StartBring up the Data Menu (also pauses the game)Display Growth Type Setups (on Pilot Status page)--

I found the stats system confusing as heck when I was first learning the ropes for the game. Here's a chart for the stats that is hopefully easier to understand than the one in manual:

Zoids Stats
HPHit Points (shown as: current health / max health)A Zoid is destroyed when its HP reaches 0. Pilots are unkillable, as they have no HP. :P
EPEnergy Level (shown as either 'max energy' or 'current energy / max energy')Most weapons require EP to use. All Zoids start a battle with half of their maximum EP available, and it increases each turn according to its GEP stat. (If you're familiar with Megaman/Rockman X Command Mission's energy system, it works much the same.)
GEPEnergy Generation RateAmount of EP regained at the beginning of each turn in battle.
SPBase SpeedAffects IV and evasion rate.
MMMobilityAffects evasion rate.
IVInitiative VelocityIV = SP + SR. Affects Zoids' turn order in-battle; highest stat goes first. (If you're familiar with D&D, it's more or less Initiative.)
DFDefenseAffects how much damage a Zoid will receive from attacks. Higher = better, as with all these defense stats.
AMArmorAffects chances of receiving a direct hit. A direct hit may cause its combat system to Freeze.
DCPDamage DurabilityAffects chances of Freezing when directly hit. I think it works in percentages, so a Zoid with a DCP higher than 99 will never get a Combat System Freeze. (This may exclude attacks that are designed to cause Freezes, but I'm not certain.)
SRSensor Accuracy (ability to locate opponents on the battlefield)Affects evasion rate.
CLVCharacter level (LVL) requiredIf the pilot does not at an equal or greater level than this stat, the Zoid's performance will be limited. If the pilot's level is higher, than performance will be boosted. (HP, MM, IV, DCP and SR can be raised this way.)
TPDegree of Training (Zoid's Level)Somewhat like pilot level, but it raises more stats, and levelup occurs much more frequently. HP, EP, GEP, CP, and some other stats can be raised this way. (Sorry, haven't done the necessary research yet. ^^;) 200 is the maximum level.
CPWeapon weight restrictionNew (not built-on) weaponry have a Weight stat. The combined Weight of all new equipment should not go above this number, or its performance will be limited. (I don't yet know by how much, haven't tested it.)
SIZESize stat.Only function I've noticed is that XL-sized Zoids can only go in the middle row. Also, people can restrict battles to certain sizes using the size stat, rather than guesswork.

Pilot Stats
HPZoids Health Correction FactorIncreases the HP of the piloted Zoid by this amount.
MMZoids Mobility Correction FactorIncreases the MM of the piloted Zoid by this amount.
DCPPilot Defense Correction FactorIncreases DCP, based on the pilot's durability when piloted Zoid receives damage.
SRZoids Sensor Correction FactorIncreases SR, based on the pilot's ability to spot people and objects.
HRHit Rate Correction FactorIncreases weapons' HR, based on pilot's shooting accuracy.
LVLCurrent pilot levelPilot's overall experience level.
EXPCurrent number of experience pointsEXP comes from winning battles, and is for getting to the next LVL. (But who doesn't know that?)
NEXTWhen the next LVL isPilots receive an increase to their stats and their piloted Zoid's stats increase accordingly on levelup.
ORGANOIDListed if there is an Organoid accompanying the pilotOrganoids enhance max HP, max EP, and utilize any Skills they have when they combine with a Zoid.

Pilot Skills: Affect a pilot's ability in battle, based off of their personality and talents. For instance, Juno is very skilled at shooting, and has the Skill "Multi-Fire1", which permits her to fire two different guns in one round. Tita is bad at Ground combat, and has the "Easy Target" Skill, which lowers her Zoid's ability to dodge Ground (melee) attacks; on the other hand, she is good at dodging weaponsfire, which is expressed in the game with the "End Shots+15%" Skill.
And then there are unfortunate souls like Benjamin and Sebastian, who don't have /any/ good skills right-off. ;)

Organoid Skills: Affect what happens to a Zoid, or what it can do, after it combines with the Organoid. This includes boosting Max HP (even more than the Organoid's HP stat will do), attack power, Armor level, and more specialized abilities such as the ZOS system.

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